THIS GAME IS UBER FUN! I'm UBER ADDICETD!! I play it all the time its amazing. This is a anime lovers dream!


the first time I played the "ball" was passed around non stop. it was neverending. :( was waiting for more than 15 minutes and the "ball" was still on the roll.


7795 Meters

Pie Avenger October 7, 2005 12:20 AM

24029.89! ^_^

I first hit a parachute cf with youko and another female character which launched me 1000 ft away, a number of very nice combos with the other girls, a bouncy ball cf which was directly followed by a misato special sending me flying at high speeds and a height of around 250 meters... 3 red aerials and I was bounding at a good clip not hitting anything till my bouncyness wore off. (max height of 721 meters) I finally started bouncing within the 200 range when I got snagged by misato...


A note on C.F.F:

She only appears after Taichi hits Youko, and ONLY when the distance (the last two numbers) are between 91-00 and you hit another female character. (Yes, I've seen it happen at 00.) Any other time, and Youko just blocks that girl's ability. (However, you'll see Youko go "...?" if the next person hit is male.)

The "Charge Blast" keeps going as long as Taichi hits any of the female characters except Youko; this "charges" the boost... with one exception. If you hit the stop girl, she will gasp as Taichi "goes off" (you hear three explosions) and takes off again... or if you've not hit any of the other girls within 5 times of hitting the ground. (Then Taichi just takes off and goes back to "normal".)

I've reached 10K once.....and the next time I hit that score, I'm taking a screenshot to put up on my site. ;>


my best score so far is 8229.56 with out cosmic force fields!

PS the green girl who stops you has the second best special.


9409.73 that was on my fourth try





Just got 23,709.38m (height: 950) on the non hacked version.



hahahah i got 11,425.24 yay! i have 2 very special spoilers!

always use up the red nanaca boost IN THE BEGINNING!!!

when you are by that woman that makes you stop, use the blue nanaca boost!


Nice game, very addictive, possibly all the upbeat japanese dance pop in the background ;)

My top score at the mo is 15,010.04.

My advice is to hit hard and practically horizontal at first. If you're lucky enough to combo boost early, sustain it using the red up boosts. Each one will take you successively higher. When you've run out of those its mainly down to the whims of fate, but i was way past 10000 before i hit the next boost.

Ace game, this site rocks!


has anyone else noticed if you view the page source it's version 106? i checked if there were any newer ones and there is indeed a version 107, it's saying something about days of the week. when you first go to hit taichi it says "1st contact monday morning"
also when you lose it says "see you next week"
top speed: 105.53 m/s
top distance: 10366.99
Best Launch: 99% 3 degree
Highest Height: 257meters
Minimum distance: 0.0 meters, yes it is possible to strike taichi with 0% force
I also just found out it is possible to get 0 degrees


There is a link to the newer version 107 just above the flash.


Thanks, rakeback. I've updated the links above to point to the new "test" version.


I'm done!
New Record…

Top this ppl 11947.90m

Have proof if you don't believe.


Hahahahaaa... this game is so FLIPPIN AWESOME!! But why the hack hasn't anyone made an english version? Ty jay 4 translating characters, but what else does it say?


Hahaha... sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet game...
I got 8,520.20 meters!!! Hahaaaa my record!! PARACHUTE DEATH SENTENCE IS AWEOSME!! You fly over everyone's head at, like, 400mph for 80 seconds!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!


Holy moly this game rocks! My records 8150.24.


oh i thought i did well lol :p i only got 5119.43 but i am 12 and i beat ma bro hus 18 ! he only got 1096.57


18124 !!!!

Nyuk nyuk


My current high score is 20791.18!! I have a pic of it to prove it.

I will say this...

try getting full power, and an angle of like 10-20, you'll hit a girl real early, and it usualy leads to a LONG series of specials.

and I will say that if you hit a boost of any kind, Misato will be a special till you either bounce or hit another girl. Keep this in mind, as it's not hard at all to get, and is the BEST boost aside from 'death sentance nanaca'...

Wasabi1490 April 19, 2006 6:40 PM

Hah first time playing it i got 9300


The NANACA WAR has started with my friend at work. We've been going back and forth with the top score for a few weeks now. Nothing better than seeing your friend fall short of your record by a few hundred points--and then complain about it!

I created a nice motivational poster inspired by the ones for Counter Strike. Comic Force Field: Those who can, do. Those who can't, complain.


max(dist:31340.05m, height:792m, speed:208m/s) Started yesterday, but think i'm going to have to give up this game. Can not probally ever get this lucky again. I got the c.c.f. (boost D) at the begining, followed by three stop girl specials ... if only i had used the aerial up then ... insetad hit a slow down guy :(. But still got to 31k before colliding with stop girl @ 100m/s ... you think she would not be able to stop that.

Yohko EVCD May 13, 2006 11:30 AM

I love the game. Its awesome. even though Misato keeps stoping Taichi I am only able to get into the 2500s so far... >


my best is 1499.42 it went up from 72 and some other numbers


lol.. some of the people on this site claiming to have got scores of 30-40k on their first day of playing this game.. after about 2 years of on and off playing it my highest is around 32k.. which i guess goes to show most of it is luck.. or i suck.. or maybe a combination of both..

it's easily the best flash game in the history of the internet though.. heh


oh yeah and you need to hit the green special before it bounces.. took me a while to work that one out heh.. and when you're going for the force fields try and hit every 8th one roughly

Melantha May 29, 2006 10:03 PM

1969.59m on my first try!!!

fdfdfdf June 16, 2006 3:56 PM

Made 45979,90.

It was sooooo long ...

When you have the special bounce thing, this game doesn't end at all ...



SWEET! what happens when you get 6000 meters?
my record is 3489.52m sweet! Oh, and I got double impact click the sploiler and I'll tell you how!

first, get Youko then get a special on Misato! It will give 2X more power! One time I got a special on it!


well, I got bouncy and 4109.51m


Hello! Anyways, a couple of questions...

When you hit Tomoki (Mr. Slows-you-down), there is a red cross. Written on it, it says "Death?" and it has a halo above it. Is this of real importance?

2. Is there a specific angle and percentage of power which gives you the best results? So far, I have tried 40-50 degrees with 90-100% power. I have also used

My best is 5843.86m.


Just now discovered this game. I guess it's fun, but I can't really tell what the heck is going on or what I'm supposed to do.


Very neat game. Just got to 7209.47 meters! Hitting Misato two times in a row with the special is what did it. My height reached 317m!


Even tho Misato's special is the most powerful, I love Touko's special.

CFFs sound complicated...


First time up Tomoki slow down, then angle up, followed by though and run, Kiri, and finally Misato.
Getting THAT out of the way, I found that this game is frighteningly reminiscent of my walks down the road. Painful yes, but amazing when your running late.

Similar to Kitten cannon (Hosted by many sites)
*I am an animal lover, and have two cats myself, but there is no better tool for stopping them from throwing up on my bed.*


I like it! This must be one of the most fun, anime-type games I have tried so far. My top score was only 3500 though.


hey guys
i got a question
can anyone check the version on this url here???

would be nice

does anyone know an official highscore - board for this game???

thx dom


Dom - that's the correct URL, the same one that's linked to above. It is version 1.07 on that page.

And the games does not record high scores, therefore theres is no high score list. (It really doesn't matter anyway since there is always someone out there that feels the need to hack them.)

Feel free to post your high score here. =)


11,219.44 m i got the bouncing power up


I thought i got a high score when i reached 4600, but i was wrong. Once when i taught my friend the in's and outs of this game he got 32405.....

I just stood there...

Of course getting this is not easy, you must first get some specials and aeirals. You must look at the side to know who will give specials and when to use your aeirals to hit them.

Overall this is a great game


this is the most fun ive had for the past
7 years
it been knocking around now for some time
but its bloody addictive
go on try it
you know you'll wanna beat your high score


I would just like to say first of all that jay, whoever u are, u are the bomb because ive had alot of help from this site. I found this game purely by accident from metacafe, and since then has gotten very addicted to it. At first without realising the trick to aerials or even how to control the power (i.e holding the click) i couldnt believe any score above 2000, of course this changed, n even with alot of practice, my best then was still around 8k.

Also i'd like to thank Keklu for his good guide on how to get a CFF really early on in the game. I've almost mastered the trick to it and i have few incentives of my own that ill provide at the end of this post. My current high score is
Maximum distance = 25469.94m
Maximum height = ~770m
Maximum speed = ~161m/s (something that i'll probably never achieve again)
the thing that was greatest about this score was my incredible incredible stroke of luck from, a starting point of hitting Touko to specials from kiri or miki (don't remember which) to continous 2 times in a row of Misato's special, which made me reach ~92m/s i used all my areals to make it 112 or so... then to my surprise wen i landed i landed straight on Misato again (with a special of course) bringing the speed up to ~140m/s, and as i was just surprised to see all this right before my eyes i got so distracted that when Touko came, that i was too late to press her special which brought it to ~161m/s n had i pressed it i would've gotten it to ~180m/s!!!!!! Arrggghhhhh

Anyways, some tips to help get CFF (just for your information in my highest record streak i.e 25,000m i never came across a single CFF)

Mark 80m (use down aerials at 90m)
at 30degrees=98-100%power
at 29degrees=99-100%

Mark 70m (use down aerials at 84m)
at 29degrees=93-95%power
at 28degrees=95%power
at 27degrees=96-98%power
at 26degrees=96-99%power
at 25degrees=-97-100%power
at 24degrees=98-100%power
at 23degrees=99-100%power

Mark 60m (downward aerials not always required)
at 25degrees=93-94%power
at 24degrees=92-94%power
at 23degrees=93-96%power
at 22degrees=93-98%power
at 21degrees=97-98%power
*though almost all these values give u an assurance hit of the mark not all of them assure a hit on the 10th person (particularly in the lower angles)

there are of course many other variations but my personal favourite is
23-93-96% (u dont even have to use aerials here)


7020 points :)
great game


dist: 31609,57 m
hight: 2000


This is the best thing to play when I'm stressed out with my script-writing for work. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Jay, if I were one of these girls I'd be Miki and give you a flying punch for introducing me to one of the coolest, funniest games ever. d^V~b


I played this a long time ago and my score from then was...

22751.13M Distance
1191.34M Height

(Good thing I saved the picture. And I lost from slowing down... what a bad way to go out.


Very fun, addicting game. (b'')b
Record: 10,909.83


Just managed 16428.87 :)
Quite addictive.


Yeah very strange but addictive game, I've only just found it (1 year later..). Only got up to 10829m though.


iv'e got 24110.99...


I got Misato's special a few times, and cff's but I never hit em


sorry for double posting but..I finally got Misato's special!!!!


and sorry to TRIPLE postbut misato's special happens because the 3 boster girls come from nowhere and misato gets pi**ed and tries to kick them but misses.


No, Misato's special happens because the three girls come out of nowhere pissed at the guy, each gives him a good smack, and then the last one says "Senpai mo douzo", which roughly translates to "You have a go at it"

So Misato has a go at it.

Reply do you take snapshots?


Here is some deep-inside stuff(added to both favorites)

1.On every 10th in general with youko activated, a comic force field sign (block vs cff) will apear


m k t to shmim k sh k
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
| | | | | | | | | |
+ + + + + + + + + +
123 124 125 126127128129 130 131

sh(sakuraba hirosud get a cff.

2.when hitting sakuraba hiroshu, the speed doesnt change.

o-taichi / and\-taichi's path

\ /
\ /
d\ /u

best ever path in the world(1 line)

5-sakuraba hiroshu

7 2 1 3 4 2 1 5 6 1 7 1


I just got 15589.41m. I'm kinda in shock. If anyone doesn't believe me I have a screen cap to prove it. I'm not sure I believe it myself.


Here's a subtle t-shirt design that Nanaca Crash addicts will recognize:


Can anyone find a hacked version that actually works? The 3 that were posted on the 1st page don't work, and I want to see some insane numbers :)


hi i got o% and an angle of 52 beat that


I REALLY wish there was a pause button.

Staedtler April 26, 2007 12:03 AM

Belle, there is indeed a pause button. Hover over the Menu button in the upper-left to find it. Try to have Taichi well in the air when you do. :-)

I really need to watch an expert play so I can figure out the finer details. I personally try to get a good series of boosts early on (Misato's special is best, usually gets you above 100 m), then use all three up-aerials in a row -- you can get 4000 m right off the bat. Also, if you hit a girl who stands immediately before Misato, wait until Taichi is directly between the two and hit a down-aerial -- you're almost guaranteed to strike Misato and get her special. Unfortunately, if you're too quick, you'll bounce and get stopped instead.

I find getting CFFs is pure and total randomness. Even if, after hitting Youko, you can time Taichi's bounce for the 91-00 metre range, I find I often hit the ground or a guy (or Misato, who doesn't seem to have a CFF? Youko just blocks her when I click on the Special). And then I start slowing down and eventually die. :-P

And since I didn't see it anywhere in this thread, here are the specials I'm aware of:

- Hit Touko (red), then hit her again before hitting anyone else. You can touch the ground and not cancel this -- I find it's the easiest special to achieve intentionally.
- Hit any girl, then hit Misato (green) before touching the ground. You can bounce off of guys without canceling this one. Like I said above, it's easiest to achieve when Misato comes right after your boost and you time your down-aerial just right.
- If Kiri (blue) and Miki (yellow) are next to each other, hit the first one, and they'll do a combo boost. Very simple, but depends a lot on luck.
- Hit Youko (purple), then then hit any other girl within the range of 91 to 00 metres in your current distance. If you're not in that range, she'll block the girl you hit (like normal). Hitting a guy cancels Youko's effect, but you still get the guy's effect.

When I got the yellow CFF (Bounce Boost, I think?) I hit the ground five times in a row and it wore off. A lot of people above describe the Bounce Boost as some sort of infinite effect, though, so maybe it recharges when you hit the girls?

Sakuraba Hiroshi (brown) always ticks me off, because I like to establish a horizontal trajectory, and he switches you to a higher angle. But if you're already bouncing at a high angle, he'll end up switching it to a lower one, so he can actually be useful. Also, I've been saved from Misato many times when I'm rolling slowly along the ground and I hit Hiroshi, since he'll often angle me up and over her -- he behaves like a ramp in a sense.

And in case anyone doesn't realize it: you can save the SWF file of the game to your hard drive and play it whenever you want without being online. It'll also save your record distance between games.

Dreamweaver April 28, 2007 9:34 PM

I don't know if anyone posted earlier the key to the CFFs (when certain ones pop up), but here is what I found:

Hit Youko first, then:
If the next person you hit is a girl who is standing on the 100 mark (100, 200, 300, etc.), you will get a CFF as follows:

Hit Miki (yellow), you will get the yellow CFF, Bound Boost, which increases your speed by about 10% I think, each time you hit the ground, for about 5 times.

Hit Kiri (blue), you will get the blue CFF, Parachute Death Sentence, which sends you sailing across the heads of everyone for not quite a minute (the seconds go by faster in the game then in reality) (I think the duration is cumulative with prior CFFs in effect).

Hit Touko (red), you will get the red CFF, Charge Blast, which is basically like a 1-up (a free life). If you are stopped by Misako, or run out of speed, you will be kicked forward again, then the effect is used up.

Hit Misako (green), you will get the green CFF, Double Impact(?), which I think is the best one, which doubles the force of the hit from any girl who boosts you, for about 5 times or so.

Through playing the game many times, I've also come on the following approximate stats:

Touko, Miki, and Kiri all boost you normally about 10 m/s above what you were at before (also, so does the Nanaca Boost).
When you hit the specials, Miki and Kiri boost you about 20-25 m/s more, Touko about 25 m/s more, and Misako boosts you about 35 m/s more.
If you hit Tomoki, you lose about 30% of your speed, and every time you hit the ground, you lose about 20% of your speed (so hitting the ground is preferred to hitting Tomoki, but both are undesirable).

If you start out right (at 100% power), you can usually start with an initial speed of about 30 m/s max.

I find that the best way for me to get awesomely high scores is to try to get several boosts from the girls (Misako's special in particular) (perfectly timed downward ariels can help with this initially), getting me up to about 100 m/s (just have to rely on luck there), then use all 3 Nanaca boosts, which get me up to about 130 m/s. It will take a while to slow down then, as long as you don't hit Tomoki, thus getting you some really good distance quickly. If you can do this, you can likely get past 10,000. Getting a Double Impact (from Youko --> Misako) can really get your speed up, if you're lucky enough to get it, while hitting specials of the other girls. I've had a very hard time getting past my 14,000 + though. So I don't know how everyone who gets like 35,000 or more gets it, unless they are very lucky!!!

Does it seem to anyone else though that for some reason it seems more likely you will hit Sakuraba Hiroshi more times than you will hit any one other single person? Seems I almost always hit him when I have a good boost going, or pretty much any time. Or is it just me? SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! He messes up a lot of good low angle forward speeds. :o(


I got Misato's special...IT-WAS-SWEEEEET! I got me like 4000 feet!

Anonymous June 25, 2007 9:15 PM

I scored 859.60m on that game! Yours?

HeroForge July 14, 2007 5:03 AM

My current record is 6 259.73m, thanks to getting two combos very early (I'm not sure which ones), and the combo with the girl that normally stops you. At one point, the poor schmuck was just a little over 300m in the air, and I got about 4 000m off that set of combos.



Is this based on a T.V. show or something I've never heard of?

[Edit: did you read the review? -Jay]

Unentschieden September 4, 2007 12:53 PM

The characters are from Cross Channel a... Visual novel for adults. Most of the stuff in the Flash is a Reference to the Game, all graphics, stuff like Nanaca teleporting, The Green girl catching the "Hero" ....


omg. when you hit Youko (the through and run) and the next one you hit is a special, click special and nanaca teleports in (which annoys the crap outta youko) and hit him with a blue "parachute death sentence" where he turns blue and flys straight forward really fast for 1 full minute. it was awesome


My record, 120949.73m, height 68450.09m

After far too many hours playing this game I got very, very lucky and hit two bounce CFF's so they stacked on each other. I never got that lucky again, but I took a screenshot to memorialize it.

I remember playing this when it first came out a couple years ago. I don't know what version I was playing, but the text I believe was still in Japanese.


Well i was wondering what are the 4 C.F.Fs? i got Bouncy but that is it...i heard that another is sumthing with misato and that you cant get stopped..? i dont know the rest...i think one wass double boosts on specials...dont know...

marko238 March 8, 2008 1:00 PM

i just beat my record it was 3660 or something, now it's 6062.52

Grant Thurston March 15, 2008 2:39 PM

Is this a real anime series!?!? I WANT IT TO BE SOOOO MUCH!!!! >_< It looks like it has something to do with an anime series!!! The charecters just look too real to be fake!!! Somene PLEASE TELL ME!!!!


Apparently the characters are out of an adult playstation adventure game. it says on wiki.

Anonymous July 7, 2008 9:16 PM

Fun game :D
my highest score is 1189.81m

anoniempje July 18, 2008 9:43 PM

10437 so far, get boring after a while the clicking to ge to 10000 .but very fun game

The Wolf's Shadow August 14, 2008 1:57 PM

wow! super fun and giggly. an anime version of kitten cannon!

The Wolf's Shadow August 22, 2008 5:20 PM

Woot! finally got it! Parachute death sentence! XD

harpdevil August 25, 2008 4:34 PM

wow and I was impressed by my 2199.84! Great game though, so addicting!


My record is 14129 with a max height of 650, but that's just in the normal version. I am as I am writing this playing the hacked low gravity version, I am on my way down from a vertical height of well over 70,000 meters, with a distance so far of 917,000 meters.




Dang, 17k... very impressive. I got max 14139.70

But my max height is pretty sweet... 770.67 is what I snapped it at, was a little higher.


Whoa... that's monday morning for you.


I thought I just lucked out when I got to 12940m. But after seeing some of the scores posted above, it seems like I still got some work to do.


Has anyone else noticed that most of the time your character is spinning, but occasionally he is not? I have no idea how this happens, but knowing this game I'm sure there is a secret :p


I know it's old but I still like it!

Anyway, most of the links in the review take you to a version that doesn't seem to work with Flash 10.

The following link does work, but for me at least the game keeps freezing:


That link already existed in the review.

There are 2 versions: 1.07 and 1.08.

From what I can tell, version 1.07 incorrectly detects FP10 as an earlier, incompatible version.

Version 1.08, however, works fine with FP10. I just played a few times without any freezing at all.

And I agree, this is still one of my all-time favorites. :)


Yeah, it must just be my PC. It definitely isn't as smooth as it used to be, which is a shame. Changing the quality doesn't make any difference either.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look, I think it's a good thing to maintain the older games where possible.


Question: Does anyone know where I can find translations for what the girls say? (Especially for Misato's special. All four girls get a word in that one.) I can't learn Japanese unless I either pay cash for something like "the Rosetta Stone" software or go 40 miles north to learn at school (which is not an option)!

Please feel free to email me the translations and/or links to where I can find translations, please.... and yes, I still play every now and then. }:>

Ragnorok June 27, 2009 7:51 PM

my score 7499

CHIBI ITACHI!! June 30, 2009 3:05 PM

Woot! 12K meters!! xD I've been playing this game for well over 5-6 years now, and it is extremely fun! :D


i just have one question about this game, what is the magnificently epic song that plays throughout the game?

Medsestra August 1, 2009 12:08 PM

Played it after several time yesterday again..11000m but no at the moment about 9900m.



My High score is 34,019.85. No hacks or cheats.

In the same game I got a max height of 3013.55

I will say that the game has very little to do with skill it is all luck.

If you do not beileive me that is fine, I have proof, but even with that I would be unsure of someone if they posted the same thing.

Gryphon78 January 9, 2010 7:03 AM

I love coming back to this game from time to time. I found this site from this game, way back when this site didn't have a url or a huge audience. I typed Nanaca Crash in the search engine, JIG popped up, and I've been visiting almost daily ever since.


my top score furthest distance is 17km, highest reached is 340m, fastest speed is 135m/s. the trick is to use your aerial crash when u get a special combo, for me, i use 3 aerial crashes when i get either Misato special combo with Miki & Kiri, usually that can get me around 8km at least


Ha! 8479.55m!