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princess lanie September 15, 2006 3:03 PM

I was the 164,614th conqueror, great time really...


anyone knows what the little guy you get from the marble puzzle is for???? I've played this game like 50 times, and it's the first time i see it...


The little guy is for the cardboard box.. apparently if you use the knife found in the computer before you use it on the puzzle, it will remove the brown wrapping/exterior. Then, placing the little guy in the corner, it opens a hidden maze game.

This hidden game was the reason I didn't finish this room for a long time- I thought I had to solve it to beat the game. I still haven't made it all the way through, and oddly, I have yet to find a walkthrough that talked about the box...


Here is a walkthru I found. I'm doing the slider puzzle and found out the pics have to be followed for you to solve it.


1. You start off clicking the box on the shelf, in the upper left hand corner, when you click it it will open(be sure you click on the box when the arrow to go to the next screen is on.) Click the object inside the box, its a computer chip.

2. Click on the middle bar on the three bar shelf under the box.(its a magnet) you gotta click right on it.

3.click the arrow to go to the next screen on the right twice until you see the bed. Click the pillow to lift it up and remove the key. Click the pillow and lift it up and down repeatedley, finally a key will fall out and take the key.

4. On the same screen click on the floor just below the middle of the bed. Youll see a key, then click the pole magnet and click the key. then click the back arrows.

5. go to the next screen with the tv in it. and click almost at the end of the bed but not on the bed, click between the left end of the cabinet and the wall . You will see the end of a key, click it. and go back to the screen with the t.v in it.

.6 on the keyboard trey next to the tv, its an orange swirly thing.there is a blank piece of paper, click it.Next on the middle shelf there is the back end of a screwdriver next to the pack of cd/dvds

7. next, in your inventory, click the gold key wilth the round top and then click the red box next to the tv. and get the folded paper inside of the box.

8.next go to the screen with the two monitors. click the unfolded sheet of paper in your inventory, then click the printer. it will put the paper in it,

9. Click the silver key and then the middle drawer, and retrieve the pencil in it, next close the drawer, and on the right of the black drawers, there will be a black bump. Click it, its actually a a/v cord.

10. Now click the screwdriver in the inventory and then the computer case, it will open and then retreive the orange thing on the bottom of the case. next click the green chip in your inventory,and then the top slot of the computer. now click the wall of the computer to put it back

11. Now click the a/v cord in your inventory then the powerstrip, and now click the computer, not the monitor.

12. Go back to the screen showing the bed and the microscope. click the folded piece of paper in your inventory, and then the nighstand it should be put there, next click the pencil and then the paper you just layed down, it should turn bluish. now click the paper and write down the numbers you see.

13. Go back to the screen with the two monitors, then click the right monitor, and type in the numbers that where on the paper. then click the white button underneath that. THe printer should print sumthing out, now click the paper.

14. to the screen with the tv and click the thing above the tv, now click the paper that was printed
and then the black frame thing. then click the thing that was in the computer, in your inventory, it a scraper, it will cut out a square, its a slider puzzle, refer to this http://game.memopad.jp/webgame/MyDia...y/tips/?scid=1 . doing it by rows is easier. When you finish the purple bug will ride the lines and then click it.

15. now go back to where you got the key for the red box.(refer to step 5 to know where to click) and click the bug in your inventory then click the top cord. the bug will ride it and push out a floppy disk. retrieve the disk, then click it in your inventory then the white cube box next to the tv.

16. on the same screen click the key in your inventory thats short and with two loops, then click the pink tree by the tv. now go back to the bed screen where the microscope is and click the last key you have in your inventory then the bedside drawer, its another puzzle. you have to click one pearl, it will turn green then click another and the one that was green will jump it and make it disappear, since the game changes everytime you do it, theres no codes, but you ave to come up with one left. when you finish click it, and then click the remote and dog thing when it is shown

17.Go back to the view with the microscope in it, then click the white pearl thing in your inventory, then click the microscope, then click the microscope again, look at the arrows. Write them down, then turn the paper over, because they are upside down. now go to the screen with two monitors, and then click just right of the big white door(behind the right monitor). it will come to a safe, click so you have a close up view, now look at the upside down code and think of it like this. http://game.memopad.jp/webgame/MyDia...ges/safe05.jpg

18. When you open it get the bottle full of luminol.Now go to the view with the vent, then click on the dog, then the vent, why you have to open it with a dog i'll never know, then get the thing inside of the vent. Now click the thing you got, and click about half an inch under the right side of where the vent was, it should tear the paper, then click it again and japenese symbols will be shown.

19.Next go to the door view and click the cracked light switch, click the right arrow and you will see a number chart**write it down***, now go back and turn on the lights, go back to the screen with the vent and torn wallaper, then click the up arrows at the top of the screen, you will see the fan, click the white remote with green buttons in your inventory then click the fan, you will get a key

20. Go to the two monitor view and used the key you got from the fan, and use it to unlock the bottom drawer, retrieve the frame, you may not be able to see it but click the left half of the drawer to get a video tape.

21. Go back to the view with the micrscope and hang the picture on the wall, where the little silver thing is, you have to clic the picture first, then the silver thing. now click the bottle in your inventory and then the picture. Now look on the cardboard box and get the key. Go and turn the lights off then, back to the bed view. write down the number chart,

22. Turn on the lights and then go to the tv, place the tape in the vcr, then go to the computer view, and use the key you got on the box and unlock the top drawer, get the hammer, dont close the drawer, but go back to the safe view, and get teh cables you see., its on the left, click them only.

23.go to the television view and then click the cords you just got then the vcr, click the tv and write down the chart.

24. go to the door view, and click the hammer, then the mirror 4 times, now click the puzzle again.
click the middle button until all colors are out. use the number wheel thing on the picture and match it up with the spots on the letter chart, it will give you a o,g,b,r,y,p, use the 12:00 position and then click those colors clockwise with help from the letter chart. it will unlock it, then there will be a music puzzle thing, for the pink bar, press the third and seventh button on the first row,press the first, second, fifth, and sixth buttons on the third row and the fourth button on the last row then click the bar thing on the left that will play it.

for the next colored bar, press the fifith and sixth buttons onthe third row,the third,fourth,and seventh buttons of the fifth row,and the first and second buttons on the second to last row.
click the bar thing on the left that will play it

for the blue bar, press the third and seventh buttons of the fourth row, the fourth and sixth buttons on the sixth row, the second and fifth buttons of the eighth row, and the first button of the eleventh row.
click the bar thing on the left that will play it
this opens the door. nothing visually happens so when the bars light up, just go and open the door. then you should be able to firue it out by after what happens after that.


Need Help With The Safe Or The Marble Or The Music Puzzles, Go Here. It's In Japanese, Bit you can figure it out.


I'm stuck in the same way as Briget - I have the 'pearl' marble under the microscope, but I'm not seeing anything....


I finally realised what was wrong... I had to turn down the Contrast on my monitor.

Now it's obvious....


yeah, the dang *maze*... i found a music note, but when i click on it, i hear just one note, and nothing else happens! is this normal? i, too, thought i had to find something in/get out of the maze before i could beat the game... unfortunately, i keep having to give up after finding myself lost. any tips would be greatly appreciated... thank you! :)

(i had to scroll all thr way through these posts until almost the *verrry* bottom to find even one mention of the maze.. thought i was going batty.. ;))


This game is great, especially the ending and the casting!
PS: the casting is so great that you should not miss it!!

The door scene:
steel stick - on top left hand corner of the scene, just below the "AHI"
electronic chip - inside the "AHI" box

The computer scene:
wire cable - beside the right hand side of drawer, there is black area poked out a bit

The TV scene:
screw driver - beside the CD boxes
paper- between the wooden box and the orange paper
key A - click on the left hand side of the TV table, where it merged the bed
music A - The ANDES song, located in the magazine beside the TV. (it is not a physical object)

The bed scene:
key B - underneath the pillow
key C - move the pillow 4 times, and it will fall out
key D - click on the floor underneath the bed, use the steel stick to get it

usage of the keys:
folded paper - Use key A to open the wooden box located in the TV scene
pen - Use key B to open the second drawer located in the computer scene
music B - (Not a physical object) Use key C on the pink musical box located in the TV scene
marble, remote, doll - Use key D to open the drawer located in the bed scene and completed the mini game (whenever a marble jumped over another marble, the one being jumped over disappear, and you will end up having only one marble.)
Hint: it is not as hard as you think, just don't isolate any marble, try it a few times, and pray…. ^_^

Use the "screw driver" to open the CPU located on the computer scene, put the "electronic chip" into it, connect it with the "wire cable" (PS: there is a cutter inside the CPU, remember to take it)

Put the "paper" into the print and turn on the computer by clicking the CPU, a blue screen will appear and you need to enter a password. Go to the bed scene and place the "folded paper" on the table and use the "pen" on it, so you have the password. (mine is 347192)

After entering the password, you got the paper printed with a pattern on it. Put that piece of paper onto the picture frame located on top of the TV. Cut the picture with the "cutter", and now you have to solve a mini game again…You have to move the pieces in order to join the colour line…see appendix A for the completed picture…
(Hint: THIS IS VERY HARD, but starting from the bottom to the top will make a bit easier…once again…damn it , it is hard…) if you think the marble game is hard……I suggest you give up right now… ^^b

Once you finished, you get an "electronic ladybug". Use this "ladybug" on the wire located "where you got key A", and you will get a disk.

Use the "remote" on the ceiling fan located on…hm…there is an upper arrow on the "wall with the power outlet on it"…double click the center of the fan and you will get Key E…

Use Key E to open the last drawer located in the computer scene and get a CG and a video tape. (PS: don't miss the video tape, you can hardly see it because it is black and so do the drawer)

Put the "disk" into another CPU located beside the TV, and you will know the "security safe" is active… Go click the left side of the brown wall located in the computer scene and you find the safe (in case you don't know where it, see appendix B)…….So, how to open the safe??

1) take the marble and put it under the microscope
2)look into the microscope and copy down the image on a piece of paper
3)turn the paper by 180 degree, so that the line will under the "L's" (cause the microscope turned image around)
4)those "L"s are the password, each corner of the L represents the position of the button on the safe, so press the green buttons following the order of the Ls.


In case you don't understand, mine is: AHDDIG (if this does not work, the position of the Ls may be random, so you must figure it out by yourself)

now you got a "bottle of C8H7N3O2", check it out with a magazine on the bookshelf located beside the TV.

Put the "CG" on the hoop located on the top of the bed, use the "C8H7N3O2" on the CG.. (PS: Key F will appear on the cardboard box. If you can't find it, you must have forgotten to close the drawer after the marble game! So close the drawer and you will find it on the cardboard box)

Use Key F to open the first drawer located in the computer scene, and you got a hammer. DON'T CLOSE this drawer, and go to where the safe located!! There is an AV cable at the back of the drawer!
Put the "video tape" into the VCR, connect it with the "AV cable", click on the TV and you will find some codes with music C.

Use the doll on the…..hm….the white air-conditioning window, and you find a brown bottle…Apply this bottle onto the wall, just a bit under the bottom right hand corner of the air-conditioning window, click it a few times and some words appear.

Break the mirror beside the door with the "hammer", there is a color wheel that require password…

1)Turn off the light, you will find letters one wall and numbers on the other wall.
2) Each number on the wall represents a letter. And each letter is the initial of a colour to be entered onto the color wheel.
3) Use the numbers on wall to find initials by matching it with the numbers as seen in the TV and the letters on the wall.
4) You will have six letters representing six colour

After you solved the colour wheel, there is another challenges, in which you find something similar with the piano inside.

Remember music A, B, and C? Enter the music notes according to those three pieces of music!

? B
? A#
? A
? G#
? G
? F#
? F
? E
? D#
? D
? C#
? C

C C G G A A G (little stars)
A A B A A B (sakura sakura)
C# E Ab F# E F# Ab (ANDES)

Whenever you finished enter a song, press the switch on the top in order to start another song. (Since not all of us are musician, I attached the answer on appendix C)

Alright!!! You find a ring!!! And there is the ending!!! Put the ring on the lady's hand and wait for the amazing casting!!~~~~

And……please……if you find this walkthrough useful, please leave a message. I spent an hour to translate the walkthrough from Chinese to English. (and…if there is any error in the translate causing a failure on the walkthrough, please let me know)

Appendix A (puzzle)

Appendix B (safe)

Appendix C (music)


plz help, I cant clik the A.V. wire, the arrows to the next page keep geting in the way


Damn, I don't know what to do when I get the seal puppet, the doll thing, the marble and the remot control... any help?


The power cable is actually on the left of the black cabinet, under the the horizontal wire.


1. Beto, PLEASE USE A SPOILER WARNING THING. I'm trying to figure this out without a walkthrough. Or hints, even.

2. I got to the maze without hints, but I don't know what the significance of it is or how many friggin' levels there are.

So I just wanna know one thing: Is there light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the maze, and do I HAVE to do it?


yea realyy helpful


Pilot, the maze totally wore me out. there are many levels, i guess around 10. There are musical notes inside that help you find the next exit.. Not all exits are going downstairs, so be careful not to go back from the one you came from. The best thing would be to draw a map as you move. at the end, i saw a girl sitting in a dead-end. I clicked on her and i got out of the maze. The maze box was divided into two with some unknown marks on one of the sides. So i guess there is a meaning to the maze as you get clues when you finish it.


Hello, I'm using the marble code on the safe behind the computers but... nothing! Can you help me?!


Dear all:

I am stuck with the MAZE. can anyone pls help me?
I keep returning to the same old place. :(

sahinemre January 19, 2007 6:01 PM

i cannot open the safe behind the two monitors. can u post the image about this again ?


is anyone playing this game right now? I need help with the key that opens the top drawer. I read the above and got a whole lot of advice, but I can't find that key. Pls help!!


I still don't get how to open the pc to put the graphic chip in! Somebody help


lol i cant believe it!! the marble puzzle wasnt that hard because i got lucky


man took me a wile to get dat color wheel but i did it!!!!! i loved it!!! best game i ever played!!!! great ending!!!!! im da 176,827th conqueror. took me 1 hr, 39 min, 44 secs to beat!!!


please can someone post a plan of the colour puzzle behind the tv. I've tried the link on the walkthrough but it is in chinese..


I can't find a picture of the slider puzzle result. The links in previous posts don't work. Can someone please help with the slider puzzle?


These mini games are so hard, help me


thank you for translating this.. it was very useful to me. I've finished the game :)


Frustrating...I'll never be able to beat it. I've never been able to do sliders...peg/marble jumping, no problem. This is so not fair...


the yellow slider doesnt work in the final part of the game-lame!

cireshorty26 April 30, 2007 4:27 PM

that is so great... the music box plays a japanese song called Sakura..
I like it


i dont know where to find the appendixes!!! help!!


The appendixes? I'm not sure what you mean.

***N.J. E$HA*** May 5, 2007 10:22 PM

I can't get the song out of the magazine! How do you do that?

***N.J. E$HA*** May 5, 2007 10:26 PM

I give up!!!!! Nothing seems to be working for me.


***N.J. ESHA***
Do you mean you can't find the magazine with the musical score in it or you can't read music?

tenkuchima May 8, 2007 7:34 PM

why did there have to be a slider puzzle? WHY!!! thats the only reason i cant beat this


where do i find the picture of the whole paper pattern when i have to unscramble it?


Im stuck so bad...every time i get to the point where ive stuck the marble under the microscope...but i dont see anything at all except a yellowish white circle. Ive messed with the settings on my monitor even, and i cant see anything but smushed popcorn! please help!


There should be a series of arrows below a line. Quite hard to see though.

meghnac78 May 29, 2007 2:33 PM

Hello. thank you for the great walkthrough. i still need help though. i CANNOT seem to get Key C. I clicked on the pillow 4 times, then more than 4 times. the key refuses to fall out :) how do i get it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!


i need help with something else. i am doing the slider puzzle but i cannot find the completed picture anywhere. can someone please send me the complete website for it? thanks a lot :)


can any one help me ???? what is the box for in the bedroom, i have been in to it and its a maze and i have put the dolls head in to the box and i keep getting blue music keys but dont no what to do ???

NeedingBrownBottle June 21, 2007 10:31 AM

How do you find the brown bottle in the white air conditioner?!

Anonymous August 2, 2007 7:49 PM

How do you work the safe?

linn hlyan hlaine August 7, 2007 12:37 PM

my escape number is 189138. its so fantastic!!!!

all of friends here! fighting!!!


Can't see anything on the safe buttons... I know a few people have had the same problem... anyone have a solution?


Figured out the safe...
If anyone is still stuck here's the deal:

Nothing appears in the green buttons, the buttons all represent something, I had to use a picture of it, pretty simple once you know what each button represents.

Good Luck


189374 people have escaped from the room.
(couldn't do it without your help (especially the last music puzzle).


i can't find key A


i cant find music A. plz help >,

nonegiven August 21, 2007 4:54 AM

You all must remember...1st row is on top....view what The Max had write...i follow and i get it pass easily



when I would like to play the game I get a black desk/picture. Before I can see the intro and how the ring falls in the water. I see bubbles and after that I press the language. But then, nothing happens. I can't start the game, it stops. I've got a black picture. I use the IE 6.0. What can I do? Thanks for helping.

jena moreau September 2, 2007 8:18 PM

I need help, i cannot find appendix a to locate what the scrambled picture is supposed to look like


i dont know where the air-conditioning window is, please HELP me. I've done this bit so far in 15 mins, i wanna make a record on the leader board HELP HeLp hElP me pls


You can see the air-conditioning window in the screen to the left of the screen with the front-on view of the bed-side table. You will see it at the top left-hand corner.


Finaly got it number 191241 2hrs34min


Excellent Game! ... I was the 192149 conquerer. Was kinda difficult at times though. I couldn't have did the music puzzle without help from stephen michael's post. I even know music, but I couldn't figure out that contraption lol

Toadstool October 25, 2007 3:59 PM

i don`t know how to get the cpu power cable in


can someone help me.. i cant find the safe.. and i think my key got lost.. where is the safe.? im playing now.


I got lost in the box maze, too. However, I've started marking where I went in the maze on to a sheet of paper, and so far I haven't messed up yet.


Where is appendix A?


i finished the game.. it great.. thanks for this walkthrough.. though some of the tips here were not clear.. it did help me.. im the 192852th conqueror.. hehe.. thanks guys.!!


01:07:54 to finish.. even with walk through.. but I LUV THIS GAME!! its one of the BEST games i have ever played... really tests ur intellect! the walkthrough helps but u still need to use the brain! ^^ I was the 193285 conquerer!! yay ^^

anyway i juz really like this game... if u wanna know some other random stuffs, read the spoiler. But i suggest u dont coz i put some stuff about the ending and i really dun think u should see it... but if u finished, or u dun think u ever will finish, CLICK SPOILER =D

1. The guy was in a coma!! He didn't really get captured or whatever crazy idea u had in your mind! 2.The room was based after a real room!! How totally ROCKIN is that!!so cool.. but the real room is really messy....... gosh...3. u married a woman with brown hair and brown eyes... =D 4. after finishing the whole game, i actually think its kinda simple!! lol...


How do you solve the color wheel behind the mirror?
I don't understand the music.. I don't see any letters on the wall.


Just spent 20mins trying to do the stupid marble thing and then got stressy with the line thing and so gave up and now I can't save the game!!!!I'm going to bed!


Ahh! It was too long, I was playing it for over two hours...maybe it's just me, I am terrible at these games


194479th conqueror.

awsome game i really loved this one

keep up the good work on the walkthrus

greezt shu


love the scene and also i love the ending!


I still don't understand the music puzzle at last. How to play these 3 songs on the panel?


I was so lucky that I beat the maze, but so unlucky that I didn't caught how to receive the cable. And I know by now the cable is the last thing that should defeat me.


Hey... for the blue bar near the end, the first column's block is on the bottom most black spot. I got stuck for what, an hour or four on that. 7619120th win ;]


where is the steel stick ?


how in gods name do i beat the safe plz if anybodys there plz explain to me plz!!!!!!


Wow, one of the most challenging. This game tears your brain apart. I stink at music and it is late so I have to give up. I wish there was a save button for this game. It is just so huge. Thanks for all the tips.


how do you start the freakin game


i cant start the game. if i press play it wont do anything help me please

queen-of-diamonds March 28, 2008 1:43 PM

I'm having the same problem here, can't get the page to load... not only that there isn't even an address appearing in my address box.... that's weird.


never mind what the other posts about it says - it's easier than they made it out to be.
when I looked under the microscope, my "code" was :


(it's probable different for everyone)
it meant that how I had to press the safe buttons was :

the left one (as in <)
the bottom one (as in V)
the right one twice (as in >>)
the top one (as in ^)
and the bottom one (as in V)

YES IT"S THAT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're welcome.

p.s. the rest of the walkthrough is awesome though, thanks for that

TheDoll... April 25, 2008 11:50 PM

The doll is not working on the "white air-conditioning unit". I'm stuck & need help please.

queen-of-diamonds May 2, 2008 12:46 PM


Unless it changes from game to game, as far as I know the correct notes to play each song are these
(I first tried the ones in the walkthrough but they appear to be incorrect -at least for me-)

1 - Sakura Sakura: A A B A A B (La La Si La La Si)
2 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: C# C# G G A A G (Do# Do# Sol Sol La La Sol)
3 - Andes Song: D F G# F# E F# G# (La Fa Sol# Fa# Re Fa# Sol#)

That is also the order in which to play the songs.

(For chart refer to page 2, that's the one I used as reference)

Excellent game by the way, a real brain killer.


This is a map of the maze inside the box by the bed. You don't have to complete it to escape the room, but if you want to see what's at the end and don't want to spend hours on it, it will come in handy. No guarantees, though :)


Somehow the link to the pic mentioned in my previous post was eaten by the site. Second try:

[Edit: you cannot embed images here in the comments, but you may leave a URL to an externally hosted image. Just include the URL, please. I've edited your comment above accordingly. Thanks! -Jay]


201,925th conqueror.

thanks for the great game! this is one of the best i've played in this genre.


confused i cant figure out the safe part can anyone help please


my safe code is LLLLv


i can't find the safe at all...... i'm clicking around and behind the computers but nothing shows up
the computer says 'electronic lock program, please insert unlock command'

please someone tell me where to click! i solved the evil slider puzzle for this?


(sorry jay, nevermind about that comment... i just nearly imploded with the frustration of pixel hunting. found it though)

by the way, i love your site, i spend hours on it and neglect my work for it XD


I have the air conditioner open, but don't/can't get "the bottle"? I also can't seem to get the "Letters" to come up if I'm using the spatula. Anyone got any ideas what I may be doing wrong. I'm hoping to finish it!



equip it and move down from the right side of the vent. It's not far. Two clicks and the wallpaper's off. Then...

Turn out the lights.


Have you found the safe yet?

In the computer view, click on the brown wall close to the light-wood table -- that should get you behind the tables.

Next you need the marble.

After you solve the marble puzzle in the bedside table, try the marble in the magnifier. (The longest line is an underline.) That should point you to what to push to open the safe.


Thanks shudog.

I am up to the music puzzle. I am able to get the yellow bar to light up but not the other 2. I've looked at the walk th. a dozen times but still can't see to get it to work?


Yes I figured it out. 1hr and 30min. I think I'm in the 2,000,000 :}. I shouda wrote it down.

I realized you don't need to have all the boxes filled at the bottom for the music game


Ok, ok,

So bet it again, I was the 203,987! Little over the edge, oh well :}


I found out what the maze is good for!

If you finish it, the box gets divided into 2 parts. If you click on the left part, you can see the other's side close-up. There are lines and squares on it. Exactly 7 squares, like 7 notes on the music player... and yes, you can play it! Counting only the white "lines" on the player from the bottom: 3, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2 (where 1 is the bottom white line, right above the one that means "skip this note"). If you play this song, you've already won the room, you can go out without the other 3 songs!


Why does it take so long to load is there a site that loads it quicker? It never loaded that slow when i played it a long time ago..wonder what happened.

FiestyGal April 4, 2009 3:24 AM

This game is hard! It's a lot of fun, but really challenging. I'm stuck at the marble puzzle and am ready to pull my hair out. LOL


okay a got to the color wheel however a don`t know how to get orange ... can you help me?


Escaped!!! x) Good game! Challenging, but not impossible. Walkthrough helped at times when I didn't realize an item was there :) Sliding puzzle took the most time, but the room had a nice combination of less time consuming puzzles.


i used the folded paper and placed beside the microscope and used the pen to make markings, but there is no numbers. so i guess the game trapped me.


Too impossible. I know it's pretty old though.