To GG:

You can find information about the red ball in the FAQ located in the walkthrough section at the top of this page.

About playing your current generation -

You just need to click on the "Done" button at the bottom of the family tree and it will take you back to the game. Whenever you're ready to start the new generation, click on the "Family" button and it will take you back to the family tree where you will click "New Generation" to start the new family.

Borgessa June 14, 2009 4:37 AM

To PrincessSweetie

If I have someone who is depressed you need to give them lots of praise take them round the house, doing diff things each time praise them twice .. don't wait for them to finish take them back to their job get them working. Praise them twice again.. then another task praise them twice ect ect, each time putting them back on their job. The more you praise them the happier they'll be. You can't praise them more than twice doing the same thing, or they run away asking you to stop nagging them!
Of course you can praise them twice and then give them candy -- slowly they will start to come up again to happy. Also buying those household items makes them happy, I believe grocery's makes them the happiest of all.

If she is that depressed there is a reason- did her partner die? Is she sick? I would get her a doctors consult to be sure, if you can afford it that is.

Good luck with it princess.


Maximum earnings for Meat Grader, and Film Developer

Meat Grader = $300, Film Developer = $210


hey... am trying to get the shed open... but they arent picking the keys from the carpet.. they are just confused... i dragged them a couple of times but its the same thing every time.. my oven is on fire. help!!


Alysha - Shed

Did you already let one of them putting the door knob back? If not, you will find it in the sandbox. Looks like a golden sphere

Greetings, Kayleigh


I finally find the red ball :)

Is it possible for little people not to get any email proposal for their entire lives? One of my little people didn't get any proposal so I needed to restart the game when she died.


To GG:

That was probably a glitch. Marriage proposals should always come in a game.

Lindsay June 14, 2009 9:07 PM

Something funny just happened to one of my families! My wife looks like a clown. I kid you not. She looks like a bag a confetti exploded on her head. Her hair is every color of the rainbow and it has straight parts, curly parts. I love it! If I knew how to take a picture of it and put it on here I would totally show everyone, it's great.


This the the 4th time my people have lost the remote and I can't find it ANYWHERE. Any clues?


To Stasia:

The remote will be somewhere in the house, for sure. The oddest place I've found mine is on top of the wall of the master bedroom.


I have a question, does anyone know how often you receive marriage proposals? I turned down the first one, and was wondering how long I'd have to wait for the next. thanks.


To Chris:

You receive fewer marriage proposals as your little person grows older. The second one comes in pretty quick, though. They'll have long enough to work on their career for awhile and piddle around the house, then one should come in. If you reject the second one, it will be even longer, and so on.

DopeyMoo June 15, 2009 7:20 AM

For those of you with depressed people, how desperately do they want kids?I had a couple who both desperately wanted them, but I got them to work on their careers a while first and then they got depressed and either argued or tried and failed to make a baby. Eventually they had one, and then almost straight away had the chance to adopt! I chose little Pierolo to take over the family when Gispi and Burono both died at the weekend.

my other families are all doing fine (and most importantly working hard!lol)

Dopey :)


I have a Master Screenplay Writer who earns $510, thats the most I have seen


I had a few careers maxed out... some are already on the list but these two were still blank....

Mustard Bottler 285
Knife Sharpener 210

BlueEarth June 15, 2009 1:27 PM

Okay, I have a few questions. If you let both parents die does that end the game or are you still able to pick a child to carry on after their deaths? And is it possible to choose a child that is under 18 to inherit the house? I have a little girl with a full head of purple hair, but I am pretty sure her parents will die before she is 18 and I really want to give her the house. Has anyone used the chamomile drinks? If so, what exactly are they good for? Also does anyone know how many marriage proposals you can get before they stop coming? Because I feel like I am settling for a person even if I don't really like them, just because I want to keep the family going. Ok I think that is it for now. Some one please hurry and help me with the under 18 question because I am afriad those parents may die soon. THANKS!


I'm on 3rd generation and they both want kids but don't want to procreate. What happens if they die childless? Can I go and use the sibling? I don't want to start over.
Thanks to any answers.

BlueEarth June 15, 2009 3:03 PM

The best thing I can tell you is use the baby booster if you can afford it, also just keep trying to make them. Even if they argue, just keep placing them on each other and eventually they will try again. I had a couple that made a few kids but would not make any more. But I kept forcing them to try constantly. Eventually they ended up adopting 2 kids at seperate times and I finally ended up with 6 in that family. So just keep trying as often a you can. Don't give up! Good Luck!



Don't worry about how old she is when the parents die... she will be aged.

I just had parents die and they had a set of twins... when I was choosing who to take over, one of them was 27 and the other 23!

BlueEarth June 15, 2009 3:50 PM

Thank you SO MUCH! I was trying so hard to keep the parents alive. Now I have no worries about it.

Anonymous June 15, 2009 6:26 PM

I have been playing the game for a few days now, I have three families going, the first I had to buy $500 baby boost (2X) for both kids, then my second couple has triplets! Three girls, now my third family just had twin boys!!! Boy from one extreme to another!! Having fun with this game !!!


I'm bad. I had to drug my 2 year old to get him to go to bed with that vicom stuff.


I put the tape on the hose and the wall compound next to the bucket and when someone goes to repair the wall it says "confused no water pressure" (on the hose with the wall compound) and says "confused too much water pressure" (on the other hose in the back of the house when i put someone over it) i really want to fix the wall. HELP. You guys have the answer to everything except this (or so it seems). So thank you. and just HELP



Hi. If I already put the tape on the hose and I messed it up because there is too much water pressure, is there any way I can fix it because I am so far ahead in the game I really don't want to start over!

Help, please. Thank you so much if you can help!



I've got a leaky sink. I've been dropping one of my people to the sink, and then dropping them on the shed (which I do have unlocked) but they aren't getting a wrench to fix the sink. They just go off and do other stuff. What am I doing wrong?


One of my families was getting too old for children... she was 49 and he was 50. They already had 2 girls so it wasn't a matter of next generation, but wanted to see if they could have another before they were too old. WOW!! They not only had a baby... they had TRIPLETS!!! Now if I can get them up to 65..


For those with water pressure problems.. you need to use water elsewhere for it to work.. the easiest way is to put someone in a shower.



Try putting them in the workshop instead.


Beth - leaking sink

You need to place them at the back shelf in the workshop to get the wrench for a leaking sink.
To the shed you bring them, when something is burning

Greetings, Kayleigh


I had something unusual happen...

I have a single dad... he adopted a little boy but hasn't found the right wife yet. I got an email from him saying something to the effect that he was glad to be married but was really wanting a child!!! It was backwards.

I am still trying to get the perfect match for that family and since there is already a child, I figured it would be the best time since I don't have to worry about procreation. So we are waiting for a female toaster repairer to come along....

On a funny note... I was looking after one of my families and one of them was pulling a weed from the yard. I was ready to check on one of my other families, but decided to wait till the guy had put the weed in the container (to make sure it counts)... out loud I said "I think I will wait till he delivers the weed"... then it hit me what I had just said.

Lorentzia June 16, 2009 11:29 AM

Only been playing for 2 days and I've managed 37 trophies yay!!

BTW the chimes are loudest if you go to the top right-hand corner of the screen


Here are some more max salaries to add to the spreadsheet:

Food Critic - max $285
Meat Grader - max $300
Online Gold Farmer - max $210
Lyricist - max $270
Key Maker - max $210
Camera Repairer - max $300
Silverware Polisher - max $285

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 11:33 AM

To all those who have a sock or wrapper stuck on you computer desk:
I used my smallest child (she was 2) and I just kept placing her at different spots around the sock eventually she picked up the sock!!!
I was fed up with waiting for the random event of the maids cleaning the house. It has been sitting there for at least 2 weeks!
So if you got some trash stuck on you computer desk I would advise to spend a little time dropping your smallest person on it over and over It might work for you too!!


how do you have more than one family?

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 11:59 AM

The strangest thing just happened to my family. One of my families had a couple in their 60's. When I opened the family I saw the man and his wife lying on the bed (dying of course) I paused the game to check the store to see if they had any energy drink and they didn't . Just to give it a shot I gave him a bottle of vitamins. A screen popped up and said something about adopting a child and the pitcure was of the old dying man!!!

So I adopted him so now he is living and is not depressed at all!!!

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 12:32 PM


Go to the menu screen. Where it says current player (which will be the name you choose for your family) click on the name and it will open a screen that will allow you to have up to 5 families going at one time

To switch between families just go back to that screen and choose the family you want to play with

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 12:41 PM

Me again...

Just a tip...
I lost the remote for two of my families. They have been missing a long time. I placed a child on the desk in their room to make him study and instead its says he was returning the remote.
So I went to the other family that was missing the TV remote and I did the same thing and sure enough they returned the remote.
I didn't see it (maybe someone else has better eyes and can see it near the desk when its there) If your missing a remote try the desk in the kids room


thanks shuana, and also, to anyone who might know, whats the thing on the right-most part of the table in the room with the washing machine, its right next to the steps and next to the thing thats next to the iron, sorta looks like a doorknob, anyone know what it is or what it does?
Thanks again

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 4:12 PM

No problem Jenna

I always thought it looked like a light bulb...


to Grinnyp:
hey, you don't need to get level 3 for kitchen to make latte. I managed to make it just in level 1. Drop one of your families in the kitchen and with a lot of tries they will make the latte. Hope you're lucky

~Shauna~ June 16, 2009 5:05 PM

To Dumb or anyone else who dropped their person in the kitchen to make the latte

Where in the kitchen did you drop them? Around the sink, table, coffee maker, or just in the midddle of the floor.

4 weeks with 5 families and not one latte I'm getting frustrated about the trophy for latte and perfect match
If one doesn't happen soon I'm giving up because it's feeling impossible...


To Shauna:

It's really not about dropping someone in the kitchen to make a latte. Dropping a person only triggers a new random activity. They key to making a latte is the time of day. Your families only make lattes in the morning. If you're playing the game only in the afternoons or at night, you're just not playing at the right time of day. If it's impossible for you to play in the morning, just go to the options menu and switch the day/night option so that it's morning at night. Then watch your people in the kitchen for making lattes.


To Jenna:

Please check the FAQ in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page for help with your question.

Lorentzia June 16, 2009 5:48 PM

That's it! I'm calling in social services! It's now quarter to 11 at night, here in the UK, and I had to put the kids to bed so I can log off and go to bed myself, one of the kids is only 2!!!


Mail Order Baker starts at 60. Will let you know when she tops out.

~Lori in Louisiana


Hihi Pam,

Do you know what time in the morning will they make the lattes? i have tried waiting from 6-11am... but they're still not making them.



fishie - latte

Even though, they most often do it in the mornings, there is no guarantie for this. They also do it later, sometimes. It is a pure random event, I had families, I never saw them doing a latte and others prefer latte over coffee ;)


I have a question. How do you get your people to pull weeds? When I tried dropping my people on the weeds they did not start weeding. My weeds are starting to get very big.

~Shauna~ June 17, 2009 2:03 PM

That is strange!!
Keep an eye on your store and look for an item called weed bomb. It will take care of the weeds but it sounds like you have a glich in your game. Try everyone to pull the weeds and try different areas around the weed. Make sure you have the most current version of the game.
I'm sure that Pam can answer your question better so wait for a post from her. She will eventually answer your post (She is the all knowing when it comes to this game lol)

~Shauna~ June 17, 2009 2:08 PM

So Pam,
I want to know if I understand you right about switching between night and day so I can get my latte trophy because you were right about me not playing my game in the early morning.
If I want it to be 6:00 am on the game I need to wait till 6:00 pm and then switch from night to day?
Thanks for all your help

MiloColeman June 17, 2009 2:56 PM

Hello all,

I have been playing this game for a few weeks and have read ALL of the 13 pages of comments. Some of you are quite funny with the way you worry about your "families', as if they were REAL... LOL!!

I am wondering if anyone can help me..... I have been TRYING very hard to make my dying people into ghosts....I CAN NOT DO IT!!! I can not tell you how many times I have watched and waited for someone to lay down to die, or come along when one was ready to die then TRIED to drop the energy drink on them... but not ONE has EVER reacted. I have even tried to wear them down and kill them myself, (usually by giving a healthy person Vancomycin, then refusing to give them Peptic syrup, and MAKING them work, clean and cook literally to their death). I have FAILED every time... can someone break it down to the simplest explanation possible for me??? I need to know if I am doing it wrong. Like WHEN are you giving them the drink? I understand it to be AT the moment of death..... And WHERE on the body are you clicking? I feel kinda sadistic TRYING to kill my people JUST to see the result...... UGH!!! Is it possible that some people have a game with a glitch that is allowing this??? Or is it possible that I have a glitch that prevents me???

Also this CRAZY red ball.... I got mine from the original place mentioned in the instructions.... But I CAN NOT seem to pull a second, much less third, one from ANY other place... can someone break down where and how they are getting the second (and even third or fourth) red ball? Like, EXACTLY where are you clicking? And are you clicking then holding in a particular fashion? Another silly thing I am trying to resolve...

Oh, and I have a tip... when you click on the Family button... if you click on a family member and the NOTES page pops up... I have been adding notes on the kids, like SLOW, LAZY, or hard worker, etc.. Then when I have to "Start a new generation", I go to the family screen and check my notes first. This way, I KNOW what the kid is like BEFORE I let them take over. I also have been noting the salaries of the adults there. Once I get some accumulated I will come back and post them.

Thanks to anyone that can help me solve these SILLY mysteries.

~Shauna~ June 17, 2009 3:09 PM


I have also had the same trouble with trying to get the ghost. They will not drink it!!! I gave up along time ago Right now I am in the process of an experment I have been able to give a dying person a bottle of vitimins and they hang around for minute So I am thinking I will try vitimins first then drink....My person is 55 so I am just waiting on them to croak...

I also have not been able to get the second or third ball So your are not alone..


Shauna -

That's correct, when you reverse night and day 6 pm your time will be 6 am in the game. For folks who only play the game at night this is a handy feature because they tend to start going to bed around 10 pm.

Milo -

First off, the thing with the energy drink and the ghosts was a glitch in earlier versions of the game. Now that I have 1.00.05 for instance I cannot pull the same trick anymore. Shame they fixed that one, it was fun. :-)

As for the red balls: Go to one of your games and put the red ball in the hoop in the kids room where they play with toys. Now go to one of your other games. You can click and pull the ball from that spot. If you already have a ball in the other game, put it in your inventory then click and pull. Another ball! However, two balls can't seem to exist in the same game. As long as the balls are in your inventory you are fine, but drop one back in the game and one of them will disappear.

Lynne -

If the people won't pull the weeds try the weed bomb in the store. You may have an earlier version of the game that has a glitch. Go to the main menu page and check the lower left corner. The latest version is 1.00.05. If you have an earlier version go back to the vendor where you purchased the game and see if they have the latest version. If so, download and install the latest version. Hopefully that will clear up your weed problem. Warning: do not uninstall the earlier version, just install the later version right on top of it. If you uninstall the earlier version first you may lose all your progress and have to start from scratch.

BlueEarth June 17, 2009 3:32 PM

I have not found a second or third ball on the same family, but when I started new families, I had to find the ball where I left it on the previous family. So say on my first family on the list, I left it on the shower rug, then on the next family on the list I have to pull it out from the rug to find it. After I pull it out the first time it stays in the game. But I had to repeat this for each family on the list. I have tried to find more than one ball for a family but I have not come across any. Well good luck to all of you!


To find more than one ball within the same family:

After you get the first ball from the top left corner, take note of where it is on the ground and then put it in your item tray. Then click on the exact same spot where the first ball was resting before you moved it. A 2nd ball should appear. You can continue to get more red balls to fill up your item tray by always clicking in the same spot that that was the last place the previous ball touched, not by always clicking in the same spot as the first ball.


My current family has a husband that constantly does not want to work. I had to praise him a gazillion times for working in the very beginning, then when I turned off the game he advanced quite a bit in his career, but now he's back to not working. It's frustrating! I put him on the computer and he constantly shakes his head and says "no".


I have an oven fire! and i have no idea how to put it out.


To kjm:

You just have to keep working with your little person. They have individual personalities and some can be quite stubborn. It should get easier once you get him beyond the second or third level of his career.

To Brooke:

Please check the walkthrough located at the top of this page. Look for the Repairs spoiler.


To Shauna:

You don't have to wait until 6:00 p.m. to switch your time. You can change that option whenever you like and the game will reverse from a.m. to p.m. and vice versa.

To Fishie:

The latte is still a random behavior even in the mornings. Just keep watching for it. :)

For everyone else:

Yeah, what grinnyp said. :D


hello , i'm new and i have some questions plz

-i got a baby,but for how long will the female be carrying the baby??
-is the female unable to work on career when she is carrying the baby?
-when the baby is 3 or 4 what will i have to do for him?
-will children go to school or will i teach them in home,or no teaching at all?and at what age should the education start?
-the female's salary is higher than the male's , so now when she is carrying the baby and not working , i get very few coins , is there something i can do about this??
-if i am not going to open the game for a day or two, how much food should i leave for them to survive?? and is it better to pause the game while am away??

thats for now ,thanks alot :)


sasha - questions
Please have a look at the FAQ - section on top of the comments. Most of your questions will be answered there.
When you have further questions after this, we will be glad to help you :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

jess159 June 18, 2009 1:18 PM

Hi, this is a really nice game, i am really enjoying it, but i hope someone can help me with these questions.

When the status of a child says "a bit blue" what should i do for him? And what does "elated" mean when its written in someone's status and what should i for for him??

And the other problem that i have 3 families but one of them gets little money, the man is at level 2 and the woman at 1 but they really make very few money, i drop them on their work area constantly, they work but make few money, will this affect the children? Should i wait to make some more money before i try to make the second baby??

Waiting for the reply .. and thanks for the help.


jess159 - "A bit blue" means they are depressed - check out the FAQs in the walkthrough section to see ways to help depressed people. Elated means they are very happy - you don't have to do anything for them!

Regarding your family's careers, have you been praising them for working, as well as dropping them on their work area? And I don't think you need to wait to have another child - the cost of living in this game is just food, which I'm sure your family can afford. Hope this helps!

jess159 June 18, 2009 3:27 PM

yeah it helped .. thanx alot
i just wanted to say something .. i noticed that many people are excited about the "latte" thing..
in one of my families , i dropped both the parents to work at morning , after they worked they went to make latte , it happened three times , they went to the coffee machine in the kitchen and made latte but i didnot get anything out of it .. so whats is the use of it?

anyway for the people who are excited about it , maybe u can try doing what i did ... send both parents to work in morning .. and if any1 can tell me why is this useful?


Jess159 -

If you praise them while making a latte you will get a trophy.


after you found out how to open the shed if you put them there there action says watering flowers. they get to the hose and it says no water presure what do i do to get water presure?


Katie -

Check the "Repairs and Household Items" section of the walkthrough. It will tell you what you need to know.


What's the red ball everyone is talking about and where do you get it?


Katie - Check the FAQs in the walkthrough section for information about the red ball.


Okay, thanks for the advice but where is that on this website or the game?

[edit: The walkthrough section is located right above the comments on this page, in the large blue box. It contains FAQs and other helpful information about the game. Here is a link:


Can I know how to praise someone who's chasing gopher?
My kid had dig a hole to China, but his status is never playing in the yard.
What should I do?
It's my last praising trophy.
Can someone help me??
Thanks! ^^


Hey there, It's me again!
Anw, I'd like to ask about the bugs collection.
Until now, I only get 2 common items for bugs.
How can we find it faster?
All I get is coin, coin and more coins.
Thanks for the help!

Danielle June 18, 2009 6:26 PM

Salad Packager salary tops out at 210. I noticed it wasn't filled in on the list yet =)


Dumb -

The kids chasing gophers is a random behavior. They will scream while doing so (just like they do when playing in the dirt). So if you hear the kids scream like that go see if they are chasing the gopher.

As for the bugs, they tend to come out when it's raining, so look carefully when it rains or use the tropical rain that you can buy from the store.


hello ... it's me again .. i did not find an answer for my question in the FAQ ... if i am not going to open the game for a day or two , how much food should i leave for them to survive?

jess159 June 18, 2009 6:48 PM

Hi. Thanks for the reply, but I have some more questions. And sorry for bothering, but am a bit new.

1) The players fail to water plants. They take the water cans from the shed and go to the hose but then they just shake their head. Is the solution for this the "waterproof tape"? And what do I do if i did not find this yet in the store?
2) How can I adopt children?
3) I have a couple who always argued when I dropped them on each other to make a baby, then they had their first 1 when they were 30. Will it be difficult for them to have more kids?
4) One of my families, all its members are ALWAYS "exhausted" or "tired", so they go to bed or I put them in bed sometimes. They are sleeping almost all the time , They rarely work and the house is becoming messy. What can I do? I got 1 energy drink from the store and used but it did not make much difference and now no more energy drinks. What can I do?


To Sasha:

If you're going to leave the game for awhile, I would suggest you put the game on pause (use the spacebar). Food isn't the only concern while you are gone. They could get sick and without medicine they will eventually die. Plus, not cleaning the house makes them depressed. I deliberately left a family unattended to see what would happen and it was pretty bad. The mother and daughter died. I nursed the father back to health, but he never remarried or had any other kids. He died after spending over 20 years alone.


To Jess159:

Many of your questions are covered in the blue walkthrough section located at the top of this page. Here's a direct link:

Walkthrough section

If you still have questions after looking through the walkthrough, let us know and we'll be glad to help you! :)

jess159 June 18, 2009 8:47 PM

Thanks, but the walkthrough did not help me about the constantly "EXHAUSTED" family. Energy drink does not work. Also vitamins. What else can I do?


Hi. Does the game have a clock? I see people saying it's 6 a.m. in the game, for example. How do you know that? I can only recognize day and night, but can't recognize mornings and afternoons, night or evening , and so on!!

How can I know the suitable time to put my players in bed? Because I put them in bed when it's dark, but then I find them "tired" or "exhausted." Seems as if I'm making them go to sleep at wrong times or maybe they are not getting enough sleep. Can someone help me in this?

And one more question please. How can I know that the children are studying enough? And will it affect them when it's time to join college or work if I do not make them study a lot now when they are young?

Thank you all.


jess159 - I have usually had luck with a totally exhausted person when I put them in bed in the evening, and then turn the game off till morning. (Or only play a different family.)

Anonymous June 18, 2009 9:52 PM

I just got the latte trophy. Making a latte is a random action just like working out, looking at the garden, etc.


To Jess159:

Have you checked to make sure you have the most current version (1.00.05)? There was a problem with energy levels in earlier versions. Look in the lower left corner of the menu screen to find the version number. If you have an earlier version, you need to go back to the site where you originally purchased the game and download the current version on top of your existing game.

To Adel:

About the time of day -

Your families are in the same time zone as you. If it's 9:00 a.m. for you, then it's also 9:00 a.m. for your families. You can reverse a.m. and p.m. from the options screen, which is sometimes helpful if you only play at night, but want some daytime with your families.

About energy levels -

You can help with their energy levels by putting them in the hammock or in bed, but you need to be sure to let them finish their sleep cycle. If you interrupt them, they'll never gain energy. Also, you need to shut the game down every day to let them recharge.

About children studying -

Studying seems to just be an activity for the children to do. I haven't seen that it effects their adult careers at all. So, it doesn't really matter if a child studies or not, except as something to keep them busy.


To fix over heating washing driers and to fix leaking taps, drop people on the work room
[Edit: For the dryer you need the fire extinguisher and this is in the shed. :) Greetings, Kayleigh]

gallen2002 June 19, 2009 9:01 AM

I am trying to get my people to make a latte, but they haven't yet. I did get them to make breakfast and to make coffee but no latte. Any tips? I am in my 6th generation now.


Hello all. What does it take to get someone to do Kung Fu?? I saw that one of my guys in a previous generation do Tai Chi, but that was it. Please help!


Mimi - To get them to do kung fu,

..give them an energy drink. This works best if their energy bar is at least at the halfway point so the drink gives them full energy.

gallen2002 - Making a latte..

.. is a random event that happens in the morning. All you can do is wait for them to do it.

PrincessSweetie June 19, 2009 4:10 PM

To Borgessa:

I have NO idea why she is depressed. Her partner has not died. No one has died! There is plenty of food for them. Also, I need help on one more thing. She now has a child and a husband and all of their statuses are " Feeling Blue" don't know why though. Could you always help me when I need help please?

PrincessSweetie June 19, 2009 4:15 PM

To Gallen 2002:

Making lattes are just random.. try to play at 7:00 am amd they might be making a latte remember random and REALLY rare!! Your welcome!


To PrincessSweetie:

Here are some ways to help your people with being depressed:

Praise them and give them candy often. Keep the house clean. Make sure they have plenty of food. Buy upgrades when you have the money. The one that works the best is the praising. Just be sure that you don't praise them too often for the same thing because they'll run away. Watch the things they do and when it's something good, praise them.

Let me know if this helps. :)

Deborah June 19, 2009 5:26 PM

Whats with this red ball. i have been to the wakthrough but it is only a picture pointing to the upper left hand corner. I would love you all to death if you could share more info,also, i am in my 3rd generation and for some reason the photos have stopped popping up, am i supposed to accomplish something in order for them to continue? thanks in advance.


So I had something different happen. Had a family that had children late in life and adopted a little girl even later in life. I opened the game and the dad had died. So I figured I am going to keep trying for the mom for the 65 age trophy. Then she died and the two youngest kids were there 15 and 7ish. I could continue with the kids until school, but was earning no money. . .


Mail order baker tops out at 285


To Deborah:

About the red ball -

The red ball is just something extra the developers threw in for fun. It's not relevant to the rest of the game.

About the picture pieces -

The picture pieces do slow down, but keep in mind that there is only one set of them. All of the other collections pop up with duplicates, so it seems like there are more of them. There aren't any duplicates of the picture pieces. You don't have to do anything to get them except be patient.


My only real issue is my real family! My boys play my game while I'm at work....they spend my money on new outfits and 6000 units of food (saving for the future clearly has no meaning for 3 year olds).
Wish the collectables would pop up more often tho.


I just wanted to ask how do they remove cobwebs? When will they do Kung Fu? When will they make a latte? When will they chase gophers?

[Edit: Please check the walkthrough section at the top of this page for help with your questions. If you still need to ask something, we'll be happy to help you. -Pam]


Does anyone know what's up with the birdbath? I've repaired it and now it sparkles. Knowing the VV series very well, I know that anything that sparkles has a hidden meaning. I've dropped adults on it, I've dropped kids on it, I've dropped the whole family all on it, but all they do is 'admiring the birdbath'.
Maybe something is hidden inside it? If anyone knows, I'm dying to find out.



I have been playing the game for several weeks but have not found any picture pieces for my collection yet. What do they look like and where are they found?

Thanks for your help!


i see alot of people talking about "bugs" and "finding bugs" .. i really do not know what it is !! and i do not understand , so if someone can please tell me what is it ?and how to do it?and what's it's use?? i'd be thankful


Dodi -

One of the collectibles is insects, aka "bugs". They are talking about finding insects for the collection.


It seems to me that a few things for sale in the store are not that useful... sunscreen, towelette, encyclopedia. Am I missing something are these items more for fun and not really useful? I know the encyclopedia can add interests, but other than the "likes walking" thing, it doesn't seem to me that any of these add much to how you play the game.