Just for those of you whose strategy is to put down as many banana farms as possible and then have enough money to do pretty much whatever you want, did you know

On the first level, you can place banana farms (or probably any other tower) on the top of the water where there is a little bit of land?


I am a long time bloons fan (well only the td versions). I love the new operation dart storm and the 'obi won kenobi' monkey towers. The graphics are sweet and the maps are ok BUT. three things
1.the fast forward button is completely pointless
2.the banana research facility makes it way too easy
3.and mostly... I want the premium upgrades but there's no way I'm paying for a free flash game!

sell outs...


For all those complaining that a flash game wants you to pay:

You do know you're getting most of the game for free, right? That's better than many games give you. Games take time to produce. And effort. Lots of both. So, if ninjakiwi is looking to get a little compensation for their game, don't blame them. I don't see you all cranking out free flash games. Sheesh.


i love bloons games but just cant get the controls for it... it is stuffed on mine:(


How do you pop camo bloons? My towers just ignore them.


lol, easy thing to do on easy

once your high enough rank, get enough money to get 2 banana republics, 3 mortar batteries, and after that, just spam the heck out of the map with lightsabers, they're cheaper than super monkeys, and do so much more damage. i'm at level 77, and nothing can get past even the first turn of the map.

Andrew (one of the best bloons players out there) November 15, 2009 7:24 PM

The fastforward button doesnt work, after around 76 or so, the variety of the levels is no more. It gets boring and not dynamic at all....heres how to never ever die on medium easy level.

start off with a wizard and keep him until you reach 1000 for a banana farm. dont hasten upgrades or even if you lose a few lives, but keep upgrading the banana farm...then add some towers to be safe, but keep making new banana farms and upgrading as quickly as possible...it gives me 20000 money after every round im on round 92 with over 275000 money and still growing.....


I can't win on the Advanced level, Medium difficulty, no matter what I do. I always lose on the last wave. Lately I'm using mostly cannon towers upgraded to the max, plus ice towers (ditto). Help! Thanks!

gammaraptor November 16, 2009 6:24 PM

I really don't like the MochiCoins... But I really love all the upgrades! So freaking awesome.


Never mind -- I finally did it. I should've known that posting a question would guarantee that I would solve it later the same day. :D


How did you do this? I mean Advanced Level? :-)


I managed to beat advanced on medium (don't ask, I don't remember how. A lot of glave throwers if I remember correctly).

If anyone has a strategy to beat the Advanced track on hard, let me know. I can't for the life of me figure it out.


There is no strategy to the game for me. just buy mortars and keep moving the targets. i got to level 179 on hard and advanced. the rounds take like a freakin hour tho.

Seahawks Fan November 19, 2009 11:44 PM

This is a fun game. But if you play the intermediate and expert levels on hard, I believe they are impossible to win without buying upgrades. I understand wanting to make money, but this is really lame. As another poster has said, the High Score Board is only for those who can afford it. The game's web page gets plenty of traffic and probably brings in decent advertising revenue, for what it is. When they make Bloons Tower Defense 5, I hope the higher levels are winnable without upgrade$.

Brian Taylor November 21, 2009 12:04 AM

To all who wish for their "fast forward button" to actually work "FASTER":

I was playing Bloons TD4 and I accidentally hit the right mouse button on my mouse while i already had the left mouse button held down on the fast forward button. At first I thought it had froze my screen, because I couldn't click on anything on my current page. I simply minimized my page and meant to bring it back up so it would almost to refresh it.

It turns out, when you minimize it with the sort of error i explained earlier, the game starts actually going fast rather than the tenth of a second increase of speed.

So simply: 1. Click and hold the left mouse button on the fast forward icon. 2. Simply click the right mouse button at the same time. (this should make your screen almost unresponsive)3. Then minimize the internet page.

It helps if you have sound on so you can hear when the round ends. So just keep starting this after you begin every round that seems to take FOREVER!!! IT SAVES A LOT OF TIME :)

This way works on my computer, not sure if it works on everyone elses? Just thought I'd post what I discovered.

Brian Taylor November 21, 2009 12:10 AM

Also... forgot to post with earlier post...

This sort of fast forward post I sent earlier, you really cant notice it during the lower levels but when you get about to 30 and up your levels will go by in about 30-45 seconds instead of 5 minutes. CAUTION: when you have your screen minimized you cant tell if there are balloons that are going to get to the end so; MAKE SURE YOUR DEFENSES ARE PLACED WELL!!!

I accidentally lost at 71 because of that. lol


Addicted... awesome game

The ff forward does nothing, and I have a brand new lightning-fast Macbook Pro. If it doesn't work on this machine, what the heck does it work on?


awesome game love the graphics can anyone give me a tip on where to place the towers


Ya banana research facility(BRF) definitely spoils the fun. I am getting enough money to make a Sun God every round just from the BRFs. There is no more space to put any towers on land or in water I just keep adding monkey aces with full upgrades. Just passed level 101 and have 228287 in the bank lol. I am on the level with the earth on it. I have 6 fire rings, 4 arctic winds, 3 glue monkeys full upgrade, 4 fully upgraded boats and tons of MOAB maulers and sungods, oh and a few radio towers.


I've come to the conclusion that the Advanced track is impossible on hard without premium upgrades. If it's not impossible, there must be something I'm missing, because I keep getting slaughtered at about round 71 or 72 at the latest.

Please...if anyone has any tips, let me know! This is driving me NUTS!!!!


guess what got to lvl 98, had 6 sun god monkeys 5 of the monkey aces to the final upgrade 3 battleships about 8 or 9 mortar batterries and like 10 monkey wizards at the final stage as well as like 20 moab maulers and some glue gunner ppl at the final stage had 4 banana research facilities, and then i had like 30 b.f.b.s

which are even more powerful than m.o.a.b.s, if tyou don't have 4 m.o.a.b. maulers by the first one get them a.s.a.p.

come at me got most of them down then i lost and they were STILL coming through yeah so i am gonna try on easy this time to see how far i can get


I finally finished the Expert track on Medium. I thought that was going to kill me!

Start with a boomerang monkey up above the top triangle. A level 2 boomeranger will you to Banana Farm time around round 8. Use road spikes to knock off strays. Keep upgrading Farms, adding 3 more boomers, and some ice towers in the middle of the triangle. (With sonic boomerangs to cut through the ice.)

At a certain point -- around level 30 IIRC -- the volume of bloons will be far too great for your boomers to handle. Sell off your farms and your extra ice towers. Sink the cash into upgrading your boomers to light-sabers. From there on, you can rebuild your famrs, ice towers, and keep adding more jedi monkeys.

Dark Serenity November 24, 2009 1:18 PM

The game doesnt get any harder on apopcalypse mode after lvl 70 or so.. I left it on for a few hours without building any more towers and the bloons were dying at the same position when i finally decided to end the game at lvl 88 or so. I'm fairly sure I could have left it on for indefinete amount of time. I was playing the easiest track though. Still, a pity.

MikeGoneWild November 25, 2009 10:43 AM

This game is too easy.
I posted some pics of me winning on hard.


Switch to another tab during the round to have the game run faster.


Bloons Tower Defense 4 Unlockables


  • Dart Monkey

    • Piercing Darts: Pops 2 Bloons

    • Long Range Darts: + Range

    • Spike-O-Pult: Throws Spiked Balls

    • Triple Shot: Throws 3 Spiked Balls

  • Tack Shooter

    • Faster Shooting: + Fire Rate

    • Extra Range: + Range

    • Blade Shooter: Shoots Blades

      • Ring of Fire: Shoots Fire

    • Boomerang Thrower

      • Multi Target: + Bloons Shot

      • Sonic Boom: Destroys Frozen Bloons

      • Glaive Thrower: + Bloons Shooted

      • Lightsabre Thrower: + Bloons Shooted

    • Bomb Tower

      • Bigger Bombs: + Area Affected

      • Longer Range: + Range

    • Missile Launcher:

      • Shoots Missiles That + Range, +Bloons Shooted + Speed

      • MOAB Mauler: Cause 10x damage to MOABs and BFBs

    • Ice Tower

      • Improved Ice Tower: + Freeze Time and + Range

      • Permafrost: Slows bloons even after thawing

      • Snap Freeze: Bloons pop before thawing


    • Mortar Tower

      • Greater Accuracy: + Accuracy

      • Rapid Reload: + Fire Rate

      • Bloon Buster: Destroys 2 layers

      • Mortar Battery: ? (SORRY ILL INFORM YOU WHEN I FIND OUT)

    • Glue Gunner

      • Stickier Glue: Lasts longer

      • Glue Soak: Glues all layers of bloons

      • Corrosive Glue: Causes damage to bloons every 2 seconds

      • Glue Splatter: ? (SORRY ILL INFORM YOU WHEN I FIND OUT)

    • Monkey BeaconWider Influence: + Range

    • Jungle Drums: To all towers in range + Fire Rate

    • Sonar Beacon: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

    • Monkey Storm: Destroys ALL BLOONS ON SCREEN

  • Monkey Ace

    • Pineapple Express: Drops Pineapples

    • Spy Plane: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

    • Rapidfire: + Fire Rate

    • Operation Dart Storm: ? (SORRY ILL INFORM YOU WHEN I FIND OUT)

  • Monkey Buccaneer

    • Grape Shot: Shoots grapes with the attack

    • Crow's Nest: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

    • Longer Cannons: + Range

    • Battleship: ? (THIS IS REALLY UNKNOWN)

  • Monkey Apprentice

    • Intense Magic: + Bloons Shooted

    • Fireball: Shoots Fireballs occasionally

    • Summon Whirlwind: Move bloons backwards, but thaws and removes glue

    • Tempest Tornado: ? (SORRY ILL INFORM YOU WHEN I FIND OUT)

  • Supermonkey

    • Super Range: + Range

    • Laser Vision: Pops 2 bloons at once and pops frozen ones

    • Plasma Vision: + Speed


  • Banana Farm

    • More Bananas: 120 per round

    • Banana Plantation: 250 per round

    • Banana Republic: 500 per round

    • Banana Research Facility: ? (SORRY ILL INFORM YOU WHEN I FIND OUT)


  • Road Spikes- Pops bloons that pass over them

  • Monkey Glue- Slows down bloons

  • Pineapple- Bomb that explodes after 3 seconds

This is my first post I hope you like it.

[Formatted ~Kero]


Died on round 100
Map: Easy 1
Money left:18617
I had: 32 MOAB Maulers
12 Sun Gods
10 Splatter Glue Gunners
1 Super Monkey Beacon
6 Monkey Beacons (Camo Detect)
4 Battleships
8 Mortar Batteries
3 Monkey Aces (Operation: Dart Storm)
12 Lightsaber Throwers
5 Banana Research Facilities

Now I am at rank 56.


On level 73 I made 10 Banana research facilities. That helped me get 20000 cash per round and also helped me make 17 sun gods. I beat level 100


Everybody says each level takes 1 hour, but right now (I'm on level 85) my levels take just about 3-6 minutes.


Anyone know which is more powerful?

a sun god or a monkey apprentice(upgraded full)? I think sun god but some say not?

I don't know if any one does know. Please let me know.


I'm playing on Sandbox. I'm rank thirty and I've placed 8 Sun Gods, 1 triple shot, 1 battleship, 1 M.O.A.B Mauler, 1 ring of fire, 1 grand wizard, 1 lightsabert thrower, 1 glue splatter, 7 banana research facility, 1 monkey storm beacon thing, 1 Operation Dart Storm jet and 1 Ice Tower with arctic wind. I am on the easiest course. I have sent about a million of everything (no joke: it actually is about a million of everything) and the ice tower, which is on the inside of the third to last corner, has a pop count of 415. Not a lot of bloons get that far, do they?


Easy seems a little easier than in BTD3 but I'm loving the Mortars, may take the Tack Shooter's place of my favorite tower =)


Going on apocalypse level 110 on the easiest map (the first one). Bloons don't get out of the first corner. Have to see if bloons can get through the defences before I wake up. :P


Does anyone know when the levels end? I passed level 112. I kinda want it to end. I'm on easy on the easy map. I wanted to see how far I could get. Does anyone know if it ever ends?

Matty Addict December 3, 2009 8:38 PM

So, I am on level 98 of the easy track, playing on Hard difficulty. I have 16 banana research facilities, and almost 100 (yes, one hundred) fully upgraded Monkey Wizards, nothing else. I have almost covered the entire track with towers and I have $209,909 cash in the bank.

I think it has been pointed out on other webpages, but the Monkey Wizard, when fully upgraded, seems to be the single most powerful tower in the whole game. Cheaper AND better than the Sun God monkeys. It spits out these tornados that pop 120 balloons at a time while pushing them away from the exit. If you get 20 or 30 of these tornados flying around, no bloon can possibly escape.

I warn you, the lag is horrendous at such a high level, and in round 98 I popped 341,904 bloons (in just one round), which takes over ten minutes to finish.

I'm going to leave the game on and see how high a level it will go to.


what i did was (after i got all the upgrades) was put three dart monkeys near the begining, and after a few rounds put up 3-4 spike towers near some corners, then after a few more rounds, upgrade them to the blade shooter level then wait then get a banana farm (upgrade it to the banana republic), then buy the ring of fire for the spike towers and keep putting in more spike towers around at top level, totally upgrade at least 3 banana farms, and get one mortar tower and aim it at the begining of the level to get rid of the camouflage balloons (top level). you want the whole level to be fire spike towers, 1 mortar tower, at least 3 banana farm research facilities, and if you want, 1 magician top level so the balloons that do make it near the end go back to the top.


I'm on round 99, Easy difficulty, Easy map and I've yet to lose a life. I've found the key is variety. Each tower is great in it's own right...I've heard many different theories and which towers are better than which. Grand Wizard vs. Sun God for example. They both serve a different purpose. The Grand Wizard's job is to save your ass when the balloons get too far. Therefore, keep a few (I have 6) at the bottom to push them back up into an onslaught of death and mayhem. The Sun God's job is to kill A LOT of balloons. It does it's job well. My top Sun God has 90,000 kills. This is out of 4 Sun Gods. Each having about 85,000 kills aside from one who is slacking with about 20,000. He'll be punished later. Glue Gunners/Ice Towers, while CAPABLE of popping balloons, shouldn't be relied upon to do so. They have a specific purpose, just like the rest of the towers. Use each for what they are meant to do.

Here is a basic set of rules and why to follow them. (While this may seem like common sense to some of you, please remember, we're not all brilliant.)

1. Place your towers according to the terrain.
Why: You'll get a lot more use from say a tack tower in a groove than to the left/right of a straight path. |o

2. Don't keep tower types together. Spread them out across the road.
Why: You won't always pop balloons in the same place. Especially further down the line when you have to deal with giant blimps and you want to hit them with all you've got.

3. Mind your money.
Why: You can start the game with 1 tower and finish off the first 30 rounds and then you can just place Banana Farms to set up for your future. Examples: A Buccaneer can take out a good chunk of the levels on the earth map all by itself.

4. Know your towers.
Why: As said before, each tower has a certain purpose. They're all valuable in their own right. Know what is best for each situation as you progress. This will allow you to utilize the terrain better as well. Such as setting mortars to attack the center of two paths. |o|

5. Road Spikes, Monkey Glue and Pineapples are useless.
Why: If you're in need of them at low levels...you've got a problem. Higher level, there are so many balloons, you're just wasting your time and money.

That should do it...I hope this helps some of you. Enjoy the game. :)


For anyone still trying to beat the advanced track on hard, it is DEFINITELY possible to do withOUT paying for any upgrades.. (currently working on the Expert map..). My strategy with it is as follows (and I use spoiler tag just in case.. i forget what all is a spoiler in this game..)

Start with a boomerang monkey in the middle of the "pinch". place him so that if you had four of them right there he would be closest to the road and to the left. You can and probably should put a regular dart monkey at the end of the track in the inside of the last long curve to pick off some sneaky bloons in a coupleof the upcoming levels. You should first work until yu have 3 boomerang monkeys, UN-UPGRADED, in that 'pinch', staggering them (I know this is complicated bear with me) so that, when keeping in mind you should have four of them, the second monkey is placed diagonally from the first, so he is closest to the last turn of the road, while still touching the first monkey, but not touching the first turn in the road. The third monkey should come in next to the first, hugging the front of the road. Obviously the fourth monkey will complete a deadly square of boomerang monkeys, but you should get the banana farm before the fourth monkey...

Aftr you get the banana farm, try working different ways to upgrade your farm, getting the fourth boomerang monkey, upgrading your boomerang monkeys to glaive throwers (VERY gradually!!) and getting some bomb towers. Also, before you upgrade all of these (and I stress BEFORE) build and upgrade banana farm #2. I found the top left corner, so that inbetween turns when your name pops up, it is hidden and to click on it you have to click the tiny spot inbetween the buttons. By level 40 you shouldn't have any MOAB Maulers, (the first MOAB comes at aroun 47-50 i think?) but you should have your banana farms bringing in about 120 or 250 each, the more the better, as larger incomes early on will pay off far more in the long run than towers that are upgraded too early. The first bomb tower should go just to the right of the boomerang monkeys, the second should go inside the first turn, opposite from your first monkey. Banana farm #1 should go in the bottom left corner. Work with upgrading your missle towers to MOAB maulers, you should have three (one to the right of the monkeys, one to the left, and one opposite) by the time the first moab comes through and you'll be fine. build artillery monkeys in the bottom left next to the first banana farm. You should work to get an Ice Tower on the top left of the big circle, inside the circle, with a bomb tower next to it. Eventually what you want i to have two banana research facilities, , 4 artillery monkeys, your oringinal boomerang monkeys, and tons of MOAB Maulers surrounding the entrance. All of these you will gradually upgrade to the highest upgrade, uncluding the Ice Tower. Using the artillery at te beginning of the map and moving them back to the Arctic Wind tower where the bloons are slow is deadly. TheBoomerang monkeys, upgraded to lightsaber throwers, take down the zebra bloons and the artillery shells as well as your maulers destroy the bloons coming in. Your Ice tower should be supported with more lightsaber monkeysand bomb towers, and that first turn should be full of moab maulers with one lightsaber monkey in the middle, and the bottom side of the first turn should have two rows of moab maulers. It took me a very long time to get the upgrading correct so that I had a lot fo money coming in early enough while still upgrading my towers(important to get bomb throwers and your boomerangs into glaives soon, lightsabers you can wait for a while, at least until your banana farms are banana republics). Keep reinforcing these towers keeping in mind how the towers back each other up, as well as using the artillery shells to their full potential, and you should be able to beat it eventually. I lost a lot of lives by the time I beat it saving money to upgrade the banana farms. It's well worth it. I know this is long, but one last note: The estimates of when to have everything by are just that: Estimates. Please don't get frustrated when it doesn't quite work out to the way you needed it to. Keep watching the patterns of bloons and get the towers to upgrade and support each other. The money from the banana farms, obviously, is key. And you dont need anything to get camo bloons.. the first time you see them you use road spikes, by the second time you see them, you can use a road spike on the first couple ones,and then your monkeys and bombs will pick their way throug them. Hopefully this makes sense, feel free to e-mail me.


Banana Research Facility produces 2000 per round
Mortar battery : Triple the pain
Glue Gunner : Affects a large area around impact, soaking up to 20 balloons at once
Monkey Ace : Our darts will block out the sun
Super Monkey : Legends speaks of a being that fears no bloon
Ice Tower : Extreme cold slows down anything that comes near the ice tower

Hope that helped ask me for more if you need anything

Hegdie ^D^


The sun god tower basically shoots triple plasma beams, possibly faster than plasma but I'm not sure.

I don't think the ring of fire towers get enough respect. They're cheap and greatly powerful due to area effect. Area effect means no matter the number of bloons, they'll be just as effective. Combined with an ice tower in a bend, 3-4 can destroy anything that's not a blimp. During the later levels, I think that outpowers sun gods due to sheer volume of bloons. For the price of a sun god, you can buy around 10 rings of fire. If the map has the space needed and doesn't branch too much, you're way better off with the rings. You should have maulers for the big stuff anyway.


how do you upgrade your towers????

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee December 12, 2009 1:48 PM

Loz is right.

Also, Dart storm shoots faster and much more darts. Arctic wind slows down bloons 30% if in attack radius. Mortar battery is basically 3 mortars. Glue splatter affects 20 bloons at once. Battleship shoots 3* faster. Tempest tornado pops bloons as well as pushes them back. Sun god shoots 3 beams and shoots faster with better penetration. Banana research facility gives 2000 bananas per round.


I can use fast forward until about level 85, I run on an i7 and 1GB graphics card, I think the real problem is browser code, and game code, it can't take so much stuff. I think in the next one level 100 should contain an even larger target, should you decide to keep going after final of the map, and should have more than just 5 upgrades to keep you going after a certain point, so that that 100,000 you have from sitting around and beating levels can really come in handy, like a level6 upgrade, that costs a lot of money but is really worth it. I personally would like a spike layer, and spikes to last into future rounds when they aren't used.


Anyone know why I can't save now that I'm on Level 125 on the Easy Mode? I remember seeing a save button when I was playing on Hard Mode, does it only appear on that mode? Did it disappear once I got past the normal amount of levels?

Really want to know cause I'm eventually going to have to turn my computer off and with every round taking almost an hour I'm just not going to have the time to break any records and I really don't want to start over.

SithMonkey December 17, 2009 6:25 PM

It is all about the boomerang monkey. I didn't think much of them in B3 but, man, those guys are my workhorse. Also, it took me a while to figure out but unlike 3, the spike-towers are worthless. Well, that isn't true. They are great at the lower levels (like how I remember them from 3) but they just can't keep up at the higher levels.

Throw some wizards and anti-MOAB towers plus some monkey aces and you'll make it to level 100 on hard everytime.

Well, except the last map. I've having trouble getting past a level in the mid 90s on that one.

Also: bananna farms are key (duh)


The highest I've ever been is level 96, but I'm still working on it xD

Sun gods can shoot just like plasma monkeys, but as the beam goes further you start to see the beam spread out into three. On the first track, use four or more MOAB Maulers in the front, trust me, after level 80, things start to get really hard without them. Also, Monkey apprentices are very useful on their fourth upgrade, place them at the end or in the middle, they will blow away and destroy anything!(they work real well in large groups of four or more).


I'm playing Track 5 on Medium and just passed level 101. My map is filled with about 40 Sun Gods and 30 MOAB Maulers plus a bunch of Monkey Wizards and Fire Rings. It's getting darn hard to pass each level now, they are throwing so many BFBs at you, and at about half a million RBEs per round, it takes a while to run through them.

I am wondering though, if anyone knows which one is more effective against MOABs and BFBs: Sun Gods or MOAB Maulers? Has anyone run this past the sand box and find out the answer?


NOOO!! I got to lvl 81 then died. It totally stinks. I had like eight supermonkeys.


i got to level 94 on easy map difficulty easy. after lvl 60, turn of the in-game music, and open iTunes. it helps a lot.

a_duck_thing December 23, 2009 5:18 AM

Hi, i know all unlockables

arctic wind: slows down all towers in radius to one third speed
mortar battery: shoots 3 times speed
operation dartstorm: shoots twice as many darts twice as fast
glue splatter: glue explodes on impact and covers up to 20 bloons in glue
battleship: shoots about 4 times as fast as normal
tempest storm: moves and pops up to 120 bloons at once
sun god: shoots really quick 3 beams at a time
research facility: 2000 a round.

a_duck_thing December 23, 2009 5:26 AM

these are my tactics. using these i have got to round 102 and i had about 50 sun gods lol

at the start build 2 spike o pults down the straights and get a normal dart monkey and glue monkeys to pick of the others.
get a banana republic asap and do what you want.
by round 50 you should have at least a plasma monkey and research facility.
build another research facility and then get a sun god. then keep on getting 1 research facility and sungods until you have 14 research facilitys. then all you have to do is buy sun gods and best wizards.


>after lvl 60, turn of the in-game music, and open iTunes. it helps a lot.

How do you turn off the in-game music and not the computer's sound overall?

douglasadamsreborn December 23, 2009 7:56 PM


try down the bottom right corner.
the reason i do it is so i dont have to listen to billions of bloons popping.


I love BTD4 but I keep running into the same problem when i get to the higher levels. The RBE will say I have 4000 for example but at the end of the round I end up with only 1500. It's driving me crazy coz I cant upgrade my weapons very quickly.Does anyone else have this problem?


i have a question...

after purchasing the exploding dart monkey thing does it still work when upgrading to catault monkey


nice game, love the rank system, graphics and the upgrades. the MochiUpgrades are a tad too much for me, the eternal cheapster. for the highly likely sequel, heres an idea: put the Mochi Uprades as part of the rank system-rank 32 unlocks the last reguler upgrade then rank 34 on medium unlocks a special, 34 on hard unlocks a better version of the medium special and so on


and FYI the bloon order is



4 ceremic



1 black 1 white/camo







black-no bomb
white- no ice
camo- invisible to most
spoilers are to show order during combat
not cause its a secret :)


If you want to get a mochi games account is it free?

[Edit: Yes, mochi games accounts are free. -Jay]


the account is free, but you buy coins for it to get perks in various games

dannyandbilly January 17, 2010 2:48 AM

hey guys i got an easy way of finishing the easiest map on easy... first get a battleship and put it on the water and upgrade it up to the max (if u are rank 23+). After this buy a tack shooter and upgrade this to the max (put this near the start and after the first bend) just keep playin until u can buy a super monkey... yu may wanna put down some road spikes and destroy them with pleasure. Plz rate if yu find out this acctually works... if it does and yu want me 2 solve any more then plz ask i can do anything... not :) anyways good luck


I've been running this for over 4 hours alone and unsupervised. track 1 in apopalypse mode (btw since taking this screen shot i've gone up to round 201!). The Bloons never make it to the straightaway on the top, let alone past it. I had banana research facilities (5 of them) to start, but removed them around round 110 and replaced them with more explosives.


glad this made it to the best of 09. btw Lexi, if you upgraded those mortars, you would move the "death line" back a bit. "death line" is the point where all bloons die continuously.


just died cause my magic monkey didnt use his tempest spell on a horde charging at the exit


Description of all Bloons:


Basic Bloon


contains a red


Contains a Blue


contains a Green.


contains a Yellow.


contains 2 Pinks.


contains 2 Pinks.


contains 2 Pinks.


contains a White and a Black.


contains 2 Zebras.

Brown (ceramic)

contains 2 Rainbows.


contains 4 Browns.


contains 4 MOABs.




Dart Monkey

- Piercing Darts: Pops 2 Bloons

- Long Range Darts: More Range

- Spike-O-Pult: Throws Spiked Balls

-Triple Shot: Throws 3 Spiked Balls


#Tack Shooter

- Faster Shooting: Faster Fire Rate

-Extra Range: Bigger Range

-Blade Shooter: Shoots Blades
Instead Of Tacks

- Ring of Fire: Shoots Fire

#Boomerang Thrower

-Multi Target: Can Pop Up to 7 Bloons

- Sonic Boom: Destroys Frozen Bloons

-Glaive Thrower: Can Pop Up To 12 Bloons

-Lightsabre Thrower: Can Pop Up To 70 Bloons

# Bomb Tower

- Bigger Bombs: More Area Affected

-Longer Range: More Range

-Missile Launcher:

Shoots Missiles That Slightly Increase Range and a lot faster

-MOAB Mauler: Cause 10x damage to MOABs and BFBs

#Ice Tower

-Improved Ice Tower: Longer Freeze Time and more Range

-Permafrost: Slows bloons even after they thaw out

-Snap Freeze: Freezes so violently that Bloons will pop

-Arctic Wind: Extreme Cold and a Lot bigger range

# Mortar Tower

-Greater Accuracy: Better Accuracy

- Rapid Reload: Quicker Fire Rate

-Bloon Buster: Destroys 2 layers of Bloons

-Mortar Battery: 3 times the speed, damage and pain

#Glue Gunner

-Stickier Glue: Lasts longer

-Glue Soak: Glues all layers of bloons

-Corrosive Glue: Causes damage to bloons every 2 seconds

-Glue Splatter: Soaks all Bloons in range (max 20)

#Monkey Beacon

-Wider Influence: Bigger Range

-Jungle Drums: To all towers in range Quicker Fire Rate

-Sonar Beacon: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

-Monkey Storm: Destroys ALL non flying Bloons on screen

#Monkey Ace

-Pineapple Express: Drops Pineapples

- Spy Plane: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

-Rapidfire: Quicker Fire Rate

-Operation Dart Storm: EXTREME fire rate

#Monkey Buccaneer

-Grape Shot: Shoots grapes with the attack

-Crow's Nest: To all towers in range- Allows targeting of camo bloons

- Longer Cannons: Bigger Range

-Battleship: Pops more Bloons

#Monkey Apprentice

- Intense Magic: Pops more Bloons

-Fireball: Shoots Fireballs occasionally

- Summon Whirlwind: Move bloons backwards, but thaws and removes glue

-Tempest Tornado: Pops Bloons as well as pushing them back


-Super Range: VERY bigger Range

-Laser Vision: Pops 2 bloons at once and pops frozen ones

-Plasma Vision: Shoots Twice as fast and vaporizes everything it touches

-Sun God: This tower doesn't even fear the BFB

#Banana Farm

-More Bananas: 120 per round

-Banana Plantation: 250 per round

-Banana Republic: 500 per round

-Banana Research Facility: 2000 per round

These were from cjquines I just did a little editing.


Sun God: shot 4 beams of light(very effect full)

operation dart storm:mostly make firing faster

Franticforgames February 14, 2010 12:31 PM

This is for Andrew.
Warning: rant ahead!

This game basically ruined everything that was good about btd 3. I didn't mind the graphics and I didn't have to pay or sign up for anything. Good job destroying probably the best flash game of all time.

That is SO NOT TRUE!!!


died level 98/ 13 banana research facilities/ 25 sun gods/ 32 plasma monkeys/ and 2 magic monkeys


multi target weapons can hit camos on the splash so use the MOAB MAULER (LOL IT LOOKS like a real life moab bomb) MASSIVE ORDERANCE AIR BLAST MOAB OR MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS



Some walkthrough updates:
Sun God-Shoots light that penetrates through most bloons. (Really powerful! Most expensive item in the game, 17000 coins just on easy for it)

Banana Research Facility: +2000 coins each round

Anonymous March 6, 2010 11:33 PM

FF should work better if you press the button that, on my computer is between the alt and control button, which has a picture of a menu and cursor on it and lowering the quality.

anonymous March 7, 2010 4:05 PM

im rank 40 and the sun gods pwn!!!!


Once I got to level 80 with one sun god and like 10 monkey aprentice. I also had a light sabre and tack shooters and 2 werering of fire. 4 or 5 monkey aprentices were fully upgraded.But, I had to go to sleep. It was easy with the first map.And 3 reasearch facilitys

migster99 March 16, 2010 8:29 PM

more upgrades
sun god = pure ownage

Description according to the game
Arctic Wind

extreme cold slows down anything that comes near the ice tower

Mortar Battery

triple the pain (3 mortars)

Glue splatter

affects a large area around impact, soaking up to 20 bloons at once

Operation Dart Storm

our darts will block out the sun(16 darts instead of 8)


total nautical domination (2 more cannons, + speed)

Tempest Tornado

Tempest tornado will pop bloons as well as push them. Affects up to 120 bloons at once.

Banana Research Facility

high tech banana facility earns you a staggering 2000 per round


Where do i find the leaderboard or record for maps/difficulties? people keep talking about them and i cant find it anywhere.


I like this game a lot. Unfortunately, when I start one level, everything is going just smoth. After level 25-35, when I have already a bigger number of towers and more ballons start to come, everything slows down very badly. With other words, when the game is starting to be real fun, it is just sluggish. I don't know if my computer is to bad, I have have a Dual-Core and a Video Card with 512 MB (not shared). So I don't think that the Hardware is the problem.

I would like a version to download.


I found the problem that slows down the balloons!!!

Right click on the game - Settings - Local Storage. Give the game some more space to save whatever it has to save (at least 1 MB) and it should work properly.

Have fun!

A bloon's worst nightmare April 18, 2010 7:57 PM

Btw, Sun gods help. Sometimes, They stop bloons from escaping u know.


i have just beaten wave 96 on medium difficulty and i have 3 research facilities and i have all my defences in place with probably about 20-30 moab maulers and yes i am using mochi's cheats with the extra lives i currently have 1136 lives and i gotta say i put a lot of ice towers at the end only to the third upgrade and they still only have around 20-30 pops each and one still has 0 pops on it but i do have to say this game is way to addicting as it is now 5 am and i have stayed up all night playing this game all in all pretty good game


Highest level I've gotten to is 145 on hard on the level with a faucet shape. Probably could've gotten farther but it was running insanely slow.

The reason why the RBE says 50k or something and you get like 20k cash is because ceramics, MOABs, and BFBs take tons of hits but don't give money per hit.

Don't use towers such as the monkey ace, ring of fire, or artic wind. They have an animation whether or not they're popping bloons, which COMPLETELY slows down the game.


Yeah, the problem I have with this game is after lvl 75 or so my laptop would freezes...the highest lvl I got to was 120 and that's when I just click go and left the game open killing the balloons.

My start is simple; get farms early, upgrade cannons and it's okay to sacrifice some early balloons =P

Anonymous May 14, 2010 9:37 AM

I made it to level 122 and a rank of 74 on the 3rd intermediate map (the one that looks like a planet) with no purchaseable upgrades. I only lost becuase my firefox was running at ~800 meg of memory and I just got tired of watching everything go soo slow.

I dont know for sure but I ended with something like
60 sun gods
25 mortars
25 MOABs
30 upgraded mages
30 Dartstroms
~10 glue monkeys
5 becons
3 Freeze towers
1 upgraded Battleship
and a couple spike catapults in places I couldnt place anything big.

I literally could not build anything else oher than more dartstorms.

I was making ~100k a round just from poping ballons.

If I was playing on my home computer I could have probably gone another 40 levels or so before the game took up too much memory.

Seahawks Fan May 14, 2010 4:32 PM

It looks like all the maps can be beaten on hard without buying any upgrades.

I beat the intermediate map on hard. A glue gunner with glue splatter works very well at the beginning of the path. Nearly everything will end up popped by corrosive glue, by the time the bloons exit. You also need severy moab maulers near the "pinch" in the trail, between where the trail nearly touches. You need them to open the moabs and bfb's.

Donimator May 16, 2010 6:51 AM

Here is a slow but effective way of killing hard mode.

The best way to do the hard mode on the beginer map is just by getting monkey beacons and a lot of jedi warriors with 4 banana republic or 1 banana research facility so you can get the money to buy a new one every level or even 2 because you WILL run out of room
If so, go all out on dart storm stealths


First, my thoughts.
1) This game is PERFECT, I would change nothing. Well, one thing:
Zendikar: To get on the leaderboards, you purchase 8,000 Mochicoins and buy all the upgrades, so you can compete against the rich people.
*RANT OVER*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Alright. Prepare for a super-duper explanation of HOW TO BEAT THE FIRST TRACK!!!
Here ya go. Tested on easy.

Now I can't describe placement very well, but I'll try...
1. Buy a Dart Monkey & place at the second bend in the map (backward r-bend), toward the inside. Upgrades all the way!
2. Tack Tower to do cleanup duty, somewhere near the end of the map. Make sure it can cover the road above & below it. Upgrade fully.
3. A boomerang upgraded fully should help out. Place it inside the U-bend at the left, like it's in a bowl.
4. OK, you know how there's a part that looks like a squared off M? Well, now you should make a Cannon, upgraded to full, above the M. By the way, doesn't matter if you can upgrade all at once or not when you buy the tower. Just focus on it till the upgrades are done.
5. Please place a fully upgraded Ice Tower above the Boomerang thrower, at a bend rather like a lowercase r.
6. Excellent. Buy a Mortar. Place it somewhere way at the edge. My preference is the very bottom-right corner. Target wherever you like, I like to target it on the corner of the r-bend in the top-left. Opposite from the Ice Tower, it blows all the frozen Bloons to smithereens. Full upgrades.
7. A Monkey Ace. Upgrade fully. In the middle of the M-bend, there's a U-bend. See the bottom-right corner of that U? The spot where your Figure-8 crosses itself should go right over that corner.
8. Put a Monkey Buccaneer at the very top-left of the pond. Upgrade all the way.
9. Have a Monkey Apprentice. OK, after the M-bend, there's a U-bend. Now, after that, there's an n-bend, an upside-down U-bend. See the top of the lowercase n? Well, even with the top, but to the left, place your Apprentice. Full upgrades.
10. You're doing great! Now, a Super Monkey. Put him under the 2nd bump in the M-bend. In other words, there are 2 upside-down Us. Put it under the 2nd U. Upgrade full, which may take a while.
11. Monkey Beacons! Place 1 halfway between your Spike-o-Pult & your cannon, & the other between your Boomerang Monkey & your Super Monkey!
12. Let's farm a few bananas, with our fully upgraded Banana Farm, placed at the very bottom of the map!
13. Feel free to:
1) Alter this guide to fit your style!
2) Double up! Make 2 of anything you want more of!
3) Beat the game!

Well, there ya have it, folks! Thank you, & have fun with this perfect game!


Ya know, I realized something!!
I'm allowed to save. Here's how:
1) Have a Facebook account.
2) Sign in & keep Facebook open, or check off "keep me signed in", & close it. I did the latter.
3) You'll see notifications in the top-right, meaning you did it right!
4) Try saving. There you have it! =D =3


could somebody post a list of the bloons and which bloons contain which please?


There is an expansion out, with mew modes and tracks. The third track supposedly holds a secred, and "great sacrifice" is needed. Does anybody know what that means?


You do not -need- to buy things to be on the leader boards. I made it to number 6 on.. I forgot the track, but medium difficulty.

All you need is a good strategy.

A heap of spike-apults [ ones that shoot three ] At the beginning of the track [ set to target "Last", combined with a nearly fully upgraded beacon, four M.O.A.B Maulers within range of the beacon[ Maulers will be set to "Strongest" ], a blizzard tower [ Forgot the actual name, but the last upgrade for the cold instilling tower], and a fully upgraded glue tower[Last] see's you through to eighty, easy, without a single bloon getting past. Depending on the map, throw in some other things you think you can get good use from [ Such as Max upgrade flying monkeys in the hardest free map, triangle looking thing. ] , and you're set match.

I understand you can't get these straight away, but it's good to aim towards.

However, I do suggest making the account to get the upgrade "Fragmentation bomb"
[ Entirely and utterly free to get, all you need is several seconds and a few kbs of your internet download to activate the account"]. It helps a little, but it's still possible to get above and beyond level 100 without it.

If anyone would like, I can make a video and upload it to my youtube account for referal.


Sorry for double post, but

"There is an expansion out, with mew modes and tracks. The third track supposedly holds a secred, and "great sacrifice" is needed. Does anybody know what that means?"

You need a little over 40 towers, and 30,000 cash on that map. You get a yes or no question asking if you want to sacrifice those for a great reward. Click yes, you lose 40 towers and 30k cash, but the temple's eyes attack for you. Very powerful, more so than two sun gods.

btd4 freek August 18, 2010 7:44 AM

i have read the comment when does the game end? I'm 26 and live alone and dont work on weekends so i had time to work this out. It ends at level 250. I had at least 30 fully upgraded banana produce machines and hundreds of sun gods and wizard thingamajigs. Anyway its fun but addictive so try to stop okay people!!!

irock0726 August 20, 2010 12:50 AM

In my calculations:

BFB(Biggest feared bloon) = 2884 bloons
MOAB(Massive Ornary Air Blimp) = 728 bloons
Brown(or ceramic) bloon = 182/3 bloons (I'm not sure)
Rainbow bloon = 91 bloons
Zebra bloon = 45 bloons
Black/white bloon = 11 bloons
Pink bloon = 5 bloons
Yellow bloon = 4 bloons
Green bloon = 3 bloons
Blue bloon = 2 bloons
Red bloon = 1 bloon

I hope my calculations can be useful to you :)

irock0726 August 20, 2010 4:48 PM

oops sorry for the double post
Here r some more info. and corrections
MOAB = 613 bloons (takes 200 hits to take down)
BFB = 2884 bloons (takes 700 hits to take down)
Lead = 23 bloons
Zebra = 23 bloons
Rainbow = 47 bloons
Camo = 11 bloons


These are some bloon introductions that you might find useful:

Round 1: Red bloon introduction
Round 3: Blue bloon introduction
Round 6: Green bloon introduction
Round 11: Yellow bloon introduction
Round 15: Pink bloon introduction
Round 20: Black bloon introduction
Round 22: White bloon introduction
Round 24: Camo bloon introduction
Round 25: Zebra bloon introduction
Round 28: Lead bloon introduction
Round 35: Rainbow bloon introduction
Round 40: Ceramic bloon introduction
Round 46: MOAB introduction
Round 60: BFB introduction
Round 250: 999 BFBs :)

These are the round RBEs and which bloons will come (Later levels are approximate; as the bloons are overshadowed by MOABs and BFBs):

Round 1 RBE : 14 (14 red)
Round 2 RBE : 30 (30 red)
Round 3 RBE : 30 (20 red, 5 blue)
Round 4 RBE : 60 (30 red, 15 blue)
Round 5 RBE : 45 (5 red, 20 blue)
Round 6 RBE : 57 (15 red, 15 blue, 4 green)
Round 7 RBE : 85 (20 red, 25 blue, 5 green)
Round 8 RBE : 101 (10 Red, 20 Blue, 17 Green)
Round 9 RBE : 79 (10 Red, 12 Blue, 17 Green)
Round 10 RBE : 200 (100 blue)
Round 11 RBE : 69 (5 Red, 10 Blue, 12 Green, 2 Yellow)
Round 12 RBE : 80 (15 Blue, 10 Green, 5 Yellow)
Round 13 RBE : 135 (20 Red, 25 Green, 10 Yellow)
Round 14 RBE : 150 (15 Red, 15 Blue, 15 Green, 15 Yellow)
Round 15 RBE : 120 (20 Red, 15 Green, 10 Yellow, 3 Pink)
Round 16 RBE : 137 (20 Green, 13 Yellow, 5 Pink)
Round 17 RBE : 182 (15 Green, 28 Yellow, 5 Pink)
Round 18 RBE : 240 (80 green)
Round 19 RBE : 125 (5 Green, 10 Yellow, 14 Pink)
Round 20 RBE : 88 (8 black)
Round 21 RBE : 80 (16 pink)
Round 22 RBE : 99 (9 white)
Round 23 RBE : 121 (6 black, 5 white)
Round 24 RBE : 9 (1 camo)
Round 25 RBE : 138 (6 zebra)
Round 26 RBE : 167 (10 Yellow, 10 Pink, 4 Black, 3 White)
Round 27 RBE : 400 (100 yellow)
Round 28 RBE : 230 (3 Zebra, 7 Lead)
Round 29 RBE : 350 (70 pink)
Round 30 RBE : 230 (10 lead)
Round 31 RBE : 414 (18 zebra)
Round 32 RBE : 789 (25 Black, 30 White, 8 Lead)
Round 33 RBE : 450 (50 camo)
Round 34 RBE : 322 (14 zebra)
Round 35 RBE : 826 (35 Pink, 25 White, 8 Rainbow)
Round 36 RBE : 450 (90 pink)
Round 37 RBE : 1130 (20 Black, 20 White, 15 Zebra, 15 Lead)
Round 38 RBE : 1612 (20 White, 16 Zebra, 20 Lead, 12 Rainbow)
Round 39 RBE : 2174 (10 Black, 10 White, 20 Zebra, 20 Lead, 22 Rainbow)
Round 40 RBE : 902 (20 Red, 10 Rainbow, 4 Ceramic)
Round 41 RBE : 1760 (80 black, 80 white)
Round 42 RBE : 2330 (40 lead, 30 rainbow)
Round 43 RBE : 1500 (10 rainbow, 10 ceramic)
Round 44 RBE : 1765 (30 White, 40 Zebra, 5 Ceramic)
Round 45 RBE : 2359 (200 Pink, 8 Lead, 25 Rainbow)
Round 46 RBE : 613 (1 MOAB)
Round 47 RBE : 2690 (70 Camo, 20 Ceramic)
Round 48 RBE : 3430 (120 Camo, 50 Rainbow)
Round 49 RBE : 3908 (10 Camo, 20 Zebra, 32 Rainbow, 18 Ceramic)
Round 50 RBE : 3490 (20 Red, 8 Lead, 20 Ceramic, 2 MOAB)
Round 51 RBE : 3354 (10 Rainbow, 28 Ceramic)
Round 52 RBE : 3431 (25 Rainbow, 10 Ceramic, 2 MOAB)
Round 53 RBE : 2913 (11 Red, 50 Camo, 4 MOAB)
Round 54 RBE : 4831 (35 Ceramic, 2 MOAB)
Round 55 RBE : 4726 (12 Lead, 40 Rainbow, 19 Ceramic, 1 MOAB)
Round 56 RBE : 8828 (120 Rainbow, 25 Ceramic, 1 MOAB)
Round 57 RBE : 5877 (40 Rainbow, 15 Ceramic, 4 MOAB)
Round 58 RBE : 5074 (25 Rainbow, 20 Ceramic, 3 MOAB)
Round 59 RBE : 5150 (50 ceramic)
Round 60 RBE : 2884 (1 BFB)
Round 61 RBE : 4970 (40 Rainbow, 30 Ceramic)
Round 62 RBE : 3026 (200 Camo, 2 MOAB)
Round 63 RBE : 6575 (18 Lead, 50 Rainbow, 37 Ceramic)
Round 64 RBE : 4291 (7 MOAB)
Round 65 RBE : 7936 (100 Zebra, 50 Rainbow, 20 Ceramic, 2 MOAB)
Round 66 RBE : 5517 (9 MOAB)
Round 67 RBE : 7703 (28 Red, 15 Ceramic, 10 MOAB)
Round 68 RBE : 5350 (14 Red, 4 MOAB, 1 BFB)
Round 69 RBE : 10990 (30 lead, 100 ceramic)
Round 70 RBE : 11239 (200 Rainbow, 3 MOAB)
Round 71 RBE : 9220 (30 Ceramic, 10 MOAB)
Round 72 RBE : 5798 (30 Red, 2 BFB)
Round 73 RBE : 7219 (44 Red, 7 MOAB, 1 BFB)
Round 74 RBE : 23484 (200 Ceramic, 1 BFB)
Round 75 RBE : 11762 (14 Red, 28 Lead, 4 MOAB, 3 BFB)

Blaze8897 October 1, 2010 11:16 PM

You all say the Fast Forward Button doesn't work, but it works just fine for me. o.o Although, I think it's a good idea to not use it at the later levels.


I'm convinced there is no way to beat the advanced track on hard without cheats. I have tried 10 different strategies and NONE of them have worked where I am stuck relentlessly putting down road spikes just to keep the barrage of balloons coming. The road glue is worthless on higher levels. Getting Banana Plantations is next to impossible because you are using road spikes constantly to keep up. In the end, I simply cannot keep up with the demand. This level is a bitch to figure out and because of this level alone I will probably never tackle Expert knowing I this level has taken a week with no progress.


Dude I'm on an iPod so i don't know, but at the end of round100, all of my monkeys kept shooting and stuff? Is it supposed to do that?


Tower Upgrades

These are the all of the towers' final upgrades and their prices in Easy mode.

  • Dart Monkey: Triple Shot ~ Spike-o-pult becomes three times as deadly. (850)

  • Tac Shooter: Ring of Fire ~ Throw out a firey hot burst of flame that can pop anything. (2,125)

  • Boomerang Thrower: Lightsabre Thrower ~ Lightsabre slices through anything and everything - up to 70 bloons at once! (1,575)

  • Bomb Tower: MOAB Mauler ~ Special missles cause 10x Damage to MOABs and BFBs. (765)

  • Ice Tower: Arctic Wind ~ Extreme cold slows down anything that comes near the ice tower. (5,100)

  • Mortar Tower: Mortar Battery ~ Triple the pain. (1,700)

  • Glue Gunner: Glue Splatter ~ Affects a large area around impact, soaking up to 20 bloons at once. (2,550)

  • Monkey Beacon: Monkey Storm ~ Calls in a wave of super monkey that wipes out all bloons on screen. Unique. (2,975)

  • Monkey Ace: Operation: Dart Storm ~ Our darts will block out the sun. (2550)

  • Monkey Buccaneer: Battle Ship ~ Total nautical domination. (1,700)

  • Monkey Apprentice: Tempest Tornado ~ Tempest tornados pop bloons as well as push them around. Affects up to 120 bloons at once. (6,800)

  • Super Monkey: Sun God ~ Legend speaks of a being that fears no bloon. (17,000)

  • Banana Farm: Banana Research Facility ~ High tech banana facility earns you a staggering 2,000 per round. (8,500)

Thanks to reader Mike G. for the tips!

zacker150 January 15, 2011 6:51 PM

the bfbs and moabs are what are causeing all the lag


Erm so i got bloons TD4 for my iphone 4 and have completed level 135, i have $8,002,630 just wondering where it ends...?

PS. no cheats or premium upgrades used