Okay, so the nursery is built...but apparently none of my adult villagers are "skilled" enough? All it says above is to drop an adult on the nursery school to teach the children, but so far, I can't get them to do it. Does the teacher have to be master in all areas to teach?

Kostpetra June 29, 2010 4:51 PM

How can I get the child to pick the flower in Puzzle 16? I have put them several times on the flower after the hummingbirds leave but they do nothing. PLEASE HELP.


I got no male villagers anymore, isn't there a cheat to just get me one or two? I'm almost at the end, but can't complete anything that has to do with more than 5 villagers.. I really don't want to start over for the last few things I have to do.



Hi guys im having trouble with the grand feast. When i put the herbs in then make guys get ingredients they just put all the food in storage... any help?


HELP ME PLEASE!!! Level 15!! I went through all the motions of bathing the adult and meditating but after meditation i dropped the adult on the hole & it says only those pure of body can purify the tree...What did I do wrong????


Does any know what to do to make a weakened person strong again?? I need help please!!!

Anonymous July 1, 2010 8:05 AM

help?! I only have the last puzzle to complete and I cant get either the kids or adults to pick flowers for the lei. The flowers are in full bloom - maybe I just have a tribe of stubborn villagers!

whee :) July 1, 2010 11:58 AM

let the weakenend person eat the whole time.thats the only thing i know but it takes very long

Bethany July 1, 2010 3:50 PM

Um, I'm totally stuck! I need to find the rocks to boil the water. Can anyone help?? Thanks!


Bethany July 1, 2010 4:29 PM

Never mind! Thanks though!


Natalie July 1, 2010 4:33 PM

answer to JIGuest
(spoiler) kind of, anyways.

You need to do the steps of P16 3 times. Use the flower the humming bird landed on.


Hi, I'm trying to assemble the Grand Feast, but I can't get my villagers to add a fish to the stew. I do have fish in the nets already, but it's like the villagers can't "see" them. When I put them over the nets they just "see the ocean". Is that normal? They do occasionally go and "retrieve a fish", but not for the stew - they always just retrieve them for the bin. What am I missing? Are there certain technologies that need to be completed first? I'm still at 2/3 with Science and Construction. Thanks for any ideas!


what do i do all of my villagers but one lived because all the others died!


I have played this game several times and have completed it every time, with exception to the 100 villagers trophy. Once I reach a population of 90 the game tells me there is not enough housing to support more people. I have every technology upgrade. Does anyone know how to achieve that trophy?

Thank you so much!


How do you get visited by ghosts? My masoleum collection is complete, but no ghosts come.Why?

RootBeer July 2, 2010 4:52 PM

Annie - try placing your villagers on the docks themselves.

Tara - you need to complete all of the collections. Each collection will increase your max population limit by 5. Also, you need to build all three living huts. You will get another one each time you buy a construction level.

Abbie - I'm sorry, but unless that one magically gets pregnant with a boy and a girl, you're going to have to start over.

Red - The villager has to be sparkling from being clean and from mediating. For the bathing, the sparkling will show around the mid-section of the body. For the mediation, it'll show around the head. Really, that's all I can tell you. If it's not doing it, then maybe there is a glitch?

Kiwi - After you put in the three different herbs, drag your villager to the food bin at least once, sometimes it has you do it twice, and then get the other foods. Sometimes a villager will automatically pick food for the Grand Feast Soup, so watch out and see if anyone's already doing what you ask another villager to do.

Beedge - Yes, you need a Scholar to teach at the nursey. Once you have a person who's mastered all five skills, they can teach.

Kostpetra - I didn't use children to pick the flowers, I used adults. Give them a try.

Elsj - Sorry, I don't know of any cheats. I think you're just going to have to start over. Sucks majorly.

Bethany July 2, 2010 9:10 PM

-Whoever needed this

This is for anyone who wants cheats. Okay, here goes:

You have to download the cheat engine in order to increase tech points and food without working, download it. And then go onto YouTube and search how to use it. No, it does not have anything that downloads along with it but the cheat engine. I used it and it works really good without ruining the game. I was afraid it might ruin my computer but it's not bad!


--RootBeer and Beedge
NO! you don't need scholar to teach nursery, you just need esteemed elder(someone who have mastered 3 skills)
For everyone, I have played this game for 10 days already and have finished all puzzles and achieved 60 trophies. here some tips:

Common tips

- start with 14 yr Male+3female and 7 yr female, choose carefully, do not choose someone who dislike on something.
- frequently rotate the task of your villager (before they mastered some skill) so that they could become master in more than one skill.
- set the preferable skill to parenting for your FEMALE villager/s. it would help you to get scholar easier (all My scholars is female).Do not set on more than 20% total villager or they would disturb everyone else.
- purchase construction & science tech first for finishing the game faster
- set time to fast when you play, normal before you quit, and slow or even paused when you leave the game for long time. DO NOT leave the game with the game still running or you will miss some event ore collectibles.
- for easier trophies and achievement Don't hesitate to pause the game while you move the villager/s (collectible could still disappear even when the game paused).
- (at least for me)collectibles didn't appear on Wide grassfield under Lab and left the bridge(blackened rock). Build your building there so they didn't cover the collectibles!!

Tips for each puzzle:

puzzle #2

allocated 2 villager task as builder and rotated their task when one of scientist or builder reach adept skill. it would solve the puzzle faster

puzzle #4

make child to pick soapy plant, get one of your villager to get SALT water then one more to heat the rock. Set time to fast so the rock will heated faster. When it's time to stack the soap, pause the game and get villager as much as you can to stack the soap to get more than 3 stacks

puzzle #8(cloth)

use the same method when making process reached 90%, although maximum in store is 6 but you can achieve trophies faster

puzzle #10

pause the game when you see a crab then drop two children on it

puzzle #11(platter)

prepare herbs, FRESH water and then heat the rock but DO NOT put rock on pot yet!! Wait till rain, mushroom would appear more when rain drops

puzzle #12(Fishing net)

you can repairing the pier from the start. it would became a great head start. just drop an adult onto the pier

puzzle #15(Hole)

Make sure you have at least two esteemed elder so you have two people to teach at nursery. after you put soap into the pond, once more PAUSE the game!! Drop villager as much as you can(except children and nursing mom).Choose one with most sparkling on their body(max 3 on each left and right side). Make sure you don't have one villager with preferable skill: parenting cs he/she could disturb meditation process. You would know when your villager finish meditate, they would get up with some yellow cloud on his/her head

puzzle #16(tree-flowering)

you can have 6 children to get flower in one go. Just make sure they "sees beautiful flower", not see another child . AND DO NOT drop child on another child or they would do Jumping contest or rally

Hope this help


Addition for puzzle #11(platter), you can reheated the stew in case you still waiting for ingredients(Don't need to repeat it). just prepare one more blackened rock after you pick the heated one so you can put it when the stew become cold


how come my male and female villagers arent mating even if i try a lot of times.my medicine is on lvel 2 and they are both pretty old so does that make a difference??


-- tanzoz
there are many factor, you can read the reason in the column at the bottom when you mate your villager. it can because they are too young (they have to >18 yr), or maybe they are too hungry or sick(food in food bin have to >300), or maybe you have reached your max population(1hut

Try to set the preferable skill to parenting for one of your villager(better female)then train them to tell the stories till the bar indication slightly increase.


I can't complete the 16th puzzle. The tree flowering hummingbird one. :P But I've put villagers on the flowers and they take it over to the lei heaps of times! I must have hundreds of flowers but every time I try to get them to take it up to the tree they refuse because they say it doesn't have enough flowers. Also, I can't make anymore cloth because the lei is in the way. That means that I can't get the other ropes to make the other two leis... It's got me stumped.


I'm trying to complete the 16th puzzle - the one with the flowering tree using the hummingbirds and leis. I got one rope done and I'm trying to put flowers on it. My children and adults have collected hundreds of flowers but still it keeps saying that the lei is incomplete.

Since it isn't complete it means that I cannot make anymore cloth bolts to complete the other two leis.


after you put lei on the ground, drop an adult on it, he/she will take one bolt of cloth to repair it. Then WAIT till hummingbird came blah...blah... same with walkthrough above.

After six flowers, the sixth people (even child) will take it to the tree automatically. Make sure no one disturb him/her on process OR the lei would be dropped and no one would take it anymore.

If it still doesn't works maybe it's a glitch?


I have 3 villagers that are pregnant... they are 61, 63, and, 69. How did this happen????


I cant get my villagers to have children, Help please x


-- Rayne
How can you expect someone help you with this little detail? have you read other posting before you ask? Maybe there's someone with same problem and have been answered.

An then this!! Is this game for real???? How can You expect someone make 100 villagers mastered all skills?! I want all trophies, but this is just seem unreal!!

I already played for ages and only get 50 scholars so far. The only obstacle I have is to make my villagers mastered parenting skill. For other skills I always make my villager start around 14 yr and mastered that skill/s in their 20. But for parenting skill, I make them start around 18 yr (with telling stories and then set their preferable skill: parenting) but the fastest villager mastered this skill is in their 40(20 years??), there's even some that have in their 70 but still adept parent. AND I have plenty of them!
This is just too much! Any tips?


:) it's possible to put another hot rock under an unfinished stew if it goes cold. You can finish it up then

Izabella July 10, 2010 3:42 PM

why is that 2 males go indoors together when i didnt put them there and also a woman went indoors without anyone else?


i cant get the stew but i get all is there another ingredient


How does one go about getting twins and triplets?


Anyone knows how to identify who is the child of who? I had my first pair of twins and would like to identify them... but there's two other nursing mothers in the village, one who got pregnant at about the same time... I can't wait for the children to grow up coz I have to go work... is there some other log i can read to find out?


I'm having major issues with collecting frogs... when I have puddles and frogs, no matter what adult I drop there it "confuses them" and says "these frogs look unhappy. Any ideas? Obviously I do already have the stream cleared in case anyone might have thought that was the issue.


Jessica July 12, 2010 4:46 AM

A- I think it might depend on age for the nursery. I have a 60 year old teaching the children, but she also has a master in research and she is adept in everything else but healing so idk.
A- (Oldness) age does matter for having babies normally they dont have babies after the age of 50. Sometimes after 43 it is hard to have a kid, you need all of the medicine to be able to have them that old. and that is still rare.

RootBeer July 12, 2010 2:26 PM


The best way to get scholars is first to make sure someone is teaching at the nursery as much as possible. Even though there isn't a skill bar for teaching, treat it like the other skills and keep putting the same person at the nursery. Soon enough, they'll start teaching on their own. The children will become apprentices in one thing, but most likely have a little bit of skill in each one. Before they turn 14, click the one they have the most skill in as their favorite and when they're old enough, they'll start working on their own - although you will have to keep an eye out because sometimes they don't have enough skill for that.

First, get all of their skills other than parenting up, simple enough to do. When all that's left is parenting, find someone of the opposite sex who's over fifty. Then simply keeping picking the person up that you want to train in parenting and drop them on the other person. This will take a good few minutes and is repetitive, but it's the fastest way I've found to raise the parenting level. Warning! If you try to raise a parenting skill level of a woman under the age of fifty, she will end up nursing. You might want this to keep up the population but you won't be able to do the trick until she's done nursing. If you want to avoid getting her pregnant, simply wait until she's fifty years old.

I hope this helps.

LOR - Twins and triplets are random events. You simply need to keep having babies. If my experience is any mark of the norm in this game, then you should get them soon enough. I've already had four sets of triplets and have only been playing for a few weeks.

Butter - From ages 2 to 17, if you go into the detail profiles of the children, you'll see shadowed figures standing behind them. Move your curser over them and in the information section, it'll say "Son/daughter of so-and-so." They disappear when the kid turns 18.

Janelle - I believe the walkthrough has your answer for that puzzle.

Bethany July 12, 2010 4:25 PM

What happens to the villagers when they die...Does it show there skull like in past games?Or like in virtual families?


I don't know if anyone has mentioned this trick or not, but it involves getting extra cloth, soap, etc.

The trick works similar to getting extra mushrooms/collectibles using the pause and two children, except in this case you're using two adults.

To get extra soap, do all of the steps to make the soap, but before placing an adult onto the pot to collect the soap pause the game. While the game is paused, drop an adult villager next to the pot causing his action to indicate "Stacking Soap", you can continue to leave the game paused and place another adult (of the SAME sex - to make sure they don't try to embrace) in the same spot, which will also cause his action to change to "Stacking Soap". You can actually place as many villagers of the same sex as you want in that spot before unpausing the game and once you're done and unpause the game, all of the adults that were dropped there will each carry 3 bars of soap over to where it is stacked. I went from 7 bars of soap to 22 bars with one batch, instead of having to re-make the recipe 5 times.

The cloth trick is a tiny bit more complicated since you have to keep dropping adults onto the spot where the cloth is being pounded out to get it to 100%. Make sure you get the cloth exactly 90% ready and then follow the same procedure - pause the game, drop as many adult villagers as you'd like (again, of the same sex to be safe) onto the spot where the cloth is being finished - although I do believe that the maximum cloth that will be stored is 6... so it may be pointless to drop more than two villagers onto the spot, I'm just not positive on the maximum cloth storage - and unpause the game. All of the villagers you have dropped will finish pounding out cloth at the same time and will each carry 3 pieces of finished cloth over to the cloth storage area. The cloth trick really comes in handy when fixing the fishing nets, as it saves a decent amount of time that would be spent making the cloth.

The same trick also works with a hot rock from the fire, which really only helps when building the earthen oven, but you can save yourself some time by getting one rock hot in the fire and dropping multiple adults onto the rock while the game is paused so that you get more than one rock brought over to the oven from just one rock from the fire. There may be other things that this trick works for, but those are the three things I've specifically thought of and tried. Enjoy!


Thanks for addressing my question, but the only reason I knew to collect the frogs in the first place was from looking at the puzzle in the walkthrough.

I did figure out the issue though... so in case anyone else has the same issue - I hadn't placed the "familiar-shaped stone" that's near the "waterfall" right next to the ocean into the hole where the stream flows once the blockage is cleared. I still had a stream that flowed around the tree, which I knew was where the frogs ended up, so I didn't see why they weren't being put there. But once I had the stone in place, fully completing the stream and pond, it allowed my adult villagers to then pick up and transport the frogs.


I've completed all the puzzles but I can't finish the "Open a boutique" trophy, because I can't make any more cloth.
There are 6 bolts of cloth available at the clothing hut but then I don't know how to "spend" it.


What happens when you get visited by a ghost I just had my first person die, one of my peeps buryed them, was after a random event, it was called, Innovation in Farming, the two choices were try this or too dangerous, so i tried it and my peep died, is there a certain time they come at all? Thanxs


ummmm... just so you know... you can build the fishing nets with level one construction... I have level one and my two villagers built it after the rest of the tribe died of starvation... the only problem is that it takes about 8 bolts of cloth...

Anonymous July 13, 2010 1:05 PM

hello, PLEASE HELP... I messed up the stew and have forgotten whats gone in so just kept adding stuff.. & now need to make soap.. How do i empty the pot?? Please help x


-- RootBeer,

Thanks for answering. But for nursing mom, I don't find it matters. The parenting skill bar indicator still increases while they're nursing a baby(even faster if it's twins or triplet). And my population is in max, so no matter how many times they're "going indoors", my female villager won't get pregnant. It's just yeah like what I said earlier, it took a long time to make them become master parent.

when they turns 18, I make the female villager to be a parent(note: my scholars is all female cz I think it's easier this way). I can't drop them to male villager but I can drop them to a kids to make them telling stories. Believe me, repeat this (but wait till they stop before) a few times and you will have adept parent. After that, if the preferable skill: parenting, they will initiate embracing.

I started it when they're 18 and they need MORE than 20 years (or 20 hours) to become a master!! AND just like what I said earlier, I have PLENTY that still adept parent in their 60 and end up die before they become scholar. And I don't think started at age 50 is a good idea since the older they are, the slower the bar indicator raised.

Well, I still doing an experiment, but I think the problem is that there is too many parent at the same time. Right now I'm trying to limit the amount of parent to 6 in one time. Hope this works.

And yeah, Lately I have "scholar-booming". When I run the game, I found that 10 of my villager become scholar. It just surprised me. NOW I have 73 scholars, 27 more to go


just continuously make cloth, You'll find it still counted although max in store is six. For the faster way, see my previous posting.


The ghost ONLY appears when RARE item appears.


drop an adult onto the low well near the pot

RootBeer July 14, 2010 2:32 AM

mainry -

I guess I didn't explain what I was talking about too well. ^_^; Your way is awesome, and I actually didn't know that you could do that. But my way, I think, is better for population control. I got it to max population and tried to have them all be scholars but I couldn't keep track. Now I let the population sustain around 30 to 45 people. Here's my general way of having a villager live his/her life:

For all of them, have them start working in their best skill when they turn 14, obviously. For the women, when they turn 18, I have them continue to develop their skills in Farming, Building, Research and Healing. They tend to master all of these by the time they're in their early 40s - sometimes mid-30s if they had a really good head start as kids. Then I have them get pregnant until they're 50, which is typically when women stop having kids in my game. I've had some of those 60 year olds and older get pregnant, but that's never been planned, only spontaneously and rarely. When they turn 50, I find a male, usually of the same age or older but it doesn't really matter, and I keep picking up the female and dropping her on him. This takes a few minutes, five at the most, in real time, but at the end of it, they've mastered Parenting and are a scholar at the age of fifty. I also set the favorite skill on Parenting so I can keep track of them becoming a trainee/adapt parent.

For the men, I treat them much like the women, only as soon as they've mastered all of the other skills, I find a woman who's fifty years or older to pair them up with. I've found that any woman who's 49 or younger will get pregnant and then if I try to have the guy embrace her, she'll run off and the skill level won't go up. I have scholars in their early to mid 30s when it comes to the men.

Ever sense I found this little trick, I've turned every one of my villagers into scholars. I tend to get a scholar boom, as well, because most of the kids for each generation are born thirty to forty years apart from the other generation. The only time I "go off script," and have a woman get pregnant before she's mastered all of the other skills is when I'm running low on children or don't have a female after four or five male births.

Anyway, thank you for the other way. :) Try giving my way a try, please. I'd like to know if it's a glitch in my game or something built in.

nannerpuss July 14, 2010 3:17 AM

i cannot get any of my adults to cut the pulpy things!!!!!:( ugh it's making me so mad! i have the cloth shop done.



I have tried your way of playing, and yup it worked really nice, I have 5 Male mastered parenting skill before they turns 30 yr.Thank you so much.

But one thing that I can't stand, it's way too tiresome. I have to drag&drop hundreds of times, and well I'm not a typical person that have a lot of patience.^-^ I still have to watch for fish scales and rare mushroom too.

And about female villager that nursing a baby in their 60, I have them too. I think it happens when you set parenting skill on your 60 yr old female and you quitting the game. it doesn't happen quite often though.

One tips to make keeping track easier: give them uniform based on their preferable skill you set on. and change their outfit before you change their preferable skill. This way you can easily know which villagers that didn't work according their task and you can achieve 100outfits-purchasing-trophy in process. killing two birds with one stone.

One more, This day I have another scholar-boom. another 12 become scholar. This leave 15 more to go. Yay....


Are you sure you have all requirements? You must have cutting tool and have purchased lv2 science as well. make sure you drop an adult on the right place, Don't drop villager on flower.

For everyone, If you encounter island event:
-Robber crab, crab that known for having a nutritious tail

Let it go, and you will get a level for food mastery

-Some villager climb banyan tree and having troubles in climbing down

Don't Yell for help. Let it trying to climbing down and you will get a level for dendrology

-Innovation in farming OR Innovation in construction

Don't let them try it OR they would die

-If your villager found a device that have notch on it, fill it to the first notch and you will know that the Tidal happens every two hours. I think it's a hint to watch the area where fish scales often appears when low tide for every 2 hours.

randomgal July 15, 2010 12:16 PM

how do i set preferences??

Anonymous July 15, 2010 12:17 PM

hey, i dont know how to solve the puzzle 3, i put my villager on the rocks but they dont do anythin'.. Ambar

Anonymous July 15, 2010 8:36 PM

I have done until puzzle 16, I have 106 populations but I don't know how to build more house?

Rouchent July 16, 2010 6:13 AM

Can anybody help me?
I have the following collections:-
Mausoleum - 9/12
Lab - 10/12
Flutes - 11/12
Fish - only 5/12!!
For the last two days I have only been finding repeat items to collect.
Great for Tech points but VERY frustrating for completing collections.
Am I missing something? Is there something I should have done or researched or whatever to make the new and original missing items appear?
Your help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Rouchent July 16, 2010 6:18 AM

I presume by preferences you mean making villagers concentrate on specific skills.
Go to the Detail screen and click on the small box to the right of the skill bar.
That character should then favour that skill work over others, although they do still wander off and do other things occasionally. Like everyone they get bored with the same work 24/7, I suppose.
Hope this helps.

Rouchent July 16, 2010 6:24 AM

For Puzzle 3

Make sure you have lit the fire and then drop the adult villager on to the blackened rocks at the bottom left corner of the bridge leading from the Research Lab. Make sure the little black shadow of the character is on the rocks.


I can't get the pat to empty I have tried every thing I have read plz help


help! for puzzle 2, where is the rock? i know its chevron shaped and at the base of the cliff, but i dropped my villager on all the rocks(he is both adept scientist and builder) but they dont do anything!


max hut built is 3, you can't build more than that. Max population is 115, you can reach that after all collections completed.

Just be patient, I too, completed all collections after played for a month. One advice though, when playing don't stop exploring every corner of village, build your building on large grassfield under the lab AND around cooking pit. That is the place that I know collectibles and mushrooms never appears there. Watch for tide, when it's low fish scales often appear. And remember, DO NOT leave while the game still running even you have paused the game!! You will missed an items especially before you complete mausoleum. Mausoleum pieces doesn't appears repeatedly.

If you have dropped an adult onto a low well near the table near the pot and it still doesn't work, Just quit the game!! After a while, When you back you'll find the pot have emptied.


How do I douse the camp fire?
One of the trophy is to lit the fire 50 times. Do I have to wait it burnt out 50 x 20hr?

And also, what are the list of island events?


The debris blocking the stream have to be cleared before, then you will see a gray-colored rock at the base of cliff. It's right at the spot where the water falls before the stream clean.


Don't add firewood on the fire, let it off and then light it. If you set the time mode: fast, the fire just burnt out for 10 hours, you can light it twice a day.

There are just too many events, I have listed few of them that involve 2 options in my previous posting. Well that's just a few that I can remember and I think it's important. Maybe you can add events that you have encountered.

I'll add events I encountered lately,

-Shining face: Your villager sees a light shaped like a human face in the night

Tell everybody else, it's actually a nutritious algae and You will gain a level of medicine tech

-The almanac: One of the kids finds a book containing information about all skills

read it don't bring to scientist, AND he/she would have adept skill in all 5 areas

-One of the kids find a rare mushroom and eats it when the adult ask him/her

tell the truth and he/she would become apprentice farmer

randomgal July 18, 2010 5:43 AM

this is another event i came across... a box floating in the sea.. if you get it .. let the box go .. or you lose a villager..

ssuziejg July 18, 2010 8:04 PM

whenever i try to drag a f-villager and a m-villager together, she doesn't get pregnant.
?_? I even tried like more than [how many time]. got any advice???

RootBeer July 19, 2010 1:10 AM

O.O Dude! Amazing thing just happened!

I've gotten all of the trophies done expect for lighting the fire and random events. So, I decided just mess with my villagers. I first decided to let the population die off and then rebuild it because, hey, why not? I just logged in and it said that a barrel of babies just came down the waterfall. Now I have three extra kids for no apparent reason.

Anonymous July 19, 2010 1:54 AM

watch your villager's age. Female >50 can't get pregnant no matter how many you drop her on Male. But there's another way, set parenting skill on her then quit a game. after a while, 1 hour at least, when you back, hope that her already nurse a baby.


when you purify the tree you have to do it with someone who has not had a baby yet like a 17 year old boy i tried to do it with a adept parent then it didnt work!



Maybe your villager's too old. You can't make >50 yr old Female pregnant with dropping her on Male but you can Try this: set parenting skill on her, raise the bar with telling stories or going indoors. repeat this 'till she can initiate embracing and then quit the game. Go back after a while and let's hope she's already have a baby.
Note: Your population mustn't at max.


See All Collections
Finally completed after playing for a month.
3 trophies more to go and it's all complete. I just think that maybe you need at least 50 days to play this game, well you need to encounter 50 events and it happens once a day, so I just have to wait 12 days more.

Rouchent July 20, 2010 6:51 AM

Re: Parenting.

To improve parenting quickly you don't have to let the villagers go into the hut and then wait for them to come out. As soon as the message bar appears at the bottom 'This villager just improved at parenting' just pick the villager straight back up and drop him/her again. I had a 20 year old male and repeated this with a 64 year old female and he bacame a master parent in about 7 or 8 minutes.

Rouchent July 20, 2010 7:23 AM

Hi Mainry.
Thanks for the answer re:- collections.
Are you sure that Mausoleum pieces only appear once?
I know I missed one because it disappeared just as I dropped a child on it. I now have 11/12 so does that mean I can never finish the Mausoleum?
If so I might as well start again. If that is necessary what is the best mix of villagers to start? ie Age, Skill, Male/Female, Adult/Child, etc.


Well, I have played this game for long time AND I never see the same mausoleum appears twice, If not then my villager would have brought it to scientist, so I can say with confidence that mausoleum only appear once.

And you can't run fur full trophies since mausoleum completion is one of those. But you don't need to restart the game, just start another game and you can still watch how your current game progressing. Who knows that I'm wrong?

In case you're starting a new game,
Well, calling it the best strategy is a bit exaggerate. This is just my way of playing this game. My starting villager is like this : three of 14yr old female; one 14yr old Male; 7-8yr old female. When selecting, pay attention on what thing they like and dislike. I have some villager that hate fish and running, he can't catch a fish and walk so slow that it irritating me.

Then I allocate their task like this : farmer, builder, builder, scientist. allocate one builder for the stream and one for hut(love hut first), when one of them already become an adept ... I rotate their task.

when the adult have turns 18 I mate ONE of the Female to make a baby. It's important to controlling the population in the early stage. And by the time That villager done nurse her baby, The starting kid have became an adult and can start to work.

Maybe you have know this, the best technologies to purchase first is construction and science. This two tech is important for tribe survival. Solve puzzle#7 (cooking pit) as fast as you can then try to increase the population to 15(you must have at least 1 kid to collect items & mushrooms). Make the most of your villager become scientist to increase tech pts faster.

Well that's my way of playing in early stage. With this strategy I solved all puzzle in roughly 120 hours and now Ijust need 3 more trophies before all trophies is completed.

Hope this help

RootBeer July 20, 2010 4:58 PM

Rouchent, mainry,

I've done what you've done, Rouchent, missed a Mausoleum piece just by a second. It DOES reappear later on. But once you've picked up the Mausoleum peice, it won't reappear.

Annunaki July 21, 2010 9:43 PM

I had the same problem, where a mausoleum piece disappeared just before I dropped a child on it. With a little patience though it did reappear after all of the puzzle had been solved. The mausoleum pieces do not have duplicates like the other collection pieces do. However, it appears that if you do happen to miss one, you will get the chance to get it again later on.

Rouchent July 22, 2010 4:09 AM

Hi All.
Would you believe this?!
My first generation are now all dead and I have 18 females and no males!! There must be a genetic deficiency in my population. lol!
Short of an immaculate conception or two I think my hand has been played for me and I need to start again after all.
What are the odds of that?

Anonymous July 22, 2010 6:58 AM

*** Puzzle#11 (purifying the tree), you don't need nursery. ***

After you have your villager cleaned theirself and you have a sparkling villager, drop an adult onto a kid, and then all of them (kids) would listening to story near the pond. Continue distract the kids by telling stories till meditation ends.
It work on me and I solve this puzzle in 50 hours.

Anonymous July 22, 2010 4:20 PM

My greatest thanks for mainry,

I did follow your advice in encountering an event "The climbing man". By some chance after purchasing lv2 all tech, I meet this event and following your advice. I gain lv3 dendrology without spent any tech points. It really helps me. Thank you very much

Rouchent July 23, 2010 10:43 AM

Hi Guys 'n' Gals.
Am I right in assuming 'meditaing to purify the mind' has an effect on learning skills more quickly?.


In reguards to empting the pot. what you have to do is locate the grate in the research area. drop an adult on the grate and they will empty the pot, so you can start over. hope this helps

AroojBasitMalik July 25, 2010 9:26 AM

There are no kids left all adults some too old and some too young but no kids :(

Please help me!

By the way love the web site


I keep getting my food taking from something or someone can i stop the thing from taking my food...

RootBeer July 26, 2010 10:59 PM

Finished everything! Completed all of the puzzles, got all of the tech, and did all of the Trophies.

And nothing happened. lol. Kind of figured that, but it would've been nice if something happened, even if the villagers danced or something. Oh well, it was still great fun. Maybe I'll restart it and see how fast I can get the village going. I'll try out your way, mainry, for starters. =)


Same here,... Finished...
AND I have already played another game for awhile now(5-6 days maybe a week). How can this be? It looks like I finished many trophies and puzzle faster than before, well I already know many tips 'n tricks from you all. RootBeer, I have to admit your way of raising a scholar is much much faster than mine. And tiring... lol.^-^ I'll try to upload a sceenshot next time.
Thank you so much for you all, It's so fun


How can I make babies, or produce more people? Because every time I tried to make a baby, nothing happens.

[You have to keep trying, over and over, until your population count increases. It's not always successful, so you have to keep trying. -Jay]


,,.where is the keystone?,,.for me to finished the puzzle#2

Anonymous July 28, 2010 12:27 PM


I don't know why but when i put an adult on the nursery it says "Not enough skill to teach"

Please help me!


Hi guys, I'll show you cool stuff AND maybe it can helps when you're having a problem.

Here you can see All collections , fully mastered Technologies , puzzle , and trophies .
Have a question? Wanna see more?

- Where is the rock?

- For plugging the hole, It's here
- for cooking, right here

- How to make a stew?

- First, drop an adult on bowl, (edible stew: fresh water; soap/cloth: salt water)
- Then drop an adult on blackened stone wait for it become red.
- Prepare the herbs .
- Bring the reddened stones to pot, and then start cooking

- I want to emptying the pot, What should I do?

Drop an adult here

- Where is exactly the pulpy vines?

Be careful, it's right here

- Where is meditation spot?

It's here

- Do you see a ghost?

- Wow, My villager having a grand feast !!

- Ahh, It sure is nice, getting cleaned once for a while.

- Welcome to Mausoleum!!

###*** Have Fun ^-^ ***###


I am having trouble with the grand feast.

I have all of the herbs, added food, added blackberries, fish, mushroom, hard fruit, everything, then I dropped an adult on the pot, and he refused. I paused the game, do I have to wait for it to go cold?

Also, you know how the names and outfits are random? I got a young male in yellow clothes named Pichu X3


"The Tough Lesson"
Your villager saw a child climbs high the tree and now scared to climb down. It's very dangerous for an adult to climb that high. So, do you let the child like that so it will become a lesson or you will go up and get the child?

Here my answer, Go get the child. And......................................

The branch of the tree broke, your villager fell and got a serious injury. Well, parenting need to sacrifices.

And guess what I got!
My villager gain full bar of parenting skill and become a master that instant!!!


Try to add the food once more, or you can remake the stew. Three kinds of herbs have to go in first and then other ingredients. If it still incomplete, add food and other ingredients once more; if it become cold, add the heated rock. You'll know when it finished, the pot looks like empty but have smoke come out from it AND when you click on it, it will says "the stew will evaporate in x min xx sec".


Ok - The tree of life is nearly healed, the lei has been repaired but I have no hummingbird. Is there something I'm missing?


nope if you have healed the tree upto lvl 3 the hummin bird will come if you patiently wait


I cant get my villager's parenting lvl up. I want to make him a scholar and have mastered everything except for parenting. I have made a lot of babies and made him tell a lot of stories (btw- dragging an adult villager on kids makes them to 'tell a story' and brings up their parenting lvl) but he is still a little bit away from master. Please help!


I finished researching all 6 technologies. Now what do I do with all my tech points?



Start working on your trophies! There is a cloth trophy that you can work on which require you to purchase 100 pieces of cloth. (5000 tech points each)



you can start working on your trophies! There is a clothing trophy that requires you to purchase 100 clothes (5000 tp each)


When is the next VV coming out? looking forward to playing it! I <3 Isola series (including plant, fish tycoon and blah blah..)

lei_is2damnqt August 2, 2010 9:02 PM

How do we get unlimited tech points?
Or, how do we get ahold of the guy who CLAIMS he did it?


Ooooh guys!! I found something really cool!
When you want to have a baby just continuously put the male on the female so that you hear just kissing sounds. And the female will have a baby! Even if they don't go to the love shack! A lot easier that waiting for them to slowly walk to the love shack and stay there a long time. That doesn't really matter! You'll know if she has a baby the moment the kiss sound comes.


Ally -

There is no official word from Last Day of Work yet on VV5. If you go to their website, you can find a simple pencil sketch for VV5 there as a teaser.


Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered but I tried to make the soapy+soapy+sweet stew (the one that increases health) and it says the stew is unfinished and needs something nutritious. I only have the first four puzzles and haven't updated tech.. is that why I can't finish the stew?


I have completed all the collections, tech, and puzzles. I have very few trophies left, however, I haven't seen any ghosts! I still have my whole tride (including the originals)...do I have to let somebody die before I see ghosts? I have built all the huts, including the hospital, so when I try to let somebody stay sick, somebody else just comes in and heals them! Please help! btw, LOVE the site ;)


Also, I don't know if this is stated somewhere else but this is really cool and very useful! After doing the lei puzzle, that annoying hummingbird still appears and shows you a random flower. Drop a kid on the flower once the hummingbird has left it and they will take a flower to the lab for tech points! But be sure to wait until the bird is off the flower or the kid will just shake their head.


GAH! Too annoying. I've made the super stew several times now but it keeps saying it's unfinished. Do I have to do everything in a certain order or something? Cause none of the times have I added the mushroom last. I took it when it popped up so it wouldnt disappear.. I havent forgot anything.. It's spicy+sweet+soapy.. food, berries, fish and fruit. and the mushroom. I don't get why it doesnt finish!?


Please help me!!

How do I get the clothing hut? Do I need a special level?? I'm stuck because of that :s
Thanks in advance!

Amannnda August 7, 2010 5:22 PM

I came here trying to find the purpose of buying building level 3, and I noticed that it said that you had to have level 3 to repair the nets, which is not true. I currently have level 2 and my nets are repaired. I only had to make the cloth twice and then put a guy there to repair the nets... no problem. I am keeping my population low, so there is no purpose for level 3 building for me. I don't need another hut.