Frig a dig.....I am stuck on frozen island......I saw from the picture where the fishing line is but I can
t get to it. I have the idol but I guess I don't know how to use it.
Help please...LOL

[Edit: Click on the idol, an round icon representing its spell will appear above its head. Click it to charge up the spell. When it's ready, you'll see an icon for it appear in the lower left part of the screen, right to the right of the mini-map. Click on the icon, then on any place where you want the black fog to disappear. -Jay]

shawty613 January 22, 2009 6:58 PM

Anyone able to get the chest open on the moon? The one that you have to have all the balls light?


Help I am stuck on mist island and i can't find the route to the final light sphere.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 7:27 PM


Use the mini map to help guide you to paths that you might not be seen. I do believe the last one is near the top close to the light itself. If you are having a lot of trouble, use the hint of taking off the fog of war so that you can see everything.


  • You must close down the game completely then restart it for the changes to work.

  • Go into the game folder C:\program files\totem tribe\data\cfg

  • Right-click on gamevisual.cfg and open with notepad.

  • Scroll until you see <fow_dense_color>FFFFFF00</fow_dense_color>

  • Change the numbers to: 00FFFFFF

  • You have now removed fog of war and will be able to see everything in the black areas.


Thank you shawty613!! Been looking for the FOW, thanks for the info :)


I have been trying to use the FoW code and it wont save it. do I have to have the game running to do it and then shut it down and restart?

shawty613 January 22, 2009 8:07 PM


No...close the game. What you need to do when saving it (using notepad!!) is click file, save as (do not just hit save) you will see:
*file name (dont edit it this..leave it how it is)
under that is:
*save as type. click the arrow and click on "All Files" now hit save. It will ask if you want to replace the existing file. say ok

***you may want to save a copy of the original file somewhere like your desktop incase you want to change it back to normal before saving the changes.

flygirlfly January 22, 2009 8:17 PM

Here's some pictorial help with some of the trickier finds in the early levels:
The roots on Witch Island:

The fishing rod items on Frozen Vale Island:

The four ice shards on Lonely Iceberg Island:

The placement of totems on Cradle of the North:

Good Luck

flygirlfly January 22, 2009 8:30 PM

Here are some pictures to help you with locating some of the trickier items on the early levels. With thanks to Jay for help with the fishing rod pics.

The 10 roots on Witch's Island:

The Fishing Rod on Frozen Vale Island:

The Ice Shards on Lonely Iceberg Island:

The placement of the totems on Cradle of the North:

General hints:

Try building as close together as possible, in later levels you'll need to utilise as much space as possible.

Black Fog:

In the early part of the game, clear fog by luring your scouts as close to the shore line as possible by placing the exploration flags just beyond reach into the water. Pay particular attention to peaks in the shoreline. You will find many more items on some levels. In later levels, use swimming ability or Idol of Clarity.

Finding Tricky Items:

Pay close attention to the edges of mountains, trees and other objects for items you may have missed. Always scout the ground for hidden items before building.


i had totem tribe (first version) and it ran fine, well i had to reformat, so i decided to download the updated version and it freezes on the opening screen, so i tried going back to the first one and it does the same, can anyone help please? thanx

[Edit: Make sure you have the latest DirectX installed. -Jay]

shawty613 January 22, 2009 8:45 PM

Anyone have any luck getting all the balls lit up on the moon to unlock the chest?


Strategy for beating the final level:

This will be a LONG one, but the easiest way I found to beat it was to start by:
1. building 3 huts as close to where the two leaders are walking around (ie, so they preferably have to walk around the huts instead of milling around the middle of the crater) and surrounding them with towers (4 or 5 should be enough)

2. Then, stick a scout hut behind the towers and get the scouts exploring the perimiter of the central area so all the fog of war is removed. If any square guys show up, the priority is for repairing HUTS and TOWERS at this point, although for the first few times, you may have to drag the two leaders away from the centre of the screen till the towers finish the enemies off.

3. Then it's basically a case of putting everything you need to max out EVERYTHING - ie; armor, arrows, speed, production and melee weapons etc. preferably ARROWS first, as you'll need to upgrade ALL the towers to arrow towers asap. Every time you put a key building down, leave enough space around it to have at least 2, preferably even 4/5 arrow towers covering it, but you're going to need about half of the cavern empty later... Leave exploring the caves in the north-east for now.

4. Once you've maxed out the arrows and upgraded all towers, any square guys will be getting killed after about 2-3 bursts of arrow fire, and as long as they're not repeatedly destroying the original huts and towers round them (if so, you need to increase defensive towers round those 3 huts) you can relax and move attention to creating about 5 warrior camps, 4/5 witch doctor huts, 4/5 shamen tents, preferably SIX temples, and as many caveman trainers as you can fit in the remaining space.

5. Plant the battle icon in the cave mouth to the north-east, just inside and to the right of it, more on this later. Ignore the builders being killed - any more than 5 huts just take up valuable space, and besides, by now, they should be regenerating quick enough not to be a problem. After every 2/3 attacks from the square guys (or as soon as ANY building gets destroyed) get the builders repairing any smoking buildings and building one's that were destroyed.

6. Charge the temples up with 3 rage, 2 shield and 1 restore health and once they're fully charged and you have the spell icons at the bottom of the screen, send a scout up the cave passage (left, then up at the next intersection) to view the boss. Hopefully by now they won't be spotted by the enemy so just leave them there, but if they are, I guess sticking the scout icon back in the main area would help.

7. Right - now set the battle icon to the right of the little alcove which is left of the boss room (yes, there's a passage behind that purple crystal, but ignore that for now) and wait for all the troops to arrive there. If you had chosen this area originally, you'd have some stragglers stuck in the main area, unable to get into the cave which reduces your numbers. Double check that nothing is smoking in the main area, repair if needed, then set the battle icon on the boss. Once the 5 or 6 square guys have been eliminated and the cavemen are right up against the boss, cast HEALTH, SHIELD, then RAGE on them all and go charge up shield/health again while they're battling. Once RAGE has been used up, repeat the spells in that order and you'll hopefully take about a fifth, maybe even a quarter of the boss's health off before everyone gets killed.

8. Unfortunately, once all your troops are wiped out, it's a case of returning to step 5 and working though again and again till the boss is dead (ish...)

MAJOR spoiler for last level once above steps are complete:

The sarlac pit-looking things will devour your soldiers/scouts/builders for a limited time, till they start producing plumes of purple smoke, once this happens, you can move to the next one and (I assume) not have to worry about spending 2 hours repeating steps 5-8 again) - once all of them are billowing smoke, you get what must be the bad ending of the game, and unfortunately can't play it over to chose a different fate unless you start again from SCRATCH... This was the ending I got as I was pretty exhausted from spending hours doing the above, but it would be interesting to know what happens if I didn't. Also, I had only managed 91% of the rainbow road after completing the game, so might give it a go at some point.



the code won't save on my computer so I am just going to have to try and find the path. Does anyone happen to have an image of where the hidden path is to find the last light sphere?

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:01 PM


did you see my response to you on how to save it properly?

birbit127 January 22, 2009 9:05 PM

For the people that are at 99% on the gems. I am not sure if this is the gem you are looking for but I posted a link to a picture circling one. It looks like it is in the same spot that I saw somebody describe. I hope it helps. I left a note on the picture for you if you are missing that one.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:09 PM


Thank you, but the gem situation has been solved. It was a problem with the game. There is now an updated version of the game where this is fixed.

birbit127 January 22, 2009 9:13 PM

I knew it had been fixed but I didn't know if anybody had finally found them all.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:18 PM


Oh ok..yah I duno after I updated I was automatically brought to 100% I didnt need to look for another gem. I think that happened with someone else as well.


yeah it says it cannot save it. I will just try to find the path. It is not easy though.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:30 PM

That's I will go replay with FOW removed and tell you where i find them


I can't find a lot of the roots for the witch. Can someone please help me? :( Thank you.


thanks I have all of them but the very northwest one and it is driving me nuts.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:46 PM


flygirl posted hints for that on this page. If you are still having trouble let us know


i found the last light sphere. thanks for all the help.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:48 PM


only problem is I will have to start a new game so might take me some time as this game can be slow at times. For now..try pushing her to go as far as you can get her to go into the dark areas. Look hard at the mini will notice place that look like little paths leading off the big path..try to position the "eye" flag directly on those paths. Use the mini map to help you position it properly

shawty613 January 22, 2009 9:50 PM

Thats great! glad to hear it! :)


How do I get a frost tower. I am on scorched island and need to build one to get a chest.


For everyone looking to find more gems

Go back to worship island. Look where the totems are. They have small hut type buildings near them with coloured smoke coming out of them once you have activated the totem. Write down the colours of these huts starting with the lower left up to middle then to lower right.
Pic of the "hut" I mean:
Now go back to the lost temple. Put the colours you got from worship island into the small brown posts located near the water. Put the colours in the order you wrote them down. You will receive 3 chests full of gems for this.
Pic of the "small brown posts" I mean:

Order they go in incase you can't figure it out:

red, blue, yellow, pink, green


i am on comet i have one purple pedestal to put a coin and it wont take the coin no matter what i do was there a puzzle or something that i missed it said destroy the light ones with the dark light please help i am stuck and have been for hours



I tried to copy across my saved game files and profile as you suggested (I use xp) but after installation, there is no "Enkord" folder in Application Data in Documents and Settings? When I started the v1.02 up it wants me to begin a new game (which I'm happy to do but would love to finish this one first since I'm just hanging waiting to find all the jewels before entering the comet). I've backed up my game folder and my saved games and profile etc so they are safe. Any help appreciated.

[Edit: That's because you haven't created a profile yet. Go ahead and create a profile first, that way the Enkord folder will be created for you. Then you can replace the profiles.dat file with your old one when you copy the saved game files over. -Jay]



TO get the frost tower

u need to go back frozen vale island and find the fishing pole, find the parts and assemble it and go fishing for a fish, pass the fish to the old man with penguin and in exchange he will then give u a secret map,
go there finish up the quest and u will get the frost tower tech



check the faq at the top of the page in the light blue. There is a spoiler about frost/fire towers.


Strange purple dots on worship island

You maybe have noticed 4 circles of purple dots on the island. You maybe have also noticed that when a tribe member walks over them they turn green. (or is it green then purple lol :P) Well of course theres a secret here. Put the "eye" flag for your scouts on 1 of them so they go there. Put the "attack" flag on another. Build a tower on one (The one in the pic below is the one that has room for you to build a tower) and when those 3 are in position drag a worker or a heroe onto the last one and you will receive a chest!
Pic of the dots I'm talking about:



You see that there are wells around the purple crystal? I think there is 4 or 5 of them. What you need to do is basically get rid of all your coins using those wells. Each well gives you something different. You have silver and bronze coins. One of the wells turns the silver into bronze. Turn all your silver into bronze coins. The last well I believe it is takes your bronze coins without giving any back. So keep feeding the bronze coins to that well until you have no coins left and you will solve that puzzle.

VickiMouse January 23, 2009 12:11 AM

Could someone PLEASE help me. I'm at Shark Arch. on the 3 island and can't find where to put the valves and the energy sphere. Thanks!



If you go to Lost Island and on the post with the colors and you put Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green then Red. You get 3 meteor showers


having problem on comet site with black and white light have try your .For the second puzzle you need to switch the lights and dark lights. If you think of the 7 spaces as number 1 - 7, from left to right the answer is 5,3,2,3,6,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,5,3,4.two day on this one. need help, thanks .


I have version 1.0. However, I downloaded the game on shockwave on Tuesday and don't think they have updated their version with 1.02. How can I get 1.02?

[Edit: Sorry, you'll have to contact Shockwave about that. -Jay]

Chickster January 23, 2009 1:03 AM

thanks for the info Jay but even after creating my profile, there was still not an Enkord folder in Application data :( Guess I'll just have to play through from the beginning once again.

[Edit: Look at the information in the walkthrough section, the game stores game data in different locations depending on whether you're running Vista or XP. Maybe you didn't check in the right place? I'm sure the Enkord directory is somewhere on your computer if you've created your profile. You should NOT have to start again. -Jay]

_Jessica_ January 23, 2009 1:24 AM

I'm still trying to get all the lights lit at Guardian Moon, so I can get that last item I'm missing.
Still the most I can get lit is all but one.
Anyone here solved it already and willing to share?



this is where the value and energy sphere holds is

You need to get to the island with the blue crystal, there are 2 value and an energy sphere holder there

the other sphere is used to get the water rune using the light house


I found a really good way of finding things in this game. It helped me a lot when I was stumped on the gears...Just get a building out like you are going to build it and then objects will have red circles around them. I looked for that gear for an hour and when I did that it only took me five minutes to find it. It's kind of a cheat, but it helps.

Wishmaster January 23, 2009 2:30 AM

shawty613 and _Jessica_:
To turn on single light click all lights in its column and row ( all 7 ). After that the only light in intersection of this row and column will be switched, rest will be preserved. Good luck!

_Jessica_ January 23, 2009 3:01 AM

Wishmaster, that did the trick! Thank you SO much!!! You're the best!


Hello everyone, I am new to this site. Nice to meet everyone. So I am hooked on this game..... I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me?

I am on Seagull Island and I am using a walkthough that I got from here. It tells me to upgrade my towers to arrow towers but I do not have the upgrade. I built the workshop, and the archers barreks, and I hit the reaserch upgrade on the workshop yet it still isnt letting me upgrade my towers... Have I missed something?

Wishmaster January 23, 2009 3:22 AM

Don't worry, you will get the upgrade option on next island, Red Rock. To get rid of crows use your archers. Have fun!


I kill all the shark on shark island just for fun [and for nt finding the last missing blue turtle shell]

this is how i did it¤t=ttlookmanoshark-howiddit.jpg

first put your scout flag just below the arrow tower as shown

this is to do 2 things, the bait scout will automatic swim toward the flag point every time u drop him and the new scouts from the hut auto swim to the flagpoint just in case ur bait decided to go to heaven... lol

step 1

use one of the scout for bait put him there to lure one or 2 shark in and away from the rest of the pack, keep picking and dropping the scout till the shark will follow this is the hardest part but with a few good practice u will get the hang of it

step 2

the hard part is over but u still need to keep picking and dropping the scout so that shark will be futher away frm its daily routine, also u dnt need to pick n drop ur scott that much now, let him swim a bit and for the shark to follow close by

step 3 lure the shark all the way to the arrow tower, once the shark pass half circle of circle 3, the arrow tower wll automatic start to shoot arrow at it.
the easy way to kill it is to pick up and hold the scout that way the shark have no where to go except swim upward along the shore
or toward the second scout


I am at mist island, why i can't go through the door ? And as i can't go through the door, i can't get the thrumb tower, and can't develop in the scorched island=.=so what is the problem??



u need to search for the thunder rune to unlock the door search page 2 for the answer where u get the rune


one question:

can i go for 100% gems after i beat the final level or is that game over then?


hey guys,
great FAQ section <3

kev: im stuck on comet crash site,i have tried the sequence you said but it doesnt work. it wont allow you to return to the same spot more than twice

anyone know how to get these orbs from one side to the other?it's the only totem i have left to destroy .
thanks x


I only got 97% of the gems. I colored them and enlarge so it's kinda hard to miss them but somehow I searched all the islands and still no gems left. Did I miss something where I can find the balance 3%? Please help.




To upgrade your towers to arrow towers (or any other kind) you need to click on the tower itself not the workshop (or any other building). Icons will appear above the tower giving you choices of upgrades.


Thanks ho-hum. Yup that item I searched high and low for days for was indeed on the moon. Sheesh, now I just gotta get the chest open lol :)

Chickster January 23, 2009 8:11 AM

Again, thanks Jay. I had a hunt around and finally found that elusive Enkord folder! It was in the 'all users' under doc & settings, I was looking under my own name duh! Copied my saved games and profile across and all is well.
Still hunting for the remainder of the gems. I'm at 97% and have gone over and over and over each island, spray painted the gems as well and still can't seem to find the remainder of them..grr... are there any other tricks I'm not aware of I wonder. I've read through all the posts here and gone back and checked and double checked, that tip for the 3 chests on Lost temple island was wonderful!

For those struggling with the black/white orbs on the Comet Crash site I found a different solution on another site and posting it here.

Please refer to this picture for the position Golden Ball's Movements: C, E, F, D, B, A, C, E, G, F, D, B, C, E, D

Hope that helps...I did see someone else post a help picture where they used frogs for the example, thats what I actually used to solve that puzzle. If you take note of the 'empty' space which is the golden ball and simply place that golden ball on every empty space in turn as shown on the frog example posted earlier, that will do it too.



The correct sequence should be 5-3-2-4-6-7-5-3-1-2-4-6-5-3-4.


Hello, i'm stuck on 3 levels can someone help please
1- on the beetle island how do i light all the fire on the island at right end
2-in the Yeti Island how do i again light the fire to open the chest
3 and what about the red spot in Worship Island i tried using a previuous comment but i didn't work out
and .... what is rainbow Road

Patapouff January 23, 2009 8:34 AM

Hello how do i get to the lost Island???


Ok I'm trying to see if someone knows how to edit your profile so that I can go back to the other islands. I beat the game and I missed quite a few things and don't want to start a new profile if that's possible.


I am on Lost Island and cannot find the fire rune. Can anyone help me?


i cant find necklace 2nd from top on right can anyone help



Beetle Island

Keep playing with it till you get 1 fire on and the rest off. then click the pit to the left to turn on those 3 then the one to the right to turn on those 3.

Yeti Island

You have to catch the light on the top left side of the map in the forest. Yo hve to be quick and catch it 3 or 4 times I think. It will give you something to light it with.

Worship Island

Put your scout marker on one, then attack marker on another, then put your workers building something one another, lastly while they are still building put either Aruku or Guro on the last one.

Rainbow Road

is another optional secret level in wich you have to get all the gems to get to.



Lost Island

You get the map from Worship Island. I think it's from the 4 columns or the pink/green dots on the ground.


I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question....

On Scorched Island there is a red door with a fire symbol on it - is there a way to open the door


Thanks again for all the help:) I'm trying to wrap up lose ends on the game... there is a 'tower' on The Mist Island and it wants something 'special' what are they wanting?


I cannot find all of the gems and it's driving me crazy! :( I have the newest version of the game, I painted the gems bright pink and have searched through each level like 3 times, but I'm still stuck at 99%. Is there some kind of cheat that can let me enter the rainbow level?


pls help me to find another root in witch island pls



Everytime you meet an inhabitant on any island a screen will pop up with their picture and they will tell you what it is you need to find in order to unlock their gift. Yes, you actually should be reading what the characters are saying lol, kinda hit and miss if you don't.

Clicking on chests will tell you what you need in order to open them, clicking on and reading all the guide stones will also give you clues to what you need to do as well as where objects are hidden.

All of the stone gates that have a small picture (snow, sun, lightning, rain, tree) in the middle and they need a 'rune' to open them. The runes are in the same shape as that on the door and are colored orange. They are sometimes very hard to see and sometimes they will be given to you in chests or by defeating enemies. Make sure you have opened all chests and destroyed all enemy buildings.

matthewfarmery January 23, 2009 10:59 AM

also stuck on 99% also turned the gems bright pink, I also turn all the landscape black, and erased the structure images, (I mean using a paint program and used the erase tool), so the images are still there but invisible, Im missing one gem, I think, the one near the hunter's lucky charm, as my screenshot from my game shows

this is frustrating, must be a bug or an oversight surely?


Matthew, it also appears you are missing one by the blue and red ring.


I have looked and looked through all the posts and still can't figure out how to make my villagers swim, please help. This game Great.
Thanks in advance.


JUST beaten the lost temple level it was fun but easy , just wonder if anyone know if there is another secret if u make an code using the color stone

matthewfarmery January 23, 2009 11:37 AM

the ability to swim, you get from the second shark island, the one where you start only with a scout, once you done so much, you find an item that will allow your scouts to swim, farther help is contained within the blog pages

as for the gem, not sure where else to look, or where that gem is, I have gone through every island at least three times now, frustrated, very frustrated



u need go to Shark Archipelago and get an treasure

check out the blue faq section


To swim:

You need aqua lungs to swim. You get them in the Shark Archipelego.


Hello again,

ok so I am still stuck at 99%...restarted and meticulously counted the gems on every level and still have only been able to find 20 on mist island...any one know a trick like the FoW for the mist itself?



Thanks for trying to help..but unlike jessica..I have not been able to get all lite except 1..not sure what im doing wrong..if you have any other advice let me know



If it helps..right now I have all lite except 4 of them


OK, I have been stuck on Shark Archipelago
for 3 days now. I'm on the second island, I put the crystal in. I have one sphere I believe its called and one valve. I'm at a loss now and its driving me crazy. I don't know what to do next. I've read through the threads over and over and still not finding anything to help me get through to the 3rd island. Am I missing something? I'm ready to give up and uninstall the game. Any help on this would be great.



I'm not sure if it's just you are you clikc on the crystal but it dosent take you to the next island....if this is the need to have your scouts beside the crystal when you click it. If not it wont transport them

matthewfarmery January 23, 2009 12:34 PM

to get to the other islands, once you have the blue travel crystal, put it in one of the brownish masks? then click them until the blue one appears, then take your scout near the white one, when close, click on it, that will transport you to the third island

well, Im at a utter loss on where this gem is, I went through all the level xml files, I counted all the gem lines, 21 on each, but there must be something missing or wrong, as I can't locate it on my island's maps, unless Im missing a puzzle? real loss on what to do now



thank you so much!!
i just need to go back to the other islands and find the missing masks and gems that i dont have before hitting next island. :(

matthewfarmery January 23, 2009 1:28 PM

ok, I have done a fresh install of the game, started from scratch AGAIN! and won't bother gem hunting until the very end, then I can go back through all the islands count how many I get from each and jotting down the results, this is getting beyond a joke now, but if I have any chance of trying to finding where Im missing this gem, I have no choice but to do this, I will update when I know more,


does this happen to anyone else? its not really related to the game, but it happens when i am playing the game. sometimes my computer shut down by itself when i was playing. so i have to restart an island.
why it happens? what shall i do to solve this problem? please help me. thanks.

Wishmaster January 23, 2009 1:43 PM

Nevermind, just do the same thing for each unlit ball. It will take a bit longer though..



here some tips for u

the white crystal technically isnt a crystal its just a transporter in between islands

there are more than just 1 value and 1 sphere

each island that has a crystal hold on it has a puzzle u need to solve in order to get the crystal

hope this help to anyone who need hints and nt the completely walk through

_Jessica_ January 23, 2009 2:13 PM

Shawty, Wishmasters trick really works. Perhaps you accidently hit a light double?
I know I did a few times.

For Example, you have the light on the left off and the others on, then you click on each light in that (diagonal) column and row. That are in total 7 lights (not 8, don't click a light double. Start in a row, then do the column, but don't click on the light again that was also in the row) Do that for each light that you still need to light and in the end you will have them all lit.


I am trying to deal with the fires on Beetle Island. Lino said use the pits to the right and left, but I don't know which pits you are talking about. Can some one help me please?

suittmama January 23, 2009 2:21 PM

Okay - pulling my hair out here. I am SOOOO stuck on Mist Island. I cannot figure out how to go any further than I am. I can't find a path, not even using the mini map posted earlier. Even when it seems I have the scout icon thing EXACTLY where I am supposed to be walking according to the map, she won't go any further. I have uncovered most of the map - on the west side, up to the uppermost west light thing, on the East, that whole side. I just can't get her to walk up the map anymore to uncover the other light bulb nor the towers or anything. PLEASE help. I am so close to just throwing in the towel!!!


i am stuck still on comet it says destroy all the crystal pedastals and there is one that wont take a coin at all and does not have one like the others on it what am i doing wrong its the one where the green heads of bushes try to kill you when you enter that part please help


Hi I too am loving this game.. I am stuck on the fires of Beetle island. Lino posted that you have to use the pits to the right and left, but I don't know what pits he is talking about.. Can someone help?

SweetMama January 23, 2009 3:04 PM

What's the deal with those totems on Worship Island (the one with the star, moon, sun and lightning)?
I've followed both instructions written on here, but still nothing happens.

Can someone explain it again on how have have to put them right?? (picture??)



ok guys,gals

on the island with the totems the first thing you should do is build all your major buildins first. along the shoreline. build the scout building last.make sure you have the ability to upgrade your towers arrows and fire i built about eight towers along the top of the town and the main path that the spirits come down i put a fire tower there when the spirits come they will hit the first tower by the main path keep it repaired as mutch as possiable they will get past it thoe but the other towers should do the trick anlong with your fighters.

hope this helps


Thank you so very much. I got it. But now I'm missing the last 2 shells for the totem. Oh my, I think I'm starting to get a headache.


Okay really stuck here. On Shark Island, have blue stone, 2 valves and sphere. Can not figure out where to put the valves and get no where when I puch the blue stone. Help


I'm so with suittmama......I can't get that last light either...and I can't even find the mini map in the earlier m,aps.....ready to throw in the towel as well.


ok mousie

how on earth did you get off the second shark island. ive been clicking on those travels stones for days now (could be weeks i have been here that long lol)
my scout is always beside them when i click so maybe im doing something else wrong.
i would appreciate a step-by-step of how you did it please

thx in advance


Tracy.... What they weren't very specific on in the posts is this: Put your scout next to the crystal of where you want to go, the click on the WHITE transporter crystal. Hope that helps you more.

_Jessica_ January 23, 2009 4:10 PM

Yeah! Finished the game! That last Island took me a while but I did it, yeah!
Thanks for all the tips and tricks, espescially to Wishmaster for his trick on the lights on Guardian Moon.


Can someone please explain how i can get to the lost island? i have the map but still cant get there .... help please