debbiebs1b February 2, 2009 4:48 AM

help...once again please...i am on Shark Archipelago and can't find the 2nd valve anyone have any ideas where it could be/

Thankyou so much for you help....and jay thankyou for your previous help on getting the last coin...i took your advice and here i am on Shark Archipelago....thaks for everything

Anonymous February 2, 2009 5:45 AM

Ok for those who had problems as I did with Island of Worship and aquiring the chest for Pirate Map.

Apparently you have to be in the process of building the tower, so place your scouts and fighters in the top two spots and then as soon as you click to build the tower on the right, drag your heros to the one on the left.

Now then, once I figured that out, it popped the chest and lo and behold, I don't have 5 masks! Now I have to go figure out which one I am missing and go retrieve it.

I must say this game makes you think!

I am up to Comet Crash site and my rainbow road is only 79% complete lol.

Ok gonna go back for more lol

Stitchingmom February 2, 2009 7:14 AM

No, finished the Ruins and I'm at 94%. I'm not bothering to go on if I can't find the missing gem. I had them all at the level before this.

I am not a happy camper.

[Edit: At 94%, you're missing many more than just 1. Sorry to say. -Jay]


hi there! now, thanks to this site I'm finally on Guardian Moon (well... I admit cheating on the last few gems)

I'm really stuck with the puzzle of the chest now.

I understand that clicking on one of the lights turns on/off all the others in the same line and column. being not that bad at maths, I've still spent hours on trying to lite them all on! shame on me!!!!

please, please, help ! or at least tell me what's inside !

TY, J.


O.K. This is for anyone who has been able to repaint objects. I am totally stuck on shark island with 31 blue turtle shells and 23 green turtle shells and am going crazy trying to find the last two shells. I tried to repaint them to make them easier to find but when I go to save the repainted objects it says access denied. If there is anyone who can help me either repaint these darn things so I can find them or if anyone knows where I can find them please let me know. Also, whats the deal with the guide stones that say there is too much dirt on this island and the flowers know the truth. What am I missing here? I'm about to just call it quits. HELP!!!


can someone please help me, i am missing the relic of prosperity, in th faq it says its on guardian moon, i dont have that island, am i missing something ?


one more question lol on cradle of the north i can see little bits of island around but i cant build a scout hut, is there a way to get to these little islands


sorry i meant lonely iceburg not cradle of the north lol


@ ema82

you didn't miss anything regarding the relic of prosperity

its indeed on that island but the island is unlock by completed the rainbow road 100%

prettykitty777 February 2, 2009 9:25 AM

i am missing the marketplace building where did you get it what did i miss?

Stitchingmom February 2, 2009 10:45 AM

I think my game has the missing gem bug even though I am using an updated game.

Is this possible? I started the game over when I downloaded the new version, but I seem to remember it still knew my name, so it must have used my old files.

[Edit: No, this is not possible. The change with the new version doesn't affect your saved game files, only the game program itself. So, even if you didn't start over, you would be 1 gem closer to 100% by simply installing the update over the old one. -Jay]


I have gone through the entire game (except inside the comet) and am stuck at 98% of the rainbow. I went back to all the islands and thoroughly searched everywhere. I changed the background color of the gems so I could see them better and I did the FOW cheat. I even demolished all the buildings (even my own), and while I did find 4 additional gems that way, I am still only at 98%. I found the three chests on Lost Temple and the gems from the temple on Worship Island. Is there an additional hidden chest/temple/anything that I missed?


Please can someone help with Mist island, the stupid woman refuses to move ANYWHERE and im gonna give up soon!

Is there a cheat to remove the mist??

Thanks if anyone can help me!
(I have used the FOW cheat so i can see the paths on mist but its still not helping :()

[Edit: There is no cheat to remove the mist. -Jay]

saydog2112 February 2, 2009 12:49 PM

i dont have the magic ball thing anymore so i cant reach the fishing line, anyone know if there is a solution to my dilemma?

[Edit: Sure is. Just click on the symbol above the idol again to recharge the spell. It will then become available to cast once more. You may do this an unlimited number of times. -Jay]


Jay, I used your screenshot of the fruits on Worship Island. I carefully counted the bananas, and found only ten. One purple circle which would make eleven is actually a pineapple (upper right). I have eleven and can't find anymore , even after printing the screen and using a magnifying glass. I have one from the chest by the temple. Any ideas? Thanks for any help. Jmar


Jmar - that screenshot was provided to help you find the one or two missing fruits you may be looking for. It's quite possible that one or two of them were found before the screenshot was assembled. It was provided to us by another visitor, so I cannot say for certain.

You should look for the missing fruit in your game, not in the screenshot. I'm sorry the screenshot didn't help you.

I know that doesn't help much, but keep looking, you'll find it. :)


I need one more green shell on shark island. Can you help?


Completely stuck on Mist Island. Did your FOW cheat - my inset map does not look like yours. I can find no path from the section with the 4 globes except some cul-de-sacs. I have the black pearl and 2 lanterns lit. Cannot move her anywhere. Why doesn't my inset map show the faint gray lines to follow to next section?


For all you gem seekers. At the crash site, you need to use that crossbow thingee to shoot 3 "crystal" hills. You have to adjust the bow to point N, NE & NW, and turn the colored balls at the bottom to 5, 4 & 3, and shoot each hill 3 times. You'll know your setting is correct when the green glob hits the hill, and doesn't pass through it.

Now, MY problem. I finally got all the gems (easiest way is to count the gems on each island, making sure you have them all. 21 per island except Volcano, which has 20). Now I'm on Guardian Moon, and that light puzzle is kicking my heiny. Anyone have a solution to get that chest open?


Thanks, Connie, for the hint about the crash site, but how did you get that information? Is it provided on help stones? Or did you figure it out using trial and error? Thanks!


Trial and error, actually. I messed with it until I had all 5 green balls lit, then fired it 3 times. I heard the "building destruction" sound, and followed the path that it shot and found 3 gems. So I changed position, and fired it, and noticed it hitting the blue crystal hill on the left, but the gob went right through it. I turned off one green ball and fired, turned off another and fired...and it hit! There are no signs to tell you this!


I'm completely stuck on Mist Island. Did you remove the black clouds cheat - my inset map does not look like yours. On the section with the four globe structure there are only four small cul-de-sac gray paths that she can only circle around and then back to the beginning. There are no long gray paths at all. I have 2 things lit and the black pearl. HELP


Mary - No, I did not use the FOW cheat (I don't like to cheat in the games I play, though I may consult a walkthrough for a "nudge" if I get stuck).

The screenshot was taken after all the puzzles and mysteries of the island were solved.

You need to find the other lights, only then will you be able to progress further. Try moving beyond the area she is confined to, there are hidden paths you'll find. Keep at it. It's a challenge to be sure, but not impossible.


To Xasher -

You were such a great help with beetle island. Thanks so much. Now can you help me find the last green turtle shell on shark island? I'm reallystuck here.



I can't for the life of me get the fires to all be lit on Beetle Island.

Any thoughts?


Ok, I figured out the puzzle on Guardian Moon, I'm going in. Wish me luck!


it won't let me spray paint, when i try to save, it denies me

granniegood February 2, 2009 4:21 PM

I'm on level 19 " Comet" and have destroyed all the crystal formations except one with the circle light puzzle. I know I'm supposed to get all the little ones lite but how any suggestions? Thank you!


Please help, I'm stuck on Frozen Vale. I can't seem to find all the sea shell to unlock the chest.



You must have your game closed to edit. After spray painting the file in paint, just click "save" not "save as".


Is it possible to get to guardian moon without the new version. I've made my gems bigger because the paint won't work so they're really obvious now and I've gone through every level multiple times and i can't find that one last gem I'm missing.

[Edit: There was a "missing gem" bug with the old version (v0.3xx) that prevented the Rainbow Road from ever reaching 100% completion. The bug was fixed in v1.02. So, no, it is not possible to reach the Guardian Moon with any version prior to v1.02. -Jay]

unicorn6800 February 2, 2009 5:51 PM

Please help... I am stuck at 98% and as far as i can tell i am missing 7 gems, but i cant seem to find them anywhere. I have doublechecked every island and opened every chest i can find. I have also gotten the chests you can get on Worship Island and lost temple... What am i missing?? I have the 1.02 version of the game... I am goeing insane, and i have spent at least 11 hours looking for the remaining gems... Please help, i really want to go to the Moon, before i go inside the Comet...

Thanxs in advance xD

starfish40 February 2, 2009 5:56 PM

For KellyO or Xasher - where exactly are those last 2 white gems on Volcano Island? KellyO said the Sphere of Clarity helped, but that isn't an item you can actively use, so I'm probably being stupid, definitely confused. Is it that having the Sphere now makes it possible to see? Can you give me a clue as to where to look? Thanks so much


What is the FOW cheat that people are talking about? This is a great game and a great site.

[Edit: Thanks, Rachel. :) The FOW cheat is listed in the Totem Tribe FAQ above under "cheats". -Jay]


Skull Island
Could someone please help me with the 55 bones screenshot. I need one silly bone.


Has anyone who has made it to Rainbow Rd. done so without having to replay the newer version from the start? I pasted my files from version 1.0 into the new version's folders, but I am still at 99% and missing the one white gem.

[Edit: Yes, I can confirm that you do not need to replay the game from the start with the newer version to reach 100%. -Jay]


i have went back onto the crash comet site after reading a post on here about firing at the crystal hills, i followd his points but it doesnt shoot anywhere near them, is there a way ??



Did you use my tip about the crash site that I posted further up the page?


@ Cathy

green turtle shell can be a bit of tricky to find, the best way is to start from island to the next , click every tree every lighthouse tower and every small object. the alternative way is to spray paint them.

@ starfish40

the 2 white gem are near the inner edge of volcano in the center of the map using the sphere of Clarity only get you as far as the center goes, use your scout or build a tower will able you to clear the fog

to get the Sphere of Clarity visit the old man hut [bottom right of the map], then go back to the witch island , break the ice block and follow the path there , the item is in one of the three chest
once you got it ,just click on any Sphere of Clarity platform to activate it

@ ema82

you probably notice there are 4 stone table around the crossbow
the top 2 is for you to turn the direction of the bow. the bottom two is for you adjust how far out the bow can shoot



I found 22 gems on Beetle Island. Is this possible or did I miss count?


@ Cathy

the stone guide is a clue to the puzzle to get the yellow and blue crystal. you have figure out how to get the red one just by solving one of the puzzle. surely you can kick some dirt and look at the flower closely :)

Anonymous February 2, 2009 9:57 PM

I am so lost!!! I am on worship island and I am missing one papaya!!!!!
Help where the heck is this thing?

wikedwhich February 2, 2009 10:32 PM

I feel pretty silly for only making it this far, and I've searched and searched for both the 5 gears on Gull Island AND help to do it. I was enjoying this game a lot until now. Anyone know of a screenshot? More advice than "click everywhere" or "check foliage"?
Thanks!! :-)

wikedwhich February 2, 2009 10:41 PM

I found the last one, which is usually the case when I'm desperate enough to ask.


To all trying to paint something and getting denied, ctrl w and change the size of the item to 200% when your done you just go back and change back to 50% it makes finding things easier without having to save stuff


I am at the comet island and everytime i try to go back to tetala the game freezes and i have to ctrl alt del to get out and theres an error on the screen. i can go into all the other islands. I got the game from bigfish and i havent tried any of the cheats. im afrai i wont be able to finish because of this.
Also, how does everyone know how many gems they got on each island, i didnt count them so is there another way. Thanks


Ok so I am trying to find all the gems and I am missing 4 of them on worship island. any ideas of where they would be. Yes i already opened the 3 chests on lost temple. any help would be greatly appreciated..



Try redownloading your game. You wont lose what you have, it will be saved.

As far as another way for the gems no there isnt a way to see what you have for each island. because of this i had to start the game over and keep track of them on a piece of paper so i knew if i got them all. there should be 21 on each island except for volcano there are only 20.

hope this helps.


Lisa-----Resizing Items

What do you mean ctrl w? Where do you go to do this? Can you tell me how please cause I am missing 4 gems and have looked everywhere.

Thank You ahead of time



I have 99% of the rainbow road and just can't seemed to find the last one. I read around here that in an early version of the game, one gem was missing on volcano island.Could anyone tell me how to find out what vesion I have? I checked the game folder, but am not very familiar with prgorammin etc and scraed that I'd accidently mess with the files.
I downloaded mine last week from reflexive.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous February 3, 2009 9:33 AM

Hi everyone I have been playing this game and have a question or two. I am to the inside the comet but haven't went in yet because I have not found all the gems yet.
I have been back to every island to search and have only found a few. With counting them do I need to know how many of each color there is to search them that way?
Also when I went back to search for gems I ran into a monkey brown circle item (coin) that is now in the place where the brown snake coin use to be before the cradle of the north island. I see no mention of this and was wondering what to do now. I want to be able to find the rest of the gems before going forward. Thank you

prettykitty777 February 3, 2009 10:34 AM

i cant figure out how to get past the green crystals on comet island i have shot all the others w/ the cross bow what am i missing. i read the guide stone about what works w/ which crystals, but dont have enough to activate any idols. HELP!!! please.


Regarding the Comet Site Spoiler #5. For the dark/light puzzle, I have tried the sequence of numbers several times and it just doesn't work for me! Are you sure it is correct? Much obliged!!


Emy, when you first open the game, look in the lower left corner to find the version. Version 1.0 is the one with the gem bug. You want 1.02 or above.


Please help me! I'm on Skull Island and I have 24 bones. Where is the 25th? The only relic I miss is the chest on Skull Island. I've clicked every pixel on Skull Island, but nothing. I'm desperate!


I have been stuck on Worship Island for days looking for ONE avocado. I have 12 of everything else. I finally came looking for a "map". Your picture only shows 9 or maybe 10 of them, all in obvious places which I have found. Can ANYONE help? Thank you.


saraellen February 3, 2009 1:55 PM

Please someone start me off on a path on Mist Island before I loose. The plot is driving me INSANE.

Anonymous February 3, 2009 2:11 PM

I cannot find the last shell on frozen vale and I have looked for it for 2 days now! can someone please help me!


Flavia, I had a really hard time finding one bone, too. The last one I found was in the ruins of one of the buildings. It was really hard to see b/c the stone in the ruins was nearly the same color.

ellojello18 February 3, 2009 3:59 PM

I feel like an infant compared to you guys but where is the 5th gear on seagul island? got two near the broken machine, one from the hermit, and one by the bottom crows nest. cant find the fifth one tho. please help!


I'm missing a building in the last spot of the 5th row. Can anyone tell me what it is?


Never mind. I found it. :D


Help I'm stuck on comet crash I have the last crystal to destroy I have activated the 5 purple shrines as quick as I can but nothing happens I have been trying now for 2 days what am I doing wrong?


Hey there. I just opened the chest that give me the map for Lost Temple Island, but I have no clue what to do now. I checked in the FAQ and the puzzle clues, but I don't see anything with fire nozzle and such. Can anyone help?


Ok, I think I've been looking for the last shell at vale for nearly three days now, and I just can't find it! I've searched the internet backwards for screen shots, but none(I guess I suck). On top of that, I've tried to look for the png files but there aren't any. There's not even a directory. Can this have something to do with the fact that I'm using BFG(do they hide files?)
The info on this site is great otherwise, thanks!


Hello everybody.
I've almost finished the game. I am stuck on finding the last gems. currently have 97% of rainbow path. i've already found the 2 hidden gem quests. is there anyway to know how many gems there are on each island or someway to highlight the gems???
thanks folks


@ margal1:

I see a lot of people having trouble with the black/white puzzle. Not sure why, since it's a truly classic puzzle, dating back to Victorian times. Anyway, it works like this:

You can push a "peg" into an empty space or jump it over an opposing color. Solving this consists of a basic pattern that works no matter how many pegs you need to switch.

1. Push one peg into the empty space.

2. Jump the pushed peg.

3. Push a peg of the same color into the spot vacated by the jumping peg.

(Let's say, for the sake of illustration, you pushed a black peg. You would jump it with a white, then push a white.)

4. Jump as much as possible.

5. Push with the color that just jumped.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have an empty spot at the end of the line when you're done jumping. At that point, you want to push a peg into the empty end, then jump.

As you do the puzzle, you basically want to be creating a line of alternating colors. For example, the midpoint of solving would look something like:

o B W B W B W

where o is an empty hole.


I have checked on here but can't find what am looking for, I put the 2 valves and orb in position, only my scouts will not swim when I place the eye in the water? What am I doing wrong? (shark Island)and yes orb in the middle the valves on each side. HELLLP cheers and thanx in advance for your expert advice :-)



I previously had the beta v1.0 of totem tribes and downloaded v1.02 but apparently this version fixes the missing gem issue but has another bug and does not let me use clarity to see the center of the volcano on volcano island. Has this bug occured only to me or is this a general issue. how can it be dealt with? is it necessary to start the game from the start?


[Edit: The Sphere of Clarity worked for me in v1.02 to see inside the volcano on Volcano Island. Just click on the sphere of clarity object that you find in front of the "old hermit" on the south end of the island. If you have the Sphere of Clarity, the black fog above the volcano will be removed for you. -Jay]

Guy Incognito February 3, 2009 7:35 PM

Is there any way to clear the entire board on Lonely Iceberg Island? I don't have any scouts, so swimming is out. I can't build anything, so I can't use towers either. There is so much ground under the blackness and I think there maybe something hidden there! I am ready to enter the comet and I am only at 93%! Help please!


Ok silly me forgot to get the tanks,oops, and now to carry on/forward :-)


Well, this is a first for me. I've never tried to get into a game's code before, but I was not going to be stopped on the next-to-last level by a stupid frantic-click puzzle. Thus:

(working!) Cheat for the Comet Crash Site, 5 purple pyramids puzzle: (WinXP, your mileage may vary)

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\level\original (or wherever you have TT installed)
2. COPY and SAVE "level19.xml" somewhere safe!
3. Double-check that you have copied and saved level19.xml somewhere safe.
4. Open level19.xml with notepad or any other editor that can handle xml files.
5. Find the text that says: structure hint="cr_#" There will be 5 of these, and they take a little searching because they're mixed into a very long list of structure commands. Here's the one for cr_2:
structure hint="cr_2" type="Crystal" x="457" y="1416"

What we're going to do is change the x and y values for cr_3, cr_4, and cr_5 (1 and 2 are the crystals near the comet and will be left alone.)

6. Orignally these values read:
cr_3: x="2272" y="1253"
cr_4: x="1780" y="1675"
cr_5: x="2369" y="2236"

Change them as follows:
cr_3: x="672" y="1553"
cr_4: x="680" y="1375"
cr_5: x="669" y="1136"

7. Find the spot that reads: area name="cr_#". Here's a sample:
area name="cr_3" radius="32" x="672" y="1553" /

These are a little easier because they're right next to each other.

Change the x and y values to match the ones you used in the last set.

8. Save the file.

9. Open Totem Tribe. You probably have to restart the level. (I'm sorry.)

10. The 5 crystals should now form a rough sort of V around the comet/totem crystal, and all fit on the screen at the same time. It should now be possible to click them all in the allotted time.

LostinAlabama February 3, 2009 9:19 PM

Ok, I have made it through the game but am missing the last sharma mask. I found that it is on Scorched Island but I can't seem to destroy the Wolf Tribes dwelling in the upper right corner. When I put my warriors on it they just gather around it. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated!!!


Amy, on the 2nd page and several other postings you go into the program files to change items, rather than painting them (still open with "paint") when the pic file comes up ctrl w will open up your resizing options change it to 200% in both options, when you want to go back to correct the size you'll change it to 50% Hope its not too late


LostinAlabama - Sorry, but I think the instructions for the mask on scorched island is a little misleading. You cannot destroy the Wolf Tribe passage way building in the top right corner of the map.

Check around the debris of the buildings you *were* able to destroy, though, for the shamen mask should be near where the Wolf Tribe's temple was in the northern part of the island.

Cloverangel317 February 3, 2009 10:06 PM

Hello everyone! I've played this game b4 - but only had version 1.0... so to be sure I am collecting everything. Can someone direct me to the page # where all the islands are listed with how many gems for each?


[Edit: There are generally 21 gems per island, except for volcano island, which has 20. -Jay]

Cloverangel317 February 3, 2009 10:27 PM

I didn't find ANY on Tetala (the first island) is this an exception as well?


I am stuck finding the 10th tree root, I am sure its behind the mountain in the ice, but I dont know how to get there. Is there any way to melt the ice? Thanks in advance

Cloverangel317 February 3, 2009 11:07 PM

It's not behind the mountain in the ice. Keep looking - and search for other mountains.... things aren't always as they seem.


Here's how to find what island(s) still hold gems to find:

This spoiler requires you to open up your game's saved data files in a text editor (such as Notepad) that can open large files (about 5MB in size).

  • I have discovered how you can tell if there are still any gems left on an island.

  • The game keeps track of what you do on each island and stores that information in a binary data file. Each gem that you haven't yet found is stored like one of the following, depending on its color: RedGem, OrangeGem, YellowGem, GreenGem, BlueGem, VioletGem, WhiteGem. If you have found all the gems, there won't be any occurrence of any of those strings in the data file.

So here's what to do:

  1. Open up each data file

  2. Search for "Gem"

  3. Note how many you find, and what color they are.

That's how many gems are remaining to be found on the island associated with that data file.

  • Each of the "quest" files are numbered, and very likely numbered in the order in which you traveled to each island. Since players may travel in a slightly different order, you're going to have to figure out for yourself what island is associated with each of your quest files. For me, the quests were numbered as such:

    • quest-1 ... Tetala Island

    • quest-2 ... Mushroom Island

    • quest-3 ... Dolphin Island

    • quest-4 ... Monkey Island

    • quest-5 ... Seagull Island

    • quest-6 ... Red Rock Island

    • quest-7 ... Witch Island

    • quest-8 ... Skull Island

    • quest-9 ... Frozen Vale Island

    • quest-10 ... Island of Yeti

    • quest-11 ... Cradle of the North

    • quest-12 ... Mist Island

    • quest-13 ... Scorched Island

    • quest-14 ... Volcano Island

    • quest-15 ... Beetle Island

    • quest-16 ... Shark Archipelago

    • quest-17 ... Island of Worship

    • quest-18 ... Ruins of Dream Shore

    • quest-19 ... Comet Crash Site

    • quest-25 ... Lonely Iceberg

    • quest-26 ... Lost Temple

And I hope that helps you track down those last few elusive gems. :o)

Added to the "Totem Tribe Cheats" section of the Totem Tribe FAQ in the blue walkthrough section above the comments.

ORteddybear February 3, 2009 11:39 PM

Tetala has a chest with 21 gems in the n/e corner...but you can't get to it until you can swim.

feistyreddhead February 4, 2009 12:32 AM

On Volcano Island, where is the third enchanted skeleton?!! I've battled everything on the island and only battled 2 enchanted skeletons to get 2 swords.


I am currently on the Ruins of Dream Shore. How on earth do I kill the King Shade? I have been at it for hours!



I am at 99% and I cant for the life of me find this last gem. I have tried painting and resizing and neither are helping me. I kept track of how many gems i found on each island as i went. but by my tally i am missing 1 on monkey 1, 1 on skull, 1 on shark, and 4 on worship. I found 22 on beetle. If i was missing that many i wouldnt be at 99percent right? so i messed up somewhere.

I read your cheat about going in the saved data files but i have no clue how to do this or what you mean by opening with a text editing program. could you please explain it in more detail for me. lol i would greatly appreciate it.


Hi again, I have spent 3 days looking for the 10th tree root. Eyes are sagging, head is aching someone pleasssssssse help me? Do I have to cross the water and if so how do I do it?



rtc1775--tree root

You do not have to cross the water. The one behind the mountain it is reffering to is there is on right at the base of the mountain by the shade creature. then there is one right at the tip of the mountain in the lower part of the island. did u look in the little green pools of ooz there is one in one of them (usually around the witches house. also there is one behind one of the logs. just click behind every log. if this doesnt help u can try painting them.


Amy - Find your quest data files (look in the blue walkthrough section above under "Saved game data" for where they are) and open them up in Notepad. Then search (CTRL-F) for "Gem".

If you find one in the file, then there's still a gem on that island. It will even tell you what color to look for.


Jay --

Thanks bunches for the gem finding trick. I was going mad trying to find the last three.

Not only does the file tell you what color they are, but it also gives you a relative location! Awesome.



Thax that helped. In file #17 it found 4 gems but it didnt tell me the color it just said
gem-pyramid next to them.

Is there some trick to finding them on worship island. Im assuming that is the level it is talking about since it had pyramids on it. I have looked at this island over and over agian and im not seeing any gems.

thax so much for all ur help.


Amy - on Worship Island, I believe you get a gem by continually clicking around the pyramids. If it says: "You found nothing" then keep on clicking.

Eventually you DO find something, and it's a few gems.


Hello, I'm at the comet crash site. The second puzzle where we are given the order to click on the lights, 5323....etc and to go from left to right. I've followed those clues and followed the numbers in sequence but it doesn't solve the puzzle. What am I doing wrong?


@loopee 39 re: black & white balls.

That number sequence is flawed. Use this one:


flygirlfly February 4, 2009 9:37 AM

Worship Island & Missing fruit on map:
Some of you have correctly identified that the map to Whorship Island has some (but not all) of the fruit marked on it. I should not that this was my first attempt, not Jay's at making one of these.

I subsequently updated the map by numbering each piece of fruit (still came up short one pineapple, but all the others are there). I've sent the updated version to Jay. Hopefully he'll post it to the FAQ section.
If someone can find the last pineapple, let us know!
(I did manage to find it several times in the game, but forgot to note it on the map!)

flygirlfly February 4, 2009 9:45 AM

Re Ruins of Dream Shore & King Shade

Given the right army, it doesn't take long to kill King Shade.

Build a cave or two, as many shaman tents as you can and a couple of temples if you have room (& if you've been to Lost Temple Island.)
I found the most effective way was to keep charging the shield spell and protect your army while they attack King Shade. Cave men are very effective at inflicting damage.
Also, I found that your builders will get sucked onto King Shade's domain and as they seem to survive you might as well give them something to do: I had them build towers which also helped with the attack.

flygirlfly February 4, 2009 9:46 AM

Re Ruins of Dream Shore & King Shade

Given the right army, it doesn't take long to kill King Shade.

Build a cave or two, as many shaman tents as you can and a couple of temples if you have room (& if you've been to Lost Temple Island.)
I found the most effective way was to keep charging the shield spell and protect your army while they attack King Shade. Cave men are very effective at inflicting damage.
Also, I found that your builders will get sucked onto King Shade's domain and as they seem to survive you might as well give them something to do: I had them build towers which also helped with the attack.


I'm back on Yeti island and I can't seem to catch the 4th light so I can light the fires, any ideas?

ellojello18 February 4, 2009 10:16 AM

there really should be a way to sort through these comments without having to read all 1600.

Macrads: I've heard there are 21 gems on each level but one, I think its the volcano one. im only on level 4 or 5. wish somebody wouild give me some help. seems there are more questions then answers here.


Help! I'm on Bug Island. How do I get past the fire walls?


Please could I have some help, as I am struggling in a couple of areas. I have completed all levels except Inside The Comet, Rainbow Moon, Lost Temple, I have all the amulets except the one on the moon, I have all the coins and 94% of the gems.

1) How do I get in The Lost Temple?

2) Are there some gems inside the temple as I am finding it difficult to find any more, or are there some large stashes I have yet to find, I have moved away all the fog of war.

3) On Worship Island I can't seem to get the 'pirate map' I have moved the seekers, fighters, built a tower and moved the hero into the 4 pink dots and nothing, the hero doesn't like to stay put.

Many thanks in advance and thank you to all those who have already posted questions and answered comments, I doubt I would have got this far without them..xx



Apparently you have to light all the outer fires at the same time. I believe it gives you the tree key, however I skipped this and waited until I got the aqualung and swam in from the back.