I am in the Railroad Expansion. It said to talk to Doc someone... I could not find him.

Neither a townsperson nor Anne will repair the tracks after I blew up the boulders. I irrigated the land between the two broken tracks, but it will not allow me to lay a new piece there.

Also, how do I get to the bandits behind the gates? There is no square spot to open the gates with (like in Westward III).


sanfaconbp January 2, 2010 12:30 AM

Have you read the walkthrough on the Railroad Expansion? The walkthrough is before the comments section.

Doc is the guy that is right under the red arrow where you start building the new track.

The bandits open the gate when you lay down about 3 tracks. There is a screen warning you that the bandits are coming to blow up the track.

Hope this helps.


I am in the Railroad Repo. But i can't see where are the bandits!
Please help!
Again!b )

cookadook January 2, 2010 1:06 PM

Help please?! I am at the Hostage Rescue section. I can't find the Super TNT. I have attempted this 10 times without the walkthrough, and another 10 times reading the walk thru. Also, there is no mention (from what I could see) of what the black pouch with the gold (key looking thing) sticking out is or what you are supposed to do with it. Please help!!


Okay.... I played through once as Anne and am now playing as Henry. When I played as Anne, sometimes when the train came through, it would drop off a bounty hunter who offered to help defend the town, so I got a pretty good amount of gunmen together, but as Henry, that isn't happening. How do I get more gunmen, so I can defend the trains and stuff when I need to?


I am trying to go around the bandits building my railroad. I have the track repaired except for the piece in the canyon. It will not let me repair this. Any help would be appreciated.


I am at Haverbrook and cannot seem to get the quests completed on time. I have got through the 1st one after a few attempts, but the second one isn't happening. I followed the walkthrough on here, but I think I have the timing mixed up or there is something else I need to do. Any tips?


I have 3 factories employed, was told about a clock tower, but nothing at blacksmiths later, I don't have a coal miner working as all is used up but am buying coal, how long does it take for blacksmithy to say masterfull creation? Oh and can't do market 4, no matter how I try to work it. help pls.

DipsyArkie January 2, 2010 8:07 PM

am I nuts ? or has anyone else noticed a grove of trees, on the south east side of the main map, that cannot be cut down or blown up ? I've placed two wood camps there, with out any luck and can't even blow them up with dynamite...is it just me ?


There was a glitch in one of my quests and now I can't finish it. I need to to go on in the game. Is there anyway to redo or restart just that quest? Please I need help!!!


I have a population of 45. I have 1 house that has no-one living in it, and a couple of houses that have some empty space. How do I get people to move into the houses????


The bandits took my railroad, there is a train on the rails that is blocked so it can't move, I go to train race and I win but when I come back I can't move my people anywhere or go anwhere on the map. Am I doing something wrong?


I am in the Noise Ordinance. The only way I could get back to the land slide was to allow the super tnt to explode and buy a new one. I have arrived back at the land slide and the town person will not put the explosives down. How do I get him to do it? I have tried and tried to get him to put them under the arrow and every inch around there. Thank you. I am sorry to be so thick!


>I have a population of 45.
>How do I get people to move into the houses????
45 is the maximum population you can have.

@K R Lang
> I have arrived back at the land slide and
>the town person will not put the explosives
>down. How do I get him to do it?
Push the button "drop item". It's the bottom left button on the square of four actions.

>I go to train race and I win but when I come
>back I can't move my people anywhere or go
>anwhere on the map.
>Am I doing something wrong?

No, you are not. It is a bug in the game. Upgrade to version 1.003 and it should fix it. You may have to re-install over the top

sanfaconbp January 3, 2010 8:01 PM

I believe you are describing the super TNT.

I just put in another sheriff's office (OR 2) if I want more lawmen than I have.

The clock tower is on the 3rd page of the buildings. It is available after the guy tells you.
Market 4 is much easier if you build a house and get a couple more people helping right at the beginning - or as soon as you can.

I start Haverbrook by buying a dynamite from the general store and blowing up the rocks that take you to the higher ground on the west side. I also take all the towns people to help gather. I use the lawman to shoot animals for food.
Hope that helps.

The only thing I know is to load your game from your last save and go from there.


I am sorry to be such a pain, but I have memory problems. I have reread the walkthrough and the comments and cannot find an answer. I have found all ten pieces of cheese (thank you for the help) but cannot blow up the tree across from the logs. Have even tried doing it twice with no luck. What is my problem? Thanks.

sanfaconbp January 4, 2010 4:23 PM

K R Lang:
Do you place the dynamite on the north side of the tree?

Joyce Consylman January 4, 2010 5:04 PM

I am on "Wrong Side" and am almost done with it. The last thing I have to do is put a potted tree in front of an upgraded house. No matter where I put it, she says "It is too far away from the house. She can't see it." I tried irrigation and placing potted trees all over, but no luck. Anybody have an answer for me. Thanks.


Well no clock tower in 3, guess I did need a minor working even though I did have passed full coal miners, it isn't working now, no blue prints..aww. what you think?


I am in Rodent Flu and have played this for hours in this Quest and still cannot find the big red rat that I'm supposed to kill. Help, please! Majorly frustrated! I've gathered all the cheese and trapped the rats in the canyon, found the hidden object, etc. Thank you!


I am playing as Henry and I can't find the dog's treasure boulder to blow up anywhere. Can someone please help me. Thanks.


Is there anything you do with the boxes that the factories spit out in your main town?

I couldn't see anything in the walkthrough about them.

Also how do you get the clock tower?


Everything i read says there is only 1 fossil in wrong side quest. My page says I have only found 2/3 hidden objects. I cant find the third. I am playing as Henry

sanfaconbp January 5, 2010 3:57 PM

Jim said:
(wrong side quest. My page says I have only found 2/3 hidden objects. I cant find the third.)

I don't know which one you haven't found, but the one that was hardest for me to find

by a tree at the top of the screen - I had to turn the page to see it.

( Is there anything you do with the boxes that the factories spit out in your main town?)

Take the boxes to the guy who buys the cheese and pies, etc. He buys everything.

Please see Cheeza's answer about the clock tower.


The clock tower comes after you have 3 manufacturing plants. Then a guy comes and says for you to bring him the iron work (from the blacksmith shop). Then he gives you the plans for the clock tower and it becomes available on the 3rd page.

I hope that helps.


I think I blew up the stump I was suppose to use in the log cutting challenge. Where is it located ? If I did blow it up - what can I do?


I am having a hard time finding cheese to give to the bandits in the railroad race quest. any suggestions?

funtime1234 January 6, 2010 12:28 AM

I'm working on the Mad Hatter hat. The hat desigher showed up and went to one of the two hat shops, both were currently employed so the designer stopped from going into the shop. He said something but I didn't understand it. Can you help me out? the Hat designer is currently standing outside one of the unemployed hat shops. What do I need to do?

sanfaconbp January 6, 2010 11:47 AM

Playing as Henry it is north east. It is sitting by itself.
I don't remember where it is playing as the girl, but it is next to the place where there is coal waiting to be mined and a space that you need to use the irrigation tool on. I hope that helps.


You get cheese when you have a ranch that has cows on it.

The MadHatter will ask you to bring certain people to him in order to inspire him for a hat he wants to make. I believe the first person he always asks for is a miner.


I am with Diana.... I have played for four hours since I finished all the quests in Rodent Flu... I cannot find the big red rat! I have killed every rat I can find! Please help!

sanfaconbp January 7, 2010 12:05 AM

K R Lang:

I have always found that big rat close to the farm. It is east of it, between the main part of the town and the farm.


Is the Big Red Rat between the farm and the town, or the ranch and the town? The ranch is west of the town... therefore, it could be east of the ranch between the ranch and the town. But the farm is east of the town... And is it really red?? Thanks.


I don't know what everyone means to say with 'bakery boxes'. Where do I get them..?

sanfaconbp January 7, 2010 2:16 PM

K R Lang,
I'm sorry - it is the ranch and town. It is a huge rat the whole thing is not red - the tail maybe.

sanfaconbp January 7, 2010 2:21 PM


The bakery boxes come from the bakery. When you get apples from the trees that are chopped down. The apples are laying on the ground. Have a person that is skilled in farming pick them up. The baker then makes pies and they show up in front of the bakery.
Hope that helps.


I need some help:) I'm on the part where you save the prisoners. I have completed the level but am trying to get the last dinosour stone, above the mine with the bears. I can't seem to blow up the wood baracade....any suggestions?


I have finished the train race and am waiting for the final showdown. I have been waiting for a long time. What do I have to do to have dad and Henry come back?

sanfaconbp January 8, 2010 2:52 AM

There is one of the pens that the bandits were in that has some hugh rocks in one corner. It is toward the west, I believe about the middle of the screen. Blow up those rocks and they can get to that area through that hole.

They will come back on their own. It takes a little bit of time.

Anonymous January 8, 2010 7:19 PM

I just got a


What do I do with it?


Am working on the Volcano Valley Mission.
Does anyone know how I can reach 180 and them maintain it. I've been working on it for days.


Hi all,
Can you please tell me if there are things I can do to get more "experience" points?? I seem to be "stuck" at 8 and can't complete this level without an upgrade, can't get the upgrade with only 8. Thanks!!!


How do I build a second coal mine? or Gold Mine? I found a second location but I can't build there. Help Please.

sanfaconbp January 9, 2010 9:51 AM


I have found that the dinosaur is a great help in fighting the excess bears and wolfs (even bandits). It also has a life guage and you can add health to it.
Have fun.


I build buildings and parks, etc. until I reach 180. One thing I have found is the horse stables really help get you there. Also, banks and stores can bring some more points - even the flowers help get the score up.
I hope this helps.

One way to gain experience points is to cross train your people. You receive one point every time someone becomes trained in a field. There are 4 fields - farmer(rancher counts), miner, salesclerk and woodcutter. Each person can become trained in all 4.

Of course, the market place also has quests that give you experience points.

You will need to buy dynamite to blow up trees, etc that are in front of areas to place mines. Also, you purchase the irrigation tools to use on the rocky ground. Then you can put in your mines.

Hope that helps.


I am in Ogdenville and I have found 9 barrels but the 10th eludes me. The river barrels have been removed, the one by the mayor's house and wheelbarrow. Any ideas?


I'm doing the Father Ransom quest - I have a problem with weights and switches: Even if I put two weight on one switch the door to dynamite won't stay open, the same with the railroad switch!!! What to do?!


I'm in Odgenville right now and I'm trying to clean the river but i have no clue how to clean up the coal mine mess..please help!

sanfaconbp January 9, 2010 8:36 PM


Have you found the one that is in the old wagon on the island?


Do you mean in the river? Or the air?
IN the river, just blow up the trash that is left in there.
The air - just demolish a few of the factories.
I hope that answers your question.

Anonymous January 9, 2010 8:57 PM

I am in the first timed supply gathering stage and I can't find the hidden object. I gathered the 25 food and 250 wood, and I have blown every rock up. I am playing as Anne

nyxnemesis January 10, 2010 1:54 AM

Hello, I've never gotten the Mad Hatter quest, and yet, for some reason, I already have the Mad Hatter hat in my hat store. Is this going to screw me up some way?

Also, someone mentioned earlier about the nest hat--I have a turkey farm and I don't have that hat either. Anyone have any ideas?


sanfaconbp January 10, 2010 6:46 AM

Are you talking about the first quest in the Market Place? There are no hidden objects in any of them as far as I know. I have never had one in any of them. When you are shown the recap at the end of the quest, does it show 0/0 for the hidden objects or 0/1?

sanfaconbp January 10, 2010 6:55 AM

I got this information about hats from the Sandlot site. Maybe that will help. There is a complete list you may be interested in.


Chicken Nest - Unlocked after mad hatter quest completed

Mad Hatter Madcap -Unlocked doing the Mad Hatter Quest

Anonymous January 10, 2010 8:53 AM

What do I do with de boxes from the blacksmith?


Help, what is outcropping? I need to upgrade my locomotive and have used all my coal mines and I need an experienced miner working a coal mine to do so...I'm really stuck. I need a coal mine to work.
Also, explain the dinosaur? I think I've blown up everything....

sanfaconbp January 10, 2010 10:01 AM

The boxes from the factory, the iron from the blacksmith, the cheese from the ranch and the pies from the bakery all go to the outpost guy. He buys everything.


I have finished the railroad expansion where your sheriff and deputies have to defend the engine, but I am unable to find the archeological item! Please help. Thanks!


What is the secret trophy, I have all but that and 10 train disasters...
Please Help me!


i have finished railroad race ,came back to town,everybody left,except henry,i am waiting for long say 4hrs..even the train is not coming please help me,,,


i have finished railroad race,come back to town,everyone left,except henry,i am waiting say 4hrs..even trains are not visible..please help..

sanfaconbp January 11, 2010 3:27 PM

K R Lang,
Are you talking about when you have to repair the track and protect the engine with the sheriff and lawmen? If so, they don't have any hidden items. You can check that by looking at your recap before hitting complete - if there is a hidden item it will say 0/1 if not it will show 0/0. If it is another town you are in, I don't understand which one it is. Could you describe it for me?

sanfaconbp January 11, 2010 3:33 PM

If you have used all your coal mines, they are gone. You would need to start over again as far as I know. I know some have recommended not using the last coal mine until this point in the game, so that you will have it when you have to. I did not know that the first time either.

If you have made sure there is no hidden coal mines (like behind trees against the stone wall, etc.) then I suggest you start over.

The dinosaur is

an animal that will show up if you collect and return all the hidden items to the man at the dig site. Then he can be used to help kill the bears and wolves and even bandits in the games after this one.

sanfaconbp January 11, 2010 3:38 PM

There are a few secret trophies.

Here's a list of all the trophies

Settler - Complete Game Tutorials
Disaster Challenge - Complete Sandbox Disaster Challenge
Architect - Purchase All Locked Items In Game
Pioneer - Complete the Game
Railroad Challenge - Complete the Sandbox Railroad Challenge
Carpenter - Build & Upgrade every Building at least once
Trader - Sell 4 Town Goods at the same time
Farmer - Unlock & grow all farm crops at the same time
Decorator - Unlock all Hats
Merchant - Sell 8 Town Goods at the same time
Rancher - Unlock & raise all ranch animals at the same time
Fashionista - Unlock all Clothes
Renovator - Have 5 Upgraded Houses in Town
Stylist - Style the town by dressing 10 Citizens in New Clothes
Collegiate - Train 20 Skilled citizens in town
Detective - Defend the town with 5 lawmen on Horseback with Guns Upgraded
Doctor - Cure 50 Citizens from illness
Professor - Train a citizen in all skills
Sentinel - Overcome 10 Train Disasters
Unknown - (landscaper) - Create 5 Gnome Parks in you town
Unknown (Pirate) - Find all hidden treasure chests
Unknown - (Lumberjack) - Knock down 50 Trees
Unknown - (sculptor) - Carve 2 different wooden sculptures in town
Archaeologist - Find all Hidden Fossils (36 total)

sanfaconbp January 11, 2010 3:45 PM

Do you have the latest version #1.003? (you can check by looking in the left bottom corner when you start the game)

Can you move around in the town or is it stuck?

If you can move around and not stuck, I would suggest you make sure the track is not broken anywhere and just wait. If it is for 4 hours though that sounds excessive. Maybe you should send a technical problem email to Sandlot games and see what they say or to whoever you bought the game from.
Most of the time I've played the people returned within 30-40 minutes - the last time I played it took a little longer, but not over an hour I would say.
Good luck! I hope they return soon for you.


Has anyone put together a list (with spoilers) of ALL hidden upgrades, luxury items and other goodies yet?

♥ this game



* Overcome 10 Train Disasters - What mean? What I do?
* Create 5 Gnome Parks in you town - How I can create Gnome Park?
All others I have.
Please Help!


What exactly is a gnome park and how do u build one?

sanfaconbp January 12, 2010 2:26 AM

Sal & nady:

The train disasters are what you do when you go to repair the train and your sheriff and lawmen go with you. It should happen automatically as you do those.

Gnome Park is -

you place your park somewhere and then take one of your people over to it and let them start hammering. The park will change inside it - I think first is a bird bath -just keep them hammering and it changes. one is a gnome - one is a bench - anyway just leave 5 parks with the gnome and you will get a message saying you got that trophy.

sanfaconbp January 12, 2010 2:48 AM

I got this list from the Sandlot site.


Chicken Nest - Unlocked after mad hatter quest completed
Leaf Beanie - Unlocked when lumberjack trophy is awarded - by knocking down 50 trees
Mad Hatter Madcap -Unlocked doing the Mad Hatter Quest
Diving Bell Helmet - Have 3 Fishing Docks (all don't have to be employed)
British Wig - Employ someone with all Four Skills at the Town Hall
Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker - Unlocked after all Three Treasures are found
Banana Top Hat - Unlocking & growing all farm crops
King's Crown - Unlocked when Game is Completed


Extra Crops/Animals
Watermelon - Have 80 water & upgraded farm.
Buffalo - Take 2 bakery boxes over to the buffalo roundup spot and leave them there. A buffalo will eventually wander over and you'll be able to raise them.
Peas - Irrigate area with coal mine - build farm away from mine (so still usable) - Employ with skilled farmer to unlock

Town Goods:

Town Goods
Produce Town Good - Have one farm producing food
Meat Town Good - Have at least one ranch producing food and an Employed Butcher Shop
Miracle Cure Town Good - Have a Doctor and have a Skilled Farmer employed at a Fishing Hut
Fertilizer Town Good - Have an Employed Upgraded Ranch and 4 stables
Factory Town Good - Have a Citizen skilled in both mining and woodcutting employed in a upgraded lumber camp and a factory
Iron Town Good - Have at least 1 citizen skilled in mining employed at both a blacksmith with upgraded pick axes and a coal mine
Bakery Town Good - Have a skilled Farmer employed at the bakery - pick up apples from ground at Wood Huts
Bonds - Have one Citizen with 4 skills employed at town hall & 2 employed banks and collect taxes which will give bonds (to collect taxes, click town hall & choose either low or high taxes- high taxes reduce town happiness)


To get the Indian outfit you have to complete all the challenges for the goods store.
To get the saloon dress, town happiness of 200

Anonymous January 12, 2010 6:01 AM

How do I get two different wooden sculptures?


sanfaconbp: Thanks, thanks, thanks! You are GREAT!

sanfaconbp January 12, 2010 11:19 AM

Wooden Sculptures

When you get the tree trunk building - click on the hero and have them hammer on it - they will make a sculpture out of it. Build another tree trunk building and take a person that is skilled in woodcutting to it and have them do a sculpture. If the hero does it again it will be the same sculpture.

sanfaconbp January 12, 2010 11:28 AM

You are very welcome. I know how it is to need a question answered and love this game too. I just want to help, if I can.


I cannot find the stump to take to the guy who wants to challenge me. I understand that it is a grey color and in the upper right hand corner. Could we get a screen shot for this?

I think you are a bigger help than the Sandlot site. Thank you very much!


Nex to the old wagon on the island is a berry bush, pick all the berries, the barrel is in there

sanfaconbp January 12, 2010 5:25 PM

K R Lang,
I'm sorry, I don't know how to get the screen shot on this site. If you are playing as Henry the land that needs to be irrigated and has a coal mine on it, is on the top right area of the screen. If you are playing as Anne, it is on the top of the screen, but on the left side.

If you are playing as Henry, the log will be right outside that area - just north of the land area. If you are playing as Anne, the log is in the land area, at the bottom right side of that land area.

I hope that helps.

Anonymous January 12, 2010 7:03 PM

I am playing as Anne, have finished the WRONG SIDE quest, have found 2 of 3 hidden objects. The obvious one where you have to use dinamite on a fence, then the one someone said was the hardest next to a tree (you have to change the perspective). Cant find the last one. Please help....


@ sanfaconbp

Thank you so much!

As far as you know, are those all of the hidden items and unlockables? Seems like it is not quite as many as Westward 3 had available.



Oh, one more question about the unlockable crop...

I'm a little confused about the peas one. Is there a very specific place on the map where that coal mine area is? I have many coal mines already and it seems I could place a farm nearby without the trouble of irrigating.

Maybe I'm missing something.

Also, I have a question about wolves...

I killed one, and no more are showing up. I've looked all over the map. I thought, well, maybe my outlaws are scaring them away, so I moved my outlaws. Still, no more wolves.

I'll probably be back with more questions as I get further in the game. Thank you again for your help!



On the spoiler is (brookesville) it says one of the toxic barrels is hidden on the left hand side of the ridge. Can anyone give me a better hint as Ive blown up everything i can find on the left hand side and nothing its driving me nuts.

sanfaconbp January 13, 2010 3:59 PM


The last one is on the top right hand side. You will need to build a bridge to get to it.


Yes, as far as I know that lists all of them.

The peas only come if you build a farm in that one area. After it is irrigated and you have people working the farm, one of the people find seeds and let you know that now you can grow peas.
The area got my attention right away because it looks like a good space, but the whole thing needed to be irrigated. The coal mine couldn't be worked until it is irrigated and all that space was wasted if it wasn't irrigated. And, a bridge has to be made to get to it. The heavy log is right around it too. Because of all this it was the area I dealt with last. Also, there is a hidden item close to it.

About the wolves, if you kill any animals that show up in the area where you have seen wolves, eventually you will get a wolf again. Some people have said that only so many animals will come until you kill the ones that are there. I know I have done it both ways and killing what is there does seem to make the ones you want come quicker.


okay, i've been trying to get the blueprints for the clock tower.read the spoiler from december 9th; got the special metalwork thing without a problem. now, Who or What is this "Ford" that i'm taking it to. because I don't have anybody with this name & there are like 7 different fords on this river. I am, by the way, at the point right after I've won the railroad race & know exactly which box has my precious uncle in it. am i too late?

sanfaconbp January 13, 2010 11:19 PM

I don't know if you are too late in the game or not, I don't think so, but in order to get the clock tower blueprints

you need to have 3 factories with people working at them. Then that guy shows up and comments about your town and then says if you will bring him the iron from the blacksmith shop, he will give you the blueprints.

sanfaconbp January 13, 2010 11:25 PM

I'm not sure which town you are in. Is it the main town or the industrial town that throws it's waste in the river?
If it is that one, I think maybe the one you are looking for is on the island. I thought it was in the old wagon, but like eglianna said it is in the berry bush - after you pick the berries, there is that barrel.

I hope that helps.

nmilliner January 15, 2010 2:36 PM

I can not open the last mystery upgrade in the store upgrades option. Can someone tell me what it is and what I have to do to get it? It's the one right after the peas and watermelon.

sanfaconbp January 15, 2010 3:17 PM


It's the buffalo.


Im in Ogdenville and i completed everything ..all i have left is to repair the town buildings, which i`ve done..why does it say that i have to repair? am i missing something?

MarvB1904 January 15, 2010 4:05 PM

Hi. I am stuck in ogdenville...i have completed all the quests..all that is left is to repair all the town buildings which i have done. There is nothing left to repair..i even rebuilt to two factories. Am i missing something?

sanfaconbp January 15, 2010 5:28 PM

MarvB1904 & Max:

A good way to tell what buildings need to be repaired is on the information at the bottom of the screen. On the bottom left is a picture of a building - that is for ones that need to be repaired. Click on that and it will take you to the one that needs repairing. Sometimes it is a well or a storage building or even a park.

cuddcycat January 16, 2010 4:15 AM

Thanks for your advice earlier

Im now on the rescue annas father mission, I have followed the spoiler to the letter, the train goes through the camp and the guy shoots annas dad, my lawmen dont come to help me.

Im playing as Anna any advice.


I'm on the landlord loop and the walkthrough says to blow up rocks and go to the "main" cabin? Where is the main cabin? I've looked and I can't find it

sanfaconbp January 16, 2010 8:17 AM


I've copied the following from the walkthrough:

"Place the TNT at the end of the tracks. Fix the tracks and blow up the rock on the tracks.
Go back to the rats and get the other one who likes you, scare the bandits, and get the other big TNT.
Take this one to the end of the tracks and place it next to the first one.
Go back and get the weight and place it on the track switch. Save game."

I think,

the last lines are the ones that change the track sl that the father doesn't get killed. The weight needs to be placed on the track switch so that the train goes on the track that has the tnt on it.

I hope this helps.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

sanfaconbp January 16, 2010 8:33 AM

I've read the walkthrough - I think they meant to say the main area instead of main cabin.

You are right, there is no cabin already here. There is only the little tent where Fuzzy Adams lives.

From what they are saying, I believe after they start the gold mine to the right of the area you start at, then they go to blow up the rocks to the area that needs to be irrigated before you can put in the gold mine there.


Wrong Side - Potted Plant: You have to plant in front of an Upgraded House I believe.


Thank you, sanfaconbp :)

I'm a little disappointed that there weren't more hidden luxury items/upgrade bonuses, but I'm still enjoying the game.

I'm going to fiddle a bit and maybe something else will appear anyhow...

As for the wolves

I didn't see animals in the original wolf area, but I'll try again.

Some ways the game could be improved is if the wolves from other towns and areas of the game could count the same way the fossils do.

Thanks again for the help :)

txsassygrl January 16, 2010 3:52 PM

I think I've finished (with a bit of help with you guys!), but I'm actually not sure ... I've gotten through the Great Train Race, all of the quests have green checks, all the places on the map have been visited and completed and I got the Dinosaur ....

And I'm not sure what to do next.

I DO have an icon of a Bandit with a 1 next to it on the left side of the screen (where the ? and ! are when you have a quest to do) and when I click on it, it takes me to a Bounty Hunter .... and that's it. No dialoge to tell me what to do.


cuddcycat January 16, 2010 8:09 PM

Thanks Kayleigh but Ive done all that the tracks have been changed to go through the bandit camp its the single guy that is with dad that kills him after the camp explodes.

My lawmen dont move at all


How do I get the iron for the blueprints? Thanks:)


Ok, I'm playing as Henry and made the stupid mistake of picking his way to Rescue their Father. I cannot get past the bandits at all in the maze. I notice there is help for doing it Anne's way, but can't find any help to do it Henry's!!!
Is there anyway to change to Anne's? Unfortunately, I've already saved pasted that spot. Or does any have help in getting through the Rescue the Father when doing it Henry's way? I hope so!! Thanks!!


i'm stuck! in the town rodent flu i can find where to put the 10 bits of cheese.

sanfaconbp January 17, 2010 5:14 AM

The way that I have done it is:

(talking as if I am Henry)
I wait until the guard outside the cell is in her room with the door shut, then go through the tunnel to the end of that hall. I let her see me and yell at me to stop and then hurry and turn right - into the guy coming out of his room. I walk past him into his room and shoot it out. I pick up the dynamite. (The other guard won't follow if I hurry and walk on into the room.)

Then I wait until the first guard is back into her room with the door closed and walk to the end of that hallway. I wait in the corner until the guard in the long left hallway goes into his room with the door closed.

Then I go step on the plate that opens the door and go back into the corner. I wait another time until he goes back into his room with the door closed - then go quickly down that hallway to the right to the blockade where the guns are stored.

I blow up the rocks and get the huge gun. I then walk back to the end of that hallway and wait until the guy goes into his room with the door closed and walk north into the top of the screen and right - to get the weight.

I walk to the screened off section made of wood and wait there until the guy goes into his room with the door closed - and then walk all the way down that hallway - past the plate in the floor and to the section where the guys are in the cell.

I put the weight on one plate and stand on the other. The alarm goes off, but the guys are free.

I then rope everyone together and we go down that same hallway to the section where I got the guns - go to the main hallway out the door and to father. (If you use the map and look at all the hallways and bandits while you are still in the original cell - You will be able to see how to get to father. Then when you are the lawmen are on your way out you have an idea of how to go.)

Rope father with the rest and go to the arrow - I then go to the right and pick up the hidden object before leaving.

The only time I stop to fight is when we reach father - or just before - when all the bandits gang up. Other than that I ignore them and keep on walking - they shoot, but we keep on going until we all shoot it out.

If for some reason my time is off and the guards from the far right get into the picture- I restart the quest, because I have not found a way to get past them and the other guard without a shoot out that brings another guard into it.

If you succeed getting to the corner to wait, I would save the game in a special place and then save again when getting the gun - save again when getting the weight - save again after freeing the guys - and so on.

I hated that I had chosen this way the first time and tried to change my mind - but it would not let me, but after I found this way -it is my favorite way to choose now.

I hope this helps.

sanfaconbp January 17, 2010 5:32 AM


The blacksmith makes the iron - you normally would take this to the guy that buys everything - but in this case you take it to the guy that says if you will bring it to him he will give you the blueprints ( or something like that - he does give you the blueprints.)

sanfaconbp January 17, 2010 5:37 AM

I found that the reason the bandit icon shows up at the end of the game is that:

When you are freeing Uncle Sal - there are other points on the map that bandits show up. They wait with their box until you get there to fight. Even after the game is over, they are still waiting. I would go to the outskirts of the map and check to see if you have some bandits waiting for you still.