I cannot find the hidden supplies...I have blown up everything in the river..can anyone give me step by step on this.


The hidden supplies are on the other side of the river. Go under the stone arch and up the hill. The supplies will appear when you approach.


Boopbug! It doesn't work back my hero up so i don't know what to do... please you or someone help me about how to reach the hillside and plant trees and kill the bears... i can't make it without a bridge it seems =(


Can you build bridges? If so, build your bridge at the bottom on the screen on the left of the panning mine. The bridge should go vertical. See if this works.

itsjustmepati January 4, 2009 10:50 PM

Help!I am not sure if it is a glitch or am I just totally not seeing it. I am at the mine/pelt part where you trade pelts for dynomite. I have reached outside the maze to where hero says something about following the road but there is nothing is happening. Have explored road both ways etc. ( not very big area) Do not see any hidden doorways etc. Please let me know if this is a glitch here or what the heck is going on.. been at it for 2 hours.. getting ready to fling laptop!


Did you go to the red arrow? If you did, the game should continue.


I am having problems with the "Find the Mechanic" quest. I have defended and rebuilt the town, as well as opened the gate. I have made it to the red arrow but nothing happens. I have done this 3 times and still nothing. I have checked all the buildings I have even employed people at every one. Please help! I am getting no sleep because of this!


here's a tip i found out the hard way: the longer it takes Redd to get his supplies for the Baron Family Migration, the more time you have to set up the town before the smuggler shows up. i sent Redd off too early and had nothing left to give the smuggler so he left. restarted the scenario and i'm taking my time this time.


Awesome tips people thanks :) Has anyone started a detailed walkthrough yet? Usually this site is great for compressing all the spoilers and what not, but searching through to find answers is annoying.

i'm having an issue with the graphics in the game,It freezes all the time for like 30sec to a min... Like i'm on the mechanic quest i go through all the opening crap, the bandits come it freezes and then when it unfreezes i have drunks and dead lawmen or gunslingers. all my setting are on low and it still does this sooooo annoying... grr What the best strategy for defeating the bandits? i tried hanging out my the mine and then they come from another way

[Edit: We are working on it. We should have something up very soon. :) -Jay]


ARGGGHHH! Okay I see where to get the hidden supplies, but can't build a bridge. I can't research gold mine because of not enough experience points. I have built a nice town and have 15 in population and no more. I have done the grape lady thing and have a grape farm running. I have a few drunks but can't get sheriff yet. What am I missing that I can do for the chain of events to start back? Thanx ahead for any help you can give.

Anonymous January 5, 2009 12:28 AM


No, that's the problem... I can't build a bridge because the one i was trying to build it can't be reached... so i have a big problem lol


JIGuest, if your hero can't reach the bridge to finish building it, have another character finish it. Then, if you need to get your hero past it to get in position, blow it up and have your hero rebuild it. I had to do this a couple of times because I miscalculated. Hope that helps.


For getting to the bears/tree:
I build my bridge horizontal (west-east), near the bottom. And same thing as others have said: when I start one and it says the hero cannot complete/reach the bridge, I just back them up and then set them to it again.

Getting more than 15 citizens:
You have to build a sherriff's office to go over 15 citizens.

Game not continuing:
The only thing I can think of is make sure you have all the characters necessary at the red arrow. For the pelts for dynamite quest, both Redd and the Hero need to go to the red arrow. For the mechanic quest, the hero and the mechanic need to go to the red arrow.


To reach the hidden supplies in the first area, you don't need a bridge...

You need dynamite. just put some dynamite in the river near the hungry prospector is. There is a bit of fallen rock there. When you blow it up, it shows a ramp and then you can get to the area where the hidden supplies are, in the bottom right hand corner of the map area past the archway


Yes. i finally got to the hidden supplies, but am still stuck on the points and the bridge and sheriff.


How do you get the cheese hat?

What are the other two hidden items at the general store?

I only have the cowboy boots - and I have no idea how I got those.

Great site for walkthroughs!


Hello, Please can somebody tell me how to get Deer and Cheese hats? TIA!

itsjustmepati January 5, 2009 8:20 AM

Thx all for red arrow info.. Still want to scream tho because there is no red arrow.. must be a glitch which kills me because I got so into the game that I forgot to save sniffle...Now I have to go back forever and still am not sure if the red arror will ever be there so I could be going in circles for nothing !! But just to make sure, the red arrow should be on that road right??

Anonymous January 5, 2009 11:12 AM

I just started a new game, cause i messed up with a lot of missions on the first try....

I was doing the TIMBER TROUBLES mission when i stumbled upon a cactus and when i approached a screen came up saying i should: look for reds supplies near the water tree...

I then tried a lot of stuff with the cactus but didn't get anywhere :(

I noticed that there was another tree surrounded by water...so tried lots of stuff there, but still no results :(

Anyone any ideas??


Love the site


I am stuck on the Con the Swindler mission. I need to deposit 800 gold in the bank, but I have not unlocked the gold mine and have mined for all the gold nuggets etc around my town. So it looks like I am stuck for good, because I have no way to get more gold. Anyone have any tips?


JESSE if you are looking for redd's supplies it is across the river on the messa.. there are three rocks together that is where they are hidden..



Having trouble getting a black stallion. Any hints, only getting browns and paints out of the stables. Thanks


Where did you find the cactus in Timber Troubles?


Keep building stables. One will show up sooner or later.


if you need gold you can trade for it in trading post.


@ JIGuest
I got the same problem with u can't make the bridge to get the bears and plant tress..what i did just start my game good thing i save my game the one b4 i was kick out from the other town b4 i lost in the wager w/ McAllister. So when u build the bridge be sure to build it at the bottom left of the river that way ur guy can build it


Here is a list of Hints and Tips for Westward 3.

We compiled all of the best information from the comments posted by the awesome JIG community. Thanks to everyone for helping out and thanks to Kayleigh for putting it all together!

How to get the dynamite license

You have to go north to continue looking for Redd (click on the exclamation point over your hero's head). You will do a couple of quests and then it takes you back to this settlement and you will be able to get the license for the dynamite.

Who is stealing the money and how to get rid of the thief

The thief is the mayor of the town.
There are different ways to get rid of him:
You can fire him twice
Demolish the town hall and battle a few bad guys
Move him over to the gold pile near the north end and make him dig that patch until bandits showed up. After you defeat 2 sets of bandits, the thief will be banished from town by your hero. You have to continually drag him over there though as he wants to run back to the bank all the time to steal money

How to get the silver ring

You need to mine some silver and have a blacksmith. The rest does itself. It will tell you when you have mined enough silver for the ring.

How to get the ostriches

You need to collect all the Easter Eggs.

How to get the Easter Eggs Hunt

You need 2 chicken farms to get this quest.

How to get the black horse

You have to build stables. It seems to be random how many you have to build. Some people need 4 or 5, others need 10 or more before the black horse shows up.

How to get a red flower

You have to build flower boxes and water the flowers. After the first watering, they turn red.

How to get into the haunted town

To get into the haunted town, you build a lamp post by the cave located in the upper right. This will send you into the haunted town.

How to get more than 15 people into the town

To get more than 15/20 people, you will have to hire a sheriff.
To get more than 20 people, you will have to increase the happiness, by building luxury stuff.

How to get a prospector bonus for your mines in the first town

You will find a gold nugget near the guy that is standing in the water. You CAN take it - when you build the saloon, the guy in the water will say something about stealing and leave the town.

But when you do NOT take the nugget, he will stay in town (build a tent for him!) and you will receive a prospector bonus for your mines.

How to get the winery

You will have to complete the smuggler challenge. When he finally gets everything he wants, you will get the winery

How to get the grapes

To get the grapes, water your flower pots. They turn from yellow to red, then red to purple. When they're purple, a woman will come and tell you that is her favorite color and she gives you the grapes.

It's random how many flower pots you have to build. For most people it works out with 5-8, but it can be less or more.

How to keep the wolves and other animals from destroying the wagon camp

  • Keep the fires lit.

  • Let your characters go all around the perimeter of the map collecting piles of wood and gold.

  • Let your hero chop up any logs there are. If you encounter an animal while doing this, you can usually outrun it.

  • After you do this, go up by the wagons (the quest won't actually start until you talk to them).

  • Let one of the citizens build a lumber camp and put them both to work there.

  • Then put your fighters in the middle area between the wagons and keep the fires going

How to find the hidden supplies

You need dynamite. Just put some dynamite in the river near hungry prospector is. There is a bit of fallen rock there. When you blow it up, it shows a ramp and then you can get to the area where the hidden supplies are, in the bottom right hand corner of the map area past the archway.

First town treasure

Build three farms growing carrots to get a bunny.

Drag the bunny to the entrance of the little tunnel. The bunny will get the treasure chest from the little tunnel.

  1. Dynamite the rocks to get them to fall on the switch in the enclosure behind the bandits. The switch will open the gate. Walk into the gate and walk up to the scarecrow. Get key #1.

  2. Blow up rocks in the river in front of pool with fish swimming around the crate. Then build a bridge to the pool. Catch all of the fish swimming around the crate. When they are all caught, open crate for key #2.

  3. Go back to the area on the left side of the river. Go to a white tree on a hill toward the bottom and near the far left side of this area. Blow up tree and a crate falls to ground. Open crate and get key #3.

  4. When you have all keys go to the chest and open it.

Second town treasure

You have to do these in order or nothing will work:

  1. Blow up the tree to hit the switch.

  2. Go to the chest.

  3. Go to the river tunnel and a box will appear.

  4. THEN build the well in the blue circle of stones.

  5. It will say something, then click on the well again with your hero.

Cave maze (pelts for dynamite) with screenshots

  • Go to the tunnel in the back of the main area that leads to the two tunnels on the left.

  • Come out one, go in the other, and it leaves you just on the other side, behind the main area.

  • Go back in the tunnel you just came out of, and it will put you facing the front of the scene in a very small area near the burned out bridge.

  • There is a hidden cave there on the character's left (your right). Blow that up, and you'll have the entrance opened on the extreme left. Get both characters through and you're done.

Cave 1
Cave 2
Cave 3
Cave 4

Rescue the 5 lumberjacks

  • First build a bridge to reach the island with two dynamite sticks.

  • Then build a bridge to the north and save the first lumberjack.

  • Head to west. Blow up the boulder and save the second lumberjack.

  • From there, build a bridge to the island with one dynamite stick, you have now two sticks left.

  • Go back to south. Build a bridge to save the female lumberjack.

  • Go in the river and blow up the boulder next to the goldmine and you can save the fourth lumberjack in the south.

  • Continue in the river. Another boulder, use your last stick and blow it up. You can now reach the fifth lumberjack.

Wanted Poster side quest

  • Build two, better three Sheriff offices to get 3 (6) more deputies.

  • Build at least 7 stables and put Sheriff and at least 6 deputies on horses.

  • Also always keep one deputy behind, out of harm's way, so the game doesn't end if you are close to beating them.

Earthquake Quest

  • Save very often, especially as soon as you build something. After an earthquake, you can restart at this point. Some people saved every minute. It will take a long time like this, but it's a safe way.

  • Make sure that you have plenty of wells so that you can put the fires out fast. That is very important.

  • Start with the basics: farm, lumber and gold. Work your way up to having 2 farms, 2 wood, and 2 gold. When you have enough, build your lumber mill and do the fortification. This will help a lot.

  • Slowly build up and fix everything as soon as you can. Then when you have your 20 people and a good supply of wood and gold, build as many luxury items as you can to make the happiness. Do the luxury items last since they get destroyed really easily.

Having trouble with groups of bandits (and not enough money to hire gunslingers?)

When you go up to a group slowly, you can get one bandit to follow you a little way from the rest. Shoot this guy and then go get another and do the same. It saves money on gunslingers and really helps in the Wanted Poster missions.

Tips for the haunted town

  • The one tip on the haunted town that seems to help the most people through is the realization that you don't have to feed the people.

  • Build tents to get a nice stock of civilians up, but don't worry about feeding them, or even employing them beyond what you need to keep your wood and gold coming in.

  • You may worry about people getting mad and leaving, but if they do, they should be replaced with another citizen, so you should be in the clear.

  • Still, keep an eye on your population, and if you get down to two or three uninfected, build a few more tents to bring it back up.

Drill recovering quest

  • First door - 1 on 1 switch other guy on the other. This will open the door on the left.

  • Take one of your people and go stand on the switch in that room. That will open the door forward.

  • Bring both people through the door, up the hill and down to the right. Have one of them stand on the switch in front of you.

  • When the door opens, leave the person on the switch and walk the other through.

  • Now move the person off the switch and back onto it again. The door that was just walked through will close and the one next to it will open.

  • Have the first person walk through this door and step on that switch. This will open the 3rd door in the previous area. Have them walk back into the area with three doors.

  • Now have the other person step off the switch they are on and back on it again to reopen the door for them to walk through. Take both people through the third door.

  • Now if you want, you can fish in the pond to get the key to open the door in the top right. This will get you the dynamite and you can go back to blast through the rocks and get all the stuff back a couple of areas.

  • Here is the part that most people seem to be having trouble with. Put each person on one switch, this will open the door in front of you.

  • Now move the person on the right through the door. When they move off of the switch, the door to THEIR right is opened. Go through that door.

  • Take the person still outside the first door and move them to the switch on the right. This will open the door in front of the person inside.

  • Take them through that door and step on the switch. Leave this person standing on the switch and take the one outside in through the door and to THEIR left. When they step on that switch, the main doors will open.

  • Now you have to take this person back out the first doors to stand on the switch on the right again so your other person can get out.
    Move them both into the final big area.

  • They should now each step on a switch to the right, this will open the door to where the drill bit is.

  • Bring one of your people in to get the drill bit and the final door will open to get you back to the beginning.

Tips for the 3 cemeteries

  • You need to build a church first.

  • Take the three people you have, employ one to the lumber camp, one to the farm, and bounce the other between the saloon and general store.

  • Take out the bandits as quickly in the game as you can. The pumpkin head horseman will not come as frequently then.

  • Then build a cabin and a gold mine in the water. Gather the gold to repair the cemetery.

  • As soon as someone is possessed, build a tent so a new person will move in, but DON'T go over 13 people because if you hit 15 you need a sheriff and you do not have time for that.

  • Don't feed anyone. As they get mad and leave, new people will come in but watch carefully. If you get down to 3 people, build a tent or your people might leave before you get a new one in there and that ends the quest.

  • Employ two people panning and two wood cutting. Anyone else still alive send to chop logs and hit the gold deposits.

  • Blow up all the buildings except for houses, the general store, and the tavern. (If you blow up your houses, the zombies just move in when you build tents and you don't get new people).

  • Build the church as soon as you have the resources, don't wait. Have someone other than your hero do all the building. He or she will be busy killing bandits.

  • Make sure you save 100 for dynamite to get to the third graveyard.

  • Rebuild the cemetery as soon as you clear off the bandits. It seemed like that slowed down the pumpkin headed dude.

  • Only buy one gunslinger and bring him in after the bandits have targeted your hero so you don't lose him.

  • Drunk people do not get possessed and when they get too hungry, they pass out and then become employable again.

Tips for the trading post quests

  • Build wells for water requirements.

  • Don't rush to build. Most of the time, collecting the scattered resources is enough

  • Fish/hunt for food, rather than spending resources to build a farm.

  • If you reach a goal sooner than the deadline, save and check what the next mission is. If the next one is gold for example, and say you're collecting wood, allocate everyone to gold in the remaining time.

  • For the latter trading post quests, build a panning mine and a wood cutter as soon as possible.

  • Build a farm only once, I think it was the #8, when it wanted 50 food and I had 10 people.

  • Don't forget to talk to the people again to give them the food in the two trading post quests. Otherwise, you will be told that you failed.

  • You have to do 4 trading post quests in the first town and 4 in the second town.

  • Make sure that you have an employee at the trading post, otherwise the requests will not show up.

  • You have to go back and click the bubble at the trading post to get the next quest.

How to get boots

Get manned tannery and manned blacksmith and 1 cow ranch

How to get cheese

  • Do all the trading post challenges and get the cheese hat and the butter churn.

  • Create 3 cow ranches and build 3 butter churns.

  • Cheese for sale in store.

  • May not need 3 cow ranches, so try 1 then 2 then 3.

How to get wine

  • Complete successfully the smuggling challenge and you will get ability to grow winery.

  • Build several (1-5) flower beds and change them to purple flowers by dragging anyone to it (they will water flowers and change colors).

  • Once you have several purple flower beds, you get ability to buy grape seeds.

  • Build 1-3 (again not sure of number) grape farms and you will be able to build winery.

  • Once winery is manned, wine is for sale in store.

Hardest egg/Ostrich egg

  • 14 of the eggs are brightly colored and fairly easy to find.

  • The hardest one and the one that gives you ostriches is square white egg - I usually find it in the water under rocks or at the entrance (in water) where you got the treasure key.

  • One hard to find egg is found by blowing up tree/rock that is near railroad track/water area - across from the hillside worrier - the messy cabin with man that does nothing ?

Problems with the well

As a lot of people complained about the problem, getting the hero down the well, It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue with the current build of the game, and the developers are working on a fix that is not yet available.

We will announce here when it is.

Instead, as a workaround and in the meantime, you can do this: You can load a previous save to correct the order in which you perform the tasks, so that you do not run into this issue.

List for the votes

Here is the full list of 100 votes:

  • 3 votes from Lumberjack, Gunslinger and Trapper for resolving their conflict

  • 15 votes from citizens in Earthquake Valley

  • 10 votes from hiring Jake as a mayor of your town

  • 5 votes from your town citizens for cleaning up the drunks wandering town

  • 25 votes for helping out a neighbor town and resolving their problems

  • 35 votes from swindling McAllister

  • 7 votes from citizens living in Haunted Town

List of all hats

  1. Merlin

  2. Viking

  3. Cowboy

  4. Trojan

  5. Pirate

  6. Fruit

  7. Cheese

  8. Indian Headdress

  9. Deer

List of all locations for the Easter Eggs

  1. In front of the cave entrance in the water (SW corner of map)

  2. In the water at the bottom of the waterfall

  3. By the rock pile in the south area where the bears are

  4. Behind the farthest right tree (stump) where the landslide is

  5. Behind the tree on the right side of the waterfall

  6. Behind the bush on the left side of the bandit's gun shop/gold mine

  7. Behind the farthest left tree behind the outpost (right across the river from #4)

  8. Where the treasure chest is

  9. Behind the rocks in the NE water pond

  10. To the right of #7 behind the rotted tree

  11. To the right of #8 behind the rock pile

  12. Near the large tree blocking the path near the 3 professional challenge guys

  13. Just above #11 in the alcove

  14. Behind the right big tree above the blue rock circle

  15. On top of the hill in the SW corner of the map

List of all trophies

  • Settler - Complete the tutorial.

  • Pioneer - Complete the game.

  • Master Builder - Build every building at least once.

  • Researcher - Purchase all locked items in the game.

  • Marshal - Complete all the wanted poster bounty quests.

  • Horseman - Upgrade your sheriff with a horse.

  • Green Thumb - Plant 15 trees.

  • Fur Trader - Collect 100 animal skins.

  • Food King - Produce six different Food sources at the same time.

  • Economist - Save 10,000 or more at the bank.

  • Prospector Trio - Employ three prospectors at the same gold mine.

  • Paradise - Get Town Happiness to 200 and population to 30 citizens.

  • Superior Force - Have 10 combat units that have weapon upgrades at the same time.

  • One Tough Hombre - Defeat 200 Bandits.

  • Disaster Challenge - Complete the disaster challenge in sandbox mode.

  • Bandit Showdown - Complete the Bandit Showdown in sandbox mode.

  • Fashion Designer - Collect all nine hats and sell them.

  • Generosity - Toss 10 coins in fountain.

  • Butter Churner - Unlock and build a Butter Churn.

  • Wine Meister - Unlock and build a winery.

  • Master Merchant - Unlock all three special general store items.

  • Treasure Hunter - Solve both hidden Treasure Quests.

  • Grape Farmer - Unlock and grow grapes at your farm.

  • Ostrich Handler - Raise ostriches at your ranch.

The 2 hidden luxury items are the butter churn and the winery

Quest List

  • Movement Tutorial

  • Resource Tutorial

  • Return To Farm - move to new area after this

  • Repair Farm

  • Shelter and Housing

  • Food Storage - move to new area after this

  • Set Up Camp

  • Mountain Pass

  • Miner Help - move to new area after this


  • Lost Comrade - side quests listed below

  • Wagon Camp Lumberjack Rescue

  • Miner Favor

  • Save The Farm

  • Con The Swindler

  • Gold In Them Hills

  • Lumberjack Rescue

  • Recover the Drill

  • Set Up the Con

  • Baron Family Migration

  • New Trade Route

  • Rescue Redd's Family

  • Dirt on McAllister

  • Outwit McAllister

  • Defend the Town


  • Hidden Supplies

  • Pioneer Task

  • Mine The River

  • Gunslinger Hideout

  • Chili Cook-Off

  • Trading Post Challenge

  • 3-Keys Treasure Hunt

  • Log Jam

  • Trading Post Challenge

  • Professional Challenge

  • The Perfect Gift

  • Wanted Poster Bounties

  • Sunken Treasure

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Resource Smuggling

  • Rowdy Civilians


  • Timber Troubles

  • Trading Post Mystery

  • Gunslinger Help


I have purchased all 5 barrels from the prospector, but can't see them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


If you go to where you are supposed to place the barrels, a ! will appear above your head and ask if you want to place it, which it will then do automatically for you. There's no actual barrel to pick up.


Ty Lu!


I really hate that haunted town quest. I am going to try one more time with 15 people at one time. I have spent 3 hours and played the quest 12 times. The worst thing ever is that sometimes the headless horseman takes 2 people at a time! And, with that tree to stabalize the hillside, I have planted so many trees there and even got the tree planting trophy but I can never complete the quest.


How do you write a letter to Red? when he is off to invite his family to the village


Letter to Redd: once you meet all of the requirements

build a hotel and have a certain amount of town buildings... 15 I think

, a lady will automatically go and take a letter to him.


how do i kill the wolves in the mountain pass?the guy with the guns shot one halfway then ran away.. and no one else seems to have guns.


To nadiv:

Doesn't your hero have guns and the ability to kill the wolves?


Westward 3 - I love it, but I am stuck!
I am at the part Outwit McAlister. My goals are to Win the election & collect 6 more votes.

I have completed all of the goals except for Resource Smuggling. I didn't even realize I missed it.

Is there something I am missing? Do I need to start over?

I really hope I do not have to start over! The earthquake level was a nightmare and the trading post quests were no fun either!

Thanks for your help!


I have tried to find the 2nd treasure/key in the pond with the sunken cabin AFTER blowing up tree so it falls and opens gate; AFTER getting that chest with the clue; BEFORE/AFTER building well; BEFORE/AFTER fishing all fish...I don't see "the box" or the key. I get the message about the well connecting in an underground river but nothing else happens! I'm ready to give up!!! HELP!


Can anyone tell me how to get the red snapper for the chili cookoff? Have been fishing but nothing happens. Thanks


Carla, there is a small pond in the lower right corner of the map that has a red fish swimming in it. You can only get to it by building a bridge, but that is where you need to fish for the red snapper. Be careful, it's guarded (sometimes) by a wolf that you must kill first.

Toni, did you drag your hero over to the well? S/he will "jump" into the well and come up in the pond with the sunken cabin in it, where you can get the treasure.

Marge, pull up the spoiler about the votes and compare it to your list on the quest to see what's missing. You will be able to see what you missed or what needs to be done still.

Hope this helps y'all--good luck!


I finished the mine/tunnel test..Redd said something about 'let's continue' but nothing happened. I can't find a red arrow to go to now that I am out of the tunnels. I have checked all cheats and spoilers...nothing. Is my computer stuck? Have I done or not done something? My screen still has the list for getting the dynamite... can some one give me a 'sign'???


you have to build another bridge at the bottom of the screen...where you see a wolf. Fish there.


Kiki, when you come out of the tunnels, you should go north and there should be a red arrow pointing down at the trail. That's where you and Redd need to go. If you don't see it, and apparently some others have had issues with this, you may have to restart the quest, not sure. I've done it twice and both times the arrow was where it was supposed to be. Keep going north, you should see it!


Pam: great list! Just one thing: you only need 2 chicken farms to trigger the Easter Egg hunt.

TIP: if you don't want to get stuck building a bridge you can't reach make sure you are not in the water when you build it. You will not be able to pass the bridge in the water even when its not build yet.

[Thank you, Anita. I updated the list to show 2 chicken farms. -Pam]


Tip for finding Easter Eggs: I was having a lot of trouble myself until I found out you can rotate the screen. Hold down the space bar and move your mouse to look behind trees and boulders. You need to keep doing it - it will not stay rotated. It can be dizzying but at least I found them all.


Black Stallion:
You don't necessarily need to build a bunch of stables. I had 4, and no black stallion, so I left it at that for the time being. I used all of the horses for my deputes and a little while later the black stallion just appeared in one of my existing stables.

kimmy22284 January 6, 2009 2:36 AM

Okay so I'm trying to buy my 3rd panning mine but I have absolutely no dynomite and for some reason never received my dynomite license after going to the other town..I'm lost

olliebollie January 6, 2009 4:38 AM

@ Boopbug | January 5, 2009 4:15 PM

The cactus is on the right side of the trading post, near the end of the screen..

I actually had my hero walk in and out of the screen and then it did work! b]Behind the tree surrounded by water are more of Reds supplies

ungerbash January 6, 2009 7:12 AM

hi peoples, i have a query regarding the gunslinger hideout quest, i cant find it but have found the bandit camp and have defeated them several times but have only been attacked by bandits once, so therefore have never managed to complete it, would anybody be able to help! many thanks in advance


Hi, can someone please tell me how to kill bears? I end up killing the hero a no of times buut no effect on the bear.

Anonymous January 6, 2009 10:00 AM

i have a rabbit i can now control is the used for anything or did i just unlocok it doing the white rabbit side quest ???



I have been stuck at the Cave Maze for over a day now. I have collected all pelts, many times, I have blown up everything that can be blown up. I have been to the wagon, I have had both my characters out of the maze, got a pop up that told me to follow the path, which I did, but it doesn't take me out of the game. There is no "red arrow" as others have said to go to. Also, two of my quests still show unchecked when I have already done them.

Someone please help. I am about ready to give up!


What do you do if Jake Baron is drunk?


And the planting trees thing is really getting on my nerves...... but atleast I got the haunted town and town hall!


I can't hire gunslingers. Where do I find them?


And what is an outpost?


To Maria:

To hire gunslingers -

You have to build a saloon and have someone employed there. Then you click on the saloon and you have the option to hire the gunslingers for 100 gold each.


I am having trouble finding the largest tree. Can you help?


Are there any tips to completing the "Fools Town" quest?

I've tried a few times and just dont seem to be able to get enough gold with the Bandits and marauding animals that keep coming in and destroying my buildings.

Kiki/Beth - I had that problem, you'll have to restart the game.


Largest tree is towrd the left of the screen next to the 3 bears.


Ok, stuck on Rescue the Baron Family. I have blown up the wagon, freed the horses, made the stew and there is still one bad guy left with the barons What do I do?


i need some help please...how do you get the winery? and how do you get your population past 40? i've tried everything, i've built more houses,more sheriff's buldings but nothing.



This has been asked several times but never answered:

How do you kill bears? I have the tannery but each time I go after a bear, it kills me. Do I need to build the gun shop and get upgrades?


This has been asked several times but never answered:

How do you kill bears? I have the tannery but each time I go after a bear, it kills me. Do I need to build the gun shop and get upgrades?

Misspurpleladi January 6, 2009 7:24 PM

Have you hero and posse walk up to the wagon and last bandit will runaway.

Misspurpleladi January 6, 2009 7:27 PM

you have to plant 4 to 6 flower pots and water them until the flowers turn purple, then a lady will come and ask would you like to buy grape seeds.

Misspurpleladi January 6, 2009 7:32 PM


It would easier if you take some backup with you to kill the bears. Maybe some gunslingers, sheriff or deputies. Then have them all attack the bears. It will kill the bear much faster.


Hello all you very nice people,
I just started playing Westward 3 a few days ago and I have followed a lot of the hints and tips along the way.
I have gotten to the drilling contest and the drill broke,but I am wondering,do we have to do all quests before doing this quest so we don't have to leave or can we do this quest when ever ? Does it matter in what order we do quests ?

Thank you for all the wonderful hints and tips you people are great.

Thank you again,


OK, I am in haunted town and I can't figure out how to get to the third set of bandits!! I hve tried bridge building from the birch tree plateau and it isn't taking. Any help??


I can't get to the 3rd set of bandits in haunted town. The ones when you first come in. I tried to build a bridge where the birch tree is, but it won't take.


Hi. I am stuck in the town with the largest tree. My town river ran out of gold. I have almost no gold and all my wood stations ran out of trees to cut down. I need dynamite and don't have a store to buy the dynamite. And how do you move a stump?


Couple things:

To kill the bears you only need your hero to shoot the bears. Each time you die, just wait for your hero to retain life, it takes like 30 seconds, then continue shooting the same bear that killed you. It will eventually die. I takes like 3-4 of your lives to kill a bear.

I still cannot get my hero to "jump" into the well within the blue rocks! What am I doing wrong???

Anonymous January 6, 2009 9:15 PM

Rnviljoen, the most people you can have in your town is 40.



Depending on what you have set up in your town, you may be dead in the water, or there may be some hope of rescuing what you have going on.

Before I get into that, just a helpful reminder in the future, one tip I try to live by is that when I'm building, I always try to keep enough resources in reserve to build more resource collecting buildings. thus, I try to make sure that I have enough wood and gold leftover to buy a mine or a lumber camp before I buy ANYTHING.

I ran into a similar situation as you in the first town and ended up having to start over from scratch!

Now, your specific predicament requires an alternative method of gaining gold. There are several ways of doing this depending on what you have at your disposal. If you have a sheriff's office built, you can do some wanted poster quests; they're all pretty much the same, and next to impossible not to beat if you do it right.

Also, if you have any other quests that take you out of your town (earthquake quest for example), that's a great way to stock up some gold for later on.

The best way out of your woes, though, would be through a trader's shop (I am totally drawing a complete blank on the actual name for it). If you have a trader set up, you can sell your wood or food for gold which should allow you to get the resources you need to build a new mine.

If you can get more gold through these means, or through sending your hero or a settler out to mine some raw ore lying around, then the next thing you want to do is build a full mine as opposed to a panning mine. There are several spots to build a full mine on this map, one included in the valley where the three professionals are located at just north of where you entered town. These mines tend to last longer than panning mines and yield more gold, and this is for the best.

To answer your other question, you can clear tree stumps using dynamite.

Tam66 (what's with all the T-names all of a sudden???)

In general, you can perform a quest as soon as it is available and you meet the requirements if there are any. There are some quests that will move the game along, and the conning McAlister with the drill quest is one of them; it's a point of no return quest, so to speak.

Also, some quests are optional, but must be performed in order to have access to, or complete quests later on in the game (a la the hidden treasure quests as I understand it). In other instances, you only have a certain amount of time to respond to a quest before it goes away permanently (smuggling resources out of town quest).

so to get to your immediate question, the drilling quest will wait, I suggest milking the rest of this town for as long as you possibly can and finishing all the quests available there. Beyond that, you will most likely not complete all the quests on your first run through, but after you beat the game once, I'm sure you'll have a better grasp of what quests to complete when for your second play through!


Tam66, the storyline is predicated on you leaving the first settlement, so in order to continue the story/game, you have to do the quest.

Toni, i had the same problem w/the well. you need to do the easter egg quest before you build the well in the circle of blue rocks or it will not work. i ended up restarting the quest in order to get the treasure.

Anonymous January 6, 2009 11:06 PM

somehow I've managed to "zoom in" on the game and don't know how to "zoom out" so everything isn't so large and blurry. Hurting my eyes! thx.

PrincessErnsKid January 6, 2009 11:11 PM

Thank you all for your help! Again I need it, lol. This time with the Easter Egg Hunt. I have read previous posts.

One comment said have 3 ranches with 3 different animals and another said have 2 ranches with 2 chickens. I have tried both those things and left them for a long time but no Easter Egg Hunt! The huge spoiler Pam posted says 2 chicken farms but she means ranches, right? Am I missing something? I thought maybe I needed a smokehouse so I built one of those, no help. Do I need to be in town 2? I'm only in the first one and have been trying to get the ostriches before I move on. Please help, thank you!


PrincessErnsKid: you are absolutely right, it's ranches, farms just sounds better with chickens and yes, you have to be in the second town for the easter egg hunt.


Okay. ran in to another snag. After I finish the lumberjack quest and am going back to town and sticks on the page that usually sayd loading objects. It just says please wait. I have left it on for 19 minutes and is stuck. I had saved before going in to the lumberjack quest. So I have gone and done it again and still the same thing. sticks on the page that says please wait. Now what? I can get no farther.


Thank You very much Kyle & laina for your prompt reply.I actually did complete this 1st settlement and thought I had done something wrong but nonetheless I saved the game before starting over,So I can start from where you capture the dog for the key.

Thank You Again,


how do u get the white bunny?


@ toniree: if you focus your view on the watertower and then move your mouse straight north, you will see a small opening with 2 white rocks blocking it. Blow them up to get to your bandits.

itsjustmepati January 7, 2009 1:26 AM

I think I may have another glitch.. I am at the quest that you have to drill thru the walls but when I get to the bank he won't drill ( the machine dosen't pop up) can't shoot the bank down or anything.. Did I miss something?? All bandits dead


pati--you have to drag Phineas to the side of the bank and the drill machine will appear. You can't drill from the front and no, you can't shoot it down, lol!


tjoy, here's the white bunny answer:

you have to have three farms growing carrots and the white bunny will appear. click on him and he ends up in a crate. click on the crate and the guy will take him.


2 questions -

How do you get the cowboy boots in general store

The old man in cabin wanting hillside reforested - does he do anything besides set that quest

I am max'd out in bank and have 2 of each ranch/farm and every building either built and/or built/manned and have every hat and quest completed except earthquake.

Please help

whispering2u January 7, 2009 3:57 AM

Everyone Stop looking for the hidden supplies until you get to the other side. I wasted so much time and TNT. First rescue the 5 lumberjacks. AFTER you get the 5 you get the bridge unlocked. I built my bridge as low on bottom righthand corner as I could right next to the red X markers. Walk across bridge to the other side move down toward the lower end til you see the arch. Walk under arch move up the hill/ramp on the left. And you guessed it... the supplies show up. Goodluck.


Haunted Town Bandits

If by the Third Lot you mean the ones in the lower south-east,

if you pan over to them then follow the path up the right of the screen, there are some boulders blocking a small alley between the cliffs.

You need some TNT to blow them up.


I just finished the game and wanted to leave a BIG THANK YOU to you all. When I got stuck I just had to come here for a little hint. Thank you all.


You dont need to do the bridge quest to get to the hidden supplies. If you blow up the boulders near the old prospector (the one that wants food and a saloon build) you can reach them.

Anonymous January 7, 2009 11:54 AM

I am doing the save the mechanic quest. I have saved and rebuilt the town and blew up the rocks to open the gate. However the mechanic will not follow me. I don't even see him. What am I doing wrong?


@ JIGuest: After the bandits open the gate, the mechanic becomes a playable character. In other words, you have to walk him out yourself like you do your hero. You can find him by using the button with the straw hat which finds out of work citizens.


Is there a way to restart Resource Smuggling without restarting everything over?


Does anyone know how I can gain more experience points on the ghost town challenge?

I have already killed the bandits, and now need to build a church, but I am 5 points short.....

Any help would be much appreciated.



I'm having a problem getting my 20 people for the Earthquake Quest. I have the happiness of 126 and the buildings, but my population stopped at 15 people. I have empty houses, but no one is moving in. Can someone help?


To Nikki1:

You need to build a jail and hire a sheriff to get more than 15 people. And keep the happiness high.


I am having trouble with the save the mechanic quest. I have blown up the rocks and have the mechanic at the gates but can't seem to blown them up. How do you blow up the gates?

prememorie January 7, 2009 4:18 PM

Carry water? I have read all of the above and at one point someone asked about caring water in one of the quest. I must have missed the answer and I would to know the answer. This site has helped me out many times on other games too. GREAT JOB all of you...

Anonymous January 7, 2009 6:12 PM

ok, so i am stuck in the lumberjack rescue. i did exactly what the spoiler said and yet I still can't save the last lumberjack. No matter where i put the bridge it's red and can't be built. plz help!

Anonymous January 7, 2009 6:53 PM

Can someone please tell me which boulders I'm supposed to dynamite or where I'm supposed to be to get to the other side? When the game showed me I had briefly looked away and missed it.

I'm in the beginning of the game on a quest to get to the other side of the trail after building my first gold panning mine and getting rid of the wolves.

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous January 7, 2009 7:05 PM

I cannot get my hero to go into the well for the treasure and the only other quest available to me is the earthquake town which I would want to do last. I already did the egg hunt and the gift one, got the ostriches and the grapes is there anything else I can trigger? Also what is the deal with the guy on the other side of the river, Cyrus Dillon and the dream cabin? Is he part of something?
Thank you.

Kiki Bambus