flysilly March 4, 2009 8:38 AM

Well I tried the hint where you edit level14 with Notepad to include the phrase This will add the missing white gem, and it didn't work. Still only 99% at Rainbow Road. :(

crazy4games March 4, 2009 1:15 PM

I just finished my 5th play and tried to get 100 percent. Only got 90. Is there something I am missing? I swam and cleared every island that I could. Walked the others until they could not walk no more, still only 90%. I also checked your list of tasks and I completed all of them. But only 90%! so has any one got 100%? and if you have then what am I missing? I did get all the gems, and finished the moon level as well.


hello, I'm stuck on shark island i have 23 blue shells and 31 green shells and cant find anymore what do i do? I've searched everywhere the scouts have swam to all the islands and there no more shells please help!


Should I start shark island again? There's only 1 little patch that I cant get my scouts to because there are to many sharks around on the bottom right corner of the screen could there be another little island there that i need to get to? If yes, then how?

[Edit: Nikki, please do not use all caps when posting comments here, as it makes the page difficult to read. I've edited your comments accordingly. Thank you! -Jay]


Has anyone found the last pineapple on the Island of Worship? i have searched and searched but I can't find it!


peach23....thank you sooooo much. You're the best!!! I finlly took care of the shade and am on to Mist Island. This is absolutely the best game I have ever played.....and I'm sure I'll be back for more help. kj


sorry jay bout the caps.
ive made it off shark island but now am stuck on worship island! cant find the last pineapple ive started the level ova 2times and still cant find it. can any1 help?


ive gone back 2 sum of the islands 2 get gems and open chests since i can swim now. im on witch island and found a chest thats surrounded by rocks n it says listen 2 the rocks 2 open it, ive pressed all the rocks around it and nothing happens does any1 know what 2 do?


im on the witch island and i need 2 more roots but i cant get past the ice cube and i can cross the water help me plz


OK I have 11 of each fruit, clicked the temple, but no chest with the 12th of each appeared on the left?? Have done the dots and the towers, what did I miss?


Never mind, had a tower on top of it!


The spreadsheet with the item locations....the link takes me to an error that says the spreadsheet is not published?

[Edit: Thanks for the alert. It should be fixed now. -Jay]



Ok I have version 1.02 but I still don't have that last white jem on volcano island I have used the jem finder and its saying there are still only 2 white jems is there something in the code I am supposed to do? Plese help me I want to finish this game.


please... i'm dying here... where is the 12th papaya >_

scavenger March 5, 2009 11:29 PM

The Walkthough! spoiler posted by Pam on January 19 skipped Volcano Island entirely. I realize it is not complete, but I have the impression it was just missed somehow.

Thanks to all for the helpful posts. You truly helped me out when things were hard to find.

[Edit: You are absolutely right! Yikes! I will investigate and update the walkthrough. Thanks for bring this to our attention. -Pam]

sharon irwin March 6, 2009 9:22 AM

can't get 10th root -behind mt-witch is.How?


The FOW cheat is great, but it does nothing for the percentage of the world explored. Using a different "tweak" I managed to explore 104% of the world lol. I refuse to call it a cheat, because I feel that if the game, as supplied, is impossible to get a perfect score on, then anything to improve it is fair game.

Go to the unit file in the data/cfg folder and search for "scout". Find where it says observation 200 and change the value. (I used 500)
Do the same for ArukuScout, ArukuScoutMortal, GuroScout and GuroScoutMortal. You may need to put theirs up a bit more, as at 500 they still couldn't "see" all of Lonely Iceberg.
This does not work on scouts you have already trained, so if you are going back over islands then you will have to train new scouts.

Happy exploring!

silverwolf March 6, 2009 12:55 PM

HELP I have version 1.02 but I still can't get to rainbow road HELP

peach23 March 6, 2009 2:38 PM

sharon irwin - the root behind the mountain that you are looking for is NOT past the iceblock. Look in the lower left portion of your map. There's a huge yellow flower to the right of the tip of the mountain. The root is behind the tip on the right hand side, between it & the flower.

peach23 March 6, 2009 2:44 PM

All of the config files are .XML, and I don't have anything that will let me edit one. Can someone recommend a program for me to help with this?

peach23 March 6, 2009 2:52 PM

Never mind, figured out how to use Notepad to do it.

peach23 March 6, 2009 3:30 PM

Julie, there are what appears to be three white gems inside the center of the volcano. You must have found the 6 pieces of lava rock for the hermit in order to use the Sphere of Clarity & see these gems.

crazy4games, is your rank of 90 the percent of the "world" explored? If so, then my best game I got 95% explored, overall rank of 80%, and there is some little part of the "world" you missed. If your overall score was 90, then you did better than me, and congrats!!


Look, I really can't find the last pineapple. Can someone please, please, please tell me where it is? I haven't played the game because I'm using HP Games and Wild Coins. I only have a few left and I'd really like to finish the game.

Does anyone know where all the pineapples are? What am I missing?

peach23 March 6, 2009 3:51 PM

Where I found the roots on Witch Island (and no, none of them are past the iceblock)

One was to the right of the Shade Tower, under the bottom edge of the bush
One was in the green swamp mud to the left of the Shade Tower
One was to the left of the log at the top of the map, under the edge of the tree
Three more were in the same general area - one below the wooden log & to the left under a large bush - two under the edges of a smaller bush below the wooden log & to the right of a green mud puddle, one fo these at the top left & one at the top right of the bush.
One was just north of the Witch's hut, right above the green mud & under the edge of the bush
One was behind the tip of the mountain at the lower left side of your map, between it & the large yellow flower
One was behind the wooden log at the bottom of the map.
One was on the beach under a tree, to the left of the Shade Tower.

peach23 March 6, 2009 4:19 PM

Papayas & Pineapples on Worship Island - it's difficult to say where the "last" fruit is, but a lot of them are under/behind trees, rocks, etc. I suggest using the Paint cheat if you're having a lot of trouble finding them. Goodness knows, I used Paint on every last one of my items, else I never would have found even half of them!

Grandmom Gamer March 6, 2009 6:20 PM

I have one blue gem remaining on Mist Island. I painted the gem as instructed and removed the fog following the instructions in the walkthru. No blue gem! Now what???


how do i get all the gems, I have 97% and everything but the shadow item in the upper right hand corner, did the paint and fog cheat. but still cant get to guardian moon


How do I get version 1.03 from Big Fish? Can anyone tell me if they have it yet?


oh by the way jay i love your site it has helped me through so many games


I need to know what is the paint cheat? I'm stuck finding the last pineapple and want to finish the game. If that can help me, please let me know how to get it. And how do I upgrade this version of the game?


the paint cheat is you go into program files totem tribe item texture paint make it a color that doesn't blend in and save it its an amazing thing hope it helps nikki

peach23 March 6, 2009 9:18 PM

the Paint cheat -

Using your Paint program, find the item files that you need. This is usually under C:/Program Files/Totem Tribe/data/texture/ game/item/

It is suggested that you copy ALL of these files that you plan to alter to a backup directory somewhere before making any changes.

Open the file that you need, such as "papaya". Use a contrasting color that will stand out against the game background - such as purple or bright pink - and color around the edges of the item. Then Save the file. When you re-enter your game, the items should show up much better.


How do I get on Lonely Iceberg


jlee - the answer to that is in our Totem Tribe FAQ, near the top, 6 questions down.


flysilly --

For the Volcano Island file modification to give you 100% gems, two things must be true:

1. You must have version 1.0 of the game. That's the only one with a gem missing from the level's game file.

2. You must have found all 440 of the other gems (other versions have a different number. 99% is possible with 4 gems missing, so you may have to keep looking.


peach23 --

You'll find that the roots on Witch Island are not always in the same place from game to game. None are past the ice blockage, but that's the only factor that doesn't change.


Pam --

Thank you for the Quest listing on page 27. Unfortunately, it's incomplete. I transcribed your list, and the total number of quests there is only 110 rather than the 123 in Version 1.0 or 125 in later versions.

In your Lost Temple listing, Spoiler #4 won't open. Whether it's empty of just faulty, I couldn't tell.

In your Shark Archepelago listing, you have the fourth shaman mask. Masks 1 through 3 aren't listed in previous islands.

These observations add maybe four quests, so we're still missing 8 or 10 quests, depending on the game version. Any idea what they would be? Since I've always finished with 122/123 quests, I'm most anxious to see the whole set.

Thanks for all your great hard work!

Grandmom Gamer March 7, 2009 8:25 AM

Found that last blue gem on Mist Island.
Finally at 100%


pava - I believe the list is complete. However, some of the quests count as more than one. For example, on Worship Island, when it says to "Collect fruits and claim 5 Idols" -- that counts as 5 total quests, one for each Idol.

And the spoiler tag that wouldn't open was extraneous and has no content.

Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now. :)


ok i am hopelessly stuck on guardian moon i have tried that tip 100 million ways to light all those lights and still can't do it if someone could explain it a little better that might help some i spent 3 hrs clicking and 3 hrs reading the last 28 pages plz help me

peach23 March 7, 2009 8:34 PM

kim can you tell me what the lights on Guardian Moon look like now? Which ones are on & which ones are off? I can help if I know where you're starting from. (You might check out my post for 3/3 at 1:54 am. if you already read it & it didn't help, I'm so sorry.)


peach i have all of them lit except the 2 in the front row on the left and the one in bottom row left hand corner


it would like this



kim, try this -

OK, lets say that the top row - not counting the corner - is r2, r3, r4, and r5. The first row down is c2, c3, c4, and c5. You want to turn on r2, c5, and the corner light.

To turn on c5, click on each of the lights above it (the corner, c2, c3, & c4) and each of the other lights in the same row - a total of 8 lights clicked. You should now have only 2 lights turned off.

Repeat for r2 - click on the corner, r3, r4, r5, c2, c3, c4 and c5. Now only the corner is off.

Repeat - click on each of the lights in the same row and below the corner, and all of the lights will turn on. (If all of the lights in both the row & the column are out at any time, just click on the corner to turn them all on.)

Hope that helps.


Wow, I finally beat the game and got the good ending. Stats of game, population 1263, builgings 712, world explored 92%, gems collected 440/440, quests 120/123, time 16 hours 6 minutes. Game rank 80% Thanks for all the extra hints, and help on this walkthrough.

Northernlady_50 March 8, 2009 1:46 AM

oh please somebody help this ole grandmother ... I have been searching for days... I have 99% of gems ... did the paint on the gems... so I could find them all but am still coming up short ... I have Vista and can not edit to remove Fog and am not "smart" enough to understand the rest of the info you all are saying... it's giving me a headache... I have asked many times for help and have not gotten any response except once in the beginning of the game... now ???? so please if anyone can help ... Northernlady


I'm sorry you haven't received the help you need, NorthernLady.

Can you zip up all your quest files and profiles.dat and send them to me at our "contact" address?

I will help you find the remaining gems myself.

One caveat, though, it's 3AM where I am right now, and I'm turning in for the night. But please send me the files and I'll work on it when I get up tomorrow.

The files I need are the ones named: quest-xxxx-nn.dat where "xxxx" is some random sequence of characters, and the "nn" designate the island number. With Vista, they should be stored in: C:\ProgramData\Enkord\Totem Tribe


You CAN edit to take fog out in Vista, sorry when I told you about getting the gems, I forgot to tell you about the fog. Open the files all the way up to the one you need to edit per Jay's instructions then on the one you are going to edit, RIGHT click it, and a small window will open where you choose OPEN WITH (not open) about half way down the list, then in next little sub menu choose NotePad. Then continue with Jay's instruction, I am so very sorry I forgot to put that in there.


One question if anyone can help, I got the map on Worship Island to Lost about to go into the comet, and it says I cannot go to the other islands after, I have 95% at the rainbow (ok 2 questions) is the 95% gems? And the other most important question.....I see a tiny island behind the comet, but if that is not Lost Temple, then I don't have Lost Temple. Is that it? If so, and I bet I have read the answer already, if so I am sorry, but I am old and forgetful, and have read every post in here soooo many times....WHEN do I go there, because I cannot select it yet. Thanks to all you bright people who help the ones like me who get a brain kink now and again.


Oh Geesh! I forgot to open the chest...Sorry!


Also if you get the gem finding utility, your data files in Vista can be found by clicking START then COMPUTER then C drive, then PROGRAM DATA then Enkord, then Totem Tribe.
So start the gem utility up, on the LEFT click on COMPUTER then C then Program Data then Enkord, then Totem Tribe, then profiles dat and then OPEN at the bottom of the utility. It tells you where the gems are that you are missing, it's awesome. If you have any trouble, just yell, I will coach you step by step.
If you have problems opening a file by double clicking, just RIGHT click and then choose OPEN.

Anonymous March 8, 2009 10:20 AM

Hey All. I need some help with finding the Shark totem. Found a gasket and a place to put it. Now nothing is happening and i cant find anything else to do. What do I do next to move to the next island? Help Me, Please.

Northernlady_50 March 8, 2009 3:10 PM

I am so sorry to be such a pain and I don't mean to sound dumb, but there is no Enkord on my computer. I got the game from shockwave. The only "e" on my machine is "enchanted cavern" which is another game. When I click into program files, so I click in shockwave where the data is stored for the game, this is all I get:
product (with files in it)... ui with wav files ...eula only one page ... install with only one page ... the ico "totem tribe" to start the game ... UNWISE ... not sure what that is ... then UNWISE again with what looks to be a "cog" on a page...

And as for zipping the files I have no clue how to do that.

I am 58 (soon to be 59) and I love this game ... I have 14 grandchildren and am a troop leader to 14 little Daisies (1st step of being a girl scout) and work as an admin support person, but that is all "outside" the computer... grin... I don't know the first thing about "inside" it, so any help I can get I will gladly accept. I am not ashamed to admit I want to learn, but I need guidance ... grin ... Thank you all for all the help you have given. If you can tell me how to "zip" the files, I would do that. It is frustrating having 99% and not be able to finish.
Thank you. Northernlady

Northernlady_50 March 8, 2009 3:16 PM

If I do a copy/paste into notepad ... then change the info for the fog ... then do a copy/paste back into the game file ... will that clear the fog without ruining my game??? is that what you are talking about when you say edit in notepad??? please advise... Northernlady ... oh and btw ... I live in the beautiful state of Alaska... hence "Northernlady" ... grin ... not too many live in my "time zone" ...grin .. again... thank you so much for all your help thus far...Nl


NorthernLady, one of our reviewers also lives in Alaska. :)

As for helping you, I suggest we take this to email. If you would email me at my contact address (found at the bottom of this page) I'll be glad to help. :)


Same thing with my computer on the search, Search on Vista just searches indexed files, really stupid. However it is in PROGRAM DATA not Program Files. Try again, it's there, took me some digging to find but I found it. It won't be in Shockwave hon, that's a browser add Active X Control.
It is in START then click on Computer then C drive then program DATA (not program filesI had 99% also and the gemfinding utility told me I missed a yellow on Red Rock Island. I finally found it behind a mountain on a teeny strip of beach I had to send scout swimming to, I am just thankful for the gem utility to tell me which island to go to. Its really easy to use, just click OPEN at the top, then on left you will see COMPUTER, and follow the list from that point C\Program Data, etc.from posting above. Jot them down. When you get to that profiles.dat file double clik it it will jump right over to the utility, then u just clik OPEN at the bottom and it tells you all you need to know. I hope that's clear, I know a computer and its workings, but my way of explaining it to someone is lacking alot. Remember Program DATA, not Program files.

Anonymous March 8, 2009 7:55 PM

I'm stuck on the Inside the Comet level. I can't seem to destroy the statue. When I do try to attack, my people get killed before they do any serious damage. Are there any tips on destroying the statue? And what are those purple pointy things around the statue?

[Edit: Did you check the walkthrough and tips located at the top of this page? -Pam]


Forgot to mention that the utility is a zip file, it has to be unzipped (check to see if you have WinZip) before installation. You can get WinZip version 10 free from CNET. I don't know if jay allows posting links, so just search google. Get version 10, not 12. For 12 you will pay something even if it says free, you have to try an offer, or pay a membership, blah blah blah. 10 is free. Scroll down the list to third from top and it will say CNET. Click that link and download the trial version of WinZip, it says free for 45 days, but it will keep working after that. Open that after its done and let it install, accept whatever directory it chooses to install into. Then there will be a checkbox saying launch now. WinZip will find all the zipped files all by itself. click the gem utility, and before you know it there are 3 little baby block looking thingys on your desktop, double click to open, follow the click open at top, computer on left, etc.(always download to desktop so you can find installation files easy, you can pitch those after you get the program in.) Sure wish you luck hon, be brave, you cannot mess anything up trying that I or one of these helpful people here, can't help you straighten back out, and the best way to learn is to jump right in and get a bowl full. Just take the advice to back up the file to a safe place before you do the fog edit. I have managed to get some super strong fighters and buildings that build in about a half second, lol. But trust me, I ALWAYS back up. My huts produce 12 instead of 3, I get18 shaman out of one tent, lol.....these things are amazing, take your time, back up your files, and jump in! Never ever too old to learn something new.....


Jay --

Thank you for your kind answer. I didn't know about the consolidations counting as multiple quests - good to know. If you're also sure that the shaman masks #1 thru 3 are covered somewhere in the list, then it must be complete. Since masks 4 & 5 were listed by themselves, I assumed it was a pattern. Thanks again.


Don't copy and paste Right click, open with, notepad. When done with your edit,under FILE menu at top click SAVE, then close page. Everything is done if you follow Jays directions carefully.

Northernlady_50 March 8, 2009 8:37 PM

I'm sorry Phae but I have looked everywhere but can't fine that file ... I even did a search and all I get is "no item matched your search" so I am going to see if Jay can help me via email ... :-( I am sorry that I am not very helpful ... but thank you for all your help ...Nl


Is there a cheat that tells where all the fruit is on Worship Island? I have 11 of each and have been searching most of the dayfor the last ones. thanks again for being so helpful kj


You get the 12th of each when you click on the temple. I forget if they come in a chest or just flop out on the ground. :) Excellent walkthrough and FAQ above if you haven't checked them out.


Northernlady, That is probably by far your best bet! Best of luck to you! Off to the next game, thanks for the superior walkthrough Shawty and Boopbug! Pam and Karen your advice also was a lifesaver. Jay, thanks once more for your site, and the "cheats"

Northernlady_50 March 9, 2009 2:27 AM

I want to Thank Jay for all his help in this game and also to thank Phae for all the help given as well ... I can now finally get to the guardian moon... you guys are super and Jay ... you ROCK !!!! and yes... that was intended to be shouting... I am so happy ... thank you... thank you... thank you... NL

galloway March 9, 2009 3:26 AM

I will NEVER look at fruit the same way again. I have restarted this fruity quest six times and STILL can't find ONE papaya to finish it. I also couldnt find one of the white seashells... but was able to skip on past. Which I can't with this papaya. I tried to do the "gem paint" cheat on the shells and papaya earlier... and cant seem to get it to work.

(sidenote: location seems to have either changed or may be dependent on a proprietary system... i.e. HP or Dell. Found mine in another location than listed. But it was correct from Totem Tribe on out the file path.)

The error message keeps telling me it can NOT save over the game file once i get it edited. I've turned off the read only property. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. (and yes I ripped down the tower and found the one by the water well)


Do you have something other than XP or Vista by chance? Are you using Windows OS? Make sure you are not trying to "SAVE AS" you want to choose "SAVE" from inside notepad, not from inside the main folder. Then just close notepad and the folder and it will be there when you start the game back up. (CLOSE the GAME first too before you even start anything with the files) Hope it gets working for you! Best of luck!


I don't know if this has already been said, but on Red Rock Island, you can melt the ice the first time you are on the island by using the meteor shower from the idol.


I'm on my way to Ruins of Dream Shore, but I haven't found all the totems yet. I have snake, dolphin, wolf, beetle, and lion. Which one am I missing and which island is it on? I'm also missing a coin. Need help.


i forgot to mention i cant put the color code together on lost temple island to get the 3 chest of gems. someone please list colors


I scaned through this page and did not see this question (I'm sure its on here somewhere plain as day, but I didn't see it)

How do I get rid of the sharks that the old man asks for. I'm not sure which island I'm on but someone should know what I am talking about.

Thank you in advance for the time you spent answering my silly question.


Shauna - I believe you're on Cradle of the North, and you need to bring some Archers over to the area where the sharks are. They will take care of them for the old man.


I'm starting totem tribe today!!! Wish me luck!! I'm so glad to know I can always rely on this website for a push in the right direction, instead of getting frustrated and giving up

I'll be talking with you soon.LOL


Great thanks so much Jay!!!

I got another....
On red rock island I am having trouble understanding the clues on the guidestone or I haven't found them all yet.
What is the color order...
Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere.

Northernlady_50 March 10, 2009 12:47 AM

Hello Miss Pam... asking a question on Guardian Moon... on my version 1.03 the lights ... I have rows of 4 not 5 ... is there a different "light" puzzle I am suppose to be doing and if so... what do I do with this first puzzle ... I figured out the one like the chess board and got the little statue moved and got the sphear... or whatever that light thing is called... grin ... but lighting all 16 lights has me boggled as you and others are refering to 5 in each row making a total of 20 lights ... am I missing something??? please help ... I also can't seem to find 2 more of those light things to place in the holders... and I have two things that are shaped like the world alter and don't know what I am suppose to do with them...thanks in advance for all your help ...Northernlady

[Edit: Hi Northernlady! I'm afraid I haven't gotten that far on the game. I'll refer your question to others in the Help Squad. -Pam]


i am about to go nuts...i only have one gem to find on mist island..a blue one..i swear i have clicked every inch of the island and i can't find it..i am so frustrated because its the last one to find so that i can get to guardian moon..i have the gem utility and it has helped a lot...but it would help more if someone had a guide as to where all the gems are on this island...please help me before i go insane lol


Are you sure you are on the moon? It sounds like you are on Mist Island. It hangs in the sky. To get to the moon you have to have 100% gems and be near the end of the game.

Go back to the walkthrough and look at the spoilers for Mist Island.


peach the puzzle is a 4x4 puzzle and it is on guardian moon tried doing what you said now my puzzle lights look like this since there are only 16 gonna do it that way x's for lit 0 for unlit

plz i want to light the lights for my last item

simplybecca March 10, 2009 9:35 AM

Okay, so I've gone through the game 2 times and I am at the end of my third. I only have a 98% completion of gems found. I really want to get to the Rainbow island this time through. I've repainted them into big red blocks with a black X through them, my scouts have swum their butts off to clear the fog and I feel that I've gone over every square inch - obviously I've missed something.

I'm playing v. 1.03, Windows XP. I downloaded game from HP Games. I'm looking for the file that will tell me where my missing gems are. I'm not finding any file names like the one listed in the cheats, but I have found this:

a XML File: level01, level02, level03, etc... in the following subfolder:

C:\Program Files\HP Games\Totem Tribe\data\level\original

Is this what I'm looking for?

[Edit: No, those are not your saved game data files. The directory you are looking for should be named "Enkord", and within that a "Totem Tribe" directory that contains your profiles.dat as well as the quest files. You might try searching for "profiles.dat" on your computer. -Jay]

simplybecca March 10, 2009 9:56 AM

sorry, I modified my search criteria and I think I've found the correct files now.


so im on mist island and cant for the life of me find the lightning bolt anyone have a picture of where it is???????

simplybecca March 10, 2009 12:00 PM


I found my missing 6 gems and I've made it to Rainbow Road/Moon. I'm stuck. I can't find a final lightning catcher thingy... I need four, right?


Ok here goes, I have played this game several times, Im at 97% and how do I get to rainbow road, all the islands have a staff on them except that one, what am i doing wrong, Ihave used the paint cheat, and have been over the island several times, what am i missing have all the items and i know im still missing some gems, but cant seem to find them. Can anyone help me.

[Edit: There are two methods for finding those remaining gems listed in Totem Tribe Cheats above the comments. -Jay]

galloway March 10, 2009 2:02 PM

OS is Windows Vista. Game was closed. Did use SAVE... not SAVE AS. Er... but I was using PAINT... not NOTEPAD. Was this not correct?

Well... in the meantime... if anyone feels like reading over the search... maybe it will help if you are missing anything BUT that Papaya.

Mad Papaya search

Main Island (from start)

NW... by water well. PAPAYA
West... on sea shore. Carambola
NE... behind two palms. Orange
ENE... just past the Orange. Carambola
East... just across water. Pineapple (2)
West... just across the water. PAPAYA (2)... one on either side of the temple.

Pause to Research now that the city is built. Added a band of six towers between city and temple. Can almost see the temple.

NW... in the grass. PAPAYA
North... below 6 palm trees. Carambola
NE... below 6 palm trees. Banana (2)

Completed 7th tower (slightly forward) and moved fighters to flower patch below Main Temple.
Completed all available upgrades and clicked temple to kick off the fight. Chest appears to the left of the temple.

NE... below 4 palm trees. Carambola
Chest... 1 each.

Sending out scouts. SW quadrant first. For me, it is more convenient to move them to the Western blockage on the center
island below the start point and move them clockwise around the map...ending at the eastern blockage of the lower central island.

SW... small island with 1 tree Orange

North from there, on what I think of as the opening parenthesis, find the Banana IDOL. NEW reference point for search.

East. Right beside him. Banana
NW. buried under foliage. PAPAYA
NNW. corner sticking out Carambola

Moving North... find Banana boys minor temple. New reference point. Note: this is due West of the line of towers for city.

West. Corner of temple. PineApple

Moving North... find purple circle. New reference point.

SE arc. Banana.
NW arc. Carambola

Another minor temple is found, due west of the MAJOR temple.

North. Banana

Out in the Water to the West is another island. The pineapple idol is the main feature of this island.

By his feet. Orange
NNE by pineapple heads well Pineapple

NNE there is a small island with a rock and two trees.

NE Orange

South-East, there is another purple circle on the edge of the "mainland".

NE arc. Carambola

East-South-East, discovers the first of the 3 "medium" temples. NEW reference point.

WSW. Right beside temple. Banana
NNW. BARELY peeking... Pineapple.
South Banana
East. between 1st and 2nd templeCarambola

Edging to the East, find the 2nd of the medium temple. New Reference point.

WNW (West of left snake) Banana
SE Corner of Temple Orange.

Edging further East, find the 3rd of the medium temple. New Reference point.

NW under trees Pineapple
SE Banana
SE under 2 palm trees Carambola

South of the medium temples, find the 4 columns and the minor temple for the serpent twins. From this minor temple...

ENE first palm tree Pineapple.
ESE behind the flowers Orange

Moving again... NorthEast, find another purple circle.

North arc. PAPAYA

Moving Northeast still... there is a small island with one palm tree and a rock.

Behind Rock. Pineapple

Swimming South... there is a small island with the Carambola idol on it. NEw Reference Point.

NW. Under the palm tree. Orange (3)

Swimming SouthWest, on the mainland again, we find Crumby's minor temple. New reference point.

SE leaning against wall Pineapple.
North behind white flower Banana

Moving East, we find another purple circle. New Reference point.

South ARC Banana

Moving South, we find another minor temple. New Reference Point.

North under trees Pineapple
East corner of the temple Carambola
South. Under Trees. PAPAYA
SSE under trees. Carambola

At the Southern end of this, what I consider the closing parenthesis, we find the Orange idol. New Reference point.

ENE almost hidden Pineapple
at his feet Orange

Moving south, is another small island with only two palm trees.

South end orange


and (dare I hope)... tell me where the one I missed is? :)

Northernlady_50 March 10, 2009 11:34 PM

Yes boopbug, I am in fact on the Guardian Moon. I have passed everything and gatherered 100% of the gems (with the help of Jay ... couldn't find the last 3 and he helped me)... so Yes... I am on the moon not Mist Island...and there are in fact in version 1.03 ...only 4x4 lights a total of 16 not 5x5 for 20 ... and I am boggled on how to do this one... but thanks for asking... if anyone else might know... please ... I would be most grateful... Northernlady

Chloebert March 11, 2009 12:13 AM

Please, please, please tell me how to get the chest to appear on Worship Island. What purple dots??? I just don't understand where to put everyone! I need the map piece. I am ready to tear my hair out!!!

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give me!

Anonymous March 11, 2009 12:36 AM

I am missing the building next to the Laboratory. What do I have to do?

Northernlady_50 March 11, 2009 12:38 AM

Ok... never mind about the light puzzle... my 14 year old grandson figured it out for me... grin ... talk about a cheat... lol ... I am now ready for the comet ... tomorrow... grin ... again ... thank you all for your help ... Northernlady


Thanks, Dodge, Pam, and Peach23 for your hints about defeating the Shade minions. It worked!
Now I'm on Mist Island and I've tried following the hints listed in the spoiler, but to no avail. Is there one direction Aruku should go in first? I keep trying to inch her out but she goes only so far and then stops and turns around. I've been working the same little plot of land for days (in between work, school, and family)and I'm ready to call it quits on the game! My patience levels are seriously depleted!
Should I send her north, east, south or west first?
Help is, as always, greatly appreciated!

Alexandra March 11, 2009 1:25 AM

Hi. I need help on Volcano Island because I have no idea how to defeat the enchanted skeletons. I don't know how to kill them. Please help me. Thank you.

[Edit: Have you checked all of the information in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page? -Pam]


To laina:

On Mist Island -

I went east first, then south, west, north. By that time, hopefully you've gotten enough of the mist cleared away that you can see a little better. You have to use the mini map to guide her. Move her only a tiny bit at a time. The area that she can walk on is a gray color on the mini map and you'll have to get used to looking at it enough so you can tell where the little paths are. I hope this helps!

Alexandra March 11, 2009 1:58 AM

Yes I did. And I couldn't find the answer that tells me how to defeat the enchanted skeletons in Volcano Island. Please help me.

kickingdeer March 11, 2009 4:59 AM

Those tricking little red to green lights on Worship Island. I found out that this worked for me. Check this out and see if it works for you. ;-)

Upper left corner:put your scouts there.They will stick around. They don't move far from the flag.

Upper right corner: built a hut,the workers will stay close by going in and out of the ring.

For the other two areas,lower left and right: built a hunter's hut and worker's hut close to each other, be sure to built the hut as close as you can to the rings. The little guys will roam close the the rings. All rings will all change green in time.

I found that I could drag a hunter into the Lower left ring easier. This might work for you. I drove myself nuts trying it the other way and my reward was the chests (if you have all five shaman masks). Good Luck and have fun.

kickingdeer March 11, 2009 5:13 AM

To Alexandra,
How to defeat the enchanted skeletons in Volcano Island?

1.) Get has many troops as you can together.

2.) When it is "attack" time place the red flag where the Prymids are and let the forces do the work.

You will be rewarded with a sword, you only have three to defeat. After you get your three swords take them to the building that looks like a wresler's ring. This building upgrades three items.


the 4 totems each need to line up with a different symbol in each spot so no 2 totems are the same. This unlocks it. Also on the 4 corners of the map there are red glowing areas.Put your scout on the bottom right one and turn the lights green, then click on the center pyramid at the top screen. This gives you lots of gems.


I think there is a glitch in version 1.03.

I had 1.0 and couldn't get 100% due to the Volcano Island missing gem. So I uninstalled it completely, and installed 1.03. Twice. Each time, I played all the way up to the final level. Each time I only get 98% (not 99 like in 1.0.)

When I go through the data files, and when I use the gem finding utility, results show I lack only 1 green gem on Mushroom Island.

You'd think if only one gem were missing, Rainbow Road would be at 99% as with the missing gem in 1.0. But that's not the case.

I've painted and enlarged the gems so they're HUGE. I've looked at all the walk-throughs I can find for gem locations.

This green gem is not there.


galloway - the last papaya - where you have the minor temple just to the west of your village - just below the bottom corner of the temple there should be a papaya. I don't see that one on your list, you might check there. There's a little pile of rocks there...

(Note: I found one here, I don't know if they move around or not, like some of the other items)

Alexandra - the Enchanted skeletons on Volcano Island have more hit points than the others, but just keep beating on them & they'll die. Kinda like the King Beetle from Beetle Island.

laina - I posted my personal walkthru of Mist Island here on 2/21 at 12:18 pm. You might check it out for more clues on how to get around.

JlGuest - the building to the right of the laboratory is the marketplace, and you get it on Yeti Island by having all 7 of the coins.


Kim, the version I have is 1.02 and my lights were 5 x 5.

It should still work with only 4 lights, as far as I know. Click on the light you want to change, then click on the other lights in the same row & the same column.

So if your lights were numbered
1 5 9 13 x x x x
2 6 10 14 0 x x 0
3 7 11 15 0 x x x
4 8 12 16 x 0 x 0

and you want to change light #2, represented in your post as being off, you would click on light #2, then on 1, 3, 4, 6, 10, and 14. At which point light #2 should be on, and lights # 3, 14, 8, and 16 should still be off.

Repeat as needed to change each light. Anytime you have all of the lights off in one row & column at the same time, you can just click on the light where the row & column meet to turn them all on. (I hope that made sense.)

If your lights looked at this, for example:
x x x 0
x x x 0
x x x 0
0 0 0 0
then you could just click on light #16 to turn them all on.

I wish I could do it for you.


after reviewing my screenshots and your notes, there does appear to be one other spot that might be hiding that last elusive papaya. Just to the east of the village is the Idol of Divination / Clairvoyance. Just above its head - in fact, touching the top of its head - is a papaya under a tree.


Help! I've not gotten help yet!

I'm stuck on the Comet level - I can't find the rest of the crystals to get into the Idols...

Can someone help me please...


Thank you so much for the information on the Marketplace. I have all 7 coins and don't know why I didn't get it but I will go back and try again. Thanks again.


The game's okay but the ending is too HP Lovecraft as far as the bad guys go. I'm so sick of the "elder gods" stuff. Lovecraft isn't all that and it's a cheap, uncreative cop-out.