HH5 ,

is the answer what is beside the (password) , or what is beside (knowing the password)???...i'm losing my mind , really...i tried (win , lose , finish , vanish , dissappear , hellhole6 , hellhole5 , this level , next level , level complete , level end , )...at lease tell me if i'm going faaaar from the right answer...aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....



i'm afraid that the answer is gonna be like a very sophisticated word..that i simply wont figure because it's out of my vocabulary...is it??..is it one word??..or a sentence??...if it's a word...is it like a noun??..is it something common??...or some sort of a sophisticated advanced english word??...i , have , literally , lost , my , brain......please...any help please..


HH5 ,

i tried (hellhole6) (hell6) (nextlevel) (hellholelevel6)...that's depending on what is beside knowing the (password)...of course i'm wrong , am i not??...by (beside) , you mean like the chair is (beside) the table??...is the answer a noun??..a verb??..a sentence??..any help please...i'm an official member now :)..


HH5 ,
sorry for the too many posts...this is my final one for today i promise...

the last thing i reached is...we're searching of the ghost of something that we need to know...
the shadow of something that we need to know..

this is the relation between the password and what we need to know...they walk together side by side...like something and its shadow..


GodGateKeeper August 14, 2006 4:35 PM

Hell Hole 5- Remember my comment about some say its easiest level. How could that be unless...


HH2... give up.. give me spoiler...

Itadakiman August 15, 2006 7:34 AM

HH5: I'm showing the first signs of going totally mad. These are the newest things I tried :)

"i beside": answeri, passwordi; "shadow beside": answeryin, passwordyin


HH5 ,

unless ....WHHHAAATTT???...:)

should i concentrate on the picture more??...all i know is (i need to know "something" , then find something else besides it)...please , can you give me another hint , even a very indirect one...anything...cause i cannot see that i need to know anything except (the password , the solution , the answer)...and i tried zillions of things that can be beside that...so please , please , pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee , any additional information would be very helpful...thank you

GodGateKeeper August 15, 2006 4:04 PM

Hell Hole 2- ok, Kana. You have the translated words on the 3rd page. Now with your mouse click those words on first and second page. If you do this correctly, you will unlock the needed clue on the 3rd page.

Hell Hole 5- Anymore hint will spoil the level, but lets see if i can give one without. You know what you are looking for is beside what you want to know. This is something you`ve repeated many times. But there is only one way to solve. It is not a guess. You need to find one thing: "When you know, I beside.". When you figure this out, you will know the password. -and not through epiphany


Please after level 24, the S1...i can't understand...anyone help me!!

GodGateKeeper August 15, 2006 8:45 PM

Level 24- There are three exits on this level. But only one takes you to level 25.

Secret Level 1- Every country has one of these.

Itadakiman August 16, 2006 3:08 AM


Trying to understand your help:

"You know what you are looking for (the actual password to HH5) is beside what you want to know (an answer/a password). This is something you`ve repeated many times. But there is only one way to solve. It is not a guess. You need to find one thing: "When you know, I beside." (find what is beside knowing the answer?). When you figure this out (if i know, isn't that the password?), you will know the password. -and not through epiphany (you mean like e.g.: "when you know" is "password" and "i beside" is like the word beside password in a dictionary? So maybe not the same method, but there is one sure way to get a word."

Is "when you know, i beside" a cryptic riddle?

Hope I'm making some sense. Thanks for the help.



i think what you mean is , all what we need to know is (when you know i beside)..when we figure this out , we will immediately get the answer..so , we need to understand this clue in a certain way (when you know i beside)...am i correct??


HH5 ,

i think it's like , all what the level wants you to find out is that (whe you know , i beside)..and that's it....it's really twisting my mind now..:)...it's a very good level..


HH5 ,

what i have in mind now is exactly that...when you know (when you know i beside)..i beside..:)

is that it??

Itadakiman August 16, 2006 8:52 AM

HH5: i had a hunch, i thought the answer is:


Am I closer?

Itadakiman August 17, 2006 5:59 AM


Ok, I think there is something we misunderstand in this riddle. We have to go step by step.

GGK in "when you know, I beside" is "i"
a reference to a word
the "letter i" literally?


HH5 ,

one way i tried to think of it is like..(when you know , i beside)...then..(when i know , you beside)..then..(i know , when you beside)...i tried to type (whenyoubeside)...but it's not it...MR GGK , ..i can imagine it's difficult for you know to give more help on that level...but at least , can you please alert us if we're on the right way??...thank you so much..


HH5 ,

I give up...:)

GodGateKeeper August 17, 2006 2:26 PM

HH5- *beside means the star is beside beside.

Itadakiman August 18, 2006 9:30 AM

HH5: I guess the key is to know what you want to know. Which is the password i guess. And if you know the password and input it to the pw box then beside it is a "blinking text cursor". :)

Is the answer like this, related to computers/punctuation? (because i tried all possible things already, even the evil laughter when you guess correctly)




i need to know (something) then find what is beside it..and you're saying that this (something) is not a guess...and that all what we need to find is (when you know i beside)...and that we need to figure it out..just figure it out..without guessing anything like (i want to know password) (i want to know bla bla bla)..IS THAT THE CASE??...i'm currently writing to you from the mad house..they arrested me and accused me of being officialy mad , cause they found me walkin in the street and shouting (WHEN YOUUU KNOWWW I BESSIIIDDEEE)...

:) thank you..


So... I got the clue.... BUt I don't understand what i must write.. am I stupid ??

Itadakiman August 18, 2006 12:58 PM

HH2: Kana, after you decoded txt successfully.

CLICK twice to relevant areas. Something will happen on third stage. Just believe.

HH5: When you know something beside it is: colon (:) or exclamation mark (!) or lightbulb (in cartoons)
This is the hardest HH level so far, it must be something really simple.

GodGateKeeper August 18, 2006 4:07 PM

HH2- When was the last time you saw this. You might need to go back through gtw to remember the method of beating that level.

HH5- "Just believe·" That has significance on this level.

Itadakiman August 20, 2006 3:18 AM

HH5: OK, i have a new idea.

I think the answer is in the "when you know i beside" literally! This sentence is like YINYANG. It is made up of two parts. The only thing to find out is how it is divided. First part-second part?, consonants-vowels?...
I even tried taking the word "YIN" out of it and write the remaining as password. Anyway I think the answer will be the YANG part. Am I on the right track?

GodGateKeeper August 20, 2006 5:40 AM

Hell Hole 5- "When you know, I beside" could be in any language. You were closer when you first started. Its very easy and logical. Just believe and youll pass. Method is similar to after level 66.


Are you sure you have the correct password??..:) ..ok if all i want to know is (when you know i beside) then it's something beside it..or maybe the letter (I) is gonna be beside it...there's nothing beside (when you know i beside) except that (full stop) mark...(.)...which cannot be the answer..ONE SIMPLE DIRECT QUESTION...am i looking for another word , other than (WHEN , YOU , KNOW , I , BESIDE , YIN , YANG)..am i looking for something other than those words?...

thank you..

Itadakiman August 20, 2006 2:29 PM

HH5: I think I know what to do, but nothing works. I tried the METHOD ("beside") with the following words:
know, answer, password, shadow, yinyang, whenyouknow, whenyouknowibeside, beside. All I get is jibberish, but I'm trying to believe, but they are all wrong. We are back to where we started, what do we want to know? If its not the password than I don't see how this level can be simple and logical.

GodGateKeeper August 20, 2006 4:06 PM

HH5- " If its not the password " ....oh, but it is...

Itadakiman August 21, 2006 4:23 AM

HH5: phew, I re-read all the clues.

When you know the password something will be beside literally. But of course we don't know the password until we know what is beside it. So it's a catch 22.

And what is the relevance of yin yang?

My idea: something is beside password (either when you know the password or the words on the page itslef)

I tried to enter what is beside password: [TAB]
I tried to shift the letters of password (qbttxpse)in both directions. That would be "beside" like a "shadow".
I tried to "manipulate" the URL address and do other tricks, but nothing :)

Is it about WHEN I know the password or the word password?



HH5 ,

When you know the password , something beside the password will be the password...or...when you know the password..something beside knowing the password will be the password..it's really mad..or else , we gotta change how we think of it..



is it something that we cannot know unless we know the password??...or is it something that we cannot know the password unless we know it??

and it's not the same thing...

i mean , light is necessary to make a shadow...but shadow is not necessary to make light...

GodGateKeeper August 21, 2006 3:32 PM

Hell Hole 5- The clue of what helps you understand what is beside is the picture. Mix logic with what you see. When you know the password, I beside + picture= method.

Itadakiman August 21, 2006 5:34 PM

HH5: Nice! Thanks for the help. Still no idea of course :)

After reading your clue I immediately

opened Word, added shadow effect to 'password' and copied it into HH5 passwordbox. It all made perfect sense, when you know the 'password', I (shadow) beside. I then tried to find out what font the 'when you know...' text was written in, but unfortunately I don't have it on my computer. So much for that, it was an interesting idea.

I think we are confusing "when you know the password" - i understand it as the word "password" or is it an actual password we have to find and then find what is beside it?

and what do you mean by "Method is similar to after level 66." - 404/pagenotfound stuff? or level67?

thx, this part is more fun than knowing the actual answer will be :)

GodGateKeeper August 21, 2006 8:53 PM

404 method- think of hh5 title, and its written clue. Then you should descend farther into hell.

Itadakiman August 22, 2006 3:54 AM

HH5: after lvl 66 there were two possible methods: ctrl+A or source. I did both on HH5, but nothing. I also tried to add something to the existing URL to get an alternate(shadow) page. Nothing.

I still don't understand the order of solving the level:

Do I first have to guess a password as in every level and THEN find what is beside it and apply method?


HH5 ,

i think it's like i said before.. the picture is about a shadow...so when you know the password...i beside...beside like something and its shadow...

now...when i went to the next page..and viewed source..i have found something...:)

my question is..does this (something) belong to level 6??...or level 5??

thank you

Itadakiman August 22, 2006 9:57 AM

HH5: umm, I see nothing in the source of the next page. I think you're confused by the title (devil on top.). You can check the title of all HH levels up to HH8, but you can't enter without a password.

I think the 'shadow' will be done by you and not to be found. The question is i think as I wrote: "Do we first have to guess a password as in every level and THEN find what is beside it and apply method?"


i feel that this


belong to level 6....

what if i'm not so good in understanding HTML??...would i still be able to solve HH5??

Itadakiman August 22, 2006 3:37 PM

Whaaat? :) where the heck did you find that??

Itadakiman August 22, 2006 3:47 PM

I checked the source of that page several times and I could swear it wasnt there before. Anyway it is possibly for HH6.Heeelp us GGK.Whenyouknowibeside, I will name my child that.

GodGateKeeper August 23, 2006 5:10 AM

HH5- hh6 source is for hh6. :) nice try

"When you know..." what would be the action for this phrase?

hh8- two months without being solved.

Itadakiman August 24, 2006 2:37 AM

HH5: This is something i wrote before. When you know could be "enter", "type", "solve", "tab".

The most logical one for me is "enter". What is beside that?
1. one of the buttons on the keyboard?
2. in the password box it says: "ENTER : LEVEL PASSWORD", so beside "enter" is: " : LEVEL PASSWORD"
3. i tried to input "enter" and highlight it (shadow beside :)
4. tried to input "enter" but adding shadow first to it in Word
All my methods sucked. Am I very far?

Itadakiman August 24, 2006 3:04 AM

HH5: One more thing,

I tried to eliminate the letters of "when you know" from "ENTER : LEVEL PASSWORD".
So for "solve" it would give me "ENTER : EL PASWRD" OR "ENTER : PAWRD (if i use the letters more than once")



the action for this phrase is (i know)...or knowing...

GodGateKeeper August 25, 2006 12:57 AM

HH 5- You both are going way past method. Its much easier. Like hh2 the password will appear if you understand the written clue. Like everyone that has passed this level, you will kick yourself when you find the password.

Itadakiman August 25, 2006 3:47 AM


Thank you for all the help GGK!

I you're not finished with HH5 by the time of reading this Moe:

Method is like HH2, "when you know" refers to an action, not a word.

On to HH6. Getting dizzy :)

Itadakiman August 25, 2006 4:24 AM

HH6 finished!

Tricky, tricky, even after password :)

On to HH7

Itadakiman August 25, 2006 6:45 AM

HH7 defeated! :)

Nice one. I was lucky.

On to HH8.

Now I know why you are stuck on this level for so long GGK :)

This looks terrible.

Itadakiman August 25, 2006 2:34 PM

HH8 Interesting idea:

a "diff" is used in UNIX. Funnily "un ix" in french means "one x". And in the title it says "xx is ???" So I tried "deuxix", "unixunix", "doubleix"
An other weird thing: "un ix" can be in spanish too meaning the same thing. And "2" in spanish is DOS, another operating system. Tried "dosx", "dosix" etc :)

GodGateKeeper August 25, 2006 4:02 PM

HH8- Did you solve the mini game, it makes things more complicated.

It seems Lucifer is getting his revenge for how easy HH6 and HH7 were, and made HH8 impossible.

Itadakiman August 26, 2006 12:55 AM

HH8: I didn't solve the minigame yet. I see a lot of small differences, so I think there's some kind of trick there. I'm leaving for a couple of days now, but when I'm back I'll give it some time. I'm sure Moe will be there by then too.

Maybe we can return some of the help that you've been giving us since the beginning.

Has noone solved HH8 yet?



i was on the beach for a couple of days...and it seems that i missed a lot...:)

well...i'm still in HH5 , using what you guys are saying..i tried to click on almost every part of the picture...still nothing...i tried to zoom in...nothing..is there any other action than clicking on something??...like hh2??...i'm really sorry , maybe the beach made me more dumb...:)


i'm very nervous now...really...i feel extra dumb...

HH5 , ........ if it's the same method like hh2 , then i should find something to click on it...then the password will appear...what is this something??...should i just keep searching for a certain area in the picture then click on it??...(thorn crown) refered to the action of clicking on the thorn crown in the picture.....now...(WHEN YOU KNOW)..should also refer to a similar action...........there's no place in the picture that i didnt click on.....UURRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


HH5 ,

I really had enough , do i need to zoom in?...do i need to do something with the page??...do i need to click on a certain area??...what area..??...i cant think in a calm way anymore for this level...i lost my grip totally...

GodGateKeeper August 29, 2006 4:21 PM

Hell Hole 5- When you know what? Remember the action of knowing? Look there. Email me for more.

Itadakiman August 30, 2006 9:21 AM

I'm back :)


1. When you know=a certain action (click);
2. click beside


Thank you so much Itadakiman ,

i'm done with the horrible level since yesterday ,

i'm finally in HH6 , it seems to me you solved it in less than an hour?.....is it that simple??...

all i got till now is (states)...i dont know if i should find a relation between those states in particular...or maybe i should google about something in the states...

also i dont really understand the dizzy picture...

i think it will sure take more than an hour for me...:)

thank you..

Itadakiman August 31, 2006 4:44 AM

HH6: However I didn't use it, but the best hint is the one you found in the source code when trying to solve HH5. Remeber? "Do" what it says there and you'll pass in no time. :)

HH8: Altough I know it won't bring me any closer to solving the level I need some hints in solving the minigame GGK.

Is it an actual difference we are looking for or it has to do with "HA HA HA HA"? (Because I see many very small differences; and between the devil and the guy on the left there is an "X" and on the right there is something like a "3" turned 90 degrees.)


We have to be the first ones to beat this level :)

Itadakiman August 31, 2006 3:58 PM

HH8 minigame:

Ok I think I'm starting to understand it

I see: "t" "w" "i" "x" "o" "m", forget that I see A LOT OF LETTERS :)

GodGateKeeper August 31, 2006 4:18 PM

HH8- The mini game requires nothing more than guessing what you see. I think- because there could be an alternate reason for that answer.

Itadakiman September 1, 2006 7:19 AM

HH8: Phew, this is getting weird. I see strange writings on both pages. "no oil" and things like that :)

Ok, for the minigame I tried:

pact with the devil, cheat, trick, false, deceipt, offer, proposal, selling the soul, joke, revelation, all possible names for the devil and all nouns and verb related to trickery, etc...

Is it important to find the name/source of the exact picture?


GodGateKeeper September 1, 2006 3:05 PM

HH8- Think what a 5 year old would see. I haven`t been able to find the origin of the pic. I thought 1800s flip book.


HH6 ,

You mean..i should (travel) between those different states??...move from one to another??...by order??..or what??...

and if you didnt use that hint...what else did you use then??....:)

thank you..

Itadakiman September 2, 2006 8:37 AM

HH6: Moe, that's exactly what you have to do...

HH8: .."what a 5 year old would see" on both pictures? Is it important that there are two pics on the second page? Because the mini game is asking for a difference, but you said the answer is what we see on the picture.

Anyway, is it what we see on (one of) the pictures? OR what I see on the second page altogether?

GodGateKeeper September 2, 2006 4:29 PM

HH6 and HH8 mini game were solved in about 3 minutes. You both are over analysing very simple methods.

HH8 mini- i see tree, grass, moon....

Itadakiman September 3, 2006 5:06 AM

That was a very funny hint you gave...

And a helpful one.


HH7 ,

i got the file , and all i can hear is

please enter password

is that it...??...is there anything else i suppose to find in that level??

thank you



don't listen, look. Carefully :)


hey everyone plz i need help in level 21 i got the recording but i cant hear somebody help plzzzzz


HH8 ,

I did something with the mini game...it didnt change the picture...something has appeared in red...on top of the picture....i dont know if the mini game is solved like that or not...



Everyones int the hellhole and I'm stuck on LV30!!! I guess I better quit since the algebra isnt coming back...any help would be greatly appreciated...the above clues got me stumped!

GodGateKeeper September 5, 2006 4:55 PM

Level 21- Try playing it backwards.

Level 30- Once you make the numbers appear you have to find their range. Use the range on the word at the bottom of the page. 2nd and 3rd pages aren`t used for this level.


hey anyone help in level 24 plz some hints

Itadakiman September 8, 2006 1:37 PM


Ok, this is really freaky:

if you take the "numbers" and rearrange them you get:0000111111111222334444455555555. If you substitute those by letters (4 digits of 0's = D, 9 digits of 1 = i, etc...) you get: "dicbeh". If you add the word "and" and anagram it you get: "HIDDEN ABC", and as I've said before there are letters on the picture! On the two poles of the fence that the devil is sitting on there is "t" and "i", just beneath the shotgun's tube there is an "x", etc..

GGK what do you think is the real reason for the answer of the minigame? Maybe knowing that would bring us closer to the solution. Maybe it has something to do with the sentence "What a diff?....."

GodGateKeeper September 8, 2006 4:35 PM

HH8- I`ve tried to click on every part of the level to make something appear...objects, letters, ect. Nothing. Interesting idea with the numbers. Hopefully you can solve it.

Gods Knight September 9, 2006 8:46 AM

can anyone help me in lv 33? I think that in the second figure have the green on with the backgrond green, but i'm don't understanding the connection with the first picture, is the grafics connected with sound, because the second picture, please give me a hint



we need to know what is (XX is ???????)..
we need to know the significance of the answer to the mini game..
we need to find the logic behind those red sets of numbers..
and then relate that to the first page..

the red sets of numbers cannot mean anything for me except (clock timings)..4 sets , and another 4 sets..and the first page is about 4 clocks...

the thing is , how to relate the clock timings with the four clocks on the first page??...

what i noticed is , in each clock , the A,B,C,D can be 12,6,3,9 on the clock...there's also a somehow logical relation between E,F,G,H...and I,J,K,L...but for the other letters i didnt find any logical sequence..

for example , the first timing in the second page (13.50)...can be (J/L) in the first page...if the timing will indicate letters...



HH8: I'm currently trying to use the numbers on page 2 to page 1, but I don't use the "whole circle" with the times to get letters anymore.

It is possible that you have to find the corresponding times already on the circle(s). Those arrows are probably hand of the clocks. There are many of them. You have to for example find the one that shows 13:50 and then find two letters they are pointing to. Which means we will have 2 times 8 letters. But nothing so far.

I'm still worried about the letters on the other picture, don't tell me I'm the only one that sees them.



could anyone please help me with level 27? i actually would really appreciate an answer



It is possible to get letters from the times, however there are a LOT of possibilities. I'll give you an example: If you substitute the times to letters you get:

"mxksqenc" and "vnuinxks"

Now both contain an "X", so it could be that we are looking for two letters with which we would get anagrams with those words that make sense. So in this case "xx" could refer to substitution.

However there are 7 question marks in the title, so it could mean that "xx" is 7 letters (instead of 2) and those have to be anagramed to make a new word.

Anyway it would be good to share our ideas, because one of us might solve this level finally.

Lvl 27: Kehau, level 27 is one that does not make sense to me. It involves returning to a previous level, but i don't see the relevance of the information you get there. GGK might be able to help you there.

GodGateKeeper September 13, 2006 6:28 AM

level 27- It does refer back. That level uses the calender with the year given on the bottle. Once you find that year and its months, days...look to see which is the given month on level 27, move your cursor over the month to find the day. Another way is to look at the stocking on level 27 and think what does this symbol represent...who = reborn,anagram.

Hell Hole 8- Beginning to think method is to click "around" to create another clue. But might be going too far. Most likely is 7 letters. There are 7 given numbers, 0,1,2,3,4,5,7. But do we need to decipher these to give us the pass?


ok I've been on lvl 30 for days now!!! I've tried all the numbers (letters) in each range and to no avail. I really need this password PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GodGateKeeper September 13, 2006 3:53 PM

This is from a previous post...lazy one

"level 30 - Clicking the dragon`s eye shows a series of repeating numbers. the first series of numbers show: {5,6,7,8,9}. This range will be of 5 numbers.
beneathe it is a letter. O+ 5 = ?
When you complete all sets you`ll have the password :)"


LVl 27: GGK, I know what I had to look for in lvl 17, but I got "18th of the given month". How does that relate to the answer? and how exactly does "reborn" and the "turned cross" hint to anagram?

HH8: I even tried, "7 numbers" - 7 hellhole levels.., there is a strange pattern in the first letters of HH passwords, but nothing... We should figure whether there is a connection between the first pic and the times. Isn't anybody else (other forums, GTW webboard)trying to pass this level, just the 3 of us :) ?


HH8: Interesting, but very useless facts:

If you add the two rows of numbers you get: 48 and 40. On a digital clock these digits can be read as hh08 :)

If you add 48+40 you get 88, which could be xx, but is not :)

If you add the numbers if they were numbers with decimals you get: 56.55 and 69.70 ; if you add those two you get 126.25 :)

The drawing with the arrows on all "clocks" is the same but shifted by a certain degree of angle. (Only one exception: the arrow pointing to "y" on clock1 is the same arrow that points to "j" on clock2 and it's different)

Using the above method ("shifting" the clocks so that the arrow drawings perfectly match) you get 4 letter words.... none of them make any sense :)

The lettering "begins" with "a" and "ends" with "z" on the "clocks". If you line up the regular alphabet AND the lucifer one you'll see that beside "a" and "z" only "n" and "w" are at the "right place". Below it would be "ox" and "xe" respectively. xx=oe??... :)

I could go on forever. Maybe this bunch of nonsense will trigger some ideas in one of you that'll bring us closer to VICTORY!!

GodGateKeeper September 15, 2006 4:39 AM

Level 27- I always thought the level 17 hint was for the 25th. The method is to understand the pagan belief of "password" being the real meaning of the date of christ`s birth based off the worship of the sun. Suns rebirth every 25th.

HH8- Most of these ideas were thought back in June shortly after the level was released. Most have given up for a couple months now. I still fiddle with it from time to time.


Hello there Mr.Godgatekeeper!

I, too, manage to climbing up (and down) in this tower for about a year and my result is stuck in HH8 like you and GTW2 LV 12. Every comment here helps me a lot. I'm working on HH8 and now I realize that everyone in the world are stuck in this phase altogether. The clock problem!

And if this is not disturb you. Would you please give me some hint of GTW2 level 12, "Caesar's fossil", I tried every letters, terms, or even a brand name. But I can't decypher that code for about 4 months. Could you help me out of this insanity?

GodGateKeeper September 16, 2006 6:18 PM

Gtw2 level 12- The letters on the second page change if click on the light and come back. That will give you clue of how to pass the level.


Franky, I click and come back several times but the set of letters still the same as before I click at the light. Did you sure that I have to click at the glowing light? All thing I can think of is that spinning box mean trying to spin the racket of letters. But seems pointless...



i tried google...and i've discovered something that might be of interest..(xx) is a type of watches...called (breguet xx)...the title is xx is ??????? ...seven question marks...and the word (breguet) is seven letters...i tried it as the password but it didnt work...but at least it makes logic with XX...it gives it a meaning...if we're talking about timings , clocks , then xx can logically be that type of watches....maybe??


(breguet) is just a brand....but xx seems to be a type of watches...that has a certain history...and specific features...


I see that some people still comment here. Does anyone knows why its written "" on the source code on level five of Godtower?

GodGateKeeper September 18, 2006 1:20 AM

"Does anyone knows why its written " 7th floor>" on the source code on level five of Godtower?"- Its a hint for a future level (angel/demon wing).

"Did you sure that I have to click at the glowing light?"- Yes. Keep trying and look closely.



It is possible that in the title "is" is not referring to the word, but just the letters "i" and "s", and "xx is" is part of something that we get after we understand the clock times.

And about what Moe said that the letters follow a simple logic.... if you connect the letter a-b-c-d and then e-f-g-h , etc.. you get letters, but they give you some jibberish like szxcov or something like that, i don't remember.

I think it is crucial to know why the "drawings" on the "clocks" are shifted.

Maybe this level has no solution, and is a "joke" from Lucifer :)

Lvl 23: I don't understand how to solve this level correctly, some people say something about 3D stuff, one guy mentioned some anagram, some people say that "See it by your eyeS" is the clue and you need some program. What's that binary all about? and please don't tell me the right way to solve this level is to look for words on the left. I am going thru all GTW levels and this is the first one I don't know how to solve. Thx

GodGateKeeper September 18, 2006 4:36 PM

Level 23- I`ve heard many theories on this level as well. Why is diamond in the title? Look at the codes as if they were diamond rings and give the real diamonds to someone you like :P (leaving you with the password)



level 21...
what touch would be? it worthless..
i want the cues


Thanks GGK, that's great help.

I first saw that the binaries are symmetric at the letters we don't need (e.g.: "C - 11101110")
But now I see that we have to see which rows are different on the second part of pic1. So basically pic2 hints you to "bring" the two circles together. Which I managed to do with paint (I'm really proud of myself, it was quite tricky :) and the differences give you the answer.

However I still don't understand the "See It By Your Eyes" clue. And still don't get what December 18 has to do with... on lvl 27. Lvl 29, why cr...? I checked the picture, but it is not clear why that.. Lvl 31 Jack is worth 8 in the second row??? Lvl 46 those markings? How to stop the exploding thing on lvl 48?

But anyway nevermind those, the one I have no idea about is level 52r - In your world catcher. Up up up and Up ????:)

GodGateKeeper September 20, 2006 5:56 AM

Itadakiman- I`m a little surprised you made it to hh8 having not passed those levels completely. I`ve commented on most of those levels already.

Level 52r- You can pass this level with the source clue. However, for 100% you must alter something. Title gives a clue and the password is where the hand suggests.