Nevermind, I've finished it. Wow!

I was correct in guessing that it was Will! What a way to go. He was very clever to make sure the player was framed for it. I just wonder what happened to Susanne's corpse...


I need help with act 6. I need to see small, but what do I need to see small? I can't find anything? Please help!

kipperfillet December 12, 2005 4:55 PM

I had a different murderer to Josefina.

Dame Judith Quinn

All the clues pointed to this person in my game so I guess there are differences in the games and clues somehow. It was already mentioned above about people having different pictures from completing the scrambled puzzle. Very clever, well done BBC - fantastic game. :)


Help me with act 6!
I have so far found the: .... am I missing something?


Good ending. I guessed my killer right, my killer was:

Kent. It was obvious, he was called the Joker in the article in that secret hallway, you found a joker card, and you also found a picture of a Joker hidden in the picture. Not to mention Burrows called him a Joker.

The ending was nice in that it went through and displayed all of the evidence to the killer, made me feel even smarter than I did, since there were many more clues that I overlooked and still got the answer right.


It would appear there are different endings...?

My game ended with


as the murderer. Does anyone know how to get the other 2 endings?


I got the


at the puzzle. So that means


Ack. I need to finish this game later. ;)


I think that you get a "correct" guess no matter who you choose, you simply get a different ending.

Can anyone confirm this?


AHHHHHHH! Help!! I really need sum1 2 help me with the slide puzzle. I've been working on it for at least an hour and only have 6 tiles in the right spots. Its gonna kill me coz i love this game and dont want to give up now.



Examine the picture in the chapel.

But what a nightmarish ending. Wow.

I had the crown and got Judith Quinn. I guessed wrong the first time around and chose Richard (I really thought it was Richard although I couldn't figure out the ankh!) but the part where she tells you she framed you and kills herself is really a nightmare.

I'm sad the game's over and I'm really wondering what happened with Suzanne's body. Does anyone have an ending where her missing body is relevant?


Whoa!! The ending blew me away! How awesome! The BBC really out did themselves on this one. I was surprised, pleased, a little angryat the evidence left pointing to me as the killer, but overall, I was amazed.

My killer was

Dame Quinn

and I guessed right. I never get stuff like this right, but now I can die happy (no pun intended). I think I might try it again and see if I get a different ending.

It got a little agrivating at the end. I was wondering around the theatre for 45 minutes, trying to find what I had missed because nothing was happening. Then I realized you have to click the image you find in the painting. Needless to say, I felt a little sheepish after that. pride.

Thanks again, Jay for the awesome game. I really enjoyed this one!! Please keep up the great job you do!


ew... I finally found that ear.

I won, although I never got the chance to use the cell phone. My earlier suspicions were right; of course, it seems a little obvious with different clues for each player. In my case the clincher was:

the earring stuck in the iron gate where the old man died... and to get that I had to use:

the magnet

...but it was Judith all along in my game... I'm happy that all of us who made guesses can all be right.

I still wish I could get back into the script or the PDA... did anyone get to see the final page?


I never found out what happened to the moved bodies or locked doors, either... to be honest,

I'm not even sure I got out alive after the cops came.. it was all a bit blurry, that could have been heaven. <3 (Seriously, how did the others die from poision while I'm suddenly fine... and just when did I eat or drink something poisinous? Like I would touch food since coming into this creepy place with no clean bathroom to wash in...ew)


i don get it.. where is the tunnel?


One more thing about the ending....

just when do you get poisoned in the first place in the first place?
I know I'm not going to eat/drink anything without a clean bathroom.


Can someone please help me, i've completed the game but guessed wrong, and now i can't remember where the magnifying glass is!!


im_a_believer!! I gave up on the slider puzzle in Act 5, gave it a few minutes again in Act 6 then came here to try your method and IT WORKS!! Wow!


Never mind, it was

under the desk in the computer lab.


Karmen- i had a

lighter in my gate. my killer was Will Kent...i'm guessing that there are different endings. Has anyone had Burrows as a killer?

Cone-the "tunnel" is

in the ante room. Change the view so you are looking over the whole room, and to the right of the coffin there is a passageway leading off. Clickity click!

im_a_believer December 13, 2005 5:09 AM


Perhaps trying the game again under a different login will give you a different ending. I suspect that when one first registers for the game they are logged into one of three or more games. We have therefore all been playing different versions all along!

For what it's worth

my killer was Quinn (I guessed right). Some clues were - earring behind gate, ace of hearts card, ankh symbol on picture, signature 'J' on text message.


I'm looking at the map and I wondering how do I get into the antechamber from Morton's Quarters?



surf_rider December 13, 2005 7:31 AM

Hey all this is my first time posting.... completed the game finally after the long wait..
a great game, interesting ending

The killer was

Richard Burrows.... Some of the clues include like the coin behind the gate, the skull on the picture and a king of spades card, also the play that was found in the tunnel also differs depending on the killer... i got hamlet, indicating the killer is Richard....

That was fun while it lasted....


I think im_a_believer is right. My game seems very different from his/hers.

I managed to correctly guess the killer (what happens if you don't?).

For me, it was Burrows. I only really guessed correctly because of the deck of cards (it was the King of Spades). Had it been a Queen I would have guessed Judith. Had it been a Knave I would have guessed Will. They all had motive enough.

The Killer's motives

are that the way he method acts his pieces has got his got him stuck in his Part as Hamlet. He has slowly gone insane since the premature end of the 7NK, and figures that the only way for release is to finally act out his part (in which he places blame on everyone for the failure of the play.
Just realised this. The outside interference that Morton gets is not from Sir Edward trying regain his fortune (I thought the 'the Monarch' to mean the richest), but from Burrows trying to finish his part.
I never got to use the mobile phone, and I thought the clue behind the puzzle was incredibly vague and could have implicated Judith or Will just as easily as Burrows. It was the two masks of tradegy and comedy. Judith is the Balance between Burrows and Will. Will's failed attempts to diversify. Burrow's agent's failed attempts to get Burrows to diversify.

checkboard December 13, 2005 8:19 AM

I think that the episodes are all the same, giving backgournd info on each character, and leaving you with three possible (and plausible) killers for the last act. The last act then randomly selects one of the killers, and provides you with a different set of clues to match.

My clues were:

- A euro coin behind the grate (collected with the magnet).
- A skull in the picture (seen with the magnifying glass).
- a message on the phone showing a delayed arrival time.
- a King as the first card on the pack of cards (in the tunnel)
- Janus/theatre masks on the back of the puzzle.

This meant my killer was:

A European ?
Played Hamlet.
Arrival time matched a conversation in Act 1 ?
Known as the King of acting/Hamlet
Known to be schizophrenic.


I have been trying to finish Act 6 for over an hour!!!

I have found all that there is to find (I think), and I have discovered the image on the picture and retrieved the item from the railings (lighter). I know who the killer is but cannot get to accuse them. How do I finish - please can anyone help?!!


I had a different killer to these

Richard Burrows !
I had the two sides of acting in the picture, a Euro from the grate, a J in the text message (i don't think that was relevant) and a skull in the picture, cards - ace and king of spades

im_a_believer December 13, 2005 9:13 AM

checkboard - I'm inclined to agree with you, except for the fact that the sliding puzzle, played in an earlier Act, gives different pictures.


Help! Have got lots of clues as to my killer but cannot get into the briefcase that is backstage and cannot find a mobile phone to use in the computer room. Don't know what else to do.


Well... I think I solved everything, but still can't do anything else

found the card (joker), opened the quote-box (kinda testament-thing-like-half), found the ace of spades, solved the puzzle (already in act v) and got a beanstalk, read the messages on the cell phone (points to will kent, too), found the picture in the picture (clown). So I'm pretty frickin' sure it's Kent... also talked to everyone about every topic...

But what to do now? I mean... it seems to be the last step, but I just can't find, what to do....


and I found the




Great ending, and I love that it allows you to start over and play again from Act 1 to pick up anything you may have missed (good cure for the withdrawal I anticipate). Thank you Jay and thanks to the BBC for an outstanding few weeks of brilliance! Oh and my killer was Kent and I had the lighter in the gate.


I'm stuck! I've found the 'small thing' that I was meant to be looking for...

In the picture,

But nothing is happening! What now?!

Grapefriut December 13, 2005 3:49 PM

I couldn't play the game properly because on the first three acts, I started the act with no items. Which really didn't help.

And then my game forze when I magnified the picture. So, I did what I do when I'm fed up and the game freezes:

I right-click on the screen and then click "play" and I keep doing that. After a while it takes yopu to the end of the act.

My killer was

Will Kent. Oh, another thing - I didn't get the whole thing that they all drunk poison and died....with me, you clicked somewhere, then you get a close up of a severed hand holding something, and then of a poison bottle with an ice cream scoop, then they say they've poisoned themselves....Right


I can't find the pack of cards! I can find the ace of spades but I can't the actual pack! Can someone help me out?


The killer depends on three or four clues:

1) The slide puzzle,
2) The thing caught in the gate that you use the magnet on,
3) The card by the whole deck, and
4) The picture at the bottom of the painting in the chapel.

I got the

beanstalk (slide puzzle), lighter (caught in gate), the Joker (card by deck), and the Clown (picture at bottom of painting),

and my killer was

Will Kent.

little_baby_nothing December 13, 2005 5:23 PM

HELP ME! i'm going mad! I've done everything! except, i can't find the card with the king on it. i've found the ace, but help me!! i'm so close to finishing this, i know who the killer is in my game too! please help! where is the card with joker/king/queen???


Oh dear i am stuck stuck stuck in act 6 I have these items

the phone, the magnifying glass (i found the picture in the painting, clicked it nothing happened), i listen to the phone message and the text message, i got the card (king), and the euro,

and now i am stuck, where do i go from here, i am stuck on the final page of script. This game is driving me nuts!!!


Ooh, guess what I found out? ;)

The metal box in the fire? The left page of the magazine tells you who your killer is. It should be either Burrow, Quinn, or Kent.


Synnae -

See the Romeo & Juliet Book in the dark hallway where Ed was killed? Look to the right of it and you'll find another "game" with quotes. They're all in the quote book.

Then an intercom should call you for the last feast where you name the killer.

The "King" card you got is to help you guess -

the "King" of method acting is the killer.


Little_baby_nothing -

Turn around so Ed's body is behind you. Look to the farthest shelf on the right - you should see a small white box.

Click the card for a clue as to who your killer is. It's 3 possibilities:

If it's a Joker,

it's the "clown" of William Shakespeare's plays,

Will Kent.


If it's the Ace of Hearts,

it's the "queen" of British Theatre,

Dame Judith Quinn.


If it's a King of Spades,

it's the "king" of Method Acting,

Richard Burrows.


Yay Mines of

Will Kent

Love the game. Such a good plotline especially the ending. Totally worth being scare and trying to figure out who is the murderer. Good Game!


i too am stuck... i cant find a card besides the ace card which i cant pick up. ive tried looking for the small white box and i cant find it. all i can find is a book on hamlet and the qoutes puzzle which i solved earlier and got the other half of morton's testament... its starting to frustrate me haha


Here is something interesting...

I replayed the whole thing, expecting the killer to be the same person since I was logged in under the same name. But imagine my surprise when my ending was different then the first time!! I had a different killer and different clues. So you don't have to have multiple accounts to see the different endings!

I still love this game. Oh, the fun times.


I remember earlier in the comments that this very similar to Agatha Christie's "And Then There Was None." It is almost like that with a more sinister twisted ending. ;)


Kristi - Follow the instructions by Metanaito (up 2 postings from yours) I did and have now finished. The pack of cards is more or less in the centre of the screen. Great ending!


Hi!can someone tell me the correct order of

the 'puzzle' where i have to match each character to the quotes

i have tried many way and yes, i'm that stupid that i don't know..


ah nothing, i got it and also finished the whole game!Wow!

at act 5 i got a crown from puzzle, and at act 6 i looked again and i got the beanstalk...weird.


Am stuck - haven't found the pack of cards - amost annoying - where are they?

georgygirl24 December 14, 2005 7:12 PM

Anyone besides me disappointed with the ending?

it seemed alittle thrown together out of nowhere... my killer was burrows and i dont know what a euro coin has to do with it.

also, what happened to Susie's body?!?!


Okay, I've read all the comments for Act 6 but I still can't figure out how to complete it! I have done the will, I have my object (euro) from the gate, I found my card (king), I've already completed the sliding puzzle thing in the last act (drama faces) and I've found the image in the picture, listened to/read the phone messages and annoyed all the characters. But nothing happens!!! What am I missing?!?! Help, this is ruining my life! Okay, perhaps a little melodramatic but its so annoying! Not funny anymore!



You need to find the puzzle in the secret passage. Turn around so you are facing away from Ed's body. Hunt around in the dark until you hit a "?", you should notice a dark two boxes in the siloeutte. It the second box. In it there is a game of quotes. You need to match up the quotes correctly and once you do that it should unveal the second half of the will. The second half is located near the fire place. Once you match that the final part will be playable. Good Luck!

chick_in_pink December 15, 2005 8:15 AM

haha! finally i won it! pays to turn the brightness up on the comp to see in those dark rooms.. that damn deck of cards!


I love how the murderer differs on different games!

I think the reason Suzie's body disappeared was to create a red herring, so that the murdurer could be sure you didn't figure out who s/he was before the others were dead.


What am I missing? I've done the following

found the deck of cards, solved the quote puzzle, sliding puzzle, completed the will, got the messages off the phone, talked to all three characters, I think I found an image in the painting, how come I cant find the rest of the script?


I managed to figure it out.



i see that some ppl already have asked this question. and from what i can see, no one has answered...

my question is:

i am on act 6. i know who the killer is.
these are my gathered clues/evidence:

1. the picture in the painting (in the chapel) 2. the pack of playingcards
3. the coin
4. the puzzle
(and i have seen the will)
My killer is Burrows.
but how do i finish the game?
how do i confront him?


Excellent game but like you Josefina I'm stuck. I've done all the same as you found the deck of cards, solved the quote puzzle, sliding puzzle, completed the will, got the messages off the phone, talked to all three characters and found an image in the painting. I don't get what I have to do next to finish the game. Please someone help!!


Heeeeeey!!! I'm sooooo stuck in ACT 4!!! Where's this flag game? And how can I get to this chamber-chapel-thing where the holy water is? Don't know what to do, help!!!


I've found the murderer !
I've finished the game !
Yihah !

It's super ! Thanks you all


I can't remember who asked but someone wondered how you get poisoned, it's on the invitation, each actor also received the same poison. It shows a brief clip of the poison with the invitations at the end of the games


at the end, i clicked burrows and it said that i was incorrect. i pressed all three of them, i was always i doin something wrong?


Help!! I am new to this type of game and learning...Got thru all 5 levels of this game, on the 6th, and totally stuck. I think I have found most of the things but cannot for the life of me work the slide game. Can someone tell me if it's critical to win the 6th level, and if not what I might be missin ghtat I don't already have????


OK - guess no one is left playig the game. For what it worth, I found it fun and fairly easy, right up to the last Act (6) where I appear to be stuck forever after. I need help with does this mean I have found a glitch or got it wrong.

And don't even get me started on how impossible the slider game is to play without a picture to work off.....


Never mind! I got it!!! My killer was Will - and the final thing I had to do was find that blankety blank "Small thing" hidden in the picture. I finally just used the magnifying glass randomly, examining the picture in the crypt area...till it found the thing for me...that's what triggered the end for me (when I got to pick the killer). Maybe the trigger is different for everyone...? Anyway, a fun game and I have recommended it (and your site Jay) to a ton of people! THANKS!


If any one wants to know what to do with the mobile phone here it is:

click on the computers in the security room and plug it in to the white battery charger by the phone, you will then be able to read the messages

can't wait till next episode

Emery_Board January 12, 2006 12:31 AM

Please will someone help me?! I am trying to finish the Seven Noble Kinsmen, and I don't know what to do!

I have solved the round quotes cylinder that gives you the other half of the will, but no one has called me on the intercom. Please, somebody help me!



Stuck on Act 6.

Have found the image in the picture, a cigarette lighter, solved the sliding puzzle, found the second half of the will, read the handphone messages, talked to everyone and generally searched every room but I am unable to end the game.

Someone e-mail help? Please.


Can anyone tell me where to find the night vision goggles?

Terje Br?•ten January 24, 2006 3:25 PM


If you have trouble to finish episode 6, here is how:

You must have the second half of the will, but that is not enough:

You must also combine the 2 halves of the will

You must detect a clue in the painting with the magnifying glass. But also

you must click on the clue that you found in the painting.

Hope this helps.


Amazing! I wonder what if the determined ending is chosen at random when first logging in or by any actions one takes within the game. Obviously the final stage is varying but still in any case the conclusion ("WHO") is quite simple adding up all hints especially in the last act.

Hedgehogfairie January 29, 2006 7:02 AM

The second chapter is slowly driving me crazy. I have the crowbar but I'm unable to open the trapdoor in the study. I guess I haven't done something, but I have no idea what could it be! Please help me!


i really need help! i am on act 1 but i dont know what to do now. i have spoken to the three actors, cliked on all the things that are available and have found the watch and letters but i dont know where to go now. both doors are locked and i cant seem to find where to go next. i am probably being really dumb here but i dont know what to do! any chance of some help?!?!?!


FINALLY finished (been playing for about 5 hours straight!) my killer was


have to say though, i thought the ending was a shame, it felt really rushed. i am gonna have to play it again though cos i have a feeling i missed LOADS of clues, and from what everyone has been saying, i will probably get a diferent murderer. A really great game all the same!
p.s. did anyone else have real trouble following the clues...i kept forgetting who played who etc! i was sure my murderer was

the dame

, so i picked them first time and died!!! had to play the thing again!
Brilliant game, still really dissapointed with the ending though.

bob geldoff February 3, 2006 9:01 PM

honestly, i think there's 3 possibilities for the killer.
and who it is, depends on how you address and ask your questions earlier in the game.
you ever notice that you can ask one of two questions to diff people?
one either sincere the other sinister?
that's my reckoning

cellophane February 5, 2006 11:00 AM

I'm stuck in Act 3!

I have absolutely no idea how to fill in the scene number in the script! I tried opening the quotes book, and dragged it onto the thing, but it just doesn't work.

The PDA mentioned something about looking for the missing piece. Any idea where it is?

Oh, and does this game have a walkthrough?

rachael williams February 10, 2006 4:02 PM

please please please help i am stuck on act 1v. i have done all the quotes and i have turned the sundial to east, but nothing is happening please some one help thanks rachael.


im in act 3...i am totally lost do i get the paper out of the cannon,,hair pin???plz help me


Help me i am stuck on act do i got the paper out of the cannon..and where's the ahir pin i keep reading about...O heck is there a walk through..Plz help me


umm never mind i finished act 3...thanks anyways


For those of you who wondered when you were poisoned, the poison is shown in a bottle with the invitations arranged next to it and a q-tip sitting nearby - your invitation poisoned you.


Tobias- What an interesting discovery.

I love those little details that surface later that really add those cool intricacies to these plotlines.


where is the magnifying glass at??!!!

lizzy knight April 8, 2006 8:28 AM

hi well im on act five but i dont no what the password is plz help


hey, ive been stuck on act 5 for some time now. I just can't unscramble "acejars" which you need 2 do 2 gain acsess for the computer. plz plz plz help me !!!!

lottie nicholls April 11, 2006 8:49 AM

does anyone know the combination for the safe in the dressing room?


lottie nicholls April 11, 2006 9:13 AM

im stuck on act 1. I've found the clock, bill, plaque and poison...what next? I don't know how to put the quotes in the book and i've found a safe but don't know the code.

Can anyone help?


i cant find the clock, maybe im just tired but can some one tell me please


Hrm, if anyone comes back to read this, I can't find that hair pin. Scouring everywhere again at the moment, but help would be luvverly.


I am at act VI (6) I finished the game... but I didn't find out who the murderer was so I went all the way back from the start, now I have no Items .... Which is very annoying but, I would like to know... does the Sliding puzzel matter? Do you have to complete it?? and lottie nicholls You have to drag the words from the quotes book... if you have it Does anyone know where the Other half of the will is???? Please help :)

A few good hints, sometimes to simple to relise... Look at your PDA! Look at the clues around you, stop think and recall the places that you have been and things that have linked to what you are doing, Also, Not everything gets used straight away, You can always go back and look for them again, and also not everything isimportant!

Thanks :)


Please help me!! Stuck on Act 6. I can't get past it it all! I've tried everything in these posts. I've got the will (both parts) put them together, got the lighter, solved the puzzle and magnified the face. arrrgg!
I can't seem to click on face in the painting after its been magnified

harriet June 30, 2006 1:52 PM

Been using all your help through the game- and finally (after 3 goes!) discovered the killer!

dame judy quinn

The clinch was finding the


and the

ace of hearts

but now I have been


thats life I guess! What a FANTASTIC game!!

p.s sorry, spoiler overload!


How do I get on to the stage in act 3


where do i find the night vision googles


does anyone have any idea what happened to susan hilton's body and morton's body


I can't figure out where the star is in act 2. they say i saw it but i forgot where it was. HELP!!!

Skip Shields August 17, 2006 5:45 AM

I'm lost. can someone post a full walk thru for act 6.I am a big shakespear fan, and still can't get the books in the right place, and I KNOW i have the qoutes right, but it tells me that 2 or more are wrong???
thanx in advance

mystery inc August 23, 2006 8:58 AM

For those who are searching for the night vision goggles they are situated in the back stage area in the large cabinet at the back of the room it is white.


i was curious if anybody got the sparkly thing out of the bookcase in the study...what is it? i've never been able to get it (solved the case but that bookcase is irritating me)


hey . im need help unscrambling the word acejars. please post the answer.


Hello ... I am trying to unscramble the username thing "acejars" and I am really stuck ... Please could you post the answer ... I'd really appreciate it