I finally beat it at 32 hours. Will have to play again because I didn't get a good score - 73%.


Can you get the upgrade 1.02 without paying for it again? Or is there somewhere that you can get the bug fix?

[Edit: You should be able to download the game again from the site you purchased it from at no additional charge. If not, you may have purchased it from the wrong site. Updates to games purchased from http://casualgameplay.com are always free of charge. -Jay]

grammarlady February 27, 2009 12:26 AM

Well, I have finished the game 3 times, thanks to all your help, tips, suggestions, and, yes, cheats! The first time I got the "bad" ending and the other two times I got the "good" ending. I think the difference is

I got the "bad" ending when I fed tribe people to the holes with shark-like teeth. I got the "good" ending when I decided against doing that and just kept after defeating the aliens.

Thank you so much to everyone who was willing to share their experiences and answer dumb questions. And special thanks to Jay! I couldn't have done it without you all.

Happy Gaming!


Cheers, Grammarlady! :D

You made my day. ^_^


addicted2tt - for the obsidian, did you get the lava rocks for the hermit yet so you could use the Sphere of Clarity?


I've played all the way thru about 5 times now. My best score so far was 80%. That's with all gems, 95% of the "world" explored (and apparently, that's about as much as you're going to get), 441 / 440 gems found, and 122/123 quests completed. Not sure what "quest" I missed, but I had it the time before. Oh, well.

Total time to play (which includes swimming around all islands to "explore the world" - 16 hours, 21 minutes.

Also got the notice that "Absolutely nothing slipped out of your keen eye", which I hadn't gotten before.


Volcano Island obsidian pieces -

According to my screenshots, there should be one just to the left of the fire pit that's closest to the top of the map, to the right of your village. Another in the NE corner of the map, near the top of the two lava pits. One next to the fire pit that's above the SW corner (the one that the skeletons are behind, but you have to go around to get to them?). Some in the chest in that same general area. One near the idol of storm on the SE corner. Several under each of the pyramids. And five in the center of the volcano, that you can only find after getting the lava rocks for the hermit so you can use the Sphere of Clarity. One of those last is VERY well hidden at the bottom left corner, one a tip of it showing, even with Paint.


Thanks Peach...that worked great!!!

addicted_to_tribe February 27, 2009 4:06 AM

im stuck trying to find the 3 green gems and 3 blue gems on the comet crash site please help me thanks



im on the last island the comet crash site i am missing 3xGreen gems and 3xBlue gems but i cannot find them anywhere, please please help thanks



Does anybody know why....

I found all gems (definitely) - rainbow road
says 99 % and I don't get access to play
guardian moon - WHY?
Is there anything else I have to accomplish?
Please help me!

[Edit by Kayleigh]

hazeleyes791 February 27, 2009 9:31 AM

I am having trouble finding the last treasure, the one above heart of the bull and tribal amulate. HELP.....


Greetings all! Still trying to to gather stuff for my treasure chest before going to battle in the comet. I have one more coin (the 1st one) and 3 more jewels (gems). I realize this is gonna be a major cheat but I'm going for it ... Does anyone remember what islands that the coins jewels were found on? I figure if I can get that far I can sort eliminate some excessive roaming. BTW, Thanks guys because of some of the provided hints I was able to find out that I had totally missed "Lonely Iceberg" and "Lost Temple". The red circle hint for "Worsip Island" was a biggie and was able to finally go fishing on "Frozen Vale".


Teena & addicted_to_tribe - maybe this is a silly question, but how many crystal formations did you destroy with your crossbow?

Because if the answer isn't "three", that's where your missing gems are. There is one of each color crystal formation that can be hit & destroyed with the crossbow, and each of them - if I remember correctly - leaves three gems of the same color as the formation was.


OK folks that hint about the "Singing Stones" on "Ruins of Dream Shore" was a great help. The reason I couldn't find my fishing rod was because I had built a tower in front of it. Destroyed tower, got rod, got fish, got map.
In my treasure chest I now have

Crown of Defender
Amulet of Wisdom
Diadem of Courage
Pendant of Nature Force
Pendant of Power
Blessed Ring
Bracelet of Hawk
Healer's Globe
Heart of Bull
Tribal Amulet
Hunter's Lucky Stone
Masking Cloak
Sphere of Clarity
Traveller's Boots

5 Masks

6 Coins

I need 1 more coin and 2 more treasures.

This game and this site ROCKS!


Dodge, for the first coin, go back to Monkey Island and look behind the edges of the mountain in the SW portion of the map. For the remaining gems, look at JlGuest's post of 2/19 at 4:23 pm - there's a gem finder utility link posted there.


Dodge, the answer to your question about the various treasures is in the FAQ section above. However, I'll make it easy on it. The two you are missing are:

Necklace of Spirits, found on Beetle Island, &
Relic of Prosperity, found on Guardian Moon.

Skylleluah February 27, 2009 4:59 PM

I love this game!! But something I don't get. I only got 391 of the 440 gems and was granted 100% and access to guardian moon (thanks a bill for the puzzle tip). And my treasury was 100% complete, I counted the gems like someone suggested and got every item. Thanks to everyone (wishmaster, jay etc) for all the tips without which I would never have gotten through. I also only had 77% of the world explored. The only cheat I used was the painting of the last few gems after I had 96% of the gems. I counted my gems as I collected them and had a few more islands to go back to. Bought my game from Big Fish. Perhaps in my version I didn't need to find all 440?? Or just a lucky bug?


Thanks mucho guys. Now I just have one more jewel left, the "Relic of Prosperity". Hmmmmm ... I thought I was nearly over then you pop this "Guardian Moon" on me. What is that? I don't see it on my map. Which island do I have to be at to get there. Evidently I haven't ravished all these islands like I was starting to think. Shoot I was starting to rebuild my colonies on each island, you know, pretty them up and all, LOL. C'mon is there really someplace called the "Guardian Moon"?


I'm sure the answer is buried here somewhere in these 27 pages, but I'd really rather not search for days trying to find it. Can anyone tell me how to beat the Shade minions on Cradle of the North. It seems like that no matter how many arrow towers I build or archers I get, I can't defeat them before they snuff out Goru. Any suggestions will be immensely appreciated--I've been stuck here for quite awhile now.


I built a plethora of thunder and fire towers and had a bunch of archers and those little masked witchdoctor dudes. I trapped that Shade dude in that area where I found him. Make sure you have lots of builders that way it won't take so long to build those towers. Just start building them one after the other working your way around that Shade. That way while you're building the other towers can work on keeping him at bay. That was my strategy.


Hey guys do I need to do my battles inside the comet before I am able to do the "Guardian Moon"? When I click to enter the comet I get a msg -- "This is your final encounter. After start, you will not anymore be able to return to other islands. Are you ready to enter the comet?" --


Have a technical problem I need help with. I downloaded the game from a different site, ran through it twice, still haven't gotten the rainbow road. The last time I had 95%, so got the utility and did research, found out I was missing all the gems on Tetala. My game did not have those gems! So bought the game from jayisgames, opened it, the gems still aren't there! I am using vista and my computer is only a couple months old, so don't know what to do for the next step. Anyone else have this problem? and if so how is it fixed? Love the game, just wish I could do the whole thing!
Thanks for any help you can offer.

[Edit: The gems on Tetala are located on an island off the main land in an area that you cannot see when you first play the game. You need to return to Tetala after you get the Aqualung to reach them. Clear all the black fog from the mini-map and you will see where they are located. I hope that helps! -Jay]


To laina:

The way I was able to defeat the Shade Minions on Cradle of the North:

I built as many towers as I could manage to fit, both close to the World Seal and along the path they follow to get to the village. Also, build as many Hunter's Lodges and Witchdoctor Shacks as you can squeeze in. You just need the most powerful army you can build. Then be sure to have your battle flag placed at the opening of the seal so that your people will be right on top of them when they come out. I hope this helps. :)


I am totally stuck on the Frozen Vale island, I have 22 of the 25 shells for the totem thingie I have looked for 2 days now - I have begun to destroy things I have built... HELP please it's driving me nuts. :) :(


For the Shades on Cradle of the North, I did almost the same as Pam (above),

except that I used a lot of Shamans instead of Witchdoctors.

Also, if you keep your huts near the waterline - at the area farthest away from the World Seal - Aruku & Goru will hang around there, and the Shades will have to go thru your entire village to get to them.


Dodge, once you have collected all of your gems, Guardian Moon will be accessible. The level is played between Comet Crash Site (since you have to get some gems here) & Inside the Comet.


Frozen Vales seashells - assuming that you have melted all of the ice blocks that have some of the shells in them, I found the best hidden shells as listed below:

And hopefully you can tell what locations I'm describing, because some of these aren't too exact.

In the Frozen Vale's native village, look behind the snowman. Look straight down from there, and there's one between the long hut & the tepee below it. Go right from that point to the mountain & up slightly, and there's a third piece.

In the NW portion of the map, on the side of the mountains where the chest is, there's a shell barely peeking out from behind/above the leftmost mountain.

On the east shoreline, above the chest in the small valley, there's a shell behind/above the rightmost mountain. Just above that shell is another one, in the middle of 5 rocks sitting in the ocean edge.

All of the others are pretty much out in the open, but might blend in with their background. I used Paint to color the edges & find all of mine.


I've read pages of question and answers (which I found most helpful) but have not run across anyone asking about how to make a thunder tower to open the chest on scorched island. Did I miss something easy? I've almost completed the game but have been going back and cleaning up some loose ends (like the chest.) Thanks for any help on this subject.



Did you get the email I sent to you?



It seems I missed something. I don't have access to it. What do I have to do please? Also, I'm missing something in the top right corner of my treasure chest. Anyone know what I missed, and where I get it? Thanks in advance!!


Sk8Queen - you get the Thunder Tower on Mist Island. See my post of Feb 21 at 12:18pm for my personal walk-thru experience.

xnyr - look in the FAQs above. You must have solved the "red dot" puzzle on Worship Island to get the map for Lost Temple.


Pam, I don't think I've gotten the email. But then, I don't know how to check for one, either. Would it show up in my regular email box, or do I need to look somewhere on this site?

[Edit: I sent it to the email address that we have on file from your Casual Gameplay account. It should have been delivered to your inbox, or it might be in your spam folder. -Pam]


I must have deleted it. I get a lot of spam, and I had just cleaned out my mailbox.


On scorched island there is a chest saying i need to have 3 towers fire,frost and thunder how do i unlock the thunder tower?



ty for the info. i went back, and sure enough, there was something on the ground i didn't pick up


Did anyone ever answer this queston. I have the same problem. I used the gem finder and everything. SEE BELOW


Does anybody know why....

I found all gems (definitely) - rainbow road
says 99 % and I don't get access to play
guardian moon - WHY?
Is there anything else I have to accomplish?
Please help me!


I am on the comet crash site and I am have a problem lighting all the posts with the purple lights at the same time to get last totem to the last crystal mound. Is there a trick to this because there is nothing in the walkthrough about it. Please help!


jlee, i did the 2 together 1st, then tried diff combos for the other 3. took me a while, but i did it. have to be quick and precise


once again, the only thing i'm missing from my treasure chest is in the top right corner. did i miss something, or do i fill it after the comet?


Xnyr, thank you, I will try again.
The last treasure is the relic of prosperity that you get on the guardian moon or.... at least that is what I read earlier... haven't been there yet.


ty jlee. i haven't been there either. cleaning up everything b4 i go on the comet

pinkplayboy_21 February 28, 2009 9:53 PM

I'm stuck on the shark island. I've been clicking for over 2 hours - EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I can't find the last blue shell. I've read other posts w/ this problem. Is there a glitch in the game. On Witch Island I had this problem, w/ the roots. The first time I tried it, I found all but 1. After an hour or so, I restarted the level, found them all no problem. Then, I restarted the whole game and had the same problem on witch island. This happen to anyone else??? Is that the problem w/ Shark Island?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Northernlady_50 February 28, 2009 10:46 PM

Jay, I have a question on clearing the fog and changing the gem colors ... I have Vista ... and I don't get the option to "edit" ... I can find the file and everything ... but still can't find how to do it with Vista... any help would be greatly appreaciated... thank you...


Somewere along the game I missed getting access to a building it is to the right of the laboratory in the building menu. All it shows is a "?" now. Can someone tell me what it is and how to gain access to build it?


How can you clear the maps on the islands where you cannot build and have no scouts ?


I have looked thru all the pages of tips and may have missed it but I am on the 1st island of the Shark Archipelago. I have gotten the valve and 4 each of the turtle shells and have put the portal in the ornate box thing but can't seem to move to next island. Any ideas?


Have you found the one on the island the bottom left? You have to get right on the bank, almost place ur scout flag in the water and keep clickin it. When you move to the right place you will be able to get it.


Nevermind, I figured it out myself. Got tired off tryin to click everything then went to stand by the portal thing and it sent me.


Hey folks, I tried http://stashbox.org/413266/totem-tribe-gem-utility.zip to see where I may still have gems but link does not exist.

[Edit: I just tried it and it works fine. Maybe try it again? -Pam]


This may seem quite trivial but, I can't find the tenth root on witch island, I've tried three times and keep getting stuck on 9. Any suggetstions?

[Edit: I'm working on adding screenshots to the walkthrough section for things like this. Hopefully, it won't be too long. -Pam]


HI all fellow gamers..

Jay or someone else i read that you can get three chests from Lost Temple if you go back to Worship Island write down the colors of the smoke and put them in the posts to get the chests.. where exactly are the posts on Lost Temple to put the colors and how do you put the colors there.. i would appreciate your help on this.. thank you so much

pinkplayboy_21 March 1, 2009 3:09 PM

Thanks Sue. I just restarted the level, and found them all in no time. I think there is some kind of glitch in the game. Now I'm having the same problem w/ the Pineapples. Can't find number 10. So now I'll restart the level again.

Restart the level and try again. I'd be willing to bet that you'll find all 10 w/ no problems.

PerfectAngelX March 1, 2009 3:16 PM

Hi I am new here but I am totally stuck. I have 95% on rainbow road but I am not able to get to the lost temple. Have I missed something? I can see it on my map but it will not let me go there. Please help.

PerfectAngelX March 1, 2009 3:25 PM

Also I do not have access to Guardian Moon either. All I have access to is Inside the Comet and I do not want to do that yet.


This is an awesome game...but I'm stuck on Cradle of the North....do I need to activate both idols? And does it matter if the towers are upgraded, and if so, which level is best. I've tried 4 times and keep getting slautered...but I am so hooked....thanks kj


Guardian Moon, other quest (not the puzzle) -- Uncle!

Though it's not in the Walkthrough or any spoiler I've seen so far, I know there's some sort of lightning or orb quest on the Moon. Well, I'm here again, uncovered every light post and lightning orb, but I can't see anything to pick up or anything that changes when clicked. so What am I missing?

BTW, Jay --

The spreadsheet.google.com that you gave us (thanks!) for items is missing a shaman mask. There are five, not four. I suspect the missing one is on Beetle Island. Just thought you might want to check it. As much info as you provide, I'm surprised you didn't miss more!


Frozen Vale Island:
You give the fish to the old hermit with the penguins for a prize.

chipt69 March 2, 2009 8:03 AM

I just have two questions and they may have already been asked so Im sorry in advance if so. Im at 90% and only have Inside the Coment to go...is this where I should be? 2nd, in my treasure chest, Im missing whatever is located in the upper right of the screen...can someone or a lot of people please helpppppp....I love this game.

chipt69 March 2, 2009 8:34 AM


You need to get the map located on the Island of Worship. There is a trick to the 4 areas of purple dots.

PerfectAngelX March 2, 2009 1:15 PM

Ok i have put my fighters in one, my scouts in another, put Guru or Aruku in the third and built a tower in the fourth but I can't seem to get the tower ring to go green. Am I missing something? Thank you in advance.


HI EVERYONE!! I am on my fourth play of the game. thought I would try to get everything this time. thanks for all the great hints and tips. I am on the moon and cant get all the lights on around the chest to get the last item. Can anyone tell me in what order you are supposed to push those darn lights!!! been trying to do it for two hours!!! thanks

CharmedTracy March 2, 2009 2:38 PM

Mist island

i am missing two gems 1 blue and i green i have looked and looked to avail...the island that peaks out to the right that you cant get to are there gems on there...if so is there away to clear the mist i have tried waking the girl everywhere

onegoldiecat March 2, 2009 2:46 PM

I'm having a problem with the crash site. I have destroyed all the purple pedestals except the one with the 2 purple lights beside it. How do I elimate this pedestal??
This is a great walkthrough.


perfect angel, try building a hut in 2 of them, then the scouts in 1, and the hunters in the last one


tried signing up, wont let me log in. OH well just isnt my day. Does anyone know the answer to my previous posting? about the lights around the chest on the moon. thanks

[Edit: Be sure to use your "user name" to login with, not your "display name". -Jay]

sharpeilover March 2, 2009 3:10 PM

Hi all, can I ask..I have completed the game twice, both endings, and I have only explored 61% of world, 420 out of 440 gems, 118 quests out of 123 and at 72%. Is there more? Before I hang up the game, I would love to know if there is more because I will play again.

Ty for all of the help

crazy4games March 2, 2009 3:12 PM

thanks jay. This website is the greatest I have been to, ever!!! been gaming for years! seen many sights, seldom ever cheat (haha!!) anyway about the moon. I am really stuck there. Does any one know how to push the lights so they all come on so you can open the chest? thanks

crazy4games March 2, 2009 3:39 PM

Just wanted to say that Totem Tribe is one of the best games I have ever played! I have been a gamer since they invented pong!! yes I said pong. I have played every system out there and seldom ever do I play a game more than I have this one. To the people who made this game I say congrats!! even though I have been frustrated a time or two, it is still hands down the funnest game I have ever played. so here is the question I am waiting for an answer to: How do you turn on all the lights around the chest on the moon? I know I am being pushy here, but I wont move on til I have the answer. Thanks to Jay and all the people who helped with the walkthrough, hints, tips, etc. It was a great help. Please answer soon.


crazy4games - We do not have a spoiler that will solve that puzzle for you, however you can solve it yourself. Trust me on this.

Please refer to the Totem Tribe FAQ under "Guardian Moon" for some hints and tips to use. Look for the question: "How do I solve the puzzle with all the lights on Guardian Moon?"

PerfectAngelX March 2, 2009 5:18 PM

Thank you soooo much xnyr. It was driving me crazy.


I know this question has been asked twice but I didn't see an answer. I have all the gems but it says I only have 99% I used the gem finder thing to make sure I had them all. What do i do?

[Edit: What version of the game do you have? You can find it on the game's main title screen in the lower left corner. -Jay]


I have version 1.0

[Edit: Then that is the problem. There was a bug in versions prior to v1.02, such that players could never finish the Rainbow Road. That bug was fixed in v1.02. So, you need to re-download the latest version from where you purchased the game from, install it over your old game, and your rainbow road will be 100% complete! Be sure to backup your saved game files before you reinstall just to be on the safe side! -Jay]


Thank you, Jay!! That was very helpful. Don't know how I missed those before, guess maybe the frustration had built up too much. Really loved the game!! And you are super to help out the way you do!!


THE Ultimate Battle Cheats Inside the Comet:

Want an army of several hundred? It takes a L-O-N-G time, but build towers around where one of the stones start their attacks, set your start-up army flag where the other one pops up, and build several worker huts to speed things up. Follow with one of each advancement, and do all the research. Upgrade the towers as soon as you get the Arrow Tower skill, and maybe upgrade one to a Mud Tower.

Then destroy all but one of the worker huts and fill all available space with barracks. When the last unit has been trained from the last building, destroy all barracks but the original. Then fill the floor with archery ranges, and keep repeating the destroy-and-build process for hunter cabins, witch doctor huts, shaman tents, then cave of trials. When each kind of building is destroyed, the units that were trained remain in your army - huge!

Caveat: When units are killed in battle, you can train only the number you have allowed in the remaining buildings, so rebuild the final village with an eye on extended siege and troop retraining needs. Shamans seem to do the most good, so I opt for several of their huts, half a dozen or so worker huts, six or seven temples, and one of everything else except towers, which number in the dozens.

You can also build temples, charge the spells, then destroy and rebuild. The original spells stay in your "inventory," and you can charge spells again, stockpiling many more spells than you have room to create with one-shot temples.

Cheat? You bet! But we're battling evil here, so we use every clever tactic we can find, right? Good luck!

swimcoach10 March 3, 2009 1:27 AM

Thanks so much for the hint on Shark Archipeligo. I never would have connected the flowers with the lights around the volcano. I am now on Chrystal Island (?) and have three purple towers I can't destroy (the one with the black and white lights, the blue and gold lights and the purple towers). I also passed by instructions on how to look in my treasure chest, but can't find that now. Can you help again, please.

peach23 March 3, 2009 1:45 AM

pinkplayboy_21 - check out my post for 2/24 at 10:20 & 10:25 pm - I listed the locations of all the shells on Shark Archipelago

LDG - you get the Thunder Tower on Mist Island - my personal walk-thru showing where is posted 2/21 at 12:15pm

kj - for Cradle of the North, you might try this -

BEFORE you activate the World Seal, make sure you have all of your buildings up, research done, etc. I find that having several Shaman Tents & Hunter Camps is helpful. Also, you might want to build a tower to both the left & the right of the Seal area. You can get one on each side. Then put two towers at the pass-thru area, and build several more down the right hand side of the beach area. Put your battle flag at the pass & give your fighters time to get there before activating the World Seal. As to spells, I'll usually charge both of them before hand, then just re-charge the Storm spell during battle. If I have the time, sometimes I'm too busy trying to repair my towers. It can be done.

peach23 March 3, 2009 1:54 AM

grace - put the colors in the brown shrines by the pool on Lost Temple. This is also where to input the color codes that show you where the runes are.

Guardian Moon light puzzle -

As mentioned in the FAQs above, click on all the other lights in a row & column to change one light.

For example, to change the first light in the top left hand corner, click on each of the other lights in the top row, and each of the other lights in the first column. The result is that you change JUST the upper left corner light.

Using this method, change lights until you have one intersecting row & column (9 light in all, shaped like a T or a plus sign, depending on which row & column you're using) - then click on the light where the row & column intersect.

For example: when O is an unlit light, and X is a lit light,


you would click on the 4th light in the top row, which turns on the remaining lights.

peach23 March 3, 2009 1:58 AM

for people having trouble finding gems on Mist Island & Lonely Iceberg, you need to walk Aruku right out to the edge - as far as possible - in several areas to find the gems. Yes, this can take a long time, and it is difficult to get her to go where you want her to. However, without scouts on these islands, it's the only way.

peach23 March 3, 2009 2:04 AM

onegoldiecat, the easiest way I found to destroy that totem on Crash Site is -

There are 5 small purple columns, two next to the totem, one in the middle of the map (just above where the first blockage was), one to the right of the map by the black & white puzzle, and one by the idols.

You need to click on all 5 columns & light the last one before the smoke over the first one goes out. I find this easiest to do if you click on the two together, use the mini-map to shift to the middle one, then the right one, then the one by the idols.

Good luck & happy gaming.

peach23 March 3, 2009 2:06 AM

CharmedTracy, for Mist Island did you find the pearl for the guy in the tower? I'm pretty sure there are a couple of gems with the necklace you get after you can use the tower.

JamesBThunder March 3, 2009 2:08 AM

I'm stuck in the same place on Shark island. Can't find the last blue shell anywhere. Is it a glitch in the game?

peach23 March 3, 2009 2:47 AM

lbschworm - the building to the right of the laboratory is the Marketplace. You get it on Yeti Island after you've collected all 7 Ancient Coins.

peach23 March 3, 2009 2:50 AM

A lot of the shells on Shark are just hidden really well, under trees & behind rocks. Try looking behind the rock, just above & to the left of where you found the Aqualung. I know that one is hard to find.

crazy4games March 3, 2009 7:57 AM

Thanks for the answer, but I went to the Enkrod game website and they had an explanation there. Also for anyone interested they also have maps showing where the shells are on shark island as well as all the crystals at the Cradle of the north. Just thought you would like to know that. Thanks again for all the help. Finished the game but it said only 76 percent complete, so trying it again.

TigreFatalis March 3, 2009 3:43 PM

Jay et al,

Thanks for all your help, tips, cheats and communications. You've made the game play much more enjoyable. I've not found such a helpful and informative site before.

I do have a query, however. Is there a list of all Totem Tribe quests?

I've completed the game three or four times now, and have only accomplished "all" quests once. I'm not exactly sure how I did that. I've not seen such a list as yet, thus I figured I'd see if anyone had one.

Again, thanks for all the work you've put into this.



Thanks, Tigre, we're glad you found us! ^_^

And a list of quests would be a wonderful thing to add to our FAQ!

In fact, we're willing to give someone a coupon good for a free game for submitting a complete quest list to us.

Send your quest lists to our "contact" address, a link to which is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks! :)

Update: We have the quest list! Thank you Xnyr! Next we'll work on formatting it and post it soon to the Totem Tribe FAQ above.


To Pava
I wouldn't say that was a cheat, just great strategy. Gonna use it myself - thanks ;)


Re Quests
Doesn't the game itself tell you what the quests are? Like, every time the games gives you an instruction, from building the 1st hut on the 1st island through to defeating the big baddie at the end. Never counted them but I bet there's 123 of them ;)


can some give a suggestion as to what to activate with the temples to beat the octopus?


there are 125 quests. there is a list on the games site

scavenger March 3, 2009 9:35 PM

Need some help with the last turtle shell on Shark Island. I can see it on separate island to the bottom left, but cannot seem to get the Scout Flag put in the correct position. Is there some trick that I'm missing? Where exactly does this darn thing need to be?

Northernlady_50 March 3, 2009 10:43 PM

Jay, I have a question on clearing the fog and changing the gem colors ... I have Vista ... and I don't get the option to "edit" ... I can find the file and everything ... but still can't find how to do it with Vista... any help would be greatly appreaciated... thank you...

I posted this on the 28th of Feb but have not seen any reply yet so wanted to "re-post" it ... NL


well, it says i'm finally done! lol 40hrs. 51 min. lol
i'm surprised i only got 120/125 quests

Couldn't have done any of it with-out the help of Jay and his crew, along with the help from all the posters, so, ty ty ty

flysilly March 3, 2009 11:08 PM

I love this game! :D And also this web site, for all the great hints. Thank you!

That said...I played the original version, couldn't get 100% of the gems for Rainbow Road...only 99%...so I downloaded the newer 1.02 from some other site. Didn't know how to re-use my old saved file (that was before the hint was here saying how to do that). SO I re-played the WHOLE game.

Now, having re-played it, I may be experiencing another glitch...say it isn't so!

According to the data files and also to the nifty gem utility here, I am missing only ONE green gem on Mushroom Island. It's NOT there. I've painted and enlarged gems which showed up on other islands. This one ain't happening.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Road says I'm only up to 98%, while missing what, this one green gem? Yet, the utility and data files indicate there are no other gems to be found?!?!

The only place I haven't looked is in the Comet. And I don't want to go there yet since I can't come back, once I do.

Please forgive me if this has been addressed herein already. I did a search and didn't see anything like this. Thanks in advance for your help!


NorthernLady - I don't know anything about Vista, I'm sorry!

I'm a Mac user. That I am able to play this game at all is a miracle that I have the folks at CrossOver Games to thank for.

My best advice, at least for changing the gem colors, is to download the gem files I've already colored for you (see the Totem Tribe Cheats section) and copy those to your items folder.

Anonymous March 4, 2009 1:08 AM

Comet Site --- HELP!
I have tried numerous times to click on all 5 of the purple crystals to get the final totem in but for some reason it's not working. I've used the mini map to go quickly to each of the 5 spots and it appears that they stay "lit" for 5 to 6 seconds and I think I'm hitting them that fast but.... anyone have any suggestions?



Here is a list of all of the quests in Totem Tribe, sorted by island. Please note that quests marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory in order to complete the game. There are also two new quests on Guardian Moon that did not exist prior to Version 1.03. If you have Version 1.02 or earlier, you won't have these quests in your game.

Tetala Island

  1. Build 3 huts*

  2. Build Scout Lodge*

  3. Find and collect the Tear of Heaven*

Mushroom Island

  1. Build a Barracks*

  2. Find and save Guro*

Dolphin Island

  1. Find and collect the Dolphin Totem*

  2. Gather shells and collect the Diadem of Courage

Monkey Island

  1. Bring people to the Monkey Village*

  2. Defend against the attack inspired by the Shade*

  3. Gather chestnuts and collect the Pendant of Nature Force

  4. Use the Oracle

  5. Locate first coin

Seagull Island

  1. Repair the abandoned Work Shop*

  2. Return the magic pebbles to the hermit*

  3. Collect the Heart of Bull

  4. Locate second coin

Red Rock Island

  1. Build 10 huts*

  2. Defend against attackers (x3) and collect the Totem of Monkey*

  3. Solve the color puzzle and collect the Hunter's Lucky Stone

  4. Locate third coin

Witch's Island

  1. Find the witch, Yukun*

  2. Collect the roots for the witch*

  3. Destroy the Noxious Tower and purify the water*

  4. Solve the singing stones puzzle and acquire the Sphere of Clarity

  5. Locate fourth coin

Skull Island

  1. Destroy enemy groupings (x3) and collect Totem of Lizard*

  2. Win the battle against the Shade*

  3. Find construction prints and bring them to the wise man

  4. Gather enough bones and activate the Idol of Purity

  5. Gather enough bones and activate the Idol of Peace

  6. Gather enough bones to collect the Traveler's Boots

  7. Locate fifth coin

Frozen Vale Island

  1. Locate the coin for Isoko of Bear Tribe*

  2. Collect the shells and activate the Idol of Divination*

  3. Locate the Totem of Bear*

  4. Collect more shells and get the sixth coin

  5. Release the trapped penguins and receive the Healer's Globe

  6. Collect the pieces of the fishing rod, assemble, and catch a fish

  7. Feed the fish to the penguins and acquire the map to Lonely Iceberg

Lonely Iceberg

  1. Gather the ingredients and combine to make the Twilight Potion for the Alchemist

  2. Use the Oracle

Yeti Island

  1. Hunt down the big Yeti and collect Totem of Whale*

  2. Catch the wandering lights to light the fires, collect Bracelet of Hawk

  3. Collect the gems of Power and activate the Idol of War

  4. Locate seventh coin

  5. Give the complete coin collection to the merchant

Cradle of the North

  1. Kill the sharks*

  2. Put the totems on the right pedestals*

  3. Activate the World Seal*

  4. Survive the battle with the Shades*

  5. Locate the Pendant of Power

  6. Gather enough ice crystals and activate the Idol of Storm

  7. Gather enough ice crystals and activate the Idol of Protection

Mist Island

  1. Locate and read all of the obelisks*

  2. Find the pearl and bring it to the tower keeper

  3. Locate the Amulet of Wisdom

  4. Locate thunderbolts for the wise man

Scorched Island

  1. Raze the small camp of the Wolf Tribe

  2. Raze the main village of the Wolf Tribe and collect Totem of the Wolf

  3. Construct the required towers and collect the Crown of Defender

  4. Protect the northern dwellers from the dragon

  5. Activate the Idol of Frost

Volcano Island

  1. Locate the Totem of Snake*

  2. Battle and banish the Shade King*

  3. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of Purity

  4. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of Flame

  5. Gather enough obsidian pieces and activate the Idol of War

  6. Collect lava stones for the wise man

  7. Use the Oracle

  8. Locate the Blessed Ring

  9. Bring the ice magic scroll to the Hall of Mysteries

  10. Bring the swords of the enchanted skeletons to the training grounds

Beetle Island

  1. Hunt down the King Beetle and acquire the Totem of Beetle*

  2. Play with the fires and light them all

  3. Grow fruits for Yukun and bring then back to her

  4. Locate Necklace of Spirits

Shark Archipelago

  1. Solve the rotating pattern puzzle and get the first travel crystal*

  2. Remove all of the dirt and get the second crystal*

  3. Arrange the red and white lights and get the third travel crystal.*

  4. Solve the ball towers puzzle and get the energy sphere*

  5. Activate the fountains and collect the Aqua lungs.*

  6. Collect the blue turtle shells and collect the Totem of Shark*

  7. Collect green turtle shells for tower archers

  8. Solve Lighthouses puzzle

  9. Collect the fourth mask.

Worship Island

  1. Locate main temple*

  2. Collect fruits and activate 5 idols* (5 total quests)

  3. Win battle with the False Aruku and collect Totem of Lion*

  4. Locate the masking cloak

  5. Locate fifth mask

  6. Solve sudoku pillars puzzle and get Thunder Magic Scroll

  7. Solve glowing pots puzzle

  8. Get map to the Lost Temple

Lost Temple

  1. Open the five gates and survive the battles (5 total quests)

  2. Reach the temple

  3. Use the secret light combo to get the gem chests

Ruins of Dream Shore

  1. Defeat the Shade Princes and activate the portal to the King's lair*

  2. Defeat the King Shade*

  3. Solve another singing puzzler and collect the Tribal Amulet.

Comet Crash Site

  1. Gather enough crystals to activate the Idols of Storm, Frost, and Flame* (3 total quests)

  2. Solve puzzles near the purple crystal Pedestals* (5 total quests)

  3. Destroy all pedestals and remove the force field*

  4. Find the entrance to the comet.*

Guardian Moon

  1. Activate the sphere charger device (Version 1.03 only)

  2. Solve the labyrinth puzzle (Version 1.03 only)

  3. Purify the Tear of Heaven in shining waters

  4. Solve the 4x4 lights puzzle and collect the Relic of Prosperity

Inside the Comet

  1. Break down the Stone Statue*

  2. Do something about alien octopus (feeding Comet the is also considered, faugh)*

  3. Destroy the killing crystal cones.


Northernlady,and ANYONE who can help me.....
I have Vista, I right clicked the gem names, then clicked delete, drug Jays files from my desktop where I had saved them to, right into the folder, for the gems.
For the fog, just put your cursor behind it, backspace, and type in what he has.
Hope that helped!
Meanwhile, I am so stuck on Volcano Isle it's pathetic, got all the enemies whupped but one little lone skeleton on one side that snuck off to himself, (I can get him at leisure)and a whole pack of them right in front of the place where the shade was. I have sent shamans, built frost towers, and cannot get in there. The one place there is an actual fire, a frost tower won't fit into. And one more ? What the heck is the cross boards with the lights for and how does it work? Have read all the notes, cannot find it.
Thanks in advance!


Oh my, never mind, figured the skeleton dilemma out! Sheesh!!!! Boy, do I ever feel stoopid! Guess it's true what they say, you can't fight fire with fire, lol. Thanks for a great and helpful site Jay and everyone involved!