The imitator is not an upgrade only the purple seed packets are.


no one talked about the zombie endless puzzle i'm at streak 15 i wanted to know whats the average


I got to 532 flags in Endless. Using wintermelons, Cobcannons, and Gloom Shrooms.

Building sunflowers then peashooters is useless. Just build sunflowers and use Garden Rake and Potato mine, by the time the 4th zombie comes, you'll have 8 sunflowers and enough to buy a Melon-Pult.

Using pea's and Torchwood's together seems nice, but isn't Winter-Melons and Gloom-shroom+Garlic stops them cold

Gargantuan ZOmbies are WEAK. If you have the SpikeRocks in every lane, the stupid Gargantuans wont WALK, they just stand in one place continuously trying to kill the spike-rock, and if you have Winter-Melons, the Gargantuan will die quick while attempting to kill the SpikeRock, and the winter-melon will slow him so he doesn't have time to throw the IMP. *yawn*

Remember to feed Chocolate to your Marigolds in the Zen Garden!!!!!11!1oneoneeleven

about the Vasebreaker, i can usually get up to flag 25 before getting my brains eaten, just gotta use common sense, and use those LAMPS wisely!!! as for I-Zombie endless, about the same. No time limit, so take a GOOD long look at the plans and plan a strategy. As long as you get THREE bites of a sunflower on your first zombie you lay, the rest should pan out well.

you can go into the .ini (bat) file and use HEX code to adjust the amount of money you want. four colums from the right, use something like FF00 or whatever you please to give yourself endless amounts of money. See??? EASY

Oh yeah, and Laura Shigihara is the greatest!


The Yeti Zombie DOES NOT only appear at night, however will not appear until you play the pitch-black level on the second playthrough


OMG... 100 flags??
the furthest i could reach was 25 flags
and i thought it was like a world record! LOL

For those who can't seem to pass the Whack a Zombie here is a little tip that helped me

other then having a mouse instead of clicking with a trackpad
when you have enough sun for the grave buster try taking out the graves on the top and bottom lanes instead of taking out the graves furthest to the left. This way you only have to focus on whacking the middle lanes and so your mouse doesn't move around as much.

Hope this works...
Good luck and have fun!


does anyone know if i already have my day garden filled with 32 plants, will the next random plant i get in a game go to the night garden or will i not get it?


Shelly, you have to order the night garden after beating the game for 30k or else that plant will sleep for a LONG time...more like forever...

Andrew Day February 24, 2010 6:02 AM

On my iPod touch, when I was playing Plants vs Zombies, I can hardly buy the 10 seed slot package. Tell me how I can buy it.


Hi there, does anyone know where the save file was located, I've try "com.popcap.plantsvszombies.plist" but fail. I have to start from the very begining when I switch to my new iMac...Somebody please HELP!!!

Una2020 March 7, 2010 4:28 PM

Hi there. Please, some help. My Tree is 2000 feet tall, does it make sense to keep growing it? Kind of getting bored without an incentive... Thanks a lot.

Anonymous March 12, 2010 11:27 AM

I am collecting plants for my zen garden. When I repeat any level that I have finished, I cannot find any more new plants. Could anyone tell me any tips that I can use for this problem?


Plants for your zen garden are randomly dropped under some conditions. Try playing survival pool at night, where you get the best chances (all kind of plants). Also try to play with all your 10 chocolate bars (I'm not sure about it, but my sister swears you get more plants when you have your chocolate storage full). I did so, and I've finished my collection. Good luck!!


What is the Tree of Wisdom? How can I get it?


Hi, DDD,
Play a lot, kill zombies, make money and go to Crazy Dave's. He sells the Tree of Wisdom for $30,000. If you feed it properly, this Tree will give you advices (you can read all of them online), but must important: some tricks won't work unless your Tree is really tall.

Anonymous March 16, 2010 10:18 PM

can you get tree of wisdom on iphone version?


hey i purchased the wall nut first aid kit how do i use it though?

HelpIsHere March 29, 2010 9:04 AM

This layout is just a modified version of LatexSpikes' daughter's boyfriend's layout.

Rows 1&6:MG,MG,MG,MG,MG,FSw/Pumpkin,xx,WN,xx
Rows 3&4:MG,MG,GMag,MG,MGw/Pumpkin,Magw/Pumpkin

After the first wave, when you get your 250 sunlight, use it and put it as so.
Rows 1&6:MG,MG,MG,MG,MG,FSw/Pumpkin,WN,WN,xx
Rows 3&4:MG,MG,GMag,MG,MGw/Pumpkin,Magw/Pumpkin
Just overlap your walnuts and put an extra one beside the Fume-Shroom.
When you reach the third wave, dig out a marigold and put in a magnet from the 1st or 6th row.
Also, if you have enough sunlight, add another extra magnet if you can for the other row xD

MG = Marigold
FS = Fume-Shroom
WN = Wall-Nut
GS = Gloom-Shroom
GC = Garlic
Gmag = Gold-Magnet
Mag = Magnet
w/Pumpkin = With pumpkin (Of course :P)

This should leave you with 100 sunlight, save it up for later in case you need to make changes for your wall-nut and garlic. Don't worry about your wall-nut! It will eventually drop, but it will turn out alright.

I hope this helps! Thanks for the original layout! :) Sorry if it's really complicated, it took me a few tries to get this :S


I have the iPod version, and it says my "10 seed slots" option is sold out. I have enough money and only 9 seed slots. Any ideas about what I can do about this?


anyone having trouble with whack a zombie's final wave all you have to do is guard the spots without lawn mowers


hi. for the zen garden ive played survival pool AND survival pool hard and i havent had a single water plant... does any one know what i can do? x

macks2010 April 17, 2010 11:16 AM

I think that there MIGHT be a relationship between what plant a zombie is killed by and what plant you get as a present. A few minutes ago I was playing a level and using a bunch of spikeweeds and got a spikeweed plant from a zombie that (I think)got finished off by a spikeweed. This would be something for someone to check out. It could be why you never see marigolds in the gift boxes that the zombies drop.


how do u get many plant gifts on battle


Playing the Whack a zombie on a laptop is easier, since you can attach a mouse and use the laptops own left click. i got pass it in just one try.

two left clicks! and all you need to do is point.

and don't stop clicking like mad.
hope this helps???


There's been in the Gloom-Shroom part. Isn't it Fume-Shrooms? Not Puff-Shrooms.


@ snobber all you do to get plants in your zen garden is PLAY LIKE CRAZY


Hiya my names Danella
and about the gloom shroom it says its an upgraded version of puff shroom but actually its fume shroom please fix

[Fixed. Thank you for the correction. :) -Jay]


hey in bobsled bonanza heres a little guide

use spikeweeds to pop zombonis tires no ice no bobsled team and make sure to have the squash and jalapeno with you it can help you a lot and remember to have lots of sun to a replacement for damaged plants and use the imitater if you have space to get a 2nd squash and wallnuts with pea shooters or repeaters work great on bobsled team


How do you save your game.....I beat ten levels and then it went back to where i started. It is becoming very annoying.

KKyle Phit. April 27, 2010 2:40 AM

day time front yard super trick

Start off with 3 sunflower as quickly as possible do not slack off during this method. By the time you going to plant the third sunflower the first zombie will start to enter the screen. Not many people know that the second zombie will not enter the screen if the first zombie is not dead or he walk to around the fourth tile of the lawn. There for if you kill the first zombie off with a rake the progress will go faster and there fore you cannot build a strong defense when the zombies start to pile up. Back to the third sunflower. When the zombie enter the screen and you put down the third sunflower. Put down the potato mine on the same lane of zombie as fast as you can. Cuz the potato mine need a lot of recharging and you need it for the second zombie too. While you wait for the first zombie to be SPUDOW plant complete your two lane sunflower before you can complete it the second zombie enter along with the ready of your potato mine. Repeat the trick. When you complete the two lane of sunflower. Wait for the sun to accumulate and plant melon to kill the third zombie. Potato mine on the fourth zombie and melon on the fifth potato and melon until you have all the melon on each of lane. Use the cherry if you find that you are slower than you think and blowup the bucket zombie so you don't have to waste time on it. Upgrade your melon to winter melon and add 2-3 more melon on each lane give the first melon with pumpkin and watch the zombies head fall of quick and easy.


Where do you find the yeti zombie?


I have an aquarium garden but I cant get a plant for it. I got 3 diamonds, 1 spikeweed, 1 torchwood and 5 pieces of chocolate all in one level! but I still didnt get a water plant! I did surv. pool, surv. fog, Its raining seeds, big trouble little zombie, and last stand, but no plant!

drudigger May 5, 2010 11:09 PM

ok i need some erious help i cannot get the yeti zombie i have the game 100% complete all trophies and stuff but just no yeti only thing im missing any tips for makeing him pop out??

swatnoodle May 9, 2010 8:42 PM


How do you do your unlimited gold thing I cannot find the file in regedit or program files


I hope they come out with a Plants vs Zombies 2. If they do, I also hope they make the lightning 'level' a mini game.

swatnoodle May 11, 2010 6:49 PM

Ah ok. I figured out this whole hex thing.

There is a really easy way to make money in about 5 seconds if you want to know, its here

First off, make sure your PvZ is closed. Then search free hex editor on google and download it. After you download it, open it. go up to file and hit open. Click on My computer then select local disk.Open that and open Program Files. Look for Plants vs Zombies file and open it. Open the User Data file and look for user1. Open user1. Now you are back to your hex editor. On the left column you will notice an eight digit number. Look for 00000000. It should be your first line. This is called the address. On the same row as the 00000000 you should fine 16 digits split into pairs of 2. It should look something like this 00000000 0c 00 00 00 16 00 00 00 d7 e1 00 00 01 00 00 00. Look at the position of d7 e1. d7 e1 is hex for 57887. as you can guess, that i how much I have. select the d7 e1 (or whatever you have in the same place) and change it to ff ff. then save it. this will give you around 630k of gold. If you ever need more, just do it again.

Hope this helps you all

Anonymous May 14, 2010 6:45 PM

D: That guy whit his hex-idea ruined my savefile.

Anonymous May 20, 2010 9:25 AM

how do you pass invisi-ghoul? the conveyer belt just doesn't drop off plants fast enough to fill all lanes


somebody asked about the "tohot" code and nobody answered it. Do I just type it and automatically get infinite sunlight? or do I have to grow my tree to a certain height. If I have to grow the tree, how high?

fritzybaby May 21, 2010 8:42 PM

Just got my game and was wondering how to get the diamonds in the puzzle game.

Also in the shop I don't see some of the items and plants mentioned in your comments.

Thanks for your suggestions,


hey, fellas i have a question. how can i back up my saved game in this game? because i'm so tired of repeating it when i am becoming died on survival: endless. please. SOS!

asungot May 27, 2010 3:21 AM

i dont understand the instructions about the bat file posted by abbadon on the first page... pls. can someone help me.


@o22, the game automatically saves when you leave the game but is not dead yet. If you got dead in survival, then you'll automatically start in flag 1

jenna - - June 1, 2010 2:55 PM

ok, like asungat said on the last page, I am also very confused about the .bat file...
Do I keep it open during my game? Or do I save the "code"
on the name of the file? I have saved it as .bat, with the words in the notepad, also am I typing something wrong because it has been 30 minutes since I tried the file... I have heard it works well so I would like to use it. SOS!
Thanks!!! All comments are appreciated :)
This is how I have it typed:

echo 11:12|time
ping -n 300 -w 9999 >NUL
goto begin


@nonymous June 1, 2010 9:58 PM

if i could have someones layout for survival: fog (hard) i would really appreciate it! i've only gotten to 7 flags and that is the last i need to get the golden trophy. also, do u need to buy an aquatic garden to get aquatic plants? i haven't gotten any of those, and, coincedentally i don't have the aquatic garden so juss wondering. thanks!!!
[email protected]


If you are playing to get plants for your Zen Garden, try to starve your tree of Wisdom or maybe make sure it is small. If it is, then play Last Stand and use only the plants you want to get. It worked for me and I now have lots of aquarium plants!

NightPharaoh June 8, 2010 1:53 AM

Here is a really good gold-farming strategy for last stand:
What you will need:
-Coffee bean
-Lilly pad
-Gold magnet
-and of course Marigold

How to win:
(Rows numbered from top to bottom, columns done from right to left, separated by commas)

Rows 2 & 5: Garlic, pumpkin protected gloom shroom, unprotected gloom shroom, magnet shroom, fill rest with marigolds

Rows 1 & 6: empty, empty, pumpkin protected magnet, pumpkin protected marigold, fill rest with marigold

Rows 3 & 4 (pool): empty, empty, lilly pad with pumpkin shell, lill pad with pumpkin protected marigold, gold magnet (remember gold magnet doesn't need coffee bean to wake up), fill rest with marigold

Remember to replace garlic after each round--save up some sun, because eventually pumpkins need to be replaced.

Selena Marte June 12, 2010 11:59 PM

I am close to getting the gold sunflower trophy. I also activated the daisies easter egg.

david mangis June 14, 2010 6:24 PM

For the bobsleds and Gargantuars, use the spikerocks (upgraded spikeweeds), they take several hits from the Gargantuars (I think they are the only things tough enough to do that), and can destroy several zombonis before they make ice if you put them in the first row. It is still a difficult level, but this makes it a bit easier.
I think it's cool that the water plants and mushrooms in your garden are worth $10,000 if you sell them :D

PVZ Addict June 17, 2010 6:10 PM

Hey guys, this probably sounds really stupid but can someone tell me how to exit full screen play for PVZ without stopping the game, I was using Ctrl Esc but that pauses the game until you reopen it, if someone knows how please tell me, Thanks


I have a really good cheat for zen gardens, if you hate spending money on bug spray your going to love this, first you water all your plants and give music to the ones that ask for it, leave the ones that ask for bug spray, then minimize your game, change the date on your computer to the next day, (ex. since its friday today change it to saturday) then open your game, you will notice all your plants need to be watered again, don't water them! minimize the game and change the date on your computer back to the present, open your game and voila! the plants that you gave music too will be glowing while the ones that you did not give bug spray will need water again, water them and this time some of them will ask for music, continue this routine until all of your plants have been given music, give stinky some chocolate, wait an hour or leave it on overnight, and with a full nursery you will make up too 50 grand.
PS. Sorry, PVZ Addict, I have the same problem :/.

keysdarren1987 June 20, 2010 4:06 AM

When does the crazy neighbour will open his stall?HELP,PLEASE!!!!


A cheaper defence for last stand is 4-5 Repeaters and 1 Torchwood in lanes 1 and 6 with 2-3 garlics in lanes 2 and 5. (These are interchangable) For the water, 4 repeaters and 1 Torchwood, with the Torchwood protected by a Pumpkin and Garlics on Lilypads. You can then use the extra sun to plant marigolds behind the garlics or upgrade the Repeaters to Gatling Peas.

ginger1947 June 24, 2010 2:56 PM

Dave is picking 3 plants for me, now that I've completed the adventure mode twice.
How long will he do this???
I don't like it.

Anonymous June 30, 2010 10:27 PM

for whack a zombie use grave eaters on the BOTTOM ROW first then second bottom and so on no matter how close other graves are. That's the best strategy for it.

Also for bobsled bonanza plant star fruits on lily pads in around the middle. 2 or 3 star fruits will kill the team if you put a wall nut or tall nut in front of them. After that use chili and imitator chlli to get rid of the ice. Then plant spike weed and spike rocks down. After that do what you would normally do in a pool level with ice mobiles.

beginner1 July 4, 2010 5:04 AM

What is the tree of wisdom and how you get it?

Anonymous July 12, 2010 9:37 PM

@flyinFree - I used you layout to great effect! I added a single gold magnet protected by a pumpkin on one of the outer rows, and about 5 or 6 marigolds as well. I made some good money up until about flag 30 or so, when I could no longer protect them. The magnet lasted a little longer - I kept it up until around flag 50. I plan to try again, but this time keep track of exactly how much money I'm making.


i kinda sold my plants, like the shroom and the spike thingy and the ice thingy and i forgot the rest.. coz i needed coins and they we're sleeping! will i ever have them back??


A useful tip. I am at 51 flags at survival will need 5 rows in each lane (except the pool) of 4 winter melons and for regular melons. try to cover up your entire pool with lily pads. on the eighth slot on the pool you want to put a tall nut. For the backyard only the 7th slot. you will also need cherry bombs and magnet shrooms coffee beans and golden magnets. What you neeed for Survival Endless:Melon,Wintermelon,Lilypad,Cattail,Tall-nut,Pumpkin,Cherry Bomb, Magnet Shroom, Coffee Bean.

Andymizer July 28, 2010 4:34 PM

Does anybody have a way to get easy money?
I need it alot.


Anonymous August 1, 2010 5:03 AM

Has anyone completed the Pyromaniac achievement level on the iPhone game? I've tried using only cherries, chilli peppers, potato bombs and doom shroom but still don't get the achievement when I've killed all the zombies. Am I not allowed to use garlic, nuts or pumpkins?

Anonymous August 1, 2010 5:06 AM

How do you complete the pyromanic achievement level on the iPhone game? I seem to be doing something wrong because I still don't succeed even after killing all zombies with only potato bombs, cherries, chilli peppers and doom shrooms.


The trick to get 999,990 credits is to open your profile file with an Hex editor (usually userdata\user1.dat if you are the first/only player), and modify the following offsets with the specified number:


the number is in Intel byte order (so read like it was japanese, from right to left):
1869F = 99999

As in PvZ the last digit of your credits is always 0, then only the first 9 digits are saved in the profile.

Make a copy of the whole userdata folder before playing with it!

somebody August 9, 2010 3:08 PM

excuse me, but is there an image for the imatater? just asking

Anonymous August 9, 2010 11:14 PM

Want to get pyromaniac?
Don't use the weed wreck and try not to let the lawn mov run over the zombies.


in that book where it keeps info about all the plants and the zombies, i have it filled completely except for the last one (which i assume is dr.zomboss) but there is one in the second last row that is empty still. what is it?


I found out that usually gargantuars are 2 hit KOs so use a squash and a jalepeno to take him down, and if your team is strong enough the imp will die easily.



The game should save by itself. When you close it and the next time you open it you can either start from where or you stopped or restart the level. Unless you don't have the full version of the game. If you do, sorry, I have no idea.


I need help on bobsled bonanza and invisi-ghoul........Bad! Does anyone have any strategies to complete these levels? Thanks!


for the last stand i prefer you do this : look in spoiler

[1] | () () () () () () gar gar gar
[2] | *re* re re re wood tall pok
[3] | cat cat re re wood tall
[4] | cat cat re re wood tall
[5] | *re* re re re wood tall pok
[6] | () () () () () () gar gar gar

() = blank (nothing)
gar = garlic
pok = spike weed
tall= tall nut
wood= torch wood
re = repeater
*re*= you can add these two repeaters in between rounds
cat = cattail

in between rounds you should repair your garlics and add more spike weeds.
but keep at least 100 to 300 solar power for tall nuts just in case they get eaten up.

good luck:):D


a tip for column like you see 'em

you should set up your roof like this:

column 1: melon pults
column 2: melon pults
column 3: melon pults

(after you add more flowerpots:)
column 4: magnet shroom (with cocoa bean and later on add pumpkins if you'd like)
column 5: squashes
column 6: chompers
column 7: tall nuts
column 8: potato mines

eventually the potato mines and squashes will disappear and once ladder zombies put ladders over your tall nuts some chompers and magnet shrooms and flowerpots will get eaten up. the only thing that helped me beat the minigame was that i held onto a jalepeno for the very end where the whole screen was filled with gargantuars and other zombies, and i dug up one column and put jalepeno there, and BAM! it was done.

shesjustarascal August 18, 2010 11:52 AM

I just found something quite cute...if you go on the achievements page and press down on your keyboard, you go even deeper underground and eventually end up on the other side of the world! Doesn't do anything useful but it's pretty cool.


Shesjustarascal: where is the achievements page? Thanks.


i just realized that i really really want a cat tail in my zen garden but of course that's not going to happen

shesjustarascal August 18, 2010 11:35 PM

Una: where the trophies are! On the left of the main page. It's called achievements for whatever reason.


survival day time - hard
a tip for those of you with cob cannon

bring sunflower, kernel-pult, cob cannon, repeater, gatling pea, tall nut, squash, jalepeno peppers, and fill in the other spaces with whatever you want

setup: plant the first 2 columns with sunflowers, the 3rd and 4th column with kernel pults, and then cob cannons on top of them. put repeaters in the 5th column and gatling pea upgrade on them, make sure to put tall nuts in front so pole vaulting zombies and pogo stick zombies can't get to your plants.

attack: when ever zombies are close to filling up the leftover space of your lawn, quickly lauch 2 cob cannons, one at the top and one at the bottom, as it does take some time for the cob cannon to hit them. keep this going and you'll be fine. you might need to replace your gatling peas because for some strange reason a pole vaulting zombie made it over my tall nut. if your cob cannons aren't loading fast enough, use squashes and jalepenos.

good luck!


The guide says blovers can blow away any air zombies, but does bungee jumper count as an air zombie and will it work?



So echo same problem - cannot get past 2nd level of bobsled - i cannot get enough sun to keep up with the zombies - planting sunflowers, mines, spike weed. I can get one rock weed planted, and use 2 perhaps 3 chili peppers, but when the bobsled comes down, at least one zombie gets through every time, so the second time a bobsled comes down any lane, I am done.

And how do you get 10 slots for plants? Dave had a 10 slot pack for sale, but now it is gone, and I did not buy it. So as far as I can tell, I am maxed out at 9. Will Dave at some time re-offer it for sale? He did have it available for sale before I beat the game, but on the first play through, there is no way to even come close to having enough coins for the thousands needed to buy the 10th slot.


shesjustarascal: i still cannot figure out what u mean on the achievements page, and where is the achievements page, or even just what is it!


shesjustarascal - i have the ipad version - right on the first menu screen, just to the left of center there is a silver trophy that says achievements on it - that is the menu for achievements. Other versions i would assume are similar - it is on. The same menu that gives you the option to play the full game or quick play


For those of you who are complaining about whack a zombie I just beat it first try on a laptop touchpad only losing one lawnmower. just spend all your sun on grave-busters and if you are getting overwhelmed drop an ice-shroom but the recharge on the ice-shroom is very long so only count on it once.


For all reference - I can tell you that there are significant differences between the platforms. I did a cobless build full of the gloomshrooms as some people have suggested - and claimed 400 plus flags - maybe on the PC - not a chance on the iPad.. I got to 32 flags on the iPad version - my outside row included 1 winter melon, 1 fume shroom, 1 gloom shroom, and 4 spikeROCK. Inside row they had to walk past 3 gloomshrooms. The pile of garantuans and zambonis rolled right through inthe 32 level, despite also being spammed with chili peppers, cherry bombs, squash, and like 6 iceshroom - there was no chance at all.

So, anyone have a build that might work to advance on the iPad? Do i have to spam cobs?


walker: don't you mean the 2nd FLAG of bobsled bonanza? if you do, here's a tip: put down one entire column of sunflowers as fast as you can, and then even if no zombies are here yet, start saving up for a cattail. useful things, you know. once you have one going, start saving money for spikeweeds, then spikerocks. later on, get more cattails - i would suggest 4 of them - and you're good to go.

hope this tip helps and good luck!


Flag, level, same exact thing.
Lots of starfruit beat bobsled.
I am still surprised by differences between pc and iPad game. I wish i could get that 10th slot on the iPad version, but it is not now available though at one time before i had enough gold it was available. I believe that unless you make a genuine effort to gather gold you might not be able to get enough gold to buy the 10th slot in the first play through, but now that i have 400,000 gold, Dave no longer ever offers the 10th slot. I also see in the description of the vase breaker it says to keep squash available for gargantars - no gargantars in vase breaker on the iPad. I would be interested in knowing what all the differences are.


your last stand does not work


if you have the GOTY or simply, Game Of The Year,

you will have a button under the silver/Gold trophy, which says "achievements"

click it. and you wll see your achievements.
and something else.

the question:

How do i play with those things?
which is

when you scroll down, you will see these popcap games
(in order)
1. bookworm
2. bejeweled
3. chuzzle
4. peggle
some pipe
5. zuma

and how do i unlock the "free play"
which is what you think, specifically for apple products like iPHONE & iPAD.


hello, how do you get the yeti zombie?


the easiest way to get night plants is whack-a -zombie mini-game. The grave busters love giving you night plants in your zen garden, save some sun till the end, and before clicking on the bag of money, use the grave buster! ALSO, if you plug in a second mouse on the computer you can ask a friend to keep it still and click. IT WORKS!!! hope this helps


hey hi jay if you have not beat those 2 minigames i can help:

2 ts gs gs gs gs gs gar gar gar
5 ts gs gs gs gs gs gar gar gar


last stand guarantee

1 mg mgs tn e e e e e e
2 mg mgs gs gs gs gs gs gar gar
3 gm\L mgs\L tn\L e e e e e e
4 gm\L mgs\L tn\L e e e e e e
5 mg mgs gs gs gs gs gs gar gar
6 mg mgs tn e e e e e e
\L=with LiLypad


last stand guarantee

see you later


i am on pool level in adventure mode the second time and i have not met the yeti yet


why cant i get server mode on my i phone i did all the acomplishments but still nothing????pwez help


how do i unlock the games inside the mini games. i play on xbox, and i have some of the up to like level 5 or 6, have played each level over again repeatedly and still the next one wont unloock ? do i have to get a special achievement or something ?


Nice guide! I use the same strategies as you in pretty much everything.

Also a hint to get the 8000 sun acheivment, when you have one zombie left in the level, get rid of your pea shooters and put defenses in front of him. Keep collecting sun uuntil you get 8000. It worked for me!


Also whats the wisdom tree?


Later on in the game you can buy the tree of wisdom in the shop. You can fertilize it with fertilizer also bought at the shop.
It will give you additional hints and tipps about easter eggs for example.
You will find it at the end of the Zen-garden area.


I don't have the ''Garden Zen Mode''.

Is this computer only?

Also a tip for earning tons of money,

Play a daytime level and when theres one zombie left in the game, destrroy all weapon plants and put a Tall Nut in front of the zombie. Keep planting marigolds and collecting there coins, when tall nut runs out plant a new one.

Happy spending!


what is up with the + sign in survival endless

Anonymous November 6, 2010 6:59 PM

Big tip for Bobsled Bonanza:

Chompers can eat zomboni's, and an entire bobsled full of zombies as long as they haven't crashed yet.
I tried everything on this minigame and could not beat it until my chomper obsessed boyfriend discovered this.

Goodluck! :]


The + sign means every time you buy one, the price goes up by 50. Sadly that's what happens.