Billy_Kane you have to get to level 20 and have both of the forms then just try tan beat the crud out of him thats how i did it and also if you are in avenger form use slam on him then use it again and again you will start to run out of energy use vapor cannon and then use slam more it will work. also there is a way not to die from tick-tock use gaurdian form and you wont receive full blows from the tick tock attack

PantomineX December 22, 2008 6:28 PM

The Hydras can drop an item called Emerald Death, which gives +186 Strength, and +34 Vitality.

beetlepatty December 22, 2008 7:28 PM

What's the point of the whole acidic residue thing, also what is the unknown condition that one of the harder bosses does to you?

Billy_Kane December 22, 2008 8:32 PM

Almost beat the Baron...

Krin should really make the AI aware of Subversion. I was fighting the Baron and cast subversion on myself so the effects of Tick Tock would heal me (my HP was almost 0 and Tick Tock had only 2 turns left). It worked. Then Veradux healed me. *Sigh* I guess I'd better get back to the Baron...



sonny's man84 December 22, 2008 8:52 PM

if you are a biological then here is an easy way to beat the game:

get full integrity, infect, and agile exposure, then use agile exposure at the start of every battle, next use infect to deal over 1,000 damage (to beat the baron use disrupt repeatedly).


Major Glitch
I got this thing called enlighten helmet
but there is no picture for it
the game keeps shuffling through a bunch of pictures for it
what now???

sonny's man84 December 22, 2008 11:22 PM

here is a way to beat the hydra as a level 21 bio:

use infect on each of the fire claws once and they will die. then all you need to do is use lv.3 agile exposure, lv.3 immobilize, and lv.3 agile exposure to beat him in about 7 or 8 turns (use withdrawal if you get weakened) i hope this is a great help to all bios :D

sonny's man84 December 22, 2008 11:30 PM

here is how to beat the hydras as a lv.21 bio:

use infect on each of the fire claws and they will die, then use agile exposure and immobilize repeatedly and it will die in less than 10 turns (if you get weak then use withdrawal to heal yourself) i hope i can help any bios stuck on this boss :D


I really hope they fix the bug where sometimes you do about 1/5 your normal damage. Sometimes Ill start a training fight and if my damage is inexplicably low, Ill restart my game and the next time Ill be dealing normal damage.

Example of this:
Zone 2. Level 11 hydraulic (heroic difficulty). Start training fight again frost zombie. Ill cast wreck. 150 damage. Wtf. End game, reload, start training fight against frost zombie. Cast wreck. 750 damage. That's more like it.

Whenever my damage is low, its low FOR THE ENTIRE FIGHT. Its not random. It sticks and can make simple fights take a looooooong time... especially when an enemey can regenerate. This NEEDS to be fixed... cuz it ruins an otherwise fun game for me.

Also.... heroic seems to be pretty easy except for now I MISS ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. Missing sucks. Find another way to make it hard.


You know, I was playing easy mode, so my thing about the Baron may not apply on more difficult modes.


How dare they take away the Electro Bolt Ability! That was my favorite in Sonny 1!


Yes i did it !! get full integrity, infect, and agile exposure!!! if you are a bio!!
Thanks for all the advices!!


The best way to beat the game as a bio is to constantly use agile exposure, and get that focus regenerating thing to max.

Night Stryke December 23, 2008 9:52 AM

After playing through on all three difficulties, each with one of the three classes, and each to level 29, then pitting my parties against each other in the PvP arena, I've come to the conclusion that the classes' ranks are (from most powerful to least powerful):

Psychological, Biological, Hydraulic

My builds were:


All attribute points in Instinct; Instinct-high equipment.

1/4 Dark Echoes
4/4 Terrify
1/4 Destruction
1/4 Betrayal
4/4 Free Will
1/4 Salvation
3/3 Shock Therapy
1/2 Retrograde
5/5 Tenacity
1/4 High Voltage
1/1 Overdrive
2/4 Electrical Storm (only needed one, but I had a point to spare)
5/5 Charged Blood
1/4 Epiphany
1/1 Wraith Form
1/1 Psychopath Form

Action bar:
Electrical Storm
Free Will
Shock Therapy (3)
Psychopath Form
Wraith Form


All attribute points in Speed; Speed-high equipment.

4/4 Integrity
4/4 Slash
3/3 Adrenaline
3/3 Reform
4/4 Savagery
1/1 Predator Form
3/4 Sharp Senses (only needed one, but I had two points to spare)
4/4 Endurance
4/4 Shadow Blend
3/3 Evolution

Action bar:
Leading Strike
Slash (2)
Reform (2)
Predator Form
Shadow Blend


All attribute points in Strength; Strength-high equipment.

1/4 Impair
1/3 Restore
1/1 Hot-Blooded
2/3 Regulate
1/4 Reconstruct
1/4 Safe Guard
4/4 Wreck
1/4 Mirage
3/4 Dead Man's Plea
5/5 Stiff Upper Lip
4/4 Decimate
4/4 Warm Neurology
4/4 Lasting Pain
1/1 Avenger Form

Action bar:
Vapour Cannon
Avenger Form
Decimate (2)
Wreck (2)
Dead Man's Plea

My strategies with and opinions of each class (keep in mind that any statistics are from my level 29 characters, so don't expect a level 10 or 15 character to match it, though a low-20 character with some of the best equipment could do about the same):


I found this class to have the most freedom of choices in battle, and the simplest battle strategy.

The first thing to do is counteract the 10% damage from Overdrive, but there are three options that can do this: Terrify, which also damages an enemy; Free Will, which also shields you (for about 3000 damage in my case); or Psychopath, which also comes with Focus regeneration and 30% more Instinct (which translates to damage). Worth mentioning is that - thanks to Overdrive - the Psychological can heal for over 4000-5000 health each turn with several heal-over-time buffs on, which is a ridiculous amount and negates the need for Veradux as a healer.

Most damage will be dealt mostly through Shock Therapy (which does between ~2000 and ~10,000 damage, depending on buffs and whether you get a critical - which, thanks to Charged Blood, happens quite often), with some additional damage coming from using Electrical Storm and Terrify as they're needed. Note that Shock Therapy also removes Lightning, Shadow, and Physical buffs, which includes Retrograde/Subversion.

If Focus is low, either Wraith Form, Psychopath Form, or Electrical Storm can be used to replenish it; one of those should always be available, making Focus a non-issue. (Wraith Form - in addition to replenishing Focus and increasing damage - increases Speed dramatically, which makes you much more difficult to hit.)

This class is almost ridiculously powerful and easy to play; it's the most independent class due to the fact that it needs neither healing nor damage from allies, and it requires minimal strategy to utilize.


This class is fairly versatile, with both high damage and healing capabilities. Although, note my experiences with this class are highly influenced by my build; I find it to be the most effective Biological build, but I can easily see there being other viable builds as well.

The first move will always be to use Shadow Blend: this increases your speed 5 fold, which is the root of your damage (and dodge - in my case, it brings me to over 2000 Speed, making me nearly impossible to hit), thus you'll want to be sure to use it as often as possible. Next - as after all uses of Shadow Blend, as it only lasts two rounds - you'll want to use Slash twice (this will deal between ~3000 and ~8000 damage depending on the enemy's physical resistance and whether you get a critical or not). Never use Shadow Blend unless you'll be able to use those two Slashes with it on, as it has a fairly long cooldown and you don't want to waste it; without Shadow Blend, the Slash damage is reduced drastically.

Now, you can continue attacking by popping on Predator form and using your Slashes (it won't do as much as with Shadow Blend, but it'll still do a decent amount); you can even hit Shadow Blend after using the Slashes and get one Slash with both Predator Form and Shadow Blend on, which will do ~5000 to ~10,000 damage.

Or, you can aid your party; Reform will heal for even more than Veradux can manage (~4500, with an extra ~500 health and 15 Focus per turn for 3 turns), and you can also use Adrenaline on yourself or an ally (extra healing received and dealt, as well as extra Focus regeneration and bonus Strength, making it a valid buff for anyone, though perhaps best for Veradux).

The fact that you have the option of doing either high damage or healing makes this a good class, though the flaw lies in the fact that you can only really do one at a time; the damage comes from limited-time buffs, and you can't afford to waste a turn of it on healing or buffing.


This class is, well, not very versatile at all. Pretty much all it can do is damage, which - while it is likely the best at that - leaves it rather vulnerable. Granted that I went warm-blooded; a cold-blooded build would be more versatile, but it also does significantly less damage.

The first thing to do is counteract that 10 Focus loss per turn; your abilities don't require it to use, but their damages are dependent on it (note that this fact also makes you immune to silence affects, as they only stop you from using abilities that require Focus). I'll mention here that the damage doesn't scale with the ratio of Focus left to total Focus, but rather that each point of Focus is 1% of the damage; 50 Focus means half damage, 100 Focus means full damage, and any additional Focus beyond 100 increases the damage beyond full damage (the additional 40 Focus gained from Warm Neurology increases the damage of these attacks by 40%).

Anyhow, to counteract the loss, I'd suggest starting with Avenger Form (you can also use Regulate, which will be necessary when Avenger Form isn't available, but when it is I'd suggest using it instead). You'll then want to start with your two Decimates (~3500 to ~8000 instant damage), allowing the damage-over-time effects to tick off on the enemy (each will do ~500 to ~900 damage per turn, and they do stack). Next come the Wrecks (~5000 to ~9000 damage); more often than not, they'll also inflict the enemy with Severe Injury, which will damage them for ~1000 to ~1500 after they attack. Now you can either use Vapour Cannon or Regulate; Vapour Cannon will do some damage and buy you a couple of turns with its Water Vapours effect, but I'd suggest Regulate, as Stabilize will last for 11 turns, meaning you won't have to worry about losing Focus unless the battles wears on for a long time (even if it does, you can just use Regulate again).

You'll want to try to keep your Focus full at all times for damage purposes, but because of Hot-Blooded you can sometimes lose a good chunk if you get stunned without a buff to counter the loss per turn. If this happens, you can either get both Stabilize and Water Vapours to regain 12 Focus per turn, or (if it's a large loss) use Avenger Form to regain it all at once.

If you're getting beaten on and in dire need of healing, you can cast Dead Man's Plea on Veradux to restore some of his Focus and increase his healing abilities for several turns, which is as close to an effective healing ability as you'll get (Restore doesn't seem to work properly; with how much it currently restores, it's not worth putting attribute points into).

This class does seem to be capable of doing the most total damage of any class, but it has a major flaw in the fact that it relies heavily on Veradux; if he's stunned, dead, or just making stupid decisions, you have a good chance of dying.


lolz, im in zone 4! hahaha! im a hydra. ive got weapon call annihilation which gives +85 str!
krin, i think zone3 is a bit short. You only fight like 8 people and the only kinda hard one was The Real Hobo.
if you lot wanna kill the baron just find a quick easy way of decreasing his Focus. lolz this is hard. good luck.
to kill the three main zpci people after baron:
kill the sniper
then fire one
then the last one.
i dont really have tips for this so good luck.

anyone in zone 4 yet? past the tunnel beast?


The enlighten helm stuff are nice. I've got helm, body and gloves, They keep changing pictures to show the new weapons in Sonny2.


layne430 u dont need to get to lvl 20 to kill baron. i did it in lvl 15. i didnt have to change forms either. i was also hydra.


well, i need SO much advice on beating Gregor (zone 4) with biological!!! HELP


I'm losing health each turn for seemingly no reason and I have to use Schudenfreude on myself just to keep from losing over 80 a turn.Any help? I'm a Psycological lvl 14


I'm stuck on the second zone. I'm fighting the priest and knight, and the battle just won't end. The priest has a bugged move where instead of recovering 15 focus every turn he just instantly goes to 150 after one turn. (he stays stunned, but then he can just continuously heal). Anyway, after fighting for almost half an hour, Sonny died. I put Veradux on tactical and Roald on aggressive and just minimized it. They've been fighting for at least two hours now. Even if I just quit I have no idea how to beat them. I'm a psychological, but spent my points badly and don't have the second rank of retrograde. Cannot re-spec.



i used agile exposure and immobilize combo to end the battle in about 4 turns (if you are gonna die then use withdrawal and use infect if he is already stunned)


the best way to kill the baron with a hidraulic is lvl 4 flash freeze, 2 times on the action bar, lvl 4 mind freeze, 2 times on the action bar, max up the cristal ice, and i find that hipotermia lvl 4 2 times on the bar deals a lot of damage free and every turn :P i put all my points to instinct. another thing, if you are tic tac'd ice wall is the better thing to do, cause you can still stun him and vera heals you a lot (phalanx mode for optimal results).


I absolutely love Sonny 1, and now there is Sonny 2... LOVE... IT. It has some pretty good replay value, and as the developer promised, there are 3 classes. Psychological, Biological, and Hydrolic. Excellent voice actors too. =O

About the Baron...

How to survive?

It is actually a giant survival challenge round...

Keep your health up, if you are a Hydrolic, put a Safeguard on the people affected by the "Tick Tock" effect. If you are not a Hydrolic, sorry, but you are going to have to muscle out of it... I did it, so it IS possible.

His weakness...

Everybody needs their Focus, their Mana, their Magic Points... whatever you wanna call it... look, we all need it.. NEED IT.

Once the Baron runs out of Focus, he will cast a (de)buff(?) on himself...

It will give him all of his Focus, at the cost of dealing major damage... to himself.

When he is on low life, he will cast a debuff on himself, causing any type of damage dealt to him to be increased approximately 1000%

Put your allies on Aggressive and attack away before he heals his "Holy Scars"

Alleycat13 December 23, 2008 2:05 PM

Yeah I see that someone else had the same problem I had... for some reason some items cause me to loose health (with no indication that they might do so in the description) also... at least so far in the second level, I lose health turn by turn as if I had an effect cast on me, but my effect bar will be clear (even if I unequip everything) ^_^; it can be VERY annoying...


i cant beat the baron as a psychic!!
help me!!


Connor Somerville December 23, 2008 3:16 PM

Sonny 5/5, Sonny 2 10/5 This game is the best game on the web. Also, anyone having trouble with the Baron Brixxius or whatever? Heres the solution. Get a ability that makes the target lose focus. Once the Barons at 10 or 0 focus, he does this spell that does 2500 to himself for 3 turns. Once he does that, stun him. And then repeat til he's dead. Simple as that. =D

Night Stryke December 23, 2008 5:37 PM


Do you have the Overdrive ability? That doubles your healing- and damage-over-time abilities, but at the cost of 10% of your health per turn.

Also, a note on the Baron that I haven't seen: if you get him down to about half health his ability set changes and he loses Tick Tock, which - in addition to the Holy Scars debuff he'll periodically get at that stage - makes him significantly easier to kill. The fight up to that point is, unfortunately, mostly luck, as unless you can consistently drain his Focus or at least keep him from casting Tick Tock then it's just a matter of how many people he hits with it (hope he doesn't cast it often, or that he keeps hitting one or two people with it; if he hits your entire party with it you're dead, as no healing will be able to keep up with it).


Anyone have some tips for Care Taker and 2X Blood Hounds? Half the time I start up the fight, they take down one of my party members before I can make a move, and the other half I get 3 turns in, tops, before the dogs crit my party to death.


JIGuest-what class are you? if you are bio then use agile exposure, immobilize, agile exposure (and withdrawal if you get low on health) on the caretaker (you need to take him out first). then i can only wish you luck trying to kill the blood hounds, thought immobilize is effective because it lets your party attack twice.

Billy_Kane December 23, 2008 8:31 PM

Yes! finally beat the Baron

Avenger form + Decimate + Roald and Dux on Aggressive + Holy Scares = OWNAGE!!!

need help beating cult leader with phychic December 23, 2008 9:35 PM

how do you beat cult leader with phychic?


@need help beating cult leader with phychic
1)shorten your name
2)The cult leader was actually very easy. Just remember to put your teammates' AI on Phalanx whenever he cast Retrogaurd on himself.


Hmm. Anyone in Zone 4 Yet?
If you guys are,
Any tips on how to beat Gregor the Bug?
He keeps healing himself.

Oh yes by the way, I'm a bio.


I have just finished the game as Psycho on Challenging, and in my opinion at this difficulty setting it looked much like original Sonny. Unfortunately, the game has many weird bugs, especially concerning buffs and debuffs casted by enemies.

For example, the pink bunny often casts on himself debuff like (if i remember correctly) "torn by small sharp rabbit's teeth, speed reduced by 15%".

As a non-native English speaker, i found the cutscenes rather annoying, as they are not doubled by text. At the same time, voiceover during battles was simply excellent.

My winning sheme was based mostly on electricity:

I invested ability points in Shock Therapy (to deal many damage and antibuff without a chance to miss), Electric Storm (almost as powerful as Shock Therapy AND regains your Focus) Free Will (heals over time, removes debuffs and adds a shield - the only bad thing about it is that it cannot be stacked), Traumatize (stuns enemies AND drains their Focus) and, later, Charged Blood to increase Lightning Piercing. I usually equipped two of each battle skills mentioned above. With Instinct of 360 at later levels i was able to deal from 1100 to 2500 damage with one shot without any additional buffs - thanks to high critical hit chance. Almost all strong enemy groups become much easier if you keep stunning the strongest one and focus on the remaining enemies in the first part of battle.
It is also very important to keep the Vitality of one of your allies below your own, as in this case he, and not Sonny, will be primary target for attacks.

The things I most hated about the game balance were

my inability to dispel most debuffs - namely, Water, Poison, fire and Cosmic ones, and the quite silly AI of your allies

But in general Sonny 2 is a very good game, not worse than its predeccessor.

Billy_Kane December 24, 2008 1:39 AM

The Real Hobo = most HILARIOUS battle EVER!

He pretty much kills himself. I'm guessing Krin put him in there as one of those comic relief bosses, like Rock Star in the first game

Night Stryke December 24, 2008 11:26 AM

I wouldn't say that the inability to dispel certain elemental (de)buffs is a balance issue, as each class has certain elements prescribed to them: Psychological gets Lightning and Shadow, Biological gets Poison (and, in the case of buffs, everything except Earth), Hydraulic gets Fire, Ice, and Poison, and they all get Physical. Different classes then have the advantage in different situations; I'd say it balances out.


Night Stryke December 24, 2008 11:31 AM

Ah, whoops...

Anyhow. On the topic of elements, does anyone know what the pink and brown-ish colors are? I've got that red is Physical, orange is Fire, yellow is Lightning, purple is Shadow, blue is Ice, and green is Poison, but pink and brown are two elements that you can't use yourself. I'd guess that brown is Earth, as that is one named in a Biological ability that you yourself can't use. Pink, however, is an odd one; off the top of my head, the Priests in Zone 2 had it, the Bunny is Zone 4 had it, and the Android Guards in Zone 5 had it, and I can't think of anything their abilities might have in common. Maybe it's a kind of "non-element"?


@Night Stryke

You can see the names of the elements in the "Inventory" menu when you mouseover the piercing stats :) Thus, the brown element is Earth, and the pink one - Cosmic.


nobody was specific really about bugs and glitches, but here are a couple that I found:
there would be certain enemies that I could not hit with a physical attack (which is lousy for hyd. build) and it would constantly miss. I finally had to let the others whittle him down and keep firing vapor cannon.

Oh, and beat Baron @ lvl 16. got lucky that he didnt go crazy on the tick tock spells; didn't double up or cast any on my character, so veradux could keep up on the heals.

Billy_Kane December 24, 2008 2:02 PM

Tip for beating Captain Hunt:

You will go to the cutscene as long as the Captain's health is low. The other two don't matter since they just keep casting buffs on themselves. Just let them live. All you have to do is get the Captain's HP down before he uses Desperate Shield on himself.


the game won't load for me anymore the first time i opened it i played it for about 4 hours but now it wont load past the second n in sonny does anybody know how to fix it

Night Stryke December 24, 2008 3:34 PM

Ah, hadn't considered that. I'd still say that Cosmic is a sort of "non-element" - a type to use when nothing else fits.

Speed is tied to your chance to dodge and your chance to hit. If you're having trouble hitting things, try getting some equipment to increase your Speed.


Concerning the Hydra battle:

The hydra is a pain for a bio who has specialized in physical damage due to the fact that the fire claws have massive physical piercing defence (I have an attack combo that usually lands 2000 and it hits in the 50-60s). You have to respec for element attacks.


To beat the baron, you have to keep bringing down his focus. For bio characters, it is easy, because you have a move called Disrupt that will drain 100 focus out of an enemy. Each time the baron loses his focus, he will recover it at the cost of A LOT of his health. And soon he will be dead if you just simply keep draining his focus.

I'm stuck on the city council, can't find a way to get past their shield...


what is the unknown condition that you get from playing clemons the deceiver? could some help me to beat him?

Gangster Bob December 24, 2008 10:26 PM

Brixus was almost embarrassingly easy with the Disrupt move. After Hunt, I went to area 3 and went to training. The second time, I got Annihilation from a lvl 11 specter. Its stats:

LVL 13 Two-Handed Arms
Speed +17
Strength +85
Vitality +9
Description: Consider yourself lucky you are not on the receiving end.

It is AMAZING and had just about doubled my physical damage.


The unknown condition Clemons gives to you acts like Subversion. Once someone in your party gets it, immediately put Veradux on relentless mode so he won't accidentally heal you to death.


i just finish the game i dont understand is the final boss level suppose to be easy??

because final boss supose to be hard whats the seed??

will there be sonny 3 :o3 i hope so :D


Sorry to post this way. I started another new account here, but can no more remember my password recovery phrase than I can my password! haha

So, I wanted to get in on the Baron convo. I beat him so quickly as a Bio, I didn't make any note of him, but once I hit him as a Psych, I was stuck. So I switched to Hydro. This was simple, but a bit time consuming--mainly it's for those who don't want to spend hours leveling up (although the Hydro misses more than he hits below level 12):

Max out and equip 2 Flash Freeze and 2 Mind Freeze. Then alternate one FF, one Vapour Canon, one MF, one Vapour Canon (or Slam). It keeps the Baron on his knees or unable to use Focus.

The best additional advice, then, is to watch for those Holy Scars buffs. If your buddies are either Aggressive or Relentless when he hits those, you'll take him out pretty quickly.

willywonka December 25, 2008 2:46 PM

I figured out how to kill the Baron, and it's simple. This is for a bio, not any other class. It's extremely simple so don't be scared cuz he has like 48000 life.

You need to get a couple of certain abilities. Load your bio guy up on Disrupt, which you can put on the bar 4 times. Then put on Withdrawal, and get the passive ability of Integrity, because it'll help you with your focus. Once you get to the Baron just keep using Disrupt on him, that way he'll have to use one of his spells that lets him exchange life for focus. He uses 2656 every time to get focus so he'll die relatively easy. If you try any other way he'll use his tick tock move and you'll die. Hope this helps anyone who's stuck[:

I figured out how to beat the Baron, but I'm stuck on the three ZPCI's. Whenever I try to kill Captain hunt always gets this shield and then all three have shields, while they continue to attack, any help? PLEASE?!?

Billy_Kane December 25, 2008 4:02 PM

Read my comment above about the Captain. It's possible if you use a combination of stun moves and strong attacks. If that still doesn't work, just remember that his shield will lower after 4000 damage (2500 damage if you're attacking the Sniper or the Medic, which isn't necessary).

Billy_Kane December 25, 2008 4:29 PM

Am I the only one who has been visiting the Krinlabs forum? Because, to me, Zone 4 just seems like a way to fit in the characters of the winners of the tape thread (MMM = The Magical Monkey, Veev = Vivian Vixen, Mokoshootar = Mokoshootar (duh), and Sven87 = Bunny (?)).


you can beat the baron on hydraulic, it took me a while and a lot of training but if you choose the upgrades "mind freeze" and "flash freeze" and put it in your ring as often as possible you can prevent the baron from using attacks that he needs focus for (tik tok for example that one really pissed me off) then i concentrated almost all of the upgrade points and equipment so that i have strength on a very high level, then it's easy, the baron is still strong but veradux can easily cure you


Bah, I want to like this game so much, but for a 'strategy' rpg, it is woefully devoid of 'strategy.' Perhaps a new "luck rpg' genre has been created? I have a simple fix for the HORRIBLE ally AI.....get rid of it. I'm barely into zone 2 and I'm already sick to death of my hydro's skill tree....yeah yeah, I get ice and physical, and half of the moves suck, I get it. I have these other characters in my party, why can't I mess with their skills? I have to play through the whole game doing the same attacks? The only way to get any variety is to reroll a different class? I'm down to 10hp and Veradux has full focus and set to Phalanx, and he still attacks the boss, letting me die! The best AI isn't AI at all, it's HI, HUMAN intelligence. Give me FULL control of other party members and then you can call this game a strategy rpg. Also, lose the "I've only got 50hp left so let me cast a crazy good buff that refills my health and focus completely, doubles my attack power, and makes me unhittable" enemy fights, cause NOBODY needs that.


Finally beat Sonny 2 on heroic. The last boss was still very easy, but It was refreshing after some of the challenging fights leading up to him. I'm hoping for more zones because I want to stretch my psychological's abilities some more. :)


One more thing. This game desparately needs moves that can hit all enemies. Sure, they'd be weaker attacks... but sometimes it's strategic to do so.

willywonka December 26, 2008 2:32 PM

Thanks for the hep Billy_Kane. But I actually decided to go another route, I'm not sure if it's the smartest way but it worked like a charm for me.

I attacked only Captain Hunt until he went into his shield mode. I then attacked the other ZPCI and waited the whole shield thing out. Finally went he got out of the shield he was the only one there, so it was unbelievably easy to kill him. I hope this helps anyone else who is stuck on the three ZPCI'S.

Also, is it too high of a level to be starting zone 3 and already be lvl 15? Because when I look in the store everything there is below my level. Am I too high a level for the time being? But even if I am that's a good thing, right?

Billy_Kane December 26, 2008 7:18 PM

That's not a bad strategy since that's how I beat the Captain the first time. But as I grew stronger, I found my other method quicker and more efficient since you'll still get all the experience and the equipment.

As for the whole level thing, I don't see how that's a bad thing. I was level 16 when I got to Zone 3. It's not really big deal since Zone 3 is a very short zone.

willywonka December 26, 2008 7:46 PM

The game is quite easy for me so far. But I don't understand why people keep saying the hydra was hard. I beat it on my first try. It's relatively easy, just a bit time consuming.

I will probably play the game a second time, and will try that way if it is more efficient, thanks.

Some parts of the game are a bit sketchy for me because they are not extremely clear. The game is great so far, and quite easy. If anyone needs help I'm willing to answer any questions. But so far I have only played as Bio, so I can't answer questions about the other classes in the game.


If you look at the description of the crowbar, it says the weapon of "Free men" refering to Dr. Gordon Freemen of Half Life.

Night Stryke December 27, 2008 12:19 AM

Anyone else find that some of the training fights scale to unfair levels? I ground out a lot of levels on training fights in Standard and Heroic (especially on Heroic - I was level 20 by the time I went to Zone 3), and I noticed that some of the enemies in the training fights could become too much for your level as they scale with you. The Warden was an easy enough fight in the normal fights, but when I tried to fight him in the training fights it was simply impossible - he'd get two attacks to begin and kill Sonny right off the bat - and when I went to Zone 2, the scaled Frost Zombies were immediately beyond my capabilities. It's just ridiculous that a training fight can actually be too hard to train on; the Frost Zombies may have been due to my equipment, as I'd just moved on to a new zone where you're expected to have better equipment to match your level, but considering that the enemies drop the aforementioned better equipment and it must often be farmed from the training fights, that makes for a nasty flaw.

Billy_Kane December 27, 2008 1:51 AM

Yay! I beat the game (as a level 27 Hydro). The story was really cheesy. Btw, Krin should add subtitles for the cutscenes since my speakers are horrible.



Wow, Jeff I never really thought of it that way. But I think it's more in the manner of a free man, right? But this game does have some subliminal messages in the names. An Obvious one is the Bugo Hoss suit. And the two doctors, Leath and Hedger. The authors were very clever at putting these in because many could go by undetected. Anyways I hope there'll be more subliminal messages because they are rather interesting. I think the game is also about being a bit funny, because the real hobo was hilarious. Anyways I'm here if anyone needs help.


Krin, if you are still monitoring this forum, can you answer something for me: the Baron is so challenging--why did you decide to place him so early in play?

I've finally beaten him with my third guy--the Psych. I couldn't find a good guide for it, so if you are still trying to kill him with that player, here's what I did:

At level 14, I had Shock Therapy, Electrical Storm, Wraith Form, Trauma and Free Will maxed out, and 3/4 on Terrify (which I didn't actually use). Equip 2 Shock Therapy, 2 Free Will, 1 Electrical Storm, 2 Trauma and the Wraith Form (although I didn't use that one either).

Then I would use Trauma, then Free Will on one friendly, Trauma again and Free Will on the other friendly. He always attacked Roald first, so the shield kept him safe. Then I just played through the heavy hitters--Shock Therapy if I had plenty of focus, Electrical Storm if I needed to re-up my Focus. The combination also helped to eliminate his focus so he only hit us twice with Tick Tock during the entire game.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


anyone know how to defeat the 2 riot police and android guard in zone 4?


I was a Hydro.This is what I did to beat the 2 riot police and android police.The riot police will heal using first aid when their hp goes below 2000,so I used ice wall when their hp was almost 2000 and my team mates attacked the riot police.I used subversion on the riot police as my next turn.The riot police should die after its turn.The other riot guard will be easier to kill after the other riot guard is killed.The android guard uses force field which costs 50 focus.When it can't use force field it will use a buff that stuns it for 5 turns while it recovers 15 focus per turn.When the force field is gone attack it.It will help if you use mind freeze.Use the mind freeze when it has just recovered from the stun.It will give you an extra 3 turns to beat it.


A tip on killing hydras and fire claws as psyco:

use electrical attacks on the hydra, which causes 2-3 times more damage than normal

i don't know why, but the fire claws fear darkness(?) attacks, so just use terrify


IF anyone needs to know how to kill riot police with Bio, there is a comment from me above saying how[: I actually like this game alot more than I liked the first. Because in this one when you beat certain bosses, such as the Baron, you do need to strategically play.


Did you really think the baron was that hard? And you couldn't beat him with a Bio? I was extremely easy to beat with bio, here's a recap.

Basically you just need to load up on disrupt, because it drains his focus. Now once you use disrupt a few times he uses a move that makes him use life for focus. Which kills him relatively easy since each time he uses it he loses 2656 of his life. I also like to max out Integrity, because it passively gives life and focus. You may also want to use withdraw to help you gain life if needed. Anyways just drain his focus, and he'll die easily. I hope this helps.

Also I think that Krin put in the Baron at the right time, because this really ensures that one examines the opponent to beat him. In saying that I think that some of these bosses make the game live up to a strategic role play. It's better then many games because you cant entirely rely on strength. I hope I helped anyone who has queries about beating Baron with Bio. [:


@neoenigma I get the same bug, saving before battles seems to make it go away.

Bug usually occurs after re-equipping weapons and armor for my guys and not saving before a fight


I am a bio and can't beat Baron. I need tons of help.


Has anyone noticed the fact that there is a timer for your moves?
Maybe I just didn't notice it before, but it seems the blue circle acts as a timer now.


Hi. I can't seem to find a way to beat the mayor with a hydro.

Some advice please?


to beat the baron as a hydro:

put more than one point into regulate, so it destroys 30 of his mana per hit. his mana recovery buff will destroy his health. also, when he uses holy scars, set everyone to relentless, and destroy him. then he will cast a "debuff" on himself, causing him to lose 10k health a turn.


to beat the hydra as a hydrolic:

the side heads are weak to ice. if you haven't invested in ice skills, use vapour cannon on them. sometimes it will be 200 damage, sometimes 1800. the middle head is not strong against physical, so you can use demolish, wreck, etc. on him

bulmedius January 1, 2009 5:25 AM

i beat the game easily as a psychological, i only died once on the part when facing the baron.
All i did was first play wraith, then use the electric thing that debuffs and the play shock therapy. You can do a bout 1k-2k from that depending on their lightning def and ur lightning piercing. When you play the baron, use the coma thing, that takes out focus and stuns.


anyone know how to get past the caretaker in zone 5? p.s got here in less than an hour and a half.


People stop thinking Flexible Armor and Enlighten stuff are glitches- they there to show the new weapons in Sonny 2.

Lols i've got this Weapon that gives +186 Strength and +34 Vitality. W00T. wanna know what its called?

Em_r_ld _e_t_h

goodluck with the clues. Well good weapon. Probably the best. Bye.

Corpsolian January 5, 2009 10:01 AM

Here's a good strategy if your bio, psycho or hydro needs some work with his attacks, yet you don't want to redo all your stat points: DIE. Is you have both your allies in moderately good armor,You just need to set Veradux (keep him at all times)on Phalanx and Roald (or whatever his name is) or Felicity on Relentless. That's what got the Baron, after I died at , to go from half down to 0. Veradux essentially makes the team invincable, since he has just two targets, he will never leave one and let the other die, on account of it only taking two turns to heal them both, while Roald (still cant remember the name)or Felicity guns and/or slashes down the weak points. I have found this strategy to work numerous times, like the Android/ Secret police/ specialist fight in zone 5


Doctor's voices in zone #1 kinda reminded me of batman's joker :P


Does anyone know why Shock Therapy takes your health???????annyoying.
Krin,if you still read these messages; Dont Make Sonny3 The Last Of The Series and think of making a Sonny Online(Change the "Online" bit of the name)



shock therapy doesnt. overdrive does.


Any one know how to use Bio to kill Hydro?

Nate Dogg January 15, 2009 6:53 PM

Man, I CANNOT beat the Baron on Zone 2. I'm a psychological character, and always run out of instinct when his health is around 28k. Soooo I just repeatedly use dark infusion or whatever, which literally does nothing, and causes him to regain instinct.

I'm starting to regret picking that class. I hit lower than anyone else, even though my instinct is like 106. I'm level 15, by the way.

Any pointers? 'Cuz I drop the Barons health to 28k, die, and my idiot teammates get destroyed.


I never actually beat the Baron. I died about 30 turns in because he kept using tick-tock on me (and it did like 30-40% of my health per turn...), and I figured I could let the AI have a go at the Baron itself. Went to make a sandwich and came back about ten seconds before victory. It was pretty awesome.


Through out the game, I found out most enimes with super high health have weird abilities that helps you instead of themselves.

From the Baron's "nightmare over" (attacks you with about 550 and then heals it back with focus), or "were-wolf" that gives you 1 damage and 35 passive damage, then your damage becomes 10x. Or they let their themselves receive 10x damage. So if you meet a "strong" foe, sometimes don't stun them too quickly.

Examples of these kind of foes are: the Baron, the real hobo...etc.


The game runs faster if you hold spacebar in battle!


with bio i can do hits over 4000 with sonny in the last level. nice


there should be alot more classes and more future type weaponry such as robot suits but other than that the game is very addictive and fun.


I beat the game when I was a lvl. 23 biological.

I started on Jan. 17, 09.

Tips to beat the Baron. You don't have to use disrupt. What I did was I got Predator Form and Agile Exposure both to max. Then when you have Predator Form you gain 100 Focus back each turn so you use Agile Exposure and Then use Destroy and you will hit really high. Also you should use Withdrawl which is a good spell that hits high and gives you a lot of life.

The Hydra and The Fire Claw. Using Agile Exposure on these enemies are not such a good idea. You will usually miss. I recommend getting the spell infect. That is a spell that hits not so high but the nest turn it will hit 345 percent of your strength.

Gregor. He is not hard at all!! Just use Destroy once on him and he will be dead if Roald uses the blast and if Varaduex (I think I spelled his name wrong!) hits at least a 50 and if you do not MISS!, you will probably kill him. (Actually, the bug) And the City Council which some people are complaining about. Just break the shield by hitting more than 3000 HP!! They will soon be dead. Just don't let them make themselves very powerful or they will probably kill whoever they are targeting.

And the Mayor is very very easy. Just kill the Guardian thing with Agile Exposure and then use Destroy.

The Mayor is really easy and just don't mistake his buff. If you use Destroy when he uses the buff he will heal a lot. So just read what he casts on himself.


i have a question about the passive combat skills for all 3 lasting pain and crystal ice. they dont appear for me in the ability pool so i cant equip them.
did anyone faced the same problem?


@Diesel: The passive abilities don't need to be equipped, they're always on as soon as you buy them. Good choices for when you like your move wheel as it is, and don't want to make room for new stuff.


If you are looking for a good psyco build go for Lightning.

Max Shock Therapy
Max High Voltage
Max Charged Blood
Max Electrical Storm (for wraith Form)
Get Wraith Form
(Nightmare is Optional for massive burst damage for an easy kill)
Stack Instinct and thats it. They will die usually before they have a chance to hit you

Your wheel needs to be:
High Voltage x2
Shock Therapy x3
Wraith Form x1
Electrical Storm x1 (in case you run out of focus
Nightmare x1

This is really all you need to build a Unstoppable Pshycological level 1-30



i'm not here to try flame people and i do love sonny 1 and 2. but i read so much comments on how hard baron is... no offense but it isn't hard at all.... and i mean all 3 types i completed it all.. but only maxed with biology and now im doing heroic.


Alright. Figure I might as well enter this foray. What is the most damage yo have ever dealt, no hacks, crits count? I am a lvl 30 psycho, and with a combination of buff setups, i have dealt 21,230 damage to the mayor, the final boss. First, I use betrayal, kill my attacker, leaving veradux on defense. Then, I use psychopath form, then I use dark echoes and insecurity on the enemy, and then I use nightmare, dealing 520% of my instinct, on an enemy receiving 45% more damage. It's fun. Try it. It might be the most damage allowed in a game, while fighting high level enemies. I dunno. What do you think?


How do you beat the Baron(Baron Brixius)? I'm a level 17 Destroyer Hydraulic. He always uses Tick Tock on me and I die when he's life is at like 40k and my stupid teammates die after me. HELP!!!


this game stinks because it lacks in everything that makes up a rpg. although it has a smooth system for leveling up and assigning skill points, there are many flaws. One is that a five-year-old with a keyboard could play it, it provides no tactical challenge whatsoever. Also, i think it lacks in classes, i find it funny that the previous game had more classes, even if it was the same skill tree. one more problem is that it is so repetitive. It varies it up with different skills, but the skills seem all the same with very little variation. It disappoints me that a game that had so much people's expectations so high, seems like it was made by a high school-dropout.


Right, for a first, most know nothing about Hydro class lmao, I currently have a level 30 Hydraulic and a level 29 Psychological, The best way to beat the baron as either of these is with Hydraulic just use Regulate, this will destroy his Focus easy and if just set both your team members to Phalanx mode you'll all get heals, then when he gets to about 10k of Hp just nuke him with Glacier or Vapour Cannon, he can be beaten at level 12+ as Psychological, just level up to about 16-17 with training fights until your high enough to get Haunt, this will also destroy his focus causing him to lose health, once past the Baron, i specced out my Psychological all Electricity starting with Shock Therepy and working down from there, with this i average 6-8k crits and 2.5k-4k normal hits with Shock Therepy I use 3 Shock Therepies 1 Electrical Storm 1 High voltage 1 Electron charge 1 Haunt and 1 Wraith Form. With Hydraulic i just specced full Ice with 2 glaciers 1 Mind freeze 1 Shatter 2 flash freezes 1 restore and 1 guardian form. Hope this helps ;D


Also, with captain Hunt, all you have to do is get him below 500-400 hp and the fights over.


I was a little disappointed by the storytelling, it was a major factor that attracted me to the first game. There wasn't much of a plot, and Felicia's role was purposeless. The game play is wonderful, even if its a bit outstretched. Many to most RPG's are very story orientated, and title is telling a very compelling story, but this game kinda felt like pirates 2 to me (I was one of those that wasn't to fond of it). I am hopeful of this games future, but there's always a chance it might also contract wayward sequel syndrome; we'll just have to wait and see.