Emy: Shark Island

Complete the sand drawing by clicking the pieces to rotate them into place. Take the gem that you get and put it in the device. Stand within the stone ring surrounding the device then click it to get off the first island

its2cheap: Shark Island

If you haven't completed the puzzle with the 2 valves then you won't see all the shells, there are 3 shells (one green, 2 blue) that are revealed when you do.

eam587: Cloak

the cloak is on Isle of Worship. There is an island at the bottom of the map with 2 chests(you'll need to swim). The right one contains the Cloak.

For those into editing files...

You can remove the fog of war from all levels without altering individual units by going into the data\cfg\gamevisual.cfg.xml file and changing the fow_dense_color value to 00FFFFFF . This will also work on existing games for levels already visited

Anonymous January 21, 2009 1:57 AM


There are some symbols on the ground. Click them until they connect and you will get a transporter crystal. Hope that helps.


the last root is on the green pad next to the house

flygirlfly January 21, 2009 3:10 AM

Whorship Island - Fruit:
I got frustrated looking for fruit on Whorship Island and did a composite pic of the island with the fruit circled. Couldn't find all of the fruit from my screenshots, though, so there are omissions. Feel free to improve upon this.
I might have slightly obscured some with excessive building, sorry. However, I was able to find all the fruit without destroying any buildings.
Here's the link to the picture: https://jayisgames.com/images/totem-tribe/tt-worshipisland-fruit.jpg
I've assigned a different colour to each fruit.

flygirlfly January 21, 2009 3:13 AM

To sionainn - Dealing with the Squid

You will notice when the mouths have had enough - just keep checking back.

To maccoscair:
You've probably finished the game by now, but if you haven't, don't give up.
I managed it without having the final building available. I've posted some hints above.

Legendary January 21, 2009 3:45 AM

I too now join the ever growing list of people who are stuck at 95 percent of the jewels. I dont want to go inside the comet till i get them all. So....I wait. Suggestions welcome..lol


What is the secret to getting to the bottom right island (last shark island) without getting the scouts eatten? Also I have 22 green and 31 blue shells. I got the ones that were hidden by water near the scuba gear but can't find any more. Do you have to make it to the last island to find the last 2 green turtle shells of can you get them and have the arrow tower help kill the sharks?



Can anybody help me found object in the red circle on the picture in link



I have finished the game twice (good and evil) but have yet to get a perfect score. By my final stats I have to assume that I have completely missed an island since I was missing 4 quests, 23 gems and one item (right side, second column, top item).

All islands that were mentioned on the first page of the walkthrough I have (to my knowledge) completed.

The only thing I could think was that having all items found for the treasure chest might open up the moon above the rainbow since they call it a road. There could be the 4 missing quests but where to find my missing treasure items in order to access it?

I followed tips from another site's spoiler and I am possitive that if an item was above ground I have found it. So are there more locations like the swamp (Witch Island) and the lake (Mist Island) where items are hidden totally out of sight? Or is there a rock I happened to not click on that would transport me somewhere?

Very frustrating to be missing so few items and having spent so many hours scouring diligently. Would love for there to be a version 2 of the game because I am hooked but it would be nice to know an amount of missed items, locked items/puzzles for each island so that I am not wasting my time searching through the ones, I have actually completed, again and again.

If anyone knows what I missed I would love to hear it. And if anyone has a question yet to be answered I would be happy to shed some light. Thanks!


OMG, I'm about to go crazy. I found all but that one shell ar Frozen Vale Island and I just can't locate it. If some could tell me which one was the hardest for them to locate, that might be the one i'm looking for. I found the two near the chest and they so far were my hardest.

Anonymous January 21, 2009 7:06 AM

Wow... I finally did it!

Guru told me I had blood on my hands and he was leaving... scored 81% on the total game [115 out of 123 quests?]. Get the impression that there are different endings, but I can't really figure out how... I think maybe you'd have to try and beat the squid without sacrificing your people...

what a great game though, also gives a play time when you're done, I took 27 and a bit hours!! Haven't even tried for rainbow road yet, seems like playing it right through still leaves you with loads to do... KUDOS to Enkord for a fab game!

PuppyPak9 January 21, 2009 7:07 AM

Flygirlfly....I have seriously underestimated you! You go gurrl! Kudos to you! Please keep us updated with your progress!!


hi everyone.
i was just wondering about shark island.
i am on the second island and everyone keeps talking about the blue crystal.
i actually have the yellow crystal and nothing is working when i click on them. i click on the white crystal and it takes me back to the first island. i think i have done everything on both islands but im now really stuck and need some help if anyone can.

thank you in advance

PrincessDazzleBomb January 21, 2009 7:15 AM

hi im on shark island and ive done everything except light the lighthouses .........ive tried everything but the correct way !!!!!
any help would be great


Anonymous January 21, 2009 7:34 AM

I am at 99%! What could I be missing? I am going crazy!!!!


I used the fog of war command, removing all the dark places, and yet still no new jewels found. I am stuck at 99 %. I can't believe this, I rechecked every island more than 3 times now. They're obviously not on seen locations. I edited the jewels so they have a black tint in it, so they're very easy to spot now. Still can't find the last few I need.

Anonymous January 21, 2009 7:45 AM

About the gems have you found this:


On Tetala Island there is an island top right that you can swim to with a chest that has lots of gems

Hope this helps


hi wondered if you could help,
i am missing 3 items on the left side of my treasury and one on the top right

also the middle 2 shamen masks - could anyone tell me which islands need to find them on?
(currently about to start inside the comet)


oh yeah, i need the orbs to light the lighthouses still, i only have one lit i think
which slands do i need to go to to get the rest? thanks


Shark Island

How not to be eaten by sharks on the south islands:

Just swim from the island (with the red & white ball game) south. You see an island with a tower (someone made a map earlier look for it it will make it easier) swim to the island with the tower and give the shells. Then wait, the tower will kill the sharks. When all the sharks are gone you can swim further.

Perhaps someone can help me with the island in the middle? Anyone an idea how to prevent to be eaten by the sharks there? I'm really stuck. Also wondering what to do with the flowers? Thanks!


shark island

How to get to the middle island

You can swim to it, i did it from the island with the red & white ball game. Just wait until the sharks pass then quickly swim north. You have to be quick otherwise the sharks will eat you.

O and i know what the flowers mean..i just need the last blue shell, anyone a clue were there is one that's hard to find? Have been on every island, so it must be somewere hidden.


Tracy, Help with the blue crystals:

One of the crystals, I forgot if it was yellow or blue, is taken care of when you get rid of the mud
The other crystal is given when you solve the ball puzzle on the island. I hope this helps

I have made it to each of the four main islands and have solved all the puzzles. I just can not find the teardrop item for the barrier to get to the chest and
I can not figure out how to get the scout to the second chest on the blue island even after placing the orb there.

Can anyone help?

groovyfaery January 21, 2009 9:10 AM

how do i solve the flame puzzle on beetle island? i have the flames surrounding it turned off. now what?
also, where is the shell key to open the gate at the upper left side?



Help please:) I'm on the Shark island... and I cannot for the life of me find the second valve. Can anyone direct me to it? (The one I have found was on the first island (pink crystal) in the tree at the bottom right side in a tree.

catsparkle January 21, 2009 9:29 AM

@ all folks at 95%-99% of gems - I actually sent an email to Enkord, thinking that the Lonely Isle was bugged, having unreachable gems, and they wrote back and said that all items on Lonely Isle are obtainable, I probably just missed them elsewhere.


Good luck all!




im currently retracing my steps through the game before go to comet island, i have found a ring of fire here and im unsure what i need to do, the fghters cant seem to put them out (although they have before on other levels) and neither will the ice tower
what the dickens do i do?

Oceanskies January 21, 2009 9:44 AM

For those who have accomplished getting 99%...this must mean that you were able to get the gems that are on Lonely Iceburg island. How were you able to get those when they are unreachable and you don't have a scout to swim across the ocean? I am so curious, because I have tried everything to do it.

Thank you!


I am stuck on the island after the worship one. There are 5 seals that need to be opened and i cant figure them out at all. There is also 5 lights that when you click on them they change colors. What order do they need to be in? Again please help me you guys have all been great.

SarahBellum January 21, 2009 10:09 AM

Any tips for beating the squid? It took me probably 4 hours to beat the statue, but I can't even make it to the squid. I have to keep pulling my troops back because the amount of towers I have aren't enough to take care of the squid. They damage the buildings too much. Would it help to attack the circle of gems? Why aren't my troops doing that? I've actually damaged the squid a little, but the gems are slaughtering everyone. I have about 6 or 7 shaman tents and 2 caves, can't really build more because I'm constantly repairing.


Cat, they are probaly right. The thing is that they don't know, is some jewels aren't able to be seen. I'm at 99 %, i've rechecked every island.. I havn't found any more. So they must be hidden in some quest objective that is hard to find aka the worship island one.. Which had no hint what so ever. Or hidden behind a tree or a rock where they are completely unvisible.


As I can say, there's 21 on each mist and lonely, and i've found them all. So it can't be those.



I found one hidden in a yellow flower, on the shark islands. Only 1 island had the yellow flowers. Was just cicking aimlessly, as I haven't "painted" the gemstones.

--hoping this helps those with 99%


Unfortunately earlier game versions have ONE gem missing and incomplete game ending.

I have version 1.02 bought from Enkord directly and I have cutscenes describing my tribe's life after ending the game but prior to game results screen.


Shark Islands shells:

My missing shells were on islands I hadn't found. Had scout swim north to top of screen and islands were uncovered from black fog.

saggioculo January 21, 2009 11:15 AM

First...thank you so very much for all the help. Unfortunately, I'm stuck again. I know I've seen an image of where the pearl on mist island is but alas, I still can't find it. I've tried in vain to get that chick to walk to the edge of the island on the bottom left corner where the water is but still no success. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated it.
Thanks again for all the help!

saggioculo January 21, 2009 11:19 AM

King Shade thingy: I know there are plenty of tips on how to beat this one but if I may add to that, I found that drag & drop your guys to the transport thing to get them there faster seem to help me. Hope it helps any who are having trouble there.



She doesn't need to walk to the edge of the map. Click around the top-right edge of the water, the pearl is there.


Once the statue is defeated and the alien appears, walk-throughs are opened up in the crystal structure. Send your scout walking around to find all the hidden chanbers and pockets holding crystals that look like the ones protecting the alien. Click each one to destroy them and once you have found and destroyed them all the ones around the alien get demolished too.

@ADAM: I have played so many times I can't remember which island is which. Depending on what you have unlocked I'm not sure which one you are talking about. What's the name of it? I can probably help.


You need to click on the small fires in order to get them all lit and then the large fires will extinguish themselves. Can't tell you what the order you need to click on them is since I just do random clicking til I find the right combination.


You only need the one light sphere in order to light all the lighthouses. If you click on the one that is lit it will change the direction of the light. You need to bounce one to another until they are all lit.


The other valve is just as hard to see and it is also in a tree top. Can't remember which land plot it is on but I think it is either the first one (with the pink crystal) or the one where you need to use the valves.


I'm pretty sure you need to reach the land plot under the arrow tower in order to get the rune to unlock the gate. At least if I remember right that's where it was.


The color arrangement of the flowers is the sequence you need to arrange the lights on the island with the scout tower.

@Norsixa: Could you tell me what the 'fog of war' command is? I am stuck at 94%. Thanks.


Hi, please does anybody know how to reach a chest at "Ruins of dream shore"? Thanks


Think this game has cost me at lease 5 years of my life and am on the worship island with chests at bottom can not seem to find the button as discribed to open up the mountain on the right either I a so dumb or blind I can not find it have clicked every rock on mountain on right and on left incase I do not know which is which anymore can someone provide a screenshot as to where to click or discribe where to click better than on a square button on right so I can get my sanity back and go on and finish this game before I start a new one Thanks in advance as all here are so helpful and great


i need help please. Im going back through the levels and getting everything ive missed and i cant seem to figure out the lights on volcano island. i have done everything else except complete this island i need to destroy my last set of enemies and get the scroll i beleive that is what is stopping med please help.

catsparkle January 21, 2009 1:08 PM

@JI -- On Worship Island, on the big Island at the bottom there is a darker row of mountains that bisects the middle of that island. The button is on the right side of that dark line, about halfway up. It's not hidden or anything - just one of those square platforms with a square button on top that you can click yourself (units dont have to go to it.) And I'm with you on losing sanity lol.

@Norsixa - Thanks for telling me that you got all the 21 gems on all the islands and still are only at 99%...I actually started a new game to meticulously count that I had each gathered each gem from each island, but I guess that won't help. It must be like you said, there is a hidden quest somewhere or a gem hidden behind a structure or a plain old glitch in the game. Like James said...

@James - Eeek! If this all comes down to a glitch in the game, as you are sugesting, I am gonna be so mad!!! I'll just have to sue Enkord to get my sanity back LOL.

good luck all,

[Edit: Version 1.02 has been available at Casual Gameplay since Tuesday, 1/20. Either use the download links above, or visit this page:
If you downloaded and purchased the game from us, you should re-download it, since it fixes some issues that may prevent you from completing the game. -Jay]

loonymnstr January 21, 2009 1:09 PM

this is how to move the black and white balls think of them as numbers from left to right.


its2cheap January 21, 2009 1:10 PM

Jay, I have double posts above--only clicked submit 1 time?, sorry.
Bet you're tired of all the double posts. Is there a way to avoid this on our end? Does "preview" have something to do with it maybe?

Thanks for the site, love it!


i have found 4 of the 5 gears on Monkey Island: 1st gear is in the rubble behind the workshop, the 2nd gear is in the foliage, the 3rd gear is behind a rock half showing on the north side of the island and the 4th gear in given to you by the old man. Its the 5th gear that I can't find

loonymnstr January 21, 2009 1:17 PM

use the numbers inplace of the black n white balls from left to right.


SmilinIrish January 21, 2009 1:36 PM

How do we access the totems we've already collected? I only see the chest in the upper left corner when gems or totems are being placed in them. Am I missing something?



There is only one gem missing in earlier versions like I was told, so if you missed more than one then I guess it's not because of the bug.

saggioculo January 21, 2009 1:41 PM

Got it Sas...Thank You...now if I can figure out how to light all those lighthouses on that damned Shark Archipelago...I'll give you my first born (she's 21 w/really good job)!!


On which island do you find the Thunder Scroll?


i need to seriously sort out the lighthouses on shark island, im waiting to go inside the comet and it says i cant go back anymore levels once go inside, i currently have 2 orbs i cant remember where i got them - could anyone help?

loonymnstr January 21, 2009 2:04 PM

I have one crystal puzzle left and can't figure it out on Comet Island. It's the one by the bow. Help please.


Which island do I find the thunder scroll in?


also, the ring of fire on scorched island - what do i do?
also theres a cave entrance nearby i cant get into, how do ii get into that or is it part of the same puzzle?
thanks in advance, ive asked a couple of times and had no answer to this or where to get the rest of my lghthouse orbs (i have 2)


Great walkthrough...although for some reason I have some difficulties believing you can beat the king inside because you cannot build anything? And for the optional island, I cannot even get in there no matter how much I click.


Ok... so I cant remember which island had the chest that you had to have a flame tower, a thunder tower and a frost tower to open it. I know I need to find it but I cant remember which one it was... does anyone else?


Sorry for the multiple posts in a row.

I checked google search and I tried to get to the enkord site and it says a warning that this site may harm your computer. So, what the heck is going on here?

[Edit: I've already checked into this, and it was the result of a false positive being reported by a virus checker. I visited the site without any issue whatsoever. Furthermore, the Enkord developers have said that Google blacklisted them by mistake, and it will be removed soon, so you can disregard the Google warning. -Jay]



The chest is here

The chest is on Schorched Island.

Where did you find the Thunder scroll?


Where is the lightning bolt thing on Mist Island?

SweetMama January 21, 2009 3:39 PM

Where can I find the 2nd valve?
I've looked and looked (also in trees), but can't find it!


Thanks for the info.
I have done the puzzle on the second island and I have cleared the mud, but when I put the yellow crystal in it still does nothing.
I'm really starting to get frustrated now.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

loonymnstr January 21, 2009 4:04 PM


very top center

Zekeriya Balgat January 21, 2009 4:06 PM

I am now on Shark Archipelago Island. I found 4 green turtle shells, 4 blue turtleshells, 1 travel stone and 1 valve. I add travel stone middle thing. My quest is "find totem of shark". What can I do. How do I find the totem of shark? Help me please.


I know where the gate is, but I've looked top center. I've looked everywhere, even changed the color of it and still cn't find it. Please help.


Version 1.02 is NOW AVAILABLE (and has been since Tuesday 1/20) at Casual Gameplay (you may use the download links above).

This version fixes the "MISSING GEM" bug on Volcano Island.

If you already purchased an older version from us, just re-download it and re-install, your saved game should be preserved. Be sure to backup your Totem Tribe directories before re-installing.


Note to Mac users playing using CrossOver Games: You should also make a backup copy of your TotemTribe "bottle" before reinstalling, as I had some trouble getting my saved game data copied over to the new version.

Saved game data: The new version (v1.02) changes the place where the saved game data is stored. Older version stored user data in a "data" directory within the game folder. The newer version stores user data in:

  • XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe

  • Vista
    C:\ProgramData\Enkord\Totem Tribe

Note: Some people with Vista have complained they cannot find the game's save data files. It may be because your OS is set to "hide" invisible files and directories, such as the Enkord directory.

To copy your saved game data from the old "data" directory to the new, copy all files named "quest-xxxxx-nn.dat" and "profiles.dat" to the new directory as specified above (depending on your OS).

How do I install a newer version and keep my saved progress?

  1. Backup your data files to a safe location. Make sure you get all quest-xxxx-nn.dat files, as well as your profiles.dat file. The location of these files depends on where you purchased the game from, and whether you're running XP or Vista. Refer to the walkthrough guide section under "Saved game data" for a rough idea where to find them.

  2. Install the new version:

    • If you're installing a new version from the same site you downloaded the old one from:

      You should be able to just install the new one over top of the old one and your saved game and profiles should be preserved. If not, follow the "Restore your saved game files" instructions below.

    • If you're installing a new version from a different site you downloaded the old one from:

      • Uninstall the old game.

      • Install the new one.

  3. Restore your saved game files:

    • Start the game, create a new profile, then quit out of the game. This step will create the "Enkord\Totem Tribe" directory where your saved game files will need to be restored to. IMPORTANT: Note where this directory is for the next step.

    • Copy your saved game files (quest-xxxx-nn.dat files plus profiles.dat) from step #1 to the "Enkord\Totem Tribe" directory you found in the previous step, replacing any existing files.

    • You should now be able to start the game and pick up where you left off.

SweetMama January 21, 2009 4:58 PM

Figured out the lighthouses.

Now I need to find two more blue turtle shells and I looked everywhere several times....but I can't find/see them.

Anyone have an answer for me?


I looked at the lost iceberg and all of the gems are reachable in v1.02.

I used the FoW tweak and the image tweak here. You just have to get Aruku and Goro to push as far out on the coast as they can.

I'll have to see what the percentage is after I complete the crash site one.


Sorry, hadn't known that it was updated.

On a side note, has anybody figured out a way to make those purple crystals stay on longer? I tried to do it, but it didn't work. Although that was an older version

Patrick B January 21, 2009 5:49 PM

Okay I am ready to pull out what little hair I have left.
I am stuck on the lonely island. I need to find the ice shard for the massive ice block above the buildings.

Please, someone take pity on me and give me something to go on. I've been working on this island for 4 days now and can't find anything.

PLEASE and Thank you

catsparkle January 21, 2009 6:09 PM

@James Hmmm - I (stupidly) got my version from iWin, and I'm not sure of the version(the date on the title screen is 1/10/2009)...having an early vversion could be the issue for me and some others here. If so, I'll have to wait till they come out with an update to finish =(. Thanks for the info tho! I will see if I can finish out my 2nd run through with 99% or if I can get to 100%! =)


birbit127 January 21, 2009 6:13 PM

I need help on Worship Island. I am trying to figure out the 4 totems things infront of the pyramids, with the sun, moon, star, and lighting. I think that's what they are.

groovyfaery January 21, 2009 6:22 PM

the thunder scroll is on

worship island. you have to beat the 4 poles... it is like that sudoku game. must have one of each shape on it. good luck:)


Just finished the comet crash site and I'm at 91% of the rainbow road, I have no idea what exactly I'm missing.

Time for some building demolition maybe?

_Jessica_ January 21, 2009 6:44 PM

Found 5% of the diamonds on Lost Island.

First head back to Worship Island, check the colors of the temples belonging to the Idols, then light those colors in the lights on Lost Island. Start checking left and end on the right


I found another gem on Monkey Island by burning down the buildings that were already built in the Monkey Tribe Village. Now I may have just not seen it before, but it is a possibility.


well i have edited a few things and still stuck at 94%. this is starting to be aggervating

saggioculo January 21, 2009 7:14 PM

I dont think you get the THUNDER SCROLL on worship island by beating the 4 poles with the symbols on it. I've beaten that and still cant build a Thunder Tower yet. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong...if I'm right then exactly where is that fluffy THUNDER SCROLL!!!

[Edit: Please don't swear. You might find us editing what you say into something you didn't say. >:) -Jay]


I saw the notice about downloading a newer version of the game but I bought mine from reflexive - if I download from this site I wont get full version will I?

[Edit: You need to re-download it from the site you purchased it from. -Jay]


ty I just did that and it didnt save my games so I have to start over *sigh* but at least it should be faster cos I know vaguely what im doing lol I was at the comet too waaaaaaaaa lol


About Thunder Scroll:

Go to Mist island, where that thunder tower is

Thanks for the tip there Jessica, I have it at 97% now. I found a couple more on Red Rock island that I missed and a few others elsewhere, but I have no idea what the heck is still missing. I've gotten all of the chests and sidequests AFAIK.

Has ANYBODY at all gotten 100% for the rainbow road? I wonder if there is maybe a bug in the counting of the gems. Just saying.


Can anyone tell me from which island i can gain the ability to swim. I am stuck on beetle island because i can't get to the chest by the fire game.

You get the air lung from Shark Archipelago. -Jay]


yes thanks Jessica, that put me to 99%. I am assuming that I am only missing one that was forgotten to be programmed in. I have no buildings left and I have no black areas and still nothing.

[Edit: I believe it is more plausible that you may have missed a gem on one of the islands somewhere, rather than the developers forgetting to program in one. -Jay]


If that's so Muise, then the Enkord programmers are going to have a whole LOT of heat on them.

@Mia'smom: You get swimming on Shark Island, that's the next one after Beetle island I think.


Can anybody help with green turtle shells i have 23

shawty613 January 21, 2009 9:10 PM

Does anyone know if reflexive updated theirs?


How do I light the lighthouse @ Shark Island?
Thanx in advance


Jay, I don't want to bash you. But it seems like everybody is stuck at 99 %. Now i've gotten 99 % for a week now. Due to checking the level files and such. I repainted my gems. That trick for the lost island, I got it from the level.xml files, I removed the dark fog. Heck I even counted the gems in the islands I wasn't sure about, aka lonely and mist, and replayed those. And I found all the gems on both islands.

I've rechecked every island like 5 times, I can't find any more jewels. And to get the last piece of treasure, its on the moon island. Which you get when your rainbow road is completed. How do I know this? Cause i've checked the .xml files. So.. Still going to tell me its our blindness? :D


so im on pirates island and i have no clue what im suppose to do anyone else know

catsparkle January 21, 2009 9:16 PM

Re: the gem issue...in looking in both my version and the updated version of the game (downloaded from casual gameplay), only 20 gems are provided for on level 14, Volcano Island. Every other level so far has 21 (and I have been obsessive in checking both the xml files for the levels and counting the ones I actually pick up lol.) Wonder if that's where the missing one is?

Cat =^..^=

shawty613 January 21, 2009 9:18 PM

Wow thanks Jessica!!!

I got 3 chests full of gems by doing that!!!!! and I'm not at 99% of gems. Thanks for the tip!! That was really smart of you to figure out!


what's the difference in the 2 versions?

and pirate island? am i missing something?


Norsixa - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you are blind. :(

I just think that, although possible, I just don't think it's plausible that the developer released a game that was impossible to finish.

I could be wrong, though. I hope I'm not. ;)

shawty613 January 21, 2009 9:34 PM

ok so kinda confused at this point. I see posts of people saying there is a bug in the game and the newer updated version has it fixed for the gems. But then I see other coments like Jay's comment:
[Edit: I believe it is more plausible that you may have missed a gem on one of the islands somewhere, rather than the developers forgetting to program in one. -Jay]

So which is it? Is there a bug or no? *confused*


so i had to beat worship island twice in order to get pirates island its kinda wierd but i im on it and im doing pretty good on it


so its not as confusing i beat worship island you know the one where i beat my evil self but when i went back to make sure i got everything i noticed that it said to claim 5 idols and the green bubbles were purple again so i comepletes that and when i did another chest fell with a map to pirate island then i beat my evil self and there was pirate island or is it the lost island i dont know

shawty613 January 21, 2009 9:43 PM

Also wondering..for ppl who are good at understanding the xlm or whatever files. In the level folder it has all the levels plus secret1 secret2 and secret3 have we found all of these? Maybe we missed one of these "secrets" ? and this is where the missing gem is??
Also curious..those 3 pyramids on worship island..I got gems from 1 of them..but whats the deal with that..why are they even there if there is "nothing of interest" with them??


sorry its lost temple bad post ignore my last 2 post


Why do people keep calling Lost Temple island Pirate Island? Keep the name straight you guys as it's causing some confusion evidently.

As far as the gems go, its sounding more and more like a bug of some kind.

[Edit: I have an email in to the developer about this. I will update the thread here once I learn what the verdict is. -Jay]


I am stuck in the Cradle to the North. I can not figure out how to place the totems. I also can not figure out how to melt the ice block in front of the world seal. Can anyone help?

groovyfaery January 21, 2009 9:51 PM

sorry about the fluffy thunder scroll... mist island sag

shawty613 January 21, 2009 9:51 PM


ppl keep calling it pirate island because when you find the map it says you found a map to pirate island. Which really makes no sense because on the map screen its called lost temple.