zack black December 23, 2008 6:05 PM


-- All you have to do is sit there and jump 10 times in a row... May take a while but, obviously, it's worth it... =)


-- Just type in contra... =)


-- Just click on purple boundaries around level and type in jmtb02... =)

ps, still dont know how to change colors other than pink... ;)


Change colors by

Pressing 1,2,3 and 4

I love this game, I could replay it over and over again for a long time. Still can't beat 241 seconds though... :)


You Finished in 877 Seconds!

First try too.


how do you get Quality Snob??


For Stalagmite you have to:

Go to one of the top boosters and just drop straight down to the pit.


Beat it in 593 w/ walkthrough
Didn't know Jmtb02 did satire


I can't figure out quality snoband not listening. Help please?



To get Quality Snob press the Quality button in the lower right corner

To get Not Listening press the mute button in the lower right corner


Did you notice the

'Mute' and 'Quality' buttons under the list of achievements?

Click on them.That's it.

stealthy elephant December 26, 2008 2:35 PM

i finished in 384 seconds!!


238 seconds :D


ok, to chnage the colour of the elephant you have to type in:

jmtb05( i cant remember if this is one but try it anyway)

i cant remember what the colours are,but to do the "to much contra" achievement you have to have a pink elephant.


dude, i finished this game in 1484 secs, on my 1st try, with no help!!!! it was hard at 1st, but its REALLY fun.....hope they have a sequel!!!


Hey guys, I'm going to leave a full spoiler on this game, so you can check your stuff.


stand in place for a while


move left


movie right


press up


hit spikes


hit one of the flight arrows to fly up


bump against the left wall


bump against the right wall


paint the entire ceiling


paint the entire bottom


go to the top left hand corner, and use the fly thing, then fall off the left side and dodge the floors until you get to the bottom


use the fly panels at the bottom right to go all the way to the top


go to the fly panels at the top and fall from the top to the pit of spikes


use the fly panels at the bottom right to fly up and press left a little bit so you hit the spikes


go to the top left of the screen


go to the top right of the screen


in the little maze on the left side


in the very center of the very bottom


in the bottom right corner


under the respawn platform


find 14-19


throw yourself against the moving spike platform until you get a corpse stuck in the fly panels


visit points 1-5 in order


visit points 1-5 backwards


get on one of the fly panels for ten seconds


hit the moving spike platform until one of your corpses falls onto the very bottom


make a corpse hit the ceiling


find the cave next to the 2 in point 2, on the other side of the wall


go to the bottom right of the screen


go to the top right of the screen


throw yourself against the moving spikes platform until one of your corpses gets to point 0


throw yourself against the moving spikes platform until one of your corpses gets to point 1


go to the bottom of the screen where there is nothing above you when you jump, and keep your finger on the up button until it says you got the award


throw yourself at the moving spike platform fast until you have five corpses on the screen


throw yourself at the moving spike platform fast until you have seven corpses on the screen


kill yourself 50 times


kill yourself 100 times


kill yourself 101 times


stay alive for 15 sec


stay alive for 30 sec


die 2 times in less than 0.23 seconds, so throw yourself against the moving spike platform when it comes above you and aim at it when you respawn


hit the spiked platform


die in the pit


die in the pit 3 times


die in the pit 10 times


have 2 corpses in the pit at one time


have 3 corpses in the pit at one time


press the left and right keys at the same time


press the up and down keys at the same time


press the space bar


land on the ledge on the left side of the pit


play for one minute


play for three minutes


play for five minutes


hit points 3-1-4 in that order


hit points 3-0-0 in that order


hit points 4-2 in that order


hit points 2-5-3 in that order


hit points 4-5 in that order


touch 10 blocks


touch 25 blocks


touch 50 blocks


touch 75 blocks


touch 100 blocks


touch every touchable block


hit five fly panels


hit ten fly panels


hit all fly panels


hit 3 spikes that aren't moving


hit 7 spikes that aren't moving


hit all spikes that aren't moving


paint all areas


press "1"


press "2"


press "3"


press "4"


ask for a hint


type "jmtb02"


press up up down down left right b a


click the level area


preload the game


click the armor games link


find the main menu


click "quality"


scroll with the yellow thing on the right scroll bar


click start at the beginning


get to lvl 1


click "mute"


watch the sponsor thing


earn 1 achievement


earn 10 achievements


earn 20 achievements


earn 30 achievements


earn 40 achievements


earn 50 achievements


earn 60 achievements


earn 70 achievements


earn 80 achievements


earn 90 achievements


earn 99 achievements


Finished in 330 seconds.


i finished in 949.3 seconds. that was kinda hard lol but it was a great time killer, and yes i too want a seq. for it XD


Heres NO.00-NO.10 of the achievements ;)

NO.00 dont move for 1 sec.

NO.01 jump to the left.

NO.02 move to the right.

NO.03 press the up key.

NO.04 jump into a spike.

NO.05 go through the bottom right lift.

NO.06 touch the left wall.

NO.07 touch the right wall.

NO.08 touch the ceiling.

NO.09 touch the floor.

NO.10 jump from the top to the bottom.


Haha, that was perfect!

Jacob Gaunt December 29, 2008 8:05 PM


"You Finished in
449 Seconds!"

First try.


Woot! 378!


I need help with #12 [Stalactite]

I know...

that you have to "Skewer yourself at high speed on downward facing spikes"

but I need to know how to do THAT. lol


552 Seconds! this was pretty easy because you just got most of the achievments without even trying...


how do you paint the entire bottom?
1. you can;t do that.
2.btw, how do you jump from top to bottom?


How do I get: pi, meaning of life and (2*125)+3?

I tried to hit the numbers but it never works how do i do it exactly?


WAHAHAHA! I finished in 199 seconds! I. AM. AWESOME!!


i still cant seem to do get off you seats - i've jumped for ten seconds i've jump ten times and it still wont work


how do you get pi



Ok! So these are the ones I needed help with

THIS IS SPARTA (Just go to points 3-0-0)

Too much contra (type "contra")

All of the color ones (type: 1-2-3-4)

Producer's credit [or whatever it's called...]
(at first I tried clicking the Armor Games link but then someone told me to type the dude's user name!! AND IT WORKED!!!)

Uh...lemme think...hmmmmmmmm

OH YEAH! No cheese for you (click the screen!)

That's it! It was a fun game and I LOVED IT!


312 Seconds
i thought that this was fun....but i was using some of the spoilers and some of them are the one where there is the full walkthrough the #13 is have to fall from one of the top launchers into the pit down below without touching anything else.


Beat it in 268


Um...I know some people did do this but there were a lot of comments asking how to do something that was already told by someone else so just read previous comments.

P.S. I SUCK at this game,1409,=(, it's a good game though.


231 seconds XD most keyboards ones were found here
(first time about 1200 seconds lol)


First of all one of the achievements is play game for 300 seconds so there is no way anyone beat the game in under 300 seconds so quit saying you did and i beat it in 416


208 seconds.

Nice Reddy January 1, 2009 10:06 PM

Time for a sequel!


I beat it within THIS IS SPARTA

secret points 3-0-0 in order

seconds!!! =P


I got 433 seconds so if you need help remember- 1-99


I get the general idea of Death at 0, 1 o'clock Murder, and Graveyard, but apparently I'm not leet enough. This is what I'm trying, and how it's failing:

Death at 0/1 O'clock Murder - I jump off the launcher in the direction of the number when the moving spikes are directly below me. Problem: corpses don't bounce and you can't make them jump. They just fall through the moving spikes.

Graveyard - I know it's "go as fast as you can," but I tried jumping into the spikes as fast as they came past, and it wasn't enough. So I tried jumping at the leading edge of the spikes so the newly spawned elephant would come out soon enough to try to get two corpses out of one pass. (I *think* sometimes it works, but I'm not quite sure.) Then I tried doing the leading edge jump, and while I'm waiting for the spikes to come back, I throw an elephant into the pit. Problem: Jump, pit, jump, pit, jump, pit, jump is not fast enough to keep 7 corpses on the screen.

Can anyone explain to me how they got past these issues? I suspect it's just that I haven't played enough twitch games to know the tricks.

HollowDisclosure January 3, 2009 8:28 AM


Graveyard-Instead of throwing yourself into the pit as you wait for the spikes to come back, jump towards the moving spikes. Falling into the pit seems to take too much time
So, Don't wait for the spikes, jump towards them even while they're away.

Death at 0,1 O'clock murder: If you jump upward from the starting point into the moving spikes, your corpse floats up. For 1 O'clock murder, stand on the side of the ledge thats closest to point 0 and wait for the spikes to come your way. Then, Jump up and into the the spikes. When you jump, don't jump straight up. Jump in the direction of point 1. Your corpse should float toward point 1. it might take couple of tries but it's do-able. You can achieve Death at 0 the same way.

Hope that helps, good luck.


Get off you seats isnt jumping ten times. You have to hold the key down to get the achievment.

I know all of the achievments so if you need one just ask

Rogue11211 January 3, 2009 5:59 PM


Anonymous January 3, 2009 6:42 PM

For graveyard, jump against the moving platform as it moves toward you. Then when you respawn, jump into it at an angle. This should get you 3 quick corpses if you understand what I mean.


In Order to complete the cemetary and graveyard achievements, you have to make a pattern of dying on the center spikes and the stationary pit.


how long were you waiting to use the phrase "Holy bat farts on a bus"?


Here's a speed guide I wrote (my record using it is 189 seconds):

Set up:

  • Jump up through the hover block to your right and ride it to the ceiling

  • Fall all the way to the bottom of the level without touching anything (this can be difficult)
    Stop moving and do the following:

  • Click the screen

  • Click the quality button

  • Click the mute button

  • Click the hint button

  • Press Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A

  • Press Up and Down at the same time

  • Press Left and Right and the same time
    While holding up for 10 seconds:

  • Scroll the bar

  • Type "jmtb02"

  • Press 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Press space,
    From where you're standing at the bottom go get the following points:

  • 05

  • 04 (go through the hover blocks to the right and hit the spikes at full speed)

  • 03 (go left and get the favorite spot)

  • 02 (get the two secret spots near this point, then jump through the hover blocks)

  • 01

  • 00 (go left a little for the secret spot)

  • 01, 02, 03, 04, 05

  • 02, 05, 03

  • 00

  • 03, 01, 04

  • 02
    Now die and from the starting point get the following achievements:

  • Fall into the pit three times as fast as possible

  • Hover to the ceiling and fall into the spikes below full speed

  • Use the spike platform to reach 101 deaths as fast as possible

  • Make sure to launch a body into 00 and 01 while getting 101 kills
    Finishing up:

  • Go and paint the rest of the blocks

  • Make sure all the spikes in the pit are painted

  • Reply

    What's with the achievement '(2*125)+3'? I tried hitting the points 1,5, and 3 but nothing happened. I can't understand SPARTA achievement either.


    Wait, that was supposed to be 253. My bad.


    765 Seconds !
    First Try !
    Wooooo ! :P


    wow this game is addicting but confusing i the last one i did was stalagmite and it took me forever to realize all u have to do is fall in the pit XD


    293 Seconds


    Wow... i did it on kongregate in 211 seconds. check the highscores, "bill"


    Programmers Credit here....

    Type jmtb02 in

    Anonymous January 6, 2009 2:08 PM

    How do you do Graveyard?


    i can not seem to get Stalagmite.

    curiousjorj January 6, 2009 10:29 PM

    just hit hint and it will take you to a page with everything you need to do


    255 seconds exactly try #4
    (2^8 - 1)
    [FF in hex]

    [Needs to stop being such a nerd]


    Do NOT have anything blocking flash while playing this game. I cannot access the mute button because of this. Got 98% done, then I find that out. :(


    Ahaha, my fave one was the meaning of life, frickn love that movie xD


    very nice game, had lots of fun!

    awesomeness January 15, 2009 1:15 AM

    for too much contra the easy way for me was just mashing everything on my keyboard


    how do you do We Have Liftoff and The Meaning of Life?

    Jackson Reed January 19, 2009 12:16 PM

    288 seconds!


    Yay! 421 seconds! This is fun!


    462 seconds

    Anonymous January 24, 2009 5:38 PM

    i finished in 442 seconds on my first try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am amazing!!!!!!


    lol i finished the whole thing in 279 seconds on the first try


    647SB, We Have Liftoff is hitting points 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0 in that order (Like a space shuttle countdown), and The Meaning of Life is 4 and 2 in that order (because the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42).


    Great and easy game! If you're having problems here are a few pointers I'd like to show you. I have broken it up into groups to make it easier:


    #0: Don't Move a Muscle: DONT MOVE!

    #1: It's a Jump to the Left: Jump and move left.

    #2: And it's a step to the Ri-i-ight!: Strain yourself to move right

    #3: Fight Gravity: Jump

    #4: Elephant Skewers: Hit yourself on any spike

    #5: Ascension: Use the orange lift pads to move up

    #6: Lefty: Hit the left wall (color will change from dark to light purple)

    #7: Righty: (Hit the right wall (color will change from dark to light purple)

    #8: Purple Ceiling: Hit the ceiling (color will change from dark to light purple)

    #9: Rock Bottom: Move down to the bottom of the screen

    #10: Speedy Downfall: Fall from the top of the screen to the bottom (easiest way to do this is to be left of the "01" and fall before the moving spikes hit you)


    #11: Escape Velocity: Using the launching pad near "04" go the the top of the screen without stopping

    #12: Stalactite: Kill yourself by going to the right launching pad and aiming yourself so that you are skewered on the spikes

    #13: Stalagmite: Go and hurl yourself into the pit

    #14: Found Point 0: Top left hand corner

    #15: Found Point 1: Top right hand corner

    #16: Found Point 2: Near the outmost wall on the left

    #17: Found Point 3: Bottom center of screen

    #18: Found Point 4: Near the largest launching pad (Bottom right corner)

    #19: Found Point 5: Center of screen. Below respawn platform and above the spike pit.

    #20: Bloodhound: Finding all points mentioned above.


    #21: Floating Corpse: Get a skeleton stuck in a launcher

    #22: I Can Count to 5!: Go to points in this order: 0,1,2,3,4,5

    #23: We Have Liftoff: Go to points in this order: 5,4,3,2,1,0

    #24: Airwalking: Using the mini pads on the top of screen, stay afloat for 10 seconds

    #25: Hellbound: Launch corpse to bottom

    #26: Heavenbound: Launch corpse to ceiling

    #27: Secret Alcove: Get surrounded by three sides (it's diagonal to "02")

    #28: Secret Cave: Get surrounded by three sides (it's utmost bottom left corner)

    #29: Secret Hideout: Get surrounded by three sides (utmost top left corner by "00")

    #30: Death at 0: Fire a corpse at Point 0


    #31: 1 o'clock murder: Fire a corpse at Point 1

    #32: Get Off Your Seats: HOLD down the up arrow (jump) for 10 seconds

    #33: Cemetary: Have 5 live corpses on the screen (do this quickly because they disappear!)

    #34: Graveyard: Have 7 live corpses on the screen. (Either dying by moving spiked board or a combo of the pit and the spiked boards seem to be the quickest)

    #35: Half-Century: Die 50 times

    #36: Century: Die 100 times

    #37: And One More... : Die 101 times

    #38: Stayin' Alive: Stay alive for 15 seconds

    #39: Longevity: Stay alive for 30 seconds

    #40: Gone in a Flash: Die in less 0.23 seconds (easiest way to do this is to kill yourself on the moving spike platform when it's directly above you at respawn)


    #41: Wrecking Ball: Hit the center spike platform

    #42: In the Pit: Land a corpse in the pit

    #43: Pit Hat Trick: Land 3 corpses in the pit

    #44: 10 Pin Pit: Land 10 corpses in the pit (remember be quick!)

    #45: Double Play Pit: Have two corpses in the pit at once

    #46: Triple Play Pit: Have three corpses in the pit at once

    #47: Horizontal Confusion: Hold both the left and right arrow keys

    #48: Vertical Confusion: Hold both the up and down arrow keys

    #49: Total Confusion: Press the Space Bar

    #50: My Favourite Spot: It's located on the bottom left ledge by the pit


    #51: 60 Seconds: Play for 1 minute

    #52: 180 Seconds: Play for 3 minutes

    #53: 300 Seconds: Play for 5 minutes

    #54: Pi : Hit points 3,1,4 in that order

    #55: THIS IS SPARTA: Hit 3,0,0 in that order

    #56: Meaning of Life: Hit 4,2 in that order

    #57: (2*125)+3: Hit 2,5,3 in that order

    #58: 3*(30/(15-13)): Hit 4,5 in that order

    #59: Paint 10: Touch 10 blocks (remember they'll change from dark to light purple)

    #60: Paint 25: Touch 25 blocks


    #61: Paint 50: Touch 50 blocks

    #62: Paint 75: Touch 75 blocks

    #63: Paint 100: Touch 100 blocks

    #64: Masterpiece: Touch every touchable block

    #65: Jet 5: Hit 5 launchers

    #66: Jet 10: Hit 10 launchers

    #67: Master Jetter: Hit every launcher

    #68: 3 Spikes: Hit 3 stationary spikes

    #69: 7 Spikes: Hit 7 stationary spikes

    #70: Spikeful: Hit all stationary spikes


    #71: Extreme Makeover: Recolour all areas (remember dark to light purple)

    #72: True Blue: Hit 1 to turn blue

    #73: Shocking Pink: Hit 2 to turn pink

    #74: Sweet Orange: Hit 3 to turn orange

    #75: Stealth Black: Hit 4 to turn black

    #76: Cheater: Click the "hint?" button

    #77: Programmers Credit: Type jmtb02

    #78: Too Much Contra: Type Contra

    #79: No Cheese for You: Click anywhere

    #80: Bandwidth Exploiter: Don't worry about this one. Already achieved it before you started to play the game :] Congrats!


    #81: You Are El: Click the Armor Games link

    #82: Menu Explorer: Again, don't worry, it was taken care of in preload.

    #83: Quality Snob: Click on the "quality" button

    #84: Scrolliastic: Scroll the achievements section

    #85: Play the Game: Start playing the game.

    #86: Get to Level 1: Play.

    #87: Not Listening: Click "mute" button

    #88: Clink Clash Clink: Part of preload

    #89: Best Player Ever: Again, part of preload

    90-99 are just percentages of how many achievement you have done. And there you have it! The whole game made UBER easy.


    257! my best for the 3rd time


    The Rave game is cool too. Was jmtb being funny, or is that a laid back kind of political game?


    And why do his games star an elephant?


    does no no one look at the hits button for cheats...

    it has everything guys


    i was stuck on graveyard for the longest time but then

    i found that for graveyard if you jump towards the moving spikes and then jump when you respawn it kills like 2 elephants in a second


    pffffft i got 2243 seconds, but probably would have taken longer if i didn't use this!

    this game is sooo fun!

    i really hope there is a sequal of some kind. that was be mint!


    I love this game!

    I really hope there is a sequel.


    813!! hell yeah!! thanks to everyone!!


    Ha! 338. Going for the record now.


    The contra code is up up down down left right b a

    cool kid March 22, 2009 5:07 AM

    hey for the too much contra achievement all i did was type" y,o,u,space,a i don't know how but i did it on accident hope it helps


    To change your color, press the following buttons.





    My favorite is black!

    [Edit: Please refrain from using all capitals when posting a comment. It makes it difficult to read. Thanks! -Pam]

    gamer89 April 3, 2009 3:41 PM

    I don't know how to do speedy downfall. How do you do that?

    christian rader April 11, 2009 12:37 AM

    435 Seconds yea that's right i got no life i did it in 435 seconds I'm to lazy to put that in minutes so you guys do the math WWWOOOOOOO


    This is begone and just post if need anything and i mean anything for this game.(i need something) how do you beat in under 300?

    pHILLIp cOOn May 13, 2009 7:55 AM

    oh yeah...749

    Anonymous June 10, 2009 6:50 PM

    too much contra?

    simsgurl June 15, 2009 5:52 PM

    help ! i understand speedy downfall means to fall from top to bottom without stopping .... but i cant find an area where that is achieveable !


    I beat it in 283.2.

    silkspectre June 22, 2009 10:27 AM

    just to let anyone know


    just press BA none of the other keys are necessary

    Anonymous June 28, 2009 11:30 AM

    get of your seats: jump for 10 seconds nonstop.
    too much contra: click the bottom of the game screen.
    i got 181 :D

    adam Gunderloy July 3, 2009 4:23 PM

    if you like this game, check out kongregate's newest (badged) game, upgrade complete (which JIG should TOTALLY review in comedic fashion)

    Anonymous July 7, 2009 4:06 PM

    To get contra, just press 'a'


    When i saw what kind of game this is I could not for the life of me understand how it got that very high score it did. Thought I'd give it a chance, though I was more than sceptical about it. In the first couple of minutes I felt reassured - this is an OK game for a couple of minutes, but nothing that would make it deserve a 4.8 rating...
    Then, somehow, I got stuck at the game, and it started to get me. Slowly, meticulously. The next thing I realized I was an addict :)

    And now, of course, my eyes are open and I know everything. The only thing I cannot seem to understand: how is it that it's ONLY 4.8??? :)


    Achievement #32 (Get off your shoes) doesn't seem to work for me. I do what the hint would suggest, did what the walkthru says, still it doesn't help...
    That's the only achievement (and, with it, of course, #99) I haven't got yet and it seems there's nothing I can do about it since i know what i'm supposed to do, it's very easy to do and can't be done the wrong way, it only doesn't seem work for me...


    Power of posting :)


    I was supposed to hold the up key for 10 seconds. I checked: it took a little more than 17 seconds to unlock the achievement.

    Might be my broadband though.

    But, at last I got it :)

    anonymous July 12, 2009 4:41 PM

    This game is so awesome. Beat it in 297.38s. So stupid but so much fun. Just one thing: I wish that the game would save your progress, because it took a long monotonous run of deaths to finish Century and I would have preferred to leave it for later. The sad part is that we all know that the game is mocking those people who madly claim achievements and that's all it's about, but we played it anyway.
    Definitely deserves a sequel.

    rokerboy220 July 21, 2009 11:34 AM

    lol to get the contra code i just punched my keyboard....

    Savannah July 25, 2009 9:13 AM

    484 seconds..




    Don't Move a Muscle = Keep the elephant from moving


    It's a Jump to the Left = move left


    And it's a step to the Ri-i-ight! = move right


    Fight Gravity = click up


    Elephant Skewers = Hit a spike strip


    Ascension = Be lifted into the sky


    Lefty = Show love to the left wall.


    Righty = Show love to the right wall.


    Purple Ceiling = Hit the top of the hardest level


    Rock Bottom = Find the bottom of the easiest level


    Speedy Downfall = Fall from the top to bottom without stopping


    Escape Velocity = Go from bottom to top without stopping


    Stalactite = Skewer yourself at high speed on downward facing spikes


    Stalagmite = Skewer yourself at high speed on upward facing spikes


    Found Point 0 = Uncovered secret point 0 top left of the screen


    Found Point 1 = Claimed secret point 1 top right of the screen


    Found Point 2 = Excavated secret point 2 bottom left of the screen


    Found Point 3 = Popped open secret point 3 bottom middle


    Found Point 4 = Tripped over secret point 4 bottom right of the screen


    Found Point 5 = Visited secret point 5 under starting platform


    Bloodhound = Uncovered all points on level


    Floating Corpse = Get a skeleton stuck in a launcher


    I Can Count to 5! = Visit each point in order


    We Have Liftoff = Visit each point in reverse order


    Airwalking = Stay off the ground for 10 seconds


    Hellbound = Launch corpse to bottom


    Heavenbound = Launch corpse to ceiling


    Secret Alcove = Get surrounded by three sides (1)


    Secret Cave = Get surrounded by three sides (2)


    Secret Hideout = Get surrounded by three sides (3)


    Death at 0 = Fire a corpse at Point 0


    1 o'clock murder = Fire a corpse at Point 1


    Get Off Your Seats = hold the up arrow key for ten jumps dont let go


    Cemetary = Have 5 live corpses on the screen


    Graveyard = Have 7 live corpses on the screen


    Half-Century = Reach 50 elephant deaths


    Century = Reach 100 elephant deaths


    And One More... = Hit 101 elephant deaths


    Stayin' Alive = Stay alive for 15 seconds


    Longevity = Stay alive for 30 seconds


    Gone in a Flash = Die in less 0.23 seconds


    Wrecking Ball = Hit the center spiked platform


    In the Pit = Land a corpse in the pit


    Pit Hat Trick = Land 3 corpses in the pit


    10 Pin Pit = Land 10 corpses in the pit


    Double Play Pit = Have two corpses in the pit at once


    Triple Play Pit = Have three corpses in the pit at once


    Horizontal Confusion = Hold both the left and right keys


    Vertical Confusion = Hold both the up and down keys


    Total Confusion = Space bar


    My Favourite Spot = Find the developer's favourite spot


    60 Seconds = Play for one minute


    180 Seconds = Play for three minutes


    300 Seconds = Play for five minutes


    Pi = Hit points 3-1-4 in that order


    THIS IS SPARTA = Hit 3-0-0 in that order


    Meaning of Life = Hit 4-2 in that order


    (2*125)+3 = Hit 2-5-3 in that order


    3*(30/(15-13)) = Hit 4-5 in that order


    Paint 10 = Touch 10 blocks


    Paint 25 = Touch 25 blocks


    Paint 50 = Touch 50 blocks


    Paint 75 = Touch 75 blocks


    Paint 100 = Touch 100 blocks


    Masterpiece = Touch every touchable block


    Jet 5 = Hit 5 launchers


    Jet 10 = Hit 10 launchers


    Master Jetter = Hit every launcher


    3 Spikes = Hit 3 stationary spikes


    7 Spikes = Hit 7 stationary spikes


    Spikeful = Hit all stationary spikes


    Extreme Makeover = Recolour all areas


    True Blue = 1


    Shocking Pink = 2


    Sweet Orange = 3


    Stealth Black = 4


    Cheater = hover over hint?


    Programmers Credit = Enter jmtb02 into level


    Too Much Contra = up up down down left right left right B A


    No Cheese for You = Click the level area


    Bandwidth Exploiter = Preload the game


    You Are El = Click the Armor Games link


    Menu Explorer = Find the main menu


    Quality Snob = Adjust the quality


    Scrolliastic = Scroll the achievements section


    Play the Game = Start the game


    Get to Level 1 = Play Level 1


    Not Listening = Mute the sound


    Clink Clash Clink = Found the sponsor screen


    Best Player Ever = Earned an achievement


    10 Percent Done = Earn 10 achievements


    20 Percent Done = Earn 20 achievements


    30 Percent Done = Earn 30 achievements


    40 Percent Done = Earn 40 achievements


    50 Percent Done = Earn 50 achievements


    60 Percent Done = Earn 60 achievements


    70 Percent Done = Earn 70 achievements


    80 Percent Done = Earn 80 achievements


    90 Percent Done = Earn 90 achievements


    Too Much Free Time = Earn 99 achievements


    I got all of the achievements except Graveyard. I just can't kill them fast enough!

    How do you do it?


    i finished in 646 seconds i love this game and there is only one level is awesome!