Regarding the webcam thing, what do you guys make of this section of the Eula:

During your visit to the Hotel 626, if you enable your web cam, we may cause, in our discretion, your computer to automatically take one or more photographs of you at any time during such visit without warning. You hereby grant us a perpetual license to use, republish, copy, post, and distribute these photographs online as part of the Hotel 626 experience without payment or compensation to you and without seeking any further approval from you.

Does the republish or distribute online as part of Hotel 626 mean that other people will be seeing them or just you when you revisit the game, etc? Other than that, I think the wording was adequately clear.


okay, call me stupid, but i can't even get into the game! i fill in all the blanks to register, i even (much to my own horror) said "yes" to the camera and mike, and all i get is the tick-tick-tick-tick-tick of the clock and it's making me CRAZY!!!!! i want to PLAY!!!!!! *help*


I find it wierd that I almost get a heart attack from "showing her the light" with a camera, then the person runs down a flight of stairs, then falls off and dies.

...Try Again?...

Anyway, how do you stop it?



Click on the last door on the right at the last flight of stairs.


what is the use of the microphone and webcam?


I've been addicted to this site for the better part of a year already, but this game forced me to register just to give it a standing ovation. The measures they take to immerse you in the game are brilliant. All that's left is to send someone to you home to flicker the lights on and off.


ndff22, the camera is used in the "Find Yourself an Exit" portion of the game.

You need to look for a picture of yourself amongst all of the polaroids to escape.

And the microphone is used in the Lullaby level of the game.

It is used in place of the mouse in this level. Instead of moving the mouse back and forth, you actually sing to the baby so your face doesn't get eaten off.

both the webcam and mic are completely optional though.


Please take the tag "kidsafe" off of this game. AS a mom, I honestly don't think it qualifies.

[Edit: Done. -Jay]


I like the feature where it only opens at night


I may sneak out of bed tonight and play some

oohhhh~ im so baaad :3

Quistion: Is this like a Game where you team up with other people to try to survive and get out of the Hotel? like from other people online?

That would be kewl~~~


I liked it, though I can honestly say I did not get all of the puzzles. I did enjoy being able to skip parts when I got stuck (read too scared to continue to die each level). I have been enjoying this site for several months and love the games posted here.
Typically I kinda (how to put it) suck, basically... at the games, but the experience and assistance provided is invaluable.
Thanks for a great repository of games.


why does it take such a looooooooong time to download it? im on 94% 1hour ago

JasmineVanilla December 20, 2008 3:56 AM

this game gave me the hibbiddybageebee's~ but it was fun!


I thought this game was pretty cool, especially the parts with the maid, the baby, and the madman (the madman was esp. cool since it was kinda more difficult than the rest of the levels/rooms). I was kind of disappointed by the end because, at the beginning, my expectations were kind of high because it was a game that actually asked you to DO STUFF that're actually pretty scary, and there's a realistic feel to it, too. But as I progressed and then finished, I realized that the "scary/cool parts" were sort of diminishing, and there're only ten levels so it kind of leaves you wanting more. I'd recommend more levels, and scarier ones. But it was a good experience playing it. ;)


ohmygawd . I guessed I'm too timid for this game x-x Once the game loaded and I just off the tab .
'Goliath the Soothsayer' already freak me out for some reasons .


Hey... i cant enter the game, i've filled out all and enable my mic and webcam but then, i still cant get into the game.Can you help me or teach me how to get it???


Hotel626 is for now, the most scariest, though, i wasn't scared.. but, it was so good! i mean, the effects, lights,audio and stuff..they really scare people.. but, i know it isn't the best.. they could have made the loading faster or didn't even do it that way... maybe they could have just like paused the game then, sudden black or blood splatter then, they'll put there the message or the title of the level.. I hate it when it's laoding every after level.. it doesn't give the continuous creep..


Is there anyway to change the ending.

Like is their anyway to not die at the end.


PLEASE put a warning on games like this that they are NOT for people with motion sickness?

I literally lost my lunch by the time I got to #3.

Thanks, Doritos, not in the mood for food, now.


Its been ages since I visited the site (I recently discovered Fiesta and have been hooked ^^) Anyhoo I have been catching up on all the escape games I have been missing and came to this one. Now normally I dont ever bother with games that ask for email addys and just read the review and the comments. But on this occasion both the review and the comments, good and bad, on this one have me sooooo intrigued that I have to have a look.

Can a game really be that scary? Being a fan of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame I truly believe they can (BTW did anyone else see Ghostscape as a sort of Fatal Frame for the timid :D)

Back on topic, Its 3:25am, I have my spamthisallyouwant email address at the ready and all the lights are off. I'm going to go and see what all the fuss is about for myself. Normally I wouldnt post before I play a game unless I have a question about it, and certaintly wouldnt post before playing a game that has been up for so long but I just wanted to point out that it was the negative as well as the positive comments that have made me break my (fragile) principles and sign up to play a game. I dont remember ever seeing any game that brought out so many frustrated comments and even stirring up a little controversy over the way things are run around here with regards to the rating system.

Like I say its been a while since I was around these parts so I don't know if you guys have changed the way the ratings work but I have to say I like the idea of members only voting. The members of the JIG community always give a game a chance before rating it. Thats too say they understand that just because a game wont run smoothly on thier system that its a bad game and deserves a low score. It seems that the fact that scores are low at first and gradually rise over time points to people not being able to finish for whatever reason and instantly branding the game as poor. While these numbers are low the JIG members are still discussing the games points and helping each other through the game and therefore have not voted yet which seems to suggest the non members are giving the low scores. The game is at 4.6 now. A rise that Jay predicted. I personally dont rate games that I cant get to work because who am I to say if its good or bad if I cant play it?

Oh and Jess we all know you like a good scare and I say keep 'em coming :-) Whoa I've rambled on a bit (it's my first post in 2 months so please forgive me) so I'll leave it there and post a short post (i promise) of my opinion on the game when/if I finish.... I'm off to be terrified now..... why do I do this to myself???


I enjoyed that and got a few good scares out of it. Its a good game but maybe I expected a little too much out of it. Nonetheless well worth a play through. Oh and it was BioLarzen who predicted the rise in score not Jay. Credit where credits due. Deserving of 4 mushrooms in my opinion.


Well this is a great game.
There is one thing that I was wondering. . .

When it asks for my phone number, what would happen if I do give my number?


how do you solve the baby part? aside from singing....

chloe guinto December 30, 2008 9:05 PM

It is one game, I tell you.
Way so cool and way too creepy.
Yet it would be a game to remember.
I guess all you need is patience ...and a lot of courage.

Hey. Check it out.

sassy gurl January 1, 2009 8:26 AM

it is a very scary game i almost got a heart attack some tips for you: always have a glassful of water beside you


Omg..This game is so cool!! Ive never played one like it! Its lifelike and soo scary, i jumped out of my skin every 5 seconds! My mum and my brother were looking at me like what the hell? Haha thanks for posting this game & Welldone!


Lmfao @ Jeremy Tuckers pic hahaha


Ugh, all I have to say is that I wish you hadn't put the kidsafe tab there before... This definitely isn't kidsafe in my opinion and I'm sure that it could scare those who are easily frightened (like myself).

I'm glad they put the skip option there. I thought the graphics were good and that the gameplay was interesting because it was different. I really loved the skip option considering I could only complete 2 of the puzzles (if I was lucky).

After I saw the part that included the picture, I wanted to enable the camera option. I didn't like the phone part though since I didn't want them to call. (What if my brother or my parents picked it up before me by accident? *gigglesnort*)

I thought this game was interesting but way too different and there were many things that could get people suspicious like the email, webcam option, ect.

I felt so stupid on the baby stage because I didn't know what to do. I just tried to blow the same rhythm of 'Rock a by baby' into the mic. I looked ridiculous. x'D Oh well, it was still interesting. I gave it a 4.


I'm just listing the few confusions and how I do them here. Note that I disabled the web cam and the mic so they might be different...

I just found out that for the Lullaby and the stage right after that it's about mouse movement really.

For the lullaby part...

Move your mouse in a circle while keeping an eye on the monitor below. Keep the bar in the white so don't make the circle too quickly or too slowly and keep at it. Keep your speed in check... You can make the circle motion anywhere on the game screen by the way. I think that's if you don't enable the mic. I don't know what you do if you enable it. :c

If you mess up...

Kid: *screech* LYK 0MGEE N00B, I IS TRYING 2 SLEEP! *kills* Gawd.

... Okay, that wasn't needed at all,but I felt like typing that out. *shot*

For the walk quietly part right after...

Move your mouse back and forth according to the monitor below. If the dot goes too much to the right, move your mouse left and visa versa. Try to keep the mouse in the middle between the lines. It's okay, once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad.

For the Mad Man and the Code...

Take note of the red marks on each of the pictures. (I only know that the hands, tree and the house) When you look at the code entering box, the man will say something like 'Hands... Horse... Hands...'. There are 9 red tips on the fingers and 3 red feet on the horse (I think unless if the number of red marks on each picture change everytime) so I entered 939. Next time I tried, I got "Horse... Tree... Hands..." 3 marks on the horse, 4 roots on the tree and 9 marks on the fingers of the hands. 349. BEEP. Outta there!

I think it's kinda cool if you mess up your second chance. xD

"H-h-hey, sorry about that mister, but it didn't open agai- Heeey, how'd you get out of your straightjacket! 8D That's great! Now you can hel-... Sir? ... I think we need that light sir? Sir? S-s-s-s- HOLY SH-!" *mauled*

I think I'm doing One is Different than the others correctly... (The very first step)

When the bulb snaps, I look up. When I'm running down the hall I just look right and left. When I hit the dead end, I focus on the door that looks different than all the other doors to the right of me.

Slight Confusion on the Show her the light...

I know you're supposed to hunt her down by following her silhouette and then click to snap a picture of her. The very fist time I did it, I succeeded but now I keep dying. I've chased her down and snapped her 10 times and then she just kills me. Maybe it's because I'm keeping my hand over the monitor and I'm not seeing everything... :x

EDIT: I replayed it and I think you need to snap her when she's somewhat in the middle of your sights? Not sure. I think if you snap when she's on the side you'll miss her. I'm just guessing. e.e;

Slight confusion at escaping the shadow via the stairs...

I try to keep my mouse (the sight of the person) focused in front of me on the stairs and then on the door to the right of me when I get to the dead end with the shadow and I always pass. O_o; It's like with the very first stage, One is different. I just randomly look around and 4/5 times I pass.

EDIT: I found out that you just need to focus on the door to your right at the end. (move your mouse to the far right) If you focus on anything else, you'll fall off and splat. c: I personally think the falling down is neat.

For the Helpless stage, I just

focus his sight on each of the open doors when I pass by. I've never died.

The stage after that is a bit simpler. Finding yourself a way out...

If you had the cam enabled, you try to find your own picture among everyone's and if you didn't enable it, simply find a picture of the hallway. Go through the layer if your flashlight quickly to see if your picture is there. If not, click in between one of the photos to go to the next layer.

I would hurry since I'm pretty sure there must be a time limit of some sort. I don't know what happens though...

I can't help with the phone stage. I was too hesitant to do that. You're pretty much screwed if you don't get the code from the dude so just skip it if you don't want to give your phone number. I think if you call him, someone tells you the directions like 'Right, left, ect'... I don't really know, I'm too scared to enter my number. xD
Heeey, going through everything has helped me! 8D Now I think I can kinda do all of them. Makes me wish I gave a 5/5. e.e; *gave a 4/5* Has a nice atmosphere. c:


As a horror-ambience game, this was absolutely top notch. The quality of the graphics is amazing, which though, unfortunately means long load times, but it's worth it. The FPS point of view (minus a gun) is very immersive, but also means that it can get a bit dizzying when the camera swings around or jolts around when you're running (think Blair Witch). The sound is great too.

I didn't feel there were many 'jump' moments in either visuals or sound, so kudos to the makers for not using cheap tricks, but they build up tension very well. It definitely makes you feel uneasy while you're playing, if not scared. Interactive use of the mic/webcam is also creative -- kind of reminds me of cameras on rollercoasters that take a picture when you're mid-rushing down a slope lol. Anyway.

Many people have said it before me, but I still feel like I ought to defend this game -- try before you judge. It looks like a lot of hassle to get in, but it isn't really.

Name/Email - use a fake. I always have a dud gmail account for these things.
Mic/Webcam - it's OPTIONAL. OPTIONAL. OPTIONAL. OPTIONAL. Please don't rant about how this game is going to invade your privacy when it doesn't force you to tick that box if you don't want to.
Terms and conditions - very standard terms. You won't be signing away your house. The main thing is that if you do enable the webcam, they'll include your photo in the game.
6 to 6 - if you haven't got some program that's critically reliant on your computer clock, you can change it. But the purpose of the time restrictions is to encourage you to play at night, so if you can't change your clock, then please be patient because it will be more enjoyable if you play at night. And if you're completely unavailable to play in those twelve hours between 6 and 6, then well, that's unfortunate. But this game will still be here and you can play it when you're on vacation or something.

As for help on the game, Rexia did a nice summary of tips and I'll just add a couple of things.

The 'Helpless' stage

You don't actually have to do anything. It runs like a movie.

The 'Show her the light' stage

Your goal is to use the camera to snap a picture of the woman in the face. At least that's what I interpret it to be. Sometimes you'll get a picture when she's half in the picture or facing the wall, and those don't count. You need to get her sort of in the centre of your frame to count.

Also, when you're moving your hand/camera around, it's not responsive immediately after you've taken a picture. You have to wait for it to dim and then you can turn around freely. It's dark but you should be able to see a faint outline of the woman as she moves about.

The phone stage (stage 9)

I think if you're in the US you can put your phone number in and the game will give you a creepy call or something. Again, that's OPTIONAL. You don't have to give your phone number to anyone.

Otherwise, the voice on the phone will tell you (and I don't think I even picked up the phone) that you need to start running out into the halls, so you do automatically. Along the way, he'll tell you to turn left/right and you just follow those instructions. Nothing happens in the hallways. You come to an exit door, that's it.

;scaredO.o;; January 9, 2009 8:19 PM

No one is saying this about the phone part, so i just want people to know. i think this was almost the scariest part of the game....i mean, after the game..O.o;;;

I found out, that if you give them your number, what happens is that it actually does tell you the directions...But in around a few minutes, it calls you again. The same dude. saying, ok you got out this time.. he also says that they will see me the darkness *insert really EVIL laugh*, i don't know, but i had just shut down my computer and was trying to go to sleep, so this REALLY freaked me out. maybe there's a sequel?? XD


I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was actually scarier than Exmortis (for me). I mean, it was so cool. The part where you had to sing a lullaby to the baby was awesome! The ending could have been scarier, though. Lol. And the part with the lady and the camera... pure awesomeness!! 5 stars.


Wow. This game really freaked me out. I was suprised considering it was a doritos advertisement. I thought it was going to be lame. I jumped quite a few times. I was hesitant about giving my number but I figured I'm already scared. So why not? The guy gave me directions through my phone telling me where to go and what not. It takes a whole minute to do. I should go through and forward the call to voicemail to see what happens. haha.

Reply computer clock never works right anyways so im not gonna worry :3
the whole webcam/mic thing makes me wish i had them! and reading Dora's comment made me really excited to play with my headphones in.


I don't quite understand the part where I will click on the door to exit before the shadow reaches me. Just confusing. I think it was level 3. Help me with it. But it's fun. Spooky and scary.


it gave me the creeps right from the start! however, my curiosity still got the better of me and i still signed up! i only got to the lullaby part though. the child and the sounds were creepy! i think i still have to gather up my courage before i could face that freakin child. haha! kudos to those who made the game! :D

chokklatMOOSE January 28, 2009 2:31 PM

haunting and deep...
A great game overall, so I don't know what all the fuss is about.


I thought this game wasn't too bad. Not really scary and it did up being kind of lame. However, the idea and graphics are amazing. The best part was the whole phone ordeal. The problem I'm having now is that its been almost 2 hours since I've played and my Firfox browser keeps crashing. It's the most up to date version of Firefox. I'm having to use Explorer just to get on the internet. I think something about the game is crashing some Firefox browsers which is making me quite mad.


OMG.....I read all the this MORE creepy than the excorcist? i had watched excorcist before but...i always remember when the part the girl vomit in a...u know what if you watched it...xD.i want to try this with my friendxD in the libraryxDD...if SHE'S free.hey...if im not using the webcam and mic,is it okay? i'm wondering.....seems like this will be a terrifying experience to me....better play it with my best friendxDD


I think this is a really good game oviously it's full of jumpyness and you don't know when things are going to pop out. A soultion (optional) is to go on to where a big amount of videos have been posted to help you stay alive through you reservation and the total experience of suriviving in this hotel. Link for a really good 10 minuite video to guide you.
I don't get that part about 'Doritos' though anyway. Oviously there is ten levels and each level can be easy or can be really challanging. Word is that when you are on the level with the child laid in the bed is if you make a sound or if it wakes up you must sing a lullaby hence the confirmation about allowing your webcam and microphone. If anybody can answer this they would be gaurdian angel, why must you enable your webcam ??? Anyway thats my essay on the game lol xxxxxx Please respond thanks x TIPS: Play with atleat 3 friends including yourself, keep the lights on if you jump really easily and let yourself pace because if you get really scared (like me) make sure you have a place to run lol like keeping the front or back door open. Also if you live in America you have the option to give in your phone number and receive a spooke phonecall from a maker or bot (robot trained) but this again is optional if I were you I wouldn't give my number, calls all hours of hte night scaring you ruthless to be frank anyway xxxx


lol! love this game, although It's really scary and freaky, I'm used to seeing those kinds of stuff, so I was really excited in playing the game, I was laughing my ass off while my friends kept screaming at the screen OMG! WHAT THE?! EEEKKK!!! too bad I did'nt get to finish it as we have a comp project on the pending, and we would'nt want to have bad grades in the subject.

p.s: I've input my original email and the only thing that i've reciceve was a freaky photo with a man's face and two fingerprints and a note saying that too bad I left early and I've unleash ghost thingies whatever.


Many times my computer freezes when I put on my webcam. So for this game, I only enabled my mic. Maybe you can try that if your computer keeps crashing?

alexisalexis February 25, 2009 7:19 AM

please help me in this level!!

how to get past the madman stage

krankyxx March 7, 2009 10:50 AM

cant wait to play it still got 2 hrs and 10 mins to wait cant be bothered to change times on my computer shall use the time playing other games :)


the code for level 7 is--9(hand),3(horse),8(spider).


didnt dare to click the 'go' after i gave my name and email.

meeting with a group of friends(4 people) tomorrow to play together.

cant wait for it!

Dog Chasing Cars March 20, 2009 6:18 PM

At the end,

it looks like a different spirit from the hotel will visit you every time, or maybe depending on the time of day. I've gotten the bathroom girl twice and the madman once. Any other results?


I love this game.It was scarier than Exmortis. Probably because the images are so realistic. I was actually scared! (very hard to do). I still have no idea what this has to do with chips LOL. I used my webcam and it took this stupid picture of me and my mouth was hanging open. LOL. Wish I had found walkthroughs earlier took forever to figure out the code in the cell. And after while I had to skip the sneaking away from the little girl part because I couldnt figure out how to control. Then I was stupid and didn't realise i didn't have to give my number, so when im done and trying to go to sleep my phone rings at 3 am and gives me a creepy message.
So are the characters real actors? as opposed to very good computer graphics. If so Id like to know who they are and where I can find out about them.


I think why they name it as Hotel 626 because.. it sounds like 6pm to 6am to = 2?

Arikiko April 6, 2009 5:40 AM

One of my friends told me, to play this. "OR I'LL MAKE YOU PLAY THE 'CHOOSE YOU DESTINY' GAME!" (You don't want to know. You... don't want to. /shudder.) SO I was, ok, fine, I'll play it if it means that much to you. But I, being a total wuss and coward, am now like, No. NO. I'm not playing this. No not never.

Because I will most likely crap my pants.



Some general things... mic/webcam is not necessary. You may find one easier or harder, depending on your manual dexterity, quality of your mic, etc.

Playing with sound off is not an option because it's a vital clue in level 7.

Lastly Hotel 626 has skip level options, so if a level is driving you nuts, take advantage of that.

Level One is just a cinematic, basically. Nothing to do there.


Walk down the hall and look at all the doors. You're looking for a door with a glowing sign, which you click on to exit. If you don't want to get scared, be quick about it and focus on the doors on the left.


This is tricky. You have to take a picture of the ghost girl's face. Keep moving after her, try to stick close to her. You only get ten tries.


This one is about speed; do it fast or die. Go down the staircase and click the last door on the right as fast as possible.


This one is probably going to be the hardest for most people. You come in and aww it's a sweet little child! Well just KEEP IT ASLEEP okay. If you have a mic you do this by singing to it. Sing at the right volume... not too soft, not too loud.

If you don't have a mic, you have to move your mouse in a circle, not too fast, not too slow.

Then, you gotta get out of there without the kid waking up. Watch the little dot, and if it starts to go too far to the left, then put your mouse towards the right side of the screen, and vice versa.

Level Six is a cut scene, you can't do anything.


You must have sound on for this level! Straightjacket dude's words relate to the pictures on the cell walls. Every word means a number. The solution is a three digit number. It's random for your game. As an example, maybe one word is "spider", and that would mean the number "8" because the spider has eight legs. Use the 3 digit number on the keypad to leave the room. Lead on, no-longer straightjacket dude, to freedom!


If you are using a webcam, you're looking for a picture of your own face. Which is a pretty easy thing for most people to pick out.

If you're not using a webcam, you're looking for a picture of the hallway from level two.

You can click on other pictures without penalty, so don't worry about that. There is a timer, however, so be as fast as you can picking out your picture or the one of the hall.


If you live in the US and you want to give them your phone number, you can listen to the directions on your phone, but it's really not needed. They'll give you the directions in game. Just turn left or right when they tell you to. (If you give them your phone number, however, you will get a creepy call later, so that might be fun for you.)

Level ten is another one that is basically a cinematic--there's nothing to do. Congratulations!

Sort of.

leslieann April 14, 2009 11:20 PM

This game is amazing. I haven't gotten any spam AT ALL. Just for reference, the webcam feature and the microphone feature are FOR LEVELS IN THE GAME. Very interactive, very real.

And to let everyone know, it IS worth it to put your number down when they ask for it.

They're not going to try and steal your identity or such as that. A creepy voice calls and tells you how to get out. You can call the number back. I did.

They invite you to check in again. They also call once more, ONLY ONCE MORE, to scare the crap out of you. I'm a chicken, so it succeeded in my case (I had my boyfriend play most of the game for me, including answering the phone).

i VERY highly recommend finding a way to make the game work, it's not long, but it is very, very highly addictive.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


This game was very interesting. The only problem I had with was the straight-jacket guy. I couldn't really make out what he was saying. Then I gave them my phone number. When they called my cousin freaked out. I hope they make more games like that.

CrazyMary April 19, 2009 5:06 AM

my game simly won"t load it just gets to the point where it says that only by confronting your darknes fears will you find the light and the loading bar show 1% and thats how it remains its realy anoying so can someone tell me how to get inside the game?


Geez, this is scaring the cr*p out of me!!


I love this game! It's so awesome! And playing it in the dark is even more awesome! Love it!

By the way, for those who have trouble with taking a picture of the lady, if you have a speaker with 3D capabilities, you can tell where she is by simply hearing and figuring out where her moans are coming from.


nice!!! had a hard time knowing the code. haha

Anonymous April 27, 2009 9:00 PM

when i'm giving my details on the first screen on website it didn't seem to allow me to play.
what i suppose to do?


Wow...Scary. I played the whole thing. Except, I didn't get the code thing, and he killed me three or four...Or six times before I gave up. Can anyone tell me what


the loading is unbearable..this could have been a great game...


wow! I haven't even played it yet and it scares me!


Hahaha. I'm not afraid of it. It's funny.


hey can you help me? how to register?


how to register? i'm dying here can't register on hotel 626..........

SWATHI~! May 19, 2009 7:02 AM

hey good work in this game site...
and i jus love this game...i jus cant stop playing it again and again
thx a ton!!!

frm swathi~!


Hey people! I can't register because the moment i entered fill up all the needed infos, i don't see an "enter" button or something... Somebody help me because i really want to play it... PLEase.... Tnx y'all...


The game is really good and scary and wow the rating is deservingly high :)


how come it only me about 10 minutes to play thr full game???


You don't have to read the terms and conditions to play?

and the reason it said try again after the first bit is probly because you didn'd do anything and ran into the smokey dark thing.

I just finished playing it and thought it was alright, they should make a second one which is longer and more challenging.

sumigoddess June 4, 2009 11:43 PM

to {honeybeebear} if you're playing without the webcam and microphone then spin your mouse in circles but dont go too fast or slow or else you'll be in the red and the baby will wake up. if you are playing with the cam/mic, then you actually have to sing or at least play music. after that keep the little ball in he middle to keep you from making loud steps and waking it anyway as you leave out the room.

sumigoddess June 5, 2009 12:03 AM

to rose ann.

you'll have to find the door that is a bit different. for level 2 you'll see a red light or whatever it is for level 4 it'll be the door right before the darkness.

to honeybeebear.

if you dont have the cam or mic option on, it gets harder. spin the cursor in a circle around the dot on the screen, but not too fast or too slow. the lullabye has to play twice to finish that, also you have to keep the dot to the middle or your steps will be loud and you'll still wake the baby. if you do have the cam or mic then all yu have to do is sing or just play something in the mic.

to lauren.

it asks about the webcam because on another level it'll take your picture for you to find it. if not it'll just have a hallway.


Well if you REALLY wanna play this game badly, you can change your lower right hand clock (clock on the computer) to six o' clock [6:00]


Scary game! I can't really get the code in the room where the man was.

Jessica K T July 13, 2009 8:10 AM

I have a problem with this.
It won't let me enter if I don't allow access to my webcam and mic, not only that, if I do, it won't let me click "Allow".
Any solutions?

[Edit: Maybe you don't have a webcam or a mic? -Jay]

Destiny-Faye July 20, 2009 2:29 PM

That game is as freaky as...death itself!
I ran out of my room that night, screaming an ear piercing scream because of my deadly nightmare.

I dreamt that the voices followed me.
It was actually pretty scary! Just because i'm only 12 doesn't mean you can laugh! Baha xD

I think the hardest bit is when you hear the voices and stuff, it puts me off to an extended level of concentration!
[ I'm trying to sound smart, so if the long words don't make sense, that's me being fake smart]

I really think this game deserves an award, the award for making Destiny-Faye [ Dessii ] scream out loud! Lmso x]

Well, if you need help, then please, feel free to ask...MY MUM because she's completed it!! Lol :]]



Nice game. I had to look at a walkthrough for level 7...ok, so I didn't HAVE to. I just didn't feel like trying to figure it out myself...naturally I find out it changes every game. Also, I love some of these pictures. Looks like at least one person was getting up when it took it. lol

By the way, big fan of your site Jay!


As a literature major, I've kind of been brainwashed into seeing symbols everywhere I go...sometimes I think maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Anyways, I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but in level four, Just In Time, if you miss the door and fall to your death, there is a distinctive triangular shape to the stairwell.

Other than plain yellow tortilla chips, I can only remember a single kind of chip being particularly triangular-shaped.......Maybe it's a subliminal thing?


I really think its a great game, one of the best i've played.

At the beginning, I couldnt figure the madman part out at all.I saw all sorts of "guides" which told u to "listen to the man". Its actually the whispers u must listen to, and they will echo even when you got to push the buttons. I kept listening to the weird babble the man said, and i didnt understand a word.Only after seeing someones recording of the madman part, I realized that little fact. I hope this helps som dummies like me out there ;)


What! you could get a creepy phone call?
if someone recieved a call from it can that someone tell me what that "friend" said?
I'm REALLY afraid to play that freakin game.
It gives me the nightmares!


wow this game is awesome!!! it sure freaked the hell out of my sister haha..


Bummer! I can't get past 37 percent download - even after 6 pm. Earlier, before that hour and when I was just dorkin' around, it notified me that I'd achieved 50 percent (an enticement, I'm sure, to keep me around until 6 o'clock). It's likely a personal problem on my end, but does anyone have any advice worth ignoring?


I just heard about this game from a friend and I got interested in it. The game was so creepy right from the start. The part "Show her the light" was good too. But I wasn't able to get to the lullaby part. When I discovered the use of the mic and the webcam, it made me wish that I had one. Anyways, I'm gonna continue the game soon. I just need to gather my courage.

Anonymous October 5, 2009 7:03 PM

I always get a bad, though if you are in the one level where you mess up twice, and the guy in the straight jacket is shirtless, and turns off the light... :|

Anonymous October 18, 2009 6:07 AM

I find that the game takes far too long to load each time. I have not as yet been able to do one thing. The graphics are certainly brilliant but the game leaves a bit to be desired.


I have to say I found this game more annoying than scary. Not only did it run really slow on my computer, but the whole not-even-realising-you're-supposed-to-be-doing-something-untill-you-get-killed-by-some-beastie really irritated me. It seemes to me like a real case of style over substance, I didn't really care about the hotel or why I was there or needed to get out. A little bit of backstory in this case would have made things better in my opinion.


this game is so epic i just love it
i've never played a game quite like it


what is the pin# in the door?

justin powell October 25, 2009 12:10 PM

i dont care how low the rating was but i tell you what that was the best freakin escape horror games in me and my friends life it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!I would play it over and over if i already hadent played it 500 times already.It changes everytime which is my most favorite part.Best game ive played in a long time

NeverYouMind October 28, 2009 5:46 PM

Regarding the whole giving over your personal information issue...erm, just lie everyone! Like I did, fake name, fake email, and I could stil play the game (for about 5 minutes until I shat myself.) Or is lying not allowed in gaming world?


i didnt wait for 6 pm to play this!
i changed the clock on the computer!!
easy right?
im too lazy to wait until 6 pm


I was just reading through the comments and came across a rather poorly worded one mentioning how the user couldn't get past the staircase, so I thought I'd give it a go again knowing that I'd played this before. I got to the staircase and lo and behold I couldn't work out how to get past it...
I looked back at the comment only to find that it was actually ME who'd previously been unable to get past the staircase thus enticing the future me to replay the game.
I have to say, this is one of the oddest moments of my life...

carla marie simbillo November 22, 2009 4:52 AM

ohh the game was really amazing i hope you leave comment to me


OMG! hahaha it was soo awesome. i mean ok i was scared because it was all so suspenseful but once you got past the scary image its not so bad after that ya know? I was sooo relieved when i was in the car but then that darn guy showed up and scared me to DEATH!!!


PLEASEEEE!!! HELPPP!! i cant go in to the game!! what should i do??? pleaseeee helppp!! i really want to play this game.. but after i fill the informations, theres no sign "enter" or sumthin only tick-tock tick-tock! and its driving me CRAZY!!!!


The great thing about this game is that it seems very... realistic. The fact it must be a certain time and the graphics... YEESH! Amazing game.

The only part that creeped me out a bit was

When I accidently woke up the kid XD Pity me. Believe me, my friend yelled at the mic because he was so frustrated! He was like--
"Nawny Nawny Nawny..... WAKEEEE UPPPP!!! And the kid woke up and made me jump like 5 meters from my seat!

Cheers for the horrific game! :D


Played it with my cousins yesterday and needless to say we freaked out.

Seriously, I'm VERY impressed by the graphics and sound effects. I would have liked a little more backstory though.

I also liked the fact that you could skip levels if you got stuck.



I was munching on Doritos and when I woke up the kid... AHHH! T.T I spat some on my screen.. yuck.

This game was not that bad. The Exmortis series and the House were much scarier..

All I remember is the sounds of deaths, then running down the hall, and taking pics until my screen went black, running down stairs, waking up a kid (DARN YOU >:/), hearing phone conversations, finding my own picture, and me rubbing my face in my pillow.

Lv. 1 : Easy.
Lv. 3 : You know what? Screw it, take your own picture lousy long haired piece of poo...
Lv. 4 : OMG OMG OMG RUN!!!!
Lv. 5 : Oh hi there... AHHH!! SHOOT THIS DOOD!
Lv. 6 : 2x Easy.
Lv. 7 : Meh. Took me a while.
Lv. 8 : Ok... let's find my face.
Lv. 9 : I think I'll use this part to prank call a friend for laughs :D

Hyperness ended. 3:50 in the morning. Rats.


whats is the code to exit the madman's room? I couldnt make it...please help


I cant log in. pls help someone. it says SEVRER ERROR. TRY AGAIN - what should I do???

ayame fumika March 14, 2010 3:17 AM

hi , to the author, i cant find my way out because i need to know the code . what's the code ? can you tell me ? and the "find yourself a way out" with pictures ? i dont have my webcam , its broken . so how i can move on to the next level ? help me please . its been a year or two but still, im hopeless . thanks in advance :)


@ayame fumika:
I know it's been a month since you've asked the question, so you've probably worked it out by now but in reply to your questions. The code is different each time you play the game. From memory, the best hint is the red marks on the wall. From what I remember.. a red mark over a picture of a spider for example indicates 8 is the next digit (spiders have eight legs). I might be wrong though. Try it out.

And for the bit where you have to pick your picture. If you don't have a webcam, you need to look for a picture of a door, I believe.