Fruitless January 31, 2009 1:27 PM

I can't find one papaya on Worship Island! Its the very last fruit I need... Any suggestions? I know I know, look behind the trees, and then everything else... I swear I have clicked on every square centimeter of Worship Island and still no papaya.

[Edit: There is a picture in the Totem Tribe FAQ above. -Jay]


We have updated the Totem Tribe FAQ with answers to questions that keep coming up time and time again.

Please look in the blue "walkthrough guide" section at the top of the comment section on this page for the answer to your question before posting another. We will continue to update the FAQ with more answers as they come up.

With thanks to Shawty613 for compiling the list, and to Sas and flygirlfly for contributing, too! :D


OK Jay, if you wouldn't mind helping me once again...I tried to copy everything like the directions said, but the saved game data is not where it says it is, so I tried to copy it to the program files. The game does not show any of my previous info. Can you tell me where exactly to copy the saved files to? (I use XP). Thank you!!!

[Edit: After you create a new profile, like in the steps I wrote above, then quit out of the game, and search for a profiles.dat file that is inside a "Totem Tribe" or "Enkord" directory somewhere on your computer. That's the best way to find where the new saved game data directory is. The game will create the directory, and the file, when you create your first profile. (I edited some of your comment to avoid any potential confusion for others reading this.) -Jay]

fletchipoo January 31, 2009 1:52 PM

I am stuck on the yeti. It doesn't look like I am doing any damage to him, and I can't seem to figure out how to get in the secret passage.

starfish40 January 31, 2009 2:04 PM

hi, thanks for everyone's help! Couldn't have made it to Beetle Isle w/o all the help.
Question - on my 'buildings' map, I still have ? mark after laboraty, but the next row is completed - shaman tent, sky hall etc. What did I miss? And where? Thanks again


hi everybody. i love this game, and have read through comments and walkthrough by now! thanks for the wonderful tips!!!

Now, there are some precisions to make...

Concerning the purple dots puzzle on worship island:

no matter whom you put on which spot, the idea is to have all the different characters, ti workers, scouts, troops and heroes inside the circles AT THE SAME TIME, so make sure that by the time you get your running away hero (one is enough) to the spot, your builders are still inside the other

Finally, for those who love cheats and editing... PLEASE, make sure that you really want to make your game easy and boring:

You can edit for all the creatures of the game their HP, damage, armor etc in the data/cfg folder, file unit

thanks again for the site !!!

Flourchild January 31, 2009 2:22 PM

Please help! I am stuck on Mist Island. I got all the light bulbs and the Rune of Lightning, but I have no idea how to proceed. There's another Light Post that is missing a bulb but no more bulbs to be found. Am I supposed to use the Rune of Lightning somewhere? Please help.

playwithfire January 31, 2009 2:46 PM

ok now i go for the thunder tower
and the chest that opened it together with the fire tower and the mud tower..

i finished the mist island ...

now i still have the chest on scorched island to get, but i cant get it.
I tried to put people on it but it wont work. What do i need to get to the flying island ..?

and i still cant get in the purple rock formation in the last island
i keep getting them in the little opening
but nothing happens
thnx for the tips


is there a way to return to a previous island while in the middle of performing the task on another island? i cant figure it out and i need to go back to a previous island to get something for the island i am on.

[Edit: No, there is no way to do that. When exit and resume your game, you must continue on the island currently in progress. -Jay]


Still stuck on shark archipelago island. I have 21 blue shells and 16 green shells. I cant find any more have been all over the 4 islands. I have taken the eye flag to expand my view around the islands and have clicked on every tree and bush. I completed the 3 other puzzles, i cant get my scouts to either one of the chests. Please i'm ready to quit, someone tell me how to get around this problem been stuck for 2 days t-verhoef

saphire17 January 31, 2009 4:35 PM

plz help!!! im stuck on seagul island only because i cant find the 5th missing part!!! somebody plz help by telling me where ther all are!!!!!!! thx


theresa-----Sharks Island

Did you find the 2 valves and the second energy ball? U use those on the third island so u can get the ability to swimm to the rest of the islands. On the left hand side of the island there are 3 holster the energy ball goes in the middle, and the valves go on either side. That will give u acess to the chest that gives u air to swimm with.


Hi all, great site Jay! Thanks for all the walkthroughs and hints.. I don't see if anyone's mentioned if there is a pattern to deposit the dark totems into the crystals on the Comet Crash level. I have the updated version and counted 21 gems on all levels except volcano island having 20. I have found only 18 gems on Comet Crash level and am at 99%..wondering if this is connected for the missing 3?


help, I've played cradle of the north 4 times and get killed in the end everytime by the shades I put as many towers around the town that I can but I still get killed

splogeegal January 31, 2009 6:16 PM

I have been playing this for a couple of days and have been reading about the shark archapello, what do i have to do to get to this island?


[Edit: The Shark Archipelago comes after Beetle Island. -Jay]

rlypuzeled January 31, 2009 7:30 PM

hi guys i was wondering where is all the shells on frozen vale island and i need one more to get into the chest at the top left really lost here cant find it anywhere please help


Im on the Frozen Vale island an I'm totally stumped on where the fishing line is! I've given up on trying to find the last shell I need, but I've got the idol, so I'm all set. (:
Anyone got any suggestions on where I could find the fishing line?

[Edit: Check our Totem Tribe FAQ for help with this. -Jay]

granniegood January 31, 2009 8:02 PM

How do I get all the balls/spheres in the left container? I currently have white in the top (1) position going clockwise (2) is empty, and the (3) has red & gold

Anonymous January 31, 2009 8:53 PM

hi, im in scorched island and i found the idol to say i need to look for a crystal. i can see that there appears an ice huton the top midddle of the screen but i cant get into it since there is a fire blocking the entrance. can anyone please tell me how to put out the fire?


Wasn't sure if anyone has noticed this, but I didn't see it in the walkthrough. After you learn to swim go back to Tetala island and swim to the upper right corner of the screen. There you will find two chests of gems and some more scattered around on the ground. I counted 21 as I picked them up. "Good things come to those who seek them."

Northernlady_50 January 31, 2009 9:28 PM

oh no... another question from the far north ... I just read about an updated version of Totem Tribe ... I bought my version through shockwave ... do I need to buy another one though Casual Gameplay in order to get the upgraded version? Please advise ... thank you... NL

[Edit: No, contact the place you purchased your game from for an update. They all seem to have it now. -Jay]

KnightsLady January 31, 2009 9:51 PM

Thanks so much Sprinsage and Xasher!
Now i have a real problem on skull island i didn't get one of the swords when it dropped and I didn't get one of the black essences from the prince black ghost guys to put in the middle of my village on the Ruins of Dreamshore. And now they are GONE. They disappear after a while. What can I do?


2 questions:

Here on Cradle of the North, how do I melt the ice blocking the world seal? It won't let me build a tower near enough to use fire, so what's the secret?

And what are all the column things for? I'm really stuck. Unlocked the totem, though. Killed all the sharks, but can't reach the dang world scroll.

Help please.

prettykitty777 January 31, 2009 10:11 PM

I have the same problem as starfish40. I am also missing a building )the one beside the labratory). What is it and where did i miss it? Thanks so much for the help.


How do I get to the lost temple? I've gotten everything so far, I just can't get to that Island. Please help!

opticalsunshine January 31, 2009 11:14 PM

Is there any way to destroy a building after you have built it?

[Edit: Yes. Click on the building menu icon, then on the building with the red "X" in the lower left corner of the building menu. Then click on the building you wish to demolish. -Jay]


How do I get to Lost Temple Island?

You need the map to get to "Pirate Island" — which is actually Lost Temple Island. You get the map on Worship Island by solving the "Purple dots" mystery there. For help with that, look under the question: "What are the purple dots on Worship Island for?" in the Worship Island section of our Totem Tribe FAQ.


Lost Temple:

How many gems are here?
How do you get them?

I finished this level, but saw no gems.

[Edit: Read in our Totem Tribe FAQ, in the Lost Temple section, the answer to the question, "I couldn't find any gems on Lost Temple, did I miss something?" -Jay]


I'm on Island of Yeti to get the last coin but do not know how to get the coin of the lower right island....any help would be appreciated. Thanks and a special thanks to all of you working on the spoilers to help us. You are the greatest!!


Debbie - There are actually two ways to get the coin.

1) Try building a tower near the tower remains on the shore nearest the island. That should allow you see just far enough to grab the coin.

2) Travel to Shark Archipelago first. There's something there that will help you find hard to reach places. :)

its2cheap February 1, 2009 1:06 AM

Thanks Jay and everyone here!

Great Job!

ooops---I must be going blind in my old age, to have missed that part of the FAQ


@ kelleyO

how and which island did you get the missing gem from if there are only 20 gems on volcano ?

or did it jut automatically turn up in the treasure box after you had finish collecting all the other gems ?


its2cheap - Hahaha, no, you're not going blind, I just added it, so you didn't miss it the first time. :)

It's a good question, one that keeps coming up, so an update to the FAQ was in order.


Can anyone help me to get the missing mask off Scorched Island and I can't open the chest on Worship Island without it. I tried going back to destroy the Wolfs building but can't seem to do it now, have put troops and built towers to no avail. Is there a way or am I doomed.
Thanks Archie


archie - what exactly is the trouble?

I didn't have a problem there at all, so I can't remember what it could be you're having trouble with.

What building are you trying to destroy? The one in the very top right of the island, the "passage way" to your camp, does not get destroyed.


the only one I could find is the underground passage on top right corner if not that then how do I get 2nd Shaman mask


I'm not sure, I already have that mask, and I can't remember where I got it from.

Have you looked around the rubble of the Wolf tribe's buildings near your camp?

KnightsLady February 1, 2009 4:58 AM

I am stuck in the center part of the comet. How do you get further?

olliebollie February 1, 2009 5:37 AM

I need help with the purple dots on worship island! I have set up everything like the walkthrough said :S

when I put my hero near the tower the spots do turn green, but nothing else happens!? do the spots have to remain green for a long time?? am i missing something?


My apologies if the following is a previously answered question - at 3 in the morning, I don't have the patience to read through 16 pages of comments!!

I seem to be missing two buildings and I'm not too sure where I can find them - I'm pretty thorough...or so I thought!!

first missing one: middle block of the 5th row (between shaman tent and hall of mysteries)
second missing one: right block of the 6th row (to the right of herb garden)

What have I missed?


@ olliebollie

if you already had a tower in a purple area

there no need to put extra unit in that area

the aim is to fill all 4 purple with an unit/building
so when the 4th area got filled up with an unit/building, when it turn to green , a chest will appear near the 4th area


@ Cordae

the 1st building is the sky hall you got it by doing the thunder rune quest from mist island

the 2nd one is the cave of trial which will appear automatically when u enter
Ruins of Dream Shore


@ archie re : 2nd mask location

its at
Shark Archipelago - where the white transporter crystal is at, behind the door of the water rune , you need another energy sphere to solve the reflect-light house quest in order to get the rune


No luck, have searched Scorched Island and no mask, so if anyone is currently doing this island and finds the Shaman mask please let me know where it is.


@ archie

sry my bad,that was the 3rd location not the 2nd one

wait have u destroy the temple yet ?,its mostly there if u have


I found my 2 missing gems at volcano island because I forgot to go back and do the sphere of clarity at the bottom of the page. You have to remember to go back to all islands once you get all of the necessary items from other islands.

Anonymous February 1, 2009 7:37 AM

im stuck on shark island (the flowers know the truth). dont no where 2 go from this



i have the 2 white gems in the certain of the map I don't want to click them just yet, because i always click them in 3. that why I'm asking whether u know about the missing one I'm talking about

right now im going throught my second run, getting all gems is my top priory

currently im 70 percent completed [after Shark Archipelago]
thats 45 gems x 6colours
+ 42 white gems in the box and 2 at volcano


without painting the gems. Knowing there are 21 and every island and 20 on volcano, I found them all. Just remember to go back to all the islands once you can swim and look everywhere. The gems are there.


make sure you have blown up the buildings sometimes they are under them.

olliebollie February 1, 2009 7:49 AM

thank you xasher! xo


Not the ones you built the ones that are already there. I counted the gems as I went but not by color. And when fighting have as many shaman and hunters as you can build they worked best for me. I beat the game and can't wait for the next one.


Does anyone know how to work the puzzle on guardian moon?

And for those who are at 99% try going back to Worship Island and clicking on the back 3 small temples till it gives you 4 gems, there are only 17 showing. you get the other 4 by clicking on the middle temple till it tells you you have found something.

rabbit24060 February 1, 2009 8:48 AM

Does anyone know how to solve the puzzle on Guardian Moon?
and for those stuck at 99% try going back to Worship Island and clicking on the back 3 small temples ,eventually the one in the middle will give you the last 4 gems for Worship Island.


On beetle island there is a stone door with a tree symbol on it that I know I have to get thru in order to get to the island where I need to plant the seed. How do I get thru this door?


I need help on Guardian Moon. How do I do those lights so I can get the Chest? I have done every way I can think of. I have got all but two lit.



I am struggling with 2 of the purple crystal towers. I can't seem to get the right ball sequence. I'm trying to read through the clues, but haven't found it yet. Thanks!


@ Cathy

actually there is another way getting through without the use of the earth rune

just build a tower near the door this will clear up some fog build another tower after the door to clear some more fog then destroy it and build a hut

playwithfire February 1, 2009 1:07 PM

so here i am again ...

in the last level in the crater...
i build a big city with lots and lots of armored soldiers etc...

send 2 scouts to explore and i found the big rock thing that i should destroy
my army is big enough to do that but in the mean time walking rocks are attacking my village and destroy everything i build 20 towers in all kind but they wont help first the rocks were attacking from the same spot so i surrounded that spot with al kinds of towers and it worked for a while but then the walking rock came from everywhere so i need my army in the village every time i won and every time they get back and again and again also Aruku is always in the middle of the fighting and gets killed every time because if i took them away they run back to the fight and get killed again .....
any body know a solution for the walking rocks???

DaddysGirl76 February 1, 2009 1:37 PM

I tried to go through the comments to see if someone else already answered this, but I didn't find the answer. So...

Any hints on what order to light the small fires on Beetle Island?

Also, can anyone tell me how to solve the light puzzle on Volcano Island that is on the bottom right? I think the hint there is "1 is enough. 2 is too much."

Thanks for the help everyone!!! : )


Now that I have a fire tower, I want to go back to Witch Island. For some reason, it crashes everytime I try. I can get back onto the other islands I have completed except this one.
Any help would be great!


DaddysGirl76 - For the light puzzle on Volcano Island, when it says: "1 is enough. 2 is too much" that means you need to click on the buttons that have only 1 light on in its row of lights. It's really a simple puzzle, you just have to follow its directions.


Teri - Have you done any editing to your game files at all? There's been a lot of comments explaining how to cheat by doing that, but if you do then it's possible to mess something up that causes the game to crash.

We do not recommend editing your game files because of this.

If not, what version are you running and where did you get your game from?

DaddysGirl76 February 1, 2009 2:24 PM

Thanks for the quick response, Jay! I was making that way harder than it had to be! (It took like 2 seconds after I tried it again...)



I have the 2 valves, I have 21 blue shells, I have 16 green shells,a few jewels.
What I don't have or can't see to find is either energy balls or a way to open the chests I read that I needed 30 shells to open the chest
I have looked everywhere and can find nothing else at all to add to my finds I was hoping to find some answers here today I have used no cheats on this game
fun is fun and frustrating is just that but thanks for trying if you have anymore help I would love it

buttery61 February 1, 2009 2:29 PM

can anyone tell me what the crossbow is for on comet site???? Buttery61

starfish40 February 1, 2009 2:30 PM

I answered my own question about the missing building after I completed Shark Archipelago (marketplace).

Here's a question I definitely can't figure out: I went back to all islands after I could swim and cleared black fog. I found an idol on - I think- Skull Island, and I have 5 bones. I need 10 for the idol, and no way to get bones since I've killed the skeletons. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. All the tips have helped me get this far !!

starfish40 February 1, 2009 2:33 PM

JI Guest

1 - build a frost tower in front of the big fire.

2 - Write down the pattern of the flowers on the south of the previous island. That's the pattern of the lights on the next one.


starfish - As far as I know, you do not need the Idols on previous islands if you were able to successfully fight the enemies there. Their purpose is to give you help on that island only. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't discovered any lasting benefit to having activated all the idols.

Oh, and the marketplace for me was on Yeti Island, not Shark Archipelago.

starfish40 February 1, 2009 2:40 PM

Fires on beetle island-

click on the small fires until you only have 1 lit. Then click on the small fire on both the right and left of it. There are a couple of single small fires. It takes a few tries, but that hint helped me a lot. Good luck

starfish40 February 1, 2009 2:42 PM

Jay - thanks very much, that's a relief. Yeah, the marketplace for me was on Yeti also, I just couldn't get the last coin til I could swim. I LOVE this site !! Any ideas for other similar challenging but not impossible games for an old lady?


For Comet Site the cheat codes are wrong for the black & white lights. It should be 53267531246534 (omitting the second 3 that was listed). Worked for me, good luck ema82


Thanks, starfish. :)

This game is an unusual one, that's for sure. A welcome and refreshing change from the usual casual game clones we are inundated with (match3, diner dash and hidden object). It's really depressing when you check the latest games coming out and they're always the same type of games.

Have you tried the Westward series?

Also, the Virtual Villager series is very nice, too:

And My Tribe follows a similar format as the VV games do, and yet adds some very nice features that extend the game a bit beyond the VV formula:

If you're interested in something a little different, I'd suggest trying the Chocolatier series, or the Build-a-lot series, both are exceptional and recommended.

And I would be remiss if I didn't recommend one of my all-time favorites, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst, just an exceptional game from top to bottom:

There's a ton of great games that we've reviewed in the archives. Try looking through our list of the top 100 rated games, you simply can't go wrong with anything in that list:

I hope that helps you find something fun. :)

buttery61 February 1, 2009 3:05 PM

can someone tell me how to paint step by step, thanks buttery61


I have a few questions. I am missing two items in my treasury. I'm missing the two on the top right. Does anyone know where I get them? Also on the first comet how do I get to the treasure chest? And on the island that you find the entrance to the comet how do I destroy all the little crystal mountain things. I've made it to the entrance. I just want to know if I can destroy the mountains like I did with the green fire?

KnightsLady February 1, 2009 5:56 PM

I built up my village and lots of towers inside the comet and I cant figure out what to do now. There are crystal rock formations in front of every path leading out. I tried putting my army by them and nothing happened. I tried using the spells from the temples with no result either. Someone PLEASE help!
Thank You-


Thanks to Xasher for the help on beetle island. Worked great. Now I'm stuck on shark island with only 21 green turtle shells so I can't get control of the tower and I can't get past the sharks. Help!!!


has anyone completed the light puzzle on Guardian Moon?


Ok, I found all the bits of the fishing rod (on my own, even) and I caught the fish, and I gave it to the penguins... What was supposed to happen/ I supposed to do next?
Because I got squat.


Hi there,

I mixed the potions gave it to the wiseguy but i still cannot build the frosttower

what have i missed?

fletchipoo February 1, 2009 7:12 PM

I am in Mist Island and got the lightening rune, only it didn't go into the inventory on the side of the screen. It's disappeared and can't open the door. Couldn't find this on any other posts. Pls help.


Am way tired now, did try and read through, but came on here and is soo much too read and I have written quite alot to help me, only, am stuck on scorched Island, I know I am supposed go n/e only too many things in the way! So, How do I get to the eskimos, and how do I get across flames and hot coals? Oh and am still stuck on ww3 that's why playing this game, oh well....Luv this site though even when you can't help some(timing in game etc)..and where the heck is the ice thing to give to the idol? Cheers to all, your a grrreat bunch :-) Cher

chinabear003 February 1, 2009 7:49 PM

hey i need help finding my last few fruits on worship island. i have one left of each except for banana i need 2 & pineapple i need 3. my eyes have been going buggy just looking for them. thanks in advance.



look at the walktthough faq under the island guide 'I'm missing one of the fruit! Where is the missing papaya/pineapple/guava/banana?'

there is a picture list of all the fruits there

grammarlady February 1, 2009 9:04 PM


I am entirely puzzled with this location. There is a portal in the lower left corner of the base and it seems to be the only one accessible by my gang of warriors; but when anyone goes into this portal, they disappear to I know not where and then turn up again in just a couple of seconds in another portal roughly above the one they went out in. I have read all comments, FAQ's and other info in the blue box, but I cannot figure this out. Also, I saw a great screen shot of a map of the portals, but as far as I can tell, the portal I'm talking about is only for incoming travel, not outgoing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



The guide that is posted for the fruits on Worship island only has 7 pineapples circled. If someone could make a suggestion as to the last one...I would appreciate it!


Help! I am completely stuck on the Guardian Moon, and I don't mean the light puzzle. I can't get out of the general area where you enter. I can go south some and see 2 of the reflecting pools and the 2 places for energy orbs (I am assuming I have to find 1). I have been walking in circles for an hour trying to move further...east, north, anywhere. And the crazy thing is I've played this level before!! Any help would be appreciated.


Found the last pineapple in the second palm tree under the bottom right set of purple dots...hope this helps!

Northernlady_50 February 1, 2009 9:59 PM

Ok, I am officially stuck. I can see on the map where the bolt key is for Mist Island. Problem is, I can't get it. How do you get it with all the clouds when you can't see it to pick it up? I am referring to the mini map on this blog site that was provided. I just can't find it. I have been trying for over 8 hours today. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


How do you make a screen shot from the game you are playing?

Thanks, buttery61


NL------Bolt Key

There is a secret path to the left of it down a little ways.

Hope this helps.



I thought I read somewhere that you can make the gems bigger to help you find them better. Is this true? If so how do you do it?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.



i just get FastStone Capture. It's a freeware, but if you find it to be good you can support it by donation. Anyway, Google it.

There is no screen capture feature in the game. You just have find an additional tools to do the trick.


For screen captures, you can also just utilize software that comes with Windows and do the old "Prt Scrn" then paste into Paint. Then save as jpg.


Somebody help!! I'm stuck on Dreamshore and of course, I can't get the chest. I have 8 stones vibrating and can't find the 9th. I even have the one in the upper left corner that my scouts had to swim to the portal.

Does anyone have a map of the stones? I saw one of the portals, but it does not show the stones themselves.

Thanks everyone!


@ Amy

Actually it is the paint trick that make findings much easier. Making them bigger only enlarges them, but don't go beyond 120px by 120 px. It will only distort the gems.

As for making them bigger, go to where you install the game and go into this dir data/texture/game in here. It is all the in game pics, units, buildings, landscape, etc. The gems pics is located in the item folder.

To resize, you google some of the freeware tools that allow you to resize.


NorthernLady - the bolt key (or Thunder Rune, is it?) is just off the left path. The exact spot where it is will likely be the last black fog in the center area of the island. You can't actually get that far in, but you can get close enough to it that you can see it, and that's all that's necessary to grab it.

Here's a screenshot pointing to where Aruku needs to enter the hidden path:

Stitchingmom February 2, 2009 1:28 AM

That's it. Unless someone can help me, I'm done.

I just finished the Ruins of Dream Shore. I went in with 90% of the gems, and now after finishing, I only have 94%. There is NO way there is another gem hiding on all that stone, especially since I have them painted.

I've played through four times now trying to get all the gems. ARRRGH!



You got only 94 percent ?

I got only 97 percent and repainted each gem as I count them in my treasure box each time. Lol.

The results show I got only 431 out of 440 in total.

There are 3 secret chests on lost island. For more info look at the FAQ section. look under
'I seem to be missing a lot of gems, are some of them hidden?'


Ok, I'm thinking I have a glitch here...I have tried, on my own to solve the black/white light puzzle on the Comet Crash Site Island. I have gone through the forums on this and other sites. My problem is that, from left to right, the second light will not change. I can't even click on it like I can the others, it's just kind of grey and stays grey, it appears to do absolutely nothing at all.
Any suggestions?