Yes, the problem is that google yielded pages with passwords and people were mostly hinting passwords and not methods. E.g.: for this level I saw the hint: "beast that flew to home of gods", which has nothing to do with the level but enables you to solve it.

This is the reason I'm trying to redo all levels that I didn't solve 100%.

And I'm constantly surprised at how genius some levels are that I thought were stupid before.

Anyway on to 52r :)


52r: Do I have to change the URL? Up up and up... is it an action? Some people on the godtower english boards suggested that I need something that looks like the recycle bin in IE. Refresh?

Also, I fully understand 53r (devil killer), however up to this moment I have no idea how to derive the right year. Is it connected to the ambigram (light/dark-freind/enemy)?


GodGateKeeper September 21, 2006 4:59 AM

Level 52r- "Do I have to change the URL?"- no. HTML knowledge is needed for this level.
Level 53r- "Is it connected to the ambigram (light/dark-freind/enemy)?"- yes


53r: OMG got it, this level is ingenius! :)

Still no luck with 52r tough, trying...


HH8: Other interesting facts :)

I converted the times to minutes and played around with numbers... I don't wanna bore you with it, couple of hours wasted from my life....

What could "xx" stand for:
1. roman numeral 20
2. the letter "x" two times
3. indication of a compound word
4. female chromosomes
5. russian letter "x" two times (pronounced: haha !)
6. greek letter "x" two times (pronounced: chichi)
7. 10 million other things...

Tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me so would you be so kind as to provide me with some hints for some missing levels:

52r: I don't see nothing in the source. That's the main place with HTML, if I change somthing there it won't effect the page. Maybe in MsFrontPage?

77: countdown to ......., I got to


then I'm stuck

75: I know I need to look at the numbers and that some of them are out of place but nothing. Coin clue?

55r: yellow thing? safety flag, safety matches? flicl i=iij? Aid i=iij?

71: equus+aves+bison=answer why???? "answer" has no wings, etc...

I know GGK is doing most of the hinting here, but if anyone feels they can help me out, it'd be appreciated!



Plezzz help on level 23 GGK...
Never got the idea what 'S' (vertical or horizontal)binary codes is for. Why?!?!

Quote from GGK: "Look at the codes as if they were diamond rings and give the real diamonds to someone you like" --> Need more help plezzz... :(

More hints please...

GodGateKeeper September 23, 2006 7:29 AM

Level 23- Look at the codes symmetrically. A diamond is the most symmetrical object in the natural world. Then when you find the "diamond-like" codes, give them away or remove them completely.


lvl 23: you have to look carefully and spot the differences...


Can anyone pleeeease give me a clue to level 34? Please?


For level 33 -


Look at the second picture.. what does the background say to you?


It's a golfing green! Now think golf - you need golf terms

Crud, this game's so annoying I'm not getting any work done.


HH8: maybe....

from - xx: Sign for crystallus in eighteenth-century chemistry. Crystallus is a derivation from a Greek word for ice. It probably signified crystallization processes in general or their results.

from Wikipedia - xx: a poem by W.H.Auden also known as "Stop all the clocks" which was recited in Four Weddings and a Funeral under the name "Funeral Blues".

55r: finally know what the yellow thing is. Tricky :), but what is flicl i=iij ?


from past until now I don't get anything about HH2... give me a spoiler plzzz... what is the answer ??? I already click and get the new hint in the third page but I still cannot understand it.. So plzz give me a spoiler...

just email me the answer to [email protected]


Kana, surprised to see you're not through with this level yet :)

HH2: Did you get BOTH hints on the 3rd page? Remember you have to click on BOTH two previous pages which will both yield 1 hint each. You are not ready until you get two new hints. The upper one is what you have to "decode" with the help of the lower one. It hints you to use the method of one of the first levels of godtower. This is a very good level and not that hard, keep trying

Itadakiman October 2, 2006 11:10 AM

HH8: There is some logic in the numbers.

Write the times as pairs 13.50-22.40, 11.45-21.35, etc...
Now, with the exception of the third pair :( you get the second hour value by changing the minutes of the first value to 24-hour format and subtract 10 minutes for the minute value.
E.g.: You have 13.50. You convert "50" to 24-hour format: 22, and subtract 10 minutes: 40 = 22.40, it's the same with the others..
It could be that we have to focus only on the different one which is pair no. 3: 17.05-14.50
If you try to read it in leet it gives itoslaso, or the first part could also be read as "dos" which means 2. dos-laso? :)
xx - "two xs" there is a beer brand called xx - dosequis
just ideas...


Help am rele rele stuck on 3!!!!!


Thank you for level 23 before GGK and Itadakiman... Finally I got thru it...

Now I'm stuck again at 27. What is the relation between the 1st page and 2nd page? 2nd page puts W (at N position), and E (at S position). What does it mean?

What should I see when I return to level 17? Year 2077, December, 17th?? COnfused... :(

Plezzzz give me some clues...


plz help me on level 26

GodGateKeeper October 5, 2006 5:21 PM

Level 26- Have faith with written clue.

Level 27- There is a person derived from the clues. When you figure that out, you have to "reborn" him...


thnks ggk
now plz help me on 27

GodGateKeeper October 7, 2006 11:59 PM

Level 27- The clue "reborn" is an obscure synonym for anagram. Try googling this:



i have been on hell hole 1 for a while and i have tryed every combination on google. name change dead change the dead changeover the dead country changed dead what am i doing wrong?

GodGateKeeper October 9, 2006 4:03 PM

Kurtis- Hell Hole 1- Your second page word is wrong. Internet has pushed the google hit to top 50 sites. Use to be in top 10


changed the dead


i'm stuck on level 11 and i got the answer sunday, february ?,????
but it isnt working


Well.. Hello everybody.. ? Im Telrak and im stuck on 88, this has taken me 13 hours :S Anyone got the answer, yet?

GodGateKeeper October 13, 2006 7:32 AM

Telrak, by Level 88 I am guessing you mean Level 78. You see when it says 99 levels available it means 8 secret levels and 3 battle war levels too. 99-8-3= 88. Which would be the last level of godtower. If you are indeed stuck on this level it gives a couple hints. 1 is the scattered letters and 2 is the folder. This hint of the folder was just used 2 levels before. And if you solved this level through thought and reason you no doubt understand its use here. But how do you use that particular method? Yes the letters. The best clue to give on how to decipher the letters can be to look at the level previous to this one. It`s method was to use something invalueable to godtower riddle. Once you have arrived at the last clue of godtower you will need to use paint and conclude what- OR WHO- God wishes you to discover. Then and only then will you understand the key to godtower 2.

Itadakiman October 14, 2006 3:01 AM

..speaking of level77

I used the "folder" idea and that got me closer..

:) (you know what i mean..)

But i'm stuck there. Do i go from there or it means i was supposed to use another "name"?


GodGateKeeper October 14, 2006 3:01 PM

Level 77- All that tells you is that you are closer to where you need to be. To get where you need to be you need to do something inaddition.


Hey everyone,

Confused by Lvl 35.

yes the curtain is not lie and everything else is

but is there anything else that can be any hint?


idont know what is level 27
need some help,,,,

give me the answer,,


Hey can anybody give me any hints on level 38 please. Thank u

GodGateKeeper October 18, 2006 4:29 PM

Level 27-

Easiest way to pass this level is to look at the red stocking. Who does that typically symbolize? Then take those same letters, rearrange them to someone else.

Level 38- This is one of my favourite levels. You should see some little light blue letters at the bottom. Find those letters on your keyboard.


i am so stuck on 78 8 stupid keys


GodGateKeeper. I need some help with lvl 32. I can't understand at all. What can I do with right click? Where? Please... I stock a mounth here. Silk? oxygen? Please I need some more help than you wrote before

GodGateKeeper October 25, 2006 5:07 AM

One way to find the source code is to right click the black border on the side of the level.

I`ll hint you for Level 78 give me a hint on how you passed level 77.

mrDrlicious October 27, 2006 4:04 PM

After i did the 40 first levels of godtower i decided to try hellhole, but now i'm kinda stuck here. Anyone got some good hints?

I do know that japan is missing on the right side, and I have seen the earlier tip about 3 keywords, but i'm simply to blind to find it. I have tried with different stuff like japan,change,name etc.


IS IT PYSICALLY POSSIBLE TO NOT GET LVL 2 the its right there ..... i mean omg if you got the first one like ....arrgh i duno

Scott Foley November 18, 2006 2:44 AM

well, then. just tell me the answr to level 2 if youre not gonna give me any hints!


hey help with level 33 pls.....i browsed thru the glossary of golf as just goin above my head..


can someone help me with level 45 please!!!


Why don't you all(or anyone of you) create a kind of chatting's room, or use yahoo mess./MSN mess. for all of us especially those are really in desperate to find the answers. So when trying to solve the puzzles while online, you can share some hints(not answers please!).At the same time to make your brains reconsider again "How fool I am! Why didn't I think about that before?!!"

It's great, isn't it? I'd call that MSR(Moron Social Room). Soo...Shall we do it?


can someone help me with lvl 10 pls ? i have the numbers
, i have the first letter from each country code , but it doesnt work , can someone help ?


yeah i got it at least but now i m stucked at 13 :-??

jackblack December 1, 2006 2:44 AM

FINALLYYYY!!!!!..Thanks god..HALLELUYA!!
I've made it! I have passed level 1. I feel so great,think i better email my family. Now, I'm getting prepare for the next level, level 2. Ahhh..there's god afterall.


Level 2 is quite tough. however, I've passed it. Yaayy!! I'm gonna email my family again. Guess they're preparing celebration for my intelectual skill. Ohh..I'm so happy, feel wanna cry. sorry everyone

Level 3 is about flight. I know because I saw one when my mom brought me to fetch my uncle in the airport. But I dunno what are those numbers mean. Just hoping for someone to help me. I'd appreciate is much.


hellhole level 1... i have the country but i have no idea what to look for on google.


Just got started...

JohnstonD December 6, 2006 7:50 AM

Can Someone please help me with 56r and 55l im realy stuck

GodGateKeeper December 9, 2006 5:50 PM

There should be hints on thelevels you are stuck on, but here you go-

Level 3- Hands of clock? Might want to draw out those given times.

Level 13- There are two sets of colored blocks. 1 set gives instruction on how to solve. The other is a key on how to dicipher.

Level 33- Try to understand and associate clues on first page and second page to pass.

Level 45- This is a google level. Google the given clues to find "friend".

Level 55L- Can`t hint too much on this level for it is a marked level. There are two steps. Finding the title through the clues. (there will be 4) Then finding the (C)ountry. =)

56R- Another marked level. A variety of clues all lead to the same answer. Try translating the chinese and finding the constant between clues. Or finding the origins of the (S)tamps. =)



I put some time into the tower a while back, and managed to cruise my way back to level 38 in about 30 hours, where I found the same wall I found long ago.

Not Really a spoiler, but;

I know it's gotta be simple, and I can't help but think I am entering something wrong. I think this is one of those "knowing the answer makes it harder" levels :P. I've got the pgup, pgdn, that was pretty easy. I thought maybe jesus, no dice, and Mr. Relativity. Less dice, I think I tried every way to spell his moms name, and tried the obvious other answer from his mail addy. I just wanna know if I am on the right track and haven't hit it yet. Also, are the names spelled wrong? Like way way off?

I hope I posted this right, I'm a bit newbish at html things.

GodGateKeeper December 17, 2006 4:45 PM

Level 38- Its hard not to spoil this level with hints. Titles gives hint that you need trial and error. Once you have the right data youll receive the "pass". Then you just put in the name and that pass.


Thanks ^^

Just the "hard not to spoil" lets me know I am probably on the right track, just a matter of what to actually put in.

This is where I got stuck before too, so I'm anxious to see the rest. Some of these things make me sit and wonder how someone though of it in the first place :P

I don't think it said 99 levels last time I was on the GTW site, but I see there are "bonus" levels added, so I guess they are included in the count?

GodGateKeeèr December 18, 2006 1:52 PM

There are 3 "towers" now. Godtower, Godtower 2, and Hellhole. But nothing has been added for about 8 months due to noone can solve the levels.


Can someone please just tell me the answer for lvl 10. I can't find the right set of wingdings on any of my programmes!!!!

GodGateKeeper December 24, 2006 2:04 PM

Level 10- A lot of the riddle uses Google which is linked at the bottom of most levels.
Try searching for a key so you can decipher the code.


Okay I am a newbie to this game, but I was able to get to level four (YEAH!!) without a whole lot of trouble, but now that I am to level four it is endlessly loading the page..anyone else have this problem?? I have tried to start over again and always the same problem.. A ltitle help please????

GodGateKeeper December 31, 2006 6:22 PM

I tried to access Level 4 by continue and through progression and it works. Do you have firefox? Sometimes when IE isn`t working firefox does. Also, there might have been construction on the site.


plz help in s1 i have no clue

GodGateKeeper January 16, 2007 11:23 AM

Secret level 1- Nothing complex about this level. You have to understand what the picture means. Hint- every country has one.


I finished the game.....with only a teeny bit of help.


I don't get how people really stuck at level 23.
Okay, here's the spoiler (it's really see it with your eyes! No need to think so hard.)

Here's level 23:

look at the hint. See it with your eyes. Use the eyes, not the brain, and you'll be okay. >^

Okay... try this one:

Well, okay look at the letters at the left.. yes that 'docnuets'... I can't say that it is the hint... but, for me that 'docnuets' sounding so familiar, no? what is it then? It sounds unbelievable, and sounds too easy, and too simple.
But hey! Who knows that's the answer! ^^


level 10 plz?! anyone help me!


level 10 : )



I got the 'key' after recode the letter (something appear on page 3,right?) But i don't know what the 'key' is pointing to.

please give me a clue


level 11 please . any hints ?



I got 2 new lines that appear on page 3.
what should i do next?

Please give me a clue.


i wanna help about level 17

GodGateKeeper February 5, 2007 9:12 PM

Level 11- There is a website that tells you when you will die. Search the giving info and input it on the death website.

Level 17- Milk bottle date gives the best clue. First page symbols represent something. The one in red is the answer.

Hell Hole 2- 3rd page clue: Where have you seen (in godtower) this word. Remember how you solved it? Use that specific method on the code.


help on level 28 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase ... :)


guys, need help.....I'm stuck in lv.4 of God Tower.
Can anyone give me clues or hints....pls.


i'm stuck in lvl 5, can i have more hints ?

lvl 4, watch closely at the red sign, that had an uniq words

GodGateKeeper February 25, 2007 5:33 PM

Level 4- Try focusing on the red clue. I put my hand over half of it when I first solved it.

Level 5- There are two clues here. The art and the artist. If you don`t know the title, you have the artist =D. Google!

Level 28- This level is an easy level that people make very hard- I think. Clues - A game board, The number of pieces on each side, the blinking space, the piece of a little white "dot", the two clues on the side of the board, a year, a clue that spawns with your cursor, and the title.
Once you get some keywords from these clues, Google the answer.


please..... give me hints of level 5

GodGateKeeper March 2, 2007 4:44 PM

please..... give me hints of level 5"

Level 5- What have you done to solve? I just posted a hint above your message.


I need help with lvl 32 plz!!
I'm like a month on it =/!!
right click on lvl =S...

GodGateKeeper March 9, 2007 5:35 PM

Level 32- Every webpage needs to be designed. How one does that is through a code. This is called the source code. There are two ways to view this code. One, is in your tool bar, under "tools". A second way is to right click on the black border of the level. You should see, "view source code". Now, interpreting the code. Its consistant for puzzle games to use an exclamation point to hint the hidden clue. If you go back through the 32 levels, you'll see several hints in the source code.


I think for level 32, you have given away too much info.

You start with the second page, understand the meaning and then look at the fist picture in a "special" way. And then you'll arrive at the info that was given in the previous post. (if you don't get what I'm talking about, look at the middle letters on page 1)

GodGateKeeper March 14, 2007 9:45 AM

Using proper method to solve is impossible if you don't know src- ftw

silver_knight March 17, 2007 3:28 AM

Is it true that the hint in lv 5 is Hildebrandt?? Or i misread it...?? Any help please...T_T

silver_knight March 17, 2007 8:09 AM

Guyz, i need help on lv 28 please... Who's gone?? And what about this flashy thing on one of the pion?? Does it has something to do with the red dot and the white dot?? Please help...

GodGateKeeper March 17, 2007 11:04 AM

Level 28- You must understand the clues and google search to find the answer.

Hint- The clue on the sides are what cowboys have on their boots.

silver_knight March 17, 2007 10:17 PM

More confuse!! Can i get lighter clues?? Thx...^^

silver_knight March 17, 2007 10:43 PM

I've passed lv 28, but stucked in 29. A little help please. What's propel in the end of 1999 at 23:59?? Thx b4...^^

silver_knight March 18, 2007 12:19 AM

Now i'm stuck in 38th. I still dun get it. This hacker thing, i've got the info. But, what next?? I know which cata should i use, but the password, man!! Do we have to figure it out?? Or is it too easy to guess?? Any hint please, and thx...^^

GodGateKeeper March 19, 2007 5:52 PM

Level 38- When you get a message from God, you will need to input the name too. example: Johnathan


hi guys. i read hildebrandt in the pic, and searched google. i even got the same pic on google image search. but i'm still not getting the password. can someone please tell me what the password is, not the password itself, but whether its the name of the artists, the art or what.
please help!


i am still stuck on level 5. and i just realised that right-clicking on the picture and clicking play causes it to show another picture, but that didnt help much either. Whats that supposed to mean 'only half of sun'?

someone pleeeeeease help me with lvl 5.


any clues for the seventh level?


i need help with level 12 guys. i noticed the fact that some lights go out while others dont. if you arrange the lights that dont go out, it resembles the figure shown on the top. but i'm stuck there, and cant get the password. someone pleeeeeease help me with the logic and i'll figure out the password myself.

GodGateKeeper April 3, 2007 6:39 AM

Level 12- Try to play around with the 8888 to form something else. Each 8 consists of 7 bars. For example if you remove the two right side bars of the 8 it becomes an E.


HELP LEVEL 48 please...

i'm sure that i put the right words with the right time, do i miss something???

GodGateKeeper April 19, 2007 10:00 AM

Level 48- If you put right letters in at right time you will solve.


help!! still explode on lv 48!!

the words are


, aren't they?

and is the button that makes the letter changed to X important?


i have problem with clue between lvl. 17 and 18, titled "follow an arrow". I found this arrow, and number 2 and 5, but I have no idea how to solve it.

GodGatekeeper April 24, 2007 5:03 PM

Level 18- To get into level 18 you must pay attention to what it is asking you. Or perhaps how it is asking you.

Level 48- The button that makes the "X" must be pushed when both letters and times match.


I realised that the picture 'only half of sun' exists in every level, not only in level 5.

godseeker May 5, 2007 10:41 AM

stuck in 12th... :(
need a hint


i'm still stuck on lvl 14.... pleaze give me a cluee....

GodGateKeeper May 6, 2007 11:24 PM

Level 14- If you can understand the riddle on the second page, you will find the answer in the first page.


pls provide the answer for levl 10- just stumped.