Northernlady January 29, 2009 1:15 AM

how do you use your items that are in the treasure chest? And how do you make the choice between a chest you know has something you need and using one of the idols (the one to see with) I am missing 2 sea shells to have the 30 I need to open the chest to get the coin.


So, just checking... Has anyone who has made it to Rainbow Rd. done so without having to replay the newer version from the start? I pasted my quest and profile files from version 1.0 into the new version's folders, but nothing seems to have changed for me. I am still at 99% and missing the one white gem.


the items in your chest are automatically applied to your tribe as soon as you acquire them. you don't have to select them to use them.
you should also be able to find enough of everything on each island to be able to open the treasure chests and use the idols. keep looking. :)


@ Northernlady

Once you have the item in the treasure box it will automatically take effect asap, as for choosing to either take up the chest or the idols 1st, you dont have the information which chest contains what item/gem however you do have some info on idol and what spell it has once you active it, just point at the sea shell you collect for a sec and it will show up the info.

as for finding the missing shells

there are 3 way of finding it

number 1

if you dont have time and wait to complete the game asap, try changing the items colour by painting it as mention by others in previous pages

number 2

if you are good at spotting items try looking at the default color of your missing item, e.g if you missing a blue gem try searching along the sea.

number 3

if you are very very patient
just click on EVERYTHING
lol [funny but true that how i did it during my 1st run through ]

hope this helps

ps sorry to all who need help during the last past few days i was sick and had a very 9hr fever !!!

kristen.m1030 January 29, 2009 1:53 AM

I'm stuck on lonely iceberg...ive opened all the chests with the igredients and mixed some but those are the only chests on the island and i see other islands around the main island but cant find a way to get to :-)...thanks

luckysagi1234 January 29, 2009 1:55 AM

Please help. How do I go to Lost Temple? Thanks in advance.

nance91947 January 29, 2009 2:11 AM

This old lady cannot figure out how to spraypaint the png images in the game files. When I open them in the Paint program, all I see is a blank screen. Sorry to bother you kind folks with such basic ignorance but I'd appreciate a dumbed-down explanation of the process.

Thanks to all,

Grammarlady, Not sure how you approached "painting" the images but will share the easy way I did this. After I made sure the file wasn't "read only" I opened the item file; Right click the image you wish to alter; hit "Edit" and that opened Paint for me and plopped image into that; I then opted to "fill background" with a bright color; did a "save" (do NOT use a "save as"). Then my image re-appeared in my item folder with a colored background. Should you get "access denied" after clicking "Save" you'll have to do steps to change it from "Read Only"...some have been fortunate to merely unclick the block. I had to add my "pc/user" as someone who could modify files. Good luck!!

kristen.m1030 January 29, 2009 2:15 AM

I'm stuck on lonely iceberg...ive opened all the chests with the igredients and mixed some but those are the only chests on the island and i see other islands around the main island but cant find a way to get to :-)...thanks

nance91947 January 29, 2009 2:19 AM

Comet crash site - help please!

The purple crystal with the 5 little ones that light - I tried many times and I'm still not fast enough. Any hints or tips on how to get them all lit at the same time?

Yes please please tell us how to handle these 5 amethyst shrines and/or obelisks. Stuck here. Appreciate HELP, PLEASE, THANK YOU!!!!


@ kristen.m1030

You need to find ice shards to shatter the block of ice blocking the way, try walking to the edge along the path and click on crystals wall/block the ice shard is there, it just blends in with the color of the crystal a bit too smoothly

@ luckysagi1234

lost temple is a secret map which you need to place 3 units and 1 building on the "purple sparking area to green all at the same time" on Island of Worship

for more info how to get the 5 masks there is already an update FAQ in the walkthrough section [which i believe they corrected some errors there now].

Or you can just view this page as its full source and use the find command to search the keyword


@ nance91947

what i did is simply start from the bottom and work my way to the last 2 obelisks and use the minimap to pinpoint the location of the next one after i click on the current one

it will take a few tries to get the hang of things before you succeed no pain no gain lol

[Edit: Xasher, please do not us so many abbreviations in your comments, we try to maintain a legible, coherent discussion here, and we've been spending overtime on your comments editing them. Your extra effort here helps. Thank you! :) -Jay]

kristen.m1030 January 29, 2009 2:33 AM

@xasher----ive shaddered all the big ice crystals and am just stuck on the main island


hmmm have you tried going to the north?

give me 5 mins i'm laying out all the chest / stone and the ice shards of this map

check back here in 5 mins or later

kristen.m1030 January 29, 2009 3:40 AM

ok xasher...thanks so much :-)


Save your self some stress. Spray paint the items you can't find. On page 11 of the posts it's 25 or 26 down. It starts "this is a repost from ELLEBEE28", I'm not sure if that's the exact wording, but it's close. Anyway, I did it and I found every shell on Frozen Vale. It's so worth it! Thank you so much for that post.



i have layout the stone/chest/ice shard/block of ice of the lonely iceberg

ur main goal is to create the twilight mixture that u have to find and mix

if there is no block and u cant get there ,keep pushing ur units toward the chest, they will eventually get there

here the legends


hope this help anyone need a quick fix on this level


can anyone tell me the 21 gem is on red rock island. I have played this game 3 times and can not find 21 gems on red rock island.

kristen.m1030 January 29, 2009 4:55 AM


thanks so much...i actually found one of the ingredients laying on the ground and that was the last thing i needed...thanks so much for all your help hun :-)

picklegeuce January 29, 2009 5:00 AM

Need help on Mist Island!!!! I cant find all the light thingies!


This game is awesome, and fun, on every level. You work hard to find all the gems and open all the chests. Figure out and look for all the strategies, then you get to the final Comet level which they have made so difficult that I'm sorry I spent the hours I did on this game. There is no way you can defeat the cement blocks and guard your village that you set up and still try to fight the main battle. I have now spent hours (days) trying. Why would they make it so difficult and take all the enjoyment out of the whole game??? There is NO WAY you can keep on top of it, unless someone has managed to do it, please provide a spoiler on how. Otherwise, those that are starting this game now - be prepared to huge disappointment!!!


hi on the stage where you have to mix the potions and fix the massive ice things....can anyone tell me where to find the broken bit for the ice thing that is rite up the top to your right...?? hopefully that makes sence.. :):) and also how or wot do i do to be able to swim?


flygirlfly January 29, 2009 6:41 AM

Come on Kris - you can do it!
Tips for Inside the Comet have been posted in the Walkthrough and at various points above.
Here are some tips on how I did it:

You should really have all the buildings, particularly the Temple (which you'll get if you go to Lost Temple Island.
Don't worry about the main battle to start with.
Build some huts (about 3) barracks and archery and then build arrow towers. THey seem to work best.

Don't use the attack flag in the beginning - rather drag defenders to the intruders. Or else, build more towers on one end and place the attack flag on the other. Later on there will be enough people around to start attacks when intruders come by.

Build every building and upgrade everything. Try and build at least 5 temples. Build a few Caves and fill everything else with shaman tents and arrow towers.

Don't try attacking the big statute until the main chamber is full of buildings.

When your army is built up and your settlement well surrounded by arrow towers, you can start the attack on the statute.

Put the attack flag near the entrance to the cave, but just out of eyeline, then charge them with the war spell and let them lose on the statute. They will die and keep regenerating and you'll have a steady flow.
Charge the temples - someone suggested a combination of spells - purity, war, thunder. I found the shield spell worked well.

Periodically cancel the attack flags, and go back and repair and rebuild buildings that have been damaged by the boulders.

Eventually you'll kill the Statute.

Do not start attacking the next monster until you've explored the map with scouts.
You'll see purple obelisks which have to be destroyed by clicking on them. This will get rid of the obelisks next to the monster and make it easier to attack.
Archers and the arrow towers will keep the little squids at bay.

When your temples are charged, start the next wave of attack on the big squid.

I found that shield spells allow the cavemen to get up close to the second monster and they seem to inflict the biggest damage.
Once I worked out the shield spell, it actually went quite quickly and apart from charging the temples I didn't have to do much.




I would suggest following the tips on beating the shades (mentioned below) as a set up. You will also want to build a lot of towers so that they can battle off the smaller enemies while your troops are fighting in the 'boss' cavern.

Once the 'boss' statue is defeated and the 'boss' alien appears, walk-throughs are opened up in the crystal structure. Send your scout walking around to find all the hidden chanbers and pockets holding crystals that look like the ones protecting the alien. Click each one to destroy them and once you have found and destroyed them all the ones around the alien get demolished too.

Your troops will now have much more success getting damage through to the 'boss' alien.

If you get %100 of the gems and then complete the tasks on the moon you will be given two additional items that will help you with the final level. Guro will let you know when to use one of them and the other will already be in effect.


No matter what level you are and you encounter a 'shade' the easiest and fastest way to defeat them is troops.

Shamans, hunters and archers are best against any enemy since they don't need direct contact. The further away they can stand the less damage they take over a short period of time. Also make sure you have built a few witch doctor shacks so they can help replenish your army's life points.

If there is an area where you know you will be encountering them you can build a few towers ahead of time and I would suggest upgrading them to arrow towers.

Make sure you build a workshop and smithy and research all available upgrades for weapons and armor.


Takes a while to setup but I have never had trouble finishing the level. Place huts around your heros with a few towers to protect them. There are 3 main spots where the small aliens always transport into your village and you should have those areas completely surrounded with towers.

The south-east and south-west corners are your only two 'safe zones', I usually fill them up with the market, temple and other research building since nothing is needed to protect them. I do make a wall around them with towers since there is an intruder transport spot in the south-centre.

Building your shaman tents in front of tower walls will ensure that when they are 'reborn' they can shoot at any intruder that may be lurking on their way by to the large cavern.

4 huts
35 arrow towers
5 mud towers
1 temple
1 scout lodge
4 witch doctors
6 hunter lodges
15 shaman tents
1 wiseman's house
1 workhop
1 smithy
1 hall of mysteries
1 barrack
1 archery range
1 herb garden
1 training ground
1 marketplace

Do all the research for armor, weapon and health upgrades as well as the marketplace which will give you additional people and make them faster. Try to research the 'building tools' of the wiseman's house as early as possible since it will help your workers move and work much faster.

Your workers will need to do repairs while your troops are in the large cavern but the intruders can only attack one building at a time. Since there are troops being reborn every second and you have a lot of towers, the damage will be minimal and quite controlable.

For the temple power-ups I alternate between 'sheild' and 'war rage'. Keep your mini-map open so that if you are in the 'boss' cavern you can see when the intruders (red dots) are attacking your village and go make repairs.



Once the walkways are available in the crystal formations and you have sent your scouts exploring, you will notice holes surrounded by teeth in the ground.

Place an attack flag at each (one at a time) and once the mouth has devoured all it can move on to the next one. Once all mouths have had their fill of your troops Guro will loath you and the level will end. LOL



roger... able to move to another level... another problem... let me go thru 1st... :)

grammarlady January 29, 2009 7:58 AM

Thanks, Jazz and Nance, for the help. I'll try doing this later and hope for the best! Those pesky gems are going to be the death of me . . .



Wait,I remember Sas or flygirlfly mentioned one of the safe zones is the south stretch.Actually I personally don't think its safe.The monsters come in three(s) Whenever I focus on the statue attacky my buildings will gradually get destroyed.
And i'm STILL stuck at 99%!
Items are usually hidden.There are actually lots of secret passages.One even gives you a tower upgrade!On the mini map you should see darkened areas that lead to the mist.Follow it and you should get your reward.

There's a junction once you go straight at the start.One of them is at the North.Some can also be hidden partially by the fog.One is near the tower where a man asks you for a gift(Come to it later) go to the bottom as far as possible and you'll find one there.

For the gift,he mentioned water.Remember the big pool of water at the southern east? Click randomly and you should find a gift.

nance91947 January 29, 2009 9:00 AM

On Crash Comet Site. I've imploded all the amethyst crystal formations; gotten rid of the old totems; done the 4 amethyst obelisks/shrines; done the coins. It tells me to "find a way to enter comet". I read here that one should go way up top of the map and enter, but I've tried and tried, to no avail. Have I missed something?? Another responded and told me to quit, leave and do the next island thing; and duh me, I tried that -- only to find I had to do Comet Crash site all over again. I desperately need HELP, PLEASE & THANKS BUNCHES!!!


I'm gonna take a break today and resume Totem Tribe tomorrow.Keep playing it will make me an addict!
I suggest everyone does the same.Go out and take some fresh air instead of playing it all day long-but it's really addicting!-


@nance91947 RE: Crash Comet Site

There are crystal formations (blue, green & orange) blocking the way into the area where the entrance to the crater is. You need to charge all of your idols and destroy those formations before you can access the very top portion of the island. The crater entrance is approximately at the mid point of the large purple crystal (once you have entered the top area).

lilangelc25 January 29, 2009 9:46 AM

ok, maybe i missed something,but can anyone please tell me exactly how i get the thunder tower. can build towers but only get 4 of the 5 types of towers, frost, fire, mud and arrow. dont know what i missed but cannot get the thunder tower!! please wont some on tell me all components to obtain this option.
thanks to any and all help.


ok i can not find all the swords on volcano island. i have looked EVERYWHERE!! does someone have screenshots or somthing?
plz help im so aggravated
- frank


Ok, I am stuck. I am missing 1 gem each on Mushroom Island, Monkey Island, Witch Island, and Yeti Island. Missing 3 on Red Rock, 4 (or 3?) on Volcano, and 2 on Shark. I have stared and stared, destroyed all buildings and stared some more and can't find these. Is there a way to find out what colors they are, or to make them stand out so I can find the bloody things?


@chas RE: 3 swords

A screenshot won't help you any. The swords are dropped on the ground by the 'enchanted' skeletons (the one that you fight after fighting the smaller skeletons and destroying their pyramids) Wherever he dies is where the sword falls.

AUTiger34 January 29, 2009 1:02 PM

Where do I find the energy balls on Shark island?

T J Verhoef January 29, 2009 1:02 PM

Can someone plaese tell me how to find the energyball on Shark Archipelago. I am on the 4th island found all the jewels to transport and shells and 2 valves, How do I activate the tall structures I have tried everything
clicking on things and structures i'm stuck please help




You can get access to the ability to build a Thunder tower once you complete a task on Mist Island. You will need to find the lightning bolt rune (small orange lightning bolt) in order to unlock the gate to the upper part of the island.

When you get to the buildings the wiseman will ask you to bring him 4 lightning rods, these rods are not in the shape of lightning!, they look more like bullets.

Pay close attention when you start the level, lightning will strike in 3 locations as you are walking around finding other items. Once you have reached the wiseman lightning will also strike next to the buildings and a 'rod' will appear.

Go back to the 3 locations where the lightning struck as you were walking around and there will be a 'rod' in those spots as well. Bring all 4 back to the wiseman.


@AUTiger34 RE: energy balls on Shark island

The first one is located on the land mass with the dirt and gated chest. You need to solve the gold/red/silver orb puzzle to get it. I think the other is in a chest but don't recall for sure.


Shark Archipelego

Ok i'm stuck! I have found the pink crystal and one valve and 4 of each of the shells but I am unable to move off of the 1st island and from what I've read it looks like all I need is the pink crystal but I still can't move on. Please help! (oh and I have put the crystal onto the totem in the center of the island)
Thanks, April


@T J Verhoef RE:energyball on Shark Archipelago

The above post says where one of the energy balls is. I'd have to replay to say for sure about the second one. Tall structures? I am guessing you mean the lighthouses (silver posts with orb cups at the top)? You need the second energy sphere before those will be activated, until then there is nothing to do with them.


How do you know what gems you are missing and where. I don't see where u can tell this. By the way I'm on shockwave and am about to buy the game from here so how do I back up my files?


Has anyone solved the puzzle on the moon? Any tips for this wold be great! It's got me pulling my hair out. Thanks in advance.


I'm on the island of worship, and I want to get to the chests at the bottom surrounded by mountains. It is still dark, so I can't see all of it. You said that you use the Idol of Divination... where is that Idol or how do I get it? Is it one of the idols that you get from one of the fruits??

Thanks in advance :)


will someone please please tell me where the fifth sphere is on island mist found the path but still cant find it let me know asap thank you

[Edit: there is a screenshot showing the location of all items on Mist Island in the Totem Tribe FAQ in the blue walkthrough section above. -Jay]

AUTiger34 January 29, 2009 1:58 PM

thanks i thought i had solved the ball puzzle because i had the crystal to get to the next island.


the correct placement for the balls is red, silver, gold from bottom to top in the lower left tower.



I finally got the new version

What do I do now?

It still says 99% on my rainbow


Hi all! I have tried totem tribe and I love it! But I have got stuck on the frozen island, and for some reason I cant find the 5th piece of coal! Can anyone give me a hint where it may be? Thanks!

KnightsLady January 29, 2009 4:58 PM

I have looked all over and cant find a single valve for Shark Island. Please help! lol

StealthBunny January 29, 2009 4:58 PM

Thank you everyone for so much help on this game! You've been great to hang out with :)

Does anyone have any suggestions on similar games? I've played the Westwards (all three), the Virtual Villagers and My Tribe (not so crazy about those. I want to play a game, not sit around and let it play itself while I'm away), Forgotten Lands: The First Colony, and DeepQUest.

[Edit: How about any from the Chocolatier series. You might also want to check out the Build-a-lot series. Also, it's a few years old, but you might also like Tribal Trouble. There's also a sequel in the works. -Jay]

KnightsLady January 29, 2009 5:57 PM

I found the valves for Shark Island but cant figure out what to do with the silver shells and cant find the water drop thing for the door.

willowtree January 29, 2009 6:00 PM

How do you know what percentage of gems you have?

[Edit: On the island world map with the treasure chest on it, hover your cursor over the rainbow in the background, it will show the percentage of gems collected. I'll add this question to the Totem Tribe FAQ in the walkthrough section above. -Jay]

lilangelc25 January 29, 2009 6:42 PM

thankyou, thankyou, thankyou sas! have finally gotten the thunder tower. you are awesome!!!


Was anyone else completely disappointed in the end? SPOILER FOR END GAME

i spent all afternoon trying to finish the last level... without reading the main spoiler because i wanted to figure it out. I was majorly disappointed when the squiddie died just by turning the black holes purple!


Please help I can't get the spoilers to open up or the comments pages to change from panel 14. I checked the Java script troubleshooter and it said mine is working correctly. I can't get through the final level and don't want to spend another four hours and fail again. I loved the game up until this point and I don't want to quit. Thanks


how the heck do u get the units on the purple areas on worship island all at the same time? I used flags for 2 of them but every time I put a unit on a third area it walks off - I am pulling my hair out!! theres no way I am gonna get 3 units in each area to stand still long enuff.

kallico29 January 29, 2009 7:48 PM

k, here is a puzzling one for u

on lost island the 5th symbol (snowflake) is not there, not that I can't find it, it's not there...I tried coloring the symbol in the item file and it does not appear all the other ones do but not that one is there a way to fix this or am i just out of luck?


@KnightsLady RE:Shark Island

The valves and the first orb get placed on the 4th island you get to. This will allow you access to the treasure chest at the top of that island.

You need 32 blue shells to open the chest on the centre isle and 24 green sheels to pay the man in the tower to kill the sharks for you.

You need to place the second orb in the holder on the isle below the tower and then light all the lighthouses in order to open the chest that has the rune that will unlock the door.

ChulaChilanga January 29, 2009 7:53 PM

Ok...This question might sound dumb lol but how do I get my scouts to swim?!?!?!?! I go back n everything and they aren't swimming and I try n put the eye flag thingy over to an island but theat doesn't work either so please, please will someone tell me how to get them to swim???


Does anyone have any pointers for the puzzle on the moon?



you have to get a scuba diving tank from shark archipelligo first.


@Rachel RE: Idol of Divination

Yes it is one of the fruit idols. The one that takes the oranges if I remember correctly.


@kallico29 RE: snowflake

If it isn't there then you are out of luck but I don't understand why it wouldn't be. Are you sure you are clicking on the correct location?


@Sophie RE: coal

Have you gotten the ones from the firepit and the crow?

ChulaChilanga January 29, 2009 8:04 PM

Thanks Lino I guess I have to wait a bit more lol another question does anyone know the sequence to lighting all the fires on beetle island?

ChulaChilanga January 29, 2009 8:05 PM

I mean the torches that are in a circle...



The first sphere which goes in the holder between the valves is obtained by completing the red/gold/silver ball puzzle on the second island you get to.

The second sphere which goes into the holder with the lighthouse (island below tower) is found on the most south-west island and is sitting out in the open.




The game may start you with one fire spout pre-lit. Light the ones on each side of the one that was already lit. If you start with two or more pre-lit just get it down to one to use the solution.




You need to place your people inside the 4 glowing circles. Scout flag in one, battle flag in one, build a temple in one to send workers and drag any person to the fourth. They must all be inside the rings at the same time.

You only need one person to be in each circle not 3. Have your mini-map open so you can see when everyone is in place then drop the person you are holding into their circle.


Thank you so much sas but I dont have temples :( I am missing one building right at the bottom of the build page - I guess thats it *sigh* where do I get that from pls?

stupid seagull island January 29, 2009 8:25 PM

HIYA! im on seagull islnd and the 5 gears are trippin me out...i cant get the one from the old guy and 3 others but one is always missing!!!HELP!?!?!?!

kallico29 January 29, 2009 8:33 PM

yes I am sure I am clicking in the right spot even if I wasn't I should be able to see it anywhere it is, I colored the pic


ok soo im wondering where i get all the pieces of the scroll for shaymen's ice magic.... i have two pieces on (volcano island).?


im playing write now so any help asap would be greatly appreciated:)


OK call me silly but I can't open the chests on Sharks island. I put the 3 balls in position went to the chest put my explorer flag on the chest like I did the others and nothing. I am stuck cnat us my valves or anything on this island wel except the jewels for transportation and really need help please


im playing write now so any help asap would be greatly appreciated:)


Ok I got the solution to the puzzle on Guardian Moon. First lat me say thanks to for the solution. This will sound confusing at first but wright it down and open the game to the puzzle and it will become alot easier once you start doing it.

First off break the puzzle down to blocks of four. in the four corners. look at your block if 2 lights are on then simply click the 2 that are on and you will get all 4 on. If all 4 are off then click in this order.

The dots I put in are just to space the numbers out so that you can see how the blocks are set up.
Now all four are on. Do this for all four blocks of four and you're set.



The peices of the scrolls are with the 3 puzzles. Are you sure you completed all 3 puzzles?


Just call me stuck. I can't open the chests like I normally do. Can't find the spheres or light the lighthouses or use the valves. Went to comments and looked at what some of you said, but still nothing. Please help.


i'm on shark do you use the traveling stone? i have it in the center thing on the island, but I can't figure out how to move to another island.


For those who are finding the last level impossible and don't mind a little cheating:

Go to the directory "C:\Program Files\Games\Totem Tribe\data\cfg" and edit the "unit.xml" file. This is where the stats for the characters and monsters are kept. Go down towards the bottom and find "AlienSpawn" and "Alien2Spawn" and reduce the number found in the "hp" (or hit points) section. You can also edit the traits of your characters, such as making your builders or observers move faster. I reduced the spawn's hp to one tenth of their power. You'll still get a decent battle but you'll be spending more time working on the big bosses rather than thier minion.


can you die and what happens?


I can not figure out, for the life of me, how to get beyond the borders of the purple crystals inside the comet. I'm going insane! I've built inside the walls to where there's no more room. HELP!!!


Is there any way to find out which islands the gems you are missing are on or do I have to look over every inch of every island?

[Edit: You can keep track of the number of gems you find on each island. That's really the only way. There are 21 gems on each island, with the exception of Volcano Island with 20. -Jay]


Spray Painting Objects-----

How do I spray paint gems and other items I need to find?


I am on witch island and cant seem to get the two people to move help!



Use your eye just like they are scouts.

KnightsLady January 30, 2009 2:14 AM

I have gone back to volcano island to find the last sword and last piece of obsidian. I know that the swords fell after you killed those guys but I was never able to find it (so many lil buggers running around lol). I tried the item painting and it saves in the file as painted but doesn't show in game. I even shut everything down after and reopened. Can someone help me plz?
Thank you in advance.

flygirlfly January 30, 2009 2:22 AM

Inside the comet:

What do you mean about moving beyond the purple crystals? When you've built up your settlements/army, you need to start attacking the big statute.

From memory, I think other paths for the scouts to explore are opened up after you've defeated the big statute.

Some fairly detailed hints are listed above as well as the FAQ section.

About finishing the game: there are three different endings. I've seen two of the endings.

The "basic" ending is one where you don't get all the items and finish by turning all the black holes purple - it's the most basic one.
I also had an ending where I had all the treasure items, finished the Guardian Moon and defeated the monsters without sacrificing people into the black holes. That ending was more elaborate and slightly more satisfying.

It was a little disappointing that you couldn't go back to the islands and just have a last look. But I suppose that would make it another game.

flygirlfly January 30, 2009 2:25 AM

Volcano Island:
The re-paining should work if you shut the game down and re-start. If you can't see it, maybe the sword hasn't been dropped yet?

Are you absolutely sure you've killed all the skeletons? Check your mini map for red dots.

I guess it's just possible you've missed out
on an enemy camp. There are a few nooks and crannies that are hard to spot on the island.

Have you extinguished all the major fires that block your route? That might lead you to new areas.


Help! I'm on the comet crash site and I can't find the last green crystal, so I can get beyond that darn green barrier.

flygirlfly January 30, 2009 3:40 AM

Comet Crash Site:
Don't just focus on the areas that you can walk to - the crystals on the comet crash site can be outside the area your people can physically get to.

If you clear all the fog you possibly can you should be able to find the remaining crystals.


Where do I get the ability to build temples pls?



Move your units to where the crystal holder is using the scout flag then just click on the crystal holder and it teleports them ;) For the island with the 3 teleports u can change which one u go to by clicking on the colored crystal holders first then clicking on the center white one to teleport once your scouts are there.

[Edit: Spoiler added - to use the spoiler tag please use the > instead of [ ] ~ Kayleigh]


Can someone PLEASE tell me how to do the item painting?



Click on paint, then click on file.

Click on my computer, click on local disk (C).
Click on program files, find either Totem tribe or shockwave or where ever you got game from.
If it is game site file click on Totem tribe.
Click product, click data,click texture, click game, and click item.
Here you find a list of all the items, click gem (color) or whatever other item you are looking for. Then click on the spray can and then choose a bright color and spray the picture. Click on file and click on save. It's a good idea not to have the game running when you do this. If you're going to do multiple items, click file and click open. Good Luck!


Comet crash site

I clicked every thing that looked green and I when around the island to clear away as much I can of the FOW. Still I can't find the last green crystal. Help please.


Ushkamush- Comet Crash

Behind the 3 Totems, make ur scotts go up as far as possible, its on the other beach.. Im sure thats the one ur missing.. Good Luck

And thax for telling me how to do the painting.

KnightsLady January 30, 2009 4:56 AM

There is an island that I was supposed to put one of each of the towers on. I hadnt found the lightning totem at that point so now I am going back. I must be VERY tired because I CAN'T find which island it was on. lol HELP
Thank you all for all your time and help! :D


if you are referring to the one in the palm tree. I already got that one.


You're welcome Amy.