It's my first time commenting, although I have been reading for days. Thank you all for taking the time to help. I have a couple of questions that I'm sure may have been covered before... so please forgive me.

I am missing the 4th shaman mask and an item near the top left of the treasure chest that looks similar to a film reel (circles incased in a circle). Although I thought I had used this item on a previous level. I am at the final battle and before I begin I wanted to tie up some loose ends. Thanks.


Treasure chest in Ruins Island

Click on all the smooth rock formations. When all are vibrating, the island next to the one with the chest will sink lower so that you can use it to get to the one with the treasure chest on it.

[Edit: This is already in the FAQ at the top of the page. -Jay]


how do I find the entrance to the comet. I have destroyed the towers and destroyed the crystals.


find all of the pointy single stones and click on them and they will start vibrating.

flygirlfly January 24, 2009 5:54 PM

Here are some maps and pics to help you through some of the more tricky parts on some of the levels:

Witch Island

Cradle of the North

Mist Island

This is a small map that points to the location of various items. To access them, guide Akuru along the faint grey lines on the mini-map.
A pictorial guide to the locations of items on this island.

Lonely Iceberg

A guide to the pesky ice shards on Lonely Iceberg Island.

Whorship Island

An updated version of a map posted previously, listing all of the visible fruit, apart from the 11th pineapple. The map shows the lit-up little temples, which will be useful information for Lost Temple. The solved obelisk puzzle is also in the picture.

The final fruits are in a chest that appears once you activate the big temple.

Ruins of Dream Shore

Good luck.

Chickster January 24, 2009 5:54 PM

MatthewFarmery....I tried what you posted but when I went to replay Volcano Island, the intro came up fine but once I was on the map, the entire map was black, couldn't see a thing. I did exactly as you said. I saved a copy of my level 14 save game and have now put that back until perhaps there is an answer. I'm still at 98% gems. Any further help appreciated. If the game makers 'fixed' the 1-gem missing problem by simply reducing the amount needed to get to rainbow road then I assume I only need 99% of gems to get there, is that correct Jay? If it is, then I'm still in a pickle cos I've destroyed every building and tower, only have my ppl running around like headless chooks (lol) and nothing else on any of the islands. All puzzles have also been successfully I'm back to square one wondering where the final gems might be to push me from 98 to 99%....helppp! lol lol


I am missing two items still. I am missing the bottom left necklace right above the coins and i am also missing the top right item. It looks sorta like a rectangle. If anyone knows their locations please let me know i have searched everywhere. Thanks in advance.


I have clicked on every stone I see and none of them vibrate. Is there something I still might need to do?


How many guide stones are on Dolphin Island? I've found 5 and built 5 towers but can't move on.

mathewfarmery January 24, 2009 6:48 PM


make sure the line looks like this

<item sub_id="42" type="WhiteGem" x="1574" y="1351" />

I had that problem until I realised I had to remove the two dashes after / (forward slash) so make sure you have all the dashes and explanation mark removed, then the level will load fine, but this fix will only apply to the level when you play it from scratch, not a old save, as the gem won't be placed, after that count all the gems you have picked up, you then should have 21 for that level, I have been counting the gems as I go along, and all the levels so far have 21 gems, so if you are still stuck after counting the gems on volcano island, use the paint cheat to brighten up the gems, hope that helps, if your level file is the same as mine and have version 1.02 then clearly the volcano bug was never fixed in the newer version

hope that helps, and anyone else that is still struggling to find the last gem

PS, please don't remove the line from the file which I have posted above, that IS how it is meant to look, with the dashes and explanation mark, is wrong, and why the gem wasn't appearing in the game, changing that single line to the above line does fix the gem issue which I thought was fixed in 1.02? but it wasn't in mine,

[Edit: The missing gem was indeed corrected in v1.02. The way they fixed it was not to add another gem in to Volcano Island, but to REMOVE ONE from the total you need to complete the Rainbow Road. So, while you may think that the problem wasn't fixed in v1.02 because there's still only 20 gems on Volcano Island, that is precisely how many there are supposed to be.

Also, I fixed your angle brackets in your spoiler above. Please use &lt; and &gt; instead of typing just the angle brackets, because in HTML they have special meaning and can mess up the page. Please use Preview to be sure your comment appears as you expect. Thank you! -Jay]


For Galloway

The item above the coins is on Beetle Island
The top right I'm guessing as I didn't get it is on the Moon


Yeah I've finally beat it!! LOL But didn't get everything ;( Oh well will definately try again at some point. Thanks to everyone who has contributed hints & tips they sure came in handy.

Grannygamer January 24, 2009 7:38 PM

Jay I can't thank you enough for this site.
I have read the FAQ's help section and also every comment thus far on this site.
My question is this:
In Island of Worship you mention some purple dots. I finished that island including the totems (got a scroll) but no purple dots that I can see or find, got all the idol thingies,the treasure chest and had all my masks when went into it. I want to be able to go to lonely Island so can you or someone provide a picture of those dots or tell me where they are as I sure don't see any.
Thanks again so much for this site and all your hard work.


ok, i know this has probably been addressed a hundred times but.... I am now @ 99% on the gems. Does this mean i am missing 1 gem or am i missing a hidden chest? I have the one from the info on worship island.

Also, on Monkey Island one of the guidestones says "Guybrush Threepwood was here"

Does this mean something I am not getting?

Thank you to everyone for all the help!!


I did the cover the 4 spots on Worship Island and was not given a chest. One of the pyramids said I had finally found come jewels, burt otherwise nothing. Any ideas what went wrong.

Also, how do you destroy your buildings?



I just enter in witch island. C|an anyone tell me how I can go behind mountain to pick up 10th root. thanks


Where and how to get thunder tower? Thanks.


I can get all but on of the torch things lit on beetle island but no matter what i do i cant get them all HELP!!!


Does anyone have a screen shot of where the crystals are located on the comet site....been over an hour and I can't find the 9th green crystal.....I have no life and my eyes are sore lol


Can anyone tell me how to put the little fires out on Beetle Island, the ones around the big fire. And then Im guessing that is were I burry the seed the witch gave me. Am I guessing right?


bboom, You get the thunder tower on mist Island if my memory serves me correctly, at the very top the guy wants 4 thunder bolts wich u will find around, after u have cleared the mist. Once you take those back to him he will let u research thunder.


I still can't find three shells on the one island got everything else need the shells to open chest.. came back to this after awhile and still no more appear.. can anyone give a map like the one on the mist island to locate these stupid shells..Thanks so much for all the other tips..


I have clicked on all of the stones on the comet Island, destroyed the crystals and done all of the puzzles and still cannot find the entrance to the crater. Can anyone help.

shawty613 January 24, 2009 9:19 PM

To All:

Trying to get the rest of the FAQ completed. Please check the FAQ section at the top of the page in blue (Totem Tribe FAQ). If the answer to your question is not answered in there can you please post your question in a simple form so that it can be added.

Thank you! :)


I can't find the last shell to open the big chest on Frozen Vale Island. Does anyone have a screenshot with all of them marked?


I checked the walkthrough and FAQ, but I'm on Shark Island and I just got the 1st pink jewel thing, but I have no clue how to move to the next island. Can someone please tell me how to move so I can get done with this thing.

woodlandpearl January 24, 2009 10:51 PM

I'm trying to locate 7 gems on Comet Island. I was only able to find 14 (including the few that were under the green crystal rock formation). Did I miss something? My gem count is at: 98%. Thanks!


Island of Worship:


The purple dots confused me for a little while too. There are 4 areas on the island which are like rings of shimmering/floating dots (looked red on my screen). They are not dark so don't stand out. I can't tell you exactly where they are but think they are in the top half of the island, 2 on the left and 2 on the right, sort of forming a square on the map (anyone else feel free to correct me if I'm off the mark)


Did you have the 4 areas covered at the same time? Try putting your scouts on one, your fighters on another and then send your builders to build a tower on the third and before they leave drag your leaders to the fourth. I found that if I was too slow and the builders finished the job and left, the dots wouldn't stay green and I had to smash the tower and do it again.


Island of Worship: purple dots

Please see the FAQ section at the top of screen for help completing this puzzle


I am stuck on the first island for the shark archipelago. I have everything except one turtle shell. I can see one on the lower left part of my screen (it's on another island) when I go to click on it it wont do anything. I can't get my scout to go closer. Is that the last one I need for that island? Does anyone have a map or anything that can help?



You need to use the crystals to transport to the other islands. Look in the FAQ section at the top of the screen for info about this


@lacall RE: shark archipelago

Did you do the puzzle on the south end of that island? You need to complete a puzzle on each of the large islands before you can go any further. Completing a puzzle will give you a crystal, the crystal in the holder (gold deco thingy), your scout flag near the holder, 3.when your scout walks close to the holder click on it and you will be transported to the next island where there are more puzzles and holders for crystals.


On Worship island, the island on the bottom I can't get in. Previous post said something about a square button. Where is the button? Is it by the rock on the right side? Exactly where?


@Jesha RE: 1st pink jewel, shark archipelago the crystal in the holder (gold deco thingy), your scout flag near the holder, 3.when your scout walks close to the holder click on it and you will be transported to the next island.


@xanadu72 RE: top-left item in treasure chest

You cannot get this item until you collect all the gems and complete 'rainbow road' to %100. It is at a location that will not be shown to you until the rainbow is complete.


@Linda RE: entrance to crater

You have to go to the very top of the map where the large purple crystal formations are. At about it's mid point there is a cove openeing. Your scout can only partially walk in but once they go in a certain distance the ending will activate.


I have tried looking at previous posts, but I can't find out how to get past the crystal shards on Cradle of the North. Help!



You can get access to the ability to build a Thunder tower once you complete a task on Mist Island. You will need to find the lightning bolt rune (small orange lightning bolt) in order to unlock the gate to the upper part of the island.

When you get to the buildings the wiseman will ask you to bring him 4 lightning rods, these rods are not in the shape of lightning!, they look more like bullets.

Pay close attention when you start the level, lightning will strike in 3 locations as you are walking around finding other items. Once you have reached the wiseman lightning will also strike next to the buildings and a 'rod' will appear.

Go back to the 3 locations where the lightning struck as you were walking around and there will be a 'rod' in those spots as well. Bring all 4 back to the wiseman.


how do you unlock the lost temple island?


@Amy RE: fires on Beetle Island

Click the fire spouts on both sides of the one that is already lit, this will light them all and extinguish the large fire pits. Once the large fires go out you will get the tree rune to unlock the gate. Follow the path beyond the gate and that is where you plant the seed.


I have looked at previous comments, but can't seem to find out how to get past the crystal shards on Cradle of the North. I can't build a tower in the middle of the map. Hmm.


Delapooh: if you are talking about the ice boulders that are blocking your way you can use shamen to destroy them since they throw fire. the other crystals that are just on the ground you should be able to just walk by.


@DeLaPooh RE: Cradle of the North

Can I assume you mean the ice blocks??

Once you have the ability to build a shaman tent you can get rid of any ice blockades. Send your troops to it with a battle flag, the shamans will destroy them for you.


Thanks Kero, but here's a dumb question, how do you get the shamen up there?


Thanks Sas! Didn't think of it as a battle! Cool!


@Zoki RE: root behind mountain

You do not need to go behind the mountain, there is a small portion of the root sticking out, just click on it.


@Mia'smom RE: %99 gems & monkey island

If you do not have the updated version of the game then you cannot get to %100 as there is a gem missing.

No that guidestone doesn't mean anything, it's a joke, like the writing on a bathroom wall.


@Grannygamer RE: purple dots

If you got the chest that needed the 5 shaman masks to open then you have already done the 'dots' puzzle.


@Feebs RE: guide stones on Dolphin Island

You need to check the water beyong the main island. The building of the towers allows you to see outer land masses. Once you collect what is on one in particular you will be able to move on.


@Linda RE: vibrating stones

Have you finished Witch Island? The same stones that surround the large chest on Witch Island (you had to make them vibrate in order to get the chest open) are the ones you need to activate on Ruins of Dream Shore.



1. Dolphin Island: chest contains Diadem of Courage

2.Monkey Island: chest contains Pendant of Nature Fore

3.Seagull Island: chest contains Heart of Bull

4.Seagull Island: give pebbles to hermit for Seagull totem

5.Red Rock Island: ice block contaons Hunter's Lucky Stone

6.Skull Island: chest contains Traveller's Boots

7.Frozen Vale: give the eskimo the coal for ability to build fire towers

8.Frozen Vale: chest contains coin

9.Frozen Vale: free all penguins and hermit will give you Healer's Globe

10.Frozen Vale: give caught fish to hermit and he will give you the map to Lonely Iceburg

11.Witch Island: chest contains coin

12.Witch Island: chest contains Sphere of Clarity

13.Island of Yeti: chest contains Bracelet of Hawk

14.Island of Yeti: have all 7 coins in your possession to get access to the ability to build a marketplace

15.Cradle of the North: chest contains Pendant of Power

16.Cradle of the North: kill sharks for hermit and he will give you a Shaman Mask and the ability to build shaman tents

17.Mist Island: click in the water near the guidestone for a pearl and give it you the man in the tower, he will show you where the Amulet of Wisdom is

18.Scorched Island: chest contains Crown of Defender

19.Scorched Island: (if I remember correctly) destroy the Wolf Tribe buildings near the top-right corner of the island and in the rubble there will be a Shaman Mask

20.Volcano Island: destroy the pyramids, one will have the Blessed Ring in the rubble

21.Shark Archipelago: chest contains Aqua Lungs

22.Shark Archipelago: lighthouse chest contains water rune

23.Shark Archipelago: chest behind water gate contains Shaman Mask

24.Beetle Island: chest contains Necklace of Spirits

25.Beetle Island: after lighting the fire spouts the tree rune will appear where the large fires were

26.Worship Island: chest contains Shaman Mask

27.Worship Island: 4 posts puzzle gives you Scroll of Thunder Magic

28.Worship Island: chest contains Masking Cloak

29.Worship Island: 'dots' puzzle give you a chest with a map to Lost Temple

30.Ruins of Dream Shore: chest contains Tribal Amulet

31.Gaurdian Moon: chest contains Relic of Prosperity

Since I only had 4 of the masks marked down that should mean the fifth is not in a chest. It is either given to you by an island dweller or it is in the rubble of a destroyed building. I will post back once I replay and find it again.

Other coin locations are listed in the FAQ section.


Be sure you destroy all enemy buildings and blockades, complete all tasks for island dwellers, read and look carefully around all guidestones, check back to islands that you could not complete on the first pass to gather up what was missed.

Check for outer land masses since they can contain gems, totems and other items. If you spot a destroyed building on the edge of an outer land mass then build a tower there. It will take longer since your workers can't get to it but it is possible and the likelyhood of there being something for you is greater.

grannygamer January 25, 2009 1:35 AM

RE: purple dots Worship Island
Thank you so much Jay. You are a hero and a scholar. My dots were kinda red too, kinda looked like bubbles and were in shape of a square. Got the chest and am now on the Lonely island.


hello, i want to thank all of you who have asked and answered questions, because of all of you there was no need for me to ask a question cause they were already there, so thank you all.

Anonymous January 25, 2009 2:03 AM

stuck on worship island i can only find 11 pineapples can anyone help me find the last one


Ok I can't find the 3rd water hole to feed the plant on beetle island. I got the one that's on the lil island w/the plant on the one diagonal from it on the west side of the island. If I try to fill again from those it doesn't let me.
For people missing gems and trinkets, if you've gotten past Shark Island start backtracking and clear the black surrounding islands, I've found a bunch of gems and a necklace so far this way


I purchased Totem Tribe through iWin games. I tried to download the new version but it wouldn't let me activate it. Any idea how I can get the new version so I can get the Rainbow Road completed? Thank!

[Edit: The best idea I have, is writing an email to the customer care or support of iWin Games. They should be best to help you with this problem ~Kayleigh]


mntn root
The root on witch island is on the right side of the mountain, just a little bit is showing.
comet island green crystal
fire the arrow thing at the bottom of the island twords the set of green crystals there's one just on the other side of them, if not get your people close to the right side there should be one there just can't remember what side and there's also one in the middle of the big ones

MissMarie January 25, 2009 4:32 AM

I need some tips or something..

I am one shell away from getting the coin on Frost Vale, one green shell away from completely finishing the Shark Archipelago level and one pineapple away from activating the last idol on Worship Island, and for the life of me, no matter how many times I look, I can't find the blasted things. I don't know how often I stop, and then go back and look and I just can't find it. I'm thisclose to going out and buying a magnifying glass, lol.

If anyone out there has any ideas, tips, hints, whatever to finding these, it would greatly be appreciated. I'm stuck on Worship Island now and I don't want to have to keep stopping and starting all over again with a new stradgy.

Thank you in advance

Little Sister January 25, 2009 5:35 AM

I can not find out how to get the door open on the Lost Island. I keep clicking on the things I need but it's not working. any idea? I will keep trying until I hear from someone who can help. Thanks!!!

Little Sister January 25, 2009 5:41 AM

I know this may be dumb, but I can't figure out how to get the doors open on Lost Island. I keep trying to click on the symbols I need and its not helping. Can someone help please!


Please help me with that lanters (how the colores go) on red rock island. I'm reading that tips but it doesn't work...I'm losing my mind.....please help meeeee :(((((



You need to find the rune that fits in each gate before they can be opened.



The one Shaman mask location that was not listed above:

Volcano Island: solve the bulb puzzles (3 of them) to get the scroll,give it to the man in the Hall of Mysteries. This will give you a Shaman Mask, the ability to build Hall of Mysteries and the ability for your shamans to use frost power by way of research.



While replaying Beetle Island I noticed that my previous solution may end up being wrong for some people since this time I was givem more then one pre-lit to start.

If you have one fire lit for you at the beginning or can get to the point where only one is lit then this solution works: keep the lit one on and turn on the ones on each side of it. Works for any one, doesn't matter which it is.


Sorry about the typos. Since they are getting more frequent it must be time for nap. :)

bluefire2 January 25, 2009 6:25 AM

Please tell me how to access treasure chest. Can't find it. Need sphere clarity, that is already there, so that I can get in mountain in Worship for the mask to open chest for the last fruits. I have tried temple but no use. Chest says not enough masks. My treasure chest with every find does not show up in my game. Please help. Thanks.

lostfan08 January 25, 2009 6:43 AM

This is a great site for information. Thanks everyone for contributions.

My question is how do I get to Shark Archepelago islands? I've read about the Shark islands, but couldn't find where it said how to get there.

Thanks in advance.


@ lostfan08

You need to complete Beetle Island before you can play Shark Archepelago. You can only access one new island at a time as you finish the previous one.



The quest you are given right off the start is to find the temple. Find the temple and if you click on it and then look to the left of it you may find what you are missing.


@Silueta RE: Lanterns on Red Rock

Read the guidestones on the island, they tell you exactly where to place the colors.

matthewfarmery January 25, 2009 7:46 AM

about reducing the amount of gems in 1.02, that doesn't make any sense, I have played the game eithout the above fix, and I got 99% this was a fresh start and ok I used the

paint the objects cheat to make the objects show up

but even then I only could find 99% even though it should have been 100% if the number of gems needed was reduced by one, and yes I have stated that I do have version 1.02, I will play through the game with the above fix and see what it does, but I went thorough all the islands making them black to find every single gem, so either reducing the amount of gems doesn't work or something else is up? I will report back when I have completed the comet crashsite, only then will I know for sure




On the screen where you are given the option of which island to pick there is a treasure chest in the upper-left corner. Click on it to view what you have obtained so far.

This post continues with more info (if you need it) on page 9.

matthewfarmery January 25, 2009 9:25 AM

Finally 100% gems, proof is provided as well

and, in no real order

tetala island 21
mushroom island 21
monkey island 21
worship island 21
dream island 21
comet crash site 21
mist island 21
beetle island 21
lost temple island 21
witch island 21
skull island 21
volcano island 21 (with edited level file)
scorched island 21
yeti island 21
red rock island 21
lonely island 21
cradle of the north 21
dolphin island 21
shark island 21
frozen vale 21
seagull island 21

100% gems from a new game

so, does the 1.02 version fix the gem issue? or does that final gem from volcano island is needed after all?

I rest my case and let the jury decide


[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


I have read guide stones but I don't get it. If yellow is between violet and blue how can red be right of yellow. It can't be because blue is right of yellow????????????'


Need help still can't find last 3 shells and have clicked on everything there.
Also twice now have been unable to kill shades on volcano island.. built thunder towers and 3 barracks and lots of shamans but still guro man gets it and it says try again..

kingsquest33 January 25, 2009 9:39 AM

I am on the island with the eskimos with the burning towers. I have 30 shell things and four pieces of coal.Where is that last piece of coal? I have perused the walkthrough and the help squad. It's all so unorganized and I am tired of trying to find the solution. Please, Please help! Also, how the heck do I remove the big ice mountains?




someone said that are 21 gems per level
and since there are in all 7 colours, so there will be 3 gems of the same colour in each level

so if you are missing any gems, best thing to do is to count how many of the same color in your treasure box, from there you will know what color gem you are missing, thus you can search by the color of the terrain by default for your missing gems rather than just click aimlessly

click smart not hard :)


[allows you to able click once the fog is clear]

DOING THE BELOW METHOD MAY spoil your gameplay experience and more important your computer might crash. you be warn

this is better than the fog of war cheat because that cheat only allows player to view entire map of the level

observation cheat allow player to click on any area once the fog has been clear, [no really its just a numbers game]

step 1
MAKE an backup of the unit.xml file
You can find it where you install the game
c:\program files\Totem Tribe\data\cfg

step 2

open the unit.xml with basic text editor like notepad on the windows or textedit on mac

step 3

for this example let use the unitname [worker]

use crtl+f to bring up the find what box and type observation and press find next
or scroll down where u can see something like this

[observation] 150 [/observation]

step 4

the number represents how far that unit can see

change 150 to something bigger let say 1500.

this will make worker's sight 10 times larger than the original value

save it and start the game you will see worker now gain a bigger sight

happy playing


Silueta blue is on the left of yellow.


I am still stuck on cradle of the north. I know where to put the totums, I just keep being defeated by the shades. Any hints to how to defeat them? Do I need to get the second set of crystals?


stuck on pink circle puzzle on worship island, i have followed several spoilers and ideas, i have all five masks, but i still can not get the lost map or jewels from the pyramids..urg!
any help most appreciated so i can beat this game! thanks


So I finally got through the Island of Mist but I can't go through that lightening bolt door, which I'm figuring means I don't have all the bolts. I clicked on them when they were on the screen but nothing happened? Also, the 4th blot shown on Jay's screenshot shows it is past the door up top. What do I do and what did I do wrong? Thanks!


for cradle of the north

my best advice is, build as many towers with fire and ice as you can, build as many shaman and hunter buildings as you can, as they take up less space then the fighter and archer ones, I wouldn't bother with archers, use the space for the fighter, shaman and hunter buildings, (I find shaman to be very effective) if towers are destroyed replace, even if they are destroyed again, as it means the shades are attacking them rather then the units or the other towers, you can build a few around the world seal, they make good diversions, the level isn't that hard if you have loads of units and towers around the world seal, hope that helps


omg! decided to try one more time, and i finally got the map..was hoping for more jewels though lol..thanks fellow gamers!


I've got a problem with the gems, I can only find 12 gems on the comet crash site, I looked at the xml and it shows only 12 gems. I think I might be missing one from Volcano island still, but I could have miscounted. I had started a new game and I'm still stuck at 97% as with my other game.

I have version 1.2 , so, not sure what is going on.


RE: Guybrush Threepwood

I am addressing this because out of all the pages I have read this was the funniest question I encountered!

A while back, there was a computer game made when they still used the floppy disks called Monkey Island. It was a role playing Pirate game where you flung insults to other pirates and had a good old fashioned sword fight. The main character's name was Guybrush Threepwood.

So what you saw, or read, was a small homage to the game.


huh? That's wierd, both mine and the other persons posts got duplicated.

Anyways, I meant 1.02, not 1.2.

Can anybody help out on this wierd thing with the gems? I don't know why, but it lists 12, not 21 gems for the crash site level.


Ah ok, my bad, all I could think of was a bathroom wall lol

matthewfarmery January 25, 2009 11:21 AM


have you used the bow? three crystal formations can be destroyed by the bow, aim it using the top two buttons, the bottom two control the distance, then click on the bow to fire it, needs about three shots per crystal formation, (PS the bow is right near the start of the level


AHHH how do you beat these flippin shades on Cradle of the North?


Hey first of all thanks for all the walkthroughs.
Im on the witch island and ive collected all roots etc the one in puddle of green mud. I've clicked on it hundreds of time and it just wont give me the root. It did earlier but pc crashed and it never saved, is it a glitch or do i have to just click mentally until it discovers it?



On Monkey Island - Can someone please tell me how to get the item on the raft that is in a block of ice? (At least, I think that's what it is). Shamans don't do anything and can't build a tower there.


LoL @ Sas



Here is a good strategy for the shades:

Most importaintly, before you attack, research every tech available to you. Generally I first put all of the totems on except one until I'm ready. First, make your army as big as possible, having the marketplace with it's population boost helps. Put two ice towers on either side of the world seal and make them ice towers. Although only one ever draws aggro for me. Also put some ice towers at the entrance to the world seal area and put a few down the path, set them up as whatever you want. Then make your guys wait near the world seal so that they can start attacking immediately. Having the idol of protection helps alot as well.

When you're ready, charge up the idol, place that last totem in, activate the worldseal, and get ready for a fight. Keep recharging that idol of protection, I find it easier to keep one charging up as it takes too long to charge two up alternatively


Thanks smjjames. I missed the opportunity to get ice towers. Can I go back now?


I tried that Matthew, but that didn't seem to work. I'll try again, maybe I'm not doing something right.


@DeLaPooh: Yea, although you'll have to restart the cradle level. If you haven't unlocked the lost iceberg already, go to the first ice island level (forget the name atm, the one where you can get fire towers).



thats no block of ice its something that u need to go back there once u have one of the item 'Sphere of Clarity'


How do I get to the lost temple?

matthewfarmery January 25, 2009 12:08 PM


the three crystal formations you can destroy are, one near the idols, one beyond the crystals that block your path when you first start the level, and the last is on the left surrounded by burnt shrubs, they take about 3 to 4 hits dot on, once damaged enough they will be destroyed and gems will be on the ground



I just realized that my tower on Worship Island is not all the way inside the dots. How do I smash the tower? I've read all the FAQ's and posts.