Freezair August 4, 2010 4:22 PM

I'm helping!: Help find a glitch in the game so it can be fixed! :P

Speaking of glitches, with regards to "Hot Coffee:"

I opened up the "Hot Coffee" window maybe thrice or twice, can't remember exactly. However, it never actually occured to me that I could move around on it, so I kept closing it wondering what it was supposed to do! Now that I've looked at the guide, I'm trying to get to it again, but I can't! It just opens to a regular new game. Is this intentional, or glitchy, or is there some additional trick I'm not aware of?

Cheeseable August 4, 2010 6:02 PM

Note: the easiest way to find the hiding spots is by filling up the place with water then going in, the hiding spots will appear white while the rest is blue.

roomescaper55 August 4, 2010 6:30 PM

To open the coffee area open the game in another tab or window. To get to cold coffee go down. If you miss a hot coffee achievement reload the web page.
The hot coffee achievement is

stand on the steam.

The cold coffee achievement is

just get there.

MetaKnight August 4, 2010 6:50 PM

Yay! 100% =) ty all


I cant get "the last straw". I

stood on top of the straw like I was supposed to, but nothing happened.


I figured out a glitch in the game, John. I kept on using the teleporter on stage 2 and it said I got to floor 3, 4 and 5. It didn't at first, after about 10 times it did, though. I was trying to get the "Beam me up, Johnny" achievement.


Oh man, I can't right click cuz I have one of those wierd mac mouses. So I guess I shall never finish the game. cuz two of the achievements have to do with right clicks!!
sniffly sniffly
can anyone help here? PLEASE??


Oh and I think you said you fixed this glitch John , but I panicked at home, and it did this wierd switching thing, and then shot me into this white space with a big 2 in it. Oh and What can I do about the mac right click thing??

[You can hold the [control] key down on your Mac keyboard while left-clicking to get a right-click. -Jay]

Anonymous August 4, 2010 11:48 PM

I don't know if this helps Blinky, but on my mac laptop left click and the control key work as a right click.

great game, I had no problems :)


At first I was like, oh, this isn't as fun as the first one. And then I discovered you can

poop pastries and I died laughing


Join here please!!!!
just beat game and i'm hooked!!!

JinxNocturne August 5, 2010 4:30 AM

This is huge! There needs to be a save ):

lurving this game girl August 5, 2010 10:08 AM

I love all the armour games with elephants, esp. This is the only level! :)
but I really need some help..........
number 130 - MY LUGGAGE COMBO!!!
number 118 - Necrophilia
numbers 36,37,38,39,40
numbers 44,45,46...

One of you guys already explained corpse loop but I didnt understand what you meant.......


Is it just my computer, or is Armor Games having some server issues lately?

Anonymous August 5, 2010 10:53 AM

For the smiley face one:

Hint: how can you type a smiley face on the key board?



) [ I Don't think you need to press shift, but the smiley needs a nose]


Just so you know, My Luggage Combo is from Spaceballs! It's


The actual reference in the movie is something like

"I can't believe it! Thats the kind of thing an idiot would use on his luggage lock!"

sammyrocks55 August 5, 2010 1:30 PM

to get Hot Coffee open up achievement unlocked 2 in another window. then go all the way over to the left. you will fall off and land in the cold coffee stage. glad i could help! :)

Anonymous August 5, 2010 1:51 PM

i played the beta, when i saw it on armor games anywho, and i played. soon afterword i tried to get a achievment and i found that the beta wasnt there anymore. i come today to find it out of beta and ready to play. so much fun awaits. (the store is boring. wont find much there besides buying and being stupid.)


can someone please explain to me how to get 140? im on a laptop so dont have a center button, and i dont get this copy and pasting thing


@Blinky, if your file still says v1.00 at the top (when you load it) you probably have an old version stored in your browser. You may need to clear your browser cache. I'm *fairly* certain that issue has been cleared up, but let me know if it still causes you problems.


About "So Happy"...

I think that the So Happy achievement won't work because some keyboards can't register more than 2 keys at a time. I know that's why it won't work in my case, at least.


Please join game 6233-6338-3140-8143

Anonymous August 5, 2010 6:05 PM

Help #249 Pull Up!

chipmunk August 5, 2010 6:42 PM


Do what it says: Paste Into Notepad (or any other application you can paste text into)

Anonymous August 5, 2010 10:12 PM

Achievement Unlocked 2 Walkthrough

Obviously, this will show you how to get ALL the achievements. I will list how to get them as well.

Each achievement will give you 1 coin.

Part 1 (1-125)

1-5, 7, 78:

If you play the game, you will automatically get them.

8-12, 19:

Access the floors. You will obviously need to buy them 1st before you can get your hands on these!

13 & 6:

Access either one of the clearly labeled rooms in Floor one.

14-18, 20-26:

Buy one of the packs, then enter the next room (unless you're at the last, obviously).


Just jump onto a purchase button that's green.

28 & 29:

Panic in either one of the labeled areas.


Panic many times. (To be specific, 10 times.) You'll probably get it due to some of the other achievements if you don't panic for no reason.

31 & 32:

Drink the water in the 'Home' area. 32 is drinking it completely.

33 & 34:

Get on the wheel in the 'Home'. If you keep on running on it for a little bit, you'll hit full speed.


Go both ways on the wheel.


Hit full speed on the wheel, then stop.


You'll get this by the time you're done the wheel achievements. For the rather unfortunately dumb, simply jump off the wheel.


And yes, the direct warp from 2 to 5 works. (Somehow, it still works even if you don't have 5 unlocked...) Use any of the teleporters in 4 or the said warp in 2.


Use all the teleporters in the game, basically.


Get in a downward loop for 44, or upwards for 45. In either loop, panic to get 46. Use a teleporter for these that reside in 4 (should be obvious which one to use.)


Enter a teleporter and reenter it. Use the teleporter near the floor booster in 4 for this.


The jumping achievements. In order from 48-52:
48. Once
49. 10 times
50. 50 times
51. 100 times
52. 250 times

With the exception of 48 & 49, you'll get these eventually.


There is a guarantee that you'll be forced to get this later.


Simply press up twice quickly.

55, 59-61:

Death achievements. Listed by amount:
55. Once
59. 10 times
60. 50 times
61. 100 times



57 & 58:

Panic. You'll get 58 by doing it in the air.

62-66, 68:

Touch the spikes in the 5 floors. 63 from upward spikes, 64 from down spikes, 65 from left spikes, 66 from right spikes.


Die 10 times on the same spike.


Color (or at least die on) all the spikes. 69-73 correspond to the 5 floors, 74 is 50% of all of them, 75 is all of the spikes.

76 & 77:

Use the arrow keys or WASD for either one of these achievements. When you use either one, use the other one for a tiny bit to get the other achievement.


Coloring (or touching) the tiles. You will get 79-84 should you color all 5 floors, and you'll DEFINITIVELY get 85-89 doing so.


Achievements for touching the launchers (Though I don't believe the orange ones count.) You'll get 96 if you get 91-95, and obviously 90.


Coin achievements. You'll get them all by getting 108, which needs 103-107.


Stay for a minute and you'll get these.

112 & 113:

Make a Left! Make a Right!


Turn around 5 times in a second.


You'll get this eventually, though 4 will force you to get this.


Simply panic quickly at the spot (in this case, at the respawn point.)


You'll get this with 67.

120 & 121:

Get this with the loop achievements. 121 is making 5 suspend in the air.


Panic over the down floor hole.


Touch a dead elephant. You know you want to.


You'll get this with the teleporter achievements.


Teleport 50 times. Do this with the loops and other teleporting achievements.

Part 2 (126-250)


Die at a respawn point.


Simply impale yourself or panic in every floor (including the top.)


Click many times (?)


Right click and follow what it says there.



131 & 132:

Scroll the list. Go to the bottom for 132.


Make a happy face (in this case, I believe :) or :D)


Press backsapce, lower the quality, press this (~), press ;, Mute, and press 12345 for the 5 achievements.


To make sure NO ONE gets confused, click on the center of the wheel!


You'll get this eventually.


Piano achievements. Touch a key for 142, touch all keys for 143. To get 144-145:

Ode to Joy: E, E, F, G, G, F, E, (D)
Twinkle Twinkle: Low C, low C, G, G, A, A, G
Row Row Row Your Boat: Low C, low C, low C, D, E

147 is ascending, 148 is descending from all the keys. Panic on a key for 149, and play one key for 150 with a corpse to get it. 2 corpses and playing a key on the piano will get 151. Jump from right to left on the piano to get 151 (in this case, high C to low C)


The hidey holes. Some of the holes are hidden quite well, but otherwise, they're easy to find with some effort of finding them.


The orange button, which hides in the 5th floor. Push it, release it, hold it for 3 seconds at least, look at it (enter 5), and push it twice in a second.


Don't do anything for 10 seconds.

171 & 172:

Don't die for 20 & 40 seconds.


The slots, which hide in Floor 3. Get RGB by stopping in the order of Elephant, Llama and Giraffe. Most of the others are obvious.


Clock dividable by 3. Simply wait a little bit from 0-2 minutes and achievement get.


Make the cursor go off the screen.

190 & 191:

Make the cursor travel 1 and 10 feet in the game (Just move it around mindlessly)


Click the elephant.


Disobey what's on the right click menu (The don't click here)


Fall / Ascend more then 2 floors.


Panic on the roof.


Exit the roof.


Open another window that contains this game, which gives the coffee feature. Do these in there: Move in there, stand on the mug, fall off the stage, and at landing point, stand on the straw-like thing. Move in the actual game when done.

214-220, 231:

Flood the building to the very top. Die when there's water, and drain it later.


(To make pastries, press the space bar.)
Poop one, eat one, Poop 10 and later 30, Eat 25 and later 50, teleport it, launch it, give it to the dead and poop it into the water.


To barrel roll, press Z or R twice!


Access the walkthrough.


Jump without moving left or right.


Look hopeless.

236-250 (AKA the rest):

Get a certain amount of % of achievements obtained (this includes these.) Starts at 10% each time, but at 95%, at 1% intervals.

When all 250 are obtained, ascend to the highest point of the roof.


I need help on #160 Fort Iota!!! I can't find it!! it tried everything... I searched everywhere and then I filled the place with water and i still can't find it!!! HELP ME!!!!


top right corner in 4th level -- fort iota

Anonymous August 6, 2010 4:36 AM


To get "Corpse Loop"...

Remember the yellow teleporters where you got "Freefall Forever"? Go to it again, and while freefalling press the panic button.

GAMEGURL... August 6, 2010 8:37 AM

What is a good time? It was my first go and I got 34:25... Is that really bad?
it was an amazing game but waltzing matila thing wouldnt work for ages...
I love this game but it is soo long - it should have a save game feature.


This game *severely* needs a save feature. I had 150+ achievements when I accidentally clicked the X out button, losing all my achievements. The following loss of hair is irrelevent. *headspike*


The smiley face needs to be:


Technocolor August 6, 2010 5:14 PM

I wish there was a save feature. All I needed to do was get the coffee achievements and I accidentally refreshed the page. All of that GONE. ;3;


Loved the first game; actually I played the first game by mistake and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but once I found out that the game was all about achievements, I just went nuts!

Now I see that there is a second one! Holy Wow! I am so excited!

*hours later* This song will be stuck in my head for years!!!!


Long, but alright. Meaninglessly fun. And much faster if you do it in multiplayer.


To anyone who just doesn't understand what they're supposed to do to get a certain achievement, there is a walkthrough button... [snip]

[Yes, but please don't discourage someone from posting one of their own here at JIG by linking to it. Thank you! :) -Jay]

Anonymous August 6, 2010 11:44 PM

The ending credits go by pretty fast for some people. Here they are, if anybody cares:

I have triumphed.

I have collected 250 individual achievements.

I was never obligated to finish the achievements
given to me. So much time has elapsed... I could
have baked a pizza, went for a run, helped my
sister move her apartment across town... but
instead I sat here.


Here I sat, pushing the arrow keys, moving a little
20 pixel elephant around a screen doing fairly
random tasks. First I was getting rewarded for no
particular reason; soon after I started to earn
achievements on my own accord. By the end, I
became the master. I won.


I played Row Row Row Your Boat. I ran in a giant
hamster wheel. I even pooped a pastry. In the
end, it all made sense. I needed to achieve. I
needed to win. And even though I got there with
a bit of stress, time-wasting, and lack of dignity, I
achieved what few have ever done.


Congratulations player. YOU HAVE DONE IT.

Now go outside or help your sister move or


Developed by Armor Games
Concept, Art, Programming by jmbt02
Music by Kevin MacLeod (

Testing by Joey, Tony, Danny, and Tass... and the
beta testers. Thanks!


anonomus August 7, 2010 2:59 PM

@jiguest to 'poop the pastry' press space

Mbrooks2015 August 7, 2010 8:25 PM

3196-1578-5101-4232 dude.

wildflower12 August 7, 2010 9:43 PM

98% done and froze!!!!!! GGGRRRRRR!


I'm having a problem getting "Twinkle Twinkle"... I've played it every way possible... trying it first thing in the room, and so on, and it just isn't registering it. Could this be a Mozilla Firefox problem? (I'm playing on Windows XP)

It is the only achievement I can't get credit for completing. Grrr.

Does anyone have insight into this issue?



Grr... How do you get Freefall Forever?


Got it! Paste In Notepad is for clicking wheel in HOME... OMFG. So misleading ._.

Anonymous August 8, 2010 4:59 PM

I've got everything but BILLY MAYS I know how to get it I've done it before on a macbook but not on this mac I'm using. Grrrrrr. So only 3 things left and they are BILLY MAYS and the last 2 at the bottom.


How do I get Falling up and Corpse loop??? Please help!!!


My best time for all 250 is about 30 minutes, but only like, 10 minutes of actual gameplay. Dinner interupted that run :/



How does (well, :'( did) Billy Mays talk?

"HI, I'M BILLY MAYS!" Still don't get it?

What key helps you type like that?

Press Caps Lock while focused on the game.

Bri the wizard August 8, 2010 10:52 PM

it will be epic


I have found every achievement but corpse loop? Help anyone.


Man, I can't get all achievements because my keyboard isn't US. This sucks :(


I need some help with 166: Pressing Issue. And then, I'm assuming the last two are just for completing the game. Help?

GreenGhost21 August 9, 2010 2:59 PM


It has to do with the Teleporters

Get a corpse in an infinite teleporter loop


It has to do with the Big Orange Button

Press the big orange button 20 times

Also, I'll be on it for a while, if you want to join, FC is


I'll be waiting. ._.


It sometimes takes a few tries for Coffee to work. Took me three.


Has anyone else had trouble getting "Twinkle Twinkle"? I can't see what I'm doing wrong...


Having problems with 144, 145 and 151. HOW? :)


I can't unlock the coffee thingy because if I open a new window, it just deletes the previous one and all my progress is gone. :(

[Try right-clicking on the link you're clicking on, and choose "Open in new Window" (or Tab) instead. -Jay]


really love this game, cant wait till the next one, only prob i had was like said the elephant broke up a bit, but certainly didnt distract from the game

jonathan kennedy August 10, 2010 5:40 PM

how do you poop a pastry?
plz tell me the walkthrough doesnt tell me

Anonymous August 10, 2010 7:17 PM



Champion Picks

Thanks for the update, I like this game as well as Curse Treasure


@vig: The song sequences are on page 1 (see Allie's post)


The easiest way is to put the elephant on one note, push panic, put the elephant on another note, push panic, put the elephant on a third note

Saint Nicholas August 11, 2010 5:33 AM

@C.Olimar788 and anyone wondering

I'll tell you what's so special about 'Waltzing Ma'

The son 'Waltzing Matilda' is an Australian folk song (I should know, I here the annoying din every week!), and a ~ is called a 'Tilda', meaning that you must press the tilda to make Waltzing Ma-TIDLA


When it says click the center means the one in your house that you run on.


Whew. I'm done after 30 minutes of playing. Now I will go help my sister :)

98.40 Diana August 11, 2010 9:48 AM

Hey guys I just discovered an easy sure fire way to get the achievements that have to do with the keyboard..even if youre on a foreign keyboard. Just press all the keys. Go crazy! And youll see achievements pop up. I did this with a French keyboard when the Waltz Ma and Smiley didnt work the normal way. I guess eaqikj,dcçadjzùù^zdaàç_" = a smiley face. Luls.

only ones left besides the bottom 5 are the right click ones...;; why is it that the right click doesnt work on the game? like when my cursor hovers over the options nothing happens and i cant click anything until I click another window. the game isnt frozen but my mouse is. please help not following directions and dont right click are the only ones left.


I FINALLY beat the worlds most addicting game ever!!!!!! Took me 2 days but it was worth it!!!


It is in the center of the hamster wheel.

I went crazy searching for a mouse with wheel, when I realized it was actually the center of the hamster wheel


Actually click the center of the hamster wheel on the screen.


I have beaten the game 4 times in a row. It took me 8 hours. I am addicted to it.


You have to mute the game duh !


"How do I get Falling up and Corpse loop??? Please help!!!"


For falling up, you need to have the teleporter room filled with water.

And for the corpse loop, get stuck in a loop and then click panic.


Confusion August 13, 2010 9:51 AM

I opened the window, popped in Armorgames.
WTF? Achievement Unlocked 2?!
250 achievements.
Brand new elephant.
What a game!
How misleading Paste in Notepad was.
I pooped 1463 pastries.
I ate them.
Stalagmites. Stalactites. Staleftmites. Starightcites.
I touched the Undead.
I did everything.

OH YES!!!!!

I waited FOREVER for this! Practically forever! Years and years! Years that seemed like centuries!

BILLY MAYS!!!!! Ahahahahaha!!!!!

Now that I finished crazying, I'll go bake a pizza.


Nose-cake August 13, 2010 11:04 AM

Peoples, I need help, my last achievment tha tI need is number 45 (Falling up)


So, I finished the game (-: very interesting but an hour of my life I can't take back (haha oh well!) . But it was a great game XD
Only ONE problem... I click "Free Play" after I won...

and Mr. Elephant became invisible! Is that normal?

Confusion August 14, 2010 11:12 AM


Unlock the Teleporter room, see the red teleporter, walk straight into lower one, teleport, you should fall down and bounce back up due to the launcher. Hit the upper teleporter, teleport, momentum should push you back to the launchers, go up again, teleport, go up, teleport, go up...... Hoorah! Done.

Anonymous August 14, 2010 4:11 PM

OMG!! I have to restart my computer to make the keyboard layout US, so therefor I cannot get the "WAltzing ma" I have got ALLL the others, just not that!! ARGH! someone HELP!


At first I was furious, because my Norwegian keyboard wouldnt make neither the smileyface nor the tilda key (~) But I found out that

you just have to try every clickable key on your keyboard and eventually it will be the right one! For me the tilda key was next to the enter key somewhere. I don't know exactly because I was just clicking ahead :D

But at last I finished the game WITH Norwegian keyboard! :D

Anonymous August 15, 2010 7:31 PM

Can't figure out how to get "Falling Up". I finished everything except this and got stuck.


Why is this rated :O?

wanna|be|a|loserr August 16, 2010 11:53 PM

Join my room!! 8382-6891-1203-7997


What is 193 please?


they mean the button at the center of the hamster wheel.



  1. Hello Again - Start the game

  2. Playtastic - You Find the play button

  3. Crossroads - Discovered the Main Menu

  4. Mission Accepted - Start the game

  5. Tiles Loaded - Loaded the level

  6. Home Sweet Home - Find your home

  7. First Floor - Reach the first floor

  8. Second Floor - Reach the second floor

  9. Third Floor - Reach the third floor

  10. Fourth Floor - Got to the fourth floor

  11. Fifth Floor - Got to the fifth floor

  12. Cataclysm - Welcome to reality

  13. Storefront - Find the store

  14. Thrifty - Find the second shop room

  15. Windowshopper - Find the third shop room

  16. Shopper - Find the fouth shop room

  17. Big Spender - Find the fifth shop room

  18. Shopaholic - Find all the shop rooms

  19. Navigationer - Find all the areas

  20. Just Gave In - Buy the first level pack

  21. Add-on-tastic - Buy the second level pack

  22. Deluxe Edition - Buy the third level pack

  23. Gold Edition - Buy the fourth level pack

  24. Platinum Edition - Buy the fifth level pack

  25. Charge It! - Buy all the level packs

  26. Wallet Burn - Press a purchase button

  27. No Refunds - Jump on a purchased upgrade

  28. Panicked Shopper - Panic in the shop

  29. Home Emergency - Panic at home

  30. Panic Attack - Panic ten times

  31. Thirsty - Drink some water

  32. Save the Whales - Drink all the water

  33. Wheel and Deal - Jump on the hamster wheel

  34. Full Speed Ahead! - Reach full speed on wheel

  35. Two Trick Pony - Run both ways on the treadmill

  36. One... - Go once over the wheel

  37. Two... - Go twice over the wheel

  38. Three... - Go three times over the wheel

  39. Four... - Go four times over the wheel

  40. Five! - Go five times over the wheel

  41. Dismount! - Jump off the wheel

  42. Teleport! - Go through a teleporter

  43. Beam Me Up - Exit and Enter every teleporter

  44. Freefall Forever - Get in a downward vertical loop

  45. Falling Up - Create an infinite teleport loop upwards

  46. Corpse Loop - Get a corpse into an infinite loop

  47. Reenter - Enter the same teleporter twice

  48. You Might As Well - Jump up and down

  49. Bouncy - Jump 10 Times

  50. Flouncy - Jump 50 Times

  51. Trouncy - Jump 100 Times

  52. Pouncy - Jump 250 Times

  53. Full Jump - Do a big jump

  54. No Double Jumping - Try to double jump

  55. See Ya - Die.

  56. Subtle Movement - Move a tiny amount across the screen

  57. Panic Attack - Hit the Panic Button

  58. Midflight Deceased - Panic while airborne

  59. Multideath - Die 10 times

  60. MegaDeath - Die 50 times

  61. GigaDeath - Die 100 times

  62. Impaler - Die on spikes

  63. Stalagmite - Die on upward spikes

  64. Stalactite - Die on downward spikes

  65. Staleftmite - Die on leftward spikes

  66. Starightcite - Die on rightward spikes

  67. I Love You Spike - Die 10 times on the same spike

  68. Pink - Turn a spike pink

  69. First Floor Pink - Turn first floor spikes pink

  70. Second Floor Pink - Turn second floor spikes pink

  71. Third Floor Pink - Turn the third floor spikes pink

  72. Fourth Floor Pink - Turn the fourth floor spikes pink

  73. Fifth Floor Pink - Turn the fifth floor spikes pink

  74. Pinky Swear - Turn half the spikes pink

  75. Pinky Promise - Turn all the spikes pink

  76. WASD - Prefer the WASD Control

  77. Arrow Keys - Prefer the Arrow Control

  78. Colour My Tile - Paint a block

  79. 100 Pretty Tiles - Colour 100 tiles in one room

  80. First Floor Painted - Paint 100 tiles on first Floor

  81. Second Floor Painted - Paint 100 tiles on 2nd Floor

  82. Third Floor Painted - Paint 100 tiles on 3rd Floor

  83. Fourth Floor Painted - Paint 100 tiles on 4th Floor

  84. Fifth Floor Painted - Paint 100 tiles on 5th Floor

  85. Coloured 50 - Paint 50 tiles

  86. Coloured 100 - Paint 100 tiles

  87. Coloured 150 - Paint 150 tiles

  88. Coloured 250 - Paint 250 tiles

  89. Repainted 500 - Paint 500 tiles

  90. Launcher - Touch a launcher

  91. Launcher Cleaner - Clean all the first floor launchers

  92. Launcher Scrubber - Clean all the second floor launchers

  93. Launcher Polisher - Clean all the third floor launchers

  94. Launcher Rinser - Clean all the fourth floor launchers

  95. Launcher Washer - Clean all the fifth floor launchers

  96. Launcher Powerwasher - Clean all launchers

  97. Look, a Penny! - Find a coin

  98. Pennybags - Collect 30 coins

  99. Moneymaker - Collect 60 coins

  100. Pennywise - Collect 90 coins

  101. It Prints Money - Collect 120 coins

  102. Scrooge - Collect 140 coins

  103. 1st Collection - Collect first floor coins

  104. 2nd Collection - Collect second floor coins

  105. 3rd Collection - Collect third floor coins

  106. 4th Collection - Collect fourth floor coins

  107. 5th Collection - Collect fifth floor coins

  108. Gotta Collect 'em All! - Collect all the coins

  109. I'm Glad You're Here - Stick around for 10 seconds

  110. Good Company - Stick around for 30 seconds

  111. BFFs - Stick around for 60 seconds

  112. West Side - Look West

  113. East Side - Look East

  114. Dizzy - Flip direction 5 times in 1 second

  115. Hover - Stay airbourne for 6 seconds

  116. Dead Crowd - Generate 3 corpses at once

  117. Corpsaholic - Generate 5 corpses at once

  118. Necrophilia - Generate 10 corpses at once

  119. Spike Corpse Hoedown - Land 3 corpses together on the same spike

  120. Corpse Levitation - Suspend a corpse for 2 seconds

  121. Corpse Juggling - Suspend 5 different corpses

  122. Body Drop - Send a corpse to another floor

  123. Undead Touch - Touch a dead corpse

  124. Telecorpse - Teleport a corpse

  125. Teletired - Teleport 50 times

  126. Relapse - Panic while touching a checkpoint

  127. Respawnorama - Respawn at every checkpoint

  128. Clicky - Click click clickaroo

  129. Not Left Click - Check out the Right Click Menu

  130. BILLY MAYS - Enable Caps Lock

  131. Scrolly - Scroll the achievements list

  132. Extreme Scrolling - Scroll to the very bottom

  133. So Happy! - Make a happy face with keyboard letters

  134. Erasure - Push the backspace key

  135. Quality Time - Set the quality lower

  136. Waltzing Ma - Push the tilda key (~)

  137. Partial Colon - Push the semicolon

  138. Silence is Golden - Push the mute button

  139. Same combo as my luggage! - Push 1,2,3,4,5

  140. Paste in Notepad - Push the centre of the wheel

  141. Dash! - Run 20 metres in-game

  142. Look I'm Big! - I made music!

  143. Keyboard Hero - Hit every piano key

  144. Ode to Joy - Play Ode to Joy on the Piano

  145. Twinkle Twinkle - Play Twinkle Twinkle (Little Star) on the Piano

  146. Row Row Row Your Boat - Play Row your Boat on the Piano

  147. Piano Slide Up - Hit every piano key from bottom to top

  148. Piano Slide Down - Hit every piano key from top to bottom

  149. Corpse Organ - Land a corpse on a piano key

  150. Chord - Play a note while your corpse plays another

  151. Harmony - Play a note while 2 corpses play another

  152. High and Low Cs - Jump from the last key to first

  153. Fort Alpha - Find Hidey Hole 1

  154. Fort Beta - Find Hidey Hole 2

  155. Fort Gamma - Find Hidey Hole 3

  156. Fort Delta - Find Hidey Hole 4

  157. Fort Zeta - Find Hidey Hole 5

  158. Fort Eta - Find Hidey Hole 6

  159. Fort Theta - Find Hidey Hole 7

  160. Fort Iota - Find Hidey Hole 8

  161. Fort Kappa - Find Hidey Hole 9

  162. Fort Lambda - Find Hidey Hole 10

  163. Fortable - Find a Hidey Hole

  164. Oooooooh *Push* - Push the orange button.

  165. No button! - Release the orange button.

  166. Pressing Issue - Push the orange button 20 times.

  167. And.... hold! - Hold the orange button down for 3 seconds

  168. Pretty Button!!! - Look at the button

  169. Quick to Strike - Hit the orange button twice in a second

  170. Inactivity - Don't do anything for ten seconds

  171. Survival - Don't die for 20 seconds

  172. Invulnerable - Don't die for 40 seconds

  173. One Wheel! - Stop one slot reel

  174. Two Wheel! - Stop two slot reels

  175. Three Wheel! - Stop all the reels

  176. Insert Coin - Start the reels

  177. RGB - Stop the reels on Elephant, Llama, Giraffe

  178. Elephant Jackpot! - Get all Elephants in the slot machine

  179. Emu Jackpot! - Get all Emus in the slot machine

  180. Llama Jackpot! - Each all Llamas in the slot machine

  181. Consolation Prize - Match 2 random symbols in the slot

  182. Not a Winner - Match no symbols in the slots

  183. Trip Giraffes - Match 3 giraffes on the slots

  184. Addicted Gambler - Lock the slots 30 times

  185. Left it Running - Leave the floor while the slot wheels are running

  186. Reely Restart - Restart a reel

  187. Reel it backwards - Hit the reels in the reverse order

  188. Three Times the Minute - System clock time is divisible by 3

  189. Rollout! - Roll the mouse off the screen

  190. Mouseing Around - Move the cursor 1 foot across the screen

  191. 10 Foot Mousetrek - Move the cursor 10 feet across the screen

  192. EleClick - Hey, that tickles!

  193. Won't Follow Directions - You just had to do it...

  194. Further Fall - Fall two floors

  195. Super Fall - Fall three floors

  196. Mega Fall - Fall four floors

  197. Colossal Fall - Fall all the way to the bottom from the top

  198. Further Ascend - Rise two floors

  199. Super Ascend - Rise three floors

  200. Mega Ascend - Rise four floors

  201. Colossal Ascend - Rise from the bottom to the top

  202. I Can't Live With This - Die outside

  203. Safer Inside - Go back inside from the Cataclysm

  204. Two Browser Windows - Open two browser windows of the same game

  205. Break Time! - Find the hot coffee feature

  206. Break Off! - Start playing again on the main screen

  207. Buzz - Move around in the coffee feature

  208. The Burn! - Jump in the hot coffee mug

  209. Warm... - Fall below the hot coffee stage

  210. Colder... - Fall further below the coffee stage

  211. Even Colder... - Fall even further below the coffee stage

  212. Cold Coffee! - Find the secret secret stage

  213. The Final Straw - Stand on top of the straw

  214. There's the pump! - Start the pump

  215. Begin the fill! - Fill the first floor height

  216. Keep Filling Captain! - Fill the second floor height

  217. The Pressure! - Fill the third floor height

  218. The Bends! - Fill the fourth floor height

  219. Full Glass! - Fill the entire building with water

  220. Draining - Drain the entire building from the fifth floor

  221. Hey, a Pastry! - Poop a Pastry

  222. Yum Yum! - Eat a Pastry

  223. Maximum Pastry! - Poop 10 pastries

  224. Pastry Chef - Poop 30 pastries

  225. Pastry Connoisseur - Consume 25 pastries

  226. Bloataphant - Eat 50 pastries

  227. Doggy Bag - Launch a pastry into a teleporter

  228. To Go Order - Use a launcher to launch a pastry

  229. Pastry for the Dead - Give a pastry to a corpse

  230. Soggy pastries - Make pastries underwater

  231. Drown - Die underwater

  232. Do a Barrel Roll! - Push Z or R twice!

  233. I Don't Get It - Access the walkthrough

  234. Stop and Hop - Jump without moving left or right

  235. Aww Poor Puppy - Look hopeless

  236. A Decade - Earn 10% of the achievements

  237. It's Roaring! - Earn 20% of the achievements

  238. Days Past September - Earn 30% of the achievements

  239. By Volume - Earn 40% of the achievements

  240. Fifty - Earn 50% of the achievements

  241. Every Time - Earn 60% of the achievements

  242. Hey, Youre Passing! - Earn 70% of the achievements

  243. B Average - Earn 80% of the achievements

  244. Final Run - Earn 90% of the achievements

  245. Almost There! - Earn 95% of the achievements

  246. I Can't Shake Him! - Earn 96% of the achievements

  247. Almost... there... - Earn 97% of the achievements

  248. Stay on Target! - Earn 98% of the achievements

  249. Pull Up! - Earn 99% of the achievements

  250. Absolute Completion - Earn every other achievment


I FINISHED!!! 45:00!!!


how do you do the Break Off! one, I can't figure it out

you are supposed to start playing again on the main screen, but I can't figure out how to get to the main screen without starting a new game and losing all of my achievements, does any one know?

Pierre011 August 18, 2010 6:00 PM

My friend code is:


I will be waiting


6142-8720-5234-7574 is my room name. my password? cheese come see me

Anonymous August 19, 2010 2:22 AM

The place at the end...

Why Hong Kong?


6816-5037-8684-8437 is my room code... please come!


I try joining rooms, but it doesn't work, so I made a room. plz join cuz it's my birthday (yes, really) code:7136-2059-6924-5415


shoot, I accidentally refreshed. heres my new code: 7136-2059-6924-5415


Hi Dreamer! Unfortunately I am in the middle of making dinner and the code you posted doesn't work so I can't stick around and try again, but I just wanted to say; Happy Birthday! Thanks for reading Jay is Games, and I hope you get everything you wanted, PLUS a pony!


please help me.

My code is 7120-7010-3794-2756


My code is 6488-8606-6593-8433

(please join)
(also 9997-9532-3650-6303)

Anonymous August 20, 2010 3:46 PM

i really need help on fort alpha and fort iota. help?


for all those trying to figure out:

45) Falling Up - Create an infinite teleport loop upwards

First of all, you need to fill everything with water. Then go to the 4th floor with all the teleporters. Then use the orange teleporters in the middle and there you go! an infinite loop upwards :)

Puddingprince101 August 20, 2010 10:43 PM

Arrgh!!! I just accidentally exited the dang game!!

iamrandom12345678 August 21, 2010 7:51 AM

What is 193?


YAY!!! Just finished the game! 58 minutes, including a few toilet breaks!

Good luck to all of you still going!