To Tonya:

If you've tried all the medicines, the other thing you can do is purchase a doctor visit. If it's something serious, the doctor should be able to help.

To Colleen:

The foreign candy causes a random activity. In your case, it caused running away both times. I've had it also cause them to go to the bathroom.

To Sariah:

The laundry room is not a career area. Only kitchen, office, and workshop. I would guess the workshop for a dress designer.


To Kylie:

Your artist likely works in the workshop. I'm going to get some screenshots of the exact spots to drop your people to get them to work in the three rooms (kitchen, office, and workshop).

To Jill:

Yes, the repair kit will turn up in the store. The game's developers have published an updated version that refreshes the store items every four hours, so it should go quicker if you download the new version.

To Stephanie:

Check the walkthrough located at the top of this page. Click the spoiler for repairs and you will find instructions for the bird bath and the holes in the floors.


To kaj899:

I've noticed it raining a lot sometimes, but it stops sooner or later.

To zue-anne:

It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 years between babies. It just depends on the couple. And the waterproof tape will turn up in the store eventually. It's a random varied item.


Here are some screenshots of Virtual Families that may help everyone locate various things in and around the house. Look for the red circles in the screenshots.

Kitchen Work Area

Office Work Area

Workshop Work Area

Location of Doorknob

Cleaning Cobwebs

Red Ball Location


Virtual Families FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of some of the questions that get asked often. If you have a question about something, chances are someone else has had the same question. Please check this list before posting a comment. If you don't find an answer here, ask us in the comment thread and we'll do our best to help!

  1. What can I do to get my people's energy up?

    • There is an energy drink you can buy in the store, but it's random and is only one dose.

    • Also note that the problems with low energy have been corrected in an updated version of the game (1.00.05). If you have a previous version, go back to the site where you originally purchased the game and download it again.

  2. How do I get rid of hiccups?

  3. Have your person get a drink of water in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

  4. How do I get my people to chase gophers?

  5. This is something they do on their own. To get the trophy for chasing gophers, praise someone while "playing on the lawn" when there are gopher holes present.

  6. Why isn't the item I need for a repair in the store?

  7. The varied items in the store appear randomly and refresh every four hours in the most current version of the game (1.00.05). If the item you need isn't there, keep checking. It will turn up eventually.

  8. If one of my children goes with the talent scout, will he/she come back?

  9. No, they won't come back until you start the next generation. They'll be available along with the other children to take over the house when the time comes.

  10. Will the children come back after going to college?

  11. No, they don't come back from college. Same as with the talent scout, they will only be available to take over the house after the parents die.

  12. At what age do women stop having babies?

  13. As in Virtual Villagers 2 and 3, females cannot have babies after age 50. Even in their 40s, it's difficult.

  14. How do I pause the game?

  15. Use the space bar.

  16. How high do the career levels go?

  17. Careers top out at level 8 (master).

  18. How do I help my people who are depressed?

  19. They will get better over time. Give them treats like candy and fruit. Make sure there's plenty of food and they are fed. Buy household upgrades. Have them work on their career. Don't use the red hand on them for awhile. Praise them a lot. All of these things will help bring up their mood.

  20. How do I play multiple families?

  21. Click the player name on the menu screen and you will be given the option to start other families.

  22. What happens to the money in the bank when the parents die?

  23. The money will transfer to whichever child takes over for the new generation.

  24. How can I make more money?

  25. The best way is to gather duplicate collectibles. They are automatically sold online when one of your people picks them up. For extra, try dropping two people on the same collectible: pause using the space bar, drop first person, tap space bar twice to unpause and repause, drop second person. If your timing is good, both of them will pick up the collectible and you'll get double the money. Be careful, though, because children will often play train or have a giggle party when you drop them on top of each other!

  26. How do I get my family to prepare a meal?

  27. Drop an adult on the kitchen table.

  28. Can children work once they reach age 14?

  29. They can do adult chores and activities, but they can't work to earn money. Only the parents work on careers for money.

  30. How do I get the next generation to take over?

  31. When the parents die, a blue screen full of instructions will appear. Basically, it tells you that when you are ready for the next generation to take over, go to the family screen and click on the "New Generation" button at the top of the screen. You'll be able to scroll through all of the children of the current parents. Pick the one you want to carry on the family and click "adopt." Now the family will continue with that child.

  32. What happens to the siblings of the child I chose to continue the family?

  33. Nothing happens to them. They remain on the family tree, but they don't reappear in the game and you cannot play them after they have not been chose.

  34. Why won't my store refresh?

  35. There is a bug that prevents the store from refreshing. Press the R key while you are on the store screen to refresh the store and reset the schedule to where it will refresh every 4 hours. This is a one time only fix for the bug. You will not be able to refresh your store on demand.

  36. How do I help my people who are very weak?

  37. Being weak usually comes from being sick. Even after being cured, your people will be weak. Fruit and vitamins from the store helps a great deal. Also, make sure they have plenty of food and are fed. After that, it just takes time for them to get strong again.

  38. How do I find the red ball and what is it for?

  39. The red ball is just something extra the developers threw in. It's not required to solve any of the puzzles, nor can your people interact with it. To find the red ball, move the map to where you can reach the absolute upper and left most corner. Using just the hand cursor, pinch into that upper left corner and pull the red ball out. Note: you can't actually see the ball until you pull it out. Here's a screenshot:

    Red Ball

  40. Is there anything I can do to make my family have twins or triplets?

  41. As best we can tell, twins and triplets are completely random. They can happen at any point in the game and are a bit rare, especially triplets. There's nothing that will make them happen or help it along. It's just luck of the draw. One thing to consider, though... Multiples will only happen early in a family because of the six child limit. If there have been no triplets by the time child number 3 is born, there won't be any triplets for that family at all because it would put it over the six child limit. The game doesn't let that happen.


Have I missed anyone? :)

alison May 9, 2009 1:34 AM

How do I help my people find the remote so that they can watch TV?

Chicky May 9, 2009 2:05 AM

Ok dropped the tape next to the hose, dropped the huband AND the wife both by it at seperate times and it keeps telling me too much water pressure... how do I turn off the water ?

Chicky May 9, 2009 2:10 AM

How do I turn off the water so I can fix the hose ? It keeps telling me I have to much water pressure.



I am having a problem, my villager wont check her email. i have dropped her on the computer many times, and all is says is "working on carrer." I cant figure it out. any ideas that might help?


nevermind she finally answered it. thanks though

dat dude May 9, 2009 4:05 AM

i have a guy that SHOULD be making 90$ every time i work but he only makes $6.00 WHAT SHOULD I DO

Michelle May 9, 2009 6:10 AM

Every time i try to close down the game it crashes?? and then when i go to go back to my family they arent there as obviously the game has crashed and not saved them :( anyone able to help me with this please. Really enjoying the game but this is annoying me and i have to restart a new family each time boohoo.
Thanks Michelle

[One Option is always to de- and reinstall the game. If the problem comes up then again, you should contact the (technical) support of the page, you purchased the game from :) ~ Kayleigh]


how do i get them to make money faster


Well just besause it is made by Ldw does it need to be like VV???? I enjoy em both eventhough they are different.

Now i do have my 1st generation and the Latte trophy but do have problems getting anyone to catch the gopher...(darn thing grinned at me too)....

Furthermore i wanna contact childwelfare lol, I doused fires, took showers dug up weeds in the rain..all that with a baby tugged under my arm....lil hint for the developers.....a crib maybe???!!!


What does the progress bar mean? One of my people's progress bar is almost complete while the other's is almost empty.

shauna May 9, 2009 9:29 AM

Thanks Pam. You are awesome!!
You have helped me in numerous games. I think you rock!!

[Edit: Thank you! I'm glad to help. -Pam]


How do you throw out the rotten fish?


To Alison:

You just need to look for the remote somewhere in the house. It will be laying on the floor somewhere, so just drop someone onto it.

To Chicky:

Check the walkthrough section located at the top of this page. Click the spoiler under Repairs and Household Items. You will find instructions for the Leaky Hose.

To Dat Dude:

The salary of your person is for a day. He won't earn $90 in a single work cycle. It will be a portion of his salary in a work cycle. It actually adds up pretty quickly once they start getting raises.

To Bebe:

They will earn more money as they advance through their career. Also, the duplicate collectibles can be sold online for extra money. There are random events that also give you money, but you cannot control them.

To Kris:

The progress bar is how far your person has advanced on that level of his/her career. When they get to the end of the progress bar for level 1 beginner, for example, they will be promoted to level 2 novice and the progress bar starts over again for that level.

Your people have different progress on their bars because they are at different stages of their careers.

To Jen:

I haven't gotten the rotten fish trophy yet, but I suspect it comes from praising someone when they take out the garbage without being told.


My people just tried making a baby.
Do I have to wait for it to show up or will it automatically?

sarahnicole1321 May 9, 2009 11:31 AM

How do you have more than one family? I noticed it talked about alot on here but I cant figure out how to get another one.


To Kayce:

If the baby making worked, the mother will have a baby in her arms before she gets off the bed. You'll also get a blue screen telling you that you're had a baby.

To Sarahnicole1321:

Click on the menu button, then click on the name of the player. It will take you to a screen where you can make other profiles and you can have a family for each profile you make.

Lunargoddess21 May 9, 2009 12:21 PM

my character is depressed and exsausted plus won't sleep.... what can i do to make her sleep? I keep dragging her to the bed..
she sleeps but after a while she would do random things...

addicted May 9, 2009 12:29 PM

How do you fix door knob? I have laid adults on the knob but they won't pick it up


Pam, I fount it!! the artists spot to work is at the computer, haha it took my husband looking to find it.


ok thanks, i've been trying to get them to have another baby but its not working well


How or where do you find key to doorknob at shed?? I think it might be on ironing board table but I can't get it.

grinnyp May 9, 2009 2:41 PM

Finally got the fish! You'll notice one of your little people heading to the kitchen and when you click on him/her you'll see "checking out the funny smell". They will then look in the refrigerator and pull out a giant fish! Then throw it away.

I've noticed that this behavior and the making a latte have only come since I downloaded the 1.05 version. Maybe soon I'll see someone practicing Kung Fu. 74 trophies and counting!

The best thing about 1.05 is all the new behaviors, plus they will now interact with the home improvements like the pool, the hammock, the treadmill, etc.

shauna May 9, 2009 3:03 PM

Where can I download v 1.05? I just noticed that I'm using v1.00 I originally downloaded the game from Shockwave but they still only have v1.00.
I want the newest version!

[Edit: The new version is 1.00.05, not 1.05. If you download it anywhere but where you originally purchased the game, you'll have to pay for it again. I would suggest you go ahead and download it again from Shockwave because the 1.00.05 doesn't necessarily show up as the correct version number during the download. You'll need to check your main menu screen to see if it downloaded version 1.00.05. It's a bit inconvenient that way, but it can't be helped at this point. -Pam]

shauna May 9, 2009 3:54 PM

To Lexi

The knob is in the kid's sandbox and the key is under the welcome mat Just drop your person on them

tiontia May 9, 2009 4:03 PM

What's the deal with socks? I have not found or seen one sock in the whole game as of yet but there is a trophy for finding socks.

Jennifer May 9, 2009 4:49 PM

Re: Making babies -
Laura - OMG, you were TOTALLY RIGHT! I had made them embrace till they argued; corrected them once they argued; made them embrace more; then praised them once the baby-making process began. AND I HAVE TWINS!!! lol!

Heather May 9, 2009 5:04 PM

How do I get the eighteen year old child to leave home? I tried dropping her outside the gates but she won't leave.


My child is 13 and she still can't do anything useful! She can't read magazines or do the dishes.


To Lunargoddess21

To help with depressed people -

They will get better over time. Give them treats like candy and fruit. Make sure there's plenty of food and they are fed. Buy household upgrades. Have them work on their career. Don't use the red hand on them for awhile. Praise them a lot. All of these things will help bring up their mood.

To Addicted:

Check the walkthrough section located at the top of this page under the repairs spoiler. You'll find instructions on how to fix the shed door. Also, here is a screenshot of the location of the doorknob.

Location of Doorknob

To Tiontia:

Socks will appear on the floor randomly during the game. Not very often, though.

thelma26 May 9, 2009 5:45 PM


I have a problem with my kids. They're going, all the time and taking outside insects and I don't understand that it means. Someone can help me?
Thanks for your answers.


To Grinnyp:

Good to know about the fish. I was able to get the Kung Fu trophy before version 1.00.05. It usually happens after giving an energy drink.

I have a guy who is 63 now. His salary is $510 and I hope he lives longer because he really brings in the money. His wife is dead and there's one daughter left who will go to college in a couple of years. :)


To Heather:

The kids will leave on their own. You can't do anything to make them go.

To Ethos:

Kids start doing adult things at age 14.

shauna May 9, 2009 6:05 PM

Just a little hint for raising energy:

buy a hammock

Its not super fast but I have found that it works alot better than going to bed or taking a nap


how long does it take for the baby to grow?


To Thelma26:

Carrying out insects is just an activity, like getting a drink. It doesn't really mean anything other than just being something to do.

To Abby:

The baby takes two years to grow into a child. I think it's about four hours.

caza68 May 9, 2009 7:17 PM

My ppl are always weak and unhealthy. I buy organic food and give them all the fruit i can buy on the variety shop. What can i do to boost their health???

Jewell May 9, 2009 7:30 PM

I was just wondering can you open the front gate ever?

Also are the picture pieces just lieing around like the rest of the colletable stuff? i cant seem to find any of them

Laura Loo May 9, 2009 7:41 PM

Too funny! I have been playing 3 families since the first day this game became available. I love it. LDW did it again. I am laughing at myself. Being the money grubbing girl I am, I didn't let my fams have kids. They were too busy working. I figured they would eventually have a child they could adopt. NO GO! One family ended yesterday with no heirs. The other today. Now, I only have one family left to play. The funny thing is: the homes had almost all of the improvements and lots of cash in the accounts. As well as most of the trophies!


Ok..I don't know what to do..I have given everything from meds to my players to raise their health up..I have given food and don't know what to do..My players are dying..What am I doing wrong?

shauna May 9, 2009 8:36 PM

What message are they giving you "a bit sick" or "exhausted" or something else.
If they are ill you should try the doctor consult, I haven't used this yet but it might tell you what is wrong with them and possibly a solution. If you try the doctor consult will you post the results? I'm curious to know what happens when you use it

nafisah May 9, 2009 9:32 PM

I need help finding the tv remote, can someone help me please?


How do we turn off water for hose?
What are we supposed to do with bucket by sandbox and hose(bottom)?


My player's salary is $90 but he only makes
90 CENTS a day...what can I do?


To caza68 and Nora:

It takes some time for their health to recover. You just need to keep an eye on them, make sure there is plenty of food, make sure they eat, and give them medicine if they get sick again. If you give me some more specifics about what they are doing, I might be able to help more. And yes, like Shauna suggested, try purchasing the doctor consultation.

To Jewell:

No, the front gate doesn't open.

The picture pieces start showing up after you get the shed open. They will be in that part of the yard.

To Nafisah:

The TV remote will be somewhere in the house on the floor. Sometimes in the laundry room, sometimes on the stairs. It varies each time.


To Lexi:

Answers to your questions can be found in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page under the Repairs spoiler.

To Mike:

Your person will make a good deal more than 90 cents a day with a salary like that. How did you come to that conclusion?


Pam, I came to that conclusion because after my person has been working for a LONG time at their career, I hear a noise and money goes up by only 90 cents. The other person's salary is $60 and goes up by $60 each time, but now she has a baby and does not work. the only worker is the one who makes 90 cents. Please help! I purchased this game and would like to get my money back. This is crazy!


I just started a new family, and I just noticed something interesting. I was browsing through the profiles of who I was going to adopt, and I just wondered. Which profession makes the most money, I think once I saw a girl I almost adopted who maked 145$!!!! I'm mad I didn't adopt her, haha. Thanks and please answer my question..... :-)


To Miki:

Mine have been the same way, with only a fraction of the salary going into the bank at the end of a work cycle. But it always adds up to plenty of money to buy groceries and the less expensive upgrades. Over time, they get raises and you make more money. I would suggest you start a second family and see how they do with earning money. I don't really have another solution for you, but I'll see if I can find out anything.

To Bella:

There are so many different jobs, I have no idea which one pays the most. I've seen them range from $15 to $145 like you saw. One of my people was a poet who maxed out at $510 by the time he died. It was awesome!


Hey, just thought I'd share; One of the behaviors I consider bad is when they "play daddy" or play with the tools on the workshop. Even though my little babies can't be harmed by doing so, I feel that this is a dangerous game and should be discouraged. I also discourage TV watching and video games, as I feel they are unproductive and lazy activities. I would rather my babies play outside or study.


To Jojo:

That's really interesting! I let mine play in the workshop because I'm hoping they will learn how to do things and maybe get a better career when they grow up. I consider bad behavior to be poking at the plants, drawing on walls, and banging the pans. Lol.

Maybe we should ask everyone what they give the green hand to and what gets the red hand. Would be fun to compare different playing strategies.

suffolk_mac May 10, 2009 3:36 AM

Hi. I have been playing the game for a few days now. Got 5 kids and level 4 and 5 in careers. I dont seem to get the repair tape or the water pump in my store. I have an old version of the game the version with 1 on the end0Iif i download the new one, will I have to start again?

[Edit: If you go back to the site where you originally purchased the game, it will save on top of your existing game and you shouldn't lose any progress. -Pam]


To Pam:

That would be fun, lol. I never thought that they might learn from playing with the tools, I just thought "Oh no! Micah might cut off his fingers with a hacksaw!" Haha


Just thought I'd let you know. Give an energy drink to an adult member when exhausted and they will practice kung fu. I got my trophy that way. I haven't had any serious illness, only a bit sick. I have tried leaving them to see if they get worse, but they just heal themselves in the end, but end up weak. Any ideas of how they get very sick?


Ok..I did the doctor consultation and it said that there is no infection. However, on the status for my character, it says weak..And I don't know how to bring it up as the health is very low.


I see people here talking about having multiple families running at once, is that something you can do in the trial version or only in the full one?

I picked people who didn't want kids, so I'm pretty much doomed from the start - I didn't realise you pass the house on to the next generation. I personally think that it would be nice to have the Kid's Room as an upgrade, not as a given.

I still prefer VV to VF - I think the formula works better in the desert island setting. I wish you had the ability to learn a new profession like you do on the island - I know it's a different setting, but maybe have "retraining" available as a purhcase in the store - in real life we don't have to remain in one career and in VV, you get to redirect your little person to another speciality.

tyteen4a03 May 10, 2009 5:50 AM

Somehow if you have good luck,you can triplets for the first time you try to get a baby!

grinnyp May 10, 2009 6:11 AM


When it comes to discipline I only use the red hand when they are banging dishes or writing on the walls. When they are playing in the workshop or playing cook I actually encourage them in the hopes that they will have some proficiency in those professions.

Best job I've found so far is Lobbyist, which starts around $120 and ends up around $480.

Worst job I've found is envelope stuffer. Starts around $60 and ends at around $200.

Anonymous May 10, 2009 7:47 AM

My family had twins in the first generation, and the first collectable that showed up was a piece of paper. Maybe this is rare, but just fyi.


To Suffolk:

I downloaded my game from Shockwave. When the new upgrade came out I tried to download it again to get the new version and I did have to start over.
This was my experience just to let you know


To Nora:

It's possible that your person got sick and got very weak before you were able to give treatment. Even after being treated, it takes time for the health status bar to completely full. Check the details screen periodically to see if the health bar is rising. Keep following the suggestions I made before to gradually increase health.

To Resha:

Go to the main menu screen and click on the user name. If it brings up more slots for user names, then you can play more than one family. Just pick one of the empty slots and get started.

You sometimes get an option to change your profession while playing the game. However, you don't get to choose what it will be, so you're taking your chances with it.

aillina May 10, 2009 9:30 AM

How do you sell your collectible items?


To Jen:

While testing the game to write the help guide, I left a family alone to see what would happen. I didn't give them any food or medicine. The wife and daughter died. The husband was very weak, but once I stepped in and started taking care of him, I was able to nurse him back to health. He lived for 20 years by himself. Never remarried and didn't adopt any children.


To ailina:

When you pick up a duplicate collectible, it is automatically sold online. There is also a random household event where you can sell your entire collection, but you can't control when it appears.


The lawn around my bird bath (I think it is a bird bath) is all brown. How to I water it or fix it?


To Becky:

That's just part of the background scenery. You can't change it.


If they just had a baby, when can you make them try again?


To Hoffi:

Please check the walkthrough section located at the top of this page under the General Information spoiler. There's a section about having babies.


How do you fix the doorknob on the shed?


To Lexi:

Please check the walkthrough section located at the top of this page under the Repairs spoiler. You'll find instructions on how to repair the shed door.


We have compiled a good deal of information on how to play this game, including general information, repairs, frequently asked questions, and some screenshots to help anyone who needs it. Please check to see if your question has already been answered before posting it again here. The guide is located at the top of this page, just above the start of the comments section. Thanks!


Thanks for help on bird bath!! Now I thought I saw something about mole holes. How do you fix them?


Something I just discovered, Mom won't interact with the other babies when she is carrying a small one


To Becky:

It's gopher holes -

You don't fix them. There's a trophy for praising someone who is chasing gophers. When you see the gopher hole and a child is "playing on the lawn" as a description, that's when you'll get the trophy for praising. The holes go away and come back from time to time. No harm is done.

grinnyp May 10, 2009 2:45 PM


Found a strange vocation, Day Trader. At every level the salary is different, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. I think this one is neat because like a real Day Trader sometimes you make big bucks, sometimes you barely scrape by. Yesterday when she was at level 6 she was only earning $95. Today at level 7 she's earning $510! Wonder what happens when she hits level 8?


hey if you are as lazy as i am then you can just set your person on the collectible and then pick them up when they stand up with the collectible it really works same with selling collectibles


To increase your money, place multiple kids on the collectibles. Just like with the mushroom in VV series.


My people just say they're a little sick. What do I do? I gave them penicillin and anti-inflammatory medicine but neither worked.


I was wondering if just downloading the newer version would work, I didn't buy from Big Fish, but got it from Going through HP Game Console. So do I just redownload it and will it be the newer version? And also wondered it's been days and my peeps won't embrace, they say too soon for another baby, the 2 boys are off in college lol and it's uhh, been awhile. Will they not because she is 55 & he is 52.

luvthegame May 10, 2009 4:32 PM

Ok I have read how to get the door knob for the shed but my ppl just won't pick the thing up! I even have made other accounts and they won't either. I had my family for 4 days and still won't do the knob ....please help


Ok baby question answered sorry didn't see it. And as for the sickies, sometimes when I can't afford the $175 for the doc I just try the cheap stuff til it works and a lot of times it works & I only end up paying aroundd $20 (buy lozenges, aspirin, etc.) to heal them. Just a suggestion, that doc is expensive if you have more than a few peeps.

latindiamond May 10, 2009 5:08 PM

How do you create the second and third generation? Thanks guys for all your help!


Also, when your people are sick, if you watch them you may see their symptoms, they will sit down and hold their bellies when they have a tummyache, jump up and down for the hiccups and sneezes, and shake their heads for a sore throat. It will also occasionally tell you in their status bar if you are selected on them. Most times, the inexpensive meds work just fine.


A easy way to speed up your game!

Change the time on your computer (Right side on your task bar)to speed up the time in the game. Be sure to put the time back real time! Don't speed it up too much otherwise you might miss some important events!

[Edit: We strongly advise against changing your computer clock. Not only can it ruin the game, it can also mess up other functions that rely on the computer clock. -Pam]


My couple won't have kids. They both definitely want kids but won't stop arguing. Do I need the booster for this or what?


Never mind!! : )

rebecca May 10, 2009 7:57 PM

What does the "desensitization kit" do?


To Kitty:

Your couple is too old to have kids now, I'm pretty sure. Females stop at age 50.

To Latindiamond:

When your first person dies, you'll get a screen of instructions on how to start the next generation.

To Luvthegame:

Check the screenshot in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page to make sure you're dropping them in the right spot.


still getting frustrated with the salary thing. salaries are $90 and $60 and it has been 4 years. total earned is $250. How will I ever get enough money for any of the upgrades?

annoymous May 10, 2009 9:56 PM

I have a leaking kitchen sink here. Help!


To Annonymous:

Check the Repairs section in the walkthrough located at the top of this page. You'll find instructions on how to fix the leaky sink.


Alright, I have read through all of the comments here and so far I haven't found an answer to my question. I know how to fix the shed. I dropped my lady on the door knob.. I went to praise her for going to fix the shed and she dropped the knob I guess. Needless to say she never actually went over to the shed to fix it. Now if i pick her up and put her in front of the shed it says confused and the shed is locked! if i bring her to the welcome mat to pick up the key all it says is confused and she sees a key. she won't pick it up. i've tried red paddling her but that doesn't make her pick it up either.. help? i don't want to start over, i already have tons of trophies..

Anonymous May 11, 2009 12:54 AM

I am trying to get my people to clean the cobwebs and i can not get it done, on the right of sink and nothing help please?!


Ok i have a question - does the second generation get marriage proposals too? i am only on my first generation so i don't know.

kayleigh May 11, 2009 2:30 AM

just wondered at what age do the children start to work?