GodGateKeeper July 3, 2006 3:15 AM

Level 27- Don`t think Christmas. Think reference to stockings during Christmas.

Hell Hole 8- Rough


HELL HOLE 3, it's been a week now, i googled about 30 sites, still nothing, there are like more than a million river names, million towns, million possibilities, please any help...you said "STONE" is crucial to pass??..is the page title "RIVER"??...isnt the statue for "SHIVA"??

GodGateKeeper July 5, 2006 8:01 PM

"Hell Hole 3- Understand:
1. The title
2. Hidden clue
3. Statue clue
4. Statement under the statue
Then google to pass"
Stone is which?


hell hole 3 :

1. the title is (river)
2.hidden clue is (republic of india)
3.statue clue is (stone??)
4.statement under the statue is (something related to Shiva and a certain Wish)...

am i very wrong ??...or what??...:)

thank you

GodGateKeeper July 6, 2006 4:52 PM

Moe, Hell Hole levels are not for everyone. I am stuck on Hell Hole 8 for a week now without any hints. The levels are suppose to put you through hell.


Help Me pls!! ASAP
Give Me The Clue CLue CLue Clue CLue and CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GodGateKeeper July 8, 2006 3:47 AM

Level 39- Might need to google for this level.
-has something in common with secret level 1. What flag do you need?


HELL HOLE 3, should i just face the fact that it's not for me to solve it??...i googled so many combinations of how i understand the clues..(shiva,river,wish)..(shiva river stone)..(india stone wish)...(shiva , india , river)..(demon, river, wish)..(demon stone wish)...and so many more...millions of related stories...i tried every single name i found...still nothing...i know i may be silly...if you just decided that you cant give more help..just tell me, so i can totally surrender..thanx:)


GodGatekeeper.. need help on level 44, after i found the clue on the wall , then what.. thanxs before

GodGateKeeper July 11, 2006 3:41 PM

Level 44- "after i found the clue on the wall , then what.. thanxs before"- make connection to level.

Hell Hole 3- Hidden clue, statue clue, and title are enough to pass.


can someone help me with hell hole the first level. im about ready to killmyself!!


help on lvl 18 pls!!I did the star, the *, the iiv, xxv..nothing happens!!any more hints??


im on 21..this is soo confusing..i can't play it backwards..im this close to the answer..arghh..help please????!!!!

GodGateKeeper July 13, 2006 2:12 PM

Jen- please don`t post passwords.

Level 21- find the right recording software.

Hell Hole 1- "Hell Hole 1- If you find the 3 keywords, the password will be shown in the top ten hits. You will not need to look at the site. You will see it in a link. " The only way to pass this level is to google.


I REALLY need help on 33
appreciate it, thanks


...i found the password in s1 but i dont know how i got it... help anyone?


i need hint for level 27, can anyone give me? thanks

malletdmx July 16, 2006 1:22 PM

Sorry, i might have made a duplicate request...

Level 7? Can someone give me step by step instructions on getting the password on a mac?

I thought I figured it out and the hints have confirmed that i am on the right track but still no dice. What am I missing?!


GodGateKeeper July 16, 2006 3:00 PM

Level 7- if you find the clue on your keyboard and follow the instructions of the clue, you should pass.

Secret level 1- "i found the password in s1 but i dont know how i got it..."
You didn`t follow clues correctly. Two of your letters are in the wrong place.

Level 27- Who is the person derived from the clue.

Level 33- Try to understand first page with second.

addicted July 17, 2006 12:00 AM

i'm on 50r. I don't get it! please help!

GodGateKeeper July 17, 2006 4:24 PM

Level 50r- What do you see? Find them all to pass.


i can gat it but its always error when im trying to enter the answer in level 3... im stuck

GodGateKeeper July 20, 2006 3:30 AM

Level 3- you might have to look at a clock and hour and minutes, AND seconds to understand. :)


Would someone please help me on level 47 ?

GodGateKeeper July 20, 2006 7:19 PM

Level 47- The second page numbers...what could they be? When you figure that out, you will pass.
Hint- The top left and right numbers are used together. Second from the top, ect.

Itadakiman July 22, 2006 9:57 AM

Can someone please help with hellhole level 3?

I have problems with the google keywords. Everyone hints that the "statue clue" is needed which is the stone. The name of the stone, the type of the stone? I tried everything with "river", "india" "shiva" "kohinoor" etc.... Is the answer a river in India? Thx

GodGateKeeper July 22, 2006 4:36 PM

Hell Hole 3- You have all the key words in your post. I know that is vague, but I don`t want to ruin the level for you or the next one. The main problem is you have to add an adjective to one of the key words. I just tried the three main keywords only, and I gave up looking after sixty sites hits. But with the "adjective" its within the first 10 hits.

Hell Hole 8 is still unbeaten.

Itadakiman July 23, 2006 5:20 AM

Thanks for the help GodGateKeeper, for HH3 I tried ALL

the rivers in India (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rivers_in_India#Alphabetical_list) but none of them worked :) So, you say "inida" "river" and "shiva" are correct but I have to add an adjective. Can you hint to which keyword? I'm guessing "shiva". Is it like the color of the stone or a "state" of shiva e.g. "wise" or "destroyer"? I really appreciate your help I can't wait to see to next HH levels.

GodgateKeeper July 23, 2006 4:52 PM

Hell Hole 3- "So, you say "india" "river" and "shiva" are correct " This is not correct.

Next two levels are 3rd and 2nd hardest of hell hole levels. I think the 8th is hardest.


HELL HOLE 3 , more than a month now, i'm very close of becoming an official indian citizen :) i really cant think of any additional clue , (river, india , stone , shiva, wish , demon , curse , third eye, statue, lingam , indian republic , AND MORE..)...nothing is working...i'm helplessly asking for help for the 5th time...i'm really sorry :)

itadakiman July 25, 2006 4:28 AM

GodGateKeeper said I have all the keywords in my post. So maybe it's

"india" "river" "kohinoor", and he said I need to add an adjective to one of the keywords. So maybe it's 4 keywords OR the "adjective" is added to one of the words to make a compound word.

GGK, can you hints us if the keywords we have are OK and if the adjective can be derived from the puzzle or anything to help our misery :)?



need help on S1!!!

GodGateKeeper July 25, 2006 2:33 PM

secret level 1- doesn't it look like something every country has?

Hell Hole 3- Yes. You keep repeating the obvious same two clues everytime. I guess you should look to the clue that changes its form...this is the most obvious clue on the level and needs to be apart of your google.

Moe- "more than a month now, i'm very close of becoming an official indian citizen :)" hahahahahaha


AND FINALLY....aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh...The indian level is defeated...free drinks for everyone , on me :)


thank you GGK , now moving to HH4 , which doesnt look friendly at all..

GodGateKeeper July 26, 2006 3:07 PM

Great job! next one is harder :O

itadakiman July 28, 2006 2:29 AM

Congrats Moe, I don't know how you did it but you deserve it well :)

Can you help me? I cannot find any info about the stone that changes its form...

GodGateKeeper July 29, 2006 12:29 AM

Hell Hole 3- Sorry to confuse you about that hint. By "changes form" I meant on the level there is a clue that changes its form. Changes its form might not be the best hint, but its the only clue that moves or changes on the level.


Can someone plz help on S1 Level 39 skill

Posted by: bobby | July 25, 2006 5:38 AM

secret level 1- doesn't it look like something every country has?

What The **** Looks like a yellow triangle in a bigger black triangle and all this is in a blue blackground.


level 40 is pretty straight forward all you need is internet and how to type in www.google.com o_0

Lvl 40

move the mouse over the map and you will see a name appear, go to good old google, and type in the previous name + album and u should find it, go to the second pg of lvl 40, and type it in nospaces and then you will c the star of ...


about s1 i found the answer but still dont know why the answer is the answer

GodGateKeeper July 29, 2006 3:26 PM

Secret level 1- This is a tough level to hint because it is so direct with its clue and any hint might ruin the level for you. Perhaps you can google "wikipedia" and your answer. This site is directly used for many clues in godtower.


ok i officially dont get the secret lvls and it seems that they are most obvious, even more obvious than lvl 2 ;).
Secret Lvl 3 Its an X and a P and you could say that there is an K or I
i found out who said the quote "be doers ..." but he/she is not the answer"

I tried James, bible, jesus ... but to no avail

i need help plz i need a very big push a very big push plz or if you cant be more clear without giving the answer just give the answer and i will end my "not looking at answers" run it has been around 47 lvls and i havent looked at an answer.

GodGateKeeper July 29, 2006 5:35 PM

posting answers or too obvious hint takes away from the riddle. every level is workable, however some need computer skill, through using logic and thought.

Secret level 3- If you find the quote, you should be able to pass.

Remember devotee board on godtower.com has many people that finished godtower to help with hints.


57L anyone...

HH2 anyone..

GodGateKeeper July 30, 2006 5:19 AM

Level 57l- Try to understand the theme of this level by looking at the pictures. Then you have to figure out what is /title/. There are a couple sites dedicated to this.

Hell Hole 2- look to April 28th post. its second easiest hh level.


Hell hole 4 :

is the runes under the planet written in a certain known language or font that i should google to find??..or is it a riddle??..i only found out that each "letter" is like 2 identical halfs..is there anything else i should be able to do with the image?..like open the planet?..should i zoom??..should i find a certain place that i can mouse click ??..any kind of help would be great...thx

Itadakiman July 30, 2006 10:00 AM

Kana, HH2 is a great level you don't need too many spoilers.

Decode what you see on page 3 (it's related to the first 2 pics, make sure you recognize the letters correctly). "Use" what you get with the first 2 pics and go back to page 3. The answer will be right there (make sure you remember how you're supposed to solve a specific level from Godtower1)

Have fun!

GGK: HH3 - the only thing i see moving is the stone. I still don't understand whether i need the name of a specific stone or a type of stone or what...

I searched for hindu deities with blinking blue third eyes, chakra stones, everything, I even found a connection that the name of the "indigo" color comes from the indian river indus. I'm still lost. Or is there something else on that level that moves/can be clicked to have something else appear and is the actual answer a "rveri" in "bharata..."?

GodGateKeeper July 30, 2006 5:15 PM

Hell Hole 3- The key to this level is to google perfect sequence of key words. There is a specific story to uncover with your google. I'm sorry with the lack of clues, but i and several others solve with less clue.

Hell Hole 4- This is one of the harder levels. You need to understand the vector clue- it is an easier repeat of one of the last levels of godtower. Try to decipher the runes on the outside. this help you understand the ones on the inside. eventually, you will have to google. This is the level where most people give up on hell hole.


i've opened the earth , now the runes below earth are gone...do i need to decode them still??..or i just have to decode what's inside the earth??..is it a word that makes sense?..is it a known lanuguage ?? now i google about (hollow earth) and (inner earth)...did i go wrong??..am i too far now?...or on the right track?


hell hole 4 :

is it a 5 letters word??..or is a 5 words sentence??..do i have to google for it??..do i really need to decode it even if i already opened the planet?

GodGateKeeper July 31, 2006 4:06 PM

Hell Hole 4- To understand the method of the level you need to decode outside and inside. Then google.


hell hole 4 : still cant decode what's written outside..is it alphabets of a known lanuguage??..known symbols??..known signs??..any answer to my questions will sure help me..thank you

GodGateKeeper August 1, 2006 2:24 PM

Hell Hole 4- When you alter it correctly, you will recognize it. Have faith in your riddling. =)

itadakiman August 2, 2006 5:28 AM


Altough i really appreciate it i still can't make sense of your help of Hellhole 3 GGK.

I still don't know what to google, India+River won't bring me any closer. The stone can be ANYTHING and the strange text can relate to a million stories in hindu mythology.

Any help? Or Moe? Maybe I can help w HH4 if i would finally get there...

1000 thx


hell hole 4 ,

is the outside word 5 letters??...therefore , is the inside word 3 letters?

GodGateKeeper August 3, 2006 2:20 AM

Hell Hole 3- Google three key words + adjective to pass. Top 10 links.

Hell Hole 4- yes to 5, no to 3


Mr GGK, allow me to give help on HH3 :

1.hidden clue
2.title clue
3.statue clue (the right name for it)
4.one simple use from the clue under the statue.

if you googled the above in the same order , you'll find the password in the first 20 links.

another clue but very indirect...(my name is Metropolis OR..Moe..) :)

Now please any help on HH4....:)

GodGateKeeper August 3, 2006 6:31 PM

Hell Hole 3- Title, hidden clue, statue clue, one word from under the statue....Answer is in 1st link shown.

Hell Hole 4-

Inside the planet clue is like the clue from s3.

itadakiman August 4, 2006 2:31 AM

HH3: Guys (GGK, Moe) I really appreciate your help my problem is somewhere else. I only have 2 questions:
1. Statue clue (right name for it): Right name for what? The statue? Hindu god? The stone? As in sapphire, etc.. or a specific name e.g. kohinoor? That stone can be too many things....

2 Is the answer I'm looking for a river?

Thanks, hopefully this is the last time i ask for help on HH3.

GodGateKeeper August 4, 2006 4:34 AM

Hell Hole 3- To find the "statue clue" move your arrow over the statue until you find the hot spot.

itadakiman August 4, 2006 4:38 AM


For the statue (stone) clue I tried:

tilok, tilak, tilaka, teep, bindu, dot, vindia, bindi, sindoor, tikka, pottu

For the 4th keyword: third, eye, curse, demon, name, wish

...and I'm still nowhere closer


im stuck to lvl 4..help pls?

GodGateKeeper August 4, 2006 3:36 PM

Level 4- mirror? (hh4- :O)

Hell Hole 3- Statue clue is "(blank) stone". If you are color blind this might be very difficult for you to fill in the blank. 4th key word is one of those...

Itadakiman August 4, 2006 5:37 PM

GGK thank you so much!!


Itadakiman August 4, 2006 6:50 PM


1. Decoded "text1" under planet :)
2. Opened planet with star
3. I THINK I decoded "text2" inside planet, what I got is the "same type of thing" as "text1" (although it can mean several other things)...
4. If I google "text1" and "text2" together it can be way too many things, I tried a lot of other names for "text2" and the relationship between "text1" and "text2" as password. Nothing so far. This is way more exciting than HH3. Am I on the right track so far?

GodGateKeeper August 4, 2006 10:08 PM

Hell Hole 4- Exactly how you deciphered the outside is how you must decipher the inside. That is the key to this level. Then connect with the title to pass.

Itadakiman August 5, 2006 11:10 AM

For the answer I put into google:

text under planet
title clue (name of person)
text inside planet (

"4 letter word of ancient origin")

nothing so far :)
in your earlier post you mentioned something about color of planet and history, are these needed?
"Godtower riddles are meant to be solved by right method and

hints from GodGateKeeper :)



hell hole 4 ,

i really am getting nowhere , i cant decode any of the texts , Mr GGK , i tried using the last hint you gave me , and i googled christian symbols , but i found nothing , please i just need you to answer one question...is it something known that i have to google to find??...or is it a puzzle??...do i need to use the same method of godtower level 4??..or do i need to use the method of godtower S3??..the first was a puzzle that doesnt need google..the second was a known symbol that needed google......which method should i use?...thank you

GodGateKeeper August 6, 2006 6:41 PM

Hell Hole 4- Very astute of you to look to gtw level 4. That is a great hint of how to decipher the runes.
However, s3 is a hint of your inside answer.
To solve you need to google inside clue and its association with the title.

"i just need you to answer one question...is it something known that i have to google to find??" Yes


any tip for 33 please i need it so much

Itadakiman August 7, 2006 2:44 AM


Moe, I haven't finished HH4 yet but I have both texts.


Text under planet: for each character take away one half and play around with the remaining bit.

Text inside planet: Do the same as before. Take off half of it and change what you're left with. It's simpler than you think. 1 character. Meaning should be googled.


Is it that easy to decode the texts in HH4??..i must be utterly s****d then , well all i can figure out for the text under the planet is (M.A.R.U.T)...or (E.A.R.U.T)...or (E.V.R.C.T)...none of the 3 words make any sense except for MARUT, which is also of no help i think..for the inside text i cant see except 3 forms..3 letters..is there another shape other than the rectangle between 2 crosses??



HH4 , or maybe it is (E.A.R.C.T)...and it can be an anagram of (TRACE)...:)..am i saying too much??...


58... anyone.. I don't know where I must write down the answer..

GodGateKeeper August 7, 2006 3:40 PM

Level 33- Second page there is a color turned "on". Can you connect that with the background picture? and then with first page/title?

Level 58- Each little circle makes a letter. Can you form each?

Hell Hole 4- To understand the deciphered you might need to bend your neck to the left. The text outside is easy to decode. Inside is harder to understand- especially without any hint.

Itadakiman August 8, 2006 2:23 AM

HH4 for the inside word I have:

4 letter ancient word: A _ _ _. Is this correct? it also means life, copper and venus. And connect it with title: "door to hell"?

Itadakiman August 8, 2006 3:06 AM

OMG, I solved Hellhole 4!

I hope I didn't give to many spoilers in my pevious post. (That is a hint :)


HH4 ,

First letter (E or M) , second letter (V or A) , third letter (R) , forth letter (U or C) fifth letter (T)...all is wrong?..my method is to take half of each symbol and guess what letter does it look like...am i far from the correct method??...therefore all my assumptions are wrong?


HH4 , ahhhhhhhhhhh , found another way , when i bend my neck to the left ,using a certain method, it gave me a 5 letter english word , just to make sure i'm correct (color of planet + clue under planet = a name of a brand)...am i ok then??



Thanx everyone , i believe i got both texts correctly , using the same method , first text gave me a word , the inner clue gave me something that has a 4 letters name, i believe i got both correct , now it's time to google i think,

thanx again


HH4 DEFEAAAAAAAAATED , AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, by the way , do you know i'm egyptian??...:)

thanx for the help of everyone , now up to HH5 ,

Itadakiman August 8, 2006 8:07 AM

For HH5 I had some pretty interesting ideas:

1. checked the characters that are "beside" unicode yinyang (U262F)(U2630 is peace sign)
2. Associated to the flag of South Korea. So beside that could be north korea or on the flag the 4 elements.
3. Yin and yang could refer to Hell and Heaven as in HH and Godtower levels. So I tried to use Gtwlvl5. beside balrog is gandalf.

Nothing so far :)....


For HH2.. until now I don't get any answer.... I don't know what 53412 mean, north, or nowar....


for HH5 ,

i think this level is about shadow and light , it's about the shadow of something that i should care to know, (when you know , i beside) exactly like the shadow/light relationship...am i doing any good??

GodGateKeeper August 8, 2006 3:49 PM

Congrats :)

Hell Hole 2- Use those numbers on the letters. Lucifer is known to write backwords. dnatsrednu?

Hell Hole 5- This was hardest level until level 8. The first password was derived in a couple days through guessing, but it was changed after about a month since noone could get 100% method. Then second password was guessed within a couple also, and 100% method didn`t come for about a month after that. Some people will say this is one of the hardest levels, others will says its one of the easiest. Either way, this is not a google level except for definition of the title. Its needed to understand the written clue. Enjoy :>


HH5 :

I think we're searching for 2 things..when you know (that) , (I) beside...and we should relate that to the relationship in the yinyang symbol , we need to know what we want to know , then find out what is besides it :)...like , when you know (shadow) , (light) besides it...what do we want to know??..(answer,help,password,key,solution)???...what can be besides that??....am i too lost??..or at least going on a right direction?

Itadakiman August 9, 2006 6:58 AM

Kana - HH2:

the numbers represent a specific order of things...
and it's a "c" not an an "a" in nowCr

HH5: I guess it's gonna be a hard one for me. I'm not sure what I have to understand. Is the picture important? (HH4 was a cool level)

Itadakiman August 9, 2006 9:31 AM

Besides the Hellhole levels I am trying to figure out 100% methods for the Gtw levels. It's a lot of fun.
I even had problems with level 5, but finally I know why "scale strict search" is there. I finally understand what "vector" is on level 76, i just don't know where you get the first letter (L) of "you know who". 75 is still a mystery :)

Anyway any updates on HH5? Does it have to do with eclipse?

GodGateKeeper August 9, 2006 8:56 PM

Level 75- Need to understand the clues on the second page to pass. Coins give a clue.

Hell Hole 5- " we need to know what we want to know , then find out what is besides it " - you are very right.

-why eclipse? :D

Itadakiman August 10, 2006 2:56 AM

HH5: I thought of eclipse because of light and shadow. Is light and shadow important? Or just the word "opposites".

I think based on what Moe wrote the solution is something we see or read on every level.

Itadakiman August 10, 2006 4:39 AM

HH5: I'm a bit confused. The clue says: WHEN you know, I beside. So the answer should not be related to WHAT you need to know (solution), but WHEN you know the solution what is beside it? E.g: "when you know"=enter, tab, type. And beside could mean physically beside (button on keyboard) or the opposite (enter-exit), referring to yinyang.

1 question: is it physically beside "when you know..." or the opposite of "when you know.."?

Hope I make sense :)


I get "thorn and crown" but it not work... What i must do for this word ?? I try to write it in backwards.. but its not work too... SO ??


HH5 ,

I'm really going crazy , absolutely insane , cause i feel i'm too close yet i feel like i'm too far..it's all in the question of (what do i want to know??)..well i guessed things like i want to know (password) , i want to know (answer) , i want to know (keyword) , i want to know the (solution)...am i then so irrelevant??..please...please...ease my damned state of mind..:)

Itadakiman August 10, 2006 3:32 PM

Kana, pls don't write spoilers. You have to do exactly what you wrote.

GodGateKeeper August 10, 2006 4:31 PM

Hell Hole 2- When you "title" the letters, use them on 1st and 2nd pages to open new clue on third. Then remember last time you saw this to pass.

Hell Hole 5- Moe and Itadakiman, if you had followed your instincts, you`d be on hh6.

Itadakiman August 11, 2006 9:58 AM

I thought I had the answer to HH5:

Yinyang = balance

The sign for balance could be the zodiac sign of libra (scales). This sign is on the godtower homepage and beside it it says "Hints&Rules". I was so happy :)
....but wrong :)

I even tried "Virgo" and "Scorpio" as the signs "beside" Libra.

This level is killing me. When you know the (answer/truth) I beside: "black triangle in a circle", "the next level", etc.... :)



it's about (when i know the password)....please tell me i'm right...i'm having a mental breakdown :)

Elizabeth August 12, 2006 1:09 PM

How do I do level 58???????

GodGateKeeper August 12, 2006 3:58 PM

Level 58- How does it look like the creator found that picture? You might need to use that method.

Hell Hole 5- "it's about (when i know the password)" AND "When you know the (answer/truth) I beside". These are very logical ideas. But can you solve?