Brainiac_Maniac November 14, 2005 7:26 PM

Wow, episode three really brought in some twists, great story line! I finished it with the following stats:

total game score 50%
knowledge 100%
Photos 2/6
Atec Symbols 3/4
total score 66%

has anybody gotten better, and where is the other photograph? I got the one from outside the hotel and the one from the souq chase, but where is the third one? Please help!

Brainiac_Maniac November 14, 2005 7:32 PM

The third Atec symbol is at the grave sight

it is cut in half, try on the left of the screen....

and where are the pictures from level 1?! I must be stupid but I can't find them!!!

Brainiac_Maniac November 14, 2005 7:50 PM

okay, so now i found all 4 missing picture pieces, great! thanks for the help.


Wow, what a plot twist..

Has anyone done better than

Total game: 50%
Knowledge: 100%
Missing photographs: 4/6
Aten Symbols: 3/4

or is that as high as you can go at this point?


Whoa, dude! The ending of chapter 3 is unreal! This may drive me nuts for a week. Such drama, such build up! Wow...I am literally sitting suspence for the next chapter. Thanks again, Jay!

Total game score: 50%
Knowlegde score: 100%
Missing Photographs: 4/6
Aten Symbol: 3/4

Total score: 70%

End spoilage!

Why is Elizabeth dead?!? Thats not how the story is suppost to go! I was almost angry when I saw that!


Since many people seem to have trouble with telescope I will post little help here.

Open the journal.
Look at the map.
Notice the star constellation with arrows pointing to it and pyramids written around it. Remember that one and completely ignore everything else.
Go to notes.
Look at the "Egyptians and The Stars".
Look at the picture of Ursa Major (the Bear).
You need to connect the stars in telescope exactly in same way like shown in the picture, from 1 to 7.
Close the journal and open telescope.
Find the Plough constellation.
Connect stars to form Ursa Major.


The stars had me insane, I gave up yesterday and tried again fresh. FINALLY found it. My current score: total game 41%, knowledge 100%, photos 4/6, aten 3/4, total score 66%.


Find the inverted U constellation and get it in the center of the telescope. Move slowly left till it is just off the circle. Then very slightly down towards lower left you will see the plough.

you must click the stars in order and you must click each starting point again, IOW: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, etc.


I have 3 pics but i cant find the pic in chapter 2. Pls some1 help me. That 1 thing is needed for total 70% for me.


Peter, look around in the hotel room (when its broken up like a glass).


thanks Jay, most enjoyable.


ohh plzz plzzz plzzzz help me on the star thing, it's really hard i cant find them


shima, scroll up I posted 2 very specific star spoilers ... it is very hard, but I eventually found it using the tips I posted.


And the last chapter is online, luckily found my way through the maze, now facing one of those slide puzzles I hate...


Just finished playing the last and final chapter, and I must say that I'm very disappointed with the ending. A lot of questions are left unanswered and it looks like they had to finish the whole story in two minutes. Too bad, but overall gameplay was fun


I am having trouble with the puzzle in the tomb (the one that you have to unscramble. can anyone tell me what it is supposed to be?


Here is my routefor the tunnel. Some of the turns are forced and so directions not strictly necessary, but for completeness I have included them all (apologies in advance if I have missed any!)


And big spoiler on the tile puzzel:

Hold your left mouse button on a tile: the tile will shake, lifted off the board and you'll be able to move it around easier.


:( will sum1 plz plz help me with that star 1 on 3 its buggin me ive read everything and ive looked at ur spoliers and im still confused


Oh no, i got the whole game but only 77%..i missed one picture and one symbol..arh.


i got now 70%, i got the last triangle. Can someone tell me what to do? i have souq chase 20%, underworld 100%, catacombs 40% and speak my name 90%...


Whew ... in episode 4, I made it through the catacombs and now am stuck 10+ minutes into the slider puzzle (I have never been good at these). SIGH!


The Catacombs game on this last part is difficult to get to 100%, I have all others at 100%, but only 70% so far on this one.

I did however find a piece of the picture in the catacombs. If you head up right after you see the mummy in the wall (to the right of the mummy) you will find the piece.

So far I am at 96% total score, with all pictures, aten symbols, knowledge maxed out. 92% total game score though, so still need to get this catacombs game finished faster.


Got 100% total game score! This game was a lot of fun. I wonder if there are other specials to unlock, though. So far I've got

"view Cheiro letter"


"download desktop"

It looks like there is space for others. Has anyone found anything else?


this catacombs game is tough! this is going to take me a while...


Did the catacombs.

Go down, way down until you see dirt and find more lighter fluid. Then right. Then up.

But this 15's puzzle variant after the catacombs is driving me nuts. I can do it, but it won't let me move all the tiles sometimes!!! I'll click and the *@!$@!$ tile won't move! Argh.


Oops, never mind, solved the 15 puzzle thing. Hilarious (and very good) end to the whole story. I found the aten symbol is part 4 but missed both picture pieces, so back in I go to try to find them.


Is there any way to view the missing picture once you've gathered all of the pieces?


yay finished!!!!
i got overall score of 94% coz my game score sucks(87)..

there is a missing photo in the catacomb somewhere near and above the mummy in the wall.

Thanks to everybody for your help. Even if i didnt ask for it. i got everything i needed here.
hehehehe =)


I spent too much time drawing this, but I had to figure out where the missing photo was inside the catacombs:

Perhaps someone else can put it to good use :)


i am totally stuck on the puzzle! HELP PLEASE!


Woohoo! After a few tries at the games, I finally got 100%!

Gratiuitous screen shot here:

As for those missing pictures:

I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see the whole picture after all 6 pieces were found... did I miss something in the end?


Unreal. They build it up for four weeks and we get a cop-out ending. I am so dissapointed! The game is fabulous, but the story line needs a little work. That bloody maze had me going for a while.

Jay, you are still the main man. Keep the good stuff coming!

Brainiac_Maniac November 21, 2005 6:35 PM

Where is the last Aten symbol? and is there any way to get a hint on the slide puzzle? I have been playing around with it for the last few hours. i am horrible at them! please help!!!


99%! darn!! haha...

those darn games!! 90% in the catacombs and 99% in the slide the tiles game...

oh well...I am happy with 99% NOT!!


I'm having problems with the slider puzzle... I can do the top one finished, but I get a game over while working on the bottom two. Any suggestions?


Nevermind, got it.


The BBC is running a survey where you can win some original artwork simply by providing them with some feedback about the game.

Just thought some of you might like a chance to win something. =)


I visit here because of this game.
As soon as I came here, I cannot help loving this place.
{My native language is not English. So, if my expression is little awkard, please understand....)

Anyway, it's so much fun!

Game score: 78%
Knowledge score: 100%
Missing Photographs: 1/6
Aten symbols : 1/4

Total score : 74%

Where can I get the photos and Aten symbols?
please help!


help me im doing level 4 and im stuck were u have to go up and find the jey its rewally confusing plzzzzzzz help


help me im doing level 4 and im stuck were u have to go up and find the exit its really confusing plzzzzzzz help


how do you get out in the maze at the fourth episode?
im so stuck some1,anyone HELP!!!


the slider puzzle is pretty easy.

theres little dots in the corner and when you hold down the left mouse button the tile shakes and lifts up so you can move it anywhere on the board

Metanaito December 6, 2005 9:46 PM

Have all the missing picture pieces. :)

This is what you get for putting the picture together. :)


For those of you that are stuck on the Aten Symbols:

All of them are hidden underneath the Aten Symbol. It is a circle with rays coming from it to form a triangular shape. If you MUST know the EXACT location of these pieces...

Episode 1) In the hotel room, there is a table with a book on it. Check the stool sitting right beside it to the left. :) You should see the famed Aten symbol.

Episode 2) Right before entering the antique shop, there is a poster with the Aten symbol on it.

Episode 3) At the ruined campground site, at the very far left, there are ruins that have the rays of the Aten symbol on them. :) Clicky!

Episode 4) On the newspaper, on the left hand page, there is an Aten symbol.

Also, for those who are having trouble with the "naming the gods" part:

Third row, right column

First row, right column

Last row, right column

Last row, middle column

Second row, middle column

First row, middle comumn

:) Hope these lil' walkthroughs helped!


if any one still hasnt found out the code for the safe here it is :



Hello, I need to know if it is normal that the lines in the stars puzzle dissapear when I get to the other stars, or if the lines are suppossed to stay.


i cant do the slider puzzle! - i have tried pressing the dots like sugested put all that happpens is that it moves several tiles at once! plzz help, this is driving me crazy!


Anyone have some tips for the ball in jar puzzle? I'm terrible at those things!


The constellation one is very frustrating!


very well done game challenging but I completed it :)


Liz: Focus on the top of the cup. And follow.

Frances: Click and hold the tile to drag it.


Wow! That was astonishing. I really like this pencil/comic style, the sound fits perfectly, wonderful story... great game! All thumbs up!

However, does anyone of you know the name of the font used in the game? Lokks kinda... mysterious, like written hastily, would like to have it in Word ;)

greet from Germany, Bensch


Help i need to catch the thief but it's really hard!


how do u get out of the maze???


Jay - Just discovered your awesome site and have really enjoyed poking around the last few days. This is a fantastic game - very engaging. Glad somebody posted help for the catacombs, that would have taken me hours on my own. There must be some clue system, but I haven't figured that out.

mossberg590a1 April 3, 2006 8:28 AM

Please help!!!!
Im stuck on the bit where you have to get all the symbols right and if you dont you die.


@mossberg, the answer to your question is posted above.

I managed to complete the maze in the first attempt by doing this:

Go down and right as long as you can, then go up as far as you can and left if you must.

@Jay: I absolutely adore your website.

kirsten911 April 17, 2006 3:11 AM

this is the order and combination of those freak symbols when the dude's dyintg.

the first one's one square above the bottom right

the second one's top right

the third one's bottom right

the fourth one's middle bottom

the fifth one's one square below the top middle

the last (sixth) one is top middle

kirsten911 April 17, 2006 3:45 AM

aauuuurrgghhhhh!!!!!! i can not figure out the slider puzzle after the catacombs!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!

disappointedSakkara player April 17, 2006 3:58 AM

I played Death In Sakkara and was really disappointed in the ending!!!! For those of you who give up, here it is:

Baldwin kills Elizabeth and tries to take the remains of Chamwese but as it turns out he has the wrond remains. Baldwin gets away on a boat which sinks, and he is drowned. Also, the mysterious voodoo doll was cursing Fox.Pretty wierd, huh? I was expecting him to meet Elizabeth!!!!!

I'd give the game 6.5/10


I really enjoyed this game! I thought the comic book style was an awesome idea and had a lot of fun playing it. Although I did need some help on some of the puzzles, and..

I wish he would have saved Elizabeth was well worth the effort :)


This game was quite easy, or at least I did not find it that hard... I needed no hits at all to solve it....

It was much fun though... really cool, I like this kind of stuff!


I really enjoy ancient egypt, in fact i aspire to be an egyptologist. I found this game cute, but what did Aten have to do with anything? he was the sole God of Ankhen aten, and his city was ankhetaten, now called amarna. it is no where near sakkara, and he was God in the 18th dynasty, sakkara was used in the old kingdom, way before 18th and in ptomloy times, way after 18th.


Exelent game but crap ending.
I got 80%
The game took about 2 days
For those of you who can't finish it

in the end Baldwin(guy on the train)killed Elizebeth! The ending was pretty crap, Baldwin got away but got some mummified bull. The reason Charles had so many bad things happen to him is because that doll that the robber leaves behind is cursed!

I give the game 7.5/10


hey umm i have 86% of the game done!


horray. one hundred percent. xD


I really need help at the constelation puzzle!!! =(
Hey Jay, great game!!!


no matter what combination i try the numbers are all 0-0-0-0 do i not know how to use a lock or something?


Don't click the center of the dial. Click on the actual number you want, and wait for it to spin on its own. :)


I feel kind of stupid but I dont know what the telegram is. Is it that latter posted to the inside of the journal?


Hey, my 1st post! just finished the game and was pretty impressed, shame about the ending. only found this site a few days ago cuz i was flippin through my FHM mag and it was listed on there. just wanted to say to jay that i saw a thing on gamestations website about earning 5% on any sale they get if directed from your site and other percentages, considering you both have the same thing in common it should work nicely. plus it should help with the costs of running this baby!


I am soooo disapointed I finally complete the star puzzle which may I add took me ages until I finally gave in to reading the spoiler on it thanks person who posted it. But now I can't play episode 4 because it won't load for me I guess I'll never find out what happens in the end :'(


Can someone just give me a walthrough for goodness sake!!!

metallica man October 18, 2006 5:41 PM

what do you do in episode 3 at the telescope? im getting annoyed about it


i got the code as


all alone but when i put it in it comes up with 0000 and says wrong combination

metallica man October 21, 2006 10:38 PM

i got everything 100% except for the photos because i got 5-6 of them. i just need 1 of them. can you give me a list of where they all are?


it took me me a looong time but i got 100% knowledge


I'm stuck at the telescope... trying to connect stars.
VERY difficult.
I think I'm missing something.


nevermind. it IS hard. but it is just what it seems.


okay, the slidey puzzle is making me nuts.
help me, jay!
I am confident that I am making NO progress on it.


I can't get this stupid theif every time I try to cut him off I get totally Lost!!


ARGH what to do with those stupid stars???


aaaarrrrrgggg doin rli well until the part wiv the slider puzzles... damn dun wanna restart but will hav 2 cuz no 1 has hints 4 it yet so annoying btw lock combo


for the stars damnit

read the star map... click on the "mynotes wil help" something along those lines... then see the stars with 1-7 connect them in that order its difficult 2 start but uget the hang of it

exit 2 da sliding puzzle

dldluldldldrdldldr(collect oil) (past Mummie) ururdr Drululurulurullu (2nd 1) lur that duz it im positive atleast 95.5% sure which is the surest of anything i've been in my life... the other 4.5% i have no idea

but yer
plz post help for sliding tiles


yer umm here u go guys just finished it (not properly but heres hints/cheats wot ever u wanna call them)
God things

1st one above the bottom right, second is top right, 3rd is under 1st, 4th is next to 3rd, 5 is 2 above 4, and 5 is above 6

i hope this helps guys

Combo is 2142

stars is go to the journal.. go to the star map... clkick "my note may shed some light" or something... then see the stars how it shows the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 on the stars... go back 2 the map and connect in that order



im sure thats it tho if not rli sorri guys
and for the sliding tiles bit there are 3 areas and yeh it gets easier the more u go sorri theres no help 4 it


I just want to say that this is a great game and that its soo much fun! But I just recently signed up for this game- death in sakkara- and i'm stuck in "Elizibeth's Room" again i just singed up for this game and am still getting used to it but I always get stuck there. Is there anything to help
like clues or a hint? And i just can't seem to get the combonation on the safe! Help!!


Hi. I was wondering if anyone might perhaps think of posting their code for logging in?

Kay kay126 November 17, 2006 5:50 AM

Please help me to get out of the catacombs......i'm always stuck!

Ps: if you want to know how to do the star thingy

click on the star map click will my notes shed light only follow the 1234567 whatever thing and do it on the middle of the sky :)


I am stuk on episode 3 with the god tiles.I can get the first 5 i am stuk on the picture of the snake in the corner.Please give me the answer cos i really want to get on with the game!Thankyou


HELP!!! jay can you please help me with the sliding tiles? I have tried 6 times & I can't do it please HELP!!!


i need help for the cup game!!!! please

billy bob thorton December 16, 2006 11:05 AM


why did you kill off the girl.

Im begining chapter 4. what exitement. GOOD far..jk


oy may! some one please post help for the sliding tiles. i got 2/3 of it done. then the dang thing dies on me!!!! graahhhh

good game JAY!

spamomatik January 23, 2007 9:06 AM

pleez help me i only just found your website (its the best!!) and i still cant do the flipping star wotsit i cant find the plough thinggummy and the line keeps dissapearing help me (please!!!)


I got stuck but

c/o isnt a number but for may be


In the maze in the tomb, are there two vials of oil? I tried to follow the two sets of directions posted above but never actually get to the oil at the right spot. If i keep wandering I do find a vial of oil, but never find a mummy, so those directions don't work for me. Where did I go wrong?


Hello there.. I've tried opening the start page a few times and it keeps giving me an error message. Is this game unavailable to people outside of the UK? I'm in Canada.

drNumLock February 9, 2007 4:13 PM

The labyrinth is elegant to solve and you will find everything in it.

Follow the basic rule of labyrinth walking. Left hand on the wall/floor. And do not let go even if you see a dead end. Just continue.

What do these athen symbols accomplish in the end?


I can't get this stupid theif every time I try to cut him off I get totally Lost!!

Please someone tell me how to catch the thief!!!

jessica March 4, 2007 1:44 PM

I finished the game!!!
I just cant find all the pictures...
a little help would be awesome!

CitrusFreak12 March 5, 2007 4:06 PM

Every time I try and load the second episode, it stays at 0%. Upon attempting to reload the game, I get a 404 message at the BBC website. What's going on?

NohWoman March 11, 2007 5:28 PM

I've found 5 of the 6 missing photos/missing pictures. Below are where I found them. If anyone knows where the other is, PLEASE share:

Episode 1: Photo 1. when you arrive at the hotel, before you go in, I think on the right; Photo 2. Souq chase. Episode 2: Photo 3. At the very end, when you've been ransacked and there's a brownish picture of the room torn in three, the piece is in the right third of the screen. Episode 3: Photo 4. near Elizabeth's fire Episode 4: Photo 5. in the catacombs. the gif Karmen posted here is very helpful (thank you!).

Where is the last...?