ive got the dark orange key but i dont get what you mean by left clik help meeeeeee


How do you access inventory? Have the screen but where and how do you access inventory to use.


Where is magnifing glass located at? To view inventory.

dayglowgaloshes October 31, 2005 6:49 PM

For everyone stuck at the phone:
If you're at the end, clicking on the phone over and over, and nothing is happening, go back upstairs and talk to the old man again. Go to back to phone, try again.

Oh, and as to what's behind the ‘green door'; it's the heart chakra of course!


well I finished the game without talking to the old dude, I used the phone and bang the game ended just like that,litterally also I never seen a magnifying glass only a bottle of poison, and I really didnt care for the game too much but Its not the 1st time I wasted 45min foolishly, anyway, if your stuck, just press the little power button on your computer, and do something productive.


That was a good one. I liked the twist. Devious old man. :)


well the game was pretty easy once you pass the part of the dog, but i didn't understand the plot...it was a bit creepy but fun.

the code to get in is 323722, the code of the bathroom is 1868798 put the statue in the place and turn off the lights, put every key in the spot of their respective colours


how must you pass the d0g :S

i did the meat op that thing....
bad that d0g d0nt let me pass :S

melissa hopelessly lost November 24, 2005 8:07 PM

i can't seem to get the meat onto the plate i have tryed all sugestons listed above can someone please help me i feel so stupid (bangs head on wall) i tryed this but it dident work please help

Try this:
1. Click on the plate in your inventory.
2. Click on the magnifying glass.
3. Click on the meat in your inventory. (Do NOT click on the magnifying glass!!!)


Hi! I need your help. I can't insert these keys as indicated. How can I do it? Thanks!

minveital December 2, 2005 3:58 PM

HALLO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a Mandarin! I can read this!
The water in the bottle isn't poisonous, it's beer, the dog obviously didn't like it.
The old man in bed said:
2.special document,
3.phone the hospital.


where the heck is that stupid statue? and where is the last green key?

minveital December 5, 2005 6:50 PM


find stick in the garage,use it to get the paper airplane.use num.on paper to open blue door.find something in yellow washroom.key in green washroom upstairs.use key to open door with marks downstairs.key whith flowers.open grey door.key under pillow. open aqua door.key behind taps.open the same color door as the new key.light the candle.take meet.take bottle.take plate.magnify plate,click meet then plate,click bottle then meet.open door to backyard.put meet on the dog's plate.go in.find key on the corner of wall half way upstairs.open pink door.take cup,fill cup with water.open door.key beside window.open blue door upstairs,get hit.open pink door,open door.take case,magnify it,double click it.open blue door upstairs.take brown book from bookshelf.


Late to find this (just found Jay's site about two weeks ago!!!) and it's not linking up...Is the error on my end, or theirs?


The game is no longer available at the site it was originally hosted at. I did found another, and fixed the link for now, though no guarantees. =/


where is the important document please help


that is the weirdest game i ave ever played espesialy the ending


How do you get the note in the tree out?


Does any one know how to go left after the brown key on the balcony? Cheers


ok Ruby Wry look by the right side of the car you should see a stick use the stick to get the note from the tree. but i cant give the steak to the dog! i am totally stuck! i put it on the plate and put the sauce on it but when i go outside i cant give it to the dog!


Solution for "Dr. Stanley's House" Game:
get the rod next to the car, go to the right side of the house click on the tree and with the rod get the flying paper. open the paper and get the code to open the door. 753348.
enter inside, go into the yellow door/bathroom and find a lighter.
Go upstairs til you get to a blue door/bathroom and find a key. Go downstairs and open the blue door with the key. Find another key in the flower vase.
Open the gray door with the key.

Matt Ozzy


Solution for "Dr. Stanley's House" Game:

part 2
in the gray room (the one with the phone), check next to the pillow to find a key. Open the other door in the room and enter into the bathroom. check the bathtub taps and find the green key.
go upstairs enter into the green door with the green key, there's the kitchen. pick the left arrow and light the candle with the lighter. get the meat. go back and pick the right arrow of the kitchen. get the bottle and the plate.
poison the meat (magnify the plate, press meat and press bottle). exit from the kitchen backdoor. place the meat on the dog plate, he will eat and fall asleep.
go to the bush and get the statue. go back inside.

Matt Ozzy


Solution for "Dr. Stanley's House" Game:

part 3
Once inside, go upstairs til you find a pink key on the staircase. go downstairs and open the pink doors next to the kitchen. That's the dining room. Get a cup and fill it with milk.
Through the other door of the room go into the patio and get the other blue key.
Go upstairs to the blue room. You'll get attacked and you'll wake up into the gray room with no inventory. Go back to the patio and find a dead buddy. Get his suitcase. Check the suitcase (with the magnifying glass) and get all your stuff back. Go up, back to the blue room. go to the right and then on the balcony to get the orange key. Get an orange book from the shelf. It's a diary, read it and get this code: 18668798. Go to the orange room (the closet).

Matt Ozzy


Solution for "Dr. Stanley's House" Game:

part 4
Once you got the orange key from the balcony and the book, get out of the blue room and open the orange door (it's the closet). get the phone cable. go back downstairs into the gray room and attach it to the phone. Go back into the blue room. go outside the window. You'll see the patio from above and the other roof of the house, click there and get another orange key. Go to the corresponding room. Enter into the green door (another bathroom). Hit the mirror to discover a security system. Exit the bathroom and enter into the bedroom. Go outside on the balcony to discover a dying Dr. Stanley. Give him the milk cup. Go back to the bathroom, insert the code you found in the diary. Place the statue into the wall indentation. Turn off the light to see the colored xrays.

Matt Ozzy


Solution for "Dr. Stanley's House" Game:

part 5
Once you memorized the colors of the xrays, turn the light back on and place the keys in the right holes. The safe will open. Get the envelope. Make a phone call in the gray room and get surprised!

Matt Ozzy


i dont get get the end coz i cant read the languge please someone tell me wots going on why dose the man wake up and also wot dose the letter at the begggining say


i need to get away from the dog i keep on giving it meat wat should i do?????

melissa March 6, 2006 9:10 PM

i cant pick up the stick please help

Dr Pangloss March 17, 2006 12:07 AM

How did I miss this game??? I loerve it.

(Melissa, you might have the stick in your inventory even if you don't think you do...it's rather dark.)


Just in case...

I can't seem to find whatever is supposed to go in the middle slot of the key puzzle thing. I've got the order of the six keys on the outside and everything, and the skeleton key doesn't go in the middle. Did I miss a key somewhere? I have orange, blue, teal, pink, green, and then olive-green or what I assume people meant by "smudge."
Also, and this could be related, is the "smudge" key, or what I like to call olive-green, one of the keys on the outside circle? If so, and if it goes to the smudge or olive-green door beside the blue one, it doesn't seem to be working. This, of course, tells me that the two do not, in fact, go together, but I can't find another solution. Thanks for any help...

Mary Mac April 26, 2006 1:06 PM

Aw man..

Great game, love the ending, but boy do I hate helping the bad guy!


I can't get in to the rooms in the house just in to the two bathrooms please can someone help me with that?!



You still having problems....there is a whole spoiler about 4 posts up ^ that way.
Any probs. just ask ... old game here ... not many people come around anymore to post but will help if I can.

Marissa May 4, 2006 8:06 PM


In the kitchen pantry you must first light the candle before you can pick up the meat.

Pick up the meat, go into the kitchen, pick up a plate, and pick up the bottle next to the plates.

In the inventory bar, click on the plate then the magnifying glass to view the plate.

When you are viewing the plate, click on the meat but dont click on the magnifying glass!! then click on the plate again. The meat should now be on the plate.

Then click on the bottle in your inventory Dont click on the magnifying glass!! and then click on the plate of meat. The meat should now be covered in the Beer.

Go outside click on the plate of meat then click on the dogs dish near the door.

Hope this clears it up for everyone....

Pachacutec May 8, 2006 1:20 AM

This is a very cool game, one of my favorite point and clicks. Thanks for posting it jay.

Savannah Stallworth May 12, 2006 9:46 PM

I am STUCK!!!!!!!!!! :(

THe old creepy man is in bed and i have entered the keys. I dont know how to open up the safe. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you binks! :)


what do i do after i killed the dog

nikkie b May 21, 2006 4:49 AM

where is the phone card


omg! i clicked the phone like 20 minutes and nothing happened, the oldman was sleeping in his bed and i got the files... i had been playing like 3 hours and in the part of the phone i missclick in an add and my game was closed :(


To all those who are still stuck: Several walkthoughs have been posted, hidden in all of these mesages. Just use your browsers search option and look for the word walkthrough, you should find it. Not that it would be much of a challenge that way...

Yvonniz June 2, 2006 3:53 PM

Your walkthrough is good help but you are silly to say you have to click on the phone forever to get the card under it. If you don't get the card on the first try you simply have forgotten to give the old man in the bed water. You still have te cup in your inventory?
If so; go down to the kitchen again and fill the cup with water from the can where you found the cup. Then go back up to the old man and give him the water. Then give him the file. ( I did, and I was instructed to on this page but I'm not sure if it's nessesary.) But when this is done and you go back to the phone, there will be no problem collecting the card. And the game is over!
Takk for meg;)

Rhiannon June 5, 2006 6:01 AM

is this file the black enelope?


I'm stuck in the kitchen and that stupid dog!!
I have the plate, the meat, and some kind of a bottle and I have tried to put the meat into the dog's food bowl but I don't get anywere

can someone help me??


well what u have to do is click the plate then the magnify glass then drag the meat to the plate and poor the bottle on it. then give it to the dog after he eats it watch him eat it then leave with the arrow right ur welcome bye!!


SOMEONE HELP! how do you get past that dog!..... i've been trying for hours now!? :(


This comment should help, Darlene... Click.



how do i get to make the phone call?!


Admittedly, using the phone seemed a bit glitchy, and unless you are at the end of the game, there's no need to use it right away.

It is literally the last thing you'll do in the game.

This comment may help

And there's lots more where that came from on this page, too. =)


After you take the skeleton key which color is the bathroom door?


IM STUCK! i CANT put the meat on the plate!


YAY beat the game!!!!!!!


how do you get out of the orange room?


ok im totally stuck.....i started playing the other day but had to quit and now i can't remember what i did.......im in the first room you can open after you get the key out of the bathroom. the room with the flowers.......please help



I got as far as

the orange key on the balcony

but after I clicked on it and left the room, the key vanished from my inventory as well as from where I got it from.

Did anyone else have this problem? How can I get it back?


Never mind, the luck of the post has struck me too lol

laquan tate August 27, 2006 10:34 AM

HELP i got all of the keys but the green key and orange key any hint


HELP ME PLEASE! I need to now how to get the orange key i know its near the chimney but how do I get there?


i cant find out what to do wth did you guys mean by order of the keys and letter....what letter


Hi. :) can you tell me where is the yellow door? why want go inside the house and i can't. please, help


im stuck what do i do after i find the statue


you need help? get the cane next to the car. see a paper aeroplane. use the cane to get the paperplane and open it up. see numbers. the code for the front door. go inside and take the stairs to the green bathroom door. FIRST STEP SECOND STEP COMING OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok Jesse you have to retype the code for the blue door and get inside and find the orange key inside the orange door you find a bathroom so place the statue (you have to find the diary first)


im stuck at the black envelope how u open it


this game is so cool i knew it was that dead guy since they took my stuff


i carnt get the keys in the slot what order they go in


use the green key and near in the flower pot you find a grey colour key open the door find somthing? yes near the pillow a key (a funnny key) you open the door near the cupboard and go inside and zoom in near the tap and voila!!!! THIRD STEP COMING SOON!!!


brandon u found the stattue place the stattue (get the diary first)turn off the lights and see it rainbow


how many keys are there i have 6 but the safe has 7 holes HELP where the 7th key


I sent a post on august 28 but nobody answered me once again HELP ME PLEASE! I need to now how to get the orange key i know its near the chimney but how do I get there?Farah help!!


Finished it, but I have to admit the ending creeped me out a little. But that doesn't mean much, I scare easy.


i found all clues except emerald green key, and can not get blacl envelope to open there fore cannot get phone to work please help driving me crazy-er

Jonathan8972 October 8, 2006 9:19 AM

Creepy ending.....turns out the person who fell n died was Dr. Standley n the old man just used me to get the secret documents. Anyway had fun playing the game though i didnt enter the green room.

Sookie... u have to get out the window n click on the stairs on the wall to get the orange key. hope that helps.


omg! are you kidding me? all that work, all that clicking on the stupid phone for that? how is that even an ending. we find out the dead guy is stanley, and the old man wakes up and glares at you. oooo... am i misinterpreting the ending? besides all that work for that ending, it was a good game, and i found it quite easy. no help, no walkthroughs. good job, jay!



The beginning letter doesn't add much to the game. It only said, "I'm professor Stanley from XXX lab. Do you have time to come over to my house? I have some important stuff to ask you." So it's just an invitation to his house...so that's why you ended up there.

Basically, the ending says you finally found a name card of the Professor, and from the picture on the card you discovered that the Professor fell off the balcony, and that the old guy in bed was the bad guy. it's kinda a open-ended story, which is kinda cool. What I found ridiculous though, is that in real life, wouldn't you have totally found the card from way in the beginning and you won't be fooled by the old guy? That's so dumb!

loved the game and I would say it's a medium-difficulty game. except the final color key thingy was very hard to read (it's very small, and I'm not even color blind!)...and that the final key from the roof was kinda hard to find too, took so many clicks!

Just a minor correction: there is no such thing as "written Mandarin Chinese". Mandarin is a dialect which can only ben spoken, not a "written form" of Chinese. The game is indeed written in simplified Chinese (not "mandarin chinese"). It's kinda like saying something is written in "British accented English", which will make zero sense. Well there are British spellings, but that's a different story. Plus, mandarin is spoken both in mainland china and in Taiwan, and Taiwan use traditional Chinese, so you definitely cannot equate simplified Chinese. to "mandarin" Chinese. Does that make sense?



That was freaking awesome.
I totally evaded my entire evening of cleaning house and making dinner for everyone by playing this game.

So *creeeeeepy*

Gah. Now I gotta jam on that cleaning!


where does the statue go?
where is the old man ,looked in all rooms,cnt find him?
what is the orange key for?
what is the bathroom puzzle evry1 is talkin bout?
does the statues eyes glow or somein?

ive got da diary nd hve put da phone cord on.

tankgirl23 November 8, 2006 11:20 PM

I CANNOT combine items. I have tried everything you all told me, and it is not working. Could it be Firefox browser?

tankgirl23 November 8, 2006 11:23 PM

nevermind... I had to click on the magnified object, not the object in the inventory bar.

BIG distinction there.


This game is fun! :D It was easy since I did all by myself without help. Very surprising and interesting. Had not much problem since I understand chinese. Thanks Jay!


how do you open the pot?


nice game i thougtht at the end that Stanley that guy who seem to had fallen was the bad guy but then when i saw that evil look on that old man's eyes i realized that he was the bad guy


that game was well good but it could be better i didnt need hints lol


Complete Walkthrough:

Outside at beginning:

  • Click on car to zoom in.

  • Click on stick beside car, pick it up.

  • Click arrow to zoom out.

  • Click arrow to go right, click again to go to the tree.

  • Use the stick to knock paper airplane out of tree.

  • Click on plane to pick up. Unfold plane to reveal code for front door. The code changes everytime.

  • Use code to open front door.

Inside part 1:

  • Go in ugly yellow room on the left. You will find a lighter on the left wall in the corner. It's gold color. Leave room.

  • Turn so you can go up the stairs.

  • Go in door at top of stairs.

  • Pick up teal colored key from top of toilet paper holder. Leave room.

  • Go down the stairs find the teal colored door with the lines on it. Use key to open door.

  • Click on plant, take grey key.

  • Go to grey door and use key to open.

Grey Room:

  • Click on pillow take key. Use key to open the door on the left.

  • You should be in a bathroom.

  • Click on tap, pick up green key.

  • Leave room, go to hallway.

  • Remember this room you will have to come back here.

  • Find green Door.

Green Room:

  • Use key on door.

  • Click arrow to go in a room with a candle.

  • Use lighter on candle.

  • Take meat from box.

  • Leave that part of the room.

  • Click arrow on the left of the green door to go into kitchen.

  • Take plate and steak sauce.

  • Click on plate, put meat on plate, put sauce on meat.

  • Click door on the right to go outside.

Outside part 2:

  • Give meat to dog, dog falls asleep.

  • Click right arrow till you find blue statue.

  • Go back in front door. You have to enter the code again. Same one from the plane.

Inside part 2:

  • Go to stairs find pink key.

  • Use on double doors at the bottom of stairs.

  • Click on cup. Select cup then click on pitcher to get water.

  • Go in door on left pick up blue key.

Blue room part 1:

  • Use key, will get knocked out.

  • You wake up in the grey room.

  • Leave room and go to pink room to get your stuff back.

  • In the pink room there is a dead guy.

  • Take his case. You stuff is in it.

  • Go back to blue room.

Blue room part 2:

  • Go in blue room.

  • Zoom in on book shelf.

  • Take tall brown book. It's a diary you will use later.

  • Click on door to left.

  • Go up ladder.

  • Take key by chimney. Go back in room.

  • Click arrow to go in room on right.

  • Click patio door to go out pick up key.

  • Leave room and go to pea green room next to blue room.

Pea green room:

  • Open door with key take phone cord.

  • Leave room and go to orange room on same floor.

Orange room:

  • Click arrow then go out on patio.

  • Click on old guys head to put him in the bed. Give him glass of water.

  • Click arrow to go left. Go in door on left.

  • Click mirror to reveal star puzzle and key pad on other wall.

  • Code for key pad is in the back of the diary.

  • Input code, wall opens to reveal a hole shaped like the statue.

  • Put the statue in the hole.

  • Turn off lights to reveal answer to star puzzle. Colored dots match keys.

  • Put keys in the puzzle. Hole in wall opens, take files and give them to the old guy.

  • Leave room and go back to grey room.

Grey room part 2:

  • Click phone on desk.

  • Connect cord to phone.

  • Try to dial numbers.

  • Phone raises.

  • Click on ID.

  • Congratulations you are done.


Want a hint for the ID - Card?

Before you can get the ID - card, you have to give the file to the old man in the bed.
Go upstairs and find the orange door, go in and give the file to the old man.
Then go downstairs, walk in the grey door, go to the phone and lokk under. You will see a little dot, that is the ID - card. It is a pixel click.
Dont give up! :)

SYNTAX_ERROR November 27, 2006 3:00 AM

I beat the game... I only got stuck on the key puzzle in the bathroom, but other than that, it was mildly enjoyable. As to the ending... what happens to the main character after looking at the id card?


Cool i beat the game but what do you suppose an old man is gonna do to you huh? Maybe he will he will ring out he WW1 rifel and shoot you. lol


I can't figure out what to do with the guy in the bed. I have alot of objects but none of them work. I got water in a cup but then the old guy took it some how when i walked by him please help! I really need it.



Grab the stick by the garage wall. Use it to pull the paper airplane from the tree, unfold and
read to get the entry code. Enter through the blue door.
Go through the yellow door and pick up the lighter (partially hidden behind the pipe). Walk
upstairs and through the greyish door into the other bathroom. Take the key on the paper holder.
That key lets you enter the lounge (bottom floor, boring grey-blue door). Take the grey key from
the vase and exit. Unlock the grey door for a cutscene.
Take the skeleton key from the floor (bottom right). Enter the bathroom. Take the somewhat green
key from behind the fixtures. Exit twice to get back to the hallway and see another cutscene.
Your newly acquired rotting vegetables-colored key opens the kitchen, at the foot of the
stairwell. Enter, go left, light the candle in the window. Take a piece of meat. Double right for
a cutscene.
Take a plate and the spice bottle. Put the meat on the plate (plate + inspect [magnifying
glass]), click the meat. Click the bottle to spice it up.
Exit through the kitchen door and kill the dog (meat + whatever is supposed to be right of the
front door). Enjoy the silence. Double right to pick up the little statue that used to be in the
lounge. Left, and enter the house again.
Halfway up the stairs you'll find the pink key. This opens the kitchen (double doors). Click the
pot of whatever to your left, get a glass and fill it. Walk out the kitchen entrance (left door)
to get the dark blue key.
Use this key to open the blue door at the top of the stairs. As a reward for getting this far,
you get hit in the head and wake up behind the grey door. I can only assume that the chinese
characters at the bottom of the screen at this point reads "WTF!?". Oh, and your inventory is
Return to the kitchen and walk through the kitchen entrance. Cutscene, dead guy. Take his bag and
inspect it to get your inventory back. So there. Now, what were we doing?
Exit and walk through the blue door. Start by checking the bookshelf above the couch (you want
the big leather-bound diary). Walk right and onto the balcony to get the somewhat orange-brownish
key). Left. Click the door to get a somewhat confusing birds-eye view. Click the left part of the
building to get the orange key by the chimney. Return to the hallway.
The smudge-colored key gets you into the room next to the blue one. Nothing to do here except to
grab the extension cord. Back out.
The bright orange key gets you through the orange door that's currently behind you. You'll find
yourself in a bedroom. Walk onto the balcony for a cutscene. Must be Stanley, right? Give him the
drink and put him to bed.
Now go into the bathroom and touch the mirror. Cutscene. A panel just appeared on the right wall.
Read the diary for the code (18668798, I don't think this changes). Enter it for another
cutscene. Put the statue in the slot.
Now what? Turn off the light. Insert keys as indicated (starting at 12 o'clock, going clockwise:
blue, orange, green, grey, dark blue, pink. Nondescript brownish in the center.) BUT DO IT WITH THE LIGHT ON
Cutscene. Grab the file. Now to finish the game.
Walk downstairs and through the grey door. Use the extension cord on the phone. GO TO TALK TO THE MAN IN BED TWICE. GIVE HIM WATER AND THE FILE. THEN GO TO THE PHONE. YOU WILL find the ID card under the telephone QUICKLY . Enjoy


To get I.D.,

go back to old man. He will tell you to call an ambulance. Then go back to get I.D. from phone. THE END!

gary crietz January 27, 2007 8:12 PM

what do u do after you get the blue key


Wow! That was an AWESOME ending! Why haven't I played this before? :)

@ Gary:

Try and find the blue door to match. Just keep going up the stairs until you see it. Then be prepared to go through the pink kitchen doors again.


from what I got from other comments the story and beating the game is this the professor invites you over you find the help plane and as the story progresses you find that thee professor is dead but it is presumed that the old man is the professor so he isnt and the dead guy is the criminal but then you find the ID card and you find out the criminal is really the old guy and more then likely is going to come after you the end


i have put the phone cord on and press the button on the phone but it won't work and i am almost done


Great plot twist at the end! I wish I could read everything, but you can pick up the basic idea of the plot without any of the text, so it works.

read the post near the top of the page by dayglowgaloshes. I needed that hint as well, and another post up there by minveital gives the reason; the old guy tells you to phone the hospital, and you can't do that until he tells you to. Again, would have been nice if I could have read that kind of thing, but not the end of the world.


For all of those having trouble, thanks to one person, I've figured out the ID card. After giving the old man the envelope, talk to him again. Then go to the gray door, and press a number. It zooms in, and you can finally grab the Card.


the game stanley house is so easy i mean sure you have to find a lot of stuff but if you need to just ask me or use a walkthrough


How do you put the meat on the plate i've tried everything but nothing worked

squiddy July 4, 2007 5:00 AM

This is a great game! Thanks for sharing.
I know Chinese so I understood the plot all the way along, it was very enjoyable and... unexpected.

Here is a summary of the plot for people who might be interested...

Dr. Stanley had done a brilliant research that would make him famous all over the world. But somebody was after his precious research papers. Out of the fear that his research papers would be stolen, Dr. Stanley hid his research papers securely and got himself a dog to guard his house. But things weren't going so well lately... and that's when you, as a detector, was asked by the doctor to pay a visit to his house. After solving all the puzzles, you helped out a fainted old man whom you thought was Dr. Stanley. Just as you were gonna call the hospital, you found Dr. Stanley's business card under the phone... and guess what?
you found out that the man that fell on the ground with the box WAS Dr. Stanley, and the old man that you helped out was... who? - and that's the end, very striking.


wow, what a twisted game. it was fun though.