I'll try to figure out what is this glitch with the flies people are talking about. I'm pretty sure I tested this puzzle in every possible order, specially because it depends on lots of stuff. Never happened to me.

If someone can tell me the order in which the things were made, or if you were continuing from a previously saved game, anything, it all can help.



aaahhh, i'm also having the problem where the flies disappear from the cereal box. do i really have to start over? ;_;


I have already restarted like 3 times and used 2 different computers.

After I get the copy of glutton key, I go to the kitchen with maid key and click the stove, but the guy only notes that :"an old wood stove. I don't think I need to boil anything this time"
and I don't get the note.. :(


I have the same stove problem..

when I've collected the copy of glutton key, and go to kitchen with the maid key and click the stove, the guy says: "it's an old wood stove, I don't think I need to boil anything.." or something like that and I don't get the note.

I have already restarted it 3 times and now I used another computer and it still doesn't work.

I hope you'll fix it, I really want to know how it ends.

And I also liked the isometric style better, I looked forward to the 3rd part partly because that style was unique. But that one is nice too:)


Glitch found and corrected. Already uptated the files on trapped.rabbittell, and now I'll send them to the other mirrors.

Thanks for pointing that out. It won't happen again. Sorry for the problems it caused. :)

[Edit: All files uploaded to the fizzlebot server here as well. :) You may want to empty your browser cache to be sure you get the latest files. -Jay]


sorry about the double post, I'm new here and I got the impression that the first one didn't go through (because I'm n00b) and also I forgot to use the spoiler tags on the first one, sorries!..


About the stove problem, I just can't seem to recreate it here. But this is a puzzle that must be made in a certain order, and if you didn't find the previous hint David won't find anything in the stove. So make sure you have all the hints that lead you to the stove.

If you DO have the hints and the problem still happens, than we have a serious problem. :)


@ C

did you put honey on the hole before trying to place the flies?

also Jay, I've been having issues posting when I'm signed in it says the text i entered is incorrect, i think its referring to the Captcha but it doesn't show up when I'm signed in.


Definately a glitch with the flies.


Minor glitch:

I loaded the ball into the cannon without loading the spring, but when I examined the cannon it said "This spring looks too weak."


I'm having trouble with the mirror fragments

I have placed them on the stones according to the drawings, adjusted the positions, but nothing happened. I restarted the game, went through the whole walkthrough step by step, and this time the drawings showed the fragments on different stones. I placed the fragments according to the new drawings, adjusted the positions, still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much!



@ deb

I had a similar problem once, just double check the angles of your mirrors and makes sure they are at the correct angles, with me i realized that one of my mirrors was not in the correct angle as i thought it was.


Whoohoo, I did it.

I had the fragments on the wrong rocks.


For anyone having trouble with the notes, here is the sequence of them and the location of each one. You have to have found each one before the next will become available:


Plate on rabbit statue: "So this is the center of it... where it all begins..."


Note by Mr Bubbles (the dog): "...First, he had to taste the blood he had spilled"


Note on the corpse: "He could not rest where the other one had rested before him"


Note on the bed: "Then he heard her accusing voice but in a moment she wasn't there any more"


Note on Becky's chair in the office/library: "It was your fault, she had said before she vanished ... hidden in the ashes of time"


Note on the stove in the kitchen: "He remembered, she was dreaming about him ... Invisible, between the cold lines written by fate"


Note revealed by heating the previous one with the lighter: "Shadows that weren't shadows, light that wasn't light"


Note at the bottom of the well: "There were bricks that weren't bricks where she went to lay her wishes"


Note under the fake brick in the wishing well: "And she dreamt red and white, king and queen"


Note behind the mirror in the bathroom: "He was the one who should stop the hunger and the fear, and break the plates"


Note in cupboards in the Glutton room: "Maybe the beast knew something else, something it would not say"


Note underneath plate on rabbit statue: "Do you know a way out?... Your answer is up in the sky"


Note on pillar above dog kennel: "Then he saw it: the moon, the giver of all dreams"


Oh, and a slight glitch I found:

You can heat the note with the lighter without filling it with the alcohol first


the history is interesting, the rabbits stuffs, etc, but i didn't like this new graphics ;s


ah, soniclover beat me to it! ah well, he wrote it better than i could've anyway.

so that problem me and JiGuest were having

with the red journal and becca, it was a glitch? AHH!!!!!


I don't understand how to get the other ending. The first two coins aren't in my inventory.

queen-of-diamonds December 2, 2008 11:44 AM

For anyone having trouble finding the rabbit's coin in PART 1 (like me, I was trying to bring down the wall in the wrong room, duh!) and you're tying to get the perfect ending here's a screenshot of where to find it:


remember you have to use the axe on that spot BEFORE cutting down the mutant tree, otherwise you won't be able to pick it up again and would have to restart.

queen-of-diamonds December 2, 2008 11:46 AM


You need to replay the first two installments of the game to get the previous coins.

You'll find instructions on page 1


restarted the game again this morning, and i'm still having issues with the stove :(

[Edit: Did you empty your browser cache first? Simply restarting the game will still use the old files since they are cached by your browser. To get the new ones, you need to first empty your browser cache, then reload the page. -Jay]

queen-of-diamonds December 2, 2008 2:12 PM

About the stove.

When I replayed it today to get the bonus ending I had the same issue some people are mentioning. Even though I'd done everything that needed to be done and followed every single step I kept getting the 'An old stove... hope I don't need to burn anything today' message.


then I examined the notes in my inventory and the stove note was there, even though the game didn't tell me.
And I was able to burn it and go on and finish the game.


Finished! But I think the final of the game wasn't very good for this game xD
Congratulations for me, I don't read the walkthrougt, I just playd it alone :D Good fun!


I can't place the mirror fragments right. I still have the honey in the middle. maybe that is the problem? But I can't remove it. And I don't see any reflection, no matter, where or in which angle I place them.


amazing game. although it glitched twice (flies dissapeared and stove note didnt appear) i loved it, expecially the extra ending. i would have never guessed


that the mom was the attacker, what a twist!

anyway, great game, keep up the good work!


Would someone please tell me why I can't get the note when I'm at the stove!!! I went through the game again and even double check and I still get the same thing "I don't think I need to boil anything this time" HELP :{


the extra ending got me wondering:

so was the catatonic redhead in the master bedroom in trapped 2 the mother? and am i the only one who didn't get that till now?

SilvorMoon December 2, 2008 9:11 PM

I was having the stove problem too. Turned out I'd neglected to pick up one of the notes (it was the one that Becky was sitting on in the King room, but it might be different for you guys). Anyway, once I found that I was able to proceed with no problems.

eric dilorenzo December 2, 2008 11:15 PM

Becky or Becca or whatever doesn't appear in the bedroom after sticking the photo back together


YESSSS!!!! I have been waiting anxiously for this one! Now, to play...

Michelle S. December 3, 2008 10:53 AM

Hey, about the stove glitch...

Try using what you've already got. ^^ Worked for me...
If you know about the dream, you're probably alright.
If not, make sure you check Becky's chair (the first one) twice.

Brad Pitt December 3, 2008 4:06 PM

I can't make the rabbit key mold. I have the can of poop and every time I click on the key with the can of poop it says "maybe later". Help!

Ewan Whosarmy December 3, 2008 5:00 PM

Definite slight glitch with flies and honey...

In the dark room, I put the frog in the hole in the wall, then went into white room, selected breakfast cereal box, and clicked on hole in wall, without using honey. The frog came through with note stuck to his back. I still had cereal box with flies, and honey, in my inventory. I was then able to put honey and flies onto the hole in the wall in the white room, but of course it served no purpose as I already had the note from the frog's back.

Great game though!


I found out if you write down where all the notes are at then it's easier to get them instead of having to stop and check. Thanks Jimbog.


Ah, here. I was having kittens over the stove note until I realised that I had it already, and that was the problem, not some funny glitch!!! GREAT game btw.


i still don't understand how do u wish for another coin. I tried with the first coin i got in the labyrinth, but the only options are "i wish i had an answer""i wish i had a foot message" and "i wish i can get the key"...how do u get the labyrinth coin?


Help... it seems I'm stuck:

When I try to melt the cannon, it tells me my lighter is out of fluid.

What did I do wrong?


I have also came across the same thing when looking for the note in the stove but what I did was use the lighter on the notes and got the hidden message and was able to finish the game it might be that you don't need to get a note from the stove just use the lighter on the notes instead.

queen-of-diamonds December 5, 2008 4:21 PM

@ nianqiao

To get the labyrinth coin

Make sure you don't wish for anything the first time you want to use the coin -there's an option that says something like 'Maybe I'll wish later', choose that one-.
Next time you want to use the coin you'll see the option have changed and you'll be given the 'I wish I had another coin' option.
Choose that one and you'll be given the labyrinth coin.

queen-of-diamonds December 5, 2008 4:24 PM

@ Julie

You need to refill you lighter with alcohol. Find it in the kitchen cupboard.


I'm probably going to get slammed for not providing "constructive criticism" but:

I have to say that, plot wise, this game makes no sense to me. I don't follow it at all. I understand that there's a time loop going on and David killed Becca's father to prevent an attack that already happened... but then you get into past and future versions of Becca and maybe she's dreaming and this has all happened before and there's a labyrinth metaphor and SHEESH! Story lines in room escape games are all well and good but too much plot complication twisting into less-than-not-very-intuitive puzzle clues makes for an overwhelming feeling of "Huh?"
Attention span reached and breached with this one. Sorry.


After trying for a really long time to unlock the true ending, I finally beat it a couple of seconds ago.

And then?

I cried.


I can't get the note from the stove. Help please?


I have trouble with the

labyrinth coin because when i get it i can't get the hammer!



I really don't understand the ending. Can any one explain exactly what the story is?

blu_stocking December 12, 2008 12:53 AM

Hmmm... I don't see any honey in below the well in the underground room, so I'm stuck! Is this a glitch or do I have to do something to the beehive first?


how i can get the honey?


Is it just me or did other people find you could dead end in this game. Leave a room before retrieving an item and the item ceases to exist when you return to the room, and without the item you're blocked from proceeding. I had to start from scratch using the walkthrough just to find out where I went wrong.

The Wolf's Shadow December 23, 2008 10:30 AM

I'm stuck!

I have the mold for the glutton key, but he keeps saying he doesn't want to burn the other can, so now I can't make a key!

The Wolf's Shadow December 23, 2008 10:33 AM

Never mind!

I see you had to melt the toy cannon, not the can,


no matter which site I load it on, the Labyrinth will not load! Any ideas? I've tried restarting my computer, but it didn't help. I REALLY want to play this and its driving me insane that I can't!


phew..this is getting tougher...but i've finished!


I'm stuck after i used the sticky hand and reached for the note and taped the picture together.. After i used the Assassin key, Becky is not in the bedroom? Is there an explanation for this?


Astonishing is the only word I can think of for this series. The story line was intriguing and captivating, the atmosphere was amazing and the puzzles were delightfully devious. OK so there ware a lot of words that I can think of to use and now I'm just trying to cram as many positive descriptives into as short a space as possible to show my gratitude for a finely scripted and well presented game. It's times like this I wish there was a 6th mushroom. A huge thumbs up from me (that's not to say I have huge thumbs^^). Thanks for this one guys.

warriorofgod13 January 2, 2009 6:06 PM

I love escape games ( i kinda suck at them, but still). These were by far my favorite! Amazing job dude! I love the time travel/dream world stuff. Great job

Monkeyrilla January 4, 2009 7:48 PM

Awwww man i liked the old design way better.

Anonymous January 6, 2009 2:27 PM

ahhh im stuck in the garden because my magnet disapeared . don't ask me how it just DID. :(


How to get the alternate ending (aka Trapped Part 4):

You have to first play Trapped Part 1 & Trapped Part 2 on the same website...

(at least that's what I think, 'cos the website might be saving your progress from those games and that may influence what items become available to you in your inventory in each subsequent Trapped chapter...)

... AND uncover the EASTER EGGS:

1. EASTER EGG for Trapped Part 1: The Rabbit Coin. During gameplay, once you have obtained the axe, immediately USE IT ON THE WALL PARTITION in the main hall (the room with the counter and the sofas) BETWEEN THE KITCHEN DOOR & THE DINING ROOM DOOR. The wall will be split open, and you will find the Rabbit Coin. If you take the axe to chop down the mutant pear tree in the backyard first, then YOU WILL LOSE THE AXE, and that will be the end of the easter egg :-( ... FIND THE COIN FIRST, THEN GO & CHOP THE TREE!

2. EASTER EGG for Trapped Part 2: The Dark Coin. While still in the underground rooms, you will come across AN OPEN, BLANK BOOK. It is near the wall and on the table opposite the table with the scale model of the house. USE YOUR LIGHTER TO BURN THE BOOK, then obtain the Dark Coin from the remains. You must find the coin before you exit the underground rooms via the ladder, since you will not be able to return to the underground rooms once you leave them!

Once you've found both the Rabbit Coin & the Dark Coin, you just need the... you guessed it, the Labyrinth Coin from Trapped Part 3!

3. EASTER EGG for Trapped Part 3: The Labyrinth Coin. Once you have the ordinary gold coin and you're ready to go use it at the wishing well, INSTEAD OF saying that you want to "get the key out of the stature", SAY that you'll "make a wish later"...


Don't worry. Use the gold coin on the wishing well again, and ask for "another coin". There you go! The Labyrinth Coin

Great, so you've got all three coins in your inventory (assuming you've played all three games in order on the same website). But now that I've wasted the gold coin on getting the Labyrinth coin, how are you supposed to get that Glutton Key from the Rabbit Stature?

Don't stress. You know the bit after that in Part 3 where you use the loaded toy cannon to blast open the cupboard in the kitchen? If you have the Labyrinth Coin, the cupboard should give you THREE items instead of two: the ALCOHOL, the CEREAL BOX, and a new item, the HAMMER! Just go back to the yard and USE THE HAMMER ON THE STATURE to obtain the broken GLUTTON KEY, and you're on your way with the rest of the walkthrough above!


i can't seem to find the loose brick... where the heck is it?


hey i need help on finding the coin. the coin that you throw in and get the labyrinth coin.

can you please help!

Anonymous January 22, 2009 9:57 PM

reply to user: ben

Can't find the gold coin for the wishing well?

It's in the kitchen. Assuming you've made it all the way there for the first time (by using the Maid Key), this is what you do:

1. Pick up the small bag that's sitting in the dish on the table.

2. Click on the small bag in your inventory. Your cursor should now be enabled with the "small bag" icon, or at least the words...

3. Click on the magnifying glass button on the bottom left of the inventory interface; that's the "Examine" button. There you go, there's a gold coin inside!

No sweat.


After all of this...are you kidding me? I have to play part 1 and 2 again to get the 'real' ending whatever?

i.e.: even if you've done part 1 and part 2 so long ago you should play 1 and 2 again and retain all those files, cookies, whatever in your pc and THEN play part 3 or you'll have no chance for the 'real' 'good' whatever ending?


If that's actually the case you should mention that in the write up.

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I'm drained from that, and really it was pretty monotonous.

Sorry, I appreciate all the work in the game /series and equally glitch finding and walkthrough writers, but no chance after struggling through this third part am Idoing them all again. Lol. What a shame.

Maybe if I'm laid up in a hospital bed or something.


I'm so happy to see a sequel to this game. Thank you, Rodrigo Roesler!


Hello I am near the end of the game and when I went to the kitchen, I am not able to find the second note on the stove! Where is it?


If you're stuck at the stove, go find the notes before. Most likely, it's the note in the office. Use the king key to go to the office and click on becky's seat (or where she was sitting) to get the ashes note. Then use the maid key to go back to the kitchen and click on the stove to get the next note.


So I did this:

threw the coin in the well. I had a choice of one of three questions/wishes to ask. There was no option to wish to get the key from the rabbit's mouth. So I just picked the first question - it was something like "What is the answer?" - and the answer was "42". That was it. I didn't get the Glutton key. And now I have no coin to make another wish. I can't make a copy of the key without taking it out of the rabbit's mouth.

So now what do I do?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Is anyone still playing this game because I need help, I don't know how to find all the notes.



If you wished for something else other than the key, you'll be able to find a hammer later on that'll free that sucker from the statue in the bluntest way possible.


Is there any specific note that you're looking for that is not listed in the guide? You have to obtain them in a certain order, so you'll have to be more specific for anybody to be able to help you.


Where is the loose floorboard?


I am stuck! I've done everything the walkthrough said, but for some reason the fake brick in the dark room doesn't show up. I know I'm not missing any other notes, so I don't know what the problem is


i can't seem to have the "second encounter with becky"
when i go into the bedroom, she is not there so i have no one to give the photo to.
up to that, i've done everything right. what's wrong?


which stones do u put the mirror pieces into and how do u arrange them?


I've had to use the walkthrough for a couple of thinks and it says

to click on the stove to get a note but i've click on it a bunch of times and it just keeps talking about the stove.


I can't find the note in the dark room.

I'm wondering if this is a glitch or if I did something wrong.

visitor June 24, 2009 9:39 PM

Can't get note from stove or lose brick by statue or note/drawing from kennel. :(


I couldn't find a FAQ that solved my problem so I figured I'd at least try here.

I have shockwave and adobe flash. I have no idea what the minimum requirements are, and I have a fairly old computer. I've tried loading the Labyrinth for months now, so its not because a busy server that I can't play it. Why wont my game load, or even begin to load? I can load both the previous games, because just this week I've played both of them once again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If no one can help, I'll keep trying.


Where is the hammer?


Now use the Glutton key, and click on the cupboards on the left to find yet another note

when i do this, david says "it doesn't fit"
what's wrong?

Bob Selbach August 28, 2009 8:12 AM

Same problems here: I can`t find the loose brick near the well and I don`t get the note at the stove with the secret message, though I followed the walktrough step by step. Is there a bug? Wonderfull game, but impossible to finish if you ask me. See you. Bob


Help! I've read some of the other problems and can't seem to find a solution to mine. I never got the second note from the corpse, so I got the one on the bed and moved on. But now I can't get the note from the stove. There's just nothing there. Can I move on or is that note necessary and what about the second corpse note?

Hey gamers October 15, 2009 4:16 PM

Like the game but have a problem. When I try to use the glutton key on the bathroom cabinet to get the note (after reading the note on the back of the mirror) it says "key doesn't fit). So I cannot get anything to work past this point. Started over 2X and still does not work! Help!!


i can't open the cupboards with the copy of the glutton key. and just stuck there. how can i use it?


Just finished it. Very inventive Game. Few questions though:

is their really no use for the Sick Man key and the Peasant key?

What's up with the chicken you can get from the well?

I hope Rodrigo will keep on doing his thing!


I hope someone can help me ASAP! I'm stuck in the backyard after getting the note with the sticky hand. I know I am supposed to go back into the bedroom and find Becky but I can't find her anywhere to get the Buffoon key. I mended the picture but I can't find her to give it to her. Please help!


Okay so I thought I figured out the "2nd encounter with Becky." When talking to her the first time I clicked "We'll see eachother again someday." Thinking she would show up after I mended the picture.. But she still isn't there? I've already played 1 and 2 so I'm trying to get to the "Ending" and would hate to have to restart my computer and start all over! I have restarted the game 3x now. FRUSTRATING!!


Does anyone know what Rodrigo Roesler is doing or what has happened to him?
As far as I can see from some google results there hasn`t been any activity since April 2009 (till then he had new games in progress and suddenly there isn`t any sign of life, no comments or entries on the rabbittell blog, no twitter messages, simply nothing...) and now the blog is even offline...
Perhaps someone here knows?

papasmrf May 17, 2010 3:59 PM

No matter how many times I play, or which game site I use, I can never find the note in the bottom of the well, which ruins the rest of the game.


Still having trouble with the note at the bottom of the well, even when using rabbittell.

PuccaBoo July 9, 2010 4:55 AM

Hai, so I've seemed to put the honey in the wrong room.
I but it in the hospital room instead of the dark room, I have the note and everything, but when I go into the kitchen to find the other notes he can't seem to find it.
Any ideas? Or do I need to restart it...
Much appreciated!

Icalasari July 11, 2010 6:23 AM

Puccaboo: Just retrace your steps and start from the very first note onwards. It may say that there is nothing there, which is fine. This is just so that you can regain your place

Javi Chumilla July 18, 2010 12:13 PM

Great game! I couldn't understand it all 'till I unlocked part 4 and extra ending thanks to the walktrhough. I'ts a great story. Thanks Rodrigo and people who made the walkthroughs.
A question about last entry in Jack's diary:

If the father was innocent, why can we found the entry dated October 20 "I did something terrible yesterday"?
I only find 1 explanation: the father is the attacker in another reality, but, like David would say: "that's odd"... ;)

I recommend reading "El jardín de los senderos que se bifurcan" by Jorge Luis Borges, I have done it after playing part 2. Gracias Rodrigo, and excuse me, my english is not very good!


So, I'm having some trouble with the second ending...
I can't seem to start the game with the two coins from the previous games. Am I doing something wrong? I tried replaying both games and getting both coins, but it still doesn't work. Anybody else having the same problem?


I don't really understand how to get the two other coins from the other games and bring them into the third one... :P



I just found the game in the past couple of weeks. I have finished completely twice, but then found the alternate ending. Now I am trying to finish that version. Now I Need HELP!!!

I have the Labyrinth coin and I did the next stuff in the kitchen. When I went to the bedroom to meet Becky the 2nd time. She wasn't there. I went back and forth between the kitchen and backyard and the bedroom and no luck. The previous times when I have not found the Labyrinth coin Becky was there waiting in the room. I am trying this time and am on track for the alternate ending.

Thanks for the assistance from anyone.

Sherri M



If you read some of the posts previous there is a spoiler that shows where to obtain the other keys.

The bad thing is you have to play the games in succession from the beginning and the coins will follow you.

I hope this helps.

Sherri M.


dont know if any one still plays this but i just found it and i played all three with no walkthrough then i saw people talking about episode 4 so i went and replayed them all a second time in about a half hour and i was really impressed with the secret ending


I can't get the sticky hand out of the cereal box. I've started the game over twice, and even did the walk through verbatim. Is it some kind of bug or glitch?


OK, so I did something wrong, and now I think I'm stuck forever. :(

I threw the gold coin into the well, but it didn't give me an option to wish for the rabbit's glutton key. I wished for something else... that's how I got the labyrinth coin. Is there another way to get the glutton key?


I have the same stove problem. Every time I click on it to get the note I get the message "an old wood stove, I don't think I'll need to boil anything this time."


I don't understand something.

If the mom was really the one to attack Becky, why (in the first game) did it say in the last entry of the dad's diary "I did something terrible last night..."? Did the dad actually do something bad that I somehow missed? Or did the mom write that... Hmm...

inheritance.fan August 28, 2012 1:32 PM

I goofed and wished for the wrong thing with the coin. How do I get it back?