I have gone thru all the spoilers and can't seem to find any info on the drill for documents. I have killed the bandits I can get to but can't figure how to get into anywhere else. Help.


Does anyone know how to get the Trojan and Fruit HATS? I'm stuck and would greatly appreciate any info! THANKS!!!



Has anyone been able to do this? I have played through the game twice and received all trophies except the "hidden" one. I've played all the sandbox games and thus get the bonuses for the actual game the third time around. I've tried mining and saving over $1000 before I even do the dynamite license quest, thinking that the hero would be okay with sending money back to the Barons if there was a lot saved up, even after the bad guys took their cut. I don't know what else to do since so many things are still locked this early in the game (such as bridges).

[I think, it was mentioned a few times here in the postings ;) - There is no way to win this quest. No matter what you do. Kayleigh]


Thanks Kayleigh. I thought I had read through all comments, but I must have missed that. Do you know what the final trophy is?


Please have a look at the spoiler on the top. At the end you will find a list of all trophies. There you can see, which one you are missing :)
Greetings, Kayleigh


Great game, can someone help with saving the lady under the log, how is that done? this site is really helpful when I am stuck.


Walk over to the lady and chop the log up.

prememorie January 17, 2009 7:01 PM

THANK YOU KAYLEIGH for your help on "Save the Farm". I thought I had read all of the post but duh missed it. T. :)


Hey guys, how do you research a gold mine? I can't seem to see a research button anywhere. Thanks


There isn't a research button. You need to build a blacksmith and the access the gold mine on the build menu.


Hello. Can anyone tell me how to get past helping the miner with the 5 barrels of gold? Whenever I get there, my town gets smashed by bandits. So frustrating

Thanks for any help.


This may sound stupid but how do you mine for silver? I don't understand this... help would be appreciated!

[Edit: Start like you did with the gold. Look for hills that shine silver instead of gold and let a resident mine there. Greetings, Kayleigh]


HELP can't continue the game! It starts but i can't get further than the "please wait" screen! Any idea how can i fix it? Wont start again bacause Im so far... Thank you!

[Edit: As it sounds as a technical problem, it might make sense to contact the support of the page, where you purchased the game]


I am trying to rescue the mechanic and when I go in the gate to the red error nothing happens. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong.



I am not able to load my save game the loading bar ends and "please wait" message remains and nothing happens,except the cursor keeps on moving.

I think this is a bug,are u too facing same problem?
Is there any way to overcome this or fix this??

JosephineSouthern January 18, 2009 11:32 AM

computer hangs up on "please wait" after wanted poster completed. To work around that, after awhile I found that I had missed something in the scene and I went back and did that and got back to town. The back to town would not work either, I had to restart computer to get out of the game. The game has hung up a little bit in other places on the "please wait" and I waited and waited before hitting the reset computer button.
[Edit: For technical support please contact the website, you purchased the game from. I'm sure, they can be a better help :) Greetings, Kayleigh]


Carrie, what is the name of the mission? If I can remember the spot your refering to, I can help more specifically . . . but a general hint would be to go after the bandits before they can smash your town. Hire gunslingers, if you can, and guard the town. Else, do what you can to stop the bandits with your hero... try finding their camp and eliminating them there.

JosephineSouthern January 18, 2009 11:46 AM

Hi again, Wonder if anyone is having this problem.

I am stuck on the easter eggs. Can't find the last one. Started the quest over new from a save game and can't find 3 of the eggs.
I have tried everything posted here.

I had built a lot of stuff before I got to the easter egg quest, could that be the reason? Perhaps I destroyed some eggs in the building process.


The Easter Egg list is in the walkthrough posted at top by Kayleigh, but I noticed that the numbers were off...what they called #7 was #9, and so on, so that threw me off initially. I had to start over from a save before the hunt. I kept a list and crossed off each egg, that helped. Also...

That last one, behind the tree directly north of the blue rocks... you'll have to wait for the tree to be chopped down by a lumber camp or set some dynamite by it. Seems to be no other way to reach it.

Another one is on the ridge in the southeast corner, probably where you have trees growing.

At least three are in the forest area near the cave to the haunted town.

And there are three up in the trees by the outpost. Another is southwest where the bears are... etc.

So it's very likely that trees are hiding the ones you can't find... have fun with dynamite! (Or lumber camps)


Oh, and eggs won't be destroyed or covered up when you build...

The eggs are always in spots where a building cannot be placed, such as on an uneven surface, hill, or water.

... the biggest problem is that trees can, and do, grow in front of the eggs, hiding them.

Sorry, I post a lot! I like this game :)


Thanks Kayleigh! ^^


For help in finding Easter eggs that might be hidden, hold the space bar and rotate the screen with your mouse. It won't stay but you can use in various sections to find those last missing eggs.


hi still trying to get through the earthquake quest.. i really need the help on this.. everything i read is not working.. can someone help me please.. would appreciate it so much so i can move past this quest..



Anyone know a site to report technical problems? I can't load any of the games I save in the Haunted Town quest. I click on the saved game, it goes to the "please wait" screen, and just hangs there. I have v1.00.

[Edit: Maybe you can download a later version of the game from the site, where you bought the game? Or write to the technical support of that site. Greetings, Kayleigh]



it is the miner that comes to town and asks if you would like to go to the Rusty Bucket now you enter and you have this small town NO Extra people and it is all smashed up you have a saloon a farm and a trade post.
you are suppose to place 5 gold barrels and blow them up but you cant mine gold here I think it is also know as the fools gold level not sure. where you are trying to fool mcallister.

I cant find the darn bandits I have scrolled all over they just come out of no place and mess everything up before I can lumber enough wood to get gunslinger.

Help if you can if you need more info Let me know this is so annoying for me... LOL

LOVE This game so additing


[Edit: spoiler added /Greetings, Kayleigh]

muckifutz January 18, 2009 4:41 PM

I had the same problem after the sleepy hollow challenge (please wait screen game dosen't start) please let me know if/how you fixed it, got no idea. Hope I get an answer from technical support soon. Thanks


I am stuck on the trojan hat as well . I have the others .I wouls appreatiate any help.


For those having trouble with rescuing the mechanic. You have to bring Finagin with your hero over to the red arrow inside the rustlers gate on the east side.


I am stuck in the quest for the contest with the machine. It tells me that I have to blow up some rocks, where the rocks ?

JosephineSouthern January 18, 2009 5:49 PM

Thanks for the egg help, but I am still missing ONE! I have rotated scanned puched trees blewup rocks till I am blue in the face.

I have a problem with the trade post missions.

I can't get past the 1st one because the FOOD will not go to 25; it is hung at 20. 20/20
Anybody have a work around?

Anonymous January 18, 2009 5:51 PM

Anyone know how to get the fruit hat?


Josephine, build a granary to get your food levels up.


FINALLY beat it I had to build two lumber camps and I just kept saving and YAY I beat the game finally also that was fun




The Earthquake Town is quick and easy with this method... not much of a spoiler, more of a cheat:

I used three of the six save slots... I saved every minute or so, especially after building something. If an earthquake happens, go to load game and load your latest save before the earthquake. Earthquakes are random so you can avoid earthquakes, and thus their damage, but using this save game method.

If there was a fire, it was extinguished quickly and the damage was easy to repair.

I made sure buildings were situated so at least one well was nearby (this meant building them around the well). I also made sure there were people near those buildings, so non-manned cabins, etc, were right next to farms, and so on.

Intially, I built one farm, with the two original citizens as workers, one lumber camp and one gold panning mine. Then I built a tent...half way through the process, I'd save the game.

When the tent was finished, if a prospector or wood cutter didn't move in, I'd reload until I got two prospectors and two lumberjacks for the bonus they provide. While that method takes time, the extra resource efficiency was worth it.

Strategize when and how things are built, as well as where you put new workers, so you can get the maximum built while still raking in the food, gold and wood.

Without the earthquake damage, this quest went quickly and easily for me. I just kept rotating between the three slots in case I had to go to a save further back.

I don't think there is a way to do this quest with all those earthquakes. Before using saves, my towns were wiped out repeatedly. So frustrating! Perhaps my earthquake generator was stuck on overdrive?

Good luck! Will you let me know when you complete it (and how you do it)?



I used the same method in that town as I did in the earthquake town... although the bandits didn't attack often, maybe I was randomly lucky that way.


I didn't build anything but a store to buy tree seeds, two lumber camps, and a trading post to trade the wood for gold.

I built tents using the save/reload method to get woodcutters to work the lumber camps for their bonus.

I saved often and would go buy the border where the bandits would show up fairly often, to make sure they weren't coming to "smash my town." If they were, I'd head them off at the pass.

If you run and stop, run and stop, you can isolate a gunslinger from the group so you can take them on one at a time.


I'm stuck way before you guys. How do I get to the bandits? I keep hitting dead ends


Karen, how did you get the gate open on the mechanic quest? I am still going crazy over this one! Thanks.


Save the Mechanic...opening the gate:

If you have repaired the town and defended it from the bandit attacks, you will get a message that it's time to go.

You need to create a diversion...

Buy dynamite and blow up the rock barricade on the western edge of the map. The bandits will open the gates to go investigate, you slip through the gates with the mechanic and head southwest until you reach the red arrow.


hi im woundering if anyone can help me with 2 quetions first 1 is how do i stop the guy on the black horse and the hunted town, the second 1 is where do i find mcallister's vault thankyou for all the help on this page


About the problem with Haunted Town saves not loading: I looked at the Sandlot forums. People have reported the problem there, too, and apparently the developers are looking into it. No fix from them yet, but someone posted to say it's a problem with the ATI Radeon graphics card (which I'm using). Don't know how reliable that post is, though.


You can't stop the man on the black horse. You have to rebuild the cemeteries. Once done, he doesn't come back.

old woman January 19, 2009 1:35 PM

This may seem dozy,but How do I fortify buildings? I have unlocked fortification.
Tried just about everything suggested for eartquake, still struggling.


Click on your sawmill building (once it's been built), and you should see "fortification" as an option. Click on that and your buildings are fortified...


Still having troubles with the rocks to be cleared when mechanic is built, when everyone is back to the main town, do not see which cliff it is, thanks for the help.


How do you beat haunted town?


The cliff is right behind the machine. Blow the rocks in front of it.

old woman January 19, 2009 5:49 PM

Elle thanks, you made me realise how to upgrade my pick and axe also, great help!


How do you get the fish with the red dot for the Chili cook off? I found the fish but am unable to get to fish to fish it out. Please help.


You need to build a bridge to reach the fish.


I have restarted the game because after reading posts, I realized I totally missed some things in the first town. The first time I tried to rescue Redd's family, I had no problem. This time I can't get past the last guy on the horse. I have tried several times. What am I doing wrong this time? Each time I try to sneak up to the wagon, he sees me and the folks go running.


I have a problem. How do you solve drunks? I can't figure out what to do. Please help!



Build a sheriff's office and hire a sheriff or deputy. Drag the sheriff or deputy over to the drunks until the handcuffs appear. The drunk will then stagger to the jail to dry out.


Here is the complete walkthrough for Westward III: Gold Rush

A big thanks to Boopbug for providing the spoiler information! And another thanks to Eileen for the Easter Egg screenshots!

Getting Started

At the start of the game, you are asked to select a character. Each character unlocks different buildings.

  • Polly Hatchet unlocks the Ranch

  • Amos Cutter unlocks the Gun Shop

  • Shawnee Longfeather unlocks the Tannery.

For the first time player, the tutorial will begin. This will teach you the basics of the game. After you have gone through the tutorial for the first time, the game will ask you if you want to skip the tutorial. It's your choice.

Lost Comrade Quest - Search for Redd

Campaign One - Build Your Town

  • Build three tents for the settlers.

  • Click on your hero and then Build 1 tab located at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click on the tent and place the tent on the land.

  • The background will turn green when it is okay to build.

  • If the site is obstructed, the background will be red.

  • Once you have built the first tent, you are told that there is a camp site north that could have been Redd's.

  • Build two more tents then go check out the campsite.

  • Put your settlers to work building a well, a granary, a lumber camp, a panning operation, and a farm.

  • Put them to work.

  • Sam shows up and challenges you to grow 10 food at the farm.

  • If you need more settlers, build tents or cabins.

  • Click on the store tab to buy the cabin option so you can build cabins.

  • While your settlers are building the town, gather wood and gold and hunt for food until the farm is established. (Leave the gold on the bank by the protector).

  • Pick up any wood that is on the ground as you head to the campsite.

  • Click on the box and read the note. It holds a clue for the hidden supplies.

  • Go back into town.

  • The wagon will be broken up.

  • Pick up the wood.

  • Build a few more tents to get more settlers.

  • If you run out of food, your hero can hunt rabbits and deer and can also fish.

  • Once your farm is up and running and you have given 10 in food to Luther, your hero is told that Redd headed up north.

  • An exclamation point will appear above your hero's head.

  • Click on it and head up north.

Trading Post Mystery

  • Once in Timber Troubles head north to the settlers.

  • Click on the question marks above their heads.

  • You are given "The Trading Post Mystery."

  • Continue north and cross the bridge to the trading post.

  • Defeat the bandit.

  • Pick up the wood.

  • Leave the food for later.

  • Walk over to the right of the Trading Post to the bottle on the tree stump. You will find a note from Redd.

  • Watch your food supplies. Hungry settlers won't work and will leave town.

  • Go back across the river and meet the gunslingers.

  • It costs 75 gold a piece to hire them.

  • Pick up all the wood you can find and chop up any logs.

  • Sell the wood at the Trading Post for gold.

  • Hire the gunslingers.

  • With the Gunslingers, cross the river and defeat the bandits.

  • Pick up the gold, wood, and dynamite.

  • Use the dynamite on the rock in the river to blow them up.

  • Before you click on the question mark, head toward the water tree in the upper right of the screen.

  • Go behind the tree to get the supplies Redd left for you.

  • Click on the question mark, you receive your Dynamite License.

  • Then head back to town.

  • Take the Gunslingers with you.

Continue Building Your Town

  • Buy the Saloon from the store tab on the top.

  • Build a saloon for the Gunslingers.

  • Choose the saloon on the store menu.

  • Once your saloon is built, hire a few more Gunslingers.

  • Position them in pairs around the lumber camp and tents/cabins.

  • Gunslingers can also hunt and pick up wood. They don't work, however.

  • Build a General Store and employ someone there.

  • Buy dynamite on the store tab and upgrade menu.

  • After a few minutes, you will be able to buy dynamite.

  • Purchase the dynamite as soon as you can afford it.

  • Buy the tree upgrade and you will also be able to buy fast growing trees to plant near your lumber camps to keep them in business.

Find Redd's Hidden Supplies

  • Dynamite the boulders near the prospector. They are by the riverbank.

  • Blow up the boulders, walk up the ramp, and go across to the rock arch.

  • Go through the rock arch and up to the top of the hill by the boulders.

  • As you approach, Redd's hidden supplies will appear.

Continue Building Your Town

  • Buy some more dynamite and blow up the rock at the "T" of the river near the gold deposit.

  • Build a second panning operation.

  • Hold off building the panning operation near the protector as long as you can.

  • Once you give him 25 food, build him a tent and he will stay if you haven't taken his gold nugget.

  • Have him build the panning operation and start him working.

At this point, McAllister and Willy show up and try to run you off the land. The sheriff shows up and tells them that you can stay on the land, but they own the river. You are now down to 1 mine if it still has any gold.

Rescue the Lumberjacks

  • James wants to speak to you. He is located down river where the "!" is if you haven't already found him.

  • You get the Rescue the Trapped Lumberjacks quest.

  • Accept the request if you are ready to go.

  • You will first be taken to a bridge tutorial.

  • Bridges are located on the third building tab on the bottom.

  • Talk to the settler and he will ask you to build him a bridge.

  • After the bridge is built, follow him across the river.

  • He will ask you to build him another bridge.

  • You will have to turn this bridge.

  • Click on the bridge and then click on the rotate button located above the build menu.

  • This will rotate the bridge so you can place it.

  • Build the bridge and follow the settler across this bridge.

  • You will next be taken where the lumberjacks are trapped.

  • Walk toward the lumber mill and talk to the woman.

  • Put her to work at the mill.

  • You will meet a male settler.

  • Put him to work at one of the lumber camps.

  • Pick up the wood, supplies, and any loose gold.

  • Build your first bridge to the island to reach the dynamite.

  • Cross the bridge and pick up the dynamite and any other supplies and gold.

  • Go back across the bridge and build another bridge to the same island on the other side of the small hill.

  • Meet the settler and pick up supplies.

  • Send the settler across the bridge and down the river to the ramp by the panning operation and set him to work.

  • Send your hero down the ramp into the river.

  • Blow up the rocks in the river.

  • Walk up the next ramp and meet the next lumberjack.

  • Pick up any supplies.

  • Send the lumberjack to the panning operation. (You need the gold to build the bridges).

  • If the first panning operation is destroyed, walk down river and build another one.

  • Continue past the second gold vein in the river and up the ramp.

  • Walk as far as you can and build another bridge.

  • Cross the bridge and meet the woman.

  • Set her to work at one of the lumber camps.

  • If you still have dynamite, continue walking north to the rocks blocking the path.

  • Blow them up and continue north to meet the next woman.

  • If you don't have dynamite, build a bridge to the island with dynamite.

  • Gather all the supplies on that island, then continue to the rocks in the path.

  • Meanwhile, if you have the supplies, have the worker at the lumber mill build a bridge to save the woman near the lumber mill.

  • Once all have been rescued, head back to town.

Continue Building Your Town

  • When you return to town and have already built a lumber mill, build a bridge so James and his friend can walk to the mainland.

  • You can set them to work to build a cabin and then mine the gold and silver veins on the ground.

  • Once they have mined all the gold and silver on the ground, have them build a big mine south of where you met Willy. (You will have to have a blacksmith first).

  • Head back to town and continue to buy buildings from the store as you have the experience points.

  • Continue to build.

  • Once you have 15 settlers in your town, build a Sheriff's Office and hire a Sheriff.

  • Buy the Sheriff's office from the store tab on the top.

  • Build the Sheriff's office and hire a Sheriff.

  • You can now build more houses for more settlers.

  • You won't be able to attract more settlers until you have a Sheriff.

  • Now that you have a Sheriff's office, you can reform drunks.

  • Drag your Sheriff to the drunk until handcuffs appear.

  • Your drunk will now stagger to the jail to dry out. Once they are sober, they can be employed.

White Bunny

  • Build three farms and have all three grow carrots.

  • A white bunny will appear.

  • Click on the bunny and drag it to its hole on the left side of the screen.

  • The hole is in a hollow near a pile of gold.

  • The bunny will go in the hole and drag out a treasure chest.

  • You will need three keys to open the chest.

  • This is the first treasure hunt.

First Treasure Hunt

  • Cross the bridge you built for James and walk north past the gunslingers to the rocks above the switch.

  • Dynamite the rocks to get them to fall on the switch in the enclosure behind the bandits.

  • The switch will open the gate.

  • Walk into the gate and walk up to the scarecrow. Get key #1.

  • Walk back across the bridge, down the ramp and go right.

  • Blow up rocks in the river in front of pool with fish swimming around the crate.

  • Then build a bridge to the pool.

  • Catch all of the fish swimming around the crate.

  • When they are all caught, open crate for key #2.

  • Go back to the area on the left side of the river.

  • Go to a white tree on a hill toward the bottom and near the far left side of this area.

  • Blow up tree and a crate falls to ground. Open crate and get key #3.

  • When you have all keys go to the chest and open it.

  • Talk to Willy.

  • Walk back across James' bridge to the middle left side of the screen and talk to Willy.

  • Get the next quests.

Chili Cook Off

  • After you talk to Willy, Peppers Callihan will challenge you to a chili cook off.

  • Gather the ingredients.

  • Your farms will box up the carrots and corn for you.

  • Hunt some deer and fish for the red snapper located at the bottom right of the screen.

  • To get to the snapper, you will have to build a bridge.

  • Sometimes a wolf is around the pond. You may have to kill it first.

Continue Building Your Town

  • Build a Blacksmith Shop and employ someone there.

  • Next buy the gold mine from the store at the top of the screen.

  • Build a gold mine near where Redd hid his supplies.

  • Employ your prospectors there.

  • If at any time you need experience points or gold, you can do a side quest from the sheriff's office or the trading post.

Rescue the Mechanic

  • Before you go, be sure you have all the gunslingers you can get and all the deputies you can hire.

  • When you get to the town, position the lawmen and gunslingers in front of the buildings.

  • Set the townsfolk to work at the lumber camp, the gold mine, and farm.

  • Build a cabin or two to get some more workers.

  • As you have the resources, rebuild the town.

  • If you need more gunslingers, employ someone at the saloon long enough to hire more gunslingers.

  • You may want to build a well to help your crops grow.

  • Once the town is rebuilt, fire one of your workers and hire them at the general store so you can purchase dynamite.

  • Blow up the blockade to distract the bandits.

  • Once they clear the gate, get the mechanic and go through the gate to the arrow and head back to town.

Get the Engine

  • To get the engine, you will have to keep the fires going.

  • Pick up all the loose wood and gold around the camp.

  • Have one of the settlers build a lumber camp.

  • Put your gunslingers near the camp.

  • Have your hero chop wood.

  • Put two workers to work at the lumber camp.

  • As soon as one of the fires goes weak, give it wood.

  • Your gunslingers will take care of the wolves.

  • As long as the fires stay lit, the wolves will only attack near the lumber camp.

Recover the Drill

  • To recover the drill, the people will open the first door for you.

  • The other person will go with you.

  • To open the first door, have your hero stand on one trigger and Hank on the other trigger. This will open the door on the left.

  • Take one of your people and go stand on the switch in that room. That will open the door in front of you.

  • Bring both people through the door, up the hill and down to the right.

  • Have one of them stand on the switch in front of you.

  • When the door opens, leave the person on the switch and walk the other through.

  • Now move the person off the switch and back onto it again.

  • The door that was just walked through will close and the one next to it will open.

  • Have the first person walk through this door and step on that switch. This will open the 3rd door in the previous area.

  • Have them walk back into the area with three doors.

  • Now have the other person step off the switch they are on and back on it again to reopen the door for them to walk through.

  • Take both people through the third door.

  • Now if you want, you can fish in the pond to get the key to open the door in the top right.

  • This will get you the dynamite and you can go back to blast through the rocks and get all the stuff back a couple of areas.

Here is the part that most people seem to be having trouble with.

  • Put each person on one switch, this will open the door in front of you.

  • Now move the person on the right through the door.

  • When they move off of the switch, the door to THEIR right is opened.

  • Go through that door.

  • Take the person still outside the first door and move them to the switch on the right.

  • This will open the door in front of the person inside.

  • Take them through that door and step on the switch.

  • Leave this person standing on the switch and take the one outside in through the door and to THEIR left.

  • When they step on that switch, the main doors will open.

  • Now you have to take this person back out the first doors to stand on the switch on the right again so your other person can get out.

  • Move them both into the final big area.

  • They should now each step on a switch to the right, this will open the door to where the drill bit is.

  • Bring one of your people in to get the drill bit and the final door will open to get you back to the beginning.

  • Redd will come back during these quests. Have him build a cabin and then put him to work.

  • To put the drill together, drag your gunslingers and some of your deputies over to the drill. This will keep the bandits at bay while the drill is being put together.

  • Once the drill is together, have your hero dynamite the rock in front of the hill where the drill is.

  • The competition will begin and you will lose.

  • This will end the first half of the game.

As you travel to the new town, you first have to catch the "dog".

Lost and Hound Quest

  • Hunt for three rabbits.

  • Redd will cook the rabbit stew.

  • Lead the "dog" back to the pen.

  • His master will get the key to the gate for you.

Fur Exchange

  • Go across the river and meet the brother.

  • To get through the maze you will first go back across the river and hunt rabbits and deer to get the dynamite.

  • You will need a minimum of three sticks of dynamite.

Cave Maze

  • Blow up the middle cave behind the cabin.

  • Go through. Next, blow up the rocks blocking the cave.

  • Go through and then return back through the same cave.

  • Blow up the rocks in the new cave and go through.

  • Go north toward the arrow.

Baron Family Migration
Find the Horses

  • The first is located by the small pond at the bottom of the screen.

  • Just walk up to the horse, and he will go back to Redd.

  • The second horse is located to the far right of the screen up the small hill.

  • continue to build the town to get the supplies Redd needs

Build the Town

  • Build the town by beginning with a lumber camp.

  • Employ the freed woman at the lumber camp.

  • Build a well, farm, and cabins to get the town started.

  • Build a panning operation in the river.

  • Once you have the supplies Redd needs, send him to get his parents

Log Jam

  • Drag your hero over toward the woman who is trapped by the log until you get the hand with the bag.

  • Chop the log until the woman is free.

Professional Challenge

You will have to build your town to do this quest.

Chop Down the Tallest Tree

  • The tallest tree is located to the left of the river.

  • After you have built a lumber mill, build a bridge vertical over the bottom part of the river.

  • Buy dynamite at the General Store

  • Place the dynamite at the base of the tree and blow it up.

Collect the Crate Guarded by Bandits

  • Take gunslingers with you to the bandit camp located at the top right of the screen.

  • Kill the bandits and grab the crate.

Collect 3 Bear Hides

  • After building a tannery, take your gunslinger to the left of the river where the tallest tree was.

  • Shoot the bears and collect the hides.

  • Once you have finished each quest, choose which profession is the best.

  • It doesn't matter which you choose.

The Perfect Gift

Once you have three farms built, Luke shows up with the Perfect Gift Quest.

Red Flowers

Build a flower pot and water it once and the flowers will turn red.

Silver Ring

  • Build a blacksmith shop and employ a worker.

  • Mine some silver. It is on the ground and looks like gold, only it's silver in color.

  • When you have enough silver, you will automatically make the ring.

White Bunny

  • Have three farms grow carrots and the bunny will appear.

  • Click on the bunny, and it will be put in a crate.

Black Horse

  • Build a sheriff's office and employ a sheriff.

  • Build a few stables, and sooner or later, a black horse will appear.

  • You may need to build 4 to 6 stables.

To get to the upper right screen and gold mine.

  • Buy two sticks of dynamite.

  • Dynamite the tree blocking the canyon twice.

Resource Smuggling

  • Wait until you have your town up and running before you click on Clark.

  • Build a saloon.

  • Clark will come back about 6 times to gather resources.

  • If you take too long in gathering the supplies, Clark will leave and you will fail the quest.

Sunken Treasure

  • Blow up the tree in the upper middle near the fenced in area.

  • The tree will fall on the trigger and open the gate.

  • Cross the bridge and pick up the hint for the treasure.

  • To find the key, go to the bottom of the screen to the river where the small cave is located.

  • Find the ring of blue rocks on the right side of the screen above a pond.

  • Build a well in the middle of the blue rocks.

  • Drag your hero onto the well and the hero will jump into the well.

Easter Egg Hunt

To get the Easter Egg Hunt, you need at least two chicken farms.

Location of Easter Eggs

  1. In front of the cave entrance in the water (SW corner of map)

  2. In the water at the bottom of the waterfall

  3. By the rock pile in the south area where the bears are

  4. Behind the farthest right tree (stump) where the landslide is located.

  5. Behind the tree on the right side of the waterfall

  6. Behind the bush on the left side of the bandit's gun shop

  7. Behind the farthest left tree behind the outpost (right across the river from #4)

  8. Top of screen behind gate where the treasure chest is located

  9. Behind the rocks in the water pond in the north west corner

  10. To the right of #9 behind the rotted tree

  11. Behind the pile of rocks east of the upper pond

  12. In the canyon past where the large tree was blocking the path near the 3 professional challenge guys

  13. Just above #11 in the alcove of the little hill

  14. Behind the big tree above the blue rock circle. Turn screen to see it.

  15. On top of the hill in the south east corner of the map.

In addition, here are screenshots of the locations of all of the Easter Eggs. The numbers don't necessarily match the number listed above, but the screenshots should help on their own.

Easter Egg #1

Easter Egg #2

Easter Egg #3

Easter Egg #4

Easter Egg #5

Easter Egg #6

Easter Eggs #7 and #8

Easter Egg #9

Easter Egg #10

Easter Egg #11

Easter Eggs #12 and #13

Easter Egg #14

Easter Egg #15

New Trade Route

  • Plant at least three or four of the fast growing trees on the hillside in the upper left behind the ruined cabin.

  • Rebuild the Outpost.

A New Start

  • Before you leave, be sure to have all the gunslingers and deputies you can get.

  • Build another saloon if you want more gunslingers.

  • The key is to lure the bandits away a few at a time.

Wagon Trap

  • Go north up the hill to the covered wagon filled with dynamite.

  • Send your hero to the left into the gully to get dynamite.

  • Set the dynamite near the covered wagon and blow it up.

  • Kill the few gunslingers who come to investigate.

Horse Corral

  • Go to the top right of the screen where the horses are in a corral.

  • Send you hero over to the water tower and shoot it until it falls on the trigger.

  • The horse will run out and a few bandits will come to investigate.

  • Kill the few gunslingers who come to investigate.

Something's Cooking

  • Continue to the right side of the screen were the campsite is located.

  • Gather firewood until you are told you have enough.

  • The cooking stew will lure the last few bandits over.

  • Kill those bandits.

Rescue the Baron Family

  • Go to the middle of the screen where Redd's parents are and a bandit on horseback.

  • If you killed all the other bandits, the one on horseback will run off.

Rowdy Civilians

Have the sheriff drag the drunk civilians to the jail to sober up.

How to Grow Grapes

  • Build 4 to 8 flower pots.

  • Water each flower pot twice

  • You will be asked if you would like to buy grape seeds.

Outwit McAllister

Get Votes

You will get the votes when you finish the Town Help Quest, Earthquake Quest, and Haunted Town Quest

Town Help
Town's Treasury

  • Fire the mayor, twice.

  • Hire gunslingers, fight the bandits, and run off the former mayor

Blow up the fence in the lower right hand corner.

Needing Some Shade

Buy tree seeds at the general store and plant them by the cabin.

Fancy New Hat

  • Build a hat store.

  • Employ someone at the store.

  • Drag Beth to the hat shop, and she will buy a new hat.

Gold Rustlers

  • Hire two people at the gold mine. When the bandits come, have them mine the gold and silver nearby.

  • Hire at least two gunslingers at the saloon

  • Take your hero and gunslingers north to the bandit camp and attack.

Needing a New Job

Build a ranch, employ Chris, and turn it into a cattle ranch.


  • Save very often, especially as soon as you build something.

  • After an earthquake, you can restart at this point.

  • Make sure that you have plenty of wells so that you can put the fires out fast.

  • Start with the basics: farm, lumber and gold.

  • Work your way up to having 2 farms, 2 wood, and 2 gold.

  • When you have enough, build your lumber mill and use the fortification.

  • Build slowly and fix everything as soon as you can.

  • When you have your 20 people and a good supply of wood and gold, build as many luxury items as you can to make the happiness.

  • Build the luxury items last since they get destroyed really easily.

Haunted Town

To get into the Haunted Town you

Build a lamp post in the upper right corner by the small cave opening.

  • When you first get into the Haunted Town, build 4 to 6 tents. Employ them at the lumber camp and mining gold.

  • Employ someone at the saloon and hire gunslingers.

  • Fire the person at the saloon and hire him at the General Store.

  • Buy dynamite at the General Store and blow up the rocks blocking the path on the right.

  • Take your gunslingers to each cemetery and kill the bandits.

  • Build a church and then rebuild each cemetery.

  • Watch your population and build tents if you get down to 3 people.

  • Don't worry about feeding your people. They will leave and be replaced.

Recover the Steam Powered Drill

  • Be sure you have the Outpost rebuilt

  • The Rusty Bucket
    Fool's Gold

    • Begin by building a lumber camp and two cabins or tents.

    • Put your people to work at the lumber camp and farm first.

    • Hire someone at the Trading Post. This person can go back and forth between the saloon and Trading Post as needed.

    • Hire gunslingers as soon as possible.

    • Set you hero to gather up the loose supplies.

    • Sell wood at the Trading Post for gold to hire gunslingers and buy dynamite.

    • Use the dynamite you picked up on the rocks in the river.

    • Pick up the loose supplies across the river.

    • Keep the well repaired to keep your crops growing.

    • Build a General Store as soon as you can so you can re-seed your lumber camps.

    • You need the wood from the lumber camps to sell for gold to buy dynamite.

    • Once your town is repaired, keep selling wood for gold and begin to buy the gold barrels and dynamite.

    • Set the gold barrels and dynamite at the red arrows

    • Willy will show up and give you the drill.

    Drill for Documents

    • Drag your hero, gunslingers, lawmen, and mechanic over to the barricade by the bandits.

    • Once the bandits are gone, drag the mechanic over to the barricade, and he will drill through the barricade.

    • Drag everyone to the next barricade.

    • Once the bandits are defeated, drag the mechanic over to the barricade, and he will drill through this barricade.

    • Once through this barricade, go to the next one and repeat the process again.

    • Once through the last barricade, go up the hill to the bandits and defeat them.

    • Take everyone up to the bank, and drag the mechanic over to the side of the bank.

    • As the mechanic is drilling into the bank, defeat the bandits twice.

    • Take the documents and head back to camp.

    Build a Train Station with Train Tracks

    • Click on the Outpost and on the Train Station icon to upgrade to the Train Station.

    • Purchase the train tracks on the upgrade menu. Sell wood if you need more gold.

    • Click on the Train Station and on the tracks icon and you have upgraded.

    • Wait for the train to arrive and go to the election.

    Finish McAllister

    • Hire as many gunslingers and deputies as you can.

    • McAllister's bandits will show up in three places: Near the cave to the Haunted Town, the other side of the river near the tallest tree, and at the bottom of the screen.

    • Send gunslingers to each spot. Be sure to shoot the wagons too.


    Perfect Gift---

    I couldn't find a white bunny for person who want perfect gift for quest. I looked everywhere in the town. Where is white bunny?


    How to Get White Bunny

    What do rabbits like to eat?

    Have at least three farms.

    On all your farms, grow carrots.

    White bunny (or bunnies) will appear shortly near your farm).

    Still not sure what to do?

    Bring hero near bunny (or bunny to hero) and lasso the two together. Hero will box bunny. Now highlight hero and right-click on box. Hero will have the bunny and . . .

    The gift will still not be quite perfect enough. See the other hints posted at top of these forums.


    Could you tell me how you got the Fruit Hat? I am not having any luck so far. I would greatly appreciate any clues on this one. Thank you!


    it's telling me to cross the river and talk to willy. how??


    Anne - To talk to Willy,

    follow the river south until you find the island with the two stranded people. Talk to them, and they will give you a quest that allows you to cross the bridge.

    Kassandra January 20, 2009 3:11 PM

    I was wondering why I can't see the spoilers sometimes when I come onto this site? I click on them but they don't always open.

    Thanks to everybody for all the great info!!

    [Edit: Only sometimes? Meaning sometimes they work and sometimes they don't? Do you always use the same computer and receive different behavior? You might try allowing the page to load completely before trying. Spoiler tags require that your browser have Javascript enabled, and the scripts run after the page is loaded in its entirety. I hope that helps! :) -Jay]

    calicolabri January 20, 2009 3:12 PM

    Does anyone know how to get silver ring for traveler. Thanks, Also this site is awesome!!

    calicolabri January 20, 2009 3:16 PM

    Just read the spoiler, thanks for ur help. I love this game


    OK, so I'm in the second town.

    I have 2 quests available to me.

    One is to complete the professional challenges. I've done 2 of them. I need to stop the bandits. Problem is, I can't get to them. I've tried building a bridge but the game isn't recognizing that I have a lumber mill built. Oddly I built a bridge in that town. Weird.

    The other quest is to build the Town Hall. I only have 10 Research points though and need 35 more!!!!

    I also built a well in the middle of some blue rocks and it said it was connected to an underground river. I get the feeling that in order to advance, I need access to the rest of the map.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

    Any tips would be great.


    hi i finally finished the earthquake quest and want to give a big big thank you to those who helped me get past this.. the saving the games was a big help..

    now i am trying to get the rest of the votes for the quest..need 23 more..
    any help on that..
    again thank you for any help you can give me



    Grace, there's a spoiler posted on the first page that lists the votes needed and how to get them. Also, you should see the same information when you click on the quests. Once you know what they are, they're fairly easy to get.

    Charles, for additional experience points, do the Trading Post and Sheriff's Office challenges. Those will give you the experience you need. As for the well in the ring of blue rocks, you need to bring your hero over there and s/he will jump in and end up in the middle of the pond w/the sunken cabin.


    i am trying to do the fool's gold quest and i was just wondering where is the gold mine.. i see one that has rocks in front of it.. do i have to blast the rocks away to access the mine and if i do will the mine go away too..

    also.. apparently i did the rabbit/blue rocks/ well quest in the wrong order and now can not get down the well and i dont have a game saved to go backwards.. what can i do..

    ty for your responses


    Anonymous January 21, 2009 5:29 PM

    Don't know if this a spoiler or not but

    If you go on the quests for the wanted posters, through the sheriff's office, if you can walk fast enough you don't have to kill all the bad guys. Just set your destination past them and you will just keep walking. That way you save your strength for the big guns at the end.

    [Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

    rubyred1230 January 21, 2009 6:37 PM

    I am unable to rebuild my outpost in WW III. Any help is appreciated.


    I am stuck with the Mechanic quest. I blew up the gate and he and some gunslingers appeared. So did the red arrow pointing me out of town. However, I can't get him to follow me out of town. He's got yellow circles under him so when I lasso him he doesn't follow me. Even if I stand at the red arrow he doesn't get the hint to ride over. What more do I need to do???????



    have you tried moving the entire group, including the mechanic, to the gates? that worked for me.


    rubyred1230 - about the outpost:

    You mean the guy who wants you to plant trees? what is happening? you need to plant 3 trees, and then have 140 wood and 140 gold.



    Ugh!! I figured out my own mechanic issue. GRRR that was a waste of time! Be sure to note the mechanics name at the beginning of the quest!!!!! Even if you go back to look at the quest tasks it doesn't remind you. I was trying to escape town with the bandits, hence the yellow rings around their feet and why I could not gain control of them to move with the lasso (move a group) feature. The mechanic was just in the group of town workers. I solved my own problem---but glad to have found this group for help next time---and i'm sure there'll be next time---not sure i ever finished westward II i think i just gave up!!! :)


    I can't get the third thing in the general store. What is it? I have the cheese and boots.

    Angela K Maston January 22, 2009 12:07 PM

    does anyone one know what the last trophy is and how to get it?

    magicalnat January 22, 2009 4:12 PM

    I would just like to thank elle for that fabulous 'hint' on the earthquake quest.....I was on that one for days, and then I read your thingy and I managed to do it in just one evening................... BIG THANK YOU :)


    yes a big thank you for the hints and tips you all provided on the game.. it was very helpful especially in the earthquake quest...

    well here it is .. i finished the game i do not know how i managed it but now i am staying in town and trying to get the trophies i missed which was a lot of them.. grrrrr.. and i wont be able to get the treasure badges unless i restart from the beginning.. hahahaha.. i messed that up big time...

    but again thank you for the help you provided on this wonderful site..




    The best thing to pair with cheese . . .

    Wine. Get it by . . .

    Growing grapes on all your farms and having three wineries.

    To get grapes . . .

    plant at least six boxes of purple flowers. Turn flowers purple by highlighting a citizen and clicking on the flower boxes to get the citizen to water the flowers.

    By the way -- I am also having trouble on that last store item... It will be in stock, then suddenly go out of stock even though I haven't changed anything. I wonder if it has to do was what my citizens are doing???

    Does someone know?

    And to Grace and Magicalnat... You are Very Welcome! Plenty of times I wasn't sure where to go next, so I know the feeling. Glad I could help to make up for all the times someone had to clue me in.


    Ok, I need some help, I have finished all the quests except the election one and the hidden treasure one and I am trying to enter the cave to do the pumkin head quest and i have gotten there before but i back out of it cause i wanted to finish another quest first. But now i cant get back into it. Am I doing something wrong. Should i have not have returned home once i was there? Please help any and all info is apppriciated.


    To MB,

    Are you going back into the right cave in the far right hand upper corner of the screen.. and does it have the lamppost in front of it.. if you are going there and have what is required i can not see why you are having problems.. unless there is a glitch in the game. i can not help you with the teasure quests because i couldn't get into the well the second time i tried like many others on here and to find out there was a glitch. I hear they are working on that.. but i know i can not go back and try the quests again because i did the sequence wrong from what i read..what i will have to do is replay the whole game to get trophies and quests i didnt do the first time around.. hope this was helpful to you in some way...



    i noticed on the trader's quest that when you go into the next part of it you lose alot of your resources.. i have read that you have your people go around while you have extra time to collect resoures.. but what do you do when you are losing the resourses.. can someone please help me with this quest.. thank so much in advance for any advice you can share with us/me



    i noticed on the trader's quest that when you go into the next part of it you lose alot of your resources.. i have read that you have your people go around while you have extra time to collect resoures.. but what do you do when you are losing the resourses.. can someone please help me with this quest.. thank so much in advance for any advice you can share with us/me



    ok what i had to do was destroy the lamp post and build another one. You might have to do the same with the well. But i finally finished it and cant wait till the fourth is out. :) Ok thanks again


    What is the maximum Population does anyone know? I cant have more than 41 people. And I have almost unlocked all buildings and upgrades and luxuries. I have also built these and still a population of 41. any help info would be great.


    I believe 40 is the max but you can go over by 2 or 3 (reason why is probably a spoiler)if you have 40 before you do the last quest of the game.

    Grace, sounds like you have a "glitchy" game. Outside of the resources that the trader wants from you, the rest should stay.

    But I played those quests the way I've learned to do with others...saving right before moving on to next part...just in case.


    I have no idea how to rebuild the outpost or build a new one.
    Do I have to complete all trading posts challenges and wanted bounties?
    I am putting my hero on every single park of the "train tracks" (Right?) That's the outpost I am assuming because I already did the trees.
    I need some powered drill.. do I need that?
    Confused and frustrated, please help!
    Also, I checked spoilers and I am pretty sure it doesn't say anything about this.


    A tip for the haunted town....

    build your church as quickly as possible. Make it a #1 priority. You don't really need the gun slingers, you can play cat and mouse with the bandits by going up and running away until you lure one away from the rest. Your hero will usually die a few times in the process but she can defeat them all with a bit of cunning. Having the church already in place. I rebuilt each cemetary as I killed off the bandits. You will still need to build houses and get replacements for Zombied town folks but use someone else other than the Hero to build them, while the Hero kills off bandits.

    [Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh


    Solution the sanbox. Thanks


    I don't know if I missed it in the previous posts (I'm pretty sure that I missed a page somewhere) but can someone tell me how to "Rebuild the Outpost"?

    Thanks in advance!


    Help please!

    I've read everyone's questions and the replies several times, but I can't find anything on the 3 prospectors mining one mine at once. I have 1 prospector. I've built many more homes and can't get any more to arrive. Does anyone know how to attract the other 2?


    Sylvia- About the three prospectors,

    apparently the prospectors appear randomly, so you can just try destroying housing (until the homeless citizen leaves) and rebuilding and hoping for prospectors!


    kajudalu - to rebuild the outpost,

    click on the old outpost to bring up a pop-up menu. you can repair the outpost with 140 gold and 140 wood.

    French Vanilla January 24, 2009 3:40 PM

    I've finished the game 3 times with all 3 heroes and not once did the well work for me, it's the only thing I'm stuck on. urghhhhhh.


    Three Prospectors... a cheat:

    I save in the middle of the house or tent being built...

    Then, if a prospector (or lumberjack) doesn't appear, I reload and restart in the middle of the building.

    Eventually, you get what you want.

    Using saved games has been the best way to get through anything I've been stuck on. While it's a bit of a cheat, it's no more so than checking a walkthrough to get through a game ;)

    Wintermoon January 24, 2009 4:33 PM

    Does anyone know how to get through levels 7 and 8 on the Trading Post challenges? I sure haven't figured out how to beat them. 7 is 300 wood, 300 gold then either 450 gold or 450 wood, 10 people and 50 water. I can't beat the 450 gold or 450 wood. I haven't been to level 8 yet because I can't beat 7. Any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciated. Have finished everything else.


    I'm doing the earthquake quest and it won't let me have more then 15 people. I have 2 farms and can hold up to 60 food. Any suggestions?


    KBDude - have you built a sheriff's office yet?


    No I haven't. Is that the problem?


    KBDude - try building one. i think you need a sheriff to have a population of over 15.


    Hidden Treasure Quest:
    You put a well in middle of the blue rocks
    then select your character and jump down the well!

    Stephanie January 25, 2009 2:10 AM

    I am new to this game, but I love it. I have a question. Where is the cave in the "upper right" to put the lamp post by? I am still in the first town. Is the cave somewhere else?

    Anonymous January 25, 2009 4:36 AM

    Can anyone help me find the rabbit's hole? Also, when I try to get my hero to go into the well in the blue rocks circle, nothing happens...what am I doing wrong?? THX!