GodGateKeeper May 16, 2006 4:49 AM

OnionPeel- did you figure out the runes beneathe the planet? I did this with the eye, but one could use paint or draw them out. When you get this word google with color of planet and what you see inside the planet. If you find the right story in history you will find the pass.
This is second hardest level of Hell Hole levels.

OnionPeel May 16, 2006 5:44 AM

Thanks so much GodGateKeeper.. I now have the outside word and I am woking on the rest of it!! :)

susubasi May 16, 2006 10:34 AM

help me mr GodGateKeeper...!!!
i can't get the meaning of -4 in level 35!! helppp pleasseee


does anyone know lvl 49L
damn it just give me the password cause i allready entered the 16 letter to the HIP program but nothing happened

what i know is the password


but its incorrect

sum one help me

GodGateKeeper May 16, 2006 2:09 PM

Level 35- Search the curtain for the clue. Remember only "curtain line is not lie". Everything else is a lie.

Level 49L- Original password for this level was changed because password was guessable without method of level. When you download the "hip"file you need to rename it and save it. Try opening on notebook or IE. Bytheway, the 16 lettered word is not file for hip. :) Hint: look to the given POS and its about the size of a pixel.

susubasi May 17, 2006 5:17 AM

now stuck on lv 47,,!!!!
helpppp,,!!! ;p ;p ;p ;p


i'm stuck on level 4 plz help!!!

susubasi May 17, 2006 9:02 AM

now stuck on 48!!!
helpp meee,,, no ideaa,,,, i got VALI*IB,,,
but no idea what the D for,,, pleassee helppp,,,, and what button should i press to cut it off???

GodGateKeeper May 17, 2006 4:32 PM

Level 4- Look to the sign to pass

Level 48- You need to find the right code to enter and the time for each letter. If you get the code and time right...Blue or Red will pass.
Hint- V A _ _ _ _ B

devious May 17, 2006 10:59 PM

I am stuck on lvl 40 someone help.
I have the password but it will not go on to the next level. And what does +24 mean?

GodGateKeeper May 18, 2006 8:39 AM

Level 40 entry code- Find the number to call your password. +24 for a new password :)

susubasi May 18, 2006 9:07 AM

Mr GodGateKeeper,,,
is VALIJIB correct??? but it doesn't work,,, arrrghhh hate this level much!!

hippyhippo May 19, 2006 1:42 AM

im stuck at level 40.. please someone help me!!

GodGateKeeper May 19, 2006 1:55 PM

Hippyhippo- LIJI is wrong. Hint- Last three letters of code spell USSR equivilent to U.S. CIA

Level 40- Your mouse should find a clue on the map. Album?

susubasi May 20, 2006 9:43 AM


GodGateKeeper May 20, 2006 4:22 PM

level 48- This level is very difficult. Don't worry if it takes you a while to get it, because everyone had problems with it. Did you find the times of when to put the letters?

Your code isn't right. You must have missed my clue about USSR. and your 3rd letter is wrong.

susubasi May 21, 2006 12:47 AM

do you mean USSR by "KGB"???

if you pleased,,,can you give a hint to my sad, small brain?? pleasee,,, T_T


help me--- level 24.
im stuck.
please anyone give me more spesific hint.
thx anyway! =]


Please, on level 19...what's the significance of the 1$ bill??

susubasi May 23, 2006 6:03 AM

for level 24, in the title bar it says a wrong formula about the volume of a ball (pi*r*r*r), just use that formula to calculate the volume of a bowl, where on the second page says the diameter of the bowl is 14 (don't forget the bowl is just half of a ball).
after that, calculate the total blood you gain from each of animal (on the second page there are 11 scorpios, 7 taurus, 7 aries, 2 leos, and 5 capricorns) with using the blood contained each animal in the first page.
finally, divide the total blood you gain from EACH animal with the volume of the bowl, and pour to the bowl in order on page 3, so you get 5 letters. GOOD LUCK!! =D

for level 19, i think there are 2 way to solve this level:
-on the first page you have to read the code, by using any tools (flip it, or rotate it, etc.), so you get 3 letters from the alphabet.
-if you can't, you can use the other way by using the clue from second page. What is money for some people? Money is *** for them.(got it?)
hope this help!
i think you can ask mr godgatekeeper for additional info, he's great!


help me lvl 26


well..on level 23...someone please tell me what is the significance of all those numbers??...and all the letters??...or else i'll lose faith in the game...:)

youssef May 24, 2006 6:27 AM

i got the answer for level s1 but i cannot get into level 25
how could i do that

GodGateKeeper May 24, 2006 7:34 AM

Moe, many people have completed Godtower (some struggled on a level for weeks). Don't give up.
Level 23- Title. Look carefully at letters. Can you SEE any words?
Level 26- Read the clue and have faith...and you will pass.

susubasi May 24, 2006 8:46 AM

mr GodGateKeeper,,, pleasee helpp mee!!!!
please give me hint for the last letter of
V A _ E K G B!! beg youuu so much!

GodGateKeeper May 24, 2006 9:23 PM

Level 48- third riddle- isam? "is" "am" "?"


number 32 please....i cant get it , please help

GodGateKeeper May 26, 2006 7:55 PM

Level 32- The tree is the source...

Moe- 9 levels in 24 hours? :)


for level 32 , the tree is the source??...should i find letters in the tree or what??...sorry for being extra dumb :)...


GOD please give me the PASSWORD of the lvl 24!! i need it badly...

GodGateKeeper May 28, 2006 3:18 PM

Level 32- When you understand the word source you will pass.

Level 24-
1. Find title amount
2. 2nd page- multiply by amount of sign
3. 1st page- Divide by signs given amount.
4. 3rd page- starting in the arrow as 1, find the letter for each sign
example:ram= [title X (7)]/ 847 l.= 8.9--> 9= s

Again, this level is the only level in Godtower with three exit passwords.
Someone might have problems still finding the title amount. The given number 14 is not the radius or r. If you are still having trouble google radius.
Sasti, I'll never post a password. Word it out and you will pass. :)


for level 32, why do we get the "source"??..what made us view the source??..what's in the first or second picture that has a relation with "source"??

please...i'm not trying just to get the password...the logical connections are very important to me...please help


now level 45...
i know about PAS and SWORD...and there's something and there's a site called PAS.ORG
but then what??

susubasi May 29, 2006 9:21 AM

-curently trying with HellHole-

Now stuck on HH3,,,
anyone already solved this level??

GodGateKeeper May 29, 2006 5:31 PM

Level 45- Find his buddy to pass.

Hell Hole 3- Understand:
1. The title
2. Hidden clue
3. Statue clue
4. Statement under the statue
Then google to pass.

I am waiting for Hell Hole 7 to open.


SECRET LEVEL 3 please..does it have anything to do with PETERPAN??...please help i'm dying here...


in level 32, I know what does source mean and i got the password from it, but i just wanna know what made us think of searching in the source???????????? there is no rational about it at all.
Godgatekeeper please help me.

susubasi May 30, 2006 6:36 AM

i don't find any hidden clue there??

susubasi May 30, 2006 12:22 PM

mmm... any clue for HH4 ???
(curently trying hellhole)

GodGateKeeper May 30, 2006 2:50 PM

level 32- Did you read the words on first page?

secret 3- Find the one who spoke the title.

Hell Hole 3- Hidden clue is above statue.

Hell Hole 4- Search the vector and decipher what is under the planet.

If you want to search 100% method of any level, write God or Lucifer @godtower.com. Explain your method and ask for your method rating for the level.

susubasi May 30, 2006 10:49 PM

write God or Lucifer @godtower.com ???
do you mean by emailing them??

for HH4... search the vector?? i've found how to open the planet but don't have any idea for reading the runes...


level 48....i believe i got the letters correct...but i dont know how to use the bomb...how to use the letters ??...please help



Lvel 44 plz. I have no clue, I just need a good usefull hint


level 49L....it's really impossible...please help...i got the HIP ver 1.1...i got the inkagod picture...then what??
please please help...i'm going insane..

GodGateKeeper May 31, 2006 12:32 PM

email or prayer :p

Hell Hole 4- Deciphering the puzzle under the planet is 25% of the level.

GodGateKeeper May 31, 2006 6:48 PM

Level 44- Look to the wall for the hint.

Level 49L-
1. Find correct program
2. Find correct file with pos
3. Find pass to use file
4. Rename file, save, and open after using program

susubasi May 31, 2006 10:35 PM

i've found the vector star....
but still can't found any way to read the runes below the earth...


LEVEL 49L , i declare my failure, i downloaded POS, i've opened the picture of INKAGOD with POS, then what??..what is 7pm??...what is size of pixel?..i really dont know...i've failed...should i get like only a part of the picture??..using POS??..then open it again with HIP??...i'm really sorry for being stupid...but please help..


Help lvl 27 plz!!what about the santaclause


your last hint on level 49L..
1- find correct program (isnt is HIP 1.1??)
2- find correct file..(is it the inkagod picture??...or some other picture in the POS application??..)
3- find pass to use file ( isnt it the 16 letter word??...or is there another pass??)
4-rename file...using what program??..

what's the significance of 7PM??
i searched in the picture of POS...i looked in the datetime they were taken...nothing...no picture was taken at 7pm....

...i really need help..

GodGateKeeper June 1, 2006 3:43 PM

Level 27- He needs to be "reborn"

Level 49l- you have the right prog, right file, and right pass. Save the file after you've used your prog. Then reopen it on a windows accesory.

Hell Hole 4- Try using paint if you can't draw it out.

Chapolin June 3, 2006 1:10 AM

how do i go from lv 17 to lv 18??

chapolin June 3, 2006 3:45 PM

hints for lv 41, 42 43


thanx so much for 49L, i finally got it...although i cant see any relevance of POS...and that 7pm hint written on the picture..now for 50L , is it a 3d STEREOGRAM??...is there something that i should be able to see??...should i just stare at it and that's it??...:)

GodGateKeeper June 4, 2006 9:15 PM

Level 49l- Think of the picture as a clock and 7pm is how you will find the "pixel".

Level 50l- Title?


now for 49R , darkness, the mouse points at some areas of the picture, but when clicking them there's nothing, should i "draw" something??...please any clue :) thanx

GodGateKeeper June 7, 2006 4:22 PM

49r- Draw the darkness if you can...


please help on level 12. i have read all the posted comments and hints, but i really don't get it. i don't know how to use the key to the 8888.


haha level 24 you gave letters...

hehehe rstom or something like this makes STORM type it again and there you got yourself at level 39 ???? wow a secret code !!!!

GodGateKeeper June 10, 2006 12:19 AM

Level 12- There are 7 bars that make up each 8. The numbers are the amount of bars to take off the 8 to create a letter. The first letter has 6 bars, so possible letters could be A,D,G,O,R. The key helps the process of elimination.

Secret Level 1- Title is a clue for Level 39, as Level 39 is a clue for Secret Level 1.


plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
level 48
i got the right code, but can you give me a hint on how to get its time, what you mean in the first place with its time??????????
and how can i use its time on the bomb thing?
I know that the upper bottom enables me to toggle through the letters but what does the lower botton do????

GodGateKeeper June 11, 2006 2:31 PM

Level 48- Search the page for the time. Lower buttons are to either blow yourself up or pass to next level.


Level 49R , i tried to draw the dark areas in the picture, nothing...except one area that looks like the letter (T)..the rest is nothing...what should i do??...how to draw it??
thank you..


Level 49R..what about the areas that the mouse points at??...cause there are some dark areas OUTSIDE the picture that the mouse also points at...am i supposed to draw all that??...how??...please help...thank you


For 49l
I got the file
I got the program (HIP v1.1) does it have to be ver 1.1? or can i use the newer version 2.1
Is the password (Davi figueiredo's) or another password??
when i open the pic on the program should i use the (retrieve file) option or there is another option?????


For 49l
I got the file
I got the program (HIP v1.1) does it have to be ver 1.1? or can i use the newer version 2.1
Is the password (Davi figueiredo's) or another password??
when i open the pic on the program should i use the (retrieve file) option or there is another option?????

GodGateKeeper June 12, 2006 2:10 PM

When the levels split into R and L you need to understand HTML and being able to alter the src. If you don't know anything about HTML, you must learn before you can understand these levels completely.

Level 49r- It is possible to draw the letters with your cursor. But you must pay attention!

Level 49l- you must have the proper version to solve level. Davi F is only the name of the type of program you need to extract the password from the picture.


Thanks i've found the password finally.
for 50l is it going to be a stereogram picture?


49R , i tried to imagine, not draw the letters, by paying attention to the areas that the mouse points at...still nothing..is there something that is supposed to appear??..


i still ask for help for level 49r , but i'm also on hellhole level 1 , i found out that the picture is a world map , but i aslo found out that JAPAN is missing on the right side...it must have something to do with japan then...am i right??....please help


in lvl 32 how find this source???
I read the words on the first image but I don't understand! There is no source!

GodGateKeeper June 13, 2006 2:21 PM

Level 32- Right click on the border.

Level 49r- Nothing will appear but the change of your cursor. I think you can spell it.

Level 50l- Now connect with title.

Hellhole Level 1- You need a google hit. 3 keywords to find the password. You have one...



i am on level 51r,i don't understand.....
please help me....


I am stuck on level 53L any clue ???


I need help in 53l
I got the requested year, what should i do with it?
and i know about the doll and i also know the two logos, but how would that help me?


still in hell hole level 1 , all i have is japan and nothing else, i tried to google japan,dead,emperor,name....i find nothing...please more help, sorry for being s****d....:)

little bird June 14, 2006 2:54 PM

Hint for level 6, those symbols each represent a letter of the alphabet. Maybe a webpage (http://www.quizland.com/hiero.htm) can translate it for you :)

If you are still stumped look here:


little bird June 14, 2006 3:02 PM

Hints for level 7:

If you have Windows, try taping the key with that symbol five times :)

Also, do you notice the title of any helpful dialogs which may appear?

If still stumped look here:


little bird June 14, 2006 3:09 PM

HINT for Level 9:

Pick up your phone!

Still stuck? Then look below:


GodGateKeeper June 14, 2006 3:11 PM

Little bird, passwords without method ruin the game.

Level 51r- You have to find the right webpage.

Level 53l- You have to understand about the doll and its procedures. If your date is right and your dolling is right you will pass.

Hell Hole 1- remember only 3 key words from level. I see two right, now.

Hell Hole 7 is open. :)


Hell Hole 1 ... (japan,changeover,name)...will that work??...:)

heather t. June 17, 2006 10:50 PM

i know the password that sends me from level 24 to level 39....but i dont want that one..if anyone knows how i can get another password to go to level 25...please feel free to give me a hint....


MR Godgatekeeper, please more help for hellhole 1 , i tried everything...(japan,changeover,name)...(japan,changeover,dead)...i tried so many things in so many sites...NOTHING...please help...thank you

GodGatekeeper June 19, 2006 3:59 PM

Hell Hole 1- If you find the 3 keywords, the password will be shown in the top ten hits. You will not need to look at the site. You will see it in a link.


FINALLYYYYYYYYY GOT IT...for hell hole level 1, everything was ok , except that the clue wasnt in the top 10 sites...the site was number 14 or something...:)...many thanx


Can anyone help with secret 1

any clue

GodGatekeeper June 20, 2006 5:15 PM

Secret Level 1- Very easy. What does it look like?


HELL HOLE 3 , i believe the title is an anagram of (RIVER), the statue is of (SHIVA) the indian god, i cannot find any meaning for the hidden clue above the statue(bharata ganarajya)..and should i do something with the third eye??..when i point at it, it turns blue..should i do anything with it??...please help..


level 32 any other clue

GodGatekeeper June 24, 2006 2:51 AM

Level 32- right click

Hell Hole 3- Try to understand all the clues, and find the story Lucifer wants you to uncover. Google 3 aspects to uncover the story.


HELL HOLE 3 , the title is (RIVER), the hidden clue is (indian republic) , statue clue (Shiva) , the statement under the clue is (Wish), i googled Shiva,river,wish..i found zillions of links , a lot of stories, hundreds of names...nothing worked...more help please...at least tell me that i'm on the right way..thanx

GodGateKeeper June 25, 2006 8:46 PM

Hell Hole 3- You have one correct.

Devotee Board on the godtower main page will show more hints, and can private message. But signing up for it can be a riddle on its own.


What the hint for lv 31 ?? I stuck on it


HELL HOLE 3 , please , please , more help, any kind of help, thanx


Hi, in level 2, the hanged man, i cant get it, everybody says its way too easy, but im form mexico i cant catch it please help me

GodGateKeeper June 28, 2006 3:05 PM

Level 2- The Hanged man is upside-down. That is method for this level.

Level 31- Connect title with value of cards.

Hell Hole 3- Google level. I pass with less help than my given clues. Stone is crucial to pass.

Hell Hole 8 is stumping everyone. :O


54R anyone


54R is hard I've been doing pretty good until now

GodGateKeeper June 29, 2006 12:55 AM

Kurtis, without telling the password
or anything to do with its meaning or definition, tell me how you passed 52r.

Level 54r- You have to follow the clues to the indicated places.

rachelle ilustre June 29, 2006 4:52 AM

i'm stuck at level 27 for ages
i got that it has something to do with christmas
i tried anagramming all the words relating to it
please help???????
thanks a lot guys
i just want to move on
and finish this game!!!