@Shawty: The third secret one is suppoused to be the one you reach from the rainbow bridge. The other two are the iceberg and the lost temple island.

As far as the three pyramids, maybe two are just decoys?


i figured out what to do.



K thanks. Ugh I just hate this. I really dont want to have to d/l again to replay everything again.


[Edit: I have an email in to the developer about this. I will update the thread here once I learn what the verdict is. -Jay]

Thanks man. Although might be better to make a new post.

Not bieng able to get to the rainbow bridge doesn't stop you from getting to the end and certainly isn't required for at least two of the endings. Only one of them requires that you do something while there.


@Shawty, just redownload, your profiles and savegames are still there. They were actually still there when I uninstalled the previous version and installed the one I bought from the Enkord site. Which was BEFORE Jay said that there was an update available here. :P

Whatever the changes are, old saves are still playable.

*Throws a snowball at Jay*



you figured out what to do with what? lol. Sorry not sure if that is related to a previous post or what.



so u have the updated version? Have you found more gems then..or not yet?


Doesn't look like there are more gems, I'm not sure anyway since I'm at 97% atm. Actually, I can't find any more.

Whatever changes there were, it doesn't seem like they involved the gems.

Not sure if I'll hold that particular game so that I can get to the rainbow bridge or move inside the comet.


i still have not found the thunder bolt on mist island i have found the gate and i have completed everything else on the island i do not want to go to the last level with out completing everything so if someone could please tell me exactly where it is or give me a screen shot i would greatly appreciate it



Are you looking for the thunder bolt to open the gate? Or the actual bolts of lightning?

If I remember corectly the thunder bolt was hidden in the darkness around the top middle area of the map...if you use previous tips that were suggested on here to remove the fog of war you will see it with no problem


I am very stuck on Cradle of the North Island. I have defeated the sharks but am unable to find the world seal. I can not explore the whole island becuase of an ice block that i can not build a tower close enough to, to destroy. What do I do next?

Also how do you view what coins and other treasures you have already discovered?

Thanks for the help!!


A hint to make the gems easier to find

If you edit the gems and enlarge them, it makes them all easier to see. So use Anthony's advice on changing colors of items, but instead of changing the color, enlarge the gems by like 500%. You will not miss them. Thank you. Shawty. I will try that tomorrow. Getting late and my eyes are getting tired.


I'll try that idea brat606, although I'll do it tomorrow, it's getting kind of late for me.


Tried it and it didn't work. Just made them completely white and square. Looks like a square box now, but not any bigger.


To Galloway:

You should have gotten

the ability to build a shaman's tent after getting rid of the sharks. Bring a shaman to the ice blockade with the battle flag and he should be able to get rid of it.

Treasury -

When you're on the menu where you select your next island, click on the treasure chest located on the left side of the screen.


Ok, so what i'm trying to do now is to look in the treasure chest to see if I can see where the gem is missing. Because the places the gems go in the treasure chest are shaded areas in the shape of the gems. Where I'am seeing there is a gem missing is right beside the Hunter's lucky stone. There looks to be a shaded area there where a gem should be. Wondering if someone else stuck at 99% could check and see if they are missing a gem in the same place. What island was the hunters lucky stone found on? Maybe that is where the gem is by chance? I don't know. I'm tired and it's a thought. But if anyone else checks and they have that area in the same place missing a gem, then maybe it is a problem with the game


@Shawty: Yea,I think you have to change the internal size that the game marks it as in the xml.



Hmm, I just checked and I do have an empty spot near the Hunters luckey stone, along with a few others elsewhere. Is yours between two pink stones, one on top and one on the bottom, with a green stone on the left? If its the same one as yours, then maybe there is something up with the game.


yah there is pink stones near it and a green one to the left of it!


Maybe Jay can add to the email he sent what we found. Maybe that would help in finding out where this gem is


If I knew how to take a screen shot of it I would so I can show where it is..but what u are describing with the pink on top and bottom and green to the left of it is exactly where mine is..right by the hunters lucky stone. Anyways maybe Jay will have some info for us tomorrow. I'm off to bed..work in the morning


ok..I figured it out and took a screen shot..now how do i upload it here? :S lol

[Edit: You can't directly upload images here yet. You can either post it to an image hoster or you may send it to our "contact" email address, link at the bottom of the page, and we'll upload it for you and insert the URL into your comment. -Jay]


Hi sorry im having to comment without signing up but it keeps telling me my url is bad....

Anyway I have a problem, im on the island where i get the fishing pole. so here is my question...?

How do I use the pole once it is assembled?

[Edit: You don't have to enter a URL in the field provided. It's meant to include the address of your homepage, if you have one. It must be formatted properly, or you will get the "bad URL" error message. As for the fishing pole, one of the help stones tells you to look for bubbles in the water as a good place for fishing. Once you find them, just click once on the fishing pole, then on the water where the bubbles are. -Jay]


Hi, how do i build frost tower? i think there are some treasure chest that required me to build all kinds of towers. I played till worship island already. Thanx in advance


Can somebody please help me! I don't know what to do with the 4 towers or whatever on Worship Island that have the 4 symbols on them (sun lighting, moon, and I don't remember the other). What order do they go in? Please help.



Can someone clear up the Pirate/Lost Island puzzle for me. I light up the lanterns, it shows an image from the island with a red X but I click all over, I send my scouts, I even send war parties and nothing. So what's the point, what am I supposed to do?


How do I beat the giant squid without sacrificing my people to the giant mouths?


Leave your fighters near the town, send your scouts through the doors, and click on the object that has the x in the picture. You should get the key to open the doors.

OceanSkies January 22, 2009 1:42 AM

Here is an easier way to beat the Master Squid on the last level. This is if you want to beat the game without sacrificing your people. This is my personal walkthrough of the last comet level.

I have tried tons of ways to beat the squid in the comet level. I have found a very easy and effect way to do it.

1. First you have to build up your colony really well. You will have the entire middle of the comet to do this...so use all the space up that is given to you. Build at least 16 or more Shaman tents...making sure that you spread them out. Build at least 4 or five Cavemen buildings. (These two fighters are the best for this level.) It's also good to have at least 1 or 2 Doctor shacks, 2 smithys, 2 workshops (in case something falls during battle), 4 temples, 1 scout building, 1 hall of mysteries, one herb building, 1 or 2 training grounds.

You will want to make sure that all of your buildings are strategically place. (example: place a Caveman building in each corner of the area you have to build in. and Shaman Buildings in each area, a temple in each corner, etc. This will come in handy because it will allow your warriors to attack any enemy that comes within their area. (When you don't set the attack button, all of your warriors stand by their own building until an enemy approaches.)

2. ALSO EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Build tons of towers spreading them throughout, wherever there is space. Use different towers. I use the fire, frost, and Mud towers the most. I had about 17 towers or more. This is good because it will protect your colony when you are out fighting both Master Monsters.

3. Be sure to upgrade everything and do all research.

4. As you are building up your colony...don't wonder off just yet to search for the Master monster. Finish building...you will only have to tackle a couple of those stone monsters that spawn every once in a while. It's nothing really to worry about. Just let your warriors fight them off as you continue to build. Once you are done send your warriors up to find the Mastermind. (located at the very top right corner of the map. Just follow the path leading up there.)

Let your warriors fight, until they kill it off. It will take a little while, but don't worry about your colony "town". Just send your little workers to fix anything as they get damaged by enemies that spawn there. You will have a constant flow of warriors going to fight the mastermind and a flow that will kill off any enemies around your colony.

5. Once that enemy is defeated..the squid will appear and will also have spawned a lot of little squids with it. Do not try to fight it just yet, because your efforts will be in vein. Just send your warrior back to your colony. This is a good time to fix anything that needs fixed and send your scouts to search for the purple stones, which are down the paths. There are seven in all. *DO NOT GO INTO THE MOUTHS ON THE FLOOR. IF A COUPLE OF YOUR SCOUTS FALL IN, IT IS OK...BUT DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TOO MANY TIMES (one of the stones is hidden behind one of the mouth openings in the floor, which is at the VERY TOP LEFT CORNER of the map. First set your flag for your scout just past the mouth in the floor, then you will have to pick up your scout and drag him up there as far past the mouth as possible, or he will just be devoured by the mouth, this is the only way to reach that particular stone. Once you have found the stones, click on them to destroy it. You will notice that the stones around the squid are now gone. This makes it easier to defeat the Master squid.

6. OK.. this is where it gets interesting and does a good deal of damage to the squid. The important thing to do here is to charge your 4 temples. Charge 2 SHIELD spells and 2 BATTLE FURY Spells. The hint is that you want to prepare your warriors. The easiest way to do this is to send your warriors towards the Master squid, without getting too close. You want to send them where they are almost to the Master Squid without being seen by the spawns surrounding the Master Squid. Once all of your warriors are huttled together...use 1 of the Shield spells and 1 of the Battle Fury spells on your warriors. This protects them from the Master Squid which is trying to hit them with it's rays and protects them from the spawns, while also giving them a boost of power. Send the warriors close to the Master Squid and watch them wreak havoc on it and the spawns. When you notice the spells going away...use the other 2 spells to give them another boost. Once you've run out of spells. Send your warriors back to the colony so that you can recharge your Temples and fix the buildings that you need to fix. You will have to do this several times, but this really does the most damage in shorter time. The other spells from your temple does not do much damage at all and takes forever!!!

Also, don't forget to check in on your colony and fix the things that need fixed, while your warriors are fighting. It is also important that once you have your warriors back at your colony, DO NOT have the "attack button" set, so that they can roam freely around the colony and attack the enemies that may be approaching.

I really hope this helps. I'm so excited that I found this out after tiring hours of trial and error.

loonymnstr January 22, 2009 2:13 AM

can any one please tell me where i might find the missing shaman's mask? I am missing the forth mask the one under the aqualung


Regarding questions about the possibility of a MISSING GEM:

There was a bug with the earlier version of the game that lacked one gem at Volcano Island.

This has been fixed with v1.02

Make sure you have the latest version. The correct version is available from Casual Gameplay using the links above, or visit this page to download:


To update your version, simply download and install over your previous version. Your saved game will be preserved. However, you should make a backup of your Totem Tribe directory just in case.

The new version (v1.02) changes the place where the saved game data is stored. Older version stored user data in a "data" directory within the game folder. The newer version stores program data in:

  • XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe

  • Vista
    C:\ProgramData\Enkord\Totem Tribe


Shawty - yes they did - which is how I lost my saved game :( I obviously saved the wrong thing, so if u know what to save I suggest u save it before you download. Hope that helps.

SweetMama January 22, 2009 4:10 AM

How do make it so that all the black areas are gone.
Which code do I have to change in the xml file and where can I find the xml file on my computer?

I know it's been told before, but I don't know which page it's one.

Can someone explain it to me again?

_Jessica_ January 22, 2009 4:16 AM

I'm also stuck at 99%, counted the gems as I played the game and I found 21 in each level except for the Volcano Island, I found 20 gems there.

The one I am missing is the one near the Hunters Lucky stone, just like you guys.


Totem Tribe FAQ:

Thunder Scroll:

This item allows your shamen to use the power of thunder and is found on the Island of Worship.

Thunder Tower:

You need to find the lightning rune on Mist Island to get to the thunder, then you need go back searching to find the lightning rods, bring the rods back to the wiseman and he will give you the ability to build the towers.

Opening Gates on "Lost" Island:

For those still missing their color codes: you need to activate the 'fire' nozzles which will show you what colors you need to enter into the centre stones in order to get each rune. The picture that appears in the lake is the location of the rune for that color combination. They are extremely hard to see but they are there. You need to really look at the location it is showing you and click around where they have marked an X, you do not need to put any of people there unless you haven't cleared out the fog.

Shaman Masks:

All masks are either in chests or given to you by island dwellers. You need to complete the tasks the island dwellers give you in order to get them. Maybe there is a chest or dweller that you have missed.

4 Posts in Front of Pyramids on Island of Worship:

Look at the symbols that are locked (highlighted white) and use them as your start point. You need to turn the other blocks until the symbols go diagonally across all four posts. If the moon is the bottom symbol on the second post then it will need to be the second symbol on the third post, third symbol on the fourth and fourth on the first and so on for each symbol.

Frost/Fire Towers:

You need to build a laboratory before you can upgrade you towers to frost or fire. You are granted the ability to build a lab on Frozen Vale Island once you complete the task for the island dweller.

Fishing Pole/Fish:

Once assembled you need to find the spot in the water with ripples. Select your pole and click on the ripples. This will give you a fish that you give to the hermit. For those with an unassembled pole, the far north-west corner is hiding the fishing line.

Missing Turtle Shells/Orbs on Shark Archipelago:

One of the orbs needs to be placed on the island between the two valves. This grants you access to the chest on that island as well as clears the water so you can see a number of shells hiding there.

Tear Gate on Shark Archipelago:

You need to explore the south-east land masses in order to find the rune.

Fire Walls Blocking Passage:

You need to build a frost tower or have the ability to research frost power for your shamans in order to destroy those obstacles.

Fog of War Cheat:

  • You must close down the game completely then restart it for the changes to work.

  • Go into the game folder C:\program files\totem tribe\data\cfg

  • Right-click on gamevisual.cfg and open with notepad.

  • Scroll until you see <fow_dense_color>FFFFFF00</fow_dense_color>

  • Change the numbers to: 00FFFFFF

  • You have now removed fog of war and will be able to see everything in the black areas.


hi, its me (again) lol
can somone please clear up these loose ends for me?
1.i have fires at scorched island where i need access to the cave (top right) i was told had to light other fire pits on the island to do this but there are no other fires unlit - is this correct?
2. i was told you only need one orb for lighthouses - i have 2 but cannot link them and cant find more - is this correct?
3. i still cant find the bloomin tear on shark island and the fourth shaman mask ive been back at least 3x to each island - what am i missing thats right under my nose?

ps lovin it!


Thanks for doing that, Sas. :)

I'm grouping all your tips together into one "FAQ" and putting it into the walkthrough guide section above.

Send me an email to the contact address (link at the bottom of the page) and I'll send you a coupon good for a free game. :D


Thanks Jay, email is on the way.


thanks sas
ive still got 3 lighthouses unlit, the one on the island you get the scuba gear from,
the one where the tear gate
and the one with the other chest
its driving me nuts
the scorched island, cave is the entrance to what the wolves used am floggng a dead horse here and trying to do something that isnt even in the game? ive tried destroying the circle of fires with a frost tower but they arent firewalls

whew ..this game is funky



Some islands, like Witch Island, you do not have the abilities to get rid of obstacles on your first visit.

Once you have gotten the ability to swim (Shark Archipelago) you can go back through each island and clear away all black areas to see if there is an outer land mass with chests/gems that may not have been visible before.

Once you have the ability to build fire towers or a shaman tent you can get rid of any ice blockades. Build a tower near the ice block and upgrade it or send your troops to it with a battle flag.

You will need frost towers for fire blockades or shamans with frost powers (for the tighter areas where a tower can not be built) in order the clear out fire walls.



The guide stones are so very important and will clear up a lot of problems people are having finding items. Find them all and read them all!

There is always a reason for a guide stone and it's specific location.

A lot of times there will be items you need to find, gems/chests/artifacts, in close proximity so take a moment to look around closely.

Reading guide stones will sometimes offer valuable hints to where objects have been hidden completely out of sight.

Building towers next to guide stones will clear away black areas and sometimes reveal hidden land masses or items.


I know, lots asked for it and I hope I didn't miss the answer. But how the tinkerbells do I get to the chest on Dream Shore (upper right corner)? Would be very thankful for an answer soon.


FOG OF WAR command? Scanning through older entries but can't seem to find it. Could someone please explain again how to go about implementing this?



There are 'singing' stones located on several of the land plots (same stones around the chest on Witch Island). Click on them all to turn them all 'on' and then you will be grated access to the chest.

_Jessica_ January 22, 2009 6:09 AM

I downloaded the new version of the game and all of a sudden I am at 100%. Didn't need to search for that last gem.

So, now I'm at Guardian Moon, but I can't figure out how to light all spheres. Anyone already done that part and figured out how it works?




I am going crazy,

please, help me find object from picture in link.


Best wishes



Enemies/Enemy Buildings

If you click on an object (person, building, blockade) and it doesn't how a life stat bar under it then it can't be attacked. If you look at your mini-map, anything that needs to be gotten rid of by means of violence is marked in red.




As far as I know the building on Scorched Island that the tribe used as a passage is just a building and there is nothing to be done with it. The circles of fire cannot be detroyed they are simply landmarks.


Lighthouses on Shark Archipelago

One orb is all that is needed to light all the lighthouses. Place the orb in the lighthouse that is next to the chest that needs to be opened by lighting all lighthouses.

Click on the lighthouse to change the direction of the light emitting from it. Each lighthouse needs to point it's light in a specific direction (another lighthouse) in order to light the next one.

Each lighthouse will need to be clicked to change it's light directionality and in a specific direction in order to get all of them lit.


Sorry Jessica still waiting for an updated version.

Madmaq, I would have to replay the game to know exactly where that item was but it is obtainable before Beetle Island.

SweetMama January 22, 2009 7:23 AM

Where on the mist Island is the lightning rune? I looked everywhere, but can not find it.

Does anyone know?


Thanks for all those hints - really helps. I'm a little stuck at the comet crash site with the second puzzle and eventhough I peaked at the walkthrough, I still seem to be doing somethign wrong. I followed the exact order but at some point the golden ball won't let me move it around any more. Any ideas?

SweetMama January 22, 2009 7:50 AM

Does anyone have a screenshot on where the the thunderbolts (4) are located??
I have 3 now, but where is the 4th?

I can't remember where I found them, but if I remember well...1st one I found near the wisemans hous, 2nd left upper quarter, 3rd near the 4 lights-puzzle .


Never mind, it worked after all. BTW one of the first numbers in the walkthgouh seems to be worng. 5,3,2,4 worked for me instead of 5,3,2,3.

SweetMama January 22, 2009 8:36 AM

ok what do i gotta save to install the new version? i don't want to start again.


How do I open the chest on seagull Island?




thanks jay and sas for being patient wth me, that was really doing my head in (lighthouses) i was being a fluffy douglas!(lol) i misinterpreted what to do with the lighthouses, once i realised, it was quick to sort out! right, now to tackle the lost temple and let my bald patches grow back!!


First I want to thank everyone for their helpful posts.

Question for Dream Shore Island

I have just spent two hours fighting off King Shade. Just as he dies everything blew up. For some reason Guru and Aruku ended up on the island. Now i have to fight him agian. I had three thunder towers built to divert his attention and to help with the fighting. Is there a faster way to kill him? And how do I keep them off the island?


saggioculo January 22, 2009 9:49 AM

OK..thanks for all the help...I found the "fluffy" thunder scroll. Hopefully the last question (although I doubt it). In my Treasure Chest I have everything with two excepts...the 6 cicles in the middle and on the top right corner I'm missing something. Can anyone tell me if this is something I missed on one of the other island before I go inside the comet as it says I can't return to the other islands once I enter.
Thanks so much


The lighting bolts:

A Post by Ann on the 2nd page, some where in the middle. She posted a picture of the location of everything on Mist Island.



Does anyone know how many gems are on mist island?

I found 20. Is that all of them or am I still missing 1?

Thanks in advance.


Number of gems per island = 21



The circles in the middle are where the totems go. Can't tell you what the thing is in the top-right corner because it is the only item I haven't found.


Fighting shades

No matter what level you are and you encounter a 'shade' the easiest and fastest way to defeat them is troops.

Shamans, hunters and archers are best against any enemy since they don't need direct contact. The further away they can stand the less damage they take over a short period of time. Also make sure you have built a few witch doctor shacks so they can help replenish your army's life points.

If there is an area where you know you will be encountering them you can build a few towers ahead of time and I would suggest upgrading them to arrow towers.

Make sure you build a workshop and smithy and research all available upgrades for weapons and armor.

Fighting King Shade

With enough troops and witch doctors, plus the researching, the battle should take less then 15 minutes. You do not need to build towers on his land plot and I would suggest not even looking down there.

The portal is quite wide to his hideout and I suggest keeping your eyes on Guru and Aruku. Pick them up and move them away from the 4 centre statues if they start heading that way. If either of them transport over you may as well quit the level and start over since you won't be able to continue anyway.


Chests on any island

Click on the chest and it will tell you what you need to do/find in order to open it. Make sure you read the guidestones because some things are hidden completely out of sight and there will be hints on where to find what you need.


i read somewhere what that item was, but cant remember lol,
you get it after doing the level beyond rainbow road ...apparently


i know everyone is trying to get 100% on the game but can someone please help me.
i am on shark island
i have done the puzzles on the first island and traveled to the second one.
i have cleared the mud and got a yellow crystal.
i have done the ball puzzle and received an energy sphere type of thingy.
i put the yellow crystal in and nothing is happening.
its really doing my head in now.

thanks for helping


Shark Archiplagio (sic)- Ok, I'm on the second island. I've gotten the orb, and the 1 gear, and the yellow crystal.

* How do I put the orb into the lighthouse? Anytime I try, it won't stay in there and just goes right back into my items. I've tried clicking it all over that lighthouse.

* What "Truth" do those flowers know?? I'm guessing it's a solution to something on another island?

*What do I do with that gear??


I miss one item that look like a yellow globe ( I look in the game/item folder it's called art17). Where can I find it, please? I go to the final level so I want to find every thing that I can now. Please, help !!! Thanks.


@Rivka: The one you are missing on Mist island is most likely one along the bottom of the map. Just get Aruku to explore some on the bottom as much as you can.

I had missed that one myself and is probably an easy one to miss.


Been trying to solve this puzzle all morning, but can't solve it. Still nobody else who reached Guardian Moon and might be able to help me with this puzzle? I've managed to light all lights but one.



i'm on the last level with all the crystals. however after blundering through all the other puzzles on the other levels i can't figure the first puzzle out on the island. it/s the one in the bottom left corner of the map. i've messed with this darned thing for a couple days now *frown* .

please help lol


OH MY GOD. I reinstalled the game? And now I have to start all over.



The item you are missing is on this island:

Cradle of the North in a chest.

Its location:

Under the spot where the whale totem gets placed. Your scout can walk directly to it.


Anthony, can you tell me what program do you use to view the binary of the saved game's DAT file? I have problems finding all the gems.


IF U USING XP u need to transfer the saved games manually
to do this
copy all files named "quest-*.dat" and "profiles.dat" from the old "data" directory to the new directory.

New place for save game files in Windows XP is

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe

for vista user u dnt have to change anything
p.s backup a copy of the saved game just in case

major and minor fixes

Major fixes:
Some Vista users were unable to start game.
One less gem is now needed to complete Rainbow Road, so all players missing one bugged gem on Volcano Island, will get their Rainbow Road complete.
Final sequence after completing game is shown correctly now.

Minor fixes:
Several issues with music were fixed.
Critters like penguins and seagulls got voices.
Several rare situations that lead game to crash were fixed.
Fixed issue with dying of Aruku and Guro on the Ruins of Dream Shore.
Some other minor fixes


Yea well, I'm still missing some gems SOMEWHERE, so, not sure whether my savegame got updated or not.


Actually she's looking for the pendant of power


If I'm not wrong, it's at the bottom south end of Island of Yeti where you need to build a tower to clear up the fog.

Got it 7 hours ago.


Can anyone tell me how to view the binary of the saved game's DAT file as advised by Anthony? I found the file but don't know which program to use? Thanks.


I'm on the second shark island and I don't know what to do with the 2 vales and the energy bowl. Please help me. Thank you.


Does anybody know how or where I can see how much gems I found on every Island?

I don't wan't to go into the comit before I have all the gems, but don't know on wich Island to search.



if it a .xml file open it with a brower like explore or firefox it will do just fine, it will give u a full list of everthing that appear on the map, use ctl+f to search for the name of item u looking for


Ok, Beefing up the jewel images does work, but don't blow them up to much or the game won't process them. I tried 200 pixels and nothing would show up. So I went down to 100 pixels and the picture show up but the jewels don't exactly fit the place holder so what you see is a colored spot with a weird shape and thats your jewel.

StealthBunny January 22, 2009 2:16 PM

Hi - Could someone please tell me about the second shark island, how many valves there are to find and on which islands they are? Not WHERE they are on the islands, 'cause I still wanna find them myself, but on WHICH islands?

Thanks muchly. My eyes hurt.


HELP! please!
on the Shark Archipelago, i got 2 vavles and put then on the north west island. but, what is energy ball? where can i find it?


I would just like to thank everyone who posted on here for all your help. I was stuck on Mist Island forever and the posts here really helped me a lot. So, THANK YOU!!!

_Jessica_ January 22, 2009 2:47 PM

Anyone already reached Guardian Moon? I'm still stuck at that puzzle to get the chest.

I've been trying all morning but the most lights I get lighted is all but one.

So if anyone knows how to solve that puzzle, please tell me, I will be more than gratefull.

msdelilah January 22, 2009 2:47 PM

I'm on shark island and I found all the crystals. But, I can't get to the fourth island which is the blue island. Any help? Thanks


im stuck on the island of worship :( im supposed to find 1 more pineapple,banana and papaya.and i cant find them anywhere! There are four pillars with markings on them and you can switch the markings but i have no clue in what order they are. i found some kind of cloak for the scouts that can take them off screen but i cant find out how.

[Edit: Check out the FAQ in the blue section above. It has some tips about this puzzle. -Jay]

shawty613 January 22, 2009 3:37 PM


Can you please email me..or tell me your email. I want to send you my screen shots by email..might help with your walkthrough


[Edit: Please use the "contact" email, link found at the bottom of the page. Thanks! -Jay]


hey guys, thanks for the great FAQ section, and all the help in this thread.
im having 2 problems :(

im on "comet crash site"
i know the black orbs are meant to be where the white orbs are and vice versa but how do you do it? i've tried so many times now but im still stuck.
also,how do you solve the last totem puzzle?
thanks <33


How many obelisks are you suppose to find and read on mist island? I have completed everything but it is still saying that i need to find and read all obelisks. Just wondering if i missed one along the way.

Thanks in advance


Thanks xasher. I did manage to see them before using explorer but I read that you all can beef up the gems size so it is easier to detect, how did you all do it?

shawty613 January 22, 2009 6:06 PM

Little help pls

I d/l the updated version of the game and re-installed (without uninstalling first..was i suppose to do that??) and it dosent seem to have changed anything. the game still says Totem Tribe 0.358 at the top. And I dont see the missing gem on volcano island. I d/l from casualgame but that isnt where i got it originally..i got it from reflexive. So what am i doing wrong here?

Matthewfarmery January 22, 2009 6:34 PM

Hi, awesome place for totem tribe info, oh yes, anyone that got their game from Reflexive, their version HAS been updated, anyway, hope someone can help, where are the gems on

lost temple island, don't understand where they are, can someone please help?

but yeah, good game, this place has helped me a lot, thanks to everyone that has posted


shawty613 - if the window still shows 0.358 then you're not running the new version.

You may have installed it, but you're not running it.

I noticed that the name of the executable changed with the new version. The old one was "TotemTribe.exe" the new one is "Totem Tribe.exe" (with a space).

So, if you had a shortcut set up that points to the old executable, it still points to the old one and that's probably why you're still seeing the old version number.

Did that help?

shawty613 January 22, 2009 6:41 PM

Ok I have the updated version now..but my game isnt there????

what is it i need to save from the old version to save my profile?


shawty613 - copy your game data from the old "data" directory from the previous version into the appropriate directory for your OS. See the blue walkthrough guide above in the section titled "Saved game data" for information on where the data directory is located in the new version, and what files you need to copy.

shawty613 January 22, 2009 6:47 PM

ok got it thank you