if you mean on the first island then you need the Sharmans who have learnt the frost spell


Thanks. Where do they learn the frost spell?



I also found it difficult to catch the 4th light, however I concentrated my efforts on one spot and when it was at it's brightest I nabbed it



In all honesty I can't remember, I would recommend going through previous posts and doing a lot of reading, as I have. But I believe it was in one of the later islands. Sorry couldn't be more help.x


After so many struggles at last I achieved the guardian moon -I owe you last of thanks for that- but I cannot ligth all spheres!!! Any clue for that??
Thanks for everything



pirate map = lost temple island

the trick to the four purple is to hold one of the heroes up while making your worker go build a tower, then when your worker is building it put down the heroes and voila

use the closest purple area for hero placement

you need the 5 mask to unlock the chest


Thank you xasher, all done and on the island. You're a star


Need some help! Does anyone know how to solve the puzzle on guardian moon? I know there is a walkthrough (kinda) out there…it's no good! I will try and help anyone with questions you might have on other levels if someone can find an answer please.



I love this game and thanks everyone for the tips. I'm having really bad time with the fire puzzle on Beetle Island. I keep turning them on and off without succeeding to have them all on at the same time. Would someone have a trick ?



Thank you so much. I got 4 gems from the middle pyramid and that put me at 100%. I really appreciate all your help.

GoddessFish February 4, 2009 2:41 PM

I followed your instructions re: moving the purple crystals to the same area, but when I open the game again, they haven't moved. I have double and triple checked my changes and they match exactly what you have, so I'm really stumped.
Is there any way to change the amount of time the crystals are lit? My computer is slow and it's impossible for me to light all of them before my time runs out.
Thanks for your help.


Hello, I have made it through the game and beat the dark shade, but I noticed that I am missing a building the hall of mysteries. Where did I miss this? How and what do I have to do to get this building?


GoddessFish - have you restarted the level?

The levelx.xml file is probably used only to create the level from scratch, and your saved data file is then used from that point on to keep track of where everything is.

If you have restarted the level and still nothing changed, then you might want to try deleting your saved game file for that level. For me, the Comet Crash Site was quest-xxxx-19.dat, but you should really double check (go into it, save and exit, then look at all your quest files for the most recent date/time stamp on it) before you go deleting any of them. And, of course, make a backup of any/all files you change or delete first!

GoddessFish February 4, 2009 2:53 PM

Thanks a million!!!! I was just continuing where I left off instead of starting the level over again.
I didn't realize that was a requirement.
Thanks again


Garance - I had a time with that puzzle, too. I'll add an update to the Totem Tribe FAQ above that gives this pointer:

How do I solve the 'Circle of Fires' puzzle on Beetle Island?

Getting them all lit can be difficult to do, but here's an easy trick:

  1. Rather than trying to light them all, try to get only a single torch lit instead.

  2. Then, just click on the burners to the right and to the left of it.

Now all torches will be lit, and you should receive the Earth rune.


Ok now I too am having trouble with the puzzle on guardian moon. I'm going crazy, lol. Also is there a way to reset it?

Lacey_____Missing Building

You get the Hall Of Mysteries from Volcano Island. By solving the 3 puzzles around the island you will get pieces of a map, once you have them all it will be one map, you then take it to the Hall Of Mysteries already built in that island and he will give you the building.


I am playing the game through Shockwave (latest version), I have 99% of jewels and I've tried the painting trick along with looking for them on the dat files, I am sure I am not missing any jewel, any tips or hints on what could be?

[Edit: Sorry, but if you've tried all the tricks we've published and you're still at 99%, then you should probably contact the site you purchased the game from and ask them to fix it. People are not having this problem when purchasing their game through Casual Gameplay. -Jay]


How do I get a frost tower?

[Edit: By reading our Totem Tribe FAQ. :) -Jay]


Please may I have some more help. I need 6% of the gems, which must be between 12 and 18 gems. I have changed the colour of the gems in the items data file and found a fair few that way, but I am still left with the 6%. The only puzzle that I feel I missed was on Beetle Island - lighting all the little fires around the large one(just cant figure it out). I have gone through each island a dozen times now and can't find any more. I really want to complete this game and don't want to move inside the comet until I have. Please any help, any chest or collection I may have missed or puzzle maybe. Many thanks..xx


To update my last post, I have now knocked down all my buildings on all the islands and found 3 gems, but this still leaves me at 94%. Please help!!!


Thank You Soooooooo Much LS and Jay! :D

I had figured out the cr bit for the 5 purple crystal statues, but have been slowly working on moving them. I had found that if they are too close together they don't work but I had problems figuring the x and y values. I'll try this out.

Once I've 'finally' done level 19 and gotten farther, I'll use the gem idea if I find I'm low on crystals!

I have been using the up and down arrows and slowly scrolling up and down & one 'bar' over (when I get stuck on finding things), so I think I'm OK, but that will save me from going to worlds.

Again Thanks bunches both of you!


A much easier way for looking at code etc, is Notepad++ which is a "Freeware!" and much more powerful Notepad alternative, especially for code as it has an extremely good search feature and line numbering also.

Elisabeth Reisman February 4, 2009 7:34 PM

I'm inside the comet, and I can't get a scout to the stone that's beyond the hole/mouth in the far upper-left corner. I read that you do it by putting a flag beyond the hole, and then lifting the scout past the hole, but then the scout immediately runs into the hole anyway. Could someone please explain the best way to do this?


Can someone tell me how to get Thunder Tower


Thanks to everyone who has provided help and tips-it is appreciated. I am at 99% on the gems. I know there are gems on Lonely Iceberg that I cannot see behind the black. I have uncovered the Sphere of Clarity but cannot get it to work (it has worked elsewhere in the game). I am ready to enter the Comet but would like to go to the Moon first. Any suggestions?


Wonderful game and very useful hints! Who can tell me how to modify the gems size or color ? Thanks in advance.....


Can someone please tell me how to get thunder tower???


Hi Paula, just started playing this a few days ago.. interesting game. You can get the Thunder Tower on "mist island", just went through it about an hour ago.
Collect the four "thunder bolts" they look like bullets. One to the North, South, East and West, look on the side line of the clouds on the paths, you will see them flicker slightly.

Good luck.


Can anyone tell me how to reset the puzzle on the guardian moon


I love this game. I got it through Shockwave and I am not able to get the newer version. I have 99% of the gems and I am ready to go on, but I hesitate because I would really like to get all 100% and then go to Guardian Moon and then the Comet. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get the newer version without having to buy it again and play it from the beginning, please let me know.


Just download it again. Shockwave has the upgrade.

I feel so stupid. I made it to Guardian moon, and I've been trying to do ANYTHING for hours now, and I can't even get what's her face to go anywhere. I can't even get to the puzzle so I can start complaining about THAT. Heehee



Rainy - if you can't just re-download the newer version without paying for it again, then that's not very good customer support and we can't help you here. We are not affiliated with Shockwave, so you'll have to take your problem to their customer support.

If you had purchased the game from Casual Gameplay, you would be able to re-download any newer version available and then reinstall the game over top your old one, and your saved game should be preserved. However, you should ALWAYS back-up your saved game data before doing so, just in case.


Hey, Jay, in the remaining gems spoiler, you mention opening a .dat file. What program opens it?

I've been stuck for three days at 99%, and I'm desperate to get on the Rainbow Road. I changed the gem graphics, I checked other forums for other hints, and nothing has helped. After five times through every island, I'm ready for any ultimate cheat you have.

By the way, I tried to fix the missing gem info for Level 14, but no gem appeared on the island. So now what?

Thanks in advance!


pava - the "fix" for the missing gem is no fix. The only way to fix it is to have at least v1.02 running, as you can be sure the missing gem is fixed in that version.

As for the .dat files, Notepad will open it, but you'll have to choose "All files" in the Open File dialog's select menu to see them appear.


I couldn't find 2 more shells to open treasure chest in frozen island. I looked at every inch on island. ZERO! Still couldn't find. Please tell me, where is it?


Nope, Jay, Notepad shows non-English characters when I open the .dat files. I even did a search for the word you suggested in the Cheats section - none found. Any other ideas?

As for the fix issue, people on another forum for this game report success adding code for the missing item into a specific file. But it didn't work for me. According to folks there, it isn't necessary to restart the level, either. I'm merely reporting here. Clearly, I haven't been able to prove it for myself.

I'm glad I found this forum, too. I've learned a lot. Keep up the good work, Jay!


To All Shockwave Users----

I to had originally got my game from shockwave. Well they suck. My game froze up and I couldnt use the FOW or paint cheat. And they can say they updated the missing gem error all they want. I redownloaded the game from them like 3 times before I finally said forget it and just bought the game from here. It was worth it and I will buy all my games from here in the future. Im not trying to offend anyone at Shockwave, I used their site for years, I am just telling you the truth..

So if you honestly want to finish the game with all the gems, I suggest you splurge and buy it from this site.



I am having alot of difficulty with the guardion moon puzzle. Is there a way to reset it?


FINISHED,,,,,100 percent the lost gem in the comit site use the bow to break the extra rocks in the path...and the last octopus guy make sure you break all the pillars the have all thunder tower to help at camp and just keep repairing,,,, Buttery61


Hi Pava - it's a data file, so getting a bunch of gibberish is expected.

You should still be able to open it and perform a search (type CTRL-F) for "Gem" (without the quotes).

If you find any RedGem, OrangeGem, YellowGem, GreenGem, BlueGem, VioletGem, or WhiteGem, then you still have unfound gems in the island that data file is from.

The number of occurrences and the color indicated for each tells you how many and what color to look for.

If you don't find it, then you have found all the gems for that island. There is a quest file for each of the islands that you have visited and saved your progress for.

I hope that helps. :)

Oh, and about the fix, please do not perpetuate this information. IT IS NOT NECESSARY WITH v1.02. I can say that with 100% certainty, as I have had a conversation with the developers of the game.

If you are at less than 100% it is because you have not yet found all the gems. I did an inventory of all the gems I had remaining using that method, and I discovered over 50 gems I had missed. I went back through, visiting each island I wrote down gems for, and with my checklist I was able to find each and every one. All the colors were correct, too.

I hope this helps you as well.


on guardian moon try to get all lite up except all 4 corners then hit the bottom right ,,,top right ,,, then the top left... Buttery61


Amy - I have not yet been to Guardian Moon. I am still trying to finish up everything else first.

I'll get there soon, though. :)

As for resetting, I am not entirely sure at this point, since I haven't been there yet to see what stored data it creates.

However, you could try removing the quest data file for that level to see if it starts you back at the beginning again. Anything after the Comet Crash Site is probably stored in quest-xxxx-20 through quest-xxxx-24, maybe even quest-xxxx-27.

Again, I can't be certain because I haven't been past the Comet Crash Site yet. Make sure you make a backup of your data files and directories before you go and change anything.


Guardian Moon puzzle is going to make me scream and beat my head against the wall at this rate. I've started working on a brute-force method looking through the various permutations, that's how utterly stuck I am. And I keep getting excited when I see "good" patterns, only to remember that this isn't a LightsOut clone, and that nice little loop formation won't go neatly away. Arrrgggh! /vent Help?


There's my Aha moment: The word "gem" won't appear if there are none left on the level. I thought it would read zero.

Alas, though, my version is 1.0, a daily freebie with ads from another cybervendor. I've written them for the update, but I doubt it will do any good.

Please feel free to delete this post, or any part of it, if it won't be a help to others.


Thanks so much for everyone's help. I finally gave up looking for the last tree root and started the game all over again. Found them so easily. Now if I can just find the 5th piece of coal on the next island I would be a happy lady.


did you take archer to the tree over by the eskimo hut to shoot mthe only black bird flying. Once you shoot that bird it will drop the last piece of coal


Thanks again LM, I finally got past the purple crystals! Now to see what the rest of the game brings :D For those of you who wish to use notepad++, the lines to change are located at:

Line 4788 : structure hint="cr_3" type="Crystal" x="672" y="1553"
Line 4923 : structure hint="cr_4" type="Crystal" x="680" y="1375"
Line 5018 : structure hint="cr_5" type="Crystal" x="669" y="1136"
Line 5222 : area name="cr_3" radius="32" x="672" y="1553"
Line 5225 : area name="cr_4" radius="32" x="680" y="1375"
Line 5226 : area name="cr_5" radius="32" x="669" y="1136"


rtc have you shot the black bird flying around the tree with the nest he has your last piece of coal


to whom ever was looking for the fishing line on the same board you have to give the totem your shells and once you charge him use the ball he gives you in the area where the chest is. go to far sw corner and shoot the ball across and you will see the fishing line


I have finished at 100% Wow that was crazy lol Fun though... Thax so much Jay for all ur help. I managed to figure out the moon puzzle. It took awhile though.

Make sure yall put alot of thunder towers around inside the comet.

Thax to everyone for ur help....


Has anyone actually finished the game yet? And is there a Totem Tribe Annonymous? cause I am addicted lol


Hello Everyone! I've LOVED having the hints on here! Great walkthru!

So, I finished the game without going to rainbow and decided to start over keeping track of my gems. I am missing 5% of the gems and I know which island I am missing gems on....However, the 11 [email protected]#$ing gems I am missing are not to be found. I am built in with the 1D10T Code when it comes to these cheats. I can not access the binary information to find the missing gems nor can I figure how to spray paint the gems. Can someone step by step me thru this?

Any help would be appreciated!

njjennjim February 5, 2009 3:58 AM

Hi I am unable to get the 7th coin, I can't seem to get rid of the fog. Can anyone help? I have put up towers, scouted, built or do I have to wait til I swim. I just finished the Volcano Island level.


Where is Guradian Moon? I dont have the relic of properity

Thanks a lot!!!!


Hi, I was reading on the forum that there are 3 chests on The Lost Temple, which I haven't seen, please would someone clarify this as I'm starting to go nuts looking for gems. Many Thanx



Keep in mind these probably won't look pretty
To spraypaint:

I'm hoping you know how to get to and open your folders :) I hope so and please don't be offended if I over explain ;)

* Open the Folder at C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\texture\game\item
This is where you will find the gem files.

* Right click on them and save to another folder (I made another folder that I called "New Folder" -the default name windows gives- and copied all changed files to this folder.

* Now go back to your originals and right click again and select "Open With" and choose Paint (the program included with windows).

* Paint will come up with the picture you chose.

* I found the easiest thing to do was to choose the spray paint option and the larger 'speckle' and choose a colour like burgundy or purple or something that more than likely isn't in this level.

* Once done that choose 'save' NOT 'save as', look over in the original folder and the original picture will be replaced!

I plan, since you can not go back after you start 'Inside the Comet', to go back and replace the changed files back to thier originals.

To find which Island still has gems left to find

* First make sure that you have 'show hidden files and folders' On. If you don't, you do this by going to your desktop and selecting 'My Computer' and then selecting 'tools' (located at the top menu bar) and then choosing 'Folder Options..." Under Folder Options choose the 'View' tab. In the Advanced settings window, you will see a little tiny folder with 'Hidden files and folders' beside it and 2 options with circles underneath. Click on the one that says 'Show hidden files and folders'. (You will know that you've done that when you see a dot in that circle). If you still can not see the files needed that I listed below, the make sure that you also don't have a check mark in 'Display contents of system folders' and 'Hide protected operating system files' Note: When you are done with totem tribe and don't need this any more you can just go back and click 'Restore Defaults' just below the 'Advanced Settings' window.

* Open the Folder at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Enkord\Totem Tribe that is where mine was, but yours may be different. Just look for 'Enkord' file folder. It will be in one of your 'Users'(?) folder in the 'Application Data' folder.

* Here you will find the data files for all the Islands (mine were named for example: quest-56-4.dat for my first profile, and quest-7631-4.dat for my 2nd profile - both were for the 4th island, Monkey Island -- for island info look for Jay's post on Feb 3, 11:33 pm page 17 of forums -- [Edit: It's also in the Totem Tribe FAQ above under "Cheats". -Jay])

* Open the .dat file using NotePad, and you will probably see a bunch of gibberish, but that is OK! Either look under Edit 'Find...' or just press the 'control' (Ctrl) and the 'F' key at the same time. In the 'Find What' box, put the word 'gem' (without quotes). If you find the word 'gem' with violet or a colour (ie RedGem) then you have that gem to find, keep pressing find next and count how many times it finds something...

* Do not change anything or type but if you did by mistake, just don't save if it asks you. It will only ask if you changed something.

Good Luck and Hope that helps, and again sorry if I 'over-expained' :)



toxshock the answer is in the Faq section at the top of the page


Hi, So I got to 99% and then installed 1.02 and went back to Volcano Island to find the final crystal. I am hoping that I just can't see it, please may someone tell me where it is. Many Thanx Guys..xx

[Edit: There are 20 gems to find on Volcano Island. There is no "final gem" (I assume when you wrote "crystal" you meant "gem") to find there. Version v1.02 is properly configured to expect only 20 from there, previous versions were not. I hope that's clear. There has been far too much confusion about this already. -Jay]

buttery61 February 5, 2009 9:50 AM

LAYLIAN,,, did you break the rest of the rocks with the colored crystal in them on the path with the crossbow there are gems there . Buttery61

buttery61 February 5, 2009 9:51 AM

LAYLIAN,,, sorry they are on the comit site

DaddysGirl76 February 5, 2009 10:16 AM

I am having a hard time finding the last dark essence on the Ruins of Dream Shore. Any hints?!?

comment anonymously February 5, 2009 10:49 AM

I am REALLY REALLY stuck on Scorched Island - can't seem to get to the Wolf Tribe at the top? Where is the fire rune please? REALLY
appreciate any help as the Walkthroughs don't mention these tasks. THANKS!

DaddysGirl76 February 5, 2009 10:54 AM

ugh...never mind on the dark essence post above. I FINALLY found it! I had built a Shaman tent in an area so that it was covering the dark essence up. I blew up all the buildings on the outlying islands and there it was...plain as day! Thanks again for all the help everyone!!!


Has anyone done the light puzzle in Guardian Moon?

I have it down to 2 lights off...

Any Help? This is what I have

1.. 2.. 3. 4
5.. 6.. 7. 8
9. 10 11 12
13 14 15 16

15 and 16 are the ones that are off ('.' used just to even things out ;))

Thanks ahead



I've decided to start my game over so I could count the gems, but on Dolphin Island I can only see 20 gems using the FOW cheat. Are there definitely 21 gems?? If so, does that mean my game has a bug?

[Edit: Just because you can't find the gem doesn't mean the game is bugged. Sorry, but that's just not the case. Look some more, you will find it. -Jay]


buttery, yes I got those.

I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the "hidden ones". It's the "hidden in plain sight" ones I can not find! HAH!

Thank you Ness. I will try that in a little while! Thank you!

grannygamer February 5, 2009 11:50 AM

Worship Island..HELP please. Did the data lost gems..shows 3 green gems @lev 19 which I think is above for I counted gems as I got em on each lev and came up short there..Have 99% but unable to find em there..Is there a secret gem stash there? Got the ones near center pyramid n ones from floating dots..Any about to give it have spent a week on just this. Have the 1.03 v also..Oh and thanks so much for the "over explanation" on how to open dat files ect. Whew a life saver.


That answer might be in the faq section, missing gems and then look under the specific islands



Hi guys, somehow I missed how to get the thunder tower. Also I am having a really hard time finding the last blue turtle shell on Shark Island


Please could anyone offer some tips for Guardian Moon? As well as the chest puzzle, I've found a couple of other things that haven't been mentioned yet (I don't think! I've read all 18 pages of comments!) that I need help with.

I've managed to light two of the ground lights with orbs I've found, but can't find any other orbs. I've also managed to find two lightning rods, which I've put at the base of the lightning strikes, which then takes me to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and the ground light. I can also see a bit of a pyramid in the middle at the top.

But ... I'm now completely stuck! I can't seem to work out what to do next. I can't get into the treasure chest, I'm struggling with that! I also seem to have explored as much as I can, but can't find the other lightning rods.

I feel like crying!!!

If anyone can help, I'd be so grateful. Thank you :)

[Edit: There's help for this in the Totem Tribe FAQ above. Look under "Mist Island", you will find a map there that may help you. -Jay]


Lola that sounds like Mist Island not Guardian Moon.



I am using Windows Vista latest and I tried changing the code according to your directions. For some reason, my computer (or the software) will not save the changes. Am I missing something? I don't remember ever having this problem on my old computer (XP version). Thanks for any help. JMAR



I to am on Vista and the game downloaded just fine for me from this site. I finished at 100% with nothing missing.


Regarding wolf tribe:

The fire rune is in the ruins of one of the Wolf Tribe buildings. Your tribe can get to them via the narrow pathway on the right, but I wouldn't recommend that b/c the Wolf Tribe's fire towers will kill your people quickly. Take your scout up the leftmost pathway and explore. In the mountains, there is a snowy area. Take your scouts into it. It may look like there is no way to get in b/c of how the mountains are arranged, but toward the bottom the scouts can go between two mountains to get in. The people there will tell you to defeat some dragons and they will give you a frost power. The dragons will appear in the forest on the left, so take your fighters there. After you defeat them and get the power, take your fighter up the middle pathway to the fire pit and put out the fire. The Wolf Tribe is on the other side.

grannygamer February 5, 2009 2:58 PM

RE: my lost 3 green gems..level 19..must be on comet crash cause info in dat file says cursed coin few I did all the puzzles (obvious ones anyway) got to entrance of comet, island is cinders now, and I see no gems after looking about 100 times, no exagerration either, so is there some hidden thing I need to know about these last few gems here as they are not visible for sure..I also coloured bkgnd of gems so could see em easily..NOT. Please help..
NESS ty so much for your DETAILED description on how to view data files for missing gems.

[Edit: Awww, no love for me for discovering how to view data files for missing gems? :( *sniffle* -Jay]


Jay & Ness - thank you, but it's definitely Guardian Moon! I've got 100% of gems, and completed Rainbow Road, and am on the moon.

In addition to where I've explored so far (you come in at the base of the rainbow, and travel in an "S" shape, from the bottom left), I've completed the puzzle that moves a mini-Akuru from one side to the other, and have found the treasure chest in the middle, where you have to light all the gold around the chest (I really, really can't figure that out!). I've also uncovered the lakes that give a history of the planet. The bit of the pyramid I can't get to is near the last lake, where the future of the planet looks bright. There are also what appear to be the heads of broken statues around.

I've got version 1.03 of the game, so I don't know if that has made a difference?

[Edit: No, I was told by the developer that v1.03 is just a maintenance release and includes only minor fixes that don't affect gameplay at all. -Jay]


Me again!

Thanks for the update Jay.

I've managed to complete the primary mission on Guardian Moon (just lots more searching!). I'd like to complete the puzzle to get the treasure chest, so I shall keep going.

Grannygamer - I found it difficult to find gems even when painted a different colour (I resorted to painting the gems when I was at 99% of Rainbow Road!). What I discovered was easier, was to put a red circle around the gem in the paint program. Just thought that may help.

grannygamer February 5, 2009 3:43 PM

JAY: Dag nab it I am sorry for not including you in ty for data just that ness explained it in such detail that this ol granny could actually do it. Now Jay I will ty you so very very much for all the help you have provided as matter of fact I have thanked you many times in past. You are a the saver of my sanity sir. Now please help me find those last couple of gems or I truly shall go nuts!!
Oh does it cost to sign up for casual gameplay? Can't find anything about that on home page.

[Edit: Thank you. ^_^ And no, it doesn't cost anything to create a Casual Gameplay account. -Jay]


Okay I am lost, I just saw a screen shot someone posted of "your treasures", this may seem like a stupid question, but how do you access that information?????? so lost here! I know at one point in the game it said I could check my inventory but have zero idea as to how to do that.


Need help: Stuck on Beetle Island

First of I am very engrossed with this game. I am stuck on Beetle Island with two concerns How do you defeat the beetles, i have build towers but they keep coming. and how do you get the fires solved. I have tried repeatedly but to no avail. I have also tried what has been posted already. Please help me.

[Edit: These questions are answered in our Totem Tribe FAQ in the walkthrough section above. -Jay]


Trishee - your gems and various other goodies are stored in your treasure chest.

You can see your treasure chest from the main screen where you choose which island to play. There's a treasure chest on the top left hand side - if you click on that, you'll see what you've collected.



You access them thru the chest in the upper left hand corner of your map of the islands.


I'm on Comet Island, but can't build!!! It says I don't have anyone to do I build!! Thanks in advance


Can someone please help me? I'm on Comet Island and I can't get my scouts past the green crystals in the first part of the island. I tried to shoot them with the meteor gun, but it's not working.


Ruins of Dream Shore
How many rocks need to vibrate for the island with the chest on it? I've got all the rocks vibrating and nothing happens. Beat all the shades even king shade.


Daystar - I believe there are 9 all together. Once you get them all vibrating, the island near the chest will move granting access to the chest.


Okay, now I feel like an idiot lol, thanks guys!!! That drove me nuts.



I wish I could help you out, but unfortunately I've been avoiding Vista like the plague since it came out, so I really don't know much about what could be wrong. :(


Running "lovely" Vista, I tried to do the "paint" cheat for the least few gems, gave myself full permissions will still not allow me to save the "sprayed" pic of the gems, anybody else have this issue???

As well, what is the item far top right in the treasurey, that and a few gems is all I am missing and do not want to enter comet until it is done.


For those who may be having trouble "painting" their gems, I've modified the gems into easy-to-see versions that may help you.

Just right-click on the links below and save to your computer. Then drag-and-drop the files into your items directory:
C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\texture\game\item


Original (modified): (in case you need a backup)

I've updated the Totem Tribe FAQ in the walkthrough section with this information, along with instructions on how to paint them yourself (Cheers, Ness!) under "Totem Tribe Cheats".

Stitchingmom February 5, 2009 6:32 PM

Everyone who is having problems saving their changes with Vista, you need to save to your desktop, then drag them to the folder.

Vista is stupid that way.


Hi to all, a question here, may be daft ?! but.. Lonely Iceburg went back there after getting aqua lungs only to find I have no scouts and no way of building, but I see there is alot there under the black, how do I clear it?? the other question I have ....when hitting on the stone flame thingy where you have to destroy the wolf tribe, it says"Here is the entrance to an underground passage that the wolf tribe secretly used" when I tried to use it nothing happened, is that it as in you can't go through?Thanks to all..


chezza - the only way to clear much of the black fog on Lonely Iceberg (but certainly not ALL of it) is to walk Aruku and Guro around all the accessible outside edges of the map. You will find all of the gems in this way. There is no way that I know of to completely remove all the black fog from this island without using a cheat. Thankfully, it's not necessary.

About the Wolf Tribe's underground passage, there's no way to destroy that building, nor any way to use it yourself.


Comet Island
Anybody please, this is probably something really simple but I can't get past the large crystal formation thats blocking the scouts from passing. Any suggestions?

sthubbard February 5, 2009 6:52 PM

I used clarity to see into eye of volcano - am I supposed to get anything from here besides the clear gem in the mountainside?


I am so stuck on Beetle Island,,, I have done everything that was said on the FAQ and still cant kill the beetles. I cant build anything because those little beetles keep destroying them. I cant get to the middle cause they keep killing my do you kill these things..any hints on type of tower and where I can build them without them destroying them???? I already read every piece of this blog with no help to I being duh!


debby - you need to protect the towers as they are being built.

  1. Try placing your Attack! flag just inside the opening to where the beetles are.

  2. Then build a tower right next to your warriors.

  3. It will help to click on the tower, then the "Repair!" icon over top of it if it gets damaged.

  4. Keep building (and upgrading) towers until you have 3 to help support your troops.

This level is a bit difficult at first, you just have to overwhelm those darn bugs. :)


How do you create the twilight mixture? thanks

  • How do I create the Twilight Mixture on Lonely Iceberg?

    The twilight mixture is very easy to create if you follow all the formulas written on all guide stones, and you have all the ingredients from all the chests found around the island first. If you haven't been all around the island yet, you should do that first. Be sure to use your warriors and not your heroes, as there are some enemies to deal with.

    1. Once you have all the ingredients, combine the following to get their products by dragging and dropping them over top of the Laboratory:

      • Vitriol + Charcoal = Midnight Salts

      • Aurum + Quicksilver = Amalgam

      • Magnesium + Permanganate = Salamander Dust

      • Ammonium + Alkali = Restoration Liquid

    2. Next, you need to figure out what combines with Salamander Dust to yield Phoenix Oil. Keep combining elements until you get it right. If you don't get it correct, your elements will just reappear over on the right.

    3. Then you need to figure out what combines with Midnight Salts to yield the New Moon Elixir.

    4. And then finally, combine the Phoenix Oil with New Moon Elixir to yield the Twilight Mixture.

    Easy peasy. :)


help, i am at 99%, i follow your directions and look in the my folders through notepad and 1 folder had yellow gem 0, but how do i know where this is? folder name quest-6a616b6f7461-25, this is driving me jakota