lock and keys 3

Red key right and in.
Blue key left.
Green key left. Then DRDL.
Blue key up and in.
Yellow key right.
Yellow key down and in.

Move Switch Play Area 1

Move the dissolver LDDLL


Help ! I can't figure out how to get the green key in the green lock on "The control room 2" (Medieval #11). Mike, it seems you already have finish this one, can you help me through it, please ?


Push Upstairs 13) The 5 Ball Rooms

Room 1


Room 2


Room 3


Room 4

At this point, one ball should be ready to go into the tunnel.

Room 5



Pouf, you got it

To get the green key in, you need the push block and the ball in the second room. Push the block to where the key will fall on it when you push the key off to the left. When the key is resting on the block, push the block twice to the left, and twice up, and you can knock the key in. Here's the sequence from the beginning -- once you start controlling the ball.



Nevermind, I got it !
Thanx anyway :)


Can someone help me in The Ultimate Tutorial (Titanium #14)?

In the third room, which, has 10 lasers (2x5), I have to shoot one laser to begin with, otherwise I can't get out. If I shoot one laser, I get out with one left over. I use that on the red barrier to get into the next room.

However, in the next room (center room), I can't seem to escape without a laser.. I get stuck after collecting the four diamonds.


Alien Gun 2 - a little help, please!


oops I figured it out


Alien Gun

1. Push the block from the left-hand middle, to the right-hand top corner. LULLUUR
2. Clear the two + blocks under the top block. DDRRLU
3. Push the block from the bottom center to the right-hand side. LDRDR
4. Push the right-hand middle block up one. UURU
5. Push the bottom block up. DRDDDLLU
6. Clear the middle diamonds, then back up, clear the top, then the bottom. Then push the block up against the left-side (I think either side will do).
7. Exit the chamber, push a block down to the handle, and finish. ULDLU RDRDL


Oh Alien Gun Two. Yessirree

  1. Top switch

  2. Bottom switch

  3. Shoot middle mine

  4. Slide block down and out

  5. Diamonds and shoot top arrow

  6. Go to where arrow was, shoot right

  7. Down and right, shoot bottom yellow block

  8. Circle counter-clockwise, shoot other bottom yellow block

  9. Push block

  10. Down and out

FWIW, I have these left:
- Shoot What?
- Mining Mayhem
- Teleports of Insanity
- The Vault 2


Thank you, Mike. I've done these another way, but way more complicated. The real solution was too obvious for me to see it...

Anyway, I'm stuck now in Medieval (Medieval #13).
I've managed to open the gate and to

take the diamond up and explode the mine, using the ball, but I can't reach eather a block nor the one way square after that.


Here's a rough guide to The Vault 2 (Alien Cow, level 13):

Push the yellow key across to the middle of the steel wall (do NOT push it into the lock yet).
Get underneath the bottom steel ball and push it up; leave it there for now.
Get underneath the red key and push it up then across until it's on the same row as the yellow key.
Now push the yellow key into its lock (DO NOT push through the lock).
Go left and push the bottom ball left then up.
Get above the top ball and push it down.
Push the red key across to the middle of the steel wall (do NOT push it into the lock yet).
Get to the left of the two balls and push them both across, next to the red key.
Get underneath the red key and push it into the lock; the diamond chamber will open up.
Get to the left of the two balls and push them both into the diamond chamber.

The Diamond Chamber:

Clear the middle column then get to the top right corner, without moving the balls.
Push the right ball down and get to the left of it.
Push the left ball up and get to the left of it; push it into the corner, using it to get into the alcove at the top.
Push the moving block down then right to clear the last of the diamonds then use the block to get back to the exit so you can finish the level.


Hi everyone!

Is there anyone who has played through the entire game who can write a complete walkthrough? We'll give a coupon for a free game of your choice from Big Fish Games to the first person who submits a complete, nicely formatted walkthrough for Cyadonia. It must be complete and formatted with HTML codes for spoilers and lists.

Ready... set... GO!!!


Medieval walkthrough (semi-rough guide)

  1. Shoot the lock on the left to get in.

  2. Leave the top right + block.

  3. Hit the red switch, gather diamonds, hit the red switch three more times (sliding the blocks each time), then move the ball up. Don't slide the ball yet.

  4. Hit the switch five more times (should be eight pretty little red blocks in a row). Then slide the ball to the + block and get the upper diamond.

  5. Go back around and slide a brick over do gather two more diamonds, then go up to the top level.

Upper level

  1. Get the bottom laser. Then get the diamond. Shoot the top left arrow, then the block next to it to get in.


  3. Down to get outside

  4. Go to the right side, get the lower laser

  5. Use that to clear the overhanging brick and get the next laser

  6. Go around to the bottom left side and shoot right

  7. Get the last laser and use that to finish


Can anyone tell me how to solve 14) Laser Co. on Mining Meyhem?
I'm quite far in it but i always die whatever i do after going through teleport 3..
I just can't figure out this part and i need some help ;>


Mike, Shoot What? :

Maybe its not the best way od describing level solution but i hope you will understand it
R - right
L - left
D - down
U - up
There may be easier way but this one works:
R D R D L D L D R U R U(u get the laser)
L D L U L D R U(one quite difficult diamond)
R D R D L shoot down D R
to get the second difficult diamond go to left bottom corner and..
R U shoot right R U
Rest is easy.


I really enjoyed Push Upstairs #12) Industrial and offer this loose walkthrough in appreciation. However, I suggest finishing it yourself.

  1. There are three pairs of chains. The first step is to clear the right-hand pair of chains (two diamonds and two lasers).

  2. Push the block to the left, then up, and to the right.

  3. Push the ball down, the block up and get three more diamonds.

  4. Push the ball left and down. Get two more diamonds.

  5. Push the ball right and follow it.

  6. Go up and left. Break the + block but not through it. Go down and up for three more diamonds.

  7. Push the right-hand ball down to the arrow. Follow it.

  8. Go around and push the other ball to the right, then go up and get the diamond from where the + block was.

  9. Push the next ball down but don't follow it. Go to the left and up and get three more diamonds.

  10. Go down to the arrow and bump against the two balls. Go up (slowly) and blast the wall at the block just above and to the right (diagonal) of the top ball.

  11. Go back around and down on the arrow to push the first ball through the wall and break the mine.

  12. Go back around and down on the arrow twice to get into the diamond pen.

  13. Clear the middle column and the left-hand column.

  14. Go up and to the right-hand column. Push the ball down.

  15. There are three laser blocks. You can get out using two of them and have one to get home.


Rufus, you can

destroy the laser at the very beginning, by shooting it through the row of five blocks.


Oops, one more thing, Rufus.

I went through it and forgot something that may help.
In the second room, above the green switch is a gray block that you can shoot and get into a tunnel, through which you destroy the bottom laser. That should do it.


The most difficult level I have seen:
I will try to describe it with some screens, because it would take me eternity to write about this level..


So here we go
15) Missile Mayhem

Firstly gather the diamonds and destroy wall (this one which is destroyed in the picture)

Now push green block 2x down and get onto arrow. Do what u have to do there and firstly destroy left arrow near the ball.
Take second laser with you

Go up (to the first location of it) and then come down with it. Destroy the missing arrow.

I didn't screenshoot this part but it's not difficult, so do it yourself. :P Ok It's a joke
Here is a solution for this part if you can't manage to do this on your own


After destroying an arrow:
r - right l - left u - up d - down

Destroy the mine using the ball and leave that room to get above the green block.
Push it to place from screen number 5, destroy the wall on cyads left with the laser from its right.

Skip the green block. Collect diamonds from the left, don't care about this blue field, I dunno what is it for. Go to the right and push 2 red blocks to get the last diamond.
Push into that hole more blocks, so you can leave that place.

Push green block up to the new hole and finish the level.

Congratulations! ;-)

I think it's not the way which designers planned for this level because i didnt use one ball at all. Anyway i finished it ;-)


I solved Laser Co. in an unconventional way, I think?

After getting to the bottom room, I hit the three switches that weren't the second one from the left, then got horizontal to the colored blocks by finagling around the top right corner of the bottom room -- blast over until you're under the last shoot switch, and then blast up and left through the mines. No need to collect diamonds, no need for the fourth teleport. Is there a different way to do it?

I can now at the very least see 15 in every group of levels.. getting to 100% slowly but surely. :P


If needed:
Rooms of Doom
14) Clear the Screen

As usual r,l.u.d
I just hope i didnt make any mistake in writing this.


93% so far. Going back to try to finish those I couldn't figure out earlier. Really could use a walkthrough for Boulderdash level 11 - Towers. I can't figure out how to get out of the room with the blue walls and the bombs. Thanks


Lol, I'm not sure but i think that Laser Co. was changed after cajuncooks comment...
If you want another solution for this level, read Mikes spoilers refered to me.
Btw Mike thanks for this second tip ;-)


I've just tried to solve Laser Co. and I can't... I'm sure of the way i did it before and now it's impossible. The solution Mike told me was correct but now it seems to be impossible.
Can anyone check it?


I just did it my way, Rufus. Just to be more clear.

Once you get into the bottom room:
LULD LR (shoot up at the shoot switch on the right, hit it) UDLR (shoot up at the now right-most switch twice) UDL (shoot up at the leftmost switch) UDRU RULD (shoot left seven times) L (shoot up twice) U (shoot left four times) L.

Should be it.

Newcolator February 20, 2009 6:55 PM

Rufus, I'm really impressed at the solution you found for Laser co.

I hope you can forgive me for altering the level slightly! You found a solution that I hadn't thought of. Often I allow alternatives through, but sometimes I really want the puzzle to be solved a certain way, so I make a little tweak.



This is really frustrating - the game keeps not saving then crashing (and my computer isn't doing anything else). I've noticed the recent S (Savecode) addition, but I went back to the game selector and pressed S in between every single level and it still didn't save. The site has been allocated 100kb flash memory, and has used 2kb so far, but I still lost 35% completion last time it crashed (Ubuntu, Opera, no lost internet in that time).

I really enjoyed what I got to play though! I'd just like to have a chance to finish it.


Titanium #13: The Vault 2

As always, this is just one solution. I've tried to be detailed where necessary, and it's hard not to be wordy. If anyone wants to clean this up and use it for that Big Fish prize, be my guest.

Top Level

  1. Control switch at far left. Move arrow to under blue block.
  2. Go to blue block, then down (or right and down) to operate second switch.
  3. Move second arrow to right of laser box.
  4. Up for laser. Down one block (use Slow) and shoot right.
  5. Control second arrow and move it up 3 and right 8. Should be diagonal of NW-facing arrow.
  6. Go up and back into tunnel. Push red switch.
  7. Go left and up, left and down to operate first control. Move this arrow up 1 and left 4 (diagonal of SE-facing arrow).
  8. Go far right to the ball. Push it down and left.
  9. Down into next room.

Switch Room

  1. Avoid all lasers and gather diamonds. ULRD RUDR DUL
  2. Right and down to operate control switch.
  3. Move the block to be above the control switch, with two spaces in between.
  4. ULUD, then push the ball to the right.
  5. Back to the control switch. Move the block to be just above the closest mirror (two blocks northwest of the control switch).
  6. LUDL UDLU RD to push the ball down.
  7. Follow the ball down, then go back to the control switch.
  8. Move the block below the closest one-way.
  9. Push the ball up to start the laser.
  10. Push the red switch to de-activate the laser.

Laser Room

  1. Enter room to the left.
  2. Operate first control. Move the block to the first laser, level with your current position.
  3. Go left and up to the next control. Move that block two steps down and one step right.
  4. Back to first control. Move that block two steps up.
  5. RULDR
  6. Move the next block to the same position on the next laser. Repeat as necessary.
  7. At the last laser, the block goes in the top corner to operate the switch.
  8. On the way back, the position the blocks one step down.
  9. Go back to the first control switch. Move the block down one step.
  10. Go up to the other control.

Five Mines + Five Diamonds Room

  1. Using the laser room controls, move one block into the next room and blow up all of the mines. (I didn't know you could do that.)
  2. Position the first block above the top diamond.
  3. Position the second block two steps below the second top diamond. (Vertically: green switch, diamond, space, block.)
  4. Get those diamonds.

11 Mines Room

  1. Move the mirror 1 step to the right, back to the left, up, 6 steps to the right, and down 1.
  2. Move the block left, up, right and up.
  3. Grab the laser.
  4. Control the mirror again. Move it 1 step up, 5 to the right, and 1 to the left.
  5. Move to the left, down, left and up to control the block from the previous room. Position it above the other control block.
  6. Control the mirror again and blow through the rest of the mines.
  7. Bring the mirror back to rest one step left and one step down (diagonal) from the laser.
  8. Control the block again. Move it to the right side at the bottom entrance to the room.
  9. Go back to the other controller. Move the mirror down one step.
  10. Go to the bottom controller. Move the mirror down 4, right 1 (in the little slot)
  11. Go right, up and left to get inside the vault!

The Vault

  1. Move two steps up.
  2. Shoot to the left.
  3. Start with left, down, up, left.
  4. Collect the diamonds.
  5. Get outta here.

newcolator February 21, 2009 9:55 AM

There is now a save code available in Cyadonia. From the game select screen press S. To save your game you'll need to select and copy the string to a notepad or word processor program and save it. To restore your game you paste your code in. It may not be the most elegant method, but once you've saved your code you never have to worry about losing your game. You could also transport your save data onto a different computer.


Rufus!! THANK YOU so much for your walkthrough for mining mayhem. There is absolutely no way I would have ever figured it out. I don't know how you figured it out. You are a genius and I bow down to you!


99% now. Figured everything out except mining mayhem by myself. Again, thanks rufus. I am still trying to figure out laser balls and you can't beat the last level in Titanium. I'm thinking that once you have passed all the other levels that last ghost block will not appear. If it does, then that is just a cruel way to end the game.


Well I've spent absolutely ages on Laser Co. (Mining Mayhem #14) and I just can't fathom out the bottom room. I can clear out the top rooms, no problem but the bottom room just seems impossible. Oh, and cajuncook's spoiler definitely doesn't work any more.

This is the problem I'm having:

The second shoot switch from the left turns on lasers either side of it and there doesn't seem to be any way to take it out without being killed in the process. I've tried shooting the other switches in every conceivable order and shooting out the lasers doesn't work because the shoot switch just re-creates them! Aaaargh!!! What do I do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nevermind, I figured it out almost immediately after posting for help. How often does that happen? :-)

Anyway, for anyone stuck in the same place:

Don't shoot the second laser from left in the bottom room until you're in the final passage on the way to the exit block.


Mike this walkthrough of Vault 2 is perfect. Thanks for this.


I think that 15) Titanium is possible to do.

I've noticed that there is normal wall possible to destroy with laser. You have to stack 2 blocks to get into there.
IMO it's needed to use adjacent room in which you must destroy the wall.
I didn't figure it out yet but im still working on it.

[Edit: Thanks for helping with that level :). But please do not post links. Thank you for understanding, Kayleigh]


Argh! I figured out how to get behind hidden block but i cant get one diamond in this way...
Still working. Dont ever give up ;)


15) Titanium!!!

Guys I assume that I'm the first who finished it ^^
I can say that it was very very difficult for me. Firstly i thought that it is much easier level than previous ones until I discovered hidden block :P
Here is a screen before final move, perhaps it helps somebody.
Good luck with it!

newcolator February 22, 2009 1:48 PM

Hi Rufus, your picture helped me realise there is an alternative route to the exit. I've altered the level slightly to prevent it. Sorry about that.


Hi James,
It's the third final level I finished in some other way than you intended :D
I have this level already checked and i have no idea how you want it to be finished ;>
Anyway i will try to do it ;)

newcolator February 22, 2009 2:25 PM

That's right, it's Titanium. When you see the "true" answer for it, you'll see why I've gone to the trouble of altering it.

I thought your original solution was brilliant though!


Are you serious? That was the only way I could think Titanium could be finished, and I just couldn't figure out how to get that last diamond. Now I have no idea what to do. Just that one and laser balls still have me stumped.


I have same problem as bob. I cant get one diamond from the room with exit if I stack boxes in upper right corner.
James I know that some of your levels are evil but are you completly sure that this level is possible to complete? I'm just wondering why so many people cant finish it.. ;>


I reverse this what i said. I assume that you have done that level and its correct.
Still working on this.

newcolator February 22, 2009 2:58 PM

I feel like a meanie for keeping changing the level after some of you have completed it. On the more complex levels it can be really hard to be sure there aren't alternative routes.

Titanium can definitely be solved, because after I adjusted it I played it through again.

I'm only sorry I didn't get it right first time!

Good luck!


Was Titanium (#15) changed twice? I solved it a few days ago, and the middle room had the "1" portal further to the left, and there weren't as many "pseudoblocks" (that is, blocks you can go through, but other objects can't)

With a lot of help from above, I've solved all levels but one --- Titanium # 14 (The Ultimate Tutorial). The bottom room seems unsolvable without a laser, and I can't fathom how to get that far while still carrying a laser. Any help would be greatly appreciated


We still have a coupon for a free game (of your choice) from Big Fish Games for the first person who posts a complete walkthrough nicely formatted.



14) The Ultimate Tutorial

L-left R-right U-up D-down SR-shoot right
After going up and entering the room:
L SR 3x(D SR) L 3x(SR U)
After getting this laser collect the diamonds leave the room, destroy yellow wall, go back into the room pressing U now L D U R D L D

By the way, can somebody give me a hint about 15) Remote Control Balls 3 from Medieval?

And one more.. Maybe its really easy but i couldnt figure it out. Its third level from The Inner Sanctum - 3) Think, then act, quickly
yeah the title embarras me..



Thanks, but I don't see how that gets me a laser into the green room (bottom middle)

Re Remote control Balls 3

Take some help with you into the red room

For "think, act quickly", I've never been able to do it with the timer. I solved it when the timers mysteriously disappeared


I can confirm newcolator's comments. The final level Titanium #15 is solvable. Rather than give the solution, I'll give a hint:

Do you really understand what can and cannot be pushed through a Move Limiter?

If you need more help, post here and I'll watch this space.




The key to Inner Sanctum 3 is...

... don't collect the diamond in the corner with the crate in it.

anonymoose February 23, 2009 2:44 AM

Stuck on Walking The Pushtop 8.

I've collected all the diamonds but can't return to the initial "island" with the goal in it!


I can't find how to place the third key in front of it's lock in "3 red keys", Inner sanctum #11.

I've placed the three balls, but I can't stop one of them on the good spot to block the key in front of the lock :(


For anyone struggling with Laser Balls (Teleports of Insanity #14)

This will get you to the exit of the ballroom carrying the laser shot:


14) The Ultimate Tutorial

You don't need a laser (or anything else for that matter) to complete the green room.


pghnative, here is a solution for this room

Go into the room,
Push the first green block one step down and 4x right
U R D L R U L D R now you are in second room.
D R U L D D L(collect the last diamond)
R D 4xL U L D 6xR U.
And its done.


Walking The Pushtop
8) Islands in the Stream

Diamonds are:
1 2 3
4 X 5
6 7 8
Collect them in that order:
21358764 X


Thanks a million --- don't know why I didn't see that, that room isn't that tough.

For Inner Sanctum 3, I've learned your advice, but still can't solve it with the timer on. And I'm not even close --- I die with several turns to make.



How did you pass the "blue glue patches" room in Boulderdash #11 "Towers", please ?


Boulderdash 11 - Towers

After entering the room with blue squares and bombs:
RUURUU RUURU (first switch)
DLULLL DDLDDL (second switch)
DDRRRRRU (third switch)
ULLUUL UURUU (you're out!)



Inner Sanctum 3 can definitely be done with the timer on but there are only a few seconds to spare.

Maybe you're doing the first part the wrong way. Here's how I did it:

Only send the Cyad around to the switch once. After that, fire the two balls down the left wall then jump across and fire the single ball around to the switch. This takes less time than placing all three balls against the wall as you don't have to travel back from the switch each time.

If you're already doing it that way, I can only imagine you have some sort of technical issue. I'm not sure whether a slower PC/graphics card would make any difference to the timed levels. *shrug*


HI!! Anyone can help me wiht tutorial 5 level 14 "A harder key puzzle"??? Please!!!! Thanks!


Nightveil, thanks for your help with towers. I figured it out by accident, and don't think I can reproduce the result if I wanted to.
You can do think, act quickly with the timer. You cut it really close, I mean down to the last second but I was able to do it twice.


Ok, so I am STILL working on Titanium 15, and

now the only thing I can think of is using the ball. However, it takes two lasers to get the ball out of the hole and the third to get it as far as the transport room. I don't think that works, but am I on the right track? This level is SO [email protected]!!!!!


Teleports of Insanity #15

Starter hint:

You don't need the diamonds!

Need more help?

Consider how you're going to get from Landing 9 to Transporter 10.

Still unsure?

You have to blast through the side wall in room 1 and create a passage between L9 and T10.

Alright already! Here's an actual guide:

Go left into T3, collect the laser frame, shoot the arrow and enter T5.
Collect the laser frame and get on the shelf adjacent to T6.
Shoot the side wall by T6 and enter it from there; then enter T8.
Collect the laser frame, go shoot out the bottom of the wall into the diamond chamber, collect the bottom laser frame and enter T2.
Move to the right wall and, with slow on, move down and shoot out the 4th wall segment on the right (level with the bottom of the left passage to T10)
Return to room 4 (left on T3, T5, left on T6, T8), collect the laser frame and go back to room 1 to shoot into the gap your last shot made.
Go down into T1, collect the laser frame, shoot out the wall above the mine and enter T7.
Collect a laser frame, go through T4 and shoot the next bit of wall.
Return to room 7 (down T1, T7) and repeat the last step, leaving a clear passage to T10.
Go to room 4 (left on T3, T5, left on T6, T8), through the dissolving blocks to T9 then up though T10.
Push the bottom block to the right wall, get underneath it and push it to the top. Push the other block to the left wall and down to reach the exit.


Titanium #15 Hint #2

You are correct with which object you need to use. Here's another hint:

It only takes one laser to get the ball free if you go in the correct *direction*.


Can someone give me a nudge for the Citadel and Locks Need Filling? I keep waiting to do the Homeresque "Doh" but the light bulb hasn't flashed yet. Thanks!


hi! i'm having problems with the laser city, 'mines left and right' level (level 6 of game 10 i believe). could anyone give me some hints? thanks! :D


Managed the Citadel, but am still scratching my head over locks need filling. I can manage the blue key, but am stumped by the green.


Citadel 15 - Locks Need Filling

Tip: Before you start pushing the blue key into the "blue" rooms you need to move the topmost pushblock on the screen (all the way up in the green rooms) so that it ends up one step left and one step up from its starting position.
Detailed steps below:

From the start: LDLULU RDRUx8 LRURDR URURUL DLULUL DRx11 URDLx13 DLURUR Dx9LDR URDRUU DLLULU You are now ready to start working on the blue key.

If you need more help just let me know.

anonymoose February 25, 2009 3:36 AM

Argh! Completely stuck on locks and keys 6!!!


Okay, I think it's probably time for a rough guide to Titanium #15:

(NOTE: if all you want is gentle hints to get you going, please check out kersh's comments above.)

This is a rough guide rather than a walkthrough; it assumes you will have some capacity to work things out for yourself.

Okay, here goes:

Room 1

Nothing complicated to do here.

Collect all the diamonds around the edge in the left chamber.
Do the same on the right, pushing the block into the bottom right corner. Push the left block onto the left wall to get the last diamond on that side, then get the last diamond on the right.
Use the laser frame to shoot out the plain wall block near the top of the exit chute.

Room 2

This room should be very easy for experienced Cyadonians(??).

Simply use the change switch to position the landing pad where it can be used to collect the diamonds without hitting mines, and use the moving block to position the cyad so it can enter the teleporter in the correct directions.

Room 3

Activate the change switch and move the blocks left (3 steps) and down (2), so that they become staggered by one step horizontally.
Position the blocks between the lasers with the lower block above the cyad, then collect the two outer diamonds from the bottom row.
Move the blocks right (2) and collect the diamond just right of the cyad.
Position the right hand block between the wall and the static block and move left (1) to separate the blocks by one more step horizontally.
Move the blocks back into the lasers with the left block above the cyad and collect the last diamond on the right of the bottom row.
Move the blocks left (2) then go up and collect all the upper diamonds, the laser frame and the diamond just to the right of the cyad.
Separate the blocks by one more step horizontally, move them back into the lasers with the left block one step to the right of the cyad and collect the last diamond in the room.
Return to room 1 and use the laser frame to shoot a hole in the right hand wall adjacent to the change switch in room 2.

Room 4

Activate the upper change switch and use the mirror to burn away five of the overhead purple blocks on the left and two on the right, then position the mirror directly above the laser.
Get the two outer diamonds then return to the upper change switch and burn away all but the middle block of the remaining five (leave the mirror directly above the mine sat on top of a diamond).
Get onto the lower change switch and use the mine to blow up the laser.
Go back to the upper change switch, move the mirror down onto the mine and go collect the last diamond in the room.

Room 5

Enter the room and get one step to the right of the entrance on the second row.
Go left to open up an exit for the key.
Get back to the right side, move down (slowly) and shoot out the right wall one step above the row of mines.
Go all the way down and into the diamond chamber. Get all the diamonds, move the key into the lock (which reverses the one-way) and exit (on the right side).

Room 6

Activate the change switch and move the arrow directly underneath the right hand column of diamonds.
Go and fire the ball down so it takes out the column of diamonds and returns to its starting position.
Move the arrow on to the left wall one step below the opening and send the ball around again (this takes out the bottom diamonds from each column).
Use the arrow and the ball to take out the remaining diamonds (left column first).
Move the arrow down out of the way and send the cyad into the diamond chamber, whereupon it will be fired into the exit chamber of room 1.

NOTE: For those of you who haven't read all of the previous comments in this thread: you may have noticed that the three lasers are being used to to create a complicated diagonal exit path when there are only three blocks to remove in the exit chute. "Why not just take that simple route?" you may be wondering. Well I suggest you try it and see. ;-)


Thank you Nightveil, that was just the nudge I needed.


What is the trick for "One way out", Push upstairs #5 ? It seems that none of the exit is reachable... :/


hello. finally signed up for an account!

just wondering if anyone could help me with Medieval level 12? (corridors of metal). i can't get the diamond that is on the column with 2 diamonds and one red mine... thanks!


Pouf, for 'one way out'.

make your way to the bottom left corner of the screen, then go in this direction:




I don't know if it's the most efficient route, but this will clear the diamonds in the second room.

Assuming you've just arrived through the teleport lander:


I must be missing something simple in Mirror Prison. I've shot all the switched to remove the barricades, but the green block is still there and I can't figure out how to get into the opening that was created at the upper left of the mirror chamber. Can anyone provide a hint please?


Can someone help me with 15)Remote Control Balls 3 (Medieval)? Pghnativ's hint was not enough. I know I have to use balls, but I don't manage to get out the last ball...


JIGuest in mirror prison there is a hidden block somewhere. Try to figure out how to use it.


JIGuest, for Mirror Prison

you don't have to shoot all of the green blocks first. Find the hidden block to get into the mirror corridor.


can anyone help on Pushblocks, level 14, puzzle 2? Doing well for me to get this far. I've collected all the diamonds and the gateway is open, just can't reach it. Thanks. Kyra2008


Thanks Rufus. I'm still searching for it. Maybe a little bigger hint? Left, right, top, etc.


The power of posting. Thanks again Rufus. Think outside the box, DOH! heh, heh...


PLEASE HELP!!! Cant solve Laser Cannons 2!!!



laser cannons 2:

RL, shoot down, DRUD, shoot right, URD, slow and move up (shoot the end of the laser that is halfway up the right-most wall), un-slow, DRUL, DLD, shoot the laser blocking the 'X'


Having probs with Alien Cow's 'Pile Up'... i've managed to get the diamond, but i can't seem to find a way to get into the 'X'. any hints?



ah... got it now. anyway, in case others have problems with "pile up" like i did:

after lining up the red + boxes and the metal balls in a diagonal, move the green box upwards diagonally, just enough for you to approach it from the left and then move upwards to get the diamond (i.e. *don't* move the green + box all the way up such tt it touches the metal ball)

after that, when u move onto the diagonal arrow again, it should place you along the metal ball diagonal line, and right above the green + box. move the box downwards and to the right to get to the 'X'

hope that helps ^^


Mike, did you manage to finish Alcatraz ? (Push upstairs #11) I can't even get out from the first room :/


I suggest write most of your problems on the game forum. You can find link to it easily while you are logging into game.


To get out of the first room from alcatraz just get onto the upper arrow and when you get to the lasers destroy one wall below you and destroy two walls to exit that room. I dont know if this is what you are missing because it seems very easy. If you dont know what to do with red blocks write on the forum and i will guide you.


Puzzle 2 from pushblocks
Here is only a screen but i think it might help a little bit. Try to get this far.
If you cant write here/on the forum and i can write more specific guide.


Damn sorry for doublepost but i forgot about pasting link in previous post.
Here it is.


hello. can anyone give me a push on 'the citadel'? what happens after i clear a path between the red and green '2' teleports? i know i should aim for the '1' teleport from below, but i don't know how to do that. :P thx!

CornishMaid February 26, 2009 4:26 PM

Gaaah! Completely stuck on Tutorial 5, 8) Balls 2. Please can someone help - Rufus the genius? Anyone? xx

CornishMaid February 26, 2009 4:38 PM

Sorry for double posting, haven't worked out how to edit previous post on this site. Anyways, I worked it out by meself - well chuffed - does a dance :)


Alright I need help on 2. This first one I've heard that the game is messed up, by I would like a 2nd opinion. Can anyone tell me how to beat Tutorial 5 level 15 - A Harder Key Puzzle!!

Also I am currently stuck on tutorial 6 Laser Cannons 3!

Please post solution ASAP!!

Thank you very much!


I'm lost on the Inner Sanctum. I can't figure out the combination of lasers and shooting where to get inside. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


NM on Laser Cannon 3!! Just beat it!!


I need some help on Citadel 12 (The Citadel), too. I can't seem to sort this one out.