Back up, hrm.

Well, I'm not surprised.


Level was updated, Sonic's solution no longer holds... sorry sonic.

Anyways, I've made 4 levels total, if anyone cares:

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 25, 2010 12:55 PM

@Darkid: Thanks for trying, but my solution still works with one alteration:

Replace the Laser Device and Laser Feeder with a Music Station and Hamster in a Wheel, respectively. Blocks cannot block music.


Found another solution to 37 (seems i'm in love with this level). It doesn't need

the fan


Cannon: B3 facing right
Carrier: B7 facing left
Solar Panel: A3
Solar Panel: A10
Teleporter: C5
Push Bot: G9 facing left

Don't change the direction of the cannon.

meester man August 25, 2010 1:26 PM

lvl 32 walkthrough correction image:

meester man August 25, 2010 1:33 PM
repairmanman August 25, 2010 1:57 PM

sorry about the walkthrough, i wrote it at 6 a.m.

repairmanman August 25, 2010 1:59 PM

dark id we use angle brackets here not []. are you from the ER forums?


No i'm from the CI forums. But yeah, same idea. I forgot what HTML tags looked like. XD


What ever you do don't place a drill facing the switch.

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 25, 2010 4:06 PM

Alright, I finally buckled down and made my own level: Arpeggio. Pretty easy. What does everyone think? I don't think there are any shortcuts...


Technically, 4 solutions for the orientations of the gerbils.. but yeah, there's only the 1.


I was enjoying this game, but it crashed in the middle of a level when it tried to load an ad. Now it won't load any more -- it shows the opening ad, but then just a blank blue area.

[Try emptying your browser cache and reload. -Jay]


level 14 walktrough doesnt work :s

repairmanman August 25, 2010 6:06 PM

it's being fixed


In the shortcut solution for level 30 (by marvcus), the cannon is unnecessary, so you can actually do it with only 5 pieces.


I've gone through and corrected any mistakes in the walkthrough. If anyone spots one I missed please let me know :)


@keith yes, a solution along those lines has already been posted.

I've gotten a response from the developers, it looks like levels 30, 33, 37 will be fixed in a couple of weeks.

repairmanman August 26, 2010 12:38 AM

great level insanity


here is my level which shows a bug
(probably cause the level 37 problem)
it seems to be an error of some fine timing

to see the bug,
just play the level until the cannon balls are gone then reset the level and play again.

in this level, there are three different situation with a completely same setup


oh, it seems the problem is caused by the spring which is between 2 cannon

the game seems to choose one side to bounce back the cannon ball and caused this bug


Level 33 solution:

Jellyfish - E8 F8 H5 H9

Blocks - A6 A12 E3 F1 I11 L4

RedRevolver August 26, 2010 6:30 PM

This seems easier than the original, despite new features.

All the same, I really like it. It reminds me of the science lessons I used to have as a child (sans hamster, of course).




Fantastic game :) Got to level 36 tonight and quit just because my brain was a bit too overworked :P I appreciate it when we end with a challenge, but it can also sometimes feel like a chore to finish up the game. We'll see what happens.


Big shortcut for level 30. Not sure if it's been posted but here it is.

Battery Pack to E3
Pullbot to E4
Block to E12
Steam Detector to F3
Fan to H10

UnderlineZero August 27, 2010 3:15 PM

Level 33 - Shortcut solution (-4 parts)
Block: A12 F5 G6 L4
Jellyfish: H5 H9

Mad Scientist #2195 August 29, 2010 10:34 AM

Darkid, your level "feedback loop" has a short cut: just place the cannon at D2 facing right.

Anonymous August 29, 2010 1:36 PM

@darkid. Superfluous is a very good level, but I can actually solve it with 6 items.

Sound Bot on C6
Music Station on C7
Light Bulb on D7
Solar Panel E7
Charger Flash Light on E6
Solar Panel on J7

Obviously some permutations are possible with light bulb/solar panel and fan/power generator, etc.

whodey09160 August 31, 2010 12:13 PM

Another solution for 37, leaving the carrier and a solar panel unused

Solar A10
Cannon left B6
Fan right B7
Sender C5
Pushbot (left) G9

turn cannon at G7 to left


Quote : "no, G5, i'm right, you're wrong, try it yourself.
my way works if you do everything as is written, got it?"
Posted by: repairmanman | August 25, 2010 12:31 AM

Gee, Man, you sound sooo snooty!
Even if you think the best of yourself (which obviously you do) you might want to try beeing gentler to others, it might do you some good...

[I agree. This was a moderation failure, as we usually don't allow crass, insensitive comments like that on the site. -Jay]


to whodey09160 (custom level "delivery")

You can actually do it with only 1 item : the food, placed next to the hamster...


Hello. Can you help with level 38 because i can't figure it out? Thanks!!


Shortcut on lvl 30.

Dunno if it's been submitted so far, but here's a working shortcut for lvl 30:


On level 37 my original screen looks different (unmovable light bulb at A-9 not A-7) The carrier bot will be in the way of the kettle on E-1 when you put things into motion. HELP!


Has anyone tried level 37 lately? The pre-set location of the items seem to be different from when the earlier solutions were posted so the walkthroughs above don't seem to work for me. If anyone has additional walkthroughs, please help. Thank you.


Here is the updated solution to 37

Cannon B2 (facing right)
Push Bot B3 (facing right)
Solar Panel A3,A10
Fan D5 (facing left)
Sender C5
Carrier Bot C9 (facing left)


for level 37

the correct is

Cannon B2 (facing right)
Push Bot B3 (facing right)
Solar Panel A3,A10
Fan D5 (facing left)
Sender C5
Carrier Bot B9 (facing left)


No one said that you don't need the battery at level 29 :P

A9 - Kettle
F8 - Drill
F9 - Power generator
G11 - Carrier bot
H6, I6, J6, K6 - Push bot
L9 - Power generator


My level 37 is wierd. there is a connecting wire at b8 and b9 and there is a block at b10. someone help


Level 38:

Wind Chimes: C10 and G10
Blocks: F11 and J11
Wireless receiver: L3
Helibot: K3
Pullbots: E2 , F10 and J10
Pushbot: B1
Kettle: K7
Electric Heater: L7

Ze Butch 23 September 18, 2010 12:28 PM

Level 37 Solution

No need the Fan

Cannon D5 facing left
Cannon G7 facing right
PushBot G8 facing left
Sender E4
Panel A10
Panel B4 (not error)
Carrier Bot B9 facing left



Great game !! Congratulation,

just to let you know, i've found an other way to solve the 37th level, without using the fan.

Here is how :



*Here's a level, please try it, it's easy.

*Aquí hay un nivel, pruébenlo por favor, es fácil.

*Aqui está um nível, por favor, tente, é fácil.


i was looking at your walkthrough and the levels are different from the ones in the newgrounds version of the game


Hmm, that's weird. Are you playing Electric Box 2?

I don't know why they would have 2 different versions of the game with the same name out.


I can't find a walkthrough for level 37
All of the ones on the internet are for a different layout i.e. i have a block at b10, the lightbulb is at A9


Solution for 37 that I used.

1)Solar Panel at A10
2)Carrier Bot (Left) at B9
3)Solar Panel at B4 (As a blocker)
4)Cannon (Left) at F8
5)Cannon at G7 switch to Right
6)Push Bot (Left) at G8
7)Sender at G5

Fan not used.


Much respect to frankie (posted Sept 8, 9:30pm)

It only took me 3 days to get it.

Thanks for your help


None of the above lvl 37 solutions worked for me. I had to use the solar panel and place the pushbot somewhere else.

The extra wiring A3-B3 looks good


lvl 34 is giving me a headache. any help?


I have seen multiple solutions for level 33, but I can't do any of them. One solution has 6 blocks, and two video solutions have 7 blocks. I only have 5 available and some locked on the board that aren't on videos. Help!

Odd locked Blocks: H2, H3, I11
Food at G2 instead of G4 (not really important)
Connecting Wires not connected from H4 to H6
Wireless Current Sender at H4
Wireless Current Receiver at H6

I have 5 available Blocks and 4 Jellyfish Bots.


OK,guys it works well for level 33!!!!

block : A6 B6 A12 H8 L4
jellyfish: D8 E8 F8 H9



Hey guys,

This is how I got through level 37

1. Cannon facing right at B2
2. Solar panels at A3 and A10
3. Carrier facing left at B9
4. Sender at C5
5. Fan facing left at D5
6. Pushbot facing right at B3


level 24 solution please


Here is my level... interested to know if anyone could solve it without using all the items.


Here is an updated solution to level 37 that appears on the version of the game on I'm not certain if this is for every version of the game but it is in the version I am playing now.

Solar Panels at A3 and A10
Cannon facing Right at B2
Push Bot facing Right at B3
Carrier Bot facing Left at B9
Sender at C5
Fan facing Left at D5

Anonimous October 3, 2010 8:04 PM

I got the level 33!
it's like that:
so the last jellyfish will activate the other ones and they will fit in the hole and they will stay there for a sufficient time for the cannon shot the ball!


It seems they've changed level 37 since the walkthrough was made, here is the full solution for it:

Anonymous October 4, 2010 5:26 PM

my lvl 37 is different from the spoiler!!!


is it me or for so weird reason, the electric box level 37 on kongregate is slightly different then what the solution map has?
take a look:

So can someone solve this different level 37? it would really be appreciated


Thanks for all the walkthroughs, guys! I needed them for 35-40... Maybe we could get the updated version of 38 up in the original post?
Anyway I made a level, though i think it's pretty hard, wonder if anyone wants to try?


@johonn: I can solve your level with a laser and two mirrors, you may want to tweak the level a bit.



Fan - D5 - Face left
Sender - C5
Carrier - B9 - Face left
Cannon - B2 - Face right
Push Bot - B3 - Face right
Solar Panel - A3
Solar Panel - A3



On lvl 37, the picture of the initial level design is bot the same as in my game (on Kongregate) At the top, there are like, 5 links instead of 3 where the carrier is!



solution for level 28

light bulb at f1;
solar cell at h1;
fan at h2;
power generator at h9;
carrier bot at g9;
one spring at g2;
another solar cell at f4;



did anyone else get stuck on 32?

Anonymous October 10, 2010 8:32 PM

lol awesome! Thanks! Without the walk-through, I'd go crazy on the parts i didn't get! :3


Walkthru for lv37 is wrong. Any help?? There is a block on B10 in the game, not in the walkthru.


i need help on 23 please help i tried using the walkthrough but the cannon shot doesn't work


I think I have a bug on level 38 - with the Magic Orb powered up, I can't move anything while it's switched on :(


@megawhelp: You need to make an infinite bomb loop.

Both the teleporters will go to the same row

@Clare: You'll be able to move the movable ones, not all pieces. Press and hold the space bar to see the movable pieces. If you could move any pieces, you'd be able to move and place the target just next to the power source, there wouldn't be any challenge at all.

darron rigby October 17, 2010 5:57 PM

level 26 does not work, my hamster wont eat the food. i have followed the spooler too. any ideas !!!


@darron rigby: Make sure the hamster looks at the food, not behind it.


I am stuck on level 31 on Candystand. Can anyone help me please?


Please can someone help me on L39 - spoilers already posted are not working - the right hand fans are working when power is cut!



Solar Panal A3 and A10
Cannon B2 facing right(perm cannon face left)
Push Bot B3 facing right
Carrier Bot B9 facing left
Tele(send) C5
Fan D5 facing left

Let's hope it doesn't get changed yet again

[Thank you. I've updated the walkthrough by adding yours. -Jay]


On lvl 37 seven the solar panal goes on A1 and the push bot facing the right goes B3


please someone help me with lvl 23


Could someone give me a heads-up if I left any loopholes open?

McRaven ® November 5, 2010 11:24 AM

Here's my solution to these levels:
Level 23

Cannon - c11 *Teleporter receiver - d9 * Teleporter sender - d3

Level 24

Wireless Sender - j10 * Wireless Receiver - h8 * Heli bot - f8 * Block - b8 *
Steam Detector - b4 * Kettle - f4 (facing right) * Elect fan - d7 (facing left)

Level 28

Light bulb - f1 * Solar panel - f4 and h1 * Ball dropper - e3 * Power gen - h9
Carrier bot -g9 * Spring - g2 * Elect fan - h2

Level 31

Chime - a8 * Hamster - L11 * Puller bot - c8 * Light bulb - d9 * Sound bot - b8

Level 32

Mirror order should be facing the directions specified: L4 left, h4 right, h5 left, j5 left, j4 right, k4 right, k6 left, c6 right, h3 left, L9 left
Drill - k10 * Laser device -c8 (face right) * Fan - e11 * Heli bot - e10 * Laser feeder - d11

Level 33

Blocks - a6, a12, b6, c6, L5
Jellyfish - h9, d8, e8, f8

will post 34-40 later.. I'm busy at work..
one more thing, for those who new to this game, just like me, pls dont forget to click on HINTS it's very useful...

hope this helps..


[Edit: Spoiler added :) ~ Kayleigh]


I found an other cool way to finish lvl 37

Carrier: B9 (left)
Solar Panel: A9
Solar Panel: B4
Canon: D5 (left)
Tele Sender: E4
Push Bot: G8 (left)

Existing canon: (right)


please number 4


Found a short cut on level 30 . Did not use the block and the puller bot .


I only have one real problem with this game, and it's that you have to go to Candystand to play the user-generated levels. I swear, if that wasn't true I'd find some place that wasn't so prone to annoying ads to play it.


can someone please tell me the name of track 1 (the music) of electric box 2 and where i can possibly find and download it


neither of the level 37 solutions appear to be working. Here's the one I used:

Solar Panel - A3 and A10
Cannon (right-facing) - B2
Push Bot (right-facing) - B3
Carrier Bot (left-facing) - B9
Sender - C5
Fan - D5

Hope this helps


What do you think about this one?

And btw to correct my previus post

Solarpanel should be in A10 not A9...


"Rodent" catches the site's profanity filter? You gotta be kidding me.

Ah well... I actually prefer the new title it forced me to come up with. Here ya go...

mathmaster December 21, 2010 4:12 AM

gimme a cheat for level 36! i cant beat it with the walkthru! (a photo can be good)


HELP NEW LVL 30! pleaaaaaseeee!

Anonymous March 9, 2011 1:36 AM

To add to previous level 30 spoilers

use the cannon on the lowest battery and steam detector instead


if you guys want a challenge, try this level I created!

If you find any easy solutions without using every component, please let me know!


I could have done it incorrectly (I didn't think I did) but level 34 in the walk-through doesn't seem right. I had to look it up on a different walk-through because it didn't work. Thanks for all the amazing walk-throughs and helps on here!


I seem to have an issue with LVL 38. I can't move the laser receiver after I clear the drills out of the way & the push bot doesn't always get teleported.


Would someone care to test my level and see if I left in a shortcut?