Heres a link to a screeny of how i did level 25:


38 and 39 are way easier than you think...


Just keep stacking the diamonds on there side until they fall over into squares until they are all stacked.


All you do is stack the small squares on the big one leaving a small space at the edge for that long bar. Once they are all stacked quickly put the huge bar on the left smiley face.. then put the long bar down and triangle so they don't fall off the screen.

Hense the name "Topple" don't do that squares on the circle thing..


Level 39:

Stack the small cubes at the left side of the purple cube. Try to keep the tower somewhat stable. Near the last cubes, the tower will start to collapse. Then, put the big vertical bar at the left circle, so that it will tumble over the tower and hit them. Immediately, put the big horizontal bar at the bottom, so it can act as a floor as the tower collapses. You must be fast here.


I'm stuck on 10...
Could you please help ?

Anon Ymously February 11, 2009 10:24 AM

Need Help on #18 -_- i kno its only lvl 18 but i just cant do it!

help me please February 11, 2009 6:53 PM

help for 25?


27 is so hard! help?


valareedoll February 11, 2009 11:25 PM

can someone please help me with 29?


hey guys

i'm stuck on 17/40 the triangle one. i cant get past the part where you put in the 2 long piller thingies please help me


For 40, drop the first tall block above the highest circle then it'll land and balance on the other two little circles nicely. Then put the second tall block on the left of the now slightly slanted "horizontal" tall block so that the bigger circles won't roll off the slope. Stuff the bigger circles on the plane, three at the bottom, and then two... Place the triangle on the right of the plane to prevent slipping off. Stack the remaining ones wisely.

Eureka. =P


so i got a tip for level 27

so i set the blocks up, like ordinary but then instead of settin the 'trays' right next to each other, i stuck them middle underneath the triangle,so i could stick blocks on both sides


PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm major stuck on level 20, the framwork keeps moving!! What should i do? Please help me on level 20!!!


how do you do level 38 im getting really annoyed


thank you thank you denob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone finally makes sense


Im Stuck on 38!!!!


Number 39 is hard. How do you do it?


sooo..... #28 totally impossible. no way in heck to do it. I need help please!


easy way to do level 26

place both circles in the middle on top of each other then place two blocks on each side then quickly place on on top of them in the middle it will keep those two from falling then place the last one!!!


help with 37 please?



With the bottom two circles, you have got to jam 2 squares in between them, but make sure the top one is flat and stack all the others on top.

JayJay the SNAKE February 18, 2009 5:24 PM

Does every one understand something about 32 because i seem to be one of the only people who doesnt understand the walkthrough for it...


I did all the others on my own by the way ^_^


I'm Stuck at level 40. Can someone help me?

level28easy... February 20, 2009 11:30 AM

drop them fast from left to right and one over another. if you've dropped them fast enough you'll be able to put the triangle before they've fallen off the second one AND put the triangle so that it would block them from falling but stand still good luck :)


# 28?????? pweez help


Help on level 30?


lol! I did level 39 at my 1st try, by luck!


okay, I have tried EVERYTHING people have suggested for level 36 and NOTHING is working, it's driving me crazy. I'm so close to the end and I just want to get past this level.

Please help!


how do you get #18?

shadowofaleaf February 26, 2009 5:34 AM

for level 31:

put the first triangle on the right side of the square. place the second triangle so that it slides down on the other triangle and forms a shape. put the third triangle in the space between the shapes so its side is flat. put the remaining two triangles next to each other so that there is a v shaped space. put the circle in there


I got through this whole game on my own, and am now asking for help on level 36......How do you do it?


how do you get passed 29?


omg puhleaseeeeeeeeeeee some1 help me wit level 32 its rly bothering me i just can't do itttt


to beat lvl 40 drop the first gray block on the smily to to the right so that it will fall and land on the other 2 smiley's. put the next gray block on the far left of the gray block that is now leying down. now put 6 of your circles in a pyramid quikley and but the trianlge on the right of the laying down brick so they dont roll off. put the other triangel on top of the verticle gray block, it doesnt matter where just so its out of the way. you ahve a few more circles just throw them on top


wow i need help on 36 is really hard

THANK YOU DENOB! March 1, 2009 11:48 PM

Wow. For 36, Denob's way works. Thank you so much. I've been stuck on this so long!


level 36...put squares at ends of slope(one on each). be super gentle with stacking of circles.
they should be: sq then 4 circles then do the other side same, then stack again slowly on each side. key is to be gentle!


How do you beat level 35?!


I'm stuck on 10 easy!! Help please!

Anonymous March 4, 2009 11:08 PM

help me with level 24!! PLEASE!

qingdao March 5, 2009 7:00 PM

answer for 26.

Takes no balancing, just have to be fast.
put the yellow circles down first, then build this shape


38 took me a while, but once u get the idea, its really easy:

put the first piece on the left side of the base so tt it stands on one edge, place the left hand edge of the 2nd piece slightly above the right hand edge of the first block, such that the 2nd block pushes themselves over and land flat on the side.
then place the left edge of the 3rd block slightly above the right upper corner of the 2nd block, it pushes itself over and falls nicely into place too.
repeat until theres no more space, then start a new row using the same technique as the first blocks. XD


hmm, can anyone help me with 10?


im going to quit if someone doesnt explain 35


I #36 on my first try!

just put the squares on the end of the triangles and when you put the circles on wait until the shapes smile


hey guys look i realy need help on #21 its killing me and i dornt know what to do


I got spoilers for a super secret surprise..... and number 40....

for number 40, I first put big block on high little circle, as to turn it lengthwise. Then I put the other tall rectangle on the left, a sort of blocker for the circles. Then I balanced the circles and triangles from that point

do you wanna know what the super secret surprise is?

well... dun dun dun.... here's the super secret surprise...

keep going

you can do it!

this is the last one!

j.k about that... srry... now here's the secret you have waited so long for!!!

good job makin it this far!!!! I proud.... now just you gotta go through one more spoiler... then you will know the secret...

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nice secret ain't it? I'm so proud you were so patient... please tell me what you think of my post...


poper... I can help for 21...

Put tall rectangle bar thingies like normal up on the squares. Then put the sideways one underneath. Make sure it's underneath, that's the trick. If you don't get it from there... then... dun dun dun. Guess what?

It's your own problem!!!


Need help on lvl 23 Please!


for number 23 you simply...

stack the squares like expected... you put the vertical bar ontop then you balnce the next 2 squares on the far left and far right. you put the triangle as a stopper on either ssquare... balance the circles... then put the next triangle on the square with no triangle. then you balance the rest of the circles.


for numero 32 you just

put the triangles on the squares... a little bit from each of the edges. now the trick is that instead of putting one circle directly in the middle of the two triangles, and then having it fall. you just balance the two circles right next to each other. then from there balance the other circles on that sturdy little structure.


for number 35 you just

it's a little confusing... you stack the squares like normal. but the reason it's called quick trick is because you're supposed to drop the triangle from up high and put the tray underneath it. you do this for both triangles. hope you get this jimmy... don't quit... the end bonus is SO cool.

it's REALLY hard... i know... i almost quit but like a few days ago i tried again (for like the millionth time) and i got it.


How do you beat 34?


for 34 you

take the two big rectangles, and put them on the little square so they fall onto the little squares to the left and the right. now for the little rectangles, they are little supports that are supposed to go on the smaller squares on the bottom and then fall onto the big rectangles for extra support . now i suggest that instead of dropping the circles from up high, you drop them as close as possible to the bars

now this took me 53 times to get right (i counted) so if you don't get it at first *balancing them is really hard* don't get frustrated, just try again l8r

Anonymous March 17, 2009 9:17 PM

How do you do number 24? I just don't get it. It's so hard. What am I supposed to do? Help!


lazy/easy way to do 20

step by step

2 circles on botton nxt to edges
stick on top
next 2 circles with bottom circles
next stick on top
next 2 circles on top carefully
stick on top
next 2 circles with middle circles
stick on top
last 2 circles in middle of other circles
stick on top
stack squares on top

voila 5 circles, 2 sticks, 5 circles, 3 sticks and 5 squares


i dont know how to do #33


for 24

it's so stupid and simple... to the left of the a in 'am' at the top, there is a microscopic block underneath at the bottom of the screen ya can't see

hope that helps
and i did this for 30...

you start on the secont to bottom circle, once you lay the square on it, make sure it falls left. now before it falls off, and you have to start over, drop a square on the bottom circle. the first square should then fall onto that and nothin will fall. so now you do same for the other pairs of circles, but make sure you do the bottom pair first, or else the other pairs will fall out because every pair of circles relies on the bottom's ok if some of the squares fall, just do not stick all the squares like that ar the weight will topple the whole thing.

Brian Real March 20, 2009 9:35 AM

Is there a solution for Super Stacker 2 Tricky Level 21 in the bonus mode?

This bonus mode stack is the only stack I have left to beat completely, but it seems near impossible to beat it with bonus mode on.

Tricky 21 seems beatable on bonus mode if you get a lucky draw. So far I almost came close to getting a good draw, but in the end the giant triangle can screw you over since you can't really do much after that sucker is drawn.


Ignore my earlier post about Hard Stack 34 in bonus mode. I found the solution and it is easier than I thought it would be. It still depends on a good draw, but it can be done.

[Edits: Please do only post one time. Comments go through moderation and it can happen, that we do not see them at once :). Thank you, Kayleigh]


for 33 i suggest

putting the circles on the triangles in a falling position, and then dropping the squares beneath them to keep the circles from falling, similar to rollin with my homies. now when dropping the squares, leave a little room as to put the 1st rectangle in that space between the two triangles. from there you drop the large rectangle on top of that.then the two big squares go on either end of the large rectangle, the big circle go in between the two squares, and the little circles go in the spaces between the big circles. now 'fatty' should go on top of this structure. good luck :)

(do i post to much? i'm tryin to help... if i post to much say, and i'll stop... srry if i'm a nuisance... :I)


24 is the hardest and 25 is cake


I need help on 36. Reallly slipping away>


for 36 the trick is

to do as it seems, but try not to put all the circles down at once(space them out, like do one side then another), or as the title would put it... it would be 'really slipping away' hahaha not really... anyway... good luck!


i am stuck on 21 tricky do u have any suggestions


number 28 is so hard help me please

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so for 21 i did this:

you might know this already but this is the first step...

place the vertical rectangles as far as they will go on the squares that are placed down first. then stick the horizontal one above the squares, underneath both of the rectangles.

now you may already know that... but from there you stick the two squares inbetween the vertical rectangles, ontop of the horizontal i would suggest sticking the large circle on either the left square or the right one (vs. in the middle of the two) so when you place the minature rectangles they can all slant to one side once you lean them on the circle. now once you've placed the triangle on top and slanted all the rectangles to one side,try balancing all the circles in where they fit.

Ineedhelp March 31, 2009 2:11 PM

I can't do really slipping away, please post solution!

Anonymous April 2, 2009 4:16 PM

im stuck on tricky 25!! please help!!

derr... April 3, 2009 8:37 AM

pleaseeee help me on # 25
ive tried it prolly 8 times now..

Stephanie April 5, 2009 1:36 PM

Ok, 38 took me a while to beat but i found a way...

First you put the first dimaond down. Then on the very end of the diamond, put another, then it falls to a square. Repeat this and you wont have to stack 25 diamonds. :)

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

gymnastgirl April 7, 2009 10:01 PM

help on # 37 please???


Stuck on 27. Please help.


About level 34:

How do I turn the thing?

No idea why I put it in a spoiler. But I did


Stacking/Balance game usually drive me nuts. Mostly due to frustration with bizarre and impossible gravity & physics that suddenly come into play. But this one was cool. The whimsical nature made it fun even when it got tough. And the difficulty level was just right for me. Not too easy, not too hard.

I daresay some of my solutions were more elegant than those in the walkthrough (I checked each after completing a level). But some of Pineapple's were better than mine as well. And on two levels, I only beat it because the timer ran out before inevitable collapse. All in all, fun to play.



The bottom blue squares are set just slightly closer to the middle than the top ones. So, if you drop the gray brick (#1 in the screenshot) just inside the blue blocks, it will tip off the bottom one and fall to the left, where it will balance itself on the center block.

This isn't a "do it 10 times to get it right once" drop either... it's pretty easy to replicate if you are dropping in the right place.

@Bad Dog:
You should share them! I like games like this one where there are multiple ways to skin a cat. I recall having solutions that were decidedly inelegant, but worked just well enough to get it done.

Jo The Shmo April 27, 2009 9:28 PM

Some of the level are hardcore pixel-hunting - if you place that cube one pixel to the left it'll all fall down - and that pulls this one down considerably. Otherwise a nice diversion.

:@)MYSMILEY May 29, 2009 5:49 AM

i did the game in 20 mins

Miss Pinky :-) June 2, 2009 1:07 PM

I really need some help on 29!!!!!


Level 17 for me is impossible!


I can't do the waiter arms one! It's too hard to balance the big squares! Help?


I'm on level 19 but still stuck, can you change the order in which you get the blocks to place? It's the only way I can think of sorting it.


Here's an alternate solution for level 18
(sorry, I don't know how to put a picture in a different way!)

whisper June 29, 2009 4:35 PM

Confused and stuck on level 21. Ugh. So hard. I am so frustrated!!


38 is killing me! How are you supposd to do this?


I love this game, but I'm gonna throw my computer out my window soon :-P Thanks for all the help w/these, but on 40 how do ypu get it to stay so that the balls don't all fall off before you can put the triangles on?

LeadFoot July 8, 2009 5:12 PM

First off, the creator of this game is awesome, and not so much, too.

So, I've beaten all levels on regular mode and, despite my early presumption that there were 5 stages that COULD NOT be beat on Bonus Mode, due to the fact that the pieces, or at least some of them, had to be done in a certain order, I have now gotten every stage but FRAMEWORK beaten in Bonus Mode.
However, I revert back to my original concept. After what I can only begin to estimate to be my 400-and-something-th attempt, I've realized that it would take a completely undisputable act of God to get the pieces in a manor that would allow balance for the allotted time.
I came close only once and even it was questionably unstable, but what did it in was the 90x90 sphere in the end. Had it been the smaller circle, it would have been a lock.
Of course, I was pissed.

ANyway, in summation, a waggling finger to the creator for not installing some lifeline or "cheat" to be used just once.
I can't help but be curious as to what, if anything, is beyond Bonus mode.

random person July 17, 2009 10:38 AM


im really stuck on 25!!!
please can someone help!!



A more elegant level 34:


Just place big bars in the middle so they fall left and right, then place little bars on the bottom squares to provide support (yellow balls are quite heavy), after that you have your "cup" just drop the yellow balls inside as gently as possible. good luck!


Stuck on 39 -.-


39 was not so hard however I have not enough patience to stack blocks on a smiley. And of course I found this site so I read the hints.
I stacked up all the small blocks on the big one, leaving a little space on the right.
After that (don't wait too long because they start falling) I placed the big pole on the left smiley, the horizontal one on the block/right smiley en the triangle on the right end.
Too bad I cannot place a screenshot here.


i can not get passed level 26!! Please Help


#31. . . I just:

Dropped triangle 1 on the square.
#2 dropped near the top of 1, it should turn to fall with its longest side facing the left.
#3 dropped near the top of 2, turning for its longest side lying horizontally. ~~~These should make a square.
#4 dropped on the middle of 3, normally.
#5 dropped near the top of 1, it should turn to fall with its longest side facing the left (Like 2)

The sphere should be blocked by 4 and 5s points..,
If you can picture this, good for you! But I suggest you just try it.. It'll take a few tries, but it should work when things fall right.

Tip~ If the shapes are shaking: WAIT. They should stop or shake less, then go. =] Have an awesome day!

i<3superstacker2 February 6, 2010 1:38 PM

I'm stuck on level 37! Does anyone have a code for it? Like, a code that will let me win no matter wat i do? I'M SICK AND TIRED OF DOING THIS SAME LEVEL! I've done this level 29 times this morning and I NEED 2 get past it so I can move on to the next level! plz help me and email me and send me a code!!


How do you beat level 30? Please help!


Help with medium 20?


Any tips for number 17... Cant do it :/ Helpp:D xxxxxxxx


AAAA I am stuck on level 18!!!