I'm guessing this is for their first baby. Just keep dragging and dropping one on top of the other. If they argue and it says something along the lines of they can't agree it's time to make a baby so just try again by dragging and drop one person on the other. When it says embracing they aren't both thinking about having a baby so drag a drop them until their statuses say "trying to make a baby".


Hello, i have read nearly all comments but haven't found anything about the following : loads of dust bunnies have appeared under the parents bed and I cannot get rid of them, any ideas ???????


To prevent the underpayment of taxes

exit out of game and your money will still be there. This works for any bad emails where money is being removed from your account.

I have over $20 million and all the upgrades, hoping for new updates soon. I praise my people with oranges and candy and they work super hard. I'm on my 16th generation...Still don't have triplets and I need to a stove fire!


Is there any benefit to having a pet?

Allyssa newman September 14, 2010 8:35 PM

Hi i have virtual families lite and i dont know how to buy items,i can buy room upgrades,groceries and medicines but not items and i dont know how to fix the hose! Please help!!!


Is there any benefit to having a pet?

Family Girl September 18, 2010 4:40 AM

Hi, can i just make it clear that I'm still the old Family Girl. I had to make a new account because JIG wouldnt let me log in!! (Dunno y) But yeah,,, its still me so dont get alarmed if i refer to the past!

Family Girl September 18, 2010 5:29 AM

I just proved that twins are random!

I made out with my little people for the first time

they made twins!!

They must be random!!


Any ideas on my dust bunnies ?
Free families cannot buy anything or repair anything, you have to buy the full version to be able to do this and your family will not be upgraded, you will keep your free family and get to start on a new one with the upgrade.


hey how long does it take for one of the peeps to go up an age??

Virtual Villager Lover September 27, 2010 11:22 PM

For some reason, my girl (Flash) and boy (Zip) Got in the shower together, is that possible, also i cant get them out! Should i just delete that one? Or what? (Please Answer soon)


Has anyone ever actually gotten all of the bugs? I'm playing 3 families, all with every upgrade, all with 85-95 trophies, none with all of the bugs. I've searched the grounds for hours and I am beginning to wonder if that's just how they keep you coming back to earn 100 trophies. I'm also having a hard time with lottery wins and triplets


I love VF. My little girl (she's 5) keeps "squeezing pimples". Gross and LOL.

Anonymous October 6, 2010 10:09 PM

What do you do when both parents die and the only child left is 10 years old?


I don't know how to make latte and throw rotten fish. Does anyone know?

Anonymous October 8, 2010 4:03 PM

Having Twins/triplets

This is not quite total random. I've worked on many VF's and there is a formula.

For example

Maybe/maybe = Higher chance of twins.
Maybe/Definite = Higher chance of triplets.

Having twins/triplets can happen with first generation. In fact,

My first generation with parents Maybe/Definite

they had twins and then with same family got triplets after the twins were 3.


Continuing to next Generation when parents die:

Click on the "Family" button at bottom of screen. This will bring you to a family tree and there should be a button "New Generation", click that and then you'll get to choose through the kids of the newly deceased parents.

Hope this helps.


To "Family Girl" concerning twins: It's not quite random. You can have twins/triplets on first generations.

Parents who are Maybe/Maybe have a higher chance having twins.

Parents who are Maybe/Definitely have a higher chance having triplets.

My first generation parents had twins then triplets and they are Maybe/Definitely.


Benefits to having pets

The only one I've seen who has a benefit is the dog.

Dog will warn family of stove fires, and when it rains (and no food is around or he'll beg) will show you rare collections.

Other than that, I haven't seen other benefits...yet. Still playing :-)


All of my people are depressed and I can't seem to get them to do much. I tried praising them, buying them foods, giving them candies, and making sure they have everything they need. What should I do??


okay so i have the doorknob but i can't find the key can you please tell me where the key is it won't let me open the shed without it.



The key is under the mat next to front door...just set one of the adults on the mat and they will find it.

Depressed families will eventually gain happiness over time but if you praise them too much, this will also cause their happiness level to go do because this makes them feel they are being nagged at. This includes giving too much candy. If you have enough money, you can buy upgrades and this will boost their happiness level.

Anonymous October 11, 2010 8:47 PM

what would happen if the mother was so old that she died with the baby? is that possible?


Hi I have a question. How do you get your people to make a latte? I've tried but I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance for the help!!! :)

Anonymous October 12, 2010 4:43 PM

My lady died then wondered around the house as a ghost. She kept dividing into two and one would fade away. She did cores but the other family members saw her, they were depressed.


Can somebody tell me how to give 'my' 3 yr. old son a bath? He is feeling 'not so fresh' I tried dropping him in the tub, tried dropping him in the tub and a parent right after etc.. any ideas? Also sorry if this is a repeat question as theres ALOT of material to sift through to find out! Also you guys ROCK!! I love this site! xoxo


I have lots of money, all the room upgrades, all the store stuff, most of the trophies, and am starting my fifth generation, but with nothing left to use the money on, what is the point? Are they going to add more stuff to buy? How about upgrade the bathroom and bedrooms?


I have bought the wall compound three times and every time my guy wasted so much time fighting me about fixing the wall that the compound hardened. I was so mad that I spanked him until he was not so elated. Has anyone managed to fix the wall?


Help! The mom wont get out of the shower and when I click on her nothing happens!!!


Well i started with a dark blonde haired girl and got married to a blonde haired boy.We had a kid and it was a ginger haired girl.we had another another ginger haired girl. so i wanted one more kid had another and...........wait for it...


yeh man i was so happy but then i realised it was 3 boys with ginger afros!
so who should i choose to take over the house?
. girl with ginger hair in a ponytail (Nancy)
. girl with ginger hair that's down and long (Tammy)
.any of the triplets (Ryan,Elliot and Alex)


I just started playing today and my adoptee is depressed. How do I make her happy??

Anonymous October 22, 2010 6:31 PM

I am new and when I play the game I get this message saying we have deducted some money from your acount ( It's diffrent each time) So currently my little person does not earn anything and I thought this was a spam, so I got the spam software from the store then it was still going on Please help!

cooly43368 October 23, 2010 4:37 PM

This will be the bigest spoiler you will ever see in the whole game it is to do with skipping time in the game so if you cant wait 4 hours for the baby to be 2 so they dont need their parent,or maybe your parents dont want to make a baby so you can skip time with this big spoiler!!!

It is the game detects what the time the computer is so if you change your computer time then the game will go forward how much time you choose e.g. If I put it 2 hours forward each little person would be 1 year older (note: It might change your pc time so your pc will be the wrong time.)

Another note: Each little person grows 1 year older every 2 hours.

hope this helped!


I was just wondering if the twins and triplets could be boy/girl twins or triplets, because so far I've only had twins and triplets that are all one gender.


i made all my family sleep then i went away the when lok on it the wher awake and it was 10 in the night could someone please explain why it did that please

Brownsugagal688 October 29, 2010 7:59 PM

Umm...for those of you wanting your people to have twins and triplets..there's something i've been trying and it seems to work.I suggest you give the husband an energy drink until his status is "Hyper" and then try making a baby..for me it usually results in twins or triplets.I don't know if it's a pattern, i just thought i'd share the suggestion

MoonlightDay November 1, 2010 4:09 PM

To make the latte:

It has to be morning. I dragged my person there and it said 'making grande latte'

MoonlightDay November 1, 2010 4:15 PM

erin, I think you should pick one of the girls(maybe Nancy???).... I just like girls better

MoonlightDay November 1, 2010 4:16 PM

If anybody needs some help, ask me..... I"ll try my best

MoonlightDay November 1, 2010 4:23 PM

GK, I have a cat and some times it follows a family member. It was so funny! They went to the bathroom and the cat sat inside the bathroom!

MoonlightDay November 2, 2010 8:20 PM

My women was 62 when I last saw her! Then she died and she was like 64!


This game is so addictive! Ive only been playing for 2 days and i cant seem to keep away from the computer. Although I must admit I am disappointed by some of what occurs throughout the game!

The game play is so slow and it can take forever to earn money. Although I wish to thank everyone for filling me on the double collection cheat as I have saved almost 3000 in 12 hours! I was very annoyed with an email I recieved though. It read that someone had placed a complaint about me in the office and so any progress I had made in that level would be invalidated. I was only within a few milimeters of getting a promotion and it was wiped. And it takes so long to advance!

Does anyone find that you seem to get promoted more when not actually playing the game?

MoonlightDay November 7, 2010 1:29 PM

I know! Iy's IS sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I also hate when that e-mail comes...... so annoying!!! :(

MoonlightDay November 8, 2010 8:44 AM

Get this, the dad had red hair, the mom brownish hair and their childrens hair was purple, red, and green!!


hey, I have the free iPad version of virtual families, and I haven't seen any repair items in the store. is this normal? also, I can only have 1 kid. does that rule extend to the next generations? please help!


You can get upgrades and other stuff for free by this trick:

You click the item you want, but cant afford and click OK, then bring it up again, and Alt F4 the game. Once you go back into the game, you should have it.


I did your trick and it worked,but now my money has been deducted to zero.What happened there?! It's okay if it's zero, I guess, since just glitch your way through the store,right? Also, I bought a turtle, but it just walks around! Does it benefit me, or should I just get a dog instead? Plus, is there more choices for pets other than turtles or dogs? I would be delighted if there were a cat available !

THE TALENT SCOUT November 23, 2010 12:08 PM

Is the talent scout a scam? Will he run off with my kid? Please help!


If you look at the tv you will notice actual tv Shows that we watch... Such as the simpsons, wheel of fortune, superman and more...


The only 2 trophies i cant get is the lotta latte, i tried putting my peeps by the coffe pot and all i get is looking for snacks!I have always played early morning 5am to 6am and i still dont get it as for the other trophie is the rotten fish smell how can i get that one!!!

singerdst December 1, 2010 1:19 PM

I need to repair the hole so I can water the plants and I already purchased the tape

Melissa Miller December 2, 2010 3:31 PM

I have a child who is 13 and is almost completely out of energy. She is extremely weak then she goes to weak then to a bit weak. I tryed going 15 hours without bothering the game to let her rest but she is still weak and almost out of energy. HELP! nothing I do works. I don't have an option to buy vitamins in my market to give to her. She has been like this for 3 days now. I just try to make her eat, sleep, rest in the hammac, take a shower, drink, use the bathroom, etc. but nothing works. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE HELP ME! Also, I am playing virtual families from a game I bought off of if you need that information. I am afraid she is going to die before I can make her better. Please, help me if you can. Thanks.


I followed the steps to get my adult to fix the shed doorknob, but now she won't retrieve the key. What should I do?


There's a dirt spot on my floor and none of my little people notice it. Any help?


Hi, Great Game!! Just one wife died during a break at her career in the kitchen.Food Photographer.. but anyways she passed and left her tools onna counter..How do you get them off now that shes passed on??Thanks!


id like to offer a suggestion..a lil time clock thats relevant to our lil people..but they dont need to interact with the clock its just help for us big people in our efforts to keep them on track..and keeping track of,babys etc.


I just earned two trophies but they are not showing up. How do you keep this from happenening?


My store is completely empty, except for the 2 outfits. It's been days and it hasn't refreshed. What can I do?


okay i need help... i only have one genration so far.. how do i get to my other generations? I have three kids ... (jahmar'e , jahair jr, and jessella..) they all went to college but jahmar'e has been gone for like 12 yrs, jahair jr 8 yrs, and jessella 4, when do i get the option to make another generation? Please help me :) thanks in advance


can you play multiple families? if so how do i do it.. i saw it some where on here and cant find it now!


Kristen - If you press 'r' when you're in the store, it should reset itself. :)


I can't seem to repair the walls...
The leaky hose is repaired, I bought the compound and dropped it near the bucket. But when I drop my people on it, they just won't go mix the compound... Help?


Sorry if this is a double post, how do y'all get the kung Fu trophy!?


Hi there!

Can anybody help? The TV remote is 'lost' however I can see it on the top of the wall between the parents bedroom and the stairs. I've tired dropping people on it but they don't even see it. What can I do?


Hey I was just wondering if anyone could help
I have this game on my iPod and I was wondering if they was any way I could get mulitipul families they'd no player name and I can't see any way to do it


Hey I have this game on my iPod and was just wondering if anyone knew:
1. How to get multiple families on my iPod I didn't enter a player bane and on the menu theys just: play, start over, options and help and I can't find a way to get another family
2. How do I change there names I've tried clicking ona character then on detail then on there name but nothing happens
If you could answer these questions it would be great thanks
P.s: I love this site and it's real helful


Sorry if someone already asked these, but I got through about 6 pages of the comments before I got frustrated, lol. I am on my second generation and my adoptee married but they never had kids, despite both of them "definitely" wanting kids and me trying very often and using the baby boost. The husband died off at age 62 and the wife is alive and remarried at 63. I am hoping the chance comes to adopt before they die, because I have heard on here that if there are no heirs then you have to restart. My question is...when you have to "restart" due to having no heirs, do you have to restart EVERYTHING, or just get a new adoptee. Will I lose my collections, cat, and pool, and other upgrades?

My second question is do you know how to have multiple families on the iPad version? I have read that on the computer version you have to click on the current player's name and it will let you make additional families, but in the iPad version, there is no username, it just says "Play" "Start Over" "Help" on the menu page.

Thank you!!


My people are ALL elated. I asked around my family and they said that they didn't know what it meant, Can some plz heal my family (1st generation)


To frisco
On the free version you cannot ever have more then one kid ever.You also can't buy any repairs. You can't buy new outfits, pets or bonus items. I don't know if you can have another generation as I didn't play for that long because I got hooked and bright the full version. You can however try to complealt your collections and the trophies. Hope I helped



This website has been a great help - Thanks guys!
I read through all 24 pages :P
Ya_yoyo986 - Elated means Overjoyed, Very happy :D Nothing wrong with your people!

I have the iPad version. My First adoptee and her husband are about to die soon- I can start my second generation with either:
Merlino (Oldest Boy)
Sandrella (oldest girl)
Soonina (youngest girl)
Bingur (adopted youngest child)

Such a hard desicion!

I have the same questions as Rosalia and Lauren, about multiple families on iPad version and changing character names.
You can do both of these on the VV2 iPad version.
Is it possible?


The Genius January 1, 2011 12:22 PM

I am SOOOO addicted to this game I LOVE it! and the one with the kids stuck in the shower, go to detail and find the ones stuck and exit out of the detail page and then click where the circle is and that SHOULD get them unstuck. Oh and whoever pasted that: go to store if you can't afford it click it and click ok and click it open again and do alt+F4, and you should have it THANKS! I'm forever in your debt

Dragonsama January 1, 2011 8:35 PM

Ya_yoyo986: Elated means they're super happy. XD No worries, they're fine.

Anyone else have a problem with their little dudes never getting a marriage email? My current chick is 45 [I think] and nobody's ever asked her to get married. It's kind awkward.. especially since my other family simply could not have kids, even after I pumped them so full of Baby Boost they pretty much didn't have blood anymore...

The Genius January 1, 2011 9:19 PM

Well that's why! if you give them too much baby boost it DECREASES their chance to have babies! and to the question you have to restart everything if there is no heir to the house: yes, you have to restart EVERYTHING!
I know my way here and it is really fun! so I can answer most questions.


Dramatic much^^^. Anyway was just wondering has anyone ever got free upgrades. Lately my lil families been real lucky. First a box fell of a truck it was adressed to a house down the road It gave me an option to open it or not. Me being naughty I opened the box and got free paintings ;). Then I had an email from a neighbour who said they had set up a spare hammock in my garden. So if you don't have the money for upgrades just wait you may get lucky. I don't like trying to get free items from the store so I love the fact that Theys other ways to get free suff.
Dragonsama- you should use baby boost carefully once or at the most twice on a person if you use it to much it decreases your chances of having children. And never? That's really strange do you always check your emails? And do you go on it often it seems weird that they would never get one hope she does soon.
Gee- I think you should chose one of the girls I think it's better to get marriage proposals from boys. :)
Hope I helped where I could
P.s sorry if i double posted my iPods messing up and I know it's White long I tend to babble


My Mother Ata Passed away today. Burono and Their son Bingur were very depressed so i decided to move on to the second generation.
I chose Sandrella, who is a Pasta Maker! She soon got married to Atom - Rocket Scientist! and Now they already have a little boy Stephory!
Their getting on fine.
In the last generation I brought all house upgrades except Pinball machine. This gen i intened to upgrade career rooms and get the pin ball machine.

Just thought i would share!

Bye, Gee


To gee
R.I.p ata. Wow sounds like your doing quite well congratulations. How many generations have you had? I recently moved on to Another generation myself because I only had the old father left and he was real depressed at the loss of his wife.
I always find the game more fun with children in and i have two at the moment a boy Gemini and a girl alia. It's a weird family with four different hair colours: ligt brown dark brown blonde and Ginger.
Hope you get your upgrades soon.x


Wow just thought I would share this lol my people had two children three and five then I thought I would have one more but they ended up having triplets!! Then I had an child turn up on The doorstep. So ten minutes ago i had two children now i have a full house. I feel sorry for the only girl though


Gee- poor ata. It's annoying when they get depressed isn't it I normally move on to the next generation as well. Congratulations on all the upgrades I still have a while to go to get all mine. Not got the pinball machine yet eathier hope you get it soon.
P.s I know I probaly posted this twice but I posted it once four hours ago an it's still not shown up so


Thanks Rosalia!
Im on my second Generation,
Today Sandrella and Atom had 2 more boys! Amarillo and Mago. There ugly though! Horrible hair with glasses. Stephory is deffintly the nicest so far!

But Sandrella tried 2 more times to have a baby recently but no luck!
All my childrens hair in both generations have been the same.

Gee x

The Genius January 3, 2011 5:41 PM

Hey one of my families has all six kids! I got Mark from adoption, and Pennie just went off to college and Bruno went of to college and I feel so sorry for Basilia the only girl left, well except for the mom whose hair is turning gray. And do you know what? They got all their kids and they never had ANY twins or triplets! And I read somewhere about somebody wondering if the talent scout was a spam, well it isn't!

The Genius January 3, 2011 5:44 PM

Whoops PS: My family with six kids has ALL the upgrades and all the room upgrades! and I have over 1,000 dollars!

The Genius January 3, 2011 10:40 PM

Wow they are doing good!(which is a suprise to me!) Now the tricky part is coming, WHO WILL BE THE HEIR OUT OF SIX CHILDREN?
I need help here is the details:
Pennie: The eldest female
Bruno: the second eldest, male
Peter: Male,
Mark:adopted, male
Basilia: the only other girl

Dragonsama January 4, 2011 1:51 AM

The Genius and Rosalia: Yeah, I know about the Baby Boost eventually not working, but by then I was getting so cross about it I was just loading them up with whatever I could get. "You won't procreate? Endure my wrath!" [You should see me play Sims..]

Also Rosalia: I get on at least twice a day and I always check the emails. It's insane, she's 55 now and still nothing.

The Genius January 4, 2011 9:25 AM

She's fifty five and she NEVER got an marrige propsol or an event?! Oh I chose this nickname because I'm REALLY good at virtual families and know a lot so if you need help I can help.


Ah it seems so weird and ha ha dragonsma I can get like that as well I acidently on purpose made half the neighbourhood die in fires on sims.
The genius- Basilia.
Update- At the moment I'm deciding to experiment, I've had a few people tell me that they can get jealous of siblings. I wasn't sure of this was true so I'm trying everything to find out by spoiling one child. Not working so far. And lol the triplets were really girls lol
Gee- nice lol ;) have you tried telling them of when they argue then praising hem when they do it right. It's annoying that you have to wait isn't it.
I know about the talent scam one of my kids went of with one she's a talent agent or finder or something like that now. My house always seems to be full with six children even when I only wanted three.

Dragonsama January 4, 2011 1:18 PM

The Genius: Never one proposal. Aaaand she died today. It's so weird, both of my families got all the upgrades and all the stuff and then died off. The game doesn't want me to get the trophies. XD

The Genius January 4, 2011 3:28 PM

Awww poor you, well I'm about to get on and maybe have to choose which child. Thanks for the help to choose I always did like Basilia.
I just LOVE the talent scout.

The Genius January 4, 2011 3:34 PM

Ooops don't have to choose. One of my kids in a differnt family had a movie star one and then when I chose her to be the heir do you know what her new job was? A COFFEE BLENDER!
Boy, was THAT a suprise.


Ah Dragonsama probaly not it's to keep you playing. I always wondered about when I conpleated my collections if I would sell them of so I would have something to do. And sorry about your person dieing. Ahh I love the talent scout as well but I'm always sad to see my oil child go. And ah a coffee blender!! What a great job for the talent agent to turn her into but movie star that would be great I geuss it's just chance.

The Genius January 4, 2011 4:14 PM

Sorry have to go for now I'm starting to play VV3 I'm still playing virtual families but not right now.


Ah I Play both at the same time( well kinda) hope both ya games are going well. The Virtual villagers and familys are my favourite last day of work games. I used to like fish tycoon but it freaks me out now something about the fungus on there body made me feel just kinda hard to describe I don't really know what it was. Have fun

The Genius January 5, 2011 3:23 PM

They are my favorite games of the last day of work too! My VV3 ain't doing too good the one on my dad's computer is SUPER good! My last kid (Timmy) just went of to college so that family has noting else to do expect wait to die. I'm waiting now.

The Genius January 6, 2011 11:06 AM

Tidle (i think) fianlly died! And Basilia just got married! I gave her the baby boost I had been saving so let's see what happens!


Hope she has a child (or three).
My vv3 just maces out on population ;( no more babys for me.
I hate it when the parents get old because I'm always waiting for them to die so I can go o.n to the next generation and I always feel mean. All my kids gone to collage now but i didn't achieve much with this gebortaion.

The Genius January 6, 2011 6:59 PM


The Genius January 6, 2011 8:19 PM

Do you know how to make twins and triplets? I SO want them.

The Genius January 7, 2011 10:32 AM

PLEASE! How do you make twins and triplets?

The Genius January 7, 2011 11:00 AM

Hey on my sister's account one of her child died when he was about nine years old! Why did that happen?

The Genius January 7, 2011 11:22 AM

I LOVE VF but I need help in which other VV game to play. VV3 is getting boring which one is the best of VV serires?


Lol Genius! I will join you.

Atom and Sandrella got the six kids award! With 6 boys 3 one hairstyle 3 the other :/
And all the same colour!
One hairstyle i like, but the other comes with glasses and is UGLY!
Here's their computerised names: (in age order)


I think Stephory, Bingetto or Cosmo to take the house when parents die (their nearly there, 59 and 57!)

I Have brought all the 5000 pounds career room upgrades now!
And i really want twins!

How is everyone elses families doing?

Gee x