It better be. That room won't escape itself.


i been trying to get on for 3 hours.


The site's still down... =(

@ SonicLover: LOL!


aww... this one looked really good too.

Alkalannar February 18, 2009 1:22 PM

Inadvertant DOS attacks aren't fun. At least the other rooms are back up. Though now I think I have a new motto for JIG.

"JayIsGames: Instapundit of casual gaming."

Pieter8888 February 18, 2009 1:56 PM

to bad....
I hope the game will be up again soon :(


It's been removed, but I have been working on Room Bath, and it is great, strange, and very complicated.

[Edit: Please post comments about

Sheer_Cold February 18, 2009 3:29 PM

More like:
"JayIsGames: The 2chan of room escape games!"


lol @ the interesting slogans so far.

seriously though, i got part way through it last night, then i come back to it and it's gone offline temporarily. Now i have to wait until later to finish it. GAH. The suspense is killing me.

Jay, whenever a review is about to be posted on the site, you should shoot a warning email to the creator of the game to be reviewed. something along the lines of...

"Hey, just wanted to let you know, if you haven't got a whole lot of bandwidth, your site's gonna go down sometime in the next 5 hours. (time may vary depending on time posted) You have been warned!"

Something like that.

Jay "Unleasher of Ravenous Interweb Users on Unsuspecting Game Sites" Bibby


Okay, something isn't working for me. I have typed in the ID and PASS in the computer,

Entity and word, correct?

but all I get are Xes, so I must be missing some crucial step in the game that I must complete before it allows the correct answer to be correct.

I have got the sun, and everything, so I cannot figure out what could possibly be going wrong...


At this rate, we're going to have a new term in the internet lexicon: "JIGged." Sorta like "slashdotted", but just for games.


Ok, so I solved my problem, but know all I have is massive drooping plant that doesn't do anything.

And it doesn't point to anything like the hint-through says it will.

Why can't people just post both a hint-through _and_ a walkthrough for when the hints are too obscure to do any good?


Haha, another one bites the dust. It's almost like unintentional flash-mobbing


@ SonicLover:
"That room won't escape itself."

that's a fantastic JIG motto


Well, the game may be down, but those comments completely make up for it! I've been laughing for a good 15 minutes now. Someone could send an e-mail to Place of Light:
"You've been JIGged!" xD


I guess my copy of the game is cached or something because once I loaded it, it continued to run.

I have a bunch of stuff and have solved some of the puzzles, but now I stuck. I have gotten

the key from outside the chained door, but can't figure out where to use it. It doesn't seem to open the window or the padlock on the apples. Where else is there a lock?


okay, I solved my problem with the

key -- it did fit the apples.

. But I still can't figure out how to open the

window behind the fish. I found a trap door above it, but it needs another key and I can't find one.


eep, I'm sorry, new to JIG, just read the site policies and didn't realize we're not supposed to post external links. My bad.

[Edit: No problem. I removed the post. Thanks for understanding. -Pam]



Someone else is perfectly free to post a full walkthrough; I chose not to, mainly because this was one of the best escape the room games I've played in a long time. I think people have a much better experience when they figure things out for themselves (with the occasional hint). It is supposed to be a challenge!

There is just about enough information in my hints, and combined with some of the other comments you shouldn't have any problems finishing the game.



JIG... why do you have so much power and following? It's not fair for you to go around bullying all these escape games into breaking down. It's not a new effect though... I've been seeing this trend for awhile.

PS - "That room won't escape itself" is a brilliant catchphrase...


(BTW- if you followed the "true" ending dialogue through all 3 games in this series you'd know that something very interesting is going on behind the scenes.

I don't know that much Japanese, but after the screen goes blurry for a bit in the "true end" dialogue it goes like this:
There's not much time. (I have no clue about the next bit) ---escape, from this world.


Where can i find battery??


@ SonicLover:
"That room won't escape itself."

I agree with boatshoes and Edd... Awesome :)


what is the four digit code??


Hey everyone, I have been trying to play this game for 2 days. How are you guys getting in?????

MandeeMushroom February 19, 2009 11:38 AM

How come you guys seem to be able to play the game at all? I keep getting error 404 page when I tried to play the game.. can someone please let me know how to get to play it please? Thanks. :)


it's back up, just keep trying until you get a loading screen


argh! still down. he needs to mirror his site. anyone want to contact them and host this game? lol


Back to a 503: bandwith exceeded error on the page....

"In Soviet Russia, room escapes YOU!"


Look at the purple books for clue to the four digit code. the white shapes looks like numbers, use them.


HELP!!! Where is the

key to the apples


It's working for me right now...


I need help with the secret file

i have th eaquarium filled and the sun lamp, its not taking the code as i enter it:


whats going on? do i need to do something else first?


I can not figure out the clockwork key code can anyone help please it must be a left right thing but I cant get it


the key for the


is outside. you have to get the

long hook

to reach it


I know where the key is I just need to be able to figure out the code that I got off of the paper with the candel it says pass with a squiglie line on the top of it I am assuming this is the code but I cant understand it can some one please explain it


I am totally stuck on

the CD puzzle. The hint-through isn't helpful. At first I thought I needed to connect the related symbols according to the diagram on the back of the picture, but the diagram is completely different than the CD puzzle - one is a 5x5 grid and one is a 4x4 grid. I then thought that I needed to connect the symbols in such a way as to recreate the associated letter of the same color I've seen in the room but that isn't working either. I've played with grid orientation and with the order in which I connect the symbols, but neither of those have yielded anything either. I don't know what else to try.


you need to finish spelling the words that have already been started.
it says ID you put in


it says pass you put in


the colored dots refer to the colored letters you have been finding around the room they spell the password


@ silliee

that what i did, its not taking it, that's why I'm frustrated.


do you already have the sun shining on the plant showing you the ID?


Wait, is the game back on? I couldn't play yesterday and it's still down now...


Still no luck downloading this game! I do get the loading page but it stops downloading after a few seconds and refreshing doesn't seem to help either. Help!!




I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you. I struggled with it for a while, but I don't remember anything special that I did to make it work. did you find the battery? the game might want you to find all the clues first.


Augh, I can't find the

square piece to cover the "e" on the safe

help, please!


i don't remember, where is the battery?


do you remember where you found the wire cutters? it's in the same place. you have to use the code you found on the stairs (p's & q's) on the clock key


I'm pretty sure the

square for the "e" is under the panel under the couch, but I can't open it

Grrrrrr, annoying how I almost have it but just can't quite get it.


Everything about this was fantastic except for one thing, that being the

Bookcase Puzzle. Come on, if you solved it you know what I'm talking about

. That thing was ridiculous. Otherwise another pure genius room escape from who I would consider the masters of it. This may be my favorite one in quite a while. By the way, has anyone translated the true ending? Just curious, I really want to know what it says.


Lune: The idea here is -

The picture shows you an example of solving the puzzle, but not that specific example. It also tells you how you can tell what to connect.
Everything on the back relates to the CD puzzle. What do you think is significant about each item?

And if you're still not sure, what is the difference between the two images? One is correct and one is not.


i need a walkthrough not a hint through. thanks.

Chien D'Arren D'Or February 19, 2009 3:55 PM definitely have to use the p&q pattern before it will allow you to use the password.


Uhh, the pinned "Walkthrough" was actually only offered up as a hint-through. Sorry, it's not very helpful.


Well, I hope someone will do one. I don't know what I'm doing.


Was hoping to come back to find some help. But nope. I guess I need a complete walkthrough as well. The hints aren't making it past my thick skull.


Can anybody give a straight answer as to how to do the cd game.


I got the

cabinet piece from the window

but I still can't open the

TV cabinet!

The hint-though implies that this should just work, but I'm not getting anywhere.


for the cd game, here's what you need to do:

there are 3 diagrams. the 2 box puzzles and the banana connecting to a cracked egg. information from both parts will tell you what you need to do.

part 1 - boxes :

So the two boxes have some shapes, with lines connecting them. notice how they're different.

the one on the left has lines going through every box and the one on the right does not. the one on the left also has a red circle next to it, and the right one has a blue x.

This is trying to tell you that the right way to do it (circle) is to use all the boxes to connect the corresponding shapes. If you leave any box unused, it's the wrong answer (x).

part 2 - egg -> banana

This illustrates a very simple point. There is something suspiciously similar about the banana and cracked egg.

The color. you need to connect objects that have the same colors, i.e. the banana and egg yolk.

solving the puzzle:
now that you have the paper deciphered, it's time to do the actual puzzle. when you run the cd, the screen pops up and has a 5x5 grid with some stuff on it with boxes.

as we learned from above^^, you need to leave no square unused, and connect things of the same color. simple enough, right? oh wait! but the shapes don't have colors this time! what do we do?

Basically, you have to remember what color each thing is.
w -


(i forget where this was...)

cross -


(from on the wall behind where the hook was)

leaf -


(the leaf in the aquarium)

apple -


(the actual apple, not the candle)

eagle drawing -


(it's under where you got the key for the window)

# -


(i don't know where this is either.)

now connect the objects as above^^. i forget how exactly it goes together, but keep trying at it until you figure it out. it isn't that hard :D

There, is that what you wanted, jdub1221?


ack! sorry for double post!

it would be very nice to know what was said at the true ending. There was a short conversation, but i can't read japanese. :'(


need help finding/unscrewing screw. the hint-through doesn't help. i think i found it, on the tv, but it wont unscrew. please help!!thx


Now at end and need help with "the grate below the ladder (for an item)." first of all, WHAT GRATE??? second of all, What is the item????

seasweptmom February 19, 2009 7:45 PM

im stuck under the couch, i dont understand the color code, and humps with arrow, any help please


yesterday on the board i saw a video walkthrough but someone must have deleted it. :(


I can't figure out a single place to use the

screwdriver. And according to the hint-through, there is only one place. But I can't find it.


I broke the pen in two, out came a roll of paper with coloured dots and the hole it came out of is hexagonal. Anything to do with the hexagon of cardboard I have?

Andy the Anon (formerly imagirl) February 19, 2009 9:32 PM


If i ever get done with this game i will try to write a walkthrough.

Okay, in the hint-thru, between "The bookcase puzzle*" and "The apples*" there is something missing. You go from, "The object should help you retrieve the next key. Also note another symbol and colour is revealed*" to "Once you've got the apples (and a clockwork key), you'll want to examine them*"...
Did I miss something???
plz someone help me with that part

Sonic Lover- "That room won't escape itself"-:p
Pure gold i tell you. (wipes tears from eyes) Pure gold.

BladeStorm February 19, 2009 9:43 PM

i need help with the

bookcase puzzle

reading what has been posted before, i gotta

count the number of purple books, i got 1 3 1 1, but that and all combinations of those numbers doesnt work on the entry point

it said to look at the bookcase form a distance, not up close, what am i missing???

BladeStorm February 19, 2009 9:49 PM


i found a screw on top of the tv cabinet, get to it from looking at teh cupboard underneath

seasweptmom February 19, 2009 9:49 PM

noone wants to help on how many turns it takes under couch to get the next clue?


Room Marine Walkthrough
Basic End

  • Go to book case and get the diamond from the purple book in the middle.

  • One of the light blue books on the top shelf is a video tape, get it.

  • On top of the book case is some wire.

  • Turn left, get the hexagon from on top of the lamp.

  • Get the pen off the table.

  • Open the pen to get a note with 4 colored circles on it.

  • Turn left and pull out the tv then plug it in.

  • Play the video and take note of where the circles are on the grid, and the order in which they appear.

  • Go to the frame with all the squares on it and click the tiles that you just noted.

  • After you've played the video examine the tape to find the code for the box on the shelf.

  • Get the CD and the hook.

  • Use the hook and the wire to get the part of the frame that fell into the vase.

  • The code for the poker by the fireplace is 1301 (found by looking at the book case and only paying attention to the purple books.)

  • The wood block is actually the key for the door.

  • Use the poker to get the key outside of the door

  • Use the key to open the apple case. Collect the two apple and the clockwork key.

  • Eat the blue apple to get the seed.

  • Place the seed in the eye of the fish by the window to get the triangle.

  • Light the red apple on fire using the fireplace.

  • Place the paper from the pen over the apple to get some new codes.

  • The squiggle on top is the combination of the clockwork key, which you use under the couch. Think which way the keu would have to turn to follow the squiggle.

  • Collect the cutters and the metal square.

  • Place the metal shapes over the corresponding letters on the safe. Hexagon, triangle, diamond, square.

  • Collect the coin, and take note of the drawing of the poker on the fire.

  • Use the coin to open the back of the picture frame, and remove the picture, and the key.

  • The key is for the window by the fish. The window opens into the rain, but first you need the bowl.

  • Zoom in on the part of the apple bowl that joins the top half and bottom half together. Use the cutters to cut off the top half of the apple bowl, and use that to collect the rain.

  • Collect the handle in the corner of the window.

  • Pour the water on the fire, and use the poker to get the screwdriver.

  • Combine the screwdriver with the open pen.

  • Use the screwdriver to open the right door of the cabinet, and use the handle you found to open the left.

  • Collect the glass cylinder.

  • Turn on the computer and put the CD inside.

  • Go to the television, and use the CD file.

  • The CD Puzzle

    The back of the picture you got from the frame explains the rules to the CD puzzle. You need to connect the like objects while using every tile on the board. The like objects are based on color you've seen through out the room. The red bird is inside the picture fram where you got the key, and connect to the red cross you saw when you got the poker, the W was green and connect to the leaf, and the # sign (found ontop of one of the books) was white and connect to the apple

  • This will play a video of the room and the stairs will be open over the fireplace now.

  • Go up the stairs and you are done!

But wait! There more (for only 3 easy payments...)!
True End

  • You can go back to the room by clicking the bottom link in the text.

  • If you look at the stairs you will see a grate. Zoom in on the grate and cut the wire with the cutters.

  • Make a note of the p's and q's, they are the order for the clockwork key under the couch. (Right left left left right left right)

  • Go enter the code and get the battery.

  • Go back to the computer and reverse the video on the CD

  • Get the bag from the fireplace.

  • Open the bag and pour the dirt into the bowl with the seed.

  • Open the bag and get the sun key and use it on the panel above the fish.

  • You will now see IDENTITY.

  • Go back to the computer

  • Use the secret file.
    The ID is ENTITY, and the PASS is WORD.

  • Now you have the password for the box under the shelf. This is a bit confusing. The password is *>oV. The bow (the underscore looking thing) and the brackets in the password should be ignored.

  • Get the plant food and put it in the plants water.

  • Zoom out and then zoom back in and you will see the plant has grown.

  • Zoom out again and click where the plant is pointing. You will find a button there.

  • Go to the picture with the tiles and where the green W was. There is now a handle there.

  • Place the items in their correct slots, cutters on the right, and the coin on the left.

  • The display should be green now, it's looking for a time.

  • Put the battery into the back of the picture frame in your inventory, then look at the front. It should now display a time.

  • Enter the time onto the display (imagine the numbers displayed around the dark portions, the second digit should look like a colon :)

  • Collect the red sword.

  • Open the door and use the red sword on the chain.

  • Leave!

True End!

seasweptmom February 19, 2009 9:55 PM

code for you bladestorm


seasweptmom February 19, 2009 10:04 PM

I give up. Tried for an hour for help. Not worth the headache to ask anymore.

seasweptmom February 19, 2009 11:13 PM

follow squiqly line looking at at side ways? right or left side?


Ok, I'm at the very end (I think) with the

time puzzle, but I can't figure it out. I've tried every combination I could think of

but it still isn't working.

Any help?


For everyone who has been bashing their heads in over the clockwork key

you have to put the key in that little white spot to the left of the panel and then turn it so the turns represent the squiggly line

Hope this helps, and I for one am glad to be past this point finally.

cocacolatam February 19, 2009 11:50 PM

Reap I have to say that your answer for the key and the squiggly line didn't help. I can't figure out why you all can give direct answers to some things and not so direct to others.

How many times do you turn the key under the couch and which side do you click?

It's a simple question. Please, a simple answer.

trishaleigh08 February 19, 2009 11:54 PM

i'm about to post a full walk through for you all

just testing....

that i know how to do spoilers correctly

here i go


There is a new walkthrough posted at the top of this page which will hopefully help everyone make it through the game. A big thanks to Kero for writing and posting the walkthrough!


All the puzzles are logical in retrospect but, it's a very difficult game. Tip of the hat if you managed to finish without a walkthrough.


I've yet to obtain access to this game, as the server is always down when I try.

Does anyone have an alternative link or another hint on how to get into the game?

Thanks in advance :)



Elle - Have you tried just reloading the akarika page the game is on?

Your browser might be still pulling it from its cache. Forcing a reload will cause it to fetch the latest version, which is loading just fine now.

(Right-click -> Reload should do it.)


Thanks Jay. I took your advice and tried refreshing... intially it seemed to work. At least I got to the start page, but the start/play button was disabled/missing. When refreshing after that, I got the server down message once more.

Perhaps it's a regional issue? I'm not techno-saavy enough to be sure, but I'm fairly familiar with the usual browser tricks to get a page loaded, refreshed, etc.


I finally figured out the cd puzzle it was confusing. and if it wasnt for kero I wouldn't have known abut the true end.


The server is currently drowning in requests, as far as I can tell. If it doesn't work, keep trying.

And people keep asking for a translation of the "true end" dialogue so I'm going to give it a go with the aid of an online translator. Keep in mind that this connects to the two previous games; I'll note references to the past games in parentheses. And I've arranged the conversation by speaker, so some lines that span more than one screen in the ending I've stuck in one line because it's the same person speaking.

"So, has F-01 come out of the last selection passage (Room Fake and Room Bath being the first two)? And F-02 also... He's "of the same origin" too. They'll have to decide just like that; there are a few people left. I wonder how many others can make the grade."

"Lord knows. There are only two people who have made it through the last selection so far. However, we can't explain why the people who couldn't make it (that is, not finding the "true end") were included. It's dangerous to needlessly increase the number of these stronger, more intelligent, and better sensorily equipped "Newtypes"."

"That's true... But without any intent, could they really do that? And if we reach our goal, what does it mean for them?"

"Er, umm... But that's the last duty we, as many times as we have botched it up to now, have to handle. I believe that's the only thing that can lead us to the future."

"Well, then, I'll do a little more analyzing here. Good night."

"Got it. In that case--- ..."What does it mean for them", huh? Right, that's what we thought up to now. No, maybe that's just what I wanted to believe. It's just that that was a rather pretentious belief. That was probably our crime... But that was different. And then the crime that we keep piling on to... We'll know when it's almost there. We can't repent now. ...They're our crime's ----"
(screen blurs for a moment)
"Ohhhh... There's not much time left. ...I'm still tired, and whatever's causing it isn't good. I, no, we, have to accomplish this- the escape, from this world."

And you thought it was just a simple escape game.

cocacolatam February 20, 2009 8:41 AM

I slept on it. And I still can't get the clockwork key under the couch to work, and I see that no one here has posted a simple answer to it yet either.....maybe later

queen-of-diamonds February 20, 2009 9:17 AM

FINALLY! I'm getting a loading page... woohoo! I envy you guys who were able to play it days past XD
On the positive side, I now have loads of help here hehehe

queen-of-diamonds February 20, 2009 10:23 AM

Movements for the clockwork key:

right - left - left - right - left - right - right

CD puzzle solution

Hopefully that'll help if you're stuck.

MandeeMushroom February 20, 2009 11:57 AM

I still cant seem to load the game.. When I click on the link provided I get the page with about 75% loaded, but it remains like that.. I tried refreshing the page and it's still like that.. I tried clicking the game from the site's homepage, but still cant get it to work.. =( any help offered would be appreciated

thank you


i'm stuck. according to the walkthrough,after i click on the tiles in the correct order after viewing them on the video tape,i examine the code on the tape. then it says to get CD. something fell out but when i went to the floor and touched the vase,there is something in it but i casn;t get it. i'm confused.


Okay I finished to the "first" ending, but now I'm stuck. Where is


Well that didn't work, (there's a second seed? Where? and what do I put the dirt in?)

cocacolatam February 20, 2009 1:10 PM

Thank you Queen of Diamonds. Now I can move on.


Try hitting Control F5 if you are using firefox or IE, or alt F5 if you are using Opera.

You need the hook from inside the box with the symbols on it.

The password for that box is on the video tape after you watch it (Don't rewind it)

There is only one seed.

The dirt goes into the bowl with the fish and the water


I can't

pour the dirt into the bowl.
also which bowl is it. is it the one from the apple thing or is it the other one?


Kero, thanks, but what fish?


Corky: the one by the window.


I'm with you steph, I cannot figure out where to pour it either.

Plus, how do you get the fish off of the window ledge?


Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway!!!


Okay now the clock puzzle has me stumped! Anyone with a screen shot of that?



put the glass you found under the TV over the fish by the window, then pour the water from the apple bowl in it and then you can add the dirt. Don't forget to grab the key in the bag after you empty the dirt.