I only know my version of Windows...


PLZ HELP WITH LVL 28!?!? - the one with the chess pieces


Ziggy lvl28

Think - English Football (Soccer) Teams... Don't forget the title!


Onionpeel PLEAE MORE HELP!!! im begging...i know it's the hot spurs, but that's basically it...did one of them die???!?!? and what's with the white and red dots and flashy tile....PLEASE HELP!!!


Ziggy lvl28

The team you want is Tottenham Hotspurs, always known as 'Spurs'. The year is particularly important. If you google Spurs and the year you will find the one you are looking for.


AHHH this is so hard and frustrating BUT:::::::
I have some clue words (none worked though) cliff jones, bobby smith, terry dyson, double winn -ing -er -ings -ers, fa cup...and that's basically it!!!grr...this is so hard! I'm guessing it's a person becuz the title says HE'S GONE...but what's with that blinking tile and red and white dots!!!! plz hint! lol


Ziggy - I hope this helps explain 28 for you....

There are 11 pawns on the board = 11 players in the team which gives us football. The flashing light on the puzzle highlights the knight's move and I assume it refers to game move (but it's not important). The spurs and the temperature on one of them say Hotspur, so Tottenham Hotspur (known as Spurs).
If you google Spurs 1967 (the year on the picture of the spur) you will get this page as the second one listed.
The team won the League and F.A.Cup Double in that year. The Captain is holding the Cup in the picture and he sadly died in 1993 (Hence the Title). It's just his first name you want...


hint for 35 please....
It's a devil with a guitar. Do I need to think about (xo,oo)on curtain and (-4) at the password box?


please another hint for level 5 before it kills me....


Dont worry, i'm really stuck on lvl 7 as accessibility options revealed nada...and the function is turned off...another hint or somethings more practical, PLEAZE....


help on 29 plz, i set my clock to that date/time and it didn't work, tried everything. plz help


somebody help me, i stuck on level 20

jake jones December 2, 2005 3:27 PM

Has anybody got any info on the first sectet level? i gt past level 24, but now im compeletly stuck, it says level 39 skill and ders 2 traingle fingys but i haven't got a clue.



help for 27 plz


help on 29! my mind is nudeles..hehe

alexand.yao December 11, 2005 10:05 PM

i don't understand number 14


need help with lvl 31, 30:30:30...relating to the three rows? add up the face values they dont equal thirty...who's number five?


can someone explain level 23's solution?


huarghh,i'm stupid enough... stuck at lvl2!! i've read the spoiler that said the answer was


but why i'm still failed!! the cap locks was off plz help


Ok, I can see that you guys have talked about lvl. 21, but once i get the message i'm still lost as to what the "Items" are and what i'm supposed to do with that. Sorry, but could someone at least give me a decent path to getting the answer; i'm just really stupid on this one i guess.


what is 25


can anyone tell me howcome when i type in the correct answer in the password section to get to level 18 it doesnt work?!?!?!


Ok, i've took the time to write out HINTS (no pw's i'm afraid) for some of the levels i've done so far..... enjoy...


remember no capitals, where in the world is +4.30 on gmt??? its a city.


real easy this, the answer is on the page


get a pencil and paper, draw the plane times on a clock, include the second hand, the times should look like letters.


586 is a clue, 2nd page "only half" check the writing on the first page, maybe cover half of it up?


more difficult, the pic is by "hildebrandt" who did pictures on a very popular trilogy.

still stuck?

its the name of the demon in the picture

biggest clue

http://fan.theonering.net/middleearthtours/ check the people of middle earth


easy, google Hieroglyphic Alphabet


xp users should get this easier, what key does the up arrow symobolise? remember no spaces

Still stuck?

something to do with 5 of that key. ahem, try pressing it.

huge clue, and for those who don't have xp

what happens when u press shift 5 times in windows?


fun this one, just complete the pics, they should spell out a word (notice the bits missing from the pics)


title of page is sms, think of a moby keypad, and just enter the missing letters


ok, second pic says it all, use wingdings to get numbers out of the symbols, google a country code website to find the names of the countries they relate to, and enter the first letter of each, p.s. the last one is N, not C


get the film, get the director, get his date of birth, google deathclock, get his death date, (bits u don't know, leave as default, just need date of birth), fill in the blanks


interesting one this, the key is which bits you should remove from each lcd 8 (use each position once only, starting from left to right) be careful which ones you remove, the 1322 is how many should be removed from each one (one, then three, then two...

Still stuck?

take 1 bit outta the first 8 to make a letter, 3 from the second etc.

Just incase you aint that bright

take these bits out _ -: = _|


ignore the two windows. look at the coloured sections at the top, (the block of 6 and the block of 4), then look at your keyboard. Repeat until you realise that they symbolise keys on you keyboard. Get the cursor at the start, then follow the pattern

Still Stuck?

insert home etc.... are the top set, the arrow keys the bottom

Man your dumb...

i can't say no more.....i've said all i can, just keep looking, you'll get it.


2nd pic "because here without", what is "there" without??? take all occurances of those letters from the passage on the first page

Still Stuck?

What isnt there a lot of in a desert?, 5 letter word yeah? good, now, write out the passage on the first page, and cross out any time you see one of those 5 letters, and thats your password


First letter is given. Look up the country codes, each capital has a famouse landmark shaped like the letter ... when you sorted the anagram (p.s. the words need switching too) google image that bridge, and check the shape, p.s. it isnt a H. Google image helipad, check the big letter. Drink the milk, look in the glass (from above) what letter is that? finally where did christ die? what letter does it look like. All in all you should have 6 letters in the password (not one word).

Last one for now...

I loved this level, google hex colour codes, you'll need them. look at the first pic, and find the hex codes for the colours, (you want ones with ONLY FF's and 00's, eg FF00FF or 0000FF ok? good. once you got all 10, google morse code, you'll need that too. right, use the key on the page FF=. etc to convert each colour to dots n dashes. then, use the morse code page to find each letter. 1 colour = 1 letter. ok?

Still Stuck?

the first one is red, hex code FF0000, using the key you get .-- morse code makes that a W. ok, now run and do the rest.


i need help on level 12 pleeeeease!!!!


I'm still stuck on 16. I tried the morse code but didn't get the red as .-- I got it as ..-. ..-. / / / / instead.


I sort of like give up on level 24. I know the answer and what formula to use, but I don't know how to get to the end results. Maybe I'm filling the bowls wrong, maybe I'm calculating the wrong things, I dunno. And I'm always getting very not-so-elegant numbers... anyways, if anyone could email me how exactly you calculate this thing, that would be much appreciated ('cause it's driving me mad :))


need some help on 29 please..


For Level 21, I clicked onto the mouth, and the following message appeared at the top "my voice is so long. and stay in mirror" what has that got to do with the items? I tried to extract the file, but it needs a password....can anyone help?

This game is so frustrating! I haven't done any work today because of it!


Im stuck on lvl 14 anyone got any hints?


moo moo, try zooming in on the center of the pully thing on the second screen.


ehhhh, on 78....any clues?


i am stuck on level twenty? help...


i need help with 23..... please.... help... im begging!!!


level 20...second page...start with earth(blue dot) connect closest dots taking first letter of each dot.
ANYONE KNOW ABOUT LEVEL 78? 8 keys are driving me crazy. i`m lookig up musical instruments nothing is working...grrr

greaterbeing December 16, 2005 5:18 PM

Could somebody please help with 23... NO SPOILERS! I would appreciate some subtle hints though. Thanks.


level 23....look in the (See It By Your EyeS). there is a reason for the WeiRd capItaLiZatioN.


omgggg once u figure out level 2 u fell like banging your head on the wall!!!


any hint for lvl 32?


auuuugh will someone pleeeease help with 18?!

I put in star, I tried * and everything but neither work! What is it?!


level 18, maybe you are mispelling it. hehe. star worked for me!


anyone can help me with level 38?


I was able to get the correct password for level 17 by plugging in a few guesses, but I don't understand why it is what it is. Can someone please help me with the clue below?

I took the expiration year and noticed that there were 12 symbols and figured that because there are 12 months in a year, the password might be a year...so I started from the top and got the answer after plugging in months...so I don't really understand how the symbol relates to the password...help?

jonnygeturgun December 19, 2005 8:41 AM

help needed for level 21

how do i get from 'iTems have a secret' to downloading packages and using a 'sound recorder'


Going mad on Level 17.
I know the answer. But I'm not able to figure out how it gets to that answer. Please help.
I searched google for what was in picture with bottles and found the same picture.
Whats special about 2077 ?
Why is it 15/15/2077 ?
Whats the 12 symbols on the first page ? What does it look like ? Why is one red ?

please. I'm going crazy.


level 17. Mr. gutergun....this isn`t a complex puzzle. you just find the anomoly with the date. why you believe the shape on the first page is red, is irrelevant. good luck,.... Mr. gutergun


OK, I'm still wondering about 17, but I'm now on 21. Even after reading the hints, I can't get it.

I clicked on her lips and saw the "my voice is so long..." etc. and I noticed that when I click several times on her lips she gets a mustache or something, but I can't figure out what that means - I tried zooming in but I can't read it - I do notice that there is a different colored pixel, so I assume that's where the "T" is? I'm really not sure where to go from here...


level 21. when you find the hidden link on her lip, hold it down until the hidden message comes. the message will tell you where to look next. when you go there... youll need a password which is on the second page (youll need to zoom again!)


CBlue, here's what i have for level 21

U have to zoom in (right-click > zoom in) n click on the lips until u see a sentence... thats where the blue-colored T is found... u can search the page for 'ITEMS' word n imean the whole page... got it? :)


mrdzul - thank you so much! I didn't know about that function with the mouse. I was finally able to figure it out : )


OMG!!! Ive been working on the number 15 for at least a day, i'm so frustrated that im going to give up soon.. now I already know so stuff..

First letter is given. Look up the country codes, each capital has a famous landmark shaped like the letter ... when you sorted the anagram (p.s. the words need switching too) google image that bridge, and check the shape, p.s. it isnt a H. Google image helipad, check the big letter. Drink the milk, look in the glass (from above) what letter is that? finally where did christ die? what letter does it look like. All in all you should have 6 letters in the password (not one word).

So I know this.. well I cant figure out the famous landmark for japan... and I really cant figure out the bridge part...

OMG!!! OMG!!! Please!!! :)
Thanks!! :)


I'm seriously stuck on 22, i know that its going to be "breaking" his rules, but i just need a little push


level 15. the second letter looks like the eiffle tower. the password is three words- however no spaces...gl


i'm stuck on level 21..
already extracted the file and played it..
too bad i dont know how to reverse it or what to do with it :(

for those who dont know.. password for extracting the files = kissme


OK, level 23 is hurting my brain. All of those 1's and 0's....

I'm thinking that I have to convert some combination of letters into binary code because I went through the lines that are on the screen and they are mostly weird characters. I see that there's the capital "S" in Eyes at the top...and I noticed that both sets of 1s and 0s are the same - in white and blue, and there's an eclipse...so maybe I'm suppose to move one set of letters over the other? Not sure if I'm going in the right direction here. Any other little hints?



CBlue, lvl 23 indeed is a tough one. But lemme give u 1 hints

"See with your eyeS" literally means see the second page with..your eyes. There is something called stereogram, where you can see hidden image under another set of image. Google for stereogram and learn how to see hidden image, then apply it on the eclipse picture. You will see something.


About 23:

If you look at the corona on the eclipse pic, it looks like a ring. The "diamond" on the ring is right at where the (verticle) binary for s is, but I'm still stuck.


Lvl 15 -
@ Chantale -

For the bridge part,

its the famous bridge in San Francisco. You can say this is shaped like the ..... bridge. Or its shape is ...... And the bridge looks like a letter

Good luck.
I'm postively stuck on 22. I'm ashamed that I had to look up hints for some of the past few levels. :( Especially level 21.


Some hints for you guys. No passwords listed. S

Level 01.

GMT+4.30 - city in Afghanistan

Level 02.

it is written upside down

Level 03.

analog clock listing of each time spells out letters

Level 04.

the password and its mirror image on the red tape

Level 05.

search hildebrandt + "original art" search on google

Level 06.

lookup the hierloglyphics for the symbols on google

Level 07.

If you press "Shift" key (whose symbol on keyboard is up arrow) 8 times, you get the window. look up its name. Windows OS

Level 08.

3 jigsaw puzzles when solved spell the password out

Level 09.

Missing letters on a cell phone

Level 10.

Use Word,insert wingdings symbol,htmlize,open firefox,get digits,lookup first initial of country codes.

Level 11.

google for internet death clock, imdb director of sword fish (dominic sena). Find his deathclock date

Level 12.

clue says how many lines to remove from 8888. Its 1,3,2,2 from each digit. Remove to form letters

Level 13.

picture shows keyboard layout.color maps to keyboard key. Type "asia tri usa" and type keys as shown in colormap

Level 14.

per clue, water is needed in desert. "here without" means remove letters in "water" from "may winter afar eater"

Level 15.

i,33=france,81=japan, common bld shaped like "A", golden gated shape "m", heli lands on "H", "O", cross = "t"

Level 16.

get hex color codes for color col.Colors only from FF & 00. FF=. & 00=â€" to form morse. Write out morse letters

Level 17.

I don't know how this gets to the answer. sorry.

Level 18.

Enter level 17 password backwards to continue. follow a star. Change browser bkgrnd to white

Level 19.

mirrored. "7th" letter,"15th","4th".Clue shows US $1 bill which has in .... we trust."who am I" is ...

Level 20.

in second, pick up first letter of each blinking dot to form the password. Pick letters by distance

Level 21.

find spot and click on upper lip many times till msg appears as moustache. Zoom in. Its "Items has a secret". Clue in magnifying glass reveals password as "kissme". Click ITEMS near google at bottom of page. Download the voice.zip file. Extract using passwd "kissme". Playback sound in sound recorder in reverse. "stay in mirror"

Level 22.


Hey fani
Do u know anything about level 22?

I just know about ingodwetrust and his rules


Hi I'm stuck at 27, anything?

on 22:

Find whats written under an image of the tower of god and don't follow the game rules


its written also on dollar bills


need help on level 24.. i knew the password but dont know how to reach it.. spoiler will be appreciated thx


excuse my english..

to Ana, level 27 hints..

see the sock? december? remember anything? children love this guy, always want to find him. When u know who is this guy, just do anagram.

to J, level 24 hints...

since in the second page its ask for blood ingredient, u can ignore the rest (meat bone etc). Calculate how much litres 1 bowl can be filled up using the equation given. Remember, the equation is for full sphere, we're talking about half sphere, a bowl.

Then, u have to identify which symbol for which animals? ITs a zodiac symbol. 1 hint, scorpion represent Scorpio, and the symbol is the one which looks like M with tail.

If there are 3 symbol of scorpio, meaning, u have to calculate total bloods for 3 scorpion. Its easy only involve simple multiplication.

Now u have total blood litres for a particular animals, divide the figure to the figure of how much 1 bowl can be filled. u'll get how much bowl needed to fill all the blood.

Apply it on the third page, starting from A. when u complete all animals, u'll get the answer.

This level also will lead to Secret level. Depending how u want to put your password :)

CptnSbaitso December 25, 2005 10:49 PM

Level 17 solution:

After you discover the hint, use the shape of the calendar.


Argh.... I'm stuck at level S1.... can anyone help? Above is Level 39 skill....


thx a lot taro ^^


I cant find a hint for #22 does anybody have a hint


Hi J,

Level 22.

Go to the godtower main page. And look under the godtower pic.


lvl 25

what i tried:
on the "piano" there are numbers, i think u must count the times each sound occour in the play song, so you come up with a 9 length number and try to come up to something ...


Ok, I was stuck on level 5, it was a horrible experience...

So, here's my spoiler:

It's a character from Street Fighter and The Lord of The Rings; they have the same name

No idea? So, this is the Ultimate Spoiler!!!



lvl 22

you'd better go on the main page and reread the only rules you can read in english and don't trust them!!!!
while you are on the main page...dig under the tower...


If anyone could give me a hint on Level 14!!!??? My friend and I are totally blank. All we know is that there's something missing from the desert. Please help!


Hi Aunt Polly,

Lvl 14

What is missing in the desert? Water.


Take away the letters 'W','A','T','E','R' from the sentence.


I'm stuck on level 26 and need help read several spoilers and it aint helpin


Same problem somebody else had - I got 17 and entered the password and it was correct. Then in the page to get to 18, i put it in and get access denied. Any ideas?


Same problem Nataly had- got 17, then in the page to go to 18 it does not accept the password.

Any ideas?


Hi Jade,

Level 26 :

Type what the sentence told you to.
Some of the alphabets do not get display when you type. You have to believe.

youarefailed January 3, 2006 9:54 AM

i do anything but its really hard about level 26
there some letters that i can not write
i m trying to do smoething with the help of "copy-paste" but
i cant
please help me


number 23 is completely beyond me.

i don't know if this deserves a special spoiler thingy. but yeah, i know that its a diamond ring, i know the far binary code thing is S, like eyeS, but the rest of the numbers dont fit into the binary code thing.

and what is the point of the letters at the bottom?
any help would be lovely =D


okey i figured out the clues for level 17
It just clicked.

look at any calender for the year 2077.
Getting that from the bottle on the hint picture. then go back to the original picture. the 12 patterns each represent a month in the calender. Notice the shape? which month in the year starts on monday and ends on sunday? FEBUARY!


A little more info on 25 please, Ive got no friggin idea whats goin on. Thx


LVL 25

I'm stuck too

I know the numbers form letters but I've got bossibi which isn't the answer!!! 13=B etc


can someone please help me with 25 i dont mind spoilers


Level 25

You need to count how many time the sound occurs in the clip. Key in the number at each individual sound. Hint, I use a sound record to record the clip. View it under windows movie maker. From the pattern of each sound wave, find out the occurance of each sound.


The number is
13 0 5 5 1 17 1
What does the number look like? Its a brand name.


I'm stuck at lvl 30 for days. Help! Spoiler will do.


what is the level s1 please help??? after i wrote the answer of level 24 it get me strange level called s1 heellllllllp


Regarding lvl 17:

This one can be tricky based on where in the world you are, can't explain it without spoiling so please look in the spoiler:

Different countries have different calendar settings. Some start the new week on a Sunday whereas others (like mine in Sweden) has Monday as first day of a week. You need to have a calendar with Sunday as first day of week to really get this one.


Dear Jay,

thanks a lot for your efforts in filtering out the best of what the Internet can provide in terms of sophisticated entertainment. I know how much time it takes to do so.

Regarding God Tower I have to say that this is truely a tricky one, alas, there seems to be a contradiction between the author's expectation and the complexity of the riddles on the one hand and the somewhat sloppy realization of them on the other. This is already obvious in level 1, since the plane is just on the wrong spot, i.e. China (looks like he himself got confused with his mirror trick), therefore leading you down the wrong path. Nevertheless highly enjoyable!

Keep on the good work!

Best regards,



Level 35

Help - Dont get the guitar/chords/song/-4 ????


i am totally stuck on level 26

any hints

what i dont get is what does it mean about beliving, some letters dont even come up and its odd, clues if handy


I am so confused!!! I just worked out the answer for level 17 and when I enter it to go to the next level it won't let me in!! Why is that?!


Hey yeah! I'm with that Shell person... I can't enter in the answer to reach the next level. Anyone know what's going on???


Woot! Woot! I figured it out Shell!

To get through to level 18 from level 17, you need to look at the words infront of the white enter space:

tsal level


Haha no worries, I have got the simpleness of it this morning now that I am no longer half asleep! Duh!!


im stuck on secret lvl 5, can anyone help?

its near 87


i did lvl. 24 but i got into lvl. s1???
no hint at all??? what do i have suppose to do then???

help anyone???


255 968 977 66 247 262 599

these are the numbers of the #10 question?

cause i can't found countries with these numbers on the country code...
somebody can help me? :/

christooss January 26, 2006 7:08 AM

Hello can someone post a screenshot of level 2 and 3



Well ..i'm stuck on level 23

Any hints ?

i know there is an eclipse , it looks like a diamond ring , there is a capital S in the ( EyeS) and there is a an Axis for 0 & 1 ...any clue


ok now understand s1, i am now totally stuck on secret level 5, the link is http://www.godtower.com/s5/s5.htm

and the password, if you wanna help is



53r i dont understand friend is upsidedown, i cant get further somone help