Hippyhendrix25 November 30, 2005 2:46 PM

Now I'm really worried....
I sauntered about chapter 4, only staying in the room with the man with the scarred face (who i thought is the murderer,calerly not now)then wandered off tot eh creepy church, got the code and went to the scream. I didn'tput the fire out or anything, I really wish I could replay it but I can't.
Did I do wrong?

im_a_believer November 30, 2005 3:04 PM

Hippyhendrix - my concerns exactly!


where is this chapel everyone speaks off?


where's the chapel????


Well I have done quite a bit more in ep 4 than some have said here

played the flag game, opened the chapel room, found the safe code, played the video tape and gotten the box out of the fire)

but cannot get to the scream ... like Amanda, I'm going to wait till its fixed (tho seems others have not bumped into this safe bug)


Zach, the script/play book will help you find the chapel.

If you need more

go into the previously locked doors off the stage

still more

the word puzzle from the script book points you to the sundial. It should allow you to unlock the chapel


yeah i had set the sundial to

east but didn't know to push the white button underneath it afterwards.

thank you anyway aly. the 'post your problem to solve it theory' still holds true.


finally got there with Act 4! and worked out how i magcally figured out Act 3!!!

now the wait for ACt 5 - not a fan of the waiting.

It's weird this game im more curious about the ending but its a lot easier than Death In Sakarra :( Even the games are fairly easy - or perhaps thats cos i know more about shakespeare than egypt???? hmmmm


Whew! I just couldn't resist trying one more time and finally made it past the "scream" So Act IV is completed and sadly, another week to wait. Not sure if I did anything differently or it was a bug that got fixed ... just happy to get past the point. What an amazingly addictive game this is!!


please help me,i am stuck on the safe,i have tried every combination,but obviously not the right one!i have found everything else (i think):-)


Krister11, the script tells you to look to 'The Good Book' (a common reference to the Bible); you'll find the clue you need in there.

The antechamber adjoining Morton's room has a copy of the Bible lying on the table beneath the crucifix. One quote on the last page is highlighted in blood. The verse numbers for that are the number combinations which open the safe. Just make sure you've had a good look around first, though, because once you open the safe, the Act ends!


For the people stuck at the sundial:

Set the sundial which is in the same room near the window and set it to east. Then the stone below it, that should trigger the secret room to open and let you have access to the ante room.

Whoever thought the deformed face was going to die . Good guess.
I have a feeling the murderer is

Richard Burrow, which leave me and the dame to eascape. I think the old guy is next.


Aly what did you find in the box from the fire?

did you put it out with the holy water? Hopefuly we can do it with the next act...*crosses fingers*!


My guess on who the killer is?

It's the old lady biter about her lost child!

im_a_believer December 1, 2005 4:59 AM

Can anyone tell me what is in the box in the fire?


Thank you for that ... but i have already managed to find that before i posted my appeal for help yesturday...

i did not make myself very clear...

confused and frustrated i guess!!

the bit i REALLY need the spoiler for is the quote

"Turn to face the actor's home, look at thee and think of home"

please helllllpppppp!!!!!!

krister11 December 1, 2005 9:10 AM

thank you sooo much.i think i've done everything else so....here goes


To Mr "im_a_believer"

not sure if you are trying to be cryptic?

if anyone can let me have the spoiler for...
"turn to face the actor's home, look at thee and think of home"

this is driving me insane!!
please please help!!

Nyxerebus December 1, 2005 2:03 PM

maybelle, click on the spoiler for the answer

What the line refers to as the actor's home is the planks, i.e. the stage. The second line is a reference to Rome, hence the roman columns. When you found the binoculars, did you click on them twice so you could get a close-up of the stage backdrop? After doing so, click on the backfrop and you should get a message that the script was updated and you can now cross reference it with the quotes book for more clues

Nyxerebus December 1, 2005 2:07 PM

maybell, the proper quote is

"Turn to face the actor's home, look at thee and think of Rome"

krister11 December 1, 2005 6:05 PM

hi i'm a believer, good to see you here as well :-). just setting the record straight, i did not post "to mr i'm a believer", mine is the one above saying thanks, i was told where to find the numbers to the safe.

Emery _Board December 1, 2005 7:56 PM

PLEASE can someone help me with the book lock in act four? It asks me to put the various plays of shakespeare into the right categories, romance, tragedy, comedy and historical. But, even when I think I've got them all right, it won't let me in! Can anyone tell me, PLEASE?! Sorry, am feeling very desperate, as I have been trying to work this out since Day One.


Jen - IIRC, the box contained another bloody body part. (I hate to say I already forgot, almost logged in as a new user to start over LOL)

Emery - The play book contains all the information for the game. Just check your inventory, open the play book and cruise through each title. Hope that helps.


Whoops, and Jen ... yes

the fire goes out with the holy water


I'm stuck on act IV. I've done the chapel stuff, but I can't find the ruddy safe everybody is talking about!

im_a_believer December 2, 2005 4:43 AM

Hi Krister ;) Enjoying this game? (Like I said, I am somewhat concerned that I have no idea of my progress - no scores like DiS - as I have certainly not done as much as some people yet have managed to complete all Acts so far).

I agree that the layout of this forum is confusing with regard to the position of players' names. Not sure what maybelle's point is (or has she confused my name with another post?)


Trev, the safe is

in the newly unlocked room off the stage. Turn around to see the fire, then the kitchen and start clicking!

krister11 December 2, 2005 4:38 PM

hi i'm a believer,the game is very good,the music really adds to the atmosphere.i think i have found most things?but,i think it is more important to try to find out who the killer is before he kills you (the critic).All i can say to that is "HELP!!!!" (lol).This forum is completely different to DIS and now that i have figured out the postings i will enjoy it more,as for maybelle,if i have looked at the messages correctly she was answering herself!like you i keep popping back to DIS to offer help.I don't seem to be able to leave it for some strange reason,spooky!!


Thanks, Chris... I was happy to see I was right about who died next too. Tho what a way to go...

I'm not as certain now about the killer... I'm suspecting Dame Judith, myself.. but she just seems the coldest of the bunch, to me. The old guy is a close runner up, just because he acts strange... but that also makes me like him best :) So I suspect Richard will die next. (Finally, a good wager!)

For those of you who never put out the fire (or tried the VCR, since we can do that now) I suspect the options to do so will still be avaliable in the next acts. The information found from the two places isn't necessary to move on to the next act, but does add to the story. If you can't do it anymore in act 5, I'll post what it said then :)

And next time... try everything!


Most of you have forgotten something from your accusations....

If you go back and look for the irst victem... dont remember her name cuz she died so early on... She's gone! And, Kent made a comment about it probably being her. After all, since the others died so gruesomely, she had it pretty easy. She's not dead!


How do I do the flag game in Act IV? Help!


Ah, yes, I saw that... I don't buy it so easily, though... It makes him a bit suspicious for suggesting it... perhaps he was the one who hid her body? Ex-lovers do weird things.

I think it was a red herring... none of the actors suspicions will be exactly true, due to one fatal twist that everyone (except us, hopefully) overlooked. I say she's dead... and the Dame is the only dame left ;)


Ok... I'm not sure if I had my characters straight in my last prediction... I think the old guy is Burroughs, and if so, he's not my guess at the next victim. I think the young guy left is the one who will go next.

It would be so much easier if they let us see our PDA in between acts. I'm about ready to make a second account to take notes from. I could use a simple cast list at this point :)


Nic, drag the flag for each play onto its correct locale.

the play book has all the answers, just look up each title included in the game. so click out, look them up then go back to the map.

And I think suspecting the old guy is too obvious because he just looks too guilty all the time. I am intrigued by the missing corpse, however.


Another thing,

Have you guys notice you cannot get back in the study? In a sense, two bodies are gone. Hatcher and Morten

mapleleafgirl December 3, 2005 9:09 AM

I have finished Act 4 and I have no idea what the 'book lock in act four' where the various plays of Shakespeare are put in categories: romance, tragedy, comedy and historical. Have I missed something important?

im_a_believer December 3, 2005 9:35 AM

The problem is though, Karmen, that I didn't get the opportunity to try everything - I had found the holy water and was all set to go back and put out the fire, but I was taken straight to the dead body (and thence end of Act) without the opportunity to leave the body for the time being and investigate further clues. There must be a set order for looking at all the clues (which order I have not managed to suss out).


Finished act four, thanks for the help Nyxerebus! Time for more waiting...

madfruitbat December 3, 2005 1:15 PM

What is this 'flag game' in Act IV? I've completed the act twice on different accounts, but I don't remember a game involving flags. Where is it, and what do you get if you complete it?


The 'flag game' in Act IV is located in the Ante Room (chapel and all). Turn around once you're in there and you should see a map on the wall slightly to the right.

The 'prize' for completing the flag game is a memory card with information on 2-3 characters.

Also, am I the only one who talks to everyone and looks at everything? I mean, without looking around and talking to the characters, you would not have found Morton's severed ear, his will, or the forced confession via video tape...or gotten a lot of information on each of the characters (which is then viewed in the PDA).


Wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me: on Ep4, I know to look for the the good book, but no matter how many times I click on it, it won`t open it; it just slightly narrows the ordinary view and gives me the option of going back. Same for the other things on the altar. Suggestions?

im_a_believer December 5, 2005 8:09 AM

To Halan

As I posted before, I have not had the chance to examine everything. Found certain items, spoke to several characters but was taken to body before I could do everything. If every single available clue is to be examined, there must be some order to do so - has anyone worked it out?

It is very frustrating being unable to replay Acts and pick up further info - perhaps it will still be available in Act 5?


I still think the things you missed in the previous act will be available later. When I went back to the chest on the stage, I could still go to the game, it was just finished. The one exception is the study, as Chris pointed out... so let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope no more doors re-lock.

im a believer--each act ends only when you have gone sufficiently far enough for the next murder to happen, and click on the trigger spot that causes it to happen. I think you must have clicked the wall before the fireplace.

Halan--I thought I did check everything... but I missed the ear...ew... do you have a hint on that so I could (hopefully) find it in act 5?

And finally, Chris, about that locked door:

If you are suggesting that Morton's corpse is now missing, then perhaps might we wonder if it was really Morton's corpse? You've got me on to something here... you never see him die in the video, so the corpse coulda been anyone... that would be a worthy twist, too. You think Morton's behind it, then he isn't, but then he is.... muhahaha


How do I save the game? When I go back to it I have to start at the beginning.


...Or maybe no one is really dead and everything is just an act. Maybe its all a play being put on. Who knows, could happen...

Charlotte December 6, 2005 7:35 AM


Anyone else disappointed with Act 5? - I have just completed it and it was way too quick and easy. Am i missing something?



Please can someone tell me what the user ID is for the computer in the surveillance room? It is an anagram of ACEJARS


Wow, just finished Act V...very quick and simple.
Counts out ANOTHER suspect...and really didn't see this one coming.
Did anyone make real sense out of the computer screen & messages?
Now, only one to go.
I wonder if the player is actually the killer, without knowing it? Some sort of weird amnesia or something. Have Fun!


Hint for Hambel...
did Morton ever have ANOTHER identity when he was acting? Did he portray anyone famous? This is, after all, Shakespeare, "dahling!".
Have fun.


To I'm_a_beliver,

I think you have to try and follow the order of the clues given in the Act script in order to have a chance to complete everything before getting the episode complete after triggering the final event in each chapter.

and now on to Act V, mouhahahahahah!


i can't find the right word to computer in act5, can someone give a spoiler?or hint?


I didn't really get the computer screen images either.

At least we know who has the gun!

For those who are stuck on the anagram. It translates as:



oh yes i got the secretword! HAMBLE:

think of all the caharcters that are in shakespeares plays..who could it be?


Mirkku, here is a hint....

Its one of the roles Morton played, think ROME..


Hippyhendrix December 6, 2005 11:38 AM

I'm a wee bit confused....in the surveliance room, tot he right, there seems to be a slide tile puzzle, similar tot he one in 'death in sahara', do we leave that tot eh 6th act or does it have some use now.....

plus I liked that fat guy, even if he did have murderous dress sense


Just wondering because no one mentioned it so far, did anyone figure out the puzzle in the same room as the computers? that was supposed to give you a hint to who the killer was.

Just thought id throw that out there.

Also I always talk to the characters i always have to go back like 3 times to get all the information from them!! its annoying but helpful...i guess! lol

Can't wait to see what happens in the last episode!!

im_a_believer December 6, 2005 1:16 PM

Hi, Jen

I did solve the puzzle

Crown, which suggests it's .......


I'm dying with this slider puzzle; I never was good at these. Is it an essential key to Act 5 or can I bail on it and get on with my search? I don't want to miss a clue.


I'm on Act V...and I'm STUCK. I figured out "France" in the script but I can't find anywhere that "France" is...can someone help me out??


Think map

where the flag puzzle was in act 4


BTW, act 5 gives you a second chance at the box in the fire. And I was mistaken, it is not a body part but a program. (oops!)


The slider puzzle gives a clue about the murders.

Once you've completed the slider puzzle it flips to the other side to show a picture of two masks that are happy and sad. You know, the symbol for drama.

I think this means there are two people working together! DAH DAH DAH

im_a_believer December 6, 2005 2:59 PM

Very interesting, ErikaM - when I completed the puzzle, the flipside picture was not what you have but

a crown


Finished Act 5 before I actually had a chance to do the slider puzzle.... is this crucial?

Oh, and has anyone noticed the mistake with the missing corpse? When you hover over where Hilton's body was before it's disappearance, that little hand with the question mark comes up, and if you click, it's there again!


I completed Act 5 but didnt speak to anyone, and didnt see the puzzle. hopefully ill do it next week.

i have to say its frustrating that you cant repeat an act... I didnt get to see all the computer screens either.

moviebabe13 December 6, 2005 4:45 PM

I've found you can go back to most rooms to pick up anything you missed.

Annoyed about the fire though, totally forgot about my holy water and spent ages mooching around the sink and bath, oops

As for the suspect it's got to be Morton

I think it's him who's still writing the play and he needed inspiration from their deaths to get over writer's block

Great game I think and I hope my spoiler tags work since you can't see them in preview mode.


Yeah, I found that frustrating as well ... I didn't see all the computer screens and I'm curious as to what I missed :( I guess it shouldn't be anything crucial ...


As far as the breakout goes, you should have asmple time if you know how to position the board to angle the path of the ball to where you like.

Heh, can you tell I'm a big breakout fan?

And has anyone seen what comes after the Golden Age? I can't seem to beat it.


Moviebabe13 - As far as I saw, there were only 3 main events shown on the monitors:

1. Quinn & Burrows arguing in the study.
2. Kent with the gun seeming to be rehearsing for a "movie"?
3. And of course, Alwood in an unknown locale and his demise.

There were also a few minor tidbits such as the writing on the mirror in the dressing room & morton's missing body...I don't think there was anything else...
Also: If anyone wants to replay a previous act, such as act 5 all you have to do is type in: http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/shakespeare/act5.shtml
Just replace the act number for which ever one you want to play :)
Can't wait for the final act...It would be really a twist if:

This whole murder mystery was an act after all...like at the end everyone turns out to be alive and just...putting on a play for the critic? Hehe...

- Krys


That last chapter is going to be fun...

Feel obervasation

Anybody thought of using the phone number on the stage to use on teh phone, I bet the murderer is the number scrawl on stage

Yes my prediction came true.
But the last part is going to be the hard part.

I still think it Burrows. Morton hand is use to unleashed the scanner biometric code so Morton is dead...or is he....I just hope me and the Dame gets out. Unless she the murderer. I don't like that scene at first.


I still haven't located any severed ears, but even more rooms were locked this time.

On the password, I figured it out right away, but needed 4 tries to get it right. If I could just learn to spell...

But, ah, those predictions.... (I think I've got the cast straight, now, at least)

I'm still going with the Dame as the murderer... although, she finally showed a *hint* of compassion for Archer. The crown added to my suspicion, as did the videos. I didn't catch the one with her and Burroughs arguing, but seeing the mirror labeled in lipstick (or blood?) after the Dame was just in the room, right before the old man got it. Also, I must agree with you, Chris, about Morton's hand. It's hard to argue with anything that biometers, eh?

I'm looking forward to the last act, in part because it releases on my last day of finals. Yay! freedom to play more games!

Hippyhendrix December 7, 2005 5:22 AM

I was wondering, whats this flag game that everyones going on about, I've completed act V and havent yet chanced upon it

I am seriously beginnging to think the murdered is the Quinn woman as there is nothing suspicious about her and if you think about it she was the only one with a reason to kill every memeber of that play

Hippyhendrix December 7, 2005 5:27 AM

Ooooh, I;ve just notcied soemthing else
On the first page of 7nk, where you select what scene you play, each scene has a picture behind it, and if you look closely, it shows a key room (for example act V was the surveillaince room)
For act VI, the picture is of the dressing room where hilton 'died'.....could it mean that in act VI we can finially enter....that infernal toilet that's always blocked of or the creepy bricked up wall.

im_a_believer December 7, 2005 6:46 AM

I reckon it's

Burrows, Quinn or Allwood - hardly narrows it down, does it? The amulet gave me a crown - all three suspects are associated with royalty (King of method acting, Queen of Brtish theatre, The Monarch) Most likely? Allwood - as reference to The Monarch was in one of the hidden clues - his e-mails, rather than general info about the others

madfruitbat December 7, 2005 6:49 AM

So far we've had

a crown


the theatrical masks

on the back of the slider puzzle, but there was

a beanstalk

on the back of mine!!! Maybe this means that there are several different endings, and the game will randomly give each player a different one?

madfruitbat December 7, 2005 6:54 AM

(spoiler if you've not completed Act V)


I like the theory about the royalty-related nicknames, but I'm almost certain that

Allwood was the person who died at the end of the Act - it certainly looked like him, he was the one searching for a way out, and he knew enough about the place to know about secret passages out of The Knell

Which sadly destroys my theories, as I was also sure that person was the killer!

im_a_believer December 7, 2005 10:30 AM

Mmm... madfruitbat. I think you're right. I was too busy trying to think of links between the picture and suspects and had forgotten about the end of the Act! My guess then is


By the way, I played the puzzle again, under my username and another account, and came up with the same picture.


I have done Act V three times and each time I click on the slide puzzle it does not let me do anything and turns over on its own with the puzzle unsolved. Has anybody else had this problem?

_Romeo_And_Juliet_ December 7, 2005 11:29 AM

I'm stuck!
I've played act 1 over and over again, but I can't get on to act 2! Why?!?!


Where is this sliding puzzle? I am on act V and have yet to find one. Anyone good with unscrambling words?


Okay I found the puzzle, but do I have to solve it? I hate these things.


Wow I am dumb. Took me way too long to figure out the computer code.

_Romeo_And_Juliet_ December 7, 2005 1:47 PM

Whooo! Finished act 5 at last! Yey!

im_a_believer December 7, 2005 2:42 PM

To Glomer (and others)

There is a technique to these sliding puzzles - if you can concentrate on solving one half, the remainder is usually pretty simple. However, having taken ages first time round I have replayed it a few times and discovered it is really quite easy. Assuming the random pattern to begin with is the same for everyone (which may not be the case since the solutions seem to be different) then the sequence is:

Number squares 1-16, left to right, top to bottom then click squares in this order 2,6,7,11,10,14,13,9,5,6,7,8,12,16. Apologies if this does not work for you - it works for me every time

im_a_believer December 7, 2005 2:43 PM

By solutions, I meant pictures!


I have to say, with a plotline so well-thought out as this one, with everyone having such a detailed backround, I dont think the killer will turn out to be one person...

and if it does, then I dont think it will be someone that hasn't died yet.

I bet the ending will be more clever than that.

But maybe I'm wong and we'll all be dissapointed.

Let's hope not.

SparkOutZzz December 8, 2005 9:05 AM

I think the killer must be Will Kent. There was a reference (in the act where we found someone had contacted Morton with a plan for revision and new direction for the play) about not being the "fool" - I forget the exact details but I remember it struck me quite clearly at the time.

madfruitbat December 8, 2005 12:57 PM


I agree with you - I'm playing through again to remind myself of things I've forgotten, and I've come across a couple of things that point me towards Kent. Firstly, as you mentioned there was a letter from the killer saying s/he was coming to the island to help. In Morton's reply (by the TV in his private room) he says he's intrigued by the person's suggestion about modernising the production style and using technology.

My reasoning for this lies in my second point. In Act IV when you play the flag game you're given a memory stick which tells you more information about some of the Kinsmen. For Kent, it says that he is trying to establish himself as a maker of reality television programmes. I believe that he is re-doing The Seven Noble Kinsmen as a very sick and twisted reality tv programme, hence the technology. This also explains the surveillance room, and Quinn's feeling at the beginning of the evening that they're all being watched; Kent is filming them all on CCTV for his show.

That's my theory, and I'm quite pleased with it! I just can't wait till Tuesday to find out the truth... This game's addictive!!!

madfruitbat December 8, 2005 1:17 PM

Yet more proof (spoiler tags for those yet to work out what to do with the box next to the computer)

If you plug the mobile phone into the white box next to the computer in the surveillance room, you can read text messages on it. The first one says:
I have nothing to add to my email. Yr ideas are highly unsuitable for a pre-watershed slot. Stick 2 acting and leave the producing to us!
Kent attempting to pitch his ideas for a reality TV show about the Kinsmen?

zachariah December 8, 2005 1:37 PM

at this point i think it has to be burrows. there are several signs that point to this; in your pda it mentions that he is schizophrenic, which you could assume is a symptom of a murderer. he received psychiatric treatment in France which is a clue in Act 5. and if you were to complete the puzzle in the surveillance room a


is revealed, which could be a symbol representing him as the 'king of method acting.'

going into the final act i believe it has to be him, but i would not at all be disappointed if i were wrong and there is a strange twist of some sort.

hippyhendrix December 9, 2005 1:28 PM

what is the flag game everyone si talking about, I've completed act V and still havent met it!


I think I've got it figured out!

I think that the whole thing is one dramatic play put on for just YOU!
Remember that at the beginning no like you because of your review of the play. What better way to get a rewrite of the review than to put you in the middle of it as one of the unsuspecting actors!
All of the actors came together to put on this awesome production!

_Romeo_And_Juliet_ December 10, 2005 11:20 AM

How do you open the suitcase next to the cannon in Act 3?

_Romeo_And_Juliet_ December 10, 2005 11:28 AM

Ewwww! Never mind, figured it out!
That's disgusting!


How do I get the box out of the fire?


The severed ear. Right, so it's in Morton's Chambers, you just have to find the object that you would use an ear with.

Check the phonograph next to the bathtub.


can some one help me with act 5? i dont know where to look for france and i checked every where

im_a_believer December 11, 2005 6:06 PM

For Ashley:

The script book refers to gold, does it not? Have a look around the ante room/chapel for something of that colour.
NB - there is also a flag game associated with this map - Act 4, I think.

shimmyshimmy December 12, 2005 11:05 AM

did anyone think that maybe

You're the murderer? its quite good fun when that happens, I remember an agatha christie book where the narator is the murderer, its not done very often though and doesn't particularly tie in with any clues...

just a thought...


ARRG! Made it to the end and guessed wrong, so I died! I didn't check the mobile... Now I've forgot where I found the magneficent glass and how I solved the slide puzzle.

I think the murdurer is

Will Kent. The joker faces and the signature W in the mobile phone gives big clues, and I can almost swear he was smiling when I died.