Ok, need help with the first game.... I found the alien spot. I hear the noise but it won't take the silver ball!! Also, I got the hand with the key asking me to pay. I try to pay with the credit card but it says "We don't take that." What is up with that? Please help!!


Never mind!!! I figured out both of my problems!!! Great site Jay!


HA! i just discovered these escape the room games ... i have a love-hate relationship with them now. Just finished Reloaded ... aweseome! Couldn't have done it without the little hints from this place (I'm not very patient). 7jigen really ought to put a walkthrough, but finding the things i did on my own was very satisfying. THANKS!!!


help! i have a key card with 3 dots in one corner and one in the other. i keep dragging and dropping this onto the matching one in the room with the sofas but nothing is happening? is this a fault or is this card for somewhere else? also where is the cable?


I cannot continue, and will possibly die if noone tells me where to put that bloody key card!
(or get bored and find another game probably...)
Im not usually stupid and can do these games all by myself.


First-Half Walkthrough for AiR #1:

Get the order list from the trash can. Get the silver ball from between the top two books on the bookshelf. Get the stick from the right side of the bookshelf. Get the video tape from the top of the bookshelf. Get the lased gun from under the pillow. Get the credit from the top of the painting. Get the knife from the plant. Use the knife to cut the painting. Get yourself cursed. Using the stick, hit the ceiling corner to the left of the painting. Finish talking with the ninja. Give the ninja the silver ball. Pick up the rocket launcher the ninja gives you. Zap the painting with the ray gun. Get the pandora's box from the painting. Pop the tape into the VCR. Click on the well in the screen.

That's where I am right now. I need to get the key from the hand.

richard thwaiteeeeeee November 25, 2005 12:25 AM

how do u turn on the speaker


i dont know how to get the key from the hand. will someone tell me how to, it wont accept the credit card. :(


Am I supposed to get cursed????When I was cursed and I put in the tape "The Ring" came up and when I wasn't nothing happened.


you must show the laser gun to hand then hi gives you the key


can someone help me?
I'm in the reloaded game.
I cannot find anything you guys are talking about.


I fnished first game!


Can someone please help?
I've got the knife, suit, and 4 pieces.
I'm stuck!!!
Please help, anyone!


By the way, I'm in the reloaded game


I have 8 puzzle pieces, opened all doors

use cool gun on doors to open them w/o using buttons

, have the suit, have the pill, and glasses. What do I do with the puzzle pieces?

Gamesfreak December 5, 2005 11:49 AM

Rite. This is how do get the key. Get the hand with the key up on screen, offer the credit card, he should say sry we dont accept that. Then drag the laser gun. He should say we accept that. Get the key open the box.


Now after you have pandoras box, type in 099 or war. then look outside. use the rocket launcher to take out the alien. it should deflect it. you get a card on the windowledge. now get that card and put it on the box near the door! now your free!


hi ya thanx for the great game
i have a problem with the alien picross.how do you solve it, i have done the middle row and then went from there but it still does not want to work out???


ok Guys - I have 8 puzzle pieces, the coool weapon, the suit, the sunglasses - not sure how to use the sunglasses for the robot code - anyone? not sure what to do with the ninja number what does he want? not the coool weapon :(. Where is the red pill? and where can I get the other pass cards?

for those wanting to get this far...
teh phone number for the girl friend is in the first room - re-enter it and it will be there, the nija number is at the 4th floor, the don smith number is behind the power gen - the other side to the puzzle piece.
get the seed using the picross puzzle - read above for hints, get the water from teh store room, using the knife - again see hints. put seed in plant pot and water it, you get a flower, ring the girl friend's number and give her the flower -she'll give you the sunglasses.
ring the don smith number and click on him, then join up - you'll get the coool weapon.
the gagle screen in the control room lets you save and load the game. put the battery from teh storeroom into the robot and you cna play with the code. put the cables from the control room into the power generator so that power comes on and you can do the picross puzzle



ok so i have 5 pieces to the puzzle a suit and a battery and have 3 numbers to lips ninga and DVS thing and i am totally stuck what do i do help!!!!!!!!! completed first one easily LOVED IT


where is the picross puzzle???? i have put the cables in but dunu where they r help


Could someone put up the solution to the Picross Puzzle...please. I must be very close but not quite right. Thanks


Hey Jay, I know you said it's much easier if you keep the laser gun in Reloaded, to destroy the doors.

How do you keep it from breaking so you can keep it for later use and get the next weapon the ninja gives you?


Oh gosh, I don't really remember. I think the one that the ninja gives you is the one I was talking about using, isn't it?


omg i really need help!!:( i can't find the credit card onthe alien picture! it's not there. i've been clicking on top of the picture for ages...someone plz help! plz. i would really love the help:)


okay, so i have the well on the tv, but when i click on it, it just says '......' and i don't know what to do..i haven't found that hand thing evyerbodys mentioning..or a key..so..i have no idea what to do


I got the door open. CAN'T LEAVE!!! how do i walk out?


Is that it or is there an actual ending?


aaaahhhh i'm playing reloaded and i feel like i'm going in circles i have knife and 2 tele #'s and have used the pass key any hints?


to get the key from the hand you need to give the hand the laser gun and then click on the key


at the moment i have 4 puzzle pieces, a suit and I have used the card key and i have used the knife on the boxes and now i have a water bottle but i have no idea what to do next :( help !!!


i can't get past reloaded. all I have is a knife, 2 puzzle peices, a costume, and cables.


can someone tell me how to call the #'s


and which room is the power in???? im totally lost


soooo.....am I the onyl one still stuck on the picross?......I am so confused with one part I cant figure it out:(


i got the door open on the first game but i cant get out. how do i walk out?


I can not walk out of the rooooom....


i am puzzled at that stick buisness?

jay, can you help at all (would be neat if you could!)



stick on right of bookcase. cc on top left of picture.lazer under pillow. ball between 2 highest books. knife in plant pot. video on top left of the bookcase. paper in bin.
use stick on ceiling to left of picture,give ninja ball,take rocket launcher. cut picture,get cursed,lazer picture,take box. play video,click well,click key,offer cc,use lazer on hand,take key,use key on box,enter 099. look out window,shoot big thingy with rocket, take card. use card on door mechanism, leave!

and this is how to win


please help me!!!!!!!! i'm stuck I got paper and a laser gun I don't know what to?


Plz help me!!! reloaded is so hard I wrote the numbers down have no items and have no idea what to do next plz tell me what to...... do!!!!!!!!!


Skip this if you want to do it on your own because
Here is another FULL spoiler!!!:

collect these items first.
Knife -- in the plant.
Laser gun -- under the pillow.
Paper -- inside the trashcan.
Silver Ball -- on the bookshelf, 2nd row, between the books
Video tape -- on top of the bookshelf.
Stick -- left side of the bookshelf(right on a screen)
Credit Card -- top of the alien picture, left side on a screen
turn on your speaker
click every corner of the ceiling and find the point making a noise
use stick on the point, ninja appears
give him a siver ball
get the Weapon
use the knife to cut the picture
say "OK"
use the laser gun
get the Pandora's box
Put the Video tape in VCR
click the well
you have to pay, so use the credit card
and use the laser gun anyway
get the key
open Pandors's box with the key
Enter the code for WAR!!!!!!!!!!! and look outside
use the weapon
get the permission
use the permission on the door lock


I'm stuck on the reloaded game
I can't figure it out! + I can't save it!

Any help will be appretiated.



really need a picross spoiler - its doing my head in

Kristin May 11, 2006 2:32 PM

i just finished the first one... what a weird game!!!!


here are a few tips for the 1st game
1 -there is a balll inbetween the books (silver)
2- a tape ontop of the bookself
3 a stick on the right of the bookself
4 a credit card ontop of the painting
all the rest are easy
to ninja is on the wall above the painting
poke him with the stick and hell aper
frow the ball at him , hell get ubducted and then pick up the rocket lancher
fire it out the window
pick up card
use it on the door thing
door will open
game compleate


arrrg, i must be an idiot, but basically i have everything except 1 puzzle piece (think i'm missing hidden one from lounge room with picross in it) and the damn battery from the storage room!!!! can anyone tell me where either of them are please?

am working on a way to write out my solution to the picross btw.....


Alien in the Room Walkthrough

  1. Get the paper from the trash.

  2. Look at the bookshelf. Get the silver ball between the second-row books (your click must be pixel perfect).

  3. Click around on the right side of the bookshelf to get the stick.

  4. Click the top of the bookshelf and obtain the video tape.

  5. Turn to the bed. Click the pillow. Get the ray gun.

  6. Turn to the plant. Click the leaves near the base to obtain the knife.

  7. Turn to the corner near the TV and picture. Drag the stick to the roof to poke the ninja.

  8. Give the ninja the silver ball.

  9. Pick up the bad-ass weapon from the floor.

  10. Click the top of the painting, click around for the credit card.

  11. Cut the painting with the knife, despite of the curse.

  12. Blast the painting with the ray gun. Obtain Pandora's Box.

  13. Play the video in the VCR.

  14. Try to use the credit card on the hand.

  15. Use the ray gun on the hand.

  16. Unlock Pandora's Box with the key from the hand.

  17. Enter code "099."

  18. Turn to the bed, click the window.

  19. Use the rocket launcher on the invasion.

  20. Obtain the Permission to Leave from the windowsill.

  21. Turn to the door. Click to zoom in on the orange-purple pad.

  22. Drag the Permission to Leave onto the purple pad.

You've now finished!


Ok, I notice no-one has posted a solution for Alien Picross puzzle (took me a while to get it).

I used Excel to help me draw a grid and try a few permutations.

Here's a few suggestions:

start from the bottom

it's symmetrical in the vertical plane, but not the horizontal plane

Still Stuck?
OK - Here it is from top to bottom (hope I can get it to line up!) :

X X X X X o o o o o X X X X X

X X X o o X X X X X o o X X X

X X o X X X X X X X X X o X X

X o X X X X X X X X X X X o X

o X X X X X X X X X X X X X o

o X o o o X X X X X o o o X o

o X o o o o X X X o o o o X o

o X o o o o o X o o o o o X o

o X X o o o o X o o o o X X o

X o X X o o o X o o o X X o X

X o X X X X X X X X X X X o X

X X o X X X X X X X X X o X X

X X o X X X o X o X X X o X X

X X X o o X X X X X o o X X X

X X X X X o o o o o X X X X X


HELP!!! How do you get the card for the door in room 1????


never mind, got it. so cool!!!


Where do you put the key in alien reloaded


How do you beat the game in the robots stomach?

sunglass-bob July 11, 2006 2:54 PM

LOOK HERE; this is a hint for everyone who wants to break the code inside the stomach of the robot.
if you have a pair of sunglasses (if not, check previous hints about that), go to the room with two tables and an "empty" board. when you're there, just drag the sunglasses to the board and see what happens ;)

OHMYGOD July 11, 2006 3:16 PM

i made it all the way, the ship was going to explode, i blew the door off to the room with the keylock, but when i put the key in the lock a damn codelock appeared! but i hadn't enough time som i blew up :'(
somebody know how not to blow up? or is that the bitter end of our alien?


someone have an idea how to do alien picross???


If you read through the comments above, I bet you will find what you're looking for.


aaarg! I can't find the cables that everyone is talking about! Where are they?! also, where is the red pill? I have 7 puzzle pieces, water, and a dude in a suit, and i'm walking in circles.


i have a spoiler 4 ppl on Alien in the room... hope i do this right

ok, so there's a credit card on top of the alien picture, a knife in the plant, a VCR tap on top of the book shelf, a laser gun under the pillow, a stick on the right side of the book shelf (face the book shelf and click on the right side) a siver ball (in between two books on the second book shelf, you'll see a small silver dot,) and a list in the garbage can

i hope that actually came out as a spoiler. Well i hope i helped


Thought u ppl might wanna know how 2 use the things i put in my spoiler so here u go!

use the stick with the roof in between the alien picture and TV, then give the ninja from the roof the silver ball. Take the rocket lancher that fell from the ninja, and then use the knife to cut the alien pic. Get cursed and use the laser gun to shoot the alien pic. Then, take the box and put the tape in the VCR. Click on the well and the hand will come out. Offer the hand the credit card, and when he says we dont accept that, drag the last gun to the hand. Take the key, open the box and enter 009. Go to the window use the rocket launcher, get the note on the ledge, and put in the green thing besdie the door!

Stuck!!! August 9, 2006 1:36 PM

Im stuck on Alien in the Room Reloaded so, if someone could send a walkthrough or big spoiler i cant even find the first door!!! :S HELP!!!


Hey, I dont know if its my computer or me but on the reloaded game i can not find the pict pzzl anywhere please tell me where i can find it.


plz HELP!!!!!!!!! Im stuck on reloaded I got c.k. cable. knife. smith suit. 3p.p. power on. and when I turnend on the power on. I lost the cable?????!!!!! somebody plz help me this is driving me nuts!!



When and where is the "Smith suit" used?

The exit code is found...

On the pc in the control rm. using galagle(sp?).

You'll have to know what planet, right?

Dialing a "wrong" number on the telephone will produce Darth who then tells you the planet

The name of the planet is:



ravenousrandy August 25, 2006 4:08 PM

Alien Reloaded help. I can't seem to find the phone number for don smith. Others said it was in the power generator room, the one with the lightning bolt and the switch to turn on the power I assume. Well I have clicked for quite some time and no luck. Can someone help me find it?




(air)grrrr... already got blisters on my forefinger by clicking like a maniac. that's not the sort of escape games i appreciate. i'm fed up...next!!


dude, I got the rocket launcher from the dude and I tried to fire it out the window like that one david dude told me to but, it won't fire. I need help so bad..... Dudes help..... PLEASE


where is the puzzle in the exit? i cant find it!!!!
can any1 help?


Hey Jay, great site. How do you get to the point where you can do the piccross puzzle? Where are the key cards everyone refernces? I got the first one and used it up on the door. Can't find any more. Lots of advice on working the puzzle here, but I don't know how to get that far. I have the puz pieces, suit, gun, ph#s, coordinates, planet name, knife, water



I seriouly need a walkthrough for AiR Reloaded. I'm going to die of frustration.

-your dead friend Tezmara


I'm still dead here if all of you insensitive people don't care. I really need a walkthrough or i'm going to stay dead.

if you read this then you must find someway to get me to the end of the Reloaded game


P.S. I have 6 puzzle pieces, suit, weapon, given flower to girlfriend, all numbers, knife, sunglasses. I have the coordinates, i however cant' find the puzzle pieces in the lounge and the room that looks like a bathroom. where is the key to this. i also have the red pill. please tell me soon... :(

crzymdscntst123 November 16, 2006 2:05 PM

i just finished the 2nd long,tedious,addicting game

Draw a map

How to get out of the first room:

To begin you begin in a room with a button on the wall.
Wait for your character to stop talking and the ninja's head will appear in the top right corner of the screen with a hint button.The ninja will then drop a gun.Click on gun continuosly until your character is holding it.Click on the button on the wall to shoot it and release your character.Shoot your weapon until it breaks.The ninja will then drop a rocket launcher.Pick it up and then click on door to shoot it.

crzymdscntst123 November 16, 2006 3:00 PM

Locations of items on Alien in the Room Reloaded:

Puzzle Pieces

  • Phone Room on table

  • Control Room on counter

  • "Blank" Board Room on table on left

  • Ying/Yang Door room on table on right

  • Two Comfy Looking Chairs Room under chair on left

  • Two Boxes and Chairs Room in gap between doors

  • Power Room behind left pillar

  • Door and Key Room behind third block thing on left

Phone Cards

  • Girlfriend-Return to begining room

  • Ninja-On the floor of the fourth floor

  • Don Vito Smith-behind right pillar of power room


  • Treepot in first hallway

  • Solve Robot for keycard

  • One-Eyed Alien gives you one


  • Smith Suit-in closet #2

  • Water in box #2

  • Knife in treepot

  • Seed behind Alien Picross Puzzle

  • Flower,plant and water seed

  • Coool Gun,join Don von Vito

  • Sunglasses,give your girlfriend flower

  • Battery between wall and box #2

  • Red pill in room behind the Ying and Yang door

  • Circut in control room panel


Ok, thanks a lot. But I have all 8 puzzle pieces, I've saved my game, smith clan suit, all doors open, red pill, coool weapon, sunglasses, but what do I do now??? I don't get it... plus I can't open the door with a green background and a white running alien on it. and it is locked and I can't get it open with my coool weapon.. :P I feel really silly that I can't finish this game by my self...



the ending to the first game was the most random ending to a game i have ever seen


On the first one i think im really cursed because ive finshed the game but the alien wont go through the door which is opened by the note.
Has anyone else had this happen to them.


Ok this is so hard ok i have the prada box or wwhat ever i have the laser gun and i have the knife and a note now i don't know what to do i am so CONFUSED!!!!!


look up the page it tells u how to do everything
great site jay thanks could have never made it with out all the help full comments


beat the game without using anything

Urban Garlic January 21, 2007 5:33 PM

This comment thread is pretty old, but for posterity, here's the way to complete the "reloaded" game.

From your own wits, or the posts above, you should be in the following state:

Have all eight puzzle pieces, have made all three phone calls, used some card keys, and ended up at a point where you have the puzzle pieces, sunglasses and suit, cooool weapon, and red pill. Also by this time you should know the code for your destination planet (varies between instances of the game).

The key thing you need at this point is:

Give the red pill to the one-eyed alien. That should be enough, but if it isn't, read the next spoiler.

Use the key card that the alien gives you on the matching wall panel, furthest from the starting point. A board comes down, put your puzzle pieces on it, and shuffle them around until it spells a message. Click on the solved puzzle, take the key, and run back to the green-door room. Open the door, type in the destination code. The ship will explode, but you'll be safe in an escape pod.

The Source January 30, 2007 1:04 PM

I didn't made it in 60 seconds and had to play from the beginning!
That is not fair!!! That spoils the entire game! I don't like it anymore


Stuck!Can anyone help me?
I have:

(1)8 puzzles
(2)smith suit

And where is this"Alien Picross puzzle"anyway?
I need to make call's!!!


Never mind. Found out how to use cable:

put it in power room

Made call's, got thing's I need EXCEPT the seed in the puzzle.........which I CAN'T FIND!!!!!!!!!!!ARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Help, please!


i cant get the sunglasses


BIG HELP for everyone!!!!!!!!
MAP of the ship AND a way to SAVE the game: scroll down below the game and find a message form the maker, you will see "How to Play this game.

This isn't really a sequel of the previous game. But....
This time, the Alien has to escape from the space ship.
Get items and use'em by drag'n drop, as usuall.
Press "S" on your keyboard to save/load your game.

I will add a walkthrough in a future. Plz hold on.
Here's the map of the ship, if you need.

if you find any errors, plz contact me."

click on map of the ship, and pops out the map!
TO save/load your game, Press "S" on your keyboard.

P.S. I can't sign in or use typekey, Why?


Heads up, Jay. Seems they've added a new installment entitled "Alien Grrrl," starring a new female alien character who may or may not have fries to go with that shake.

Pretty bizarre game; I just battled a

giant cheeseburger on eight-foot legs.


i did not like this one very much...extremly random, not good use of common sense... :(


M... sorry to bother but... i'm playing alien in the room and i don't know where to find the "thing" to speak with the bloody ninja!! Sorry but i'm kind of upset.

Thanks anyway

ProfPuppet May 5, 2007 1:02 AM

The second alien game and the Alien Grrrl game would be much more playable if they had an in-game map. Running around memorizing locations kills the fun for me.

shersher May 5, 2007 9:13 AM

By the way, I took the blue pill and gave it the one-eyed alien, and it produced the same result...
Anyway, it's another TO BE CONTINUED ending.

Anonymous May 9, 2007 9:21 PM

wheres the silver ball?

Giarc822 June 13, 2007 4:56 PM

OK....no one has said how to access the picross!!

I have all 8 pieces...and nothing is happening..why?

Giarc822 June 13, 2007 5:00 PM

Is there any more help?

Ninja hunter July 14, 2007 5:25 PM

Help! I can't find the ninja, what is it? Where is it?


What is the Alien Picross puzzle?? Someone help!!!


How do you solve the Robot puzzle?!


If you find the key card behind the floor panel on the left side....(theres only one) you can put in on the wall beside that weird picture with all the shapes and the two chairs.

I'm stuck here...how do you solve this weird puzzle! it seems impossible! I can get it started with the first row in the middle 1 5 5 1, but after that it seems all guess work!
Please help!

Kristen_S July 27, 2007 12:04 AM

Alien in the Room Reloaded WALKTHROUGH

  1. Click the "Hint-Ninja" - He'll gives you a lasergun - shoot the button on the left side on the wall.

  2. Click the "Hint-Ninja" - He'll gives you a rocket launcher - shoot the door.

  3. Go out of the room. Go back into it and remember the Phone Number (Call me).

  4. Make a map, you'll easier find the rooms later, and note the telephone-numbers and the signs.

  5. Go right twice, you'll find a keycard in the flowerpot.

  6. Right - up to the 2nd floor.

  7. 5 times right - use the keycard - up to the 3rd floor.

  8. 2 times left - you'll find a keycard under the left cover.

  9. go left and then up to the 4th floor.

  10. 1 time left, pick up the telephone-number (Ninja)

  11. 3 times left and up to the 5th floor.

  12. 3 times left, click the sign, a door will open.

  13. 3 times left, down to the 4th floor. (yes the floors are circled)

  14. one time left -> take the knife from the flowerpot

  15. one time left - go into the room -> cockpit

  16. In the cockpit under the left cover is a cable, take it. Right beneath the computer-monitor lies a puzzle-piece, take it also (you have to collect 8 of these, in each room one).

  17. Leave the cockpit, go down to the first floor and go once right, and push the key there. Go upstairs to the 5th floor again, there 2 times right, and go into the generator room.

  18. In the generator room, you take the cable an connect it to the generator (on the left side). There are two columns, behind them you'll find once a puzzle-piece and once a telephone number (Don Vito Smith). Swith the generator on.

  19. Then go out of the room, 2 times left, down to the 4th floor, one time right, push the key - 1 time left and up to the 5th floor. There you go 2 times left - and into the room with the telephone.

  20. The puzzle-piece is on the table at the left. Call the Ninja (he'll gives you the name of the planet - n00b) and Don Vito Smith (he'll gives you a coool gun). The cool gun opens the doors, when you shoot at them, it safes you a lot of time, not searching for the keys.

  21. Go down to the 1st floor (shot all doors open on your way) you'll find different rooms: The Generator Room and the Telepone at the 5th floor.

  22. The Cockpit (the computer shows you Galagle - planet n00b gives you the coordinates you'll need later) and a room with two tables and a picture at the 4th floor (the puzzle lies at the left table).

  23. On the 3rd floor in the living room there is the puzzle under the right couch, use the keycard there. The picross lookes like that (thx to eme):


  24. you'll get a seed. And there's a room with a "yin-yan-door" at the 3rd floor too (puzzle on the right table).

  25. On the 2nd floor stands an alien. There's a room with two boxes too. The right box (use the knife) gives you the water. At the left side of this box (between box and wall) is a batterie. Between the two lockers is the puzzle. In the last locker is a suit.

  26. On the first floot - 2 times right, shot the door open, at the left side behind the spares you'll find one puzzle-piece. (That's the EXIT-Room.) You should now have 8 Puzzle-Pieces.

  27. up to the 5th floor to the telephone-room. On your way, plant the seed in a flowerpot an water it. You'll get a flower. Call the "Call Me"-Girl - gie her the flower, you'll get sunglasses.

  28. Down to the 4th floor, with the two tables and the clear picture. Use the sunglasses - note the code.

  29. Up to the 5th floor - there is a robot. Give him the batterie. Open it, Type the code and "enter", you'll get a keycard.

  30. Go to the room with the "yin-Yan-Door". Use the keycard. Take the red pill. Give the pill to the alien on the 2nd floor. He'll give you another keycard.

  31. Use this keycard at the 5th floor. Solve the puzzle - you have 60 seconds left after the puzzle gives you the exit-key. Run down to the 1st floor, open the door, give the computer the coordinates you got from Galagle. And win!!

nonegiven August 25, 2007 1:04 PM

ahh! i dont know how to use the rocket rancher can someone help please!!!

escape master August 29, 2007 3:53 PM

can somebody help I just started alien in the room so I'm on the first level I guess I got a lazor gun, knife and a piece of paper