To JD:

Minors are no different than the other children when it's time for the next generation. They remain on the family tree, but do not return to the gameplay.



I had the same problem with one of my workshop workers. My workshop is upgraded as far as it goes, but my guy was making slow progress. Was about a quarter of the way thru level 7. He would only work it when I forced him to... I praised him but still whenever I turned on the game he was always somewhere else and made no progress. He was 62 last time I saw him alive.. next time I turned it on he was dying! Never did get him to finish... good luck with yours!

Jennifer June 6, 2009 11:29 PM

I know this question has already been asked but how exactly do you refresh the confused.


To Jennifer:

The store refreshes automatically every four hours.


My first family (Briana and Dozo) just started its 8th generation! Marila and Pop died side by side in their sleep. It was hard to choose which of their children to carry on because Rupee looks exactly like her great-great-great-great grandmother, but Stephono was a good boy with unique looks who took care of his parents as they died. I ended up choosing Rupee. :)


To BonM and ShhhQ:

It's possible that your people have trouble working because of something on their profile. I've had some that disliked working and I'm sure it would effect their jobs.


The particular guy I was talking about. His chosen profession was a toaster repairer. He had no dislikes and he liked makeup and plants! But I have a lot of trouble with the workshop people not wanting to finish careers, have better luck with kitchen and office. Out of 5 families... I have 3 to have mastered cooking, 3 to have mastered office, and only 1 to have mastered a workshop career. I just think that the workshop ones are just a bit harder to accomplish.


picture framer max out at


it's not included in the list in the walkthrough guide so i thought i would just post it up here. =)


My 4 YEAR-OLD girl is DEPRESSED! What do I do? Is it something I did or was it because I wasn't on for 3 days? I don't know why but she is an only child and the parents haven't had another, or really even tried, but she was "Celebrating the new baby". Is that imaginary or something? Or is she, for some odd reason, celebrationg herself? As I said before she is four years old. Please help me figure this out, because I don't want the house taken over by a person who is delusional! (Parents are 33 so I expect they will be gone soon)

~Shauna~ June 7, 2009 10:36 AM

I go to my image backup file I made and I copy the petgrid.png I take it to the image folder it asks if I want to replace it I say yes

I have gotten so fed up that I deleted the file The weird pet stays
My only thought is that there is another file for pets with a different name I don't know about I look carefully but I don't see any

Thats what I get for messing with mods

jamocha June 7, 2009 11:26 AM

Ok I am confused...I thought I read somewhere that if your person was single, they would have the option later on to adopt a child. I had a family in the third generation, but the girl never married and then she just died and Ilost the entire game! :(


Jamocha -

Unfortunately, the adoption is a random event, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.


cammieo - depressed girl

Make sure, that there is enough food in the fridge. Not enough food or not enough diffrent kind of food makes you people depressed. Praise the little girl, give her candies and/or fruits. That will make her feel better.
Oh and about your parents. They normaly pass away between 60 and 70. So they still have time to make another baby ;) - I had a woman, getting a baby with 58! But I think, this is seldom. Normaly they stop around 50, 52 having babies.

Greetings, Kayleigh


Pam -

Additional salary info:

Sustainability Consultant top salary $300


Does anyone know how to fix the hose? and about collectibles, im getting lots of papers but no bugs


I have a 60 year old couple with twin twelve year old boys at home. the wife just died, everyone is depressed, but when i click on one of the boys it said "Excited about the new baby" and twice now has said "Jealous of new baby" What's up with that?


hey I have a child and slowly his health has been degenerating. It does not say any actual illness, just that he is weak, I've tried everything including doctors consultations and all the medicines, getting him to sleep more, eat more... and his health just keeps going down, I don't know what else to try...


To Thomas:

You'll find help for the hose under the Repairs spoiler in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page.

As for the bugs, they just don't show up as often as the other items. They tend to show up when it's raining, though, so maybe that will help.

To Shari:

That's just some kind of glitch in the game. I've never had it happen, but I've heard about it from other people.

To Amber:

It's possible you just have a weak child. Giving fruit helps increase health, as well as vitamins, so give some to him every time they show up in the store. It's also possible that some of the medications have weakened him if you've given all of them to him.

downandout June 8, 2009 2:55 AM

Do anybody know all 9 behaviors they are supposed to be praised for to get a trophy?


To everyone,

I've been reading this and playing this game for the past couple of weeks. I'm running 5 families at time (one of all red-heads). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if I hit the "r" key while my store page is open, it refreshes my varied items, but only once. I also find if my computer goes in sleep mode, after I wake it and get back on the game, I can refresh the store again, even if I had just refreshed it prior to sleep mode. This has helped tremendously at getting the house fixed, etc.

Also, anyone have any tips at getting a person to do kung fu? I figure it's just random.

Has anyone tried using the red glove a lot to get your person to stop doing everything else and only work? Just an idea to get them to advance their job. In the process of trying this now.

Does anyone know how to catch the oven on fire? Maybe interrupt them while cooking and keeping them from turning the oven off? Has anyone tried this?

Oh, and to who was asking where everyone is playing. . . Louisiana!!!




To Downandout

1 Praising someone who turned off tv
2 Praising someone making a meal
3 Praise someone doing Kung Fu
4 Praise someone cleaning nightstand
5 Someone chasing gophers
6 Someone tossing out fish
7 someone making a latte
8 someone brushing hair
9 someone putting out oven fire.


To Lori:

About using R to refresh the store -

The R to refresh the store is something the developers did to correct a bug. If your store refreshes when you press R, then you had the bug. In my case, R does nothing because I didn't have that bug. It's supposed to refresh your store only one time and reset it so that it refreshes every four hours automatically.

About Kung Fu -

I have found that they do Kung Fu if you give them an energy drink while their energy bar is at least at the halfway point. It gives them max energy and they do Kung Fu. If you give it to them while the energy bar is below the halfway mark, they will just exercise outside.

About their careers -

Progress on their career will get easier as you purchase upgrades for their working rooms. If you were to give them the red glove all the time, they would get depressed just from the use of the hand itself. Plus they would be unhappy because they wouldn't get to play or take showers or relax. All of those things go together to make for a happy and healthy person. :)

About the oven catching fire -

I think the oven fires do happen because someone doesn't turn the oven off, but I've had plenty of oven fires that I didn't have to orchestrate. They will happen sooner or later.

cherrycola June 8, 2009 6:07 AM

Hi my new generation has a job as an ARTIST, I don't know how to make her work her job. I've tried to put her in kitchen, office, and workshop, but none of them fit her career, please help!

DopeyMoo June 8, 2009 7:22 AM

Just a quickie, has anyone ever had a child that does adult chores? I have a child who has only just stopped being a 'maggot' and he went to the oven and his status said 'heating up some food'!I have dragged other children there and they don't do anything - even his twin brother!

Hope all you're families are well - I have just started my 5th - looks like they will be poor - both have rubbish jobs!

Oh and I'm in Suffolk in England btw!

Dopey :)

vixensqueak June 8, 2009 10:34 AM

help! both my couple died early, made me so sad. what did i do wrong!


vixensqueak - At what age did your couple die? In general, good sleeping habits, organic food, and walking on the treadmill are good for keeping your peeps healthy. You also have to check on them pretty frequently to make sure they are fed and not sick.

CherryCola - Artist sounds to me like a workshop career - you're sure they won't work in any room? Those are the only three... maybe it's a glitch?


My "parents" died and even though I had 6 children it didn't give me the option to have one of them continue. Is there a way to do it or do I just have to give up on that house?


Julie - You don't have the "start new generation" option under your family screen?


I am in 5th generation. My couple WILL NOT have a baby though I have tried to make them. The are in their 40's now. Any suggestions? I don't want to have this be my last and lose my game.


Becky -

If they argue when you try, just pick one up and drop them on the other while they are arguing. Keep doing this until they kiss and try for a baby.

If they try but don't succeed, try the baby boost shot available in the store.


I'm just wondering if there's anything to increase the odds of triplets...


Amanda -

No, sorry, triplets are random and rare. I've tried the baby boost but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Anonymous June 8, 2009 6:53 PM

how do you fix the water fountain?, i bought the pump and placed it next to it, but when i drop them on it they say too heavy to lift


is there anyway to make an adoption happen or do you just have to wait for an email? one of my couples just aren't having kids and now theyr in their 40's.. i dont want to lose this family so i need some kids fast!


JIGuest -

Check the walkthrough under "Repairs and Household Items". That should help.



here are some more career max salaries...sorry but dont have the start pay on them

Accountant 285
book reviewer 285
English tutor 210
fruit examiner 285


To Tricia:

Adoptions are random like other household events. It's not an email, though. Just one of those blue window that pops up for you to choose what to do.


To DopeyMoo:

Children do a lot of the things that adults do, like taking out the trash, for instance. For things like heating up some food, that's not something you can make them do. They do it on their own.


I did continue putting them together for a baby when they argued. Also used the baby boost....still NOTHING...booooo hooooo


To Becky:

I'd say just keep on them constantly. Sometimes after failing to produce a baby, you can try again as soon as 15 minutes later. And... I just had a mother that had a baby at age 50!


Update about Kung Fu -

I was mistaken about their energy needing to be at max. I just had a guy do Kung Fu after giving an energy drink that only put him a little over the halfway point on his energy bar.


I've got a two year old that was walking slowly and I thought he was sick. But no, he's fine. I looked at his profile to see if I could figure out why he's so slow and, sure enough, he dislikes running! I hope to get a desensitization kit sometime soon. xD

Anonymous June 9, 2009 4:37 AM

How do you get the people to sleep?? I keep putting them on the bed, and it says going to bed, I praise them for it, but they just keep getting more and more tired, now exhausted, and they will not sleep. What can I do??

Azgelphre June 9, 2009 5:26 AM

How do we repaint the walls? I have already bought the paint and placed it near the sandbox. What do i need to do next?


I had a kid like that a while back, I definately DID NOT pick them to start the next generation... can be very irritating!

Are you praising them after it says going to bed? I find what works best is to get them to say "going to bed" watch until they actually lay down and then leave the game to let them get their rest.


Azgelphre - painting

The "paint" you bought, is composer for the workshop wall.How to use it, please have a look at the FAQ section on top of the comments. You will find your answer there :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

Lindsay June 9, 2009 9:16 AM

Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about the baby boost. It says to use only once, or it has a diminished effect. Does that mean once per person or once total? Like could I give it to the girl and then the guy, or just one of them? Thanks! Also, I'm in my EIGHTH generation and I have only found one bug :( I make it rain all the time too. Lame.


Is there anything special that my family needs to do in order to have a set of multiples (example: twins or triplets)? My family has been successful in having one baby at a time, but never multiples. PLEASE HELP :)



I've added your question to the FAQ in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page. Please check there for assistance.


To Lindsay:

About the baby boost -

When it says that the baby boost has a diminished effect after the first dose, it means that the subsequent uses of baby boost won't have as much impact on whether the couple will have a baby. It doesn't mean that it will lessen their chances overall. You can give more than one dose of baby boost and each dose will increase their chances, but the amount of increase declines steadily with each dose. (I hope that makes sense).

Does that help?

downandout June 9, 2009 12:14 PM

Thanks a bunch, Lori. You're a helpful trooper. Keep it Going ;)


HELP! A weed has grown on the desk by the computer and every time I try to get one of my people to pick it, they just start working on their career or browsing the web. Now I can't get the cleanest estate trophy please help!



To Downandout:

All of those trophies are also listed in the game on the trophies page.

To Leeshia Bug:

You've still got a couple of options for the weed.

You can buy a weed bomb when it becomes available in the store. You can also let the maids clean and do your yard, which comes as a random household event.

LacyGyrl June 9, 2009 5:40 PM

I just started this game not too long ago and my 1st Gen is still kickin at 63. She's a Ketchup Bottler and she Mastered at $210. She and her husband had a set of twin boys, a single boy and 2 adopted, 1 boy 1 girl. This game is pretty neat :)

Just thought I would add my two cents....

James Hawk June 9, 2009 6:39 PM

I find it odd that I can go through five or six generations of family members, but the darned dog never dies!


is it possible that there may be more than one red ball in the game? I somehow found another one as I was just moving about the house and wasn't sure if maybe it was just a glitch.

Borgessa June 10, 2009 5:46 AM

Hi everyone,

Just want to leave a note, I love this game its very cute. But it can also be very slow- I been playing a few days and as I play the game I enjoy reading all the comments here :)

I'm only up to page 8 :)

I have picked up some good tips, so thanks to everyone. I have noticed repeat questions that are answered in the tutorial and often wonder why folks just don't read that, Oh well. Not for me to tell anyone off lol. (or did I?)

My families are cute, I only have one second generation so far and 3, that the first generation is about to die. I'm trying to get them to live as long as possible. They are raking in the money at the moment. No twins or such yet and I am a little jealous of those who had triplets on thier first breeding attempt!

As for the bugs they are driving me nuts, they are definetly the hardest to find but i'm still working on it. Picked me up a snail woo hooo.

As for the water pressure and the tape.

As for the water pressure when trying to fix the hose, I always just put someone in the shower, I found trying to get someone to take a drink was hit and miss half the time.

Not sure if this was a spoiler or not so tagged it.

Anyway thanks for the reading as I stroll leasurely through the game (as you all know it takes a while!)


Kelsey -

Yes, you can get more than one ball in a game, other people have managed it.

Blueearth June 10, 2009 2:41 PM

I have a boy I adopted and he has red hair which is different from the rest of my family, so I am wanting to give the house to him when the time comes, just to change things up. But he is sick all the time. I have had to give him all kinds of medicine. His sick bar stays at about mid range. If I choose him when he is an adult will this pattern continue or will he be better after returning from college? Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks.....


Blueearth -

Do you have the money to buy a doctor's exam? I had someone in my game who kept getting sick, so I broke down and bought the exam. Turned out he had an underlying infection that needed treatment.

Blueearth June 10, 2009 3:05 PM

I just treated him for another sore throat. Should I wait until it says he is sick again before I get the doctor? I have enough money, so it is no problem.

Blueearth June 10, 2009 3:40 PM


Thank you for your help. I ordered the doc and my boy did have an infection. I treated him and I am hoping that will be the end of it. His health bar is still mid range, but I am hoping that will go up now since he is cured. Thanks again!


Blueearth -

No, no need to wait. Just buy the doctor appointment and hit him with it. Do you have an energy drink? If it is an infection and you have to treat with either penicillin or vancomycin it will drain his energy. He will need to sleep it off if you don't have an energy drink.


Triplets! I got my first set of triplets! Wooty tooty! \o/

It happened in the 8th generation. I've got five families going: two in the 8th generation, one in the 7th generation, one in 5th generation, and one in the 2nd generation. This is the very first set of triplets! And they are very ugly! xD

kittycat June 10, 2009 11:38 PM

How do you get the shed door open

Borgessa June 11, 2009 6:41 AM

Thanks to everyone for all the tips on the Mods- I was getting quite bored looking at the same old house. Feels like a new game with the new look.

My families are doing okay - they are all working hard some earning more than others.
Had my first set on twins today Yippee!

My mom here has died, aged 64, trying to keep dad and child around until he's 65 for the trophy - I been praising them alot trying to lift them out of depression. My girl is finally just a little bit blue. I found her sitting on the path a little bit blue- Jealous about the new baby. What new baby??? She's virtually a only child now only one left! And only her Dad for comapny.

Thought that was cute.

Salaries I've come accross

Candle Maker- max 300
Essay Writer- max 210 (very disappointing)
Picture Framer- max 285

Am working on a few others too will let you know :)


I recently had to start a new generation on one of my families. It is like the 5th or 6th generation and NO ONE has completed a job!!! So I was hoping for someone who would actually work! One of the kids under LIKES said WORK... I had to choose her, even if she was only a glue mixer! I got her married early and wanted her to have a child asap so I could get her working on her carreer but not worry bout the next generation. Her husband is has a kitchen job.. hoping to cover 2 careers with this couple. I used the Encyclopedia and it now says he likes soup... which is a good thing, since his career is SOUP TASTER!! Wish me luck with this duo... they now have 3 kids.. the first one that they made and 2 adoptions.

Anonymous June 11, 2009 5:40 PM

Can somebody please tell me why there's a hole outside by the broken fountain? I don't mean the crack inside the house. For some reason, it just popped up and there are no actions provided for the adults to fix it. I'm just wondering what it is and how I can fix it. Thank you.

[Edit: Please post your comment only once. If you don't have a Casual Gameplay account, your comment goes to moderation and it can take awhile for it to show up. This can be avoided in the future by registering for a free Casual Gameplay account. -Pam]


JIGuest -

One of your kids dug it. Don't worry, it will fill itself in eventually, or one of the adults will go do it.


People on here been saying someone gets sick they die. Someone please help me. Both my lil parents are sick and they are 33. My lil kid is 4. Please help.


To Marissa:

Look in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page. You will find lots of help under the spoiler for Illnesses and Cures. If you still have trouble, we'll try to help. :)


Hi, just seen some comments about running multiple families at the same time? Is that possible, and if so how? (Sorry if its already been answered!)

Cheers :)

Borgessa June 12, 2009 7:28 AM

To Addy

Yup its possible, go to the main screen, and then click on the current player. You have the option of making 5 other families here.


Hey every one this games is amazing iam soo addicted. Just thought id add a post on here and say THANKYOU to every one on here as you have all helped me so much. Im on my 3rd generation an no not had triplets :( but i have had twins hehe. Bout those red balls i at one point had 4 but when i put them all out 3 disapears so may b a glitch bt its funny. The people dont play with the balls tho do they? My collections all i need nw is 3 bugs an im all done yay cant wait hehe. I have 67 trophies and trying to get them all but them erm latte and fish ones are stressin me out and thnx for the kung fu one was so happy when i did that one. well love you all one here and lovin the game more ill be reading ya comments

Jess xxxx

P.S Im from Liverpool England xxx

Borgessa June 12, 2009 9:40 AM

To Jess

I have had the best luck getting the latte when my guys are tired, instead of napping they'll go for the coffee or latte. Now i'm not saying its a sure thing. Just noticed for me thats when they go for it.
I have been known to drop them in the kitchen area when they are tired a time or two. It usually works.

I think someone has been round my yard with some bugspray! I am not finding very many at all- and I search every rain storm I see. Its either bug spray or the neighbour is using pesticides. Grrrr

I keep having to buy the antispam software, says its a house upgrade anyone know for how long it works? Its often there to buy- geez just like real life, always having to upgrade the antivirus/spyware!

Candle Maker- max $300
Essay Writer- max $210
Picture Framer- max $285
Glue Mixer- Max $210
Lens Crafter- Max $300
BBQ Sauce Creator -Max $690

Anonymous June 12, 2009 11:47 AM

Does anyone know a special way to make babys? I have started 3 families and none of them have kids...they just don't seem to want any..kind of boring cause the game doen's go on anymore? I have tried the baby boost with no luck


Are you trying to make them have children?
They won't do it on their own...

Place the 2 adults together, if they argue... keep trying... it will say trying to make a baby. They will then head to the bedroom and preform a little ritual.. involving rose petals, jumping on the bed and kissing the air. IF you are lucky they will make a baby.. but it isn't always successful, so you will have to try again. However, you do have to wait...usually a half hour is long enough. I have had some families that it took a long time to have a child, but have not had any family (knock on wood) that hasn't had any children.

~Shauna~ June 12, 2009 1:55 PM

Dress maker $285

I feel sorry for my people that have to pick up the purple bug ewwwww


One of the parents of my 4th generation family has just passsed away, and I was watching the other family members closely to try to bring up their happiness levels when I noticed that my youngest child was "excited about the new baby"

This child is actually the youngest and is already 12 - so definitely no new baby. Has anyone else seen this happen? Just a strange glitch?


Just wanted to give you guys an update about my "main family". :] It's now in the 3rd generation, and the parents are Kevin and Grace. They have three daughters together: Elenaa, Fiona, Emilia and an adopted son, Peter. All of the kids are in college, and both of the parents are age 60. I'm hoping that one will live to be 65, so I can snag that trophy. ;)

Wish me luck,


Juat an obsevation -

It seems to me that 'excited about new baby' and 'jealous of new baby' tend to happen after someone dies...not sure why that would be, but that's the ONLY time I've noticed them popping up randomly.

As for my families... I was up to the 6th generation with my original family and had just managed to have my first set of twins and finally get the funky smell trophy for the first time - oh and I had all the upgrades for my 1st fam....anyway I had gotten that far on one of the lower versions and thought I had figured out how to upgrade to 1.00.05 w/o losing my progress...........

Nope. I was wrong. So I had to start all over again. Hadn't realized how attatched I had gotten to all my families until they disappeared on me!

However so far all my new fams (I've only started 3) have gotten the funky smell trophy right off the bat.

Oh and my first fam? as soon as I picked the person to adopt and it switched to the house screen I got an adoption request!!


fiction writer maxes out at 390. A bit disappointing!


I just finally got the kung fu trophy!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Thanks Pam! :)


Oh! and now I just had twins!!!!! yay! lol sorry! :p turning the game off now for the night!


Life is life...

Since Clyde reached the age of 51 he was permantly exhausted or tired. I did everything for him: Gave him vitamines and fruits, he had a rest in the hammcock, on the couch, sleeping in bed over day. I gave him energy drinks, even let the doctor look for him. Nothing helped. He slooooooooowly did, what he had to do, but nothing more (no, he did not disliked running - before this, he walked normal).

I was always worried, that he would die young. Everytime I started the game, I thought: Clyde might be dead.

This morning, Clyde is now 63, I opened the screen and Marcy was laying on the bed and passed away.

Clyde was depressed, but only for a moment. Two minutes after Marcy was gone, he adopted a little boy. I praised him for perparing a meal, gave him a fresh mango and .... Clyde was happy, walked normal, and behaves like a young man.

I guess, this marriage was not happy (Ok, I never liked her that much, but a divorce is not possible, guess they are all catholics ;)). Who knows, maybe he will even marry again? I will let him handle the situation as single Dad as long as he can go on.


wow, I think I'm lucky here..
my first generation, Faye and Jamie, are both Pesto sauce creator and online store operator. They're both started at $15 / day, and end at $690/day, so at my first generation they had bought ALL the store upgrade, house upgrade, and ALL the workshop and kitchen and computer upgrade level 2.. :D
they even had some cash to upgrade one to level 3.. (I upgrade kitchen)
they had 4 kids, never had twins..:(
and now I choose Miracle, their daughter, which job not as good as before.. had no twins either, but alas, had 4 DAUGHTER. I'm so happy.. wondering if they can had 6 DAUGHTER and no son.. lol..

Borgessa June 13, 2009 6:52 AM

To Kayleigh

Perhaps he killed her?!! Sounds like he's a happy man now. Did you notice a huge increase in cash? He may have had a Life insurance policy out on her too boot!

I am getting totally frustrated with my first family. They are in thier 50's in the second generation. I have all 5 games going. They where the first I started and still waiting on floor repairs. I finally got two floor repairs for them. I was so happy. They often email me that the house needs repairs and i'm like WAAAAA I wanna help but the game is just not giving them to me hon!

Yay finally got two of the holes in the floor fixed.. turned on this morning.. earth quake happened did damage to my house.. I'm back to square one with the holes in the floor. I almost cried I tell ya!! I have not seen a floor repair kit for them since either!

Shoe Maker- Start $15 Max $690


To Borgessa
No Life insurance, but he works now like a horse ;). So strange... till his loss (even though for him it seems to be a winning ;)) he hardly reached middle of Level 3. Now he had already the promotion and is middle of Level 4 ....

About the floor repair kit - I had one of this families too. Over four generations... and then I got that much floor repair kits as if they are living in a castle... So, don't worry. The day will come for you to have a complete house ;)


Does anyone know anything about the desanitizetion kit?

Anonymous June 13, 2009 2:48 PM

My guy is extremly weak and i dont know why!
Can anyone tell me to do!?


Asra - desanitizetion kit

You use the kit to get rid of a something one of your people dislikes. I only use it, when I have someone disliking running, as it makes him faster walking. It does not help, when your people do walk slowly because they are getting old

Greetings, Kayleigh

Daisy March June 13, 2009 4:41 PM

Just wanted to say thx to everyone for all their help, i have 3 families, all 1st generation, and the help on here has really helped me get started! My first family has parents Nici and Steve, had triplets first time :) Jess, Evie and Emily, then had a boy called Teddy two years later,adopted a girl called Paige and then had another girl called Hannah. The triplets are now in college! My second family has parents Trishia and Nugget, and has just had a girl called Pepper, who is sooooo cute! My third has parents Alean and Kalten, and girl called Flute. I seem to have so many girls lol! Sorry this is so long, just wanted to share my little friends with you guys!
Thx for all the help!


Does the windchime sound mean anything, or is that just part of the music?


JIGuest -

If your guy is extremely weak, that means his health is low. The first thing to do is buy the doctor consult and see if he/she has an infection that needs taking care of. If so, give them the appropriate medicine. If not, there are multi-vitamins available in the store randomly that can help bring up his health. Also any healthy fruit in the store (mango, banana, etc.) can help bring up their health.

kjm -

There is a bit of debate about that. some people think it might mean there is a collectible to be found somewhere, but it is not always accurate.

Lindsay June 13, 2009 6:52 PM

Thanks for the info on the baby boost Pam. Just thought I would share that the nonfiction maxes out at 390 and eyeglass repairer is 300. It's funny because I just started a new generation on my 5th family, and I noticed that the wife runs all the time. I thought at first she just had a lot of energy, but it just turns out that she likes running on her likes/dislikes. lol so whenever I try to have them make a baby, she's done even before the husband finishes dancing at the bed.

About the red balls:

I have the red balls on all 5 families. I managed to get three of them by going to the upper left hand corner and grabbing them there, but I wasn't able to get them on the last two families. So on the families that had the red ball I dropped the ball on the 'play area' inside that circle thing, and then when I went to the families that didn't have the ball, I was able to pull the ball out of the play area. Weird!


Ok I just wanted to share... I have the most adorable little girl named Sophia. I wanted to post a picture since most of my families are rather unattractive LOL. But I've no idea how to get her pic on here... oh well... she's sooooo cute and is very well behaved, I think she will be the next generation if she turns out as a good adult. This bloodline must go on! Maybe I'll get more pretty kids. Oh and btw... you guys are great. It's nice to know I'm not the only addict with 5 families ;)


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PrincessSweetie June 13, 2009 10:57 PM

I need help! My girl, Bailey, is 35 and she is totally depressed. I cannot go to the store to buy fruit or vitamins to help her get better! So what is another way to get her better? I am afraid she might get too depressed and then she will do suicide. Please respond ASAP!


To PrincessSweetie:

First of all, there might be a reason why she is depressed. Does she have a husband? If you try to have a single parent, they may be unhappy being alone. Next, why can't you go to the store? Vitamins and fruit only help when they are weak, which is their health bar. Being depressed is from their happiness bar. Giving her praise and candy treats will help increase her happiness.


I wonder what is the "red ball". Is it part of the collection? (I don't see any red ball in my family so far)

Also, when one person dies in my game, the whole game needs to restart by creating new generation. How can I keep playing those still alive little people without starting a new generation?