To get the batteries out of the holes,

zoom out to see the entire chair, click on it and it moves, then you can click on the holes.

I had the same issues.

[Edit: Spoiler added by Kayleigh]


see from what i understood i was to combine them the way i showed you with GU,etc. if i do it that way,i do get that number. when i do the first 4 numbers on the left that are revealed already begfore searching for clues,is the same number as the one i showed you. Maybe i'm not supposed to mess with the first 4 numbers on the sheet,but if i am,then explain how i came up with those numbers? I can't get the color and i can't get the chess thing. the game was easy up until this part. i'm confused :(


In case you are still mixed up,i'll try this one more time to explain:

ok,you know the piece of paper you obtained that has 4 numbers on the left? on mine it reads

A4,C2,A2,C3. on the right are numbers covered up by a magic marker or blank ink so it's unreadable. the clues around the room with the backlight are: GO=D4 OD=A1 LU=C4 and CK=D4
now,according to an instruction,i'm to now arrange them by GD,OC,OU,and LK. in mine these codes now read. D4,A2,C1,C4. see how A2 above on the numbers on the left have the exact numbers i mixed and matched? if i type in that,i'll get A4,C2,A2,C3,D4,A2,C1,C4. meaning A2 is typed twice. and if i only type the last 4,i get nothing anyway. If GD,OU,OC,LK comes out to the combination i want,but yet it won;t open the door to the key,then i have no idea what else to do.

so as you can see no matter what i do,i'm totally at a dead end and i'm not going to mix up the numbers saying "well D1 must mean C3" as to guess. so i don;t know.



Originally posted by Paul:

the clues around the room with the backlight are: GO=D4 OD=A1 LU=C4 and CK=D4
now,according to an instruction,i'm to now arrange them by GD,OC,OU,and LK. in mine these codes now read. D4,A2,C1,C4.

No, they don't. You're combining them incorrectly.


well how else can you combine them. if G is B,then G is B for example,so how can i set it like that but have it wrong? can you show me what i'm doing wrong then? because obviously i'm never going to figure this out. and i'm still stuck on the colored one.

If the colors say Red,Blue,Pink,Green,and Yellow,and the backlight says "5 3 2 4 6" in that order and i only hit the 5th,3rd,2nd,4th,and 6th keys it should be green,but it buzzes even though that's the order it gave. :(

i've never had such a hard time with these Point and click games like i have with this.


everyone,i apologize. i finally figured out what i was doing wrong. i took a another sheet of paper and wrote down everything fresh. i mist have gotten numbers mixed up in my head. Anyway,i also got the colored one finally as well,and i finally finished the game. to all that have helped me,if i was being annoying or bugging anyone,it was not intentional. I know you probably hate me or something,so if no one wants to give me help ever again,i totally understand/ having Asperger's,i get confused really easily. Anyway i think i understand what to do from now on. I might play again later tonight. See ya.


i just played the whole walkthrough again and i played it flawlessly. once again i apologize if i acted dumb or stupid. at least i can finally play the game. i just hope no one is mad at me. Thanks again.


im having trouble with the swiss army knife. i cant get the screwdriver to come out. all i can get is the knife, the bottle opener, the can opener, and the cork screw.


Well done, Paul! ^_^


Look closer - one of those is a screwdriver.


as Thrasymachus said for the GOOD LUCK puzzle:

·first enter the 4 numbers on the paper clue

remember the board is like this

··A B C D

· then use for 5 = GO=??
6 = OD=??
7 = LU=??
8 = CK=??

¨??¨ from the clues you found in the room.

Worked for me :)


nessa i did that and i went GD LK etc and the numbers looked accurate to me,but when i verified the original 4 numbers,my new numbers had one that was exactly like the old numbers on the sheet,so as i said i must have mixed something up somehow. and Ryan

with the swiss army knife closed,click 4 times. the one after the corkscrew,is the screwdriver. Doesn't look like one but you can tell on the end part it's flat from left to right like a screwdriver.

hope that helps Ryan.



sorry about that. it's 3 times,not 4.


Please, can someone tell me how to use the things in the inventory??...I got a glass tube, 2 batteries and a piece of paper and I don't know how to use it....!

weltschmertz March 8, 2009 11:24 AM

I really tried everything to unlock the safe, and there's no way to open it.. My combination is 53R43L55R17L

Please help me..



if you read the walkthrough,it said "if one way doesn;t work,try the other way" this means if the R-L-R-L direction fails,try it as L-R-L-R instead. This means your safe combination will not be 53R-43L-55R-17L,but will be 53L-43R-55L-17R.

try it that way.


I was unable to find one of the 4 codes in the room but was still able to get the final key.

Good game but not very intuitive.


I've been reading JIG for a while, especially the weekday escape, and thought I'd comment for once :)

I found this game far too tedious, and it became very counter-intuitive quite quickly. I managed to get the backlight, but for the first time, I lost interest in an escape game. It's a shame, because the graphics are beautiful, and a lot of it was very clever, how the game went from being a room with about three items in it to a huge puzzle. Unfortunately, I just couldn't see the logic in this one, and there was too much random clicking for my liking. Guess this one wasn't for me :)

weltschmertz March 9, 2009 1:09 PM

There's just no way to open the safe.. Do I need to turn it slowly or something?.. Any hint..? I've tried both ways and nothing..




you might be turning it just 53 times left. what you do is if it says 53R,make it go left until it hits 53. then make it go Right until it gets to 43. etc.

this should work.

weltschmertz March 9, 2009 5:16 PM

Still don't work.. Thanks anyway.. I've tried every posibility, but nothing..:(


are you sure? it works for me and everyone else.

remember you don't have to go to 0 everytime. like if it says right 47,left 43,just go the opposite way 4 and there you are. Also remember what the sign says "R-L-R-L is actually L-R-L-R" instead.


Please help...

How in the world do I open the tube with the corkscrew on the swiss army knife. I've tried picking up the tube but do I put in down somewhere in particular? I read the spoiler but it says to use the corkscrew to open the tube to get the code. How do I do this...



with the swiss army knife closed,click once for knife,click again for what appears to be a bottle opener thing,3rd time is the screwdriver,and the last one is the cork screw. even if my count is wrong,just keep clicking until you see a coiled thing sticking out,or something that looks like it's going around in a few circles. this is the corkscrew.


Please, can someone help me...I can not find 4th clue in the room...I have:
CKa1 is in the safe, one in the hole in wall and one in the hole in floor...

I looked everywhere and didn't find it :(


=( i can't get to open the safe. . .
i've been trying to open it fo almost an hour but it won't open. . .
i have this code. . .
XX = 27
i've also tried it the other way but still doesn't work. . .help please. . .^^


I have a problem. I have got my combination 14R-50L-59R-14L....The safe combination is cleared when I ,,go out of there'' - look e.g. to a briefcase etc.?
It means that I have to click the mouse on the right of the ,,0'' 14 times, then 50 times to left, am I right ? Help please...


Once you get the key, how can you use it ?


I waste like 10 minutes to figured out how to open the safe so Im going to help you because I know how it feels haha! ,

you have the numbers thanks to that light (I dont know which is the name in english) and one of numbers doesnt appear , and it's show like XX right? that number in in a paper ( I dont remember where i found that paper..) but is something like XX = 25 (the number is an example , we dont have the same numbers , the information isnt the same) So... go to the safe and , the letters L and R means Left and Right . for example you have 21L15R , etc. you have to look on the safe the bar that fits with the number, in this case the one who is after 20 , and remember you have to fits it moving it to the left , if says right do it to the right side. you dont have to count 20 times to the right or 15 times to the left , only put the indicate number you have to make the number fits in the bar of the safe ,you have to do that with all the code and the safe will open. did you understand? , I hope so , it would be easier if I could explain you in spanish haha because i talk spanish , but anyway , I hope u have understand something! good luck!

by the way Im stuck in this game! I cant open that keys on the wall , how do u do that? and i cant open the box in the suitcase , any help? thanks a lot!

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Daniela, please only click one time on the Submit Button. As not registered poster your comments are moderated and it can take a few moments, till we see it. Thank you, Kayleigh]


Thank's Daniela....Whatever, you are Spanish, I am Czech and we have to use English... :-)
Ok, I've tried it, my combination was 34R-21L-6R-51L....I've putt it in and I ended at ,,31'', is it correct, or incorrect ? Do I have to confirm somehow my combination ? When we suppose my ,,31'' is correct, how to get to the safe ? It should open automatically ? Or how ?
Help please.... And I am sorry, if I'm annoying you, but I'd like to complete this game


I am in the 2nd key puzzle, the number of the dice. Which is the correct way to put in the panel? The panel doesn't have the normal way of numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. It's annoying.


LEFT PANEL - i read that wright combo is C D E F G A B, where C - light blue, D - light blue, E - Dark blue, F - yellow, G - ?, A - Red, B - light blue.

and i still cant opet left panel, any1 pls help.


Finally cannot pass the right panel - tried hours...
I'm doing something wrong but cannot figure out what exactly.....
Red: . . Lightblue : .
. . .
Violet: . . Yellow : . .
. . .
. . . .

Green : . Blue : .

Help me pls!!!


Right panel - I restarted the game many times - every time the same way at the rightpanel - wrong enter after fifth colour.... I'll give it up...


I opened the

radio and read the note, but didn't get the magnet right away. I switched to another tool for a moment. When I went back, the radio was gone! So now, I have no radio and no magnet, so can't move on. Am I screwed?


Can anyone help me how to solve the left panel and to open that hole in the floor.Thanks


OK, I get to the last panel, my clues are: GO=c2, OD=c3, LU=b4, CK=d3, so from there i get combination C3-C4-B3-D2, but nothns happen when I enter that. I tried everuthing and nothing is working...


damn... i think ive read everithing about this game.. after two days trying..i still downt know how to use the swiss knife.. where i have to klik to open it.. how can i use it on another item? please help me... im on the end

zvoncica March 16, 2009 5:23 PM

I did it. It is absolutely great. I used your help tip from walkthrough guide, it was easy... I love it!!! Croatia


Can anyone tell me how to open the safe? I have full combination, and I try clicking on both sides, but I can't open it. Is it necessary to confirm number when you go on it, or something?


Hidden Panel Puzzle

Guess this little program will help you solving letters & number puzzle with hidden panel

Zipped, .netFramework 2.0 required


I just found the last panel. Very very easy. I had to leave the room without searching the door with the blacklight. I just see in the right column on the papar note with the number 5 next to the letter A. That is the fifth number code. The other ones I just try to guess them and succeeded.

[Edit: Please do not use all caps when posting to the JIG site. Thank you! -Pam]


Best room escape game ever! A real Challenge!! Got stuck at the speaker for while but its awesome.


Lovely tricky game!
One error in spanish ending: the text says "comletado" instead of "completado"

lowerlattitudes March 23, 2009 2:17 PM


Okay folks, I DID read the spoiler hint about the third puzzle, it got me going in the right direction but I still had to mull it over a bit, thats the whole point of a puzzle though! For those of you still struggling, here is some additional information.

The additional 'codes' that you find are NOT correct for the last four entries.

Look at the codes you find as a cypher or a way of deriving the correct last four entries to type into the keyboard, remember these values AREN'T the ones you are going to input on the keyboard

You MUST enter each correct code in sequence. The main spolier will tell you the proper sequence.

Believe it or not, you can derive the correct sequence for the final four values from looking at the good luck note under blacklight. If you read the note from left to right and make a pair of eack linked alpha set IN ORDER, the sequence is obvious.

Everytime you start the game, the codes may be different, don't expect anyone elses codes to match yours!

Don't over think the solution. The main goal is to derive four new values that can be input into the keyboard, along with existing correct four on the notepad/clue.

Here is a real world example

So I ( and you ) have to get a useable value for GD, OC, OU and LK. ( four values in total ) This means that I have to translate eack of these Alpha values into an alpha+numeric value that matches a value on the keyboard.

So using the spoiler hint and my four clues I now need to translate GD into a 'keypad'useable value.

So I take the FIRST letter G of that value (GD from the spoiler )and I try to match it up with a real value that I can use. Remember there is no G on the keypad.

So first I look at my clue GO=B1. Okay so the rule says G = B and O = 1. Since B is a valid keypad entry, I can safely assume that a valid value for the GD entry ( entry number five in the keypad sequence) has a B as the first half of its complete value

Okay so what about the D of GD? I can't use the D because it is a letter and I need a number ( 1 2 3 4 ) for the second half of the fifth keypad sequence entry. What is a valid match for D?

One of my clues has OD=D3, so I now know that D can = 3!!! This means that it is quite likely that the valid entry on the keypad could be B3 for KeyPad sequence number 5.

I say it is QUITE likely because if your formula is correct, when you are deriving the correct codes for the keypads, you may end up with a couple of keypad entries that have TWO possible solutions. Try them both, one sequence will be correct.

Last BIG hint, sometimes your clues/codes will NOT have a direct corelation between their value and a useable value on the keypad. This is where you can use the clue on the notepad where, g=d, o=c, o=u, l=k. I assure you that one of those commbinations will derive a useable value for you. You may have to take one of your codes and make it equal one of the above values as stated and THEN look through your four clues/codes to find a value that will work on the keypad...

good luck!


Man... i have a problem with the left panel, i still dont get it.

i know it's a piano, but in the breifcase i can only get 4 notes and 4 colours... where can i find the rest of them?

help me please!! there's no coffe and no pepsi left in my house!


Once you removed the chair, it's impossible to get the piece of paper underneath it. That's not cool...

Finally! March 24, 2009 9:19 PM


im a genius!


I can`t open the box I have the code, but nothing. Somebody help me please? Thanks!!

Anonymous March 25, 2009 11:20 AM

i had the problem with left panel,in the walktrought is mentioned the blacklight. where i can find it?


I'm sorry, I know this sounds ridiculous ...but I can't seem to push the button on the right panel for exactly 10 seconds. It needs to be exact right? I've held it down for more than 10 seconds, less than 10 seconds and exactly 10 seconds! has anyone else has this problem? if so how did you figure it out?

thanks in advance


I just can't open the radio!!! I have no clue how to do that...
Do I need to press the open button after every combination or it will open by itself?


Is this a bug? What can I do to see the letters on that pic?

Sedsarq April 1, 2009 5:44 AM


Are you sure you are actually pressing the button, and not just hovering the cursor? Click and hold until it opens. If it still doesn't work, try starting a new game.


Turn your sounds on, and try one switch at a time (use the "play" button)


I still can't open the safe no matter how many times I try. What do I do?


I've problems with opening briefcase

I have the key, I've clicked on latches, but nothing have happend Oo


I understand everything but the "C D E F G A B" of the left panel, where did you get that from?... If I play the game without reading all the information that you're giving, how the hell am I suppose to know that the order of the letters are "C D E F G A B" and not "A B C D E F G" ??

Boban gucu April 15, 2009 1:10 PM

Great game... :) I've never played anything like this... Amazing



Use the blacklight on the panel, since it gives no information to the naked eye (unlike the other panel puzzle next to it). If you're still confused, look up piano theory. That's a problem with music-related puzzles: they're fun for people who know how it goes, but obtuse to everyone who doesn't.

I just played it through again after a month or so (I like to play good room escapes again after forgetting most of how they go), and noticed a small visual problem: if you close the panels - if you, say, want to leave the room more as you found it - then open the door, it'll show the panels as open, even if you closed them before.

Anonymous April 16, 2009 12:37 PM

Re: Kero's Walkthrough for the last panel:

I was with you up until "The codes you wrote down all have 2 letters = a letter and a number." Why is this? I simply don't understand how to get a number from the second letter in each grouping, so I'm unable to advance.

Could somebody out there explain to me how/why I'm making the second letter into a number?

Thanks - EH


I can't open the radio to get battery.The first beep sound different...That's ok???


Can anybody please tell how to open a safe??


Please, help with opening the safe!


Superb GAME, an excellent game, I could not stop playing until a couple of hours (un juego excelente, no pude dejar de jugar hasta terminarlo en un par de horas)....
Try to make more of them. I really liked it. Congratulations to the creator!

ZuperZombie May 17, 2009 3:40 PM

Finally i found the 4 clue missing.

1- use the black light in the hole on the floor

2- use the black light in the hole on the wall, at the electric plug

3- use the black light in the safe

4- use the black light on the gold bar

but... i don't know where is the chess board.
anybody can help me

ZuperZombie May 17, 2009 3:44 PM

Finally i found the 4 clue missing.

1- use the black light in the hole on the floor

2- use the black light in the hole on the wall, at the electric plug

3- use the black light in the safe

4- use the black light on the gold bar

but... i don't know where is the chess board.
anybody can help me


Thanks for all the tipps here. I AM OUT OF THE ROOM! I had problems only with the save and with finding the second battery. I needed 2 hours to finish the game but it was great!!!
Thanks for the helpful walkthrough.

Sariah Callender May 18, 2009 8:46 PM

Does anyone know how to get the black light. Am i supposed to open the gold bar? I don't get it. Please help.

annoyed_player May 23, 2009 4:42 PM

Hi there,

Could you please help me how to FIND and OPEN the panel on the floor?

I can't see any loose panel on the floor!
I have tried to put the goldbar on every possible pixel of the floor, but it does not work... :(((



For location:

Use walkthrough for instructions.


knife :((

I cant use a corkscrew on the swiss army knife to open the tube with the note :_(

AAA, what a claustrophobic game.. Im going mad here lol.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhh June 8, 2009 5:54 AM

Don't hightlight the penknife before clicking the i symbol


how to use swiss knife to open this tube


I'm stumped, my blacklight codes are the following
Now when I try to decode it, I get
What am I doing wrong


@Harry: The first O goes with C.

4 D aka D4.

The second O goes with U.

A 4 aka A4.


I like this, did it all the way to a certain point. I just can't remove the magnet from the speaker what ever I use. When I used a knife I hear some popping sound and that's it. Clicking my *** of.


Check inventory. You may already have it. A friend of mine did the same thing... that's the real weakness of the game, the interface is sloppy and not very user-friendly. More like programming dog-tricks, and not room-escape interface.


Ok I started over and got to the last panel again.

GO=c4 OD=a2 LU=b3 CK=a2
The first four from the note are
1. b1
2. d1
3. d2
4. c4

I decoded them and came up the following.
I put them in order starting with the top four and the c2, a4, b3, b2 and nothing happens. Did I decode wrong or put them in the wrong order? Any help would be great.


Your second O is not b.

To be precise, GO = c4 means
G = c
O = 4
and so on.


please can somebody tell me what does the radio is tending for??


On the right panel, the color is only green, and then it turns off. Is that a glitch?


Oh this is sad, I have the handle but no amount of clicking it on the door will open. I've tried to use the handle on the door in about every way thinkable. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Kishira June 30, 2009 2:08 AM

Great game! Not crazy difficult but still pretty challenging and fun :D

I enjoyed this game a lot!

florence July 7, 2009 10:51 AM

i didn't enjoyed it! i could not escape =P

pagness July 10, 2009 4:30 AM

how do you get the right tunes for the radio ive tried every spolier and walkthrough and i just cant do it

please help

Anonymous July 10, 2009 8:54 AM

i have 2 batteries a glass tube a papper. plz help

pagness July 10, 2009 8:05 PM

the raidio please help

Nataliya July 19, 2009 11:48 PM

Just finished it after 2 long hours, like many have said already, the last puzzle was a bit over the top. I would have had a VERY hard time piecing together the different hints if I didn't have the walkthrough. Everything else worked pretty well for me though. :)


Finally. Only with the help of the walkthrough for the last bit. Thanks everyone!

Bob Jones July 21, 2009 4:37 PM

Turn left and look at the picture. Look at the bottom left corner for a battery and a place to put the key.

I don't get that part. I don't see any batteries on the wall to the left of the chair. :(


I've been stuck on how to open the right panel for quite some time. I've got the note that helps, but no matter how long I hold it down, it won't open. I did it past the time, a bit before it, and right on the dot, and it still won't open. As suggested before, I closed the window and reopened it. Same problem. So I started a new game. Same problem. Not too sure what to do at this point.

GoingCrazy July 22, 2009 1:50 PM

I still cannot figure out how to use the swiss army knife to get the note out of the tube! I've tried everything I can think of, with things in and out of my hands. Help!

eileen July 22, 2009 1:58 PM replied to GoingCrazy

GoingCrazy - To get the note out,

..examine the Swiss army knife and click until it's on the corkscrew setting. Then examine the test tube in your inventory, and with that window open, use the Swiss Army knife on the cork.

Bob Jones - You are looking for these items..

.. on the left frame of the DaVinci painting on the wall. On the bottom left corner of the frame, you can zoom in and find the battery and the key hole.

Bri - Try just holding the button until the panel opens.


I'm brand new to these "escape" games. Just discovered this one tonight and I've been working on it for a few hours on and off. I got lots done on my own but I'm stuck at a point which most of you will probably laugh at.

I used the swiss army knife to get the cover off the outlet, but I can't seem to be able to get the screws out with the cork screw!This is such a silly place to get stuck considering how far I've gotten on my own, for my first time.

Any clues as to why this might be happening, and how to fix it??

eileen July 23, 2009 11:26 AM replied to Liv

Liv - Actually you need the screwdriver on the Swiss Army knife, not the corkscrew. It looks a bit like a can opener and has a flat head.


I really need help! I cant open the safeee!
ive tried everything! [so i think].
with the numbers, do you click that many times or till that number?
I really need help!



HELP!! I can't get the safe open.. I have all the codes except it has letters like R and L in it... I can't figure out how to find what they stand for


I can't get the safe open! My code had both letters and numbers! I know what the XX's are but there's R and L as well :O Help!

kelsee1121 July 27, 2009 4:11 PM

This game is consuming my brain!

I absolutely CANNOT get the radio to open. I've been playing around with it for almost two hours now... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I read a comment from paul giving specific directions, and those didn't work either. Is it different every time you play? It's driving me crazy! Help help help!

kelsee1121 July 27, 2009 4:12 PM


The R and L stand for Left and Right... it's telling you which way to turn the dial when you're putting the numbers into the safe.


kelsee1121 - The radio is likely different for every game. What is giving you trouble about it?

You need to get all the tones to be the higher pitch. When I got the radio, all the pitches were low. I moved the first slider until a different, higher pitch was also audible. Then I just repeated this process with each new slider.