TrAiNReCs March 30, 2010 4:22 PM

I got second place so far... fun/challenging game!


I can't find the hammer 0_o
Is it just me?

midiphile March 30, 2010 4:35 PM


It's in the pile of junk blocking the main door to the hospital.


where you guys get the stool sample?


the stool is in the hospital next to the room you started in. just get a key and open the door and it is in the bucket. also urine is on the shelf, combine with syringe and use on the head guard


who is the magician and where do I find him


Thank you midiphile!


upstairs in the hospital, on the same floor as your room, there is a locked door. Buy a key to open it, and the stool sample is in a bucket on the floor by the bed.



The magician can be found in Ra Square, through the corridor in Lupus Square. It is the house with the railings on the stairs. There is a Submachine machine in the landing. Go upstairs to find him.


the magician is a guy who can tell your future:

get to the screen with the two kids (far view, not close up), click on the stairs, go through the dark tunnel, in the top view of the Ra square on of the houses (obviously called the "magician's house" when enter) has the magician in the top floor.


about time for a walkthrough. ;)


Thanks alabaster!


Can I do the walkthrough, for the 1st time I have experience submitting a very long-waited game which was in the corner of the website I go to everyday, which has cause a world record in comments, favorites and ratings.
If not

, OK. :}


It's okay, I will do a youtube video about it later. :]


Please someone write a walkthrough for us.

We have a $20 iTunes gift certificate for the person who writes a well formatted, complete and accurate walkthrough in their own words. (No copying from any other site.)

The Great Dane March 30, 2010 5:34 PM

Arachnofobic Achievement:

Put a dead insect in the light in the dark room under the bridge. (Get in through the window.)


No sure if it was mentionned before:

Numerologist Achivement:

In the Kindergarten, there is a place where you can move the abacus. Imput the number you found in the grill, in the Forester house(you have to put your mouse on the scribbles in order to figure out which numbers it is).

My number was:



Achievement Good Observer involves

the nail

and super spoiler

the workman on the roof wants it

Petalpink123 March 30, 2010 6:38 PM

Anyone figure out what to do with

the 3 medals and the giant ball thing in the room in the middle arch behind the kids and what to do with the flower and holy pic and pen


the 3 medals are part of an achievement

no idea what the pen and the holy pic are for yet

still havent found all the gnomes or things to smash.. any hints?

Petalpink123 March 30, 2010 7:12 PM

Do u know how many gnomes there are.. I finished with 177 coins but i might go back and try to get higher so if anyone has questions i will try to help



Mouse over the numbers on the grate in the forester house (past the gate).

Enter them from top to bottom on the abacus in the kindergarten for Achievement: Numerologist.

Anonymous March 30, 2010 7:20 PM

how do you get the urine sample?

Anonymous March 30, 2010 7:22 PM

Here's what the pen is for:

You can use it to cross out the missing baby poster in the shop and trade and you'll get a reward.

mallcost March 30, 2010 7:30 PM

i know this is sad but, i can't get out the hospital


Three more things I found that I haven't seen mentioned.

you can:

give a waking pill to

The patient in the locked room next to where you start

give the english tea to

Same as above, the patient in the locked room next to where you start after you give him the waking pill

(There must be more in this progression, but I don't know it.)

give a hair growth pill to

the guy who is waiting, to the right of the mansion entrance (with a gear on top of his head)

Also, the three antennae are:

in the magician's house, on the top floor of the knife guild (break the triangle lock with the hammer to get in), and in the building to the right of the two guards (open with a key)

I had trouble finding the third of those.

That leaves the flower, pen, vomit pill, fever pill that I don't yet know how to use (for every other item, I've found a use in the comments).

Also, I still can't find the third place to put the dead fly for the arachno achievement…


sooo im stuck
im confused on what to do with

the monster under the dome you smash and the mystery machine next to the gaurds

also what do i do with

The pen, holy picture,tarot cards,and english tea, and was the rare flower just to get money

and where is

the last antene

sorry its so long but plzz help


ooh! one more step in the progression I wrote about above:

feed the bread to the patient after the waking pill and tea

good thing I sold all my stuff in one place so it's easy to see all items. checking again, I still have 3 tarot cards, the holy picture, and a total of 12 cigarettes that are also unused (plus the flower; the pen JIGuest just posted about above). Oh, the two pills, I'm just assuming that there wouldn't be items in the game that there is not some way to use. Also, it seems like every person in the game has some possible interaction. If there are people who have yet to be given an item, that's one place to look…

Also, I don't yet have the hammer achievement. What else do I need to smash? I did

the machine next to the gate, the dome with the creature beneath it, the statue in the graveyard, and one or two other things I can't remember now.


as far as i can tell the monster and the machine are just part of your vandalism spree, which attributes to the achievement.. nothing to do with them
i've found no use for the tarot cards or flower
the tea and pens use was mentioned already in this thread

Anonymous March 30, 2010 7:56 PM

Could someone please help me find the

puzzle pieces? I have the one from the Forester House, the one in the knife guild house, and the one you get with the seashells.


fever pill goes to

girl outside hospital door after you've already given her a painkiller.


wow that was long but it was awsome lol love the music it made some of the parts


Alley beside the guard house

Feed Vomit-inducing pill to the helmeted robot thing.

Get more coins!

Also, correction on Arachnophobic Ach.

You have to feed all three active spiders.


Walkthrough (win the game):

Escape your room:

1.Take the rubber tube which is on your bed.

2.Take the liquid bag which is hanging next to your bed.

3.Look under the bed (from the initial view) and take the cigarette(which can be used for selling).

4.Click on the side table next to the bed and take the empty bottle, the bread and the shoe polish which is in the bottom drawer.

5.From the bed view, go right and put on your shoes.

6.Pull the cord which is near to the left.

7.Go to the right and take your money bag (12 coins) which is in the chair.

8.Go right there is a guy (if you pulled the cord), talk to him.

9.Answer everything no(questions if your body hurts).

10.Go out the door.

Escape the Hospital:

1.Get the coin which is below the rails, go downstairs.

2.Go to the right twice

Take the coin next to the wheelchair and the people.

3.Go downstairs twice.Don't forget the hammer in the clutter of stuff boarding the door.

4.Talk to the guy in the corner (you can make space by combining the liquid with the empty bottle). Buy from him everything.

5.Go to the bottom-right (after exiting the view of the guy).

6.There's another cigarette and a coin under the board.

7.Under the stairs (right from the previous move), take the valve, open the floorboard and take the stone sphere.

8.Back upstairs, head right (coin in the corner) and use the window handle on the window, open it then use the rope on the window. Go out the window.(before you leave, if you go left on the second floor and look at the web you can find three dead insects which help get you a achievement).

Escape the town:

1.Go down to the ground (don't forget the coin on the sphere).

2.Go down (coin on the floor), right again (three coins in front of the men), and right twice (you are viewing a group of buildings).

3.In the tiny hole there is a cigarette and a *hiding gnome*.

4.In the boarded window are two coins and a dead insect.

5.In the house near the left is a shop (which sells keys), take the four coins from the floor.

6.Back in the hospital buy a sleeping spill from the doctor.

7.In the scene right from the men (guards at sight), click a little right at them (stairs and a gutter and on the corner), take the cigarette from the windowsill and the coin close to the gutter (in a hidden scene in the middle of the screen there is a machine which you can hammer to get you yo a achievement).

8.Go up the stairs and through the door.

Give the captain the sleeping pill and take his hat (coin under his desk).

Get past the guards, go right and into the low arch.(at the scene where the tiles are visible you can look down and enter a hole, in which you can drop a dead insect in the light, this gets you toward a achievement, there is even a *gnome on the roof of the building with the tall arch* along with a coin).

Opening the stone sphere gate:

1.Exit throught the right, and enter the tall arch doorway (in the main hall view you can smash the vase to get to a achievement) enter either painting, take three coins at the feet of the woman, there's a *gnome* behind here, and at the man (either via his painting or right from the woman), take four coins and his cup.

2.Go right (two coins on the floor), right again (11 coins on the floor), and right again (1 coin on the floor).

3.Back in the row of buildings (right to the guard), enter the right one (at the right of the door there is a guy with a gear above him), at the top floor there is a guy (gear on the floor to the left and a spiderweb so you can feed another spider with a dead insect), use the rubber tube on his contraption(lets you take 5 coins from his cupboard), and out the window is a coin on the board and a cigarette in the lunchbox.

4.Go right from the row of house (you can buy candy from the wheelchair kid who is on the right from the window you escaped from and give them to the children to get the "Good Uncle" achievement).

5.Enter the basement like stairs, go left and use the valve on the safe, take the crystal ball.

6.Go to the stair (from the far children view), through the dark hallway (top view of a square, there is a coin near the gutter which is at the left-bottom of the screen, there's even a poor guy in corner at the top-almost to the left part of the screen, if you give him three coins via your money bag he will give you a holy picture), enter the house on the left with the stair rails, on the top floor give the magician the crystal ball to get another stone sphere.(take his three tarot cards which you can sell).

7.At the square, go to the closed door at the top of the screen, pull the cord and wait, once open go in and take the coin on the top left chair and hammer the clock to get two gears (a spiderweb at the top-right of the screen with a spider you can feed with the dead insects getting you the "Arachnofobic" achievement, you may sell the dead insects for money and inventory space).

8.Go the key shop and buy a key, to the left of the row of houses at the guard there is a door, unlock it, use the gears on the machine and turn the knob.

9.At the scene of the children, go to the door and break the lock with the hammer, inside (coin on the floor) go left (cigarette on the sidebed and gear inside of it).At the right, at the stairs there is a chest, break the lock with the hammer and take the crank, there is another gear machine up the stairs, give it your gears and turn the knob. Enter the painting (after going downstairs), go the left of the house, down the stairs to get a shell.

10.Enter the house through the window in which there is a dead insect and a chinese peice, now go through the front door of the house taking out the board and entering the available door in the hallway(cigarette on the chair and *gnome in the rool of wallpaper*) (this brings you back to the house which has the painting).

11.Go right from the children screen and enter the graveyard (hallway with trees), go left (coin in the middle tree and *gnome* in the right tree), head right (gear near the bench and a cigarette under it, at the left from here there is a statue you can hammer to get you to a achievement), head left from the entrance (three coins in the hole), use your money bag on the door sign, enter and take the shell from within the painting.

12.At the children screen use the two shells on both columns in the archways to open the door between them (coin by the door), take another chinese piece from the hole.

13.At the top-view square enter the doorway with big stairs, and take the baby, return to the fallen baloon basket scene and enter the squared doorway(coin by the door column) (use the bottle of water on the plant to get a rare flower and a gear on the floor next to the pot), go downstairs and give the baby to the woman who gives you another stone sphere.

14.Go to the doorway which leads to the scientist's house and go left, use the gears on the machine and turn the knob. Go to the magician's house and take the orb from the open container.

15.Go to the dark alley at the top-view square (it's on the left), go left(coin on the floor near the corner), use the cranek on the box and take yet another stone sphere.

16.Go to the fallen ballon basket, and enter the round archway, (coin on the rug), look on top of the closet and take the final chinese piece and a cigarette.

16.In the mother's house upstairs, enter the book, enter the tower, use all your chinese pieces to obtain the last stone sphere. Use them on the mecanism, pull the lever, go right, out the gate, you win!



Gets 5/10 achievements.

In the hospital:

Pick up rubber tube and liquid bag. Click the left-hand side of the windowsill and pick up nail. Go back.. Click underneath the bed and pick up cigarette. Go back. Click nightstand and get empty bottle, bread, and the shoe polish from inside the cabinet. Go back. Turn left twice. Get bag of coins from off chair. Turn left. Click shoes and then bell pull.

Turn around and click on doctor in doorway and answer no to all of his questions. You can flip the switch on the panel, but I'm not sure what it does. Go forward. Get coin by railing. Go downstairs. Go right twice. Get coins by "not afraid"s feet and wheelchair.

Go downstairs. Go right. Get coin. Click by the right radiator pipe and get key. Go back twice. Click on door underneath stairs and use key on lock. Go inside and get chinese puzzle piece.

Go back to landing. Go left. Click on spiderweb and get three dead bugs. Click window and go back. Click on guy. Sell bread, shoe polish, nail and cigarette. Buy pain pill. Exit. Go back to landing and go downstairs. Click on the right between the second and bottom drawers on the dresser and get hammer. Go back. Combine liquid bag and bottle. Click on guy in corner and buy both of his items. Go back. Go upstairs and to the right. Use handle and rope on window. Go down. Get coin on sphere.

Go back. Get coin. Click on doorway. Give painkiller to girl. Go back. Click on rope and go back inside hospital.

Good Uncle Achievement:

Turn left. Buy candy from kid. Go down rope and turn left twice. Give candy to kids. Get coin. Go back.

Lupus square:

Click decending stairs on the left. Turn around. Use valve on safe. Get crystal ball. Go back to lupus square.

Ra square:

Click center tunnel and get coin. Go back and up stairs to right. Click at 7 o'clock and get bug and gear. Go back. Click 8 o'clock and go up ladder. Give crystal ball to magician. Get orb. Pick up tarot cards. Go back outside to Ra square. Click 9 o'clock and get coin. Go right. Click behind barred windows at 11 o'clock and give guy 3 coins. Get religious card. Go back and Click 12 o'clock ring bell and go in. Get coin on chair and give dead fly to spider in web. Smash clock with hammer and get 2 gears. Go back twice into lupus square.

Lupus square:

Go left. Click on door below 3 windows. Read lost and found notices, pick up 4 coins. Sell 2 bugs, and 3 tarot cards and religious card. Buy one key. Go back twice. Click on ledge and get bug and 2 coins. Go back. Click below ledge and find gnome get cigarette. Go back and click on rightmost door. Go upstairs and give tube to guy. Get gear and coins. Give bug to spider. Go out window and get coin and cigarette. Go back inside, downstairs, outside to doorway. Turn left. Add gears to mechanism and turn knob. Go right twice and get gear above guy. Go back to trade office and sell cigarettes. Go back and to the left.

Click door on right. Use key and go in. Use gears on mechanism and turn knob. Go back. Go right twice and click on doorway next to ascending stairs on right. Use hammer on lock and go in. Pick up coin. Go left. Open cabinet and pick up gear. Turn right. Use hammer on chest to get crank handle. Get coin on window ledge. Go upstairs. Add gears to device and turn knob. Go downstairs and back once. Click on photo twice. Click upstairs window to get chinese puzzle piece. Go back and down stairs left of house. Get seashell. Go back twice and click on boarded up door. Remove barrier and go through. Click above rolled wallpaper to find gnome. Go back to lupus square.

Click left tunnel and use seashell on pedastal. Go back. Go right and click on sheltered area next to building on the left. Smash dome with hammer. Go back and go forward into graveyard. Go left. Get coin and click by rightmost tree to find another gnome. Go left again. Click black place in wall and get 3 coins. Use bag of coins on door. Click on painting to get seashell. Go back to lupus square and turn left. Click on right tunnel and use seashell. Go back and click on middle tunnel to go in door. Click dark spot in the wall on the left to get chinese puzzle piece 3. Go back to lupus square.

Go left twice and click on guards. Go right. Get two coins and click on fence. Knock robot over with hammer and go back then up the stairs and into the office. Use sleeping pill on guard and get coin under desk. Take his hat. Go back twice.

Le Borgoi Pivot:

Click on guards again and go forward. Go right. Go into leftmost building. Smash vase with hammer. Click on either painting. Get coins and move right/left to get more coins and exit. Go back. Click right doorway. Put stone orb in slot. Go back. Go right. Get two more coins. Go right again and get a bunch of coins. Click on guy and sell cigarettes. Go back. Click on doorway on the right. Use bottle on plant to get rare flower. Go upstairs. Click on book and use 3 chinese puzzle pieces. Go back. Get eyeglasses and first 2 encyclopedia volumes and pen. Go downstairs get gear and go left. Go back to lupus square.

Lupus square:

Go to trade shop and sell tea, pen, and gear. Exit, go back twice and go left twice. Get 3 coins.

Problem solver achievement:

Give encyclopedia F-O to two guys. Go back to lupus square.


Go back up rope and into hospital. Give glasses to guy waiting for optomitrist's appointment. Get gold medal. Go downstairs. Go to nurse and sell cigarettes and buy syringe and paper. Go right twice and give encyclopedia A-E to guy. Get coin and click on floorboard next to where it lands to get orb. Go back upstairs to landing and turn right. Buy key from guy. Exit and go upstairs twice to outside your room. Use key on door. Click on right windowsill to get beaker and cigarettes. Click bucket to get poo. Go back outside. Combine syringe with beaker and paper with poo.

Cold blooded killer achievement:

Go to lupus square and up to gate watch headquarters and use syringe on guard.

To get bronze medal:

Go to door in graveyard and give poo to creature.

Ra square:

Go back to Ra square and go to magician's house. Get orb from device on 1st floor. Go back and click at 9 o'clock to get to the alley. Go left twice and use crank on box to get stone orb. Go back to Ra square and click 2 o'clock to get baby. Go back to Le Borgei Pivot.

Le Borgoi Pivot:

Add 3 stone orbs to device in basement. Go back and to the right twice and go into doorway on the left. Get coin off table and chinese puzzle piece and cigarette from on top of fridge. Click on paining inside chimney to find gnome #4. Go right and get code off of grate


Go left twice and turn knob. Go back outside and click on doorway on right (where got flower). Go upstairs and get encyclopedia. Click on book and use last puzzle piece to get orb. Go downstairs twice. Give baby to woman to get another orb. Go back to square. Go into doorway on left (where you found the code) and click left 3 times and give encyclopedia P-Z to lady.

Go back to lupus square.

Numerology achievement:

Turn right while facing children and go into building. Enter code on abacus. Go back.

Olympic medal achievement:

Go back to Ra square and down alley at 9 o'clock, go left once and get silver medal. (other two were glasses to guy oustide optomitrist's office in hospital and giving poo in paper to thing in doorway in the graveyard).

Le Borgoi Pivot:

Go back and add last two orbs and pull lever. Go outside and right once, go through gate and you're done!


Achievements already explained here, thanks everybody!


Good walkthrough Danya, achievements included! <:o} <--(beardy gnome)


Fever pill

The locked out patient with the liver trouble seems to be okay with it.

Shoe polish

Along with the last encyclopedia,

the Forester House woman will accept it reluctantly.


Thanks for the walkthroughs, AbstractCloud and Dayna.

We're still looking for a complete walkthrough (that includes all achievements).


you can use the vomiting inducing pill on the robot like structure in gate corner for more coins


Dayna and Abstract, I hope i'm not out of line here but i think the game is good but at times you tell the person to sell something or use something you forgot to say before. Then when you do pretty good at being exact,you'll say "pick up this" and my inventory is full. so now i gotta go about 20 screens back and find a guy who buys and sells to temporarily sell an item so i can buy it,go 20 screens back and use it,then go 20 screens back to buy it again.... Just saying. not a bad walkthrough,but i think they need fixing. Again i hope there's no offense,but i'm probably about halfway through the game and i'm going to once again find a person who sells or buys before i can continue. In the meantime if someone wants to write another walkthrough,please do. Thanks.


Thanks for evaluating the walkthroughs, Paul.

The offer still stands for a complete and accurate walkthrough, formatted nicely, and in your own words.

The one who delivers a walkthrough (one that Paul approves of) will receive a $20 iTunes gift certificate.


Sorry Paul! I actually realized most of the way through that it would have been easier to just leave the cigarettes, extra gears, etc. out of it since they cause so much backtracking and said "pickup and sell these items at your own discretion." However, I'm not sure how possible it is to complete the game without stopping to buy/sell at least a dozen times.


Oh and Abstract -- I love the beardy gnome.


Roseate Spoonbill March 30, 2010 11:16 PM

Dora is my future bride.


While I love the atmosphere and the puzzles I've solved so far, the limited inventory is a huge headache. You can't really put anything down except by doing some major backtracking and selling it and then yo have to find your way back to the item you found only to discover you can't use it for a while. As a new game element to the Daymare series, I think it's a major miss.


I was just thinking yesterday I would love to play another level of Daymare Town.


Holy moly, that was a really neat game, very involved! For how much thought I put into the puzzles and how dense the game is I believe I missed a lot - that's a good thing, there's replay value.

I have to agree with Mea though, the inventory limitation is a "miss." There are some things you just can't get rid of for a long time (like the baby) and stuff you're not sure if you should sell. There has to be like 70 different items in the game so having only 10 slots in your inventory is bad, especially when half the time you've got cigarettes and dead bugs taking up precious space, not to mention your money sack inherently taking up room.

Otherwise it rocked. I will peruse the walkthroughs tomorrow to see what I missed!


Alright--last comment for the evening;

After replaying I ended with 152 coins, at 8 achievements.

You need to find 10 gnomes which I knew from the first play through, but I could only find 9. And I have no idea what the "act for a nurse for a while" achievement entails. I gave pills to the girl, pill, tea, and bread to the guy in the hospital, so I think it must have something to do with the flu shot people... but I'm not sure.


A suggestion for formatting (I haven't gotten all the achievements yet, so I can't write one of my own):

I suggest that whoever makes the walkthrough, also includes an item master list... Item Name, where found, where used. That would be EXTREMELY helpful.


still looking for all the gnomes.. and to finish the humanitarian deal

gnomes i've found so far
one on top of the art gallery roof
one in the painting at the bottom of the dress of the woman
one in the painting in the forester house, beside the entrance.. gnome is in chimney
gnome in the basement window ledge to the right of shop and trade
one in the ra temple.. upper right ledge
one in the wallpaper in painting in knife guild house
one in the memorial park, to the left of the entrance then on the middle right in the grass
thats all i can find so far


oh and the one under the desk in the kindergarten classroom

The Great Dane March 31, 2010 5:27 AM

I found some things that don't seem to have any effect:

You can put the urine in the bottle and water the plant so it dies in stead of blossoming.

You can put the liquid from your room in the syringe, and you can give it to the sick guy in the next room. I was hoping it would cure him, but it doesn't seem to work.

You can use your shoepolish on your own shoes.

The lady in the forester house accepts shoe polish, bread and encyclopedia for no effect.

Maybe this can be a clue on the way to finding the nurse achievement?


All 10 gnomes:

[Kindergarten] In the classroom, hover over the northwestern-most table.

[Memorial Park] Upon entering the park, go left once. Then click in the circle to the right, where a tree goes into the ground.

[Knife Guild House] Go into the painting, and enter the house again. This is actually a different house! At the end of the hall there's a piece of loose wallpaper. Click at the top of it to find the gnome.

[Lupus Square] When facing the 'shop and trade' and the 'Karterbrand mansion', click on the building right of the 'shop and trade', on the hole near the ground.

[Le Borgoi Pivot] When facing the house with the 2 paintings, click the left of the 3 statues on top of it.

[Forester House] When entering, click the painting next to the door. Click on top of the chimney.

[Ra Temple] In the place where you find the baby, click a bit to the right of the giant star-like thing at the top.

[Museum del arte] Inside the paintings, behind the dress of the woman who calls you a 'Filthy Peasant'.

[Lupus Square] On the screen with the 2 children, click on the left-most archway. To the lower left is a hotspot where the arrow changes.

[Karterbrand Mansion] Upon entering, go up the stairs. Do not climb the ladder. Instead, click on the lower-right of the screen.

ShodoKat March 31, 2010 7:05 AM

Okay maybe the nurse achievement...

Has something to do with curing all the maladies, also no one's mentioned the "waiting for a pick-up guy.

I shall investigate.


About the Good Samaritan achievement:

Maybe give out all the pills? Or give out as many as possible? I'm trying it now. I gave the sleeping guy (in the room next to where you wake up) a wake up pill, then English tea, then Bread. He wouldn't take any other pill besides the sleeping pill.

The Great Dane March 31, 2010 8:01 AM

I have come to a point, where I think that it's frustrating that you can't save where you want. It seems that it's actually possible to do something so that you can't get an achievement, and then you have to start all over. I would like it if there had been a save feature that you could choose in stead of autosaving.

Anonymous March 31, 2010 8:15 AM

I managed to get the good samaritan achievement. I gave the waking pill, tea, bread to the sick person, then used the syringe+liquid on him, and then I gave him a sleeping pill. Besides these, I gave lots of painkillers to the junkie girl, grew hair on two people, but the last step was to give the sleeping pill to the sick.

Elmo Rogers March 31, 2010 8:33 AM

clever - focault tower has a focault pendulum in.


I've now got all achievements, thanks to JIGuest. I'll try to write a full walkthrough, if no one beats me to it :)

The Logical Ghost March 31, 2010 9:16 AM

Fantastic game, though it took me a while of browsing through these hints to get anywhere.

Could someone please explain the spider achievement a little more clearly? I don't understand where the room is everyone's talking about.


For people who are keeping better track than me, maybe there's something that can be done with the cat in the cupboard in the hospital? He blinks his eyes when you turn the light on, but it seems like there could be more to it?


This may be a crazy idea, but about the guy who is waiting for a pick-up

I wonder if there could be a way to move the hook you see on Ra Square to the other side and pick him up with that...

For the hammer achievement

smash all the light bulbs you can


All I really wanna know is what items are useless and thus can be sold. Also, is it possible to end up in a position where you don't have enough money to complete the game if you sell too much?


Daymare Town 3 Full Walkthrough and Guide:

Info on this walkthrough:

This walkthrough will be divided in several parts. First a general walkthrough of the game, then the achievements. You will need more than 1 run through anyway, as atleast one item is used for more than one achievement. The game can be completed without picking up any coins, by trading some items like cigarettes, but there are lots and lots of coins to pick up, so you shouldn't have a problem. I will not explain the location of the coins. There are also many items not needed for a run through, though they can be collected and sold.

Walkthrough of the game:

  1. After you wake up, turn right, pick up your shoes.

  2. Turn right again, click on the moneybag on the chair.

  3. Turn back left, and pull the cord.

  4. Turn right twice, and then forward. Answer 'No' 3 times.

  5. Go forward. Click down the stairs. Go right twice, then go down another set of stairs. And another. Click on the guy in the top-right corner twice. Buy both the Rope and the Window Handle.

  6. Click 'Exit', then click at the bottom to back out. Notice the barricaded door with 'Exit' on top of it. In the barricade is a closet, click on the bottomright of it to close up. Pick up the hammer.

  7. Back out by clicking the left side of the screen. Now click on the bottomright to turn around. Click just to the right of the staircase to look under it. Pick up the Valve.

  8. There's a loose floorboard here, click it to remove it. Then pick up the Stone Orb.

  9. Back out twice, go up the stairs by clicking lowerleft of the screen. In this screen are three hotspots on the right side. One to go up the stairs, one to look at the locked cabinet, and one to go right on the same floor. Click the latter. Now use the Window Handle on the window, click it once it's in place to open the window. Now use the rope in the space here to lower it. Before you leave though, click the far end of the pipe that leaves the heater on the right. You can find a key here. Now back out and click the open window to go out.

  10. Click the bottom twice, then left once. Click on the archway. Click left twice, then use a coin on the door (from your moneybag). Enter the door, then click on the painting. Click on the lower half of the painting again, and pick up the Seashell laying on the beach. Now click the bottom of the screen 6 times to go back.

  11. Go one screens to the left. Click the stairwell that leads underground. Click the lowerleft of the screen. Use the Valve on the Vault, click it again to open it, take the Crystal Ball.

  12. Back out, then click on the hole in the roof to go outside again.

  13. There is a set of stairs to the right that leads to a new square behind this one. There is a set of stairs before that that lead to a building, click to close up on that building. Use the hammer to smash the lock.

  14. Go left. Close up on the painting, and again to enter it. Click just to the right of the base of the tree on the left to go there. Click on the end of the path to go to the beach. Pick up the shell there. Bottomright to back out, then back out again.

  15. Click on the ladder leading to the second floor of the house. Click in the doorway to enter. Pick up the puzzle piece laying in a corner.

  16. Click in the doorway to leave, and go down the ladder. Now click on the barred door. Click on the bar to remove it, then enter the house. This looks familiar! Go left. Click the cabinet door to open it, and pick up the gear wheel. Then go right. Use the hammer to smash the lock on the chest, click on the chest and pick up the Crank Handle. Now click on the top to exit this view.

  17. Click the bottom four times to go back to the square. Click the leftmost arch and use a shell on the pedestal. Back out, then do the same with the third arch. Back out. Now click the middle arch, and enter the building. There's a hole in the wall on the upper-left, click it, and pick up the puzzle piece. Click the bottom of the screen three times.

  18. Now click the other staircase on the right. Click at the end to go to the new square. The archway at 6-0'clock is where we come from. Let's go clockwise. Just to your left is a hole in a wall, click it. Pick up the gear wheel to collect it. Back out.

  19. Now go into the building to the left of that, at roughly 8-o'clock. Go up the ladder. Use the crystal ball on the table in front of the magician. He will hold up a Stone Orb, pick it up.

  20. Go down the ladder, then outside the building. Click the alleyway at 9-o'clock. Go left twice, then use the Crank Handle on the device. Click it to use it, another Stone Orb comes up. Pick it up.

  21. At 12-o'clock is a closed door, click it. Pull the rope, wait a bit, then enter the building. Use the hammer on the clock, and pick up the two gear wheels that fall out.

  22. Back out, and click on the building at 1-o'clock. Click in the darkness to enter. Click on the baby laying on the bed. Back out twice.

  23. Click on the bottom twice to go back to the square. Click on the building to the right, where we were earlier. This time, Go left, then right, then up the staircase. Use 2 gears on the device, and then click the switch. Back out of the building.

  24. Go to the left for a different part of the square. Click on the building at the top-right. Instead of entering, click on the right side to find a man. Click the gear which is somehow attached to his jacket. Click left twice, and use 2 gears on the device, and use the switch. Go right once.

  25. Now enter the building. Click the top-right to go up the stairs, then the ladder to climb it. Pick up the gear laying on the floor, and go back out of this building. The spots can be tricky to find, so a bit of searching will be needed. Finally, back out, back to the square.

  26. The second building from the left can be entered to sell some of your stuff, if needed. You can also buy a key here. You'll need to buy atleast one, which makes a total of two keys. Back out of the shop.

  27. Click to the left, then click on the door to the right. Use a key to open the door. In here, use 2 gears on the machine, and turn the switch. Back out to the square.

  28. Click right twice, then enter the square behind this one, where we were before. Click on the building at roughly 8-o'clock. The 3 devices you've put gears into, opened the machine here. Take the Stone Orb. Back out, then leave this square back to the original square.

  29. At this point, make sure you have either a key and 3 coins, or 18 coins. Click right twice. Click the bottom of the rope hanging out from the hospital, then click on top of the screen to climb up. Click the window where the rope comes from to enter the hospital. Click on the bottom, then to the bottom left. Here is a man looking out the window. Click the window for a close up, then back out. Now talk to the man, and buy a 'Sleeping Pill' (and a key, if you haven't got one anymore). Back out into the hall again.

  30. Click the cabinet on the right, below the stairwell that leads upstairs. Use the key to open the door, and pick up the puzzle piece in there. Now go outside the hospital again.

  31. Click right twice, to where you can see two guards guarding a gate. Click to close up, then click on the left of the screen. Click the top of the stairs, then the doorway to enter. Give the guard here a sleeping pill. His hat will fall off, take it. Back out three times.

  32. Click on the guards, and click again. They will now let you pass. Click right three times, to a view of your crashed balloon (and lots of coins!). Click the left doorway for a closeup, again to enter. In the middle of the room is a cabinet, click on the box on top of this, and pick up the puzzle piece. Back out, then click the door on the left to exit.

  33. Now click on the door to the right, and again to enter. Click the bottom-right to go to the basement. Give the baby to the woman, she will give you a Stone Orb in return. Pick it up.

  34. Go up two staircases, and click on the book. Click on the tower in the book to enter the book. Now click on the door to enter the tower. Use 4 puzzle pieces in the wall here, and get the last Stone Orb.

  35. Click on the door to the left to leave the building, then twice at the bottom to leave the book. Click the staircase to descend, then the door on the left to leave the building. Click the bottom to back out, then left twice. Click the low arch, then use all 6 Stone Orbs and pull the lever. Click right to leave, then go to the right. Click the tunnel to leave. The end!


Most achievements can be done even after completing the game and loading the savegame for it. If not, there will be note of it.

Description: Feed three spiders.
In the hospital, on the screen with the guy who first looks out the window, and later sells you pills, click on the spider web to the left of this man. There are 3 black dots in here, 'Dead Insect's. Pick them up. Here's where you place them:
1. In the web at Karterbrand Mansion, second floor. This is the building in the same screen as the 'Shop and Trade'. Go up the staircase, then the ladder. Zoom in on the spiderweb, then use a dead insect just a bit below the spider. Can be tricky to find, try clicking around.
2. In the web at the Rectory. This is the building that you have to pull a rope and wait to get into. Click to zoom in on the web, then use a dead insect on the web. The hotspot is just right of the spider.
3. After you've passed the guards and enter Borgoi Pivot, click lower right of the screen. Click the hole to enter. Use a dead insect on the illuminated spot on the ground.

Cold Blooded Killer:

For this you have to kill the head guard of the gate watch, the one you get the hat from. You need to first put him to sleep with the pill. Then you need the syringe and urine phial. The syringe can be bought from the nurse at the bottom of the hospital for 5 coins. The urine phial is in the room next to the room where you start. You need a key to unlock it. Click on window, just above the guy's head. Now use the syringe with the urine phial. Now use it on the head of the gate watch.

Good Uncle:

You need to feed the kids candy. On the screen where you exit the hospital through the window, go left. You can buy a lollipop and candy for 1 coin each. Now give it to the children on the square.

Problem Solver:

In the house where you enter the book and use the puzzle pieces, take the book middle book of the ledge. It's called: Encaeclypoadiae Universealis, Tome 2, F - O. Give this to the two men arguing over whether it's fog or mist. The men can be found by facing the guards, and clicking the bottom of the screen once or twice.

Gnome Finder:

Find 10 gnomes! Here's the locations:

[Kindergarten] In the classroom, hover over the northwestern-most table

[Memorial Park] Upon entering the park, go left once. Then click in the circle to the right, where a tree goes into the ground.

[Knife Guild House] Go into the painting, and enter the house again. This is actually a different house! At the end of the hall there's a piece of loose wallpaper. Click at the top of it to find the gnome.

[Lupus Square] When facing the 'shop and trade' and the 'Karterbrand mansion', click on the building right of the 'shop and trade', on the hole near the ground.

[Le Borgoi Pivot] When facing the house with the 2 paintings, click the left of the 3 statues on top of it.

[Forester House] When entering, click the painting next to the door. Click on top of the chimney.

[Ra Temple] In the place where you find the baby, click a bit to the right of the giant star-like thing at the top.

[Museum del arte] Inside the paintings, behind the dress of the woman who calls you a 'Filthy Peasant'.

[Lupus Square] On the screen with the 2 children, click on the left-most archway. To the lower left is a hotspot where the arrow changes.

[Karterbrand Mansion] Upon entering, go up the stairs. Do not climb the ladder. Instead, click on the lower-right of the screen.


Destroy 10 objects using the hammer. Here are the locations:

[Lupus Square] On the screen with the memorial park and the classroom, click right of the classroom building. Smash the round 'stone' in the middle here.

[Memorial Park] Upon entering, go right, then left. Smash the statue.

[Lupus Square] Smash the lock on the door to the Knife Guild House.

[Knife Guild House] Smash the lock on the chest.

[Rectory] Smash the clock.

[Gate Corner] Instead of going up the stairs to the Gate Watch Headquarters, click on the wooden fence next to it. Smash the robot-like thing.

[Museum Del Arte] Smash the vase on the pillar.

[Museum Del Arte] Inside the painting, smash the canister of the girl who has tea and a sandwich.

[Knife Guild House] Upon entering, smash the light above the left door.

[Knife Guilde House] Upon entering, smash the light above the right door.

Good Samaritan:

You need to take care of the man in the room next to where you woke up. For this you need to feed the man the following things, in this order:
1. Waking pill.
2. English Tea.
3. Bread roll.
4. Syringe filled with liquid.
5. Sleeping pill.
Waking pill and sleeping pill can be purchased from the doctor 1 floor down, bread can be found in starting room on the desk. Liquid is found hanging in your starting room, combine this with the syringe purchased from the nurse of the ground floor of the hospital. English Tea can be found inside the painting in the museum del arte.


In the forester house, if you go left, there is a vent. At the bottom is a series of numbers written down.


Go into the classroom, and click on the abacus (machine with marbles that can be moved). The top line is the first digit, etc. If you've done it right, you'll get the achievement.

Good Observer:

This one is easy. In the room where you wake up at the start, there is a nail by the window. Give this to the guy sitting on top of the Karterbrand Mansion (click on the window from the lab).

Olympic Champion:

For this, you will need to obtain 3 medals, bronze, silver and gold.

You need a Paper Towel, bought from the nurse on ground floor of the hospital, and a Stool Sample, obtained from the room next to your starting room. (Key required to open that room). Look in the bucket. Combine the Paper Towel and the Stool Sample. Now go to the Memorial Park, and into the room with the painting. Give the man sitting there your Stool Sample wrapped in Paper Towel, and he will drop the medal.


In the forester house, go left once and turn the switch. Now go to the dark alley, 9-o'clock from Ra Square. Left once, a tile has come loose. The medal is in there.


First, go to the room where you go into the book, and pick up the encaeclypoadiae. Pick up the glasses. Now go into the hospital, to the room where you can go upstairs, downstairs, enter the closet, or go to the doctor. There's a person sitting here, waiting for an eye test. Give them the glasses, and they hold up the medal.

bioshocker March 31, 2010 11:19 AM

anyone know when covert front 4 is coming out?!

Nalebunny March 31, 2010 11:42 AM

Anyone know how to help the old lady who is cold? I gave her the last

encyclopedia P-Z but she got angry at me.


@The Logical Ghost, apologies

I short-handed that. Put dead insects in the two active spider webs (the lab scientist and the empty room with the clock), and then past the gate

go down into the black hole and place an insect there till the spider crawls out.

@arachne I agree! Can't figure it out, though.

@Maqrkk Did you forget

the fever pill? it alleviates the liver-problem girl outside the hospital. I think it's part of a larger achievement. Sorry if I overlooked it.

There are still people free, as far as I know. This should be a nested spoiler, but it's not, so Big Spoiler warning.

The watcher over the cemetery,
the creature plus the one stone guy,
the voyeur doctor,
the cold woman in the forester house,
the soldier waiting for the pick up,
and the homeless people in the balloon.
The paintings in the museum, too.



No, the girl outside the hospital is not related to any achievement, or needed for a walkthrough. She is a red herring I think. And she gives some fun info.

I think Mateusz is now first working on SNEP (SubNet Exploration Project, a non-game project), CF4 isn't until (far) later this year.

I have no idea what that lady does. I know she also takes the bread if you give it to her, but it does the same as giving her the encyclopedia, nothing. And it's not needed for any achievements either

Anonymous March 31, 2010 12:20 PM

Note for Vandalissimus that there are

more than just 10 items which can be broken. For example, the guide did not mention the lights in the dark alley that can be smashed. (speaking of which, not sure what you're meant to do with the symbol in the middle there)

For the hair growth pills

you can give one to the guy waiting for a pickup and one of the children in front of the gate. Doesn't seem to make any difference besides visuals.

Also a bug:

you can still donate to the beggar even if you don't have any coins. Thus, it's actually possible to win the game with -3 coins. Possibly 4 if the door in the park also takes coins on loan.


I have all the stone orbs except for the one from the magician.

How/where do i get the crystal ball, to give to the magician?



In the hospital, ground floor, if you watch the barricade, click the bottomright of the screen to turn around. Click right to look under the staircase. There's a valve laying there.
Then go to the screen where the children are playing. Behind them is a stairway leading underground. As you go underground, turn around, use the valve, and open the vault. There's your crystal ball :)


@Maqrkk Forgive me if I'm unconvinced ;)

Shoe polish

This is the only accelerant I can think of. The lady is clearly sitting next to an old furnace... does anyone have any ideas? Can we get wood from somewhere?

The voyeur

that doctor may have seen you kill the captain. should he be silenced?

The crane

So I'm thinking the fellow in the alley, the giant suspended stone, and the worker on a break is part of a progression. Ideas?


I had a crack at seeing what the highest score I could get was. To do so, I made a list of where all the coins I could find were - I thought I oughta share!

All Coin Locations


  • 12 in your money bag

  • 1 on the landing outside your room

  • 1 next to the wheelchair outside the "Free Flu Shots" room

  • 1 between the two suited creatures standing outside the "Free Flu Shots" room

  • 1 on the floor by the window in the hospital that you escape through - it's by the inside corner

  • 1 under the floorboard leaning against the wall under the hospital stairs


  • 1 on top of the orb decoration by where your rope falls to

  • 1 on the ground outside the hospital

  • 3 around the feet of the two men arguing over the weather

  • 2 in the GATE CORNER - one by the drain, another by the bottom of the stairs

  • 5 if you feed the vomit-inducing pill to the statue hidden behind the fence in GATE CORNER (7-2=5)

  • 1 under the desk in the GATE WATCH HEADQUARTERS

  • 4 on the floor of SHOP AND TRADE

  • 2 on the boarded-up window between the SHOP AND TRADE and the KARTERBRAND MANSION

  • 5 in the cupboard when you give the man in the KARTERBRAND MANSION your rubber tube

  • 1 on the exposed rafter ON THE ROOFTOP

  • 1 on the ground where the children are playing marbles, masquerading as one without success

  • 1 on the ground to the right of the door to the FOUCAULT TOWER

  • 1 by the door on the left as you first enter the KNIFE GUILD HOUSE

  • 1 on the windowsill in the main room of the KNIFE GUILD HOUSE

  • 1 under the tree in MEMORIAL PARK - turn left once, then it's right in the middle.

  • 3 in the hole in the wall in MEMORIAL PARK - turn left twice, then it's on your right

  • 2 as a reward for returning the baby (use the pen to cross out the notice in SHOP AND TRADE)


  • 1 as you enter the DARK ALLEY, to the right of the grate

  • 1 on the left chair in the RECTORY

  • 1 on the stone cellar window (left of the magician's house)


  • 3 to the right of the woman in the MUSEUM DEL ARTE

  • 4 to the left of the man in the MUSEUM DEL ARTE

  • 2 to the right of the gate

  • 11 scattered around the hermit in the crate

  • 1 to the left of the guy using the cloth as a tent

  • 1 on the rug in the FORESTER HOUSE

  • 1 under the stool of the lady in the FORESTER HOUSE

  • 1 to the left of the entrance to the HOUSE OF WIDOW

With some frugality and efficient selling, I got 267, which would be the third highest if it weren't for some astronomical figure that must be faked somehow in first. The maximum is seemingly 284 - I shall look into this another time...


bioshocker, i think as 3 was just released, it might be a while if there is a 4.

anyway, on the new walkthrough posted by maqrkk, Although this walkthrough was a lot better, i still felt that in a way, you should have pointed out where all the coins were. When you got to a part where you had to buy a couple of items from the guy, based on what you had on the walkthrough, i had very little coins to buy them. If you or anyone can make a coin walkthrough, this will save a lot of time. Thanks.


I found a use for the shoe polish! But there is no obvious reward for doing so.

When you wake up in the hospital room, take the shoe polish from the bedside table. Then click on your shoes while holding the polish. The shoes will turn black before you put them on.

greekblondenj March 31, 2010 2:29 PM

How do you save the game?

greekblondenj March 31, 2010 2:43 PM

Is there a way to save...


apparently, you can only save once you've beaten the game.


it saves automatically when you close your browser


Where can I find the

"cold lady by the chimney"?


Blackrabbit March 31, 2010 8:31 PM

@ Sruixan: A small bump to your coin total, if you don't already know it:

If you buy a vomit pill for 2 coins, and give it to the robotlike machine by the guards, it gives you six (or so) back.

greekblondenj March 31, 2010 11:01 PM

Where is the pen?


When I try to buy something, the shop opens up but I can't exit it. Where is the exit button?

dessyroo April 1, 2010 12:10 AM

I actually gasped with delight when I scrolled down the JIG page today and saw this game. Thanks Mateusz Skutnik for another fun, charming, exasperating joy of a game!

Corridor April 1, 2010 4:28 AM

Are there things that you can sell which have no other use? Cigarettes seem to do nothing but take up space, for example. If so, maybe someone could make a list?

I haven't played much of this game yet and don't want to read the walkthrough to find answers to this question.

Corridor April 1, 2010 6:36 AM

Meh. Okay, well no one answered in time so I'll post my own list of stuff you can sell that isn't used anywhere else (even for achievements) to my knowledge. This is from memory so I maybe missed some stuff.

Shoe Polish
Tarot Cards
Rare Flower
Gold/Silver/Bronze medals
3rd encyclopaedia

You can also sell all the flies you find that aren't in the hospital spiderweb (only need 3 for the achievement).
I think you can also sell 3 unused gears but I may have that number wrong so finish fixing the switches first.

I got the high score of 'coins in pocket' at 238 :D

Menschenjaeger April 1, 2010 9:16 AM

Fiendish. Absolutely maddening. Pulled handfuls my 3/8" hair out by the roots. 5 stars.


@ Sruixan

Your list is missing one coin:

- 1 on the stone in the cellar window (left of magician house)

Also could you please post, how you got score of 267? After three replays and optimizing what I found, I managed to top at 263 coins.

I did:
-collect all the coins
-sold nail, shoe polish, bread roll, urine sample, 9 cigarettes, 6 dead flies, 3 tarot cards, elephant statue, all three encyclopaedias, english tea, pen (after crossing the ad), glasses, 1 gear wheel and silver medal
-trade three coins for holy picture and sold that too
-grew rare flower and sold that as well
-bought two keys (with free one that's three: one is used on understair closet, second at hangar and third at the other patients room)
-bought paper towel and used stool sample on the guy in park - sold the bronze medal afterwards
-bought vomit and sleeping pill

What am I missing? I see no way how could I get to the 284 score with some shopping optimization. There musy be something else to be found or done...


Finally they came out with daymare town three! I've been waiting!
But some of the orbs are really hard to find, oh well!


i know what to do with the robot thingy you can smash over.

buy a vomit inducing pill and stick it in the robots mouth, iut spews out 5 coins!


Has anyone figured out a way to open the attic door in the shop in Lupus square?

arachne April 1, 2010 5:36 PM


I think you missed

the gold medal.
You get it

when you give the glasses to the guy in the hospital who is waiting to have his eyes checked.


Hi, i've found the three olympic medals, but nothing happens. i mean, i can't unlock the achievement. could it be a bug? please help!

Chahlie April 1, 2010 9:02 PM

Why can't I be the bad uncle and give the kids cigarettes? Or vomit inducing pills? Or any of the other dangerous things I tried to give them?

Violette April 1, 2010 10:45 PM

Seriously, after I buy or sell something, is there no way to exit the window?


rawrr! this one reallly fun! I hasn't discover the use of every items and get every achievements though :) .


@arachne: I know about that one -

but actually, this one does not EARN you coins - the glasses sell for 38 coins while the gold medal sells for only 32 coins, which means you LOSE 6 coins if you give him the glasses.

Same goes for elephant - if you give him to collector, you LOSE money.

I also managed to get to 267 coins in the meantime - missed some minor items. Still no progress getting to 284. I am on the verge of starting to use everything on everything...which could take LONG.

octologist April 2, 2010 1:44 PM

Regarding uses of the fluid from your hospital room...

If you combine the fluid and the bottle, and water the plant at the widow's house, you get a rare flower. Has anybody figured out if you can use the flower? Maybe you just sell it to get more money?

stryker April 2, 2010 6:52 PM

I was playing without using a walkthrough and ran into a problem:

I collected a few of the chinese puzzle pieces but sold them to the chief gate guard, because I didn't know their purpose at the time. To access the other part of town, I put the gate guard to sleep, and later discovered I do in fact need the puzzle pieces. But I can no longer buy them back because the guard is sleeping. I've tried a number of things to wake him up but to no avail. Any way to get access to these pieces I sold, or do I have to bite the bullet and start all over?

Crabbityjoe April 2, 2010 7:52 PM

has anyone discovered if there is a way to open the ceiling trap door in the shop and trade?


@stryker A shot in the dark...

have you tried a waking pill?