Need Help Winning 5-In-A-Row Game? - I see a lot of people having trouble winning the 5-in-a-row game. This is not a genuine spoiler, but a helpful strategy which may make winning easier.

Try to play your pieces close together making lines and diagonals. Whenever you play three in a row with both ends open, the opponent will be forced to play on one end. This can keep you one step ahead and the opponent on the defense. Eventually, you should be able to create two three-in-a-row lines at once. After this you should be able to win. The rest is skill. Give it a few tries.


I am having a hard time getting the dog with the plunger gun - he is stuck behind the barrel? Any help would be appreciated!

Anonymous October 27, 2009 7:44 PM

I's stuck right after the demo ends, in the furnace area. No arrows are appearing and I can't get the robot to get over there fast enough. I followed the walkthrough and still can't get it.

This is a waste of money.

Am I supposed to get the robot over there completely BEFORE the crane comes down the second time? Because that's not happening. And even when he gets close to the car, no arrows appear no matter where I put the cursor and I've tried a couple dozens times.


JIGuest - For the furnace puzzle,

..once you hit the button you have to shrink down to regular size again to move quickly. You should have no problem getting over there at the normal height.

sKate - To get the dog, have to lure him out. Have you gone up the ladder into the control booth?


For the elevetor puzzle:

take a look behind the sheet


I love this game, the graphics are amazing!


I'm not stuck but I have a problem. In the arcade before I knew what I was doing I broke the light on the 3rd game. So can anyone tell me if there is a replacement I can find in the game or do I have to just start the whole game over for the 3rd time. Arggggggg


Machinarium Walkthrough Part 4

Town Plaza

  • Give oil can to bot in the wheelchair.

  • You receive a ticket

  • Pick up bandage

  • Go up stairs to Arcade Plaza


  • Walk up to Arcade door and put in ticket. Enter Arcade

  • Approach bicycle on left. Pedal in circles until light on first machine lights

  • Step off bicycle and move switch on left down to number 2. Repeat the bicycle.

  • Go to machine 1 and play Space Invaders until you score 1000 points to win a coin. Note: you can use your Space Bar to Fire and the Arrows on your keyboard.

  • Collect coin on left of machine

  • Go to machine 2. Play game. The goal is to put the small red box inside the large red box. The white boxes are used as "tranporters".

  • Collect second coin on left side of machine

  • Return to Town Plaza

Town Plaza, etc.

  • Walk up to battery vending machine on top right

  • Put in coin and collect battery. Repeat.

  • Combine the batteries and the bandage in your inventory

  • Go down the stairs on the left

  • At the doors, go up the pipe on the right

  • Give batteries to Guard. When he moves, walk up to door and push button to the right.


  • Approach panel on left. Notice you will have to eventually find two bulbs.

  • Walk to base of plant and reach into the soil. Vacuum will come out.

  • While vacuum is cleaning, click on it. It will drop a bulb. Pick it up.

  • Walk next to panel. Extend up. Reach for leaf. As leaf is moved aside, remember pattern.

  • Return to panel. Place bulb in top right slot.

  • Hit lights in order to get to floor II.

    Starting at the top, number the lights 1-8. The solution is 1,4,8,2,6,1

  • Exit elevator

Lobby and Bathroom

  • Walk to lever on left. Pull it down 4 times until vacuum is in the next room

  • Go into bathroom on right. Climb on top of vacuum and extend to pick up scissors

  • Climb off vacuum and look into toilet. You must disable the bomb.

  • Return to lobby. Push up on switch on the left twice, until vacuum is under the candelabra

  • Walk to electric box by bathroom door. Reach for it to turn off power.

  • Climb on top of vacuum. Use scissors to cut down candelabra. Climb down from vacuum

  • Put vacuum back in bathroom by returnin to power box and switch power back on, then pull the switch on left down twice.

  • Return to bathroom. Tie candelabra to vacuum. Grab candelabra and hook it to the toilet. Return to vacuum switch on wall of lobby. Push the switch up to tear out toilet..

  • Return to bathroom. Grab toilet paper to hang through hole.

  • Click on bomb. Sort the fuses according to the connections on the door.

  • fuses are to be in following order: D,B,E,A,C

  • Return to lobby. Walk up stairs

King Bot

  • Approach King in center of room. Watch his story. Walk to cabinet with red button on far left.

  • Press red button to open puzzles. You must solve both puzzles to unlock cabinet.

  • Pick up cord. Take it to King and plug it into his head. This opens game where you have to shoot 33 evil bots. Hint: take path to right. Keep going right past next screen, then follow path down. Continue to find key to gun.

  • Map. Thanks to William for the map!

  • After defeating evil bots, King will give you a bulb. Walk down stairs on right. Return to elevator.

  • Click on panel. Put in bulb. Match pattern for -1.

  • To complete pattern: Click on top light then click every third going clockwise.

  • Exit elevator


  • Walk over to hammer on right. Use it to smash round window to the right. Pick up key

  • Return to elevator. Use key on small door on right. Pick up can of cold spray. Return to hammer

  • Use cold spray on lock then pick up hammer and shatter the lock.


  • Walk out door to right. Walk to box on the left. Click on box. Remember the frequencies on the box.

  • Return to the King's chamber. Approach the orange screen on the left. Click the screen and dial in the frequencies from the box. Memorize the tune played.

  • Return to box. Play the tune heard on the orange screen.

  • The pattern (counting from the left 1-5):1,4,2,3,5,2,3.

  • As soon as you play the correct tune, the stairs come out but will go back in unless you use girl bot to turn the + shaped handle in front of her.

  • Walk to stairs. Climb up the stairs!

A big thanks to Walzar for all the help on the walkthrough!!


wjguest - You seem a little worried about breaking the third machine...

Don't worry. It doesn't matter. You only need the first two machines. They just put that detail in there to scare you. I see it worked.


Thank you Eileen for your help. Breaking that light did scare me. I really didnt want to start over. It will probably take me weeks to solve but I do love this game so to me it was well worth the $20 I paid for it as it will bring me many hours of enjoyment. Also a big thanks to Walzar as I couldnt do it without the help of the walkthrough and help from nice people like you.


Thank you very much for answering, because I spent 22 bucks for this game and am still stuck on the first screen right after the demo ends. In the furnace room. :( And it's a beautiful game and I wanna play. :)

Yes, I shrunk myself down. No, there is not enough time to get over there before the crane comes down. He walks, he does not run. Is there any way to make him run?

By the time he gets over there, the crane has already dipped down, swooped up, dumped it's imaginary load and is already disappearing around back, ready to return (and stop). This isn't a case of missing it by a half second, this is a case of missing it by 20 seconds. And once I get over there, no arrows appear by the cart so I can't even make him jump in. The arrows for jumping into the cart don't appear at all until after the crane stops completely!!


Third stage in the arcade, game two what is the answer to the last puzzle if there is one?

Roseate Spoonbill October 30, 2009 10:55 AM

Old woman, use "spoilers" for crying out loud.

raziel lycas October 30, 2009 4:18 PM

I'm stucked with the tic-tac-toe in the oilbar... -_- really I can't win... so I will never see the end -_-"


chris - Did you realize that your little bot has three sizes? You are either tall, normal or tiny. Maybe you are shrinking yourself down too far to the tiny size. Being normal size is the only way you can walk quickly.

raziel lycas - take a look at my strategy guide: Need Help Winning 5-In-A-Row Game? in an above post. I hope that helps.

wjguest - You're welcome! I hope you're enjoying your Machinarium adventure. Glad to help.


I'm just wondering about something. I've gone over all the spoilers and walkthrough and nowhere does it say anything about the girl robot except in the kitchen but now I'm seeing her in the little thought bubbles along with the boy. I'm at the part where i disabled the bomb. Can anyone tell me how to get her to join me? I think she may be necessary later on. Thank you



it no worky,
ive got to the oil and dog bit

but when i try to do the arrow thing, i cant press the green buttton, and the lights dont change, HELPS ME


whoops, sorry fixed it, i was stuck for hours, but i figured it out right after i posted that


Thanks for the help Eileen! I just finished the game tonight - this was a fun one. :)


its very good, and looks wonderful, but the problem with fantasmically awesome lookign and fun games like this, is that when its over, its over, theres no more, well aminita design will probelly make more, but they will still end aswell,

this dilemma makes me moast sad


I am stuck on the arcade terrace. I am trying to make the wire break by making the bird go up and down, but I dont seem to have luck. The wire just wont break no matter how hard I try. What am I doing wrong, please help.

eileen November 1, 2009 10:39 AM replied to Nadia

Nadia - I know the feeling, that part is tricky. It's really just trial and error, keep trying different speeds until you get used to the rhythm. Try to get in sync with the owl.


Sorry but i need help once again. Have tried everything. I'm in with king bot and did the top puzzle but having trouble with the bottom one even with the diagram. The thing is i cant find a way to reset it so i can follow the diagram. Does anyone know if there is a way to reset. Closing and re-opening the door doesn't help. Thanks


How do i solve the last light puzzle in the greenhouse. Please help!


Eileen, I think I can find a way to get the girl after I plug into the king bot, but unless I can find a way to reset the bottom puzzle so I can peek and follow the diagram its a mute point. Can you or anyone else just tell me if its possible to reset. Most of the puzzles I have been able to reset if I got going in another direction so if I know I can do it with this one I'll keep looking for a way, but this is the 3rd day and im getting nowhere. I did unlock the first one. Please help!!!!!


It's not everyday I get to rate 5 stars! :) What an amazing game! The puzzles, the artwork, music, story.. blew my mind.

The only thing that bothered me - a little - was the noise in some parts. I had to turn the volume down to concentrate, for example, in the

top tower, with that big headed robot making noises. A little irritating



I don't thing there's a way to reset that puzzle. At least I didn't find any! But I know that you cannot make it unsolvable, that is, you can move the pieces until reaching the initial position or even solving it.

This puzzle was hard indeed.


One problem.
After getting those batteries I somehow forgot about the pipe, that leads straight to the guard, so I went down in the sewers and to the elevator.
The problem is, again, elevator's tank is empty, but this time that hanging-metal-thingy is missing, and the same with the hose. So I can't get oil, to power up the elevator.
Please don't tell me that I have to start again from the beginning.
Maybe someone has encountered this problem, and can give a solution?


I've finished the game, but there's a door that shows a hot spot that so far won't open for me:

On the left of the town plaza, between the stairs going down to the musicians area and those going up to the owl/arcade level.

Has anyone successfully opened it?


tapeworm, when your in the kitchen the hose will be there. i needed to do it a few times.


wjguest - I'll post more detailed solutions to the puzzles soon for anyone who is interested. In the meantime, here's a helpful hint for solving the second puzzle in the king bot room.

Get the orange (2 length) chain into the space on the bottom right. Get the green chain into the space on the bottom left. Then you want to swap the 5-length and 4-length chains so the 4-length one is on the top.

atikiN - If you're still having trouble with the power box in the greenhouse, the key is to know where to start. If you pick the right starting point, it's not too hard. Here's a little help with those starting positions:

Numbering the columns 1-5, and rows 1-5:

  • Puzzle 1: start at column 1, row 1

  • Puzzle 2: start at column 4, row 5

  • Puzzle 3: start at column 4, row 4

  • Puzzle 4: start at column 2, row 1

  • Puzzle 5: start at column 2, row 2

  • Puzzle 6: start at column 2, row 3


I finished this wonderful puzzle and thanks to all who helped me. Now I to am wondering about that door in the middle of the long stairs. Has anyone opened it?

Roseate Spoonbill November 2, 2009 11:49 PM

I want to discourage everyone from using the walkthrough. You will kick yourself later!

There is only one time I would perhaps encourage a walkthough, and this is

the mess of pipes

Terrific game though! It's worth the money because they absolutely put their heart into every individual screen. Terrific!

Ragnhild Lütken November 3, 2009 9:46 AM

I am stuck with the bird!!!
I've tried going up and down, both with touchpad and mouse, both slowly and quickly, but the bird won't fall. Any ideas?



A million thanks to Brian for the tip for the bird. I chucked my mouse pad an put the mouse on a t-shirt (yes, I know, the things we'll do for games) and it worked! You just have to

watch the bird, not the robot, and it'll sway the wire more and more, until it falls.


I cannot, CANNOT for the love of me beat that !@*!*&kin' 5-in-a-row Robot!

I could never win a 5-in-row game against anyone. Never in my life.

It's driving me mad. I've tried about 80 million times now. Every technique I know. But I always miss a winning move.



Please HELP!!! I can't get past that puzzle in the electricity panel. I keep sliding those tiles but I can't figure out the shape I have to make. HEEEEELLLPP!!


Great Game and i bet im doing something basic that causes me a problem...... I cant get the bot to shoot the plunger gun to get the dog. Puzzle no problems, oil no problems... plunger the dog...just wont fire. Any advice??


Ugh - Have you looked at my tips for winning the 5-in-a-row game above? Keep your pieces close to each other.
Alexxa - Are you referring to the panel in the greenhouse? If so, take a look at my tips above given to atikiN. You're trying to light all the squares.


I'm reffering to the puzzle in part 2 - arcade that the same to the greenhouse?


I am stuck in the furnace room. I can get picked up by the crane scoop thing but no arrow appears above the platform. Can anyone help me - where exactly does my mouse pointer have to be?

Anonymous November 6, 2009 6:38 AM

You're talking about the panel near the arcade games, right?

First of all, get the one that the owls steals, and then go to the panel.

When there, you have to create a single line that connects the energy flow from below, to the middle top tile. It evens shows you a hint of which tile you should use first.

You can even put in and take out the tile that had fallen off earlier, making it easier to move them around

Sean Wishart November 6, 2009 7:00 AM


The near-arcade electricity panel puzzle will only be solved if you...

First of all, get the missing piece. After that, you have the freedom to put in and pull out THAT piece any time you want, making the puzzle somewhat easier. Your mission is to make a LINE that leads the energy flow from the middle bottom tile (it even gives you a hint of which tile you should use there), to the top middle tile. Keep in mind that all tiles are used, and that the line flows in one way. Just connect the right tiles so that the line connects correctly too.

For Stevie:

Try clicking the robot like crazy ^^ The arrow should appear when you hover the mouse over the robot while he gets picked up and lifted. Try keeping the mouse on him all the time


Many thanks for the plunger gun walk through.
Been trying to get this bird wire to break. 3hours 53 mins so far... real shame to bin the game just because of this......
Oh the frustration


I'm stuck with the arrow puzzel. Can somebody help me? And I can not get the dog. I only hit the barrel in front of it.


In Walkthrough (pt. 3) @ Balconies i need the oil can, but i dont have it.... how can i get it, plz?


How do I turn off the really annoying music? I personally don't like playing games with music blaring out at me continuously. And the same thing over and over and over and over ..... ARggghhhh.......


hey i'm stuck with a bird
how can i drop it!!!
it took my piece of puzzle -___________-


A big thanks for the walkthrough


I LOVED! this game. Could you recommend others that are just as good and beautiful?!


Try any of Amanita Design's previous works. And when you're finished there, take a stroll through the list of games we've assigned the surreal tag.

Lyndieloop November 9, 2009 12:12 AM

1. For the bird to drop the tile, stand near the middle of the railing and move your robot up and down with your mouse pad like he is jumping on a trampoline. The bird will follow your lead and the wire will break and he will drop the tile. 2. For the arcade, the 3rd light is supposed to break. You just don't play that machine, you just play machines 1 and 2. For the firey furnace, that's a tough one. Read the manual (the one where you kill spiders) very carefully.

ms mosaikei November 9, 2009 9:19 AM

i don't get it... the magnet in the level with the umbrella-robot doesn't take the red box, even if i solve the puzzle...
can any of you tell me what i'm doing wrong?? :(

eileen November 9, 2009 10:13 AM replied to ms mosaikei

ms mosaikei - Have you lowered the lever on the left side of the control box after you solve the puzzle? You have to lower the magnet.


a bug took the key (broom with handle) so now I can not pull the guard down, what now! do I start over?


I figured out the arrow game to lower the magnet. I'm stuck with the second Arcade game. I cann't figure out the last puzzle.


Christie - Arcade puzzle
Did you check the walkthrough on top of the comments? Please do so and feel free to come back, when you have further questions.

Greetings, Kayleigh


I simply cant get him to accept the gun (combined) to shoot the dog. I have done all that seems necessary - what did I leave out?


you can use magnifier directly on butterfly to see pattern on its wings.


Help When moving to the Security Room a bug took the new key (Broom Key) What now? I started over but still couldn't keep the key.
Help please


Woot, just finished it!

The quality definitely diminished from the first few portions that the demo-ers were allowed to see.

However, that doesn't stop me from giving this 5 star rating.

I'd say my biggest annoyances were the last few puzzles, which seemed to just fill up space, and the fact that I thought the fly paper (tape?) looked like cloth.

Game was clever, beautiful, with plenty of surprises.




You no longer need that key. You'll have full access to the rooms later on.


what was that"little thing" which enabled you to shoot the gun at the dog?
I am stuck here and its very frustrating. Where should the plunger boat be at the time of getting the gun?


Freddy - I just want to make sure I understand your problem, here... You have the plunger gun already? Have you already moved the oil boat? If not, maybe these tips will help:

There are two pieces to the plunger gun. The gun itself is in the furthest left jail cell (accessible from the sewer underneath) inside the safe. The second part - the plunger - is on the ceiling of the middle cell. The oil boat is moved by going inside the control room above the boat. Move the line to the 4 o'clock position. This will "feed" the dog oil and allow you to use the plunger gun to snag him.


Please help! I lost the broom key so I can not knock the guard over. I have started over twice and the bug grabbed it just after the manhole cover is opened. What now please help.


Me again sorry, but I can't get out of the hole without knocking down the guard with the broom Can I? I must be missing something. This is my first try at a game.


Hi I seem to have the same problem as Freddy.

I'm in the control booth and can make oil come out of the floating can. But I cannot make the can move to be close enough to tempt the dog its currently floating at the back of the screen. I can move the green arrow dial to 4 o'clock and press the oil out. I don't seem to be able to change the lighting of the bulbs.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me!


Can anyone help me? I'm stuck in the elevator and I can't find the second lamp?


moko - One bulb is all you need to get started.

Have you already used the one bulb to get to floor II? If you haven't, be patient. You'll find the second bulb in good time.

Good luck.


Cat - Hope you're still at it Cat. Just to let you know, don't worry about losing the broom. You won't need it anymore. If you're ever really, really stuck you can always use the walkthrough posted above. It's arranged so you can look for one solution without ruining anything to come up later. To help out your guard problem:

You don't need the broom. You just need to reach out and pull the leg of his chair when he's leaning back. When he's on the floor go ahead and steal his metal shots from the table


Hello Kayleigh,

I checked the walkthrough and I solved four puzzels on the second Arcade game. I don't know how to solve the last one.

I need some help with this one.

Walzar November 14, 2009 1:41 PM replied to Christie

Christie - It is a tough one! Have you tried the hint guide on the top right of the screen?


Thanks Walzar, I didn't use the hint guide yet. Now I got my second coin.

Finished the game today. Great game!


I'm finally moving on. This is great! Thanks for the help I'll probably be asking again. But now I realize that it is really fun to continue to try different things until you finally get it. Hours pass before you know it!


This is great, I love the design!!


Please help. I'm in the greenhouse, and need the magnifying glass. But no matter what I do, the game won't let me use the stick on the pitcher plant. I move the stick over the largest closed flower and the stick lights up, but my robot just shrugs when I click on it.

Any thoughts?


Wow! I just finished the game last night. Great fun I'm sad that it is over. I'll be looking for another one and just hope it is as cute and fun.


Tanja - Take a look at the walkthrough if you're really stuck. I think what you're missing is

you need to find three wrenches in the room.

Good luck. Keep on trying!


The three wrenches are in place as in the spoiler said

2 on the top row 1 on the bottom


Jeff-- have you already

used the grow ray on the pitcher plant?


Hi, I'm also stuck in the room with the boiler thing.. when the robot gets pulled up by the claw no matter where I click he won't swing onto the platform. Any help would be welcome.


i am playing for a couple of hours but i'm stuck in the elavator!
i just can't find the second bulb...:((
can u give me more details, plz?


PLEASE help me get through the second game in the Arcade! I can do two of them but the third is killing me!


Kirado - Take a look at "Security Breach: Furnace" in the first part of the walkthrough. It's a little complicated to explain but once you get it, you'll see it's not so hard.

Didi - You won't find the second bulb right away. Don't worry. Have you visited the King Bot yet? If you have, take a look at Part 4 of the walkthrough under "King Bot"

Karl Goff - It IS a killer puzzle. For now, I suggest using the hint book at the top right. Since we've received a few requests for help on this one, I'll put together a hint guide on this puzzle.

HightScribe December 1, 2009 5:21 AM

For the furnace puzzle:

Get into the cart. Put the mouse somewhere at the right of the red button but not on it. You should be able to click the red button.


Amazing game!
I played it with my 5 year old kid and we really enjoy it. I gave him the commands for most parts of the game and did the tricky bits myself.
It has been a long time I have seen an adventure game as good as this one. Everything is perfect: design, graphics, sound, difficulty balance. And the main character is really lovable. A must buy for any adventure lovers!


I've got a problem. After combining the two batteries yadda yadda, I've got to get back UP to the guard. But I can't go up the pipe. What am I supposed to do?
Thanks. Great game, by the way.

Walzar December 3, 2009 6:13 PM replied to skuld

skuld - You've probably passed the spot a dozen times.

Go just to the right of the door on the stairs up to the plaza. Stretch yourself up and use the up arrow on the downspout.

Voila' back to the guard. Hope that does it for you.


Okay so, I got to

the sewer, and found all three red bits to stop the pipes. I got the hook from the pipes, but then I used the clampguy to unscrew the bottom, and filled up the bottom of the screen with water. I think I was supposed to get something out of the drain before I did this.

Am I stuck?


okay i looked at the walkthrough and im stuck in the elevator i put the first bulb i found in the wrong spot is there any way i can get it back????


can i still get the game in stores?


What a fantastic game! Best money I ever spent through the internet I think. :)
The animations are beautiful & I am still amazed about how it does not use language!!!

bc: you can only buy the game in a store in Germany,Russia and Italy. I know, I really wanted a hard copy as well.. :(

I really hope they can port this to the Iphone soon so I can get all my non-adventure game friends playing it.


i have a big problem. i got stuck on the outside elevator. but i was already there and solved it.. i should now bring the batteries to the officer, but somehow i got back on that elevator, and now there is no stick or, hose, or even the popcorn. and it doesn't move anywhere... what shall i do? pls help me i don't want to start all again :P


I am stuck on the puzzle game in the King Bot section (the one with the colored balls). Any solutions???


i watched the band play and the man tossed both of the pots, but i can't get him to toss the radio. any help?


Help Pleeease! I am stuck , where I have to fry the cat at the Arcade Terrace. I did everything. But first time when I get to this level, unplugged the cable of the drill and now the maintenance robot is moved one step away with his ladder and I cant unplugged his drill again. Is there any way to move him back to the first position ...?
If anybody knows, please advice!


Oups! Now I undestand. I should have tied the robe for the arcade. That is why I couldn't fried the cat. Sorry!!!!


hi, like the game very very much but it seems that i have a bug on a level with reservoirs...when i need to push the tank with oil, and when i entry the cabine, the play button doesn't work, i can control the arrow and oil, but play button just doesn't work.I restarded my computer, but nothing has changed..
i would like to keep on playing this game, but its impossible:(
pls help and thanks a lot!


I have am having the same problem w/ moving the oil tank to feed the dog: The play button doesn't push nor to the lights change, but moving the arrow to 4'oclock works.
I've been back to every room I am able to revisit but cannot find any more tools that would help this.
Is this a bug? Please help!
"hi, like the game very very much but it seems that i have a bug on a level with reservoirs...when i need to push the tank with oil, and when i entry the cabine, the play button doesn't work, i can control the arrow and oil, but play button just doesn't work.I restarded my computer, but nothing has changed..
i would like to keep on playing this game, but its impossible:(
pls help and thanks a lot!"


Ah, I started a new game and the oil drum was able to move on that second go around. Just finished the game. Was really well crafted.