on level 12 how do you complit the green wall or do you know the website


level 13.
THE color problem,


Don't forget to read the painting with the tree before entering the room on the left on floor B, once u entered this room then read the painting again and u will notice 2 different color details.


does anybody know when the new level is coming out because i don't want to play it all over again for nothing


I'm on level 14. I have the spade and the screwdriver and I have no idea what to do next! Can anyone help me? Please!


just finished level 16! end of story for now..although i hope to see more soon. thanks for the tip on finding this game jay. i really enjoyed it


How did you beat level 15 with the 4 different monitors?


How do you beat level 16???


level 15:

think of the order of the pictures

level 16: i had to restart the level as the images on the monitor would not load, but the info is all there


I'm stuck on level 16.

I have switched on the power and have access to the monitor. Found a password there but don't know what to do with it. I can type it on the monitor but there seems no way to enter/send it?


Nevermind, I am out now. I only had to reload the level because it was a bit buggy. ;-)

tenkuchima December 18, 2006 8:17 PM

i cant get level 16 i put in the pasword and hit login but nothing hapens


@tenkuchima: Check the icons after entering the password.

tenkuchima December 19, 2006 3:37 PM

k i figured it out anybody know about level 17


HELP I cant figure out how to rearrange the password in level 16!!!!!!!!!!


In level 14, why is there sandpaper everywhere?!?! and what`s with the flood control?


Sandpaper all over the place because

you want to go to the end of the street, enter the park, go to the mill and get the dull ax... you sharpen the dull ax on the sandpaper to cut the rope (which turns on the power). You want to work the flood control (after you have power) so that the boat makes it from the left all the way to the right. You then take the rope to the bridge in the park and use the rope on the boat which will give you a spade. Then you take the spade back to the start of the street and use it on the pants to get the key to the door on the left at the end of the street.

demondante December 22, 2006 2:25 PM

yea i am stuck on lvl 17 at the ufo's and i have no clue what to do at what i am guessing it a laser thing with the terget and arrows anyone know what to do?


I would like some help on lvl 15 (at least thats what lvl i think it is) I have four monitors and can't figure what order they need to be in to go through the door. Someone please help me!


Help on the color thing on lvl 14.. please


Annie , you just have to keep turning those square colourded cubes , until they all are equal in colour , next to each other , and when you succeeded you will see a crack in the wall , do not push the colourthing you just did , but you push the clock standing there ,and then you have to adjust the screens of all the rooms you just have done,(the second last picture , is the one of the bridge),but first before you do that, you have to use the screwdriver 2 times on the panels below the screens and then push on the screen to begin
And when you have done all that you will recieve a key and you go out the door .




need help on part 17 (ufo laser thingy)


I know you people have passed level 12, so help me.

How do you input the codes at the end of level 12? It says "Click on the cases slowly", which I did but it won't move! AHHH!! So frustrating. Help me please!!


lv 17,

go left from start point, you'll see a UFO and something like a target. move target to bottom-left, press 'up''up''right'right''down'.
Then cover of UFO will be removed. you'll be able to find a divice in UFO.
use divice, go to alien room, get IC board in UFO, screwdriver on a chair.
go to air box room, use screwdriver to box no.2.
you'll get another IC board, then back to lv 17.
insert 2 IC boards in left UFO.


Is there a mirrored site other than "www.albartus.com/motas/ " my work has blocked this site and I would like to play the new levels?



ok...i'm in the street on level 14 and i want 2 go in the door on the right and it's open but when i click w/ the feet it just makes a sound effect noise and goes back to the pointer finger?!

:( plz help


i cant get past these 4 monitors on level 14... i did everything else though.. HELP! i wanna win!


How do you input the codes at the end of level 12? It says "Click on the cases slowly", which I did but it won't move!


can anyone help on level 16 with the computer


GAH. stuck on level 4.


plz i finished level 13.. but there's no level 14!! how can i continue the game?

Tru_Messiah January 13, 2007 4:52 PM

Heh.. just to update... there are now 18 levels.


"A point-and-click aficionado's dream, and one that's still kicking it after all these years."- JayIsGames.com

<3 posted on the MOTAS website.


There are 19 now


anyone care to help me on level 16???


Hi People, I need help on the green wall somone please send me some pics of how to beat it or a video of how to beat that green wall becouse im stuck on it and i need help its hard to do thats the only level im stuck on!!!!


Ok so I'm at level 14 with the Blunt Axe and I've used all the sandpaper and it tells me that it still isn't sharp enough? What do I do?


4 monitors on Lv. 14?

Falconetti January 15, 2007 4:16 PM

In level 19, how do you get the seed to grow so one can access the hole in the ceiling? I can make the seed appear and disappear, but I assume a tree or something needs to grow out of it.


In 18, what do you have to do with the machine?


LV. 18:

The machine enables you to travel between teh past, present, and future. Click only the green button to go to the past. Click the left button and the green button to go to the present. Click the left, right, and green buttons to go to the future(unconfirmed, so just fiddle until you can see a door w/ no numbers next to it in the left room). Grab the seed from the tree in the far right room, then go to the past. Go to the tree room, pick up the ladder, and plant the seed in the pot. Go to the future, use the ladder on the tree, and investigate the books in the right room to find the door-lock code for the present. Enter in the door-lock code, and you're done!


plz help i'm stuck on the flood gates for lvl14


Get the axe and sandpaper it 6 times and use the sharpened axe on the rope and go to the control and make the boat go to the far right and go to the river and get the spade and use it on the pants to get a key (weird) and use the key onthe right door. Memorize the code near the left room where you started and enter the code in the boxes and smash the wall with nothing.

Stephen Grant January 16, 2007 11:22 AM

There's more sandpaper in the flow control area. Five sheets all together I think.


Falconetti -- Level 19

When are you planting the seed?

When do you want to climb?

Maybe you should plant the seed earlier

Plant the seed in the past; when you return to the present -- tree!


I'm so stuck in level 16. Who helps me saves my day :D So if I could get a walkthrough or something I would be very thankful. The power is on, and I can access the blender and that's it. Btw I love this site :D Keep up the good work!


there's a level 14!!!


Room 16. The computer is asking "Enter Key" to "Unlock The Door". Where is this "Key to put into the computer?


i need help on level 19!!! and yes i mean 19...there are more levels that 13..theyhave been created


So I am in room 18. Got the Motas powered up. Nothing in either room will work now. Any ideas?


I need help on lvl 4. I got the door open but when I go through it its black and the menu says i'm still on lvl 4. i can see my cursor and when i click around i can see the words like "nothing of interest here", i have started the game over tons of times. at my wits end someone pls help


I have done what everyone has said on leval 17 point on lower left of laser and click up up right right down but it didnt work for me anyone else have this problem? anyone have a solution?


Where is the rope you cut with the axe in level 14 and where are all the spots with the sandpaper.


Lvl 19 - It won't let me put the ladder up against the tree!

Can anyone help? PLEASE!!!


Ok all you people who have gotten to level 19, how did you get past 18? Am i missing something?

I got the MOTAS Device powered up and I can go back to the room with the ufo but thats it.

What can i do now? Help please?


Never mind to my last post, i figured it out for lvl 18.
Im not exactly sure this is what i did but try it. Sorry if it doesnt work i kinda just clicked and looked away not expecting anything.

in the room with the ufo and alien, the one from the past, at the back of the room there is a door. Click on it and time rewinds. Click on the paper on the floor that was underneath the ufo. Welcome to level 19.


I need help with lvl 18... :P Just can't figure it out. So if you can help I'd be more than happy. :)


LvL 12 HELP i dont get the green wall


iam stuck with the moniters give a hint pleaz



blue room, then room with the clock, the bridge, then the last room.

I never saw a key when I finished, but once I clicked on the door it opened.

Now, I need help on the next level. I've got the power on but am at a lost for the last two passwords.


Ugh. Never mind. I'm stuck with the two UFO's now.


I'm stuck on lvl 14. I have the axe, I sharpened it...What rope am I supposed to cut? I can't find any rope!


Rebecca, go back to the windmill, you should find what you're looking to cut there.


Thanks, Noodles!


Urgh. I figured out 18 and now I'm mad.

I knew I would need the soda for something and that there had to be a reason you could get another coin after having used one already.

I have to go back to level 11 and work back up to 18. It's a great game though.


I dont no what to do on lvl 16 i type in the password and all other information and then i decode the document and then im stuck when it says a code opens the door


on lv 13, where you start you will see two doors. Go to the left door and go out. Then use the screwdriver to move the carridge by moving the block on the wheel.


To all lovers of lateral thinking i would seriously urge you to play this game. The early levels prepare you for the type of thougt process that you'll need for the later ones, but be warned, it is not an easy game. At times , as with all things worthwhile, you will find some of the puzzles mindboggling (the green wall being very high on this list) but do persevere and take time to solve puzzles in different ways instead of just clicking everything (although that does help sometimes) and there should be no problems. The game has solid reason and clear and achieveable goals. MOTAS also has a cool Java chat applet for hints and tips which is moderated (no caps lock or swearing please and that is strictly moderated) but try everything you can think of before using this as it can spoil you're own sense of achievement from solving what are excellently well thought out puzzles. Very Well done To logan for compiling an absolute CLASSIC.


Level 18

to get to level 19 you have to reverse all of the little triangle things on the charger then click on the top-left round thing and the ball should start hovering again. Go back to the UFO room and hold the cursor over the alien. Time will reverse to before the crash. Where the ufo was there will be a peice of paper. Read it and you will go to level 19


im stuck.. i'm in the futur for level 18 im pretty sure but i can't get the ladder up against the tree in the pot.. can i get some help please?



um just remember to have fun


I'm on level 14 and I'm stuck on the flood control part. Is there any way that you can tell me the route to get through and which buttons to press. Ive done it before but it froze. Please Help!!


Why won't the ladder work in level 19? Is there a bug or something? I've tried everything that I can think of.


i need help with 18 im in the past but nothing works and only the alien will do anything!!!!!!


Hi! I'm not sure what I did on Level 14. Can someone help?

I got the key from the pants, and I can see the code on the wall to the left of the room I started in, but did I open the wrong door? I used the key to open the left door at the end of the street, and there's a wall with colored block panels on it. I don't know what to do.


Can anyone care to help a guy who is stuck on lv 15? How do you unlock the door??


Here's a complete walkthrough (levels 1-20)...

Level 1 Walkthrough

  • get key from under pillow

  • open locker and get screwdriver out of box

  • put wall poster under door

  • use screwdriver to take elephant pic off wall

  • then you'll get a thin screw use thin screw in door lock

  • pull out poster from under the door and get key

Level 2 Walkthrough

  • Get the diskette box from the top of the cabinet and go to the next room and take the lower right hand corner pin from the flag.

  • Use pin on diskette box to get the floppy out.

  • Insert the floppy disk into the disk drive on the right hand side of computer and turn computer on.

  • Now you have the 1 2 8 6 4 code...enter it into the panel by the door.

Level 3 Walkthrough

  • Go through the door to the floor room and switch off the light.

  • Get the 3 wall tiles and switch the light back on.

  • Move the floor tiles at a 90 degree angle to each other and create a pattern that will link top right hole to left one so that the head can move all the way across the room.

  • At the rathole next to the stairs, put the diskette box over the rat hole. Wait for the head to be under the trap to click on it and capture the head.

  • Click on right hand side of stairs to raise them. Put the three wall tiles into the slots under the stairs.

  • Pull out the wall tiles in this order from left to right pull out first tile 2 times second tile once third tile twice and then put the box with the head in it on the tiles...it should move across them if you've pulled them out right.

  • Move the chair to the left side of the stairs..click on stairs to lower stairs.

Level 4 Walkthrough

  • Get piece of wood out of fireplace Put piece of wood under laser burn it put it back in fireplace

  • Put triangle under laser ...break it (turn off lamp if need be for more power) put it back in panel by door

  • When putting pieces back in panel by door, put small triangle on bottom large one towards the left and fit the other pieces in after that.

Level 5 Walkthrough

  • smilie face pad...press the buttons in this order (if the code says 6 then count across from left to right to the sixth button and press that button and so on) 6, 7, 11, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 11, 6, 10, 1, 7, 6, 6, 9, 7, 4, 5, 11, 12, 1, 11, 6 last button is 1101

  • after you've finished the smiley panel, then go into next room, move cabinet and box, and get key from small panel on wall

Level 6 Walkthrough

  • Lift doormat and let key drop down through the grate

  • Fix flashlight by using batteries from radio and headlight from motorcycle (use screwdriver to get headlight)

  • Open tiles under rug in this order click upper left one then lower right one then lower left one

  • Click on hose once then click on opening once go down and find key on the floor between 2 cabinets

Level 7 Walkthrough

  • Get blue wheel out of picture frame in room that has the note on the table...put it on the leftmost pipe

  • Go up elevator and get green wheel out of cabinet drawer....put it on rightmost pipe

  • Find a pen and a piece of paper...the pen is in a desk drawer...(look for a room with a mailbox...there is a ladder in that room go up that ladder to the room with the desk)...the piece of paper is on a table in a room with a towel draped over a pipe

  • Put the pen and piece of paper on the clone note that was on the table should give you a letter to mail after mailing the letter then look in the bottom of the mailbox for the red wheel put it on middle pipe

  • Find floppy the floppy is in a locker the locker is in a room with a big box that says "this side up" then first put the floppy in the disk drives in teletransporter room (right hand side of room)

  • Click on the small wheels to first change the color of the big wheel at the end they should all turn grey do it in this order click small green then red...big wheel should change to blue then small green then blue...big wheel should change to purple...then small red then blue all wheels should change to grey

  • When all the wheels are grey open panel click on user input screen step into transporter

Level 8 Walkthrough

  • Pick up the screwdriver off of the table and go to the panel on the wall beside the poster.

  • Click on the buttons on the panel so that the numbers will add up to the number at the top of the panel and then press the "enter code" button. You will have to do this 12 times.

  • Move through the fireplace room, and then the upper right room and click on picture frame to reveal a hidden part of the room.

  • Use the screwdriver on the grating to be able to go through the opening to the next room where you will pick up the clock weights from the clock.

  • Go back to the room with the poster and number panel on the wall and press the panel which will make the wall move.

  • Go into the secret room and pull the string down from the right hand side of the ceiling fixture...then put the weights on it once the string is pulled out.

  • Take the horse chess piece and go back to the clock room...then put the horse piece on the pedestal.

  • Keep moving horse chess piece towards pedestal piece, always attempting to get it to land on pedestal piece, while at the same time trying to move both of them towards the fireplace....and then continue doing this until both pieces eventually end up in the fireplace.

  • Once both pieces are in the fireplace, then go back to the other fireplace room and go into the lower right hand room (originally the room that had the force field in front of it.)

  • Once in that room, open locker 1, put on the alien suit, open the air lock door and enter the cabin.

Level 9 Walkthrough

  • Open the cupboard that's by the spaceship and get a key from the box.

  • In the next room open the cupboard with the key. In it you will find a floppy disk and a big triangle.

  • Put the triangle on the broken part of the high voltage panel to fix the force field and then go back to the spaceship room.

  • Now you can enter the door that was previously locked on the other side of the locker.

  • In the room that has the computer in it, open the cupboard and you will find another key there.

  • Then go back to the spaceship room again and open the locker with the key..it will show you the word QUEST.

  • Go back into the computer room, and put the floppy disk into the disk drive and then restart the computer.

  • Type QUEST on the computer and then press the return/enter key.

  • A picture will appear with some letters...remember the letters and click on the door to change the picture...you will see some more letters in the next room...take all the letters and make a word with them and type that word on the computer.

  • Then you should get the following message: "I hope I unlocked the door".

  • Now go over a couple of rooms till you get to a room with 2 cupboards, and 2 chairs with a plant between them...open the cupboard closest to you and find a key.

  • "Here is the machine that will unlock the doors in room#7. Default position is door#1 opened in room#7. You will have to go to room#7, open the door that corresponds to what the machine shows, and there will be the exit door behind one of them. This is random so I can't tell you which door to open. Just try them all, and change which door is opened by hitting the center of the machine." Once you find the correct door, then use the key to open it.

Level 10 Walkthrough

  • Go to the room on the left and open the cabinet and take the white ball and a key.

  • Going back through the first room, go upstairs and open the right hand locker with the key getting the red pass card out of it.

  • Go back to the circular puzzle room and use the red pass card over the green circle at the bottom of the puzzle which will make the colored circle move down.

  • Enter puzzle and line up colors with each other red with red blue with blueetc OR...

  • Click on colored part of puzzle to enter it and then you're going to be clicking the colors "in the following order"

    1. the first one is lower right red

    2. then lower left red

    3. lower left yellow (small one)

    4. lower right yellow

    5. upper right green

    6. upper right red

    7. upper left green

    8. upper left blue

    9. upper right red

    10. upper right green

    11. lower right red

    12. lower right green

    13. upper right green

    14. upper left red

  • To enter the puzzle ...Use the red pass card on that green circle....and open the black center. Inside it you will find a key which will open the exit door in room #1.

Level 11 Walkthrough

  • Walk through the rooms till you get to a room with a chalkboard.

  • Open the cupboard and get a key and a screwdriver...Then pick up the chalk from chalkboard.

  • Go back to the first room where you will open the chest and find a coin in it and then go to the pool table room when done.

  • Put the white ball on the pool table, the coin in the slot, and use the chalk on the cuestick.

  • Aim cuestick mostly to the middle right hole and shoot...The reward is another key (found in front side of pool table)...use key to open door.

Level 12 Walkthrough

    1. click on the first button, going down, skip two, click the next, skip two, click the next all the way to the end of column

    2. always move left to right and top to bottom.

    3. Next go to column #3, skip #2 competely

    4. on column #3, click every button that has a black button to its immediate left. do this for the rest of wall

    5. the last column will leave four buttons black, but that's okay.

  • green wall solutions:

  • Once the green wall is done the wall will move. Go to the room on the left closest to the green wall, and on the shelves you will find a light bulb...take it and go to the room on the right closest to the green wall.

  • Open the left cupboard, and get the wire-cutter. Then push the right cupboard and enter the room behind it.

  • Erase the wrinkle in the rug, and move the chair over to the lamp, then get a key from the ceiling light.

  • Now put the light bulb into the lamp on the table and turn it on...read the code along the wall that appears when you move the light up and down to read the full code. There should be 8 numbers...write these down to remember them.

  • After the code is written down move locker to clear the path, and go back to the green wall room and then the lower right hand room.

  • Move the table with clock on it first, then the box, then the tall piece of furniture, then desk with green picture and plant, and finally the bed...go down in hole under bed to laser gates row.

  • Move the shelves under opening in ceiling, and then go into laser room 1 and push the red button which will deactivate laser gate #1.

  • Go into laser room#2 and open the right panel on the machine with screwdriver, and then cut the green wire with the wire-cutter.

  • Go back to laser gates row. Now you can go to the laser room#3 and press left corner of wall under window to open the secret passage.

  • In laser room 3 open the cupboard with your key, where you will find the last key and a screwdriver...now go back to laser room 1.

  • In laser room 1, press blue button. It will reactivate first laser gate, and deactivate the third one.

  • Go to laser room#3 through hole in ceiling above shelves, and go through the hole under cabinet in lamp room where you got the 8 numbers off the wall to be able to access the final room. The room you're trying to get to has a number panel in it with an E on it and a laser wall in front of a door.

  • Enter the 8 number code that you wrote down into the 123E panel SLOWLY and then press E, (it won't look like it's doing anything) and then when laser wall in front of door disappears, use the key found in laser room#3 to open the last door.

Level 13 Walkthrough

  • Go outside and click on the block under the wagon..then click on the manhole. This powers the elevator inside.

  • Take the elevator to floor D and click on the shelves to pick up the waterproof tape.

  • Then go to level B and put the red card on the "eye." You'll see a picturejust to the right of the eye... Click on its caption and remember the color andcompass direction. Then go further right down the hallway and do the same forthe other three pictures.

  • Return to level A. Enter the room to your right where there is a colormachine. The 4 sides rotate when you press the button on the right (not the redlever). The button on the left only changes the shape from rectangular totriangular...but I've been told it doesn't matter which way it's set.

  • Using the colors and directions from the pictures, click the small colorbuttons. To start, the side of the machine facing you is south, so use thosesmall color buttons in front to put the correct color for south on that side ofthe machine.

  • Now click on button on the right once to move the machine to west...put thecorrect color for west on that side...click on right hand button once...putcorrect color for north....click on right hand button once...put correct colorfor east..then rotate machine to let south side face you again.

  • When you have all the colors lined up on each side correctly, then pull thered lever on the right side of the machine.

  • You should now have the golden key.

  • Go to floor C. To the right of the elevator is a wall puzzle. Click on it toreveal a color puzzle. There are four sides to the puzzle...Starting in anyinside corner click until you get all the colors filled in for thatsection..then go to the rest of inside corners and do the same.

  • After finishing wall puzzle it will open up to reveal a key. Take the keyinto the room to your right and use it to open the cupboard and get the bucket.

  • Return to A level and go outside. Moving all the way to your left you shouldsee a well and a gate with a fire in front of it.

  • Take the bucket and place it at the end of the rope attached to the well.Click on it and then click on the wheel on the side of the well to bring up thebucket. Use the waterproof tape to fix the bucket, and then use the wheel todrop and raise the bucket once more.

  • Click on the bucket with water and use it to put out the flames and then usethe golden key and unlock the door.

Level 14 Walkthrough

  • Go out the door on your right, go to the end of the street, go right to the park, then right again to the mill.

  • Get the axe on the stump.

  • Click on the axe, then click on the piece of sandpaper near the left corner of the screen. This will sharpen the axe. Now you will need to sharpen the axe on all the other pieces of sandpaper located in flood control, front end of the street, underneath the container in the first room, and the room to the left of that one.

  • When your axe is fully sharpened, go back to the mill.

  • Use the axe to cut the rope that is holding the windmill down.

  • Go to flood control.

  • Click on the buttons until the boat is all the way to the left side. You can do this by clicking the buttons in this order: 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 3, 3, 3.

  • Exit flood control and go to the park.

  • Use the rope to get the spade from the boat that is now floating down the river.

  • Go back to the front end of the street and use the spade to knock down the pair of pants hanging from the wire. You will get a key.

  • Go back to the original room, then the room left of it with the projectors. Write down the numbers on the wall.

  • Go to the end of the street and unlock the door to the left.

  • You will need to solve this color block. Start by getting the movable piece to the top-left, then the one on the top-right, the one on the top-middle, the one on the bottom-right, the one on the bottom-middle, then the one on the bottom-left.

  • A panel will open up where the color block was. Click on the circle on the left side of this panel.

  • A doorway to the left will open. Go in and enter in the code you wrote down from the projectors.

  • Go right, and use the screwdriver to knock down the panel. Enter the hole.

Level 15 Walkthrough

  • Use the screwdriver on the panel in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Now put the screwdriver where the panel was.

  • The four screens will light up, and you must put them in chronological order of the game.

    1. First screen of the game, the bedroom you wake up in.

    2. The second screen of the game, has a clock on it.

    3. The bridge.

    4. The end screen with the table and talking robot.

  • Enter the door to your right.

  • Click on the ball on top of the pole in the middle of the screen. A portal will come down, and you enter it.

Level 16 Walkthrough

  • Go into the second doorway to the right.

  • Read the note on the right wall.

  • Flip the switches according to the note, and the power will come back on.

  • Exit that room, and go into the first doorway on the right.

  • Click on the icon 'My Computer.'

  • Click on 'Desktop Images' to change the background.

  • Click on 'readme.txt.' Write down the password at the bottom. It will be taters***.

  • Exit out of the window.

  • Write down the numbers after 'UNOX Operating System v.*.**.

  • Open up 'My Computer' again.

  • Click on 'Password Settings.'

  • Enter taters*** into the top text box that says 'Enter Password.'

  • Enter *.** into the bottom-right text box that says 'UNOX Version.'

  • Click the LOGIN button on the bottom-right corner of the window.

  • Click on the last icon in the last column on the right. It will be titled BLENDER.

  • Write down the numbers that appear in the middle of the screen *.**.

  • Exit out of the window.

  • Go to 'My Computer' then 'Password Settings.'

  • Enter the numbers you just got into the text box that says 'Blender Version' then click LOGIN again.

  • Now go to 'My Documents.' Click on the Saved Email Folder and click on the Document that's in it.

  • If there are a lot of boxes and no spaces between any of the words, click on DECODER 2. If the words are spaced out, you don't need to click on anything. Once the words are spaced out, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Write down the numbers. Exit the window.

  • Click on the START button, then click on UNLOCK THE DOOR.

  • Enter the numbers you were just given into the text box, then click UNLOCK THE DOOR.

  • Exit the room.

  • Click on the square panel in front of you in the middle of the screen. It will open.

  • Go outside.

Level 17 Walkthrough

  • Go to the left.

  • Click the bottom-right of the window so the target is now on the UFO.

  • Click on the arrows in this sequence: Up, Up, Right, Right, Down.

  • The UFO head should fly off. Click inside the UFO, where the head just was. You will get the MOTAS device.

  • Click on the MOTAS device, then on the third orb that appears. You will be taken back to a previous level. Pick up the screwdriver on the chair.

  • Click on the second orb.

  • Use the screwdriver to open up the door marked 2. You hide inside and watch your former self go by. You will get an IC board.

  • Click on the first orb, and put the IC board in the UFO.

  • Click on the third orb.

  • Click on the broken UFO to get another IC board.

  • Click on the first orb and insert the other IC board into the UFO.

  • Click on the UFO and read the note that was beneath it.

  • Now when you click on the MOTAS device again, a fourth orb appears. Click on it.

Level 18 Walkthrough

  • Enter the screen to the right, and click on the big black block. It will move aside to reveal a note.

  • Click on the note and write down the numbers.

  • Go back to the left screen, and enter the numbers by clicking on the dice looking obects.

  • Once the correct code is entered, a panel will slide up. Put the MOTAS device in the insertion slot at the bottom of the panel.

  • Make sure the two bottom circles nf the panel are pointing toward the MOTAS device and the one on top is pointing upwards. The little triangle switches need to be up, down, up, down, up. When the MOTAS device is floating, pick it up.

  • Click on it, then click on the second orb.

  • Click on the alien and the UFO. The alien will get in and fly away.

  • Click on the note it left behind.

Level 19 Walkthrough

  • Go one screen left.

  • You can click on three things: the big green button, then the two smaller knobs. Click on both of the knobs, then on the big green button. This will put you in the future.

  • Go as far right as you can. You will see a big tree, a fence, and a seed. Pick up the seed.

  • Go back into the room with the three buttons. Click on the left knob, then the big green button. This will put you in the past.

  • Go all the way to the right again, to the room with the tree and fence. Now there will be a ladder on the right side. Pick it up.

  • Go back to the room you started in, the one to the right of the three buttons. Put the seed in the plant pot.

  • Go right and click on the left knob then the big green button to be in the future again.

  • Go right to where you planted the seed. Put the ladder against the plant pot and fully grown tree.

  • You can now go into the room above. Go up then right. Click on the bookcase and write down the code.

  • Go back into the room with the buttons. Click on the right knob then the big green button. This will put you back in the present.

  • Go into the room on your left and enter in the code you were given.

  • The panel will slide open. Enter in.

Level 20 Walkthrough

  • You start with the MOTAS device. Get the screwdriver from clicking on the cardboard box.

  • Go left two times.

  • Use the screwdriver on the fan in the left window.

  • Go right and put the fan into the hole in the computer.

  • Press the power button on the right part of the computer. Click the top right corner of the mini windows until you get to the back one.

  • You'll get a code. It corresponds to the color buttons under the windows in the room to the left. Go there and click the buttons until you match the code.

    1. R - red

    2. G - green

    3. B - blue

    4. Y - yellow

    5. C - cyan

    6. P - purple

  • Go left. Get the USB device on the floor here. Take it to the computer and put it in the slot.

  • Restart the computer. You'll get a new red window, and the player character will say a number code. Click on the red window to see the code.

  • Go all the way to the left. Enter this code on the grey buttons on the box on the left wall. The numbers should be arranged 1, 2, 3, 4 (in columns left to right) for each of the 5 rows.

  • Pick up the magnet. Go right.

  • Use the magnet to pick up the key outside the left window.

  • Go to the starting room, and use the key on the key locker. Pick up the new key.

  • Go all the way to the left. Use the key on the keyhole.

  • In this puzzle, you can click on the four grey circle buttons and bits of the concentric circles will rotate. You need to align the gaps with the lengths of the grey pegs, which will slot into the concentric rings when you get it right.

  • I assumed I would stumble on the correct solution by random clicking, and I did...but you could sit down and work it out on paper. Note that the outermost ring rotates each time, but has 4 gaps, so you can ignore it completely and focus on lining up the inner 3 rings. Good luck!


Please disregard my last post. I feel sheepish. I figured it out shortly after I posted.

Rainy Daze February 4, 2007 2:30 AM

Level 18

How long do I wait for time to reverse becuase I've clicked on the alien and I've held the cursor there but I think five minutes is too long to wait or do I not have any patience?


Excuse me, but for Level 14, in the flood control room, I know I need to push the buttons in order to change the water levels, but in what sequence do I hit the buttons so I can get the boat from the left side to the right side?


someone please help, I really cant get past level 4 it's drivin me crazy!!!!!

marlene Bourdages February 18, 2007 11:27 AM

Im stuck in 19 please help me i have the ladder but lost the coded door

tenkuchima February 24, 2007 6:56 PM

im realy confuse on level 18, when you go back to level 9, what are you suposed to do, one person says to click the alien, one person says to click the door in the background and another person says something about a soda, can anybody please discribe what it is your suposed to do very carefully


level 16; how do you type the blender code in ? mine wont work .

blondmoonbeam February 26, 2007 7:01 PM

question... stuck on the four monitors on level 15 or so. any tips?


In level 19

if youre stuck with the fully grown tree and the ladder, use the ladder on the base of the plant pot rather than the tree ;-)


Please help!

On level 18:

I have gone to the past, in the room with the hole in the roof. I have tried both clicking on the door in the back of the room and holding the mouse over the alien, but neither work! What do I do?

Kelicola March 8, 2007 6:03 PM

I loved this game, I played and beat it about a year or two ago. Still one of my favorites.

Kelicola March 8, 2007 6:05 PM

And dave, try some of the other doors, you need to do some other things before you go through the door at the end


I have completed the game but, when I want to go and play it again, I press start new game, play a few levels and then have a break. When I go back to it and press continue game, it takes me back to the start of level 19. Any ideas on how to reset the whole game?

juggernaut March 13, 2007 4:01 PM

Is the security card you still have with you when you're working on the green wall supposed to actually help you with anything in that particular level (before you solve the green wall)?

And is there any way to solve the green wall without having to light and unlight certain blocks multiple times?



Don't worry about the security card yet and, yes, you end up lighting and unlighting multiple blocks multiple times. Try to be systematic.


It seems that most people are past level 16, but I'm at a total loss. Am I missing something obvious? I got the monitor on, I found the reset password, and I can't figure whatever I need to do next. Help me please? Thanks. =)


What changed on the screen once you entered the reset password?

Jacob Poteat March 14, 2007 8:24 PM

I need help I've beaten level 13 two times already but all i get on level 14 is a black screen, also i can't get any music to work, can anyone help me with these problems?


Jacob Poteat
I think you'll find that their server is down.


Jan, I was able to get the icons clickable, but once I did, I just didn't get what to do next.

I think that once you click on the Blender icon, the version number buttons are the password for the Blender field (since it's highlighted and always seems to be different each time I tried the level.) What else am I missing?



Nevermind Jan, I got it! Thank you for your help!


on level 19, i have tried to put the ladder at the base, but it still wont let me! whereabouts on the base?!?!?!?

i have a walkthriugh for alll levels up to 19 atm, it will have more when more are added

please help me!



Has the

tree grown big enough to poke through the hole in the ceiling?