Patreon VIP abfdrumz June 3, 2009 6:58 PM

Looks like my own code generator was failing for some of the longer sequences (including 3593), plus it was hella inefficient. I've rewritten it based on OverZealous's algorithm, so now it runs instantly and should always get the right answer (fingers crossed). So between my program and paullus's, nobody should need to be stuck on those codes. Please shoot me an email if you have any trouble with it.

"Lights" solar box code generator (v2)


The tic-tac-toe/on&off light puzzle was a real pain in the *ss, I had to go through dozens of comments here until I figured the actual solution... there were like four or five different plausible ways to interprete the code and what's more, the infamous

spiral had nothing to do with this puzzle so far, a red herring or what???

Moving on...

Natarella June 3, 2009 7:16 PM

There is no reason for this stupid chicken game to be this hard. This has nothing to do with the escape game, other then keeping people in the game longer. This is ridiculous.


@ genx sorry, my walkthrough is unhelpful there. what I should have said for step 20 is

note place to INPUT 3 digit roman numeral code (on door of cupboard)

@ Paul

sorry the walkthrough is not to your liking. Oftentimes it is just an achievement to get to an escape the room game without someone having already posted the walkthrough before I even play!!! On the rare occasions I'm one of the first to see it I'm so keen to complete asap and get my walkthrough up there first I probably am not super-clear. I do do my best to be as clear and concise as possible! It's hard to write instructions everyone can interpret in exactly the same way - we don't even all speak the same version of English, remember!

@ chipmunk

so it is! Was in too much of a hurry to notice!

@ Dave and Otto

so glad you fixed the problem, although I agree that that is a flaw in the game.

@ Alex

Probably. I only did it the once and assumed the bell ringing was to distract the dog long enough to drop the ball. (I'd already worked out that the dog would drop the ball as it has the ball in the picture on the desk and you can see the ball in the diagram on the folded paper behind the vase

@ ST

9800 isn't the code you need... look again at the handheld game...


@ everyone who has coded to fix the solar box number generation problem.... Nice one.

Clueless June 3, 2009 9:38 PM


Thank you! I would have never figured out how to get my number without you! Been trying for over 2 hours! You ROCK!

silliee June 3, 2009 9:40 PM

I HATE that stupid duck/bridge game!!!!


Trying to get the second ending. The number on the back of my key was 3813. For the life of me, I can't seem to get it and I was able to figure things out on my own the first time around... *shakes fist* Curse you, solar-powered machine!

dessyroo June 3, 2009 10:05 PM

abfdrumz....Thank you so much for the algorithm! I was stuck there for ages, but your little program worked like a charm.


Added note from Mya:
"* I added slow and easy mode in little game in the room.
If you have difficulty with normal mode, try "Easy Start" button."

So you have no excuses now! ;)


So, it's unfortunate, but this game is broken..All the way up to the last code, and it didn't work.

Anonymous June 4, 2009 5:11 AM

Thank you so much for the easy version of the duck game (I'd given up) and for the solar power solutions. Fantastic game but could never have enjoyed it without this help.

Oyvindyr June 4, 2009 5:32 AM

I have a problem.

I have opened the locked door and revealed the secret panel behind the penguin picture. The problem is that i have not noted the codes for the 3 puzzles there. I have done them by printscreening the tips. Now i can solve the tictactoe puzzle and the duck puzzle again. But i don't have the ruler and the note paper to solve the other puzzle (the one with ABCD and diamond,star, heart symbols).

So do i have to start the game over or what ?


Please help!!!

how do I get 2923 on the solar thing? It's driving me crazy!!!

bpanama June 4, 2009 8:32 AM


Long, inefficient way always works.

7 button 47 times; x10 x10; 7 button 89 times

bpanama June 4, 2009 8:37 AM

Sorry Olga - too early to do math evidently:

7 button 89 times; x10 x10; 7 button 89 times



You don't have to restart.

The solutions aren't the same. There's a clue for the new solutions somewhere in your new location.


I added slow and easy mode in little game in the room. If you have difficulty with normal mode, try "Easy Start" button.

Thanks for this. My one stumbling block was the duck video game. Three tries and I still could not get high score.

(I did, eventually, but only after getting frustrated and walking away for a while!)

I liked Lights a lot... but I don't think it can surpass Vision in my heart for "greatest escape game ever." :)


Ovyvindyr -- you have a piece of paper in your position which will help you and, no, you do not need the ruler. If you are stuck, just remember...

the ABDC/diamond, heart, star are places on a grid. So, for example, if you have a "C" heart in your ending code, then you push that button on the grid behind the penquin pic.

Olga -- it's embarassing for me to admit, but my 14-year-old son had to explain the solar code-machine formula to me (and he solved it for me).

You can scroll up and use the link to abfdrumz's code generator -or- if you're like me and want to figure it out yourself, I'll try to explain as best I can how to solve the code...

Whatever number is on your screen is going to increase by 7. So part of the puzzle is determing when to press the middle button, shifting the digits to the left by one. All the codes will expect you to do that; knowing Neutral as a very logical puzzle maker, no code would be impossibly random.

Figuring out how to get your first two digits should be easy...once you get them, you just need to determine what third digit you'll need to have before pushing the middle button and shifting the digits left for the last time.

If you are repeatedly ending up with a number that is just a few digits off from what you need, then just divide 7 into it...

The rest, I don't think I understand well enough to explain, but you should see that whatever the remainder is should be the number you'll want to have in the that fourth digit box before you hit the middle button.

Bah, I'm not sure why I've explained all this... if abfdrumz made a code-generator, they probably understand the math of it better than me and have explained it already. ;-)


I'm Stuck at walkthrough # 48

Got everything solved so far and used the panel on the red button on the sofa. The grill opened.
But i can't "Retrieve key from grille", (grille means the bars where the screwdriver was, right?) because there is no key.

Help please.

silliee June 4, 2009 10:37 AM


The key IS in the place you are looking. There is a little cubby hole on the right side of the compartment. You have to look really carefully to see it.


sillie, I too hate the duck bridge game. as soon as it hits 2000 or 3000 it goes so fast I can't click the buttons in time. Unless there is a cheat,it looks like I have gone as far as I will go on the game. :(

Patreon VIP abfdrumz June 4, 2009 11:42 AM

@elle, just to give credit where credit is due, OverZealous was the first to post the algorithm I ended up using.

The slightly sneaky part is that you start by "building" the code's rightmost digit and work left, then reverse the order as a final step. This prevents you from messing up the leftmost digits in the result due to carrying tens from the ones to their right.

Here's the Perl code I used, if anyone's curious:

@mult = (0,3,6,9,2,5,8,1,4,7);
$d4 = $mult[substr($R::code,3,1)];
$R::code -= 7*$d4;
$d3 = $mult[substr($R::code,2,1)];
$R::code -= 70*$d3;
$d2 = $mult[substr($R::code,1,1)];
$R::code -= 700*$d2;
$d1 = ($R::code > 0 ? $mult[substr($R::code,0,1)] : $mult[10-substr($R::code,1,1)]);
print "right x$d1, left, right x$d2, left, right x$d3, left, right x$d4";
(In case it's not clear, the @mult array is simply a list of the number of times you need to hit the right button to generate 0-9, e.g. 3x7=21 gives you a 1.)

Patreon VIP abfdrumz June 4, 2009 11:56 AM

Whoops, should maybe have spoiler-protected the second half of my first paragraph as well. Hope I didn't ruin anyone's fun. ;)


If people are having trouble with the second ending solar box codes, I've published a google docs spreadsheet that will calculate the correct button presses. 3795 was more than I could figure out in my head. :)

Lights Box Code Calculating Spreadsheet @ Google Docs


PS - In the time it took me to post this link, two or three others were posted - wow. Apparently JIG people like programming challenges :)

[Comment updated to point to a copy of the document since the original version was no longer available. -Jay]


No worries, I fixed it for you :)



I'm stuck on

the solar machine bit, I have to make it say 1721, but I just can't figure out how.



oh, nevermind! Thanks soooo much JDB! You totally saved me!


@Trun: this is a Neutral game. There are no bugs. :) Hard puzzles, maybe, and perhaps an arguable decision[*], but no bugs that prevent you from finishing. So if you're entering a code and it's not accepting it, it's almost certain that you're the one who is missing something.


Since you can see the tic-tac-toe sequence without actually zooming in on the doggy door, the fact that the game requires you to zoom in can be interpreted as a flaw. But a flaw is not a bug, nor is it an error: it is simply a disagreement about 'best design practices'.


Help with red button and getting the screwdriver with the hook and rope. Push button go to gate button nothing happens when I try to reach for it. And I can't go to the gate before pushing the button. :{


Never mind, but now like others with the tic tac toe game what the heck is the right code etc.... And I've tried all of them.


Regarding getting the screwdriver -

You hit the button THEN pull the rope from where you're sitting by the couch

Regarding the tictactoe code -

You need to actually get a closer look at the code in the hatch.

The code tells you how to transcribe the tictactoe sketch

into the proper on/off sequences at the lamp.

The spiral has nothing to do with the tictactoe puzzle.


What a wonderful game!


bpnama, elle, thanks for your answers. I've done it at last!!! Vision was better than this. But still a good game!


I don't know how it happened but I followed Brokenrecorded's steps for the tictactoe game and I got the battery. Thank you.


I think I actually like this one better than Vision, hard as that is to imagine. Vision had some navigation issues on the balcony - it was almost a pixel hunt to find the way to go up the ladder. There's none of that here. Plus, I'm a math geek so I really like the solar box. :D


I'm at the second game in the hallway and haven't found a solution yet. Do you follow the code as is or do you follow as you did in the room. I've tried a few different ways but haven't gotten it yet. Which is right.


Man when you miss one little mistake... I'm finally out!

moseywo June 5, 2009 3:31 PM

Wonderful escape game!! Aaaah, Nuetral's games are always (in my opinon) gorgeous, well executed and challenging enough for me to pain my clicking finger for a good part of my afternoon before succumbing to the walkthrough :)(aack, I'm just not that smart!) Vision is still an all-time top 5 favorite of mine in the room escape genre!

Meriadoc June 5, 2009 3:36 PM

I can't figure out the code of the lamp to get the battery. I've tried endlessly with the tic-tac-toe board and the symbols next to the spiral, but I got nothing. Any help? Thx!!


Awww...cute pup. Not a bad game--needed a few nudges here and there, didn't have a lot of problem with the minigame...figuring out how to do the code for the clock-thing was a pain, though--I ended up having to use the scripts posted in the comments.


Great game. I'll admit to having to lean heavily on the walkthrough, but it was still fun! Thanks to Neutral for adding the 'easy' mode on the handheld.

A mild hint on the solar-powered device:

For those who don't want to have to use the code-solver pages posted, here's one thing to keep in mind - as you shift the numbers left, the leftmost digits drop off - for example, say you need 37 at the start of your code. Make the box say 637 and continue with the other digits. As you shift to the left, the 6 drops out and and you have 37 where you need it.

Anonymous June 6, 2009 2:19 AM

Grrr, I've had it with this game:( How on earth do I enter the code to the green buttons? I'm going crazy here. somebody please help me:(

momster June 6, 2009 2:20 AM

I've played through twice and have

picked up the key from beside the pet food dish, but I haven't been able to turn it over to find a number.

Any help out there?

kingEdward June 6, 2009 3:26 AM

After 4 hrs Ive finished the complete one! The best escape Ive played!, better than Vision. I just really love Neutral Games... Eager to play the next one!! Congrats!


@ Momster - wrong key!


I don't suppose there is a cheat for the duck game is there? It goes too fast and I can't beat the high score. :(

Anonymous June 6, 2009 1:24 PM

One red herring:

Why do you need to be able to look at the hanging plant?


guess not :(


Solar box easy math to decipher:

Getting the first two digits of your number on the solar box is easy. Then all you need to do is find a two- or three- digit number that divides by 7 into a whole number, subtract that number from your original number*, get your first two digits onto the solar box as such: XX00 (where XX are the number that you calculated at *), then add that number that divides by 7 into a whole number!

Okay, it's easier to follow an example:

Example uses number: 3676
Look at your last two digits. Can you divide by 7 and get a whole number? (76/7=10.85...) No. Add 100: Try 176/7. No. Try 276. No. Try 376. No. Try 476. Yes, it's a whole number (you don't need it, but it's 68 here). So 3676 (my number in this case) minus 476 equals 3200. Press button on right until you get the numbers 32 in a row (the screen will read 0532), then press the middle button until you have 3200. Press right button until you have added 476 and you will have exactly 3676. (And guess what? You had to push the button 68 times!)
Remember you need to change my numbers to the random number you got:)


Paul, is it still too fast with the "easy start" mode?

thesilentforce June 8, 2009 1:23 AM

That was immensely satisfying (despite having to resort to the walkthrough several times.)

What exactly was the point of the

bone in the sofa in the hallway? The walkthrough says 'note bone' but it wasn't used anywhere, was it?


Need help with last puzzle (step 72). How to turn the duck piece? When duck faces left, does that mean I need to click the yellow bit until arrow is pointing left, same for duck facing up, means click until arrow facing up? HELP!!

Natasha June 8, 2009 3:41 AM

I've been stuck on the yellow box code for two days! How can I get the code _5676_ in? I couldn't find the answer from JDB's list and I'm becoming soooo fustrated. Can anybody figure out how to press the buttons to get _5676_?


easy start mode? all i know is i press start and it was easy until the score hit like 3000 then it started getting insanely fast. i didn't know there was a easy start mode. where is that?


Where can I find my code for yellow box? Please help!

mario_srbinovski June 8, 2009 3:25 PM

Where can I find my number for the yellow box? Please help.

ThemePark June 8, 2009 9:18 PM


Right x 3, Left x 1, Right x 6, Left x 1, Right x 6, Left x 1, Right x 8


no one knows how to do easy on the duck game?

Shannon June 9, 2009 12:27 AM

Wow - this is one of the best room escape games I've EVER played. Beautiful, not too difficult, engaging...I'll be playing it again.

mario_srbinovski June 9, 2009 7:10 AM

some one pls help whit yellow box i cant open it



the electronic game has two start buttons in its lower left corner. The top button is labeled "Start", and the bottom button is labeled "Easy Start". Click the latter button to get easy mode.

If you only see one button, you're playing an old version of the game.



have you found the slotted screwdriver yet? Have you used it? Have you opened the green wall safe? Did you use the item you found there? (If you use it successfully, it disappears from your inventory.) If you've done all of those things, then it's time to use one of the first things you found which is still in your inventory - something that will let you examine faraway things a little more effectively.

The slotted screwdriver is in the green box with the ducky head. Use the screwdriver to remove the panel from the door.

There's a reason the panel ends up in your inventory!

The key for the wall safe is in at the bottom of the "chute". The code for it is in the hallway.

Use the binoculars!

mario_srbinovski June 9, 2009 3:12 PM

There is some symbol no code for yellow box. How do I get the number with that symbol?
Help please.

mario_srbinovski June 9, 2009 3:28 PM

my simbols is |_, |=|, |_|, =|, |=, _|, |-(up)|, (up)-|, |-(up). pls help

mario_srbinovski June 9, 2009 3:33 PM

= is up and down


Reka,so this will stay slow the whole time? because as i said right around 3000 it started going super fast.


Someone help me. I can't beat the duck game, even on easy. The high score is over 117,000. Is there a code someone can give me? Please!!


Izzy, you probably beat the game long ago. The code is on the game.


The bone

... so I noted the bone. The dog is small enough to go in and out through the bars. The bone... perhaps not! Which means the dog will return to his doggy bed because that's where he keeps the bone.
At least, I like to think that's the story.

Izzy: Just tested it out. The high score remains the same. Someone using your computer beat the game with that high score...


I am having such a problem with the duck game. My high score on the game was 9500, but I can''t figure out how in the world to get to that number. I hate getting this far in a game & to be so stuck I can't continue!


Guys... the high score you're shooting for is 6000. It will never not be 6000, unless someone else played the game before you, in which case it's still 6000.

Where are you getting these high scores? If it's a bug, I've been playing and replaying, and never getting anything else.

It's quite possible that you haven't checked everywhere in the room yet.

Have you looked under the couch?

Did you put what you found under the couch in its place?

Have you finished the duck game and examined the screen *carefully*?

Squarekid June 12, 2009 10:35 PM

How do you do

The solar machine?My number is 5714.Maybe a list of buttons I need to push would help alot.


Love the google sheet, JDB. I downloaded the file and am using some new codes I hadn't been aware of before from digging out your formulas. Nicely readable, the way you have it set up. Will you marry me??? lol

Anonymous June 17, 2009 1:21 AM

Help! I have been

shooting acorns at the key in the hallway

for ten minutes and can't

get the key to drop!

What am I doing wrong? I am completely stuck.


Jeanne: hint - you're not looking for a number.


Def one of my favorite escape games...and I love me an escape game. Logical puzzles, not overly difficult and video elements. Really enjoyable.


I cannot get the grid behind the picture to work!

Here's what I've done... I've lined up the ruler with the only five letters that fit in the orange shape toy.

Then, I used the scrap of paper and determined which shapes corresponded to the letters in the grid and marked them on a piece of paper.

When I punch in these results in the grid behind the picture nothing happens. I tried restarting a new game and I got the new shapes and letters, and still nothing!

What the heck am I doing wrong?

[Edit: When you post a comment without having a Casual Gameplay account, it has to go to moderation and takes awhile to show up because it has to be manually approved. You can sign up for a free Casual Gameplay account and your comments will be posted immediately. -Pam]



I thought I figured out how to solve the tic-tac-toe puzzle, but the idea didn't seem to work. Finally I had to use the walkthru, and - tadaaaa - it had the very idea I tried. When I "enter" the right sequence of 0's and X's nothing seems to happen.

I don't want to read through the comments because whenever I do so I unintentionally get a lot of unwanted hints.

Am I doing something wrong?


oh i looovveee Neutral's games !

Anonymous June 21, 2009 9:52 PM

i can't figure out this solar calculator puzzle. any advice?

Alasdair June 29, 2009 6:37 AM

My tic-take-toe password doesn't work and I've checked it. It's correct.
I am putting in Left to Right on each line, is that wrong?


I can't beat this game. I'm hopelessly stuck on the light and the green grid parts.
Someone help!

Anonymous June 30, 2009 9:50 PM

ive been trying to do the solar thing for EVER my number is 1714 and i keep getting 1715 please help me!!!!


For anyone having trouble with the solar puzzle(s):

The codes in this game are random, I believe, so if you're having trouble inputting a code try writing the code you need to input on a piece of paper. Then subtract 7 from the code until you get a number ending in 0. Next, divide that number by 10. Take that number and start subtracting 7 until you get another number ending with 0. Divide that number by 10 again. Keep repeating these steps (subtracting 7 and dividing by 10) until you get a single digit number. Then go back to the game's solar calculator and reverse the process (adding 7 and multiplying by 10) until you get the code you need.

I got 6823 as one of the codes, and here's what I did:

6823-7(9 times)=6760
676-7(8 times)=620
62-7(6 times)=20

Then I reversed the process and used the solar calculator, pressing the buttons until I got 2 as the last number in the row:

20+7(6 times)=62
620+7(8 times)=676
6760+7(9 times)=6823

Just replace my code with yours and see if this method works. I know it may take a while to do, but it worked for me. Hope this helps!


I'm stuck at the bit with the letters on the table. I don't understand how the plastic ruler is supposed to match them. Help please?


Tic Tac Toe puzzle

View the code for it in close up, looking through the little door. I know, I know, you can see it from afar, but the developer wants to make sure you know to loo through the door.


Take the ruler and place it against the letters until there's a letter fitting *perfectly* in each shape. There's your code.

Anonymous July 10, 2009 9:34 PM

Nice game if you're a math head. I can't even get the solar unit with all the "methods" given. Thanks anyway.


Here is the algorithm for solving the solar puzzle for any number N (even those not with four digits).

Let D represent the number of digits of N. Compute R = N (mod 7). If R = 0, then the digits of N/7 read from left to right gives the number of times you must press the right button between presses of the left button.

If R is not 0, then compute successive values of k*10^D (mod 7), for k = 1, 2, 3, ..., 6. This is easy because all you need to do is compute a = 10^D (mod 7) then k*10^D == k*a (mod 7). Then choose the value of k for which k*10^D + R == 0 (mod 7).

Compute (k*10^D + N)/7. This again gives the required sequence of right-button presses between left-button presses.

Here is an example. Let N = 9927. Then D = 4 and R = 9927 (mod 7) = 1. Since 10^D = 10^4 = 10000, we compute 10000 (mod 7) = 4. Therefore 20000 (mod 7) = 2*4 = 8 (mod 7) = 1. We continue until we find 50000 == 6 (mod 7), so k = 5. Therefore 59927 is divisible by 7, and the quotient is 8561.

This tells us that we need to press Right x 8, Left, Right x 5, Left, Right x 6, Left, Right x 1. If the quotient contains 0 as a digit, we simply press the left button twice in a row.

Try it. It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. The key is to find the unique digit from 0-6 that, when inserted to the left of the number, gives a number divisible by 7. You will never have to test more than 6 possibilities. There are a lot of ways of doing this--trial and error is one way but it's not the fastest. The fastest method (by hand) is the one I described, since it saves you from having to do more than 1-2 long divisions.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

Anonymous July 13, 2009 4:36 AM

Someone please help!

I have been stuck on how to USE the solar box for a good half hour! (and it's very hot in my room)

What do I do? I went near the window if it needed light. I pushed all the buttons.

I have the number underneath the key.
What do i do next? I assume from all the comments something with the solar box, but I can't get it to work!

deathfire234 July 13, 2009 6:04 PM

For the green grid:

You have to use the letters you got in that order, in the same shape they were, in my case, it was D diamond, A diamond, A star, B heart, C heart; otherwise DAABC. So I would click:

  • First Row, 4th button, 1st button

  • Third Row, 1st button

  • Second Row, 2nd button, 3rd button in that exact order.

  • Then you get the key from the lower slot. Hope this makes sense.

    Anonymous July 14, 2009 1:34 AM

    right x5, left, right x1, left, right x0, left, right x3

    Can someone please tell me what I do with this code? I have no idea.

    Walkthrough doesn't tell me.

    Anonymous July 16, 2009 2:39 AM

    I'm stuck right at the end. Please help!

    I've got behind the penguin picture but none of the solutions work. Are they different from before?

    redrahde July 16, 2009 12:37 PM

    I forgot to save and had to start the game over. Since then, I have beat the hi score on the chicken game several times. Each time I beat the score, I end up with a higher score to beat. I am now at 11,000. How many times do I have to beat this game before it gives me its clue?

    Anonymous July 17, 2009 12:04 AM

    redrahede, it's already given you the hint! you only need to beat 6000. pay attention to the line of chicks after the game ends, then turn the chick in the box accordingly!

    can someone please tell me how to use this code?

    right x5, left, right x1, left, right x0, left, right x3

    I'm stuck until. Thanks.


    JIGuest, you are looking at the solar box, correct? You've played with it? x means times aka multiply?

    It's hard to tell if you don't specify where you are or how you're stuck.

    redrahde July 17, 2009 12:01 PM

    Well, duh! I must have just lucked out the first time I got past the chicken game because I sure didn't know what I was doing. I finally understood what you were saying and have now made it outside--only took me a couple of weeks! I love this kind of game, but I sure am terrible at them. Thanks for all the help.

    Anonymous July 17, 2009 9:45 PM

    Shudog, I guess I should have been more specific. The solar box is bugged for me, none of the buttons work so I typed in my four digit number into the box at the link that was given on page 1 (specifically made for the bug). In return they gave me the code.

    Which I have no idea what to do with. Multiply? How do I multiply 'right' and '5'?
    Forgive me if the answer is stupidly obvious and I just can't seem to see it.


    Well done to Mike, very nice review! I might have preferred a little bit more analysis (exactly why is this particular game so good?) but the intro was great.

    I really think these You Are Games features are excellent (even though I haven't had time to actually enter one yet...)


    Enjoyable read, Mike. Yes, the intro is a little long winded - but to be dead honest, almost every escape game falls into one of these 4 categories now these days (if I can add one more, it would be that the game requires too much computer resources, and lags to the point where I want a walkthrough).

    I guess we should be thankful that there are a lot more escapes that are in the last category than any other.