Don't know if this is been posted or not (I'm not going to read through 800 comments to find out), so sorry if I'm restating this.

There is a way to get a higher population than 50. When your population is 48, get as many women pregnant as you can. It's a race against the clock - the race starts when you pair up the first couple and stops when they are finished summoning the stork. The other women will have their babies after she does but the game won't say that the population is at its max and thus they can't have children.

Use the Twin Potion to max the amount of babies and, before hand, try collecting the women and men in one spot to the best of your abilities. Or at least put them on the island. Too much time is lost when you have to get someone from the sea.

So far, my highest population has been 54, meaning I got two extra sets of twins before time ran out.

Drawback: You won't be able to have babies again until the population drops back to 49 (48 if you want twins). This can make huge generation gaps. Right now, I have 8 years old and 24 year olds and 40 year olds as my last three generations. The older people are more spread out.


I was wondering what the numbers that come up over the peoples head when they were working? why do some people have more points for doing the same thing? Does it have anything to do with mental or physical status?


I'm confused...

My people won't have babies. There is definitely room in the tribe for them, and when I drop a man on a woman, it says "do you want ... and ... to have a child together?" When I click yes, nothing happens. They walk off, but not to go create a baby, they go on doing their tasks like nothing ever happened!
Is it a glitch?

[Edit: This does appear to be a small glitch. It's happened to me a couple of times, too. Just keep trying and it will happen. -Pam]


what's the code for lodestone island?


How do you make a new tribe? Every time I try to make a new tribe it deletes one of the other ones.


Okay, i planted the right plants in their right places... but i dont get a new colour. whats wrong? please help


I don't know if this has happened to others but I went away for two weeks and put the game on pause and on getting back I reset to slow and my entire tribe bar 2 all died. My oldest was 650 years and I'm extremely annoyed.


How do you get your technology level higher?


I found a new potion recipe. i looked on the potion list and its not on there. i am unsure if it actually does anything or if they just tell you what it tasted like.

ironwood, sea, moondust, taste like electricity. suprised by it.


I have accidentally found another (new?!) potion. Using Ironwood, Rain and Moondust I had the following result: That potion tasted hearty and filling, blabla feels more skilled.
i tried to find out in which way they feel more skilled but haven't been able to find out.
But most of my tribe members are 100% skilled so that could be it.
Maybe someone else can find out.

K regards,



I have a question: I've solved the moonstone mistery, and will soon have an ark to travel to a new island. Is the increased rate of moondust drop kept when you switch islands?


Contrary to popular belief you do not need two maxed out people in order to create maxed out babies with physical and mental strength you only need a maxed out male. I found that out totally accidently and was very please. Oh and if your tribeperson get frightened and their hair turns gray you cannot turn it into another colour no matter the potion trust me I've tried but if you can find a potion that works would love to hear it.


To JIGuest:

Someone posted a code for Lodestone Island. You'll just have to scroll back through comments to find it.

To Riley:

If you want to create a second tribe and still keep your first tribe, you need to create a new user profile. Click the button in the upper left corner of the menu screen.

To Vicki:

If you use pause, you need to be sure to open the game before putting it on a different speed. Otherwise, it will read the entire time away as the speed it's on when you click the "play" button.

To Jess:

The best way to get more tech points is to just put every available person on the science lab and give it some time. Moondust and stardust put on the science lab will also give you extra tech points, but will eat up your supply of dust.

To Killmekos:

Yes, you will still have the increased moonstone on any of your new islands. All benefits obtained by solving the mysterious objects stay with you when you travel to other islands.

To Mystik:

You are absolutely right about the gray hair when he/she gets scared. It will also stay gray when he/she turns 65 and gets a youth potion.


cann some1 please explain how the flower mystery thing workss..I've already read the walkthru guide and istill don't get it =(=(


Sorry I am not good in english.

I've read bout a list of potion for hair styles. But I could it not find annother time.
Could you help me?


Nvm..i got the flower mystery now YAYY :D:D



The flower mystery is tricky one, huh? I had a wonderful time trying to figure it out, too.

The walkthrough has it right: you have to finish the pattern.

But here's the trick: the blue and purple flowers look a lot alike. If you're doing one that says you should plant a blue flower, you do and it doesn't work, then try a purple flower. And remember that someone in your tribe has to grow the flowers, too.


Hello everyone...

I posted a comment earlier about my "miracle babies" with the theory that they appear when no one has died for a period of time. Not so. I decided to give up on one of my tribes and left them on fast for about two weeks. When I came back, all my old people had died but I had a new population of "miracle babies." The only problem is, since I wasn't aware of them and didn't assign them priorities, they were all starving. I left them again for another week, came back today and viola! Another three miracles. At this rate, this tribe will endure forever!


To JIGuest:
Can you give some expressions about "Miracle babies" ?
I don't understand why you call them like this
Thanks :)


Hi again :)
This time I just want to inform a problem I found about having baby
See,according to Jay's walkthough that a couple with 100/100 in both strengh and mental will provide 100/100 babies,
Actually,they don't
I don't know why
but my couple always give 89/100 or less babies
At first I think it because they're brother and sister (I can only make one couple reach 100/100 and make them have babies and the parents provide 100/100 babies) but,I have my other couple which are brother and sister,they give me 100/100 baby.
So,I don't know is there any technics or did I do something wrong,
can you please answer me?
thanks :)


To NeptoROS:

I've also had times when 100/100 parents don't produce a 100/100 baby. It's just a flaw in the theory. It simply doesn't happen 100% of the time. I don't think you're doing anything wrong.


Does anyone know the significance (if any) of the color of the shimmering mist that you sometimes get from a crate or barrel?


If you need mushrooms, mix vegetables, sea water, and star dust, then use it on the ground. you get three mushrooms per potion.

spengemary February 18, 2009 9:20 PM

How do you get guano and what does it look like? lol


To Kavi:

The colors of the mist appear to indicate which skill is improved. However, I don't know which color belongs to which skill. :(

To Spengemary:

Please check question #6 in the FAQ at the top of this page.


All my rocks are gone and I cant make any more rocks whith starust, rock and sea because I have zero rock. Is there any other way to create more rock. My tribe cant build the boat without it. Help.

[Edit: Use a stardust or moondust on your rock pile, then use those rocks to create the rock potion. -Pam]

Clair Kemp February 23, 2009 7:59 AM

Berries= On one od the islands there is which looks like an old bush. Select this island, first you need to mix potion seawater+stardust+guano and place it on the bush, then you need a legendary Agriculture person to re-plant it, this will give you access to berries.


I'm curious about the 969 year old tribe member that is the last trophy. How does this work? When I use the youth potion on my grey-haired tribe members, it lists their true ages in the Details area, but the "Info" area lists their ages as how the member "feels" (i.e. is 173 years old, feels like 36). How does one keep a tribe member alive for 969 years?

[Edit: I haven't gotten the trophy yet, but I believe you just have to keep giving them the youth potion every time their hair turns gray until they reach 969. Another thing, when they die, their tombstone shows their "feels like" age instead of their real age. Doesn't make sense to me. -Pam]


I'm trying to improve the construction skill in my tribe, by using the potion, however how do I get ironwood? I'm on an island with the big red rock, fountain and the rock with the moon. Help please!! Thanks in advance!

[Edit: The ironwood becomes available after you solve the Old Glowing Stump mysterious object. Information can be found in the walkthrough section at the top of this page. -Pam]


how do i create more stone on my island cos my tribe has ran out! eek!!


Heyas! 2 things:

First: Don't know how it happened, BUT I GOT MYSTERY BABIES! WOOHOO!!! My population was 55. Two of my folks died off, but then two mysterious babies showed up. What the freak? But its cool.

Thing 2: I'M MISSING A GRAVE!!! And how the heck does a grave end up in the middle of the ocean???



To Hannah:

To get more rock -

Use stardust or moondust on your rock pile to get a small quantity. Then use the rock potion (Rock+Sea+Stardust) on an open area of grass. It will produce a boulder for you to gather rock from.

To Kavi:

Tombstones appear wherever the person was when he/she died. If someone dies while fishing, the tombstone will be in the water. Your missing tombstone is probably hidden behind one of the buildings.


Two things!

First, I found a new use for stardust!

It can grow the flowers you planted. It does a small circle around where you click, but if you ever get impatient and have some extra stardust...

Second, an update on the over-population. I made post about this at the top of page eight.

So far, I've gotten my population up to 55. It would've been 56, but one of the women didn't have the Twin Potion. I've figured out a few ways to help the process.

1. Change the tribe's clothing. If you make the clothes of anyone 46 or older a certain style or color, it'd be easier to find them. Same goes for the tribe members who are 45 or younger.
2. To seperate and gather, give everyone certain tasks. I've found that if you create a new food storage building, then you can tell the younger people to farm and the older people to fish. Generally, this seperates the two groups and collects those that you need, espically if you don't have other consturction projects going.
3. Use the Twin Potion on the women before doing the above sugestion. I found it's pretty hard to remember who has the Twin Potion going for them when they're all bundled together and I'm playing beat the clock.
4. Build your huts the farthest you can from where you gather the people. And build more huts than you'll need, in case there's people sleeping when this takes place.
A problem I've run into while doing this is that sometimes a guy and girl don't mate. I match them up, tell them yes, go call the stork, but they don't. I don't know why this happens, if it's a glitch or if they put farming above making children or if the two just don't like each other.
Also, while it's kinda cool to see how far I can push this, it really doesn't do much. By the time the extra babies are old enough to work, enough older people have died off to bring the population down back to normal, so it's not like you're getting 55 workers all at once.
But maybe that'll change if I got more extra babies...

I'll keep trying, to see how high I can get the population. Anyone else wanna try it, too?

[Spoiler added by Kayleigh]


Found a new use for star dust!

They make several saplings grow to full sized trees. I haven't figured out the range, but I think the most I've gotten is four in one direction, depending on how far apart the trees are.


I'm sorry! In my previous post, I said I found use for STAR dust, when I meant I found use for MOON dust. ^_^;


To Will. Yes people can die if the game is on. I have had old people die right in front of me. They just disapear and then there is a tombstone where they just were.

Anonymous March 2, 2009 2:14 AM

Is there any differace in hut levels? I mean, there is some use other than looking nicer, right?

Kimberly March 2, 2009 7:06 PM

That is the island I am on and it has a lot of space, huge forest, lots of rocks, and it is just really nice. I love this island!

wildernand March 3, 2009 3:08 AM

I have a question and some spoiler info:

How much real time is = 1 yr in the game?
(i'm assuming 1hr = 1 yr in normal speed but unsure if this is a good assumption). It is taking forever to get that last trophy for age.

You don't need to keep the ship yard to use it. Just start it then delete it then you get your message it was built and now you can build your ark.

The same thing for the Moon and Star buildings. Build them/destroy them as many times as you like and get all that nifty moon and star dust to use on your population and lab to get your final science projects (art).

You have to keep the observatory to get that alarm if you destroy it before you build a new one you will never get the alarm until you move to a new island.

It only takes one moon dust to finish a hut. Put your people to sleep standing up so they stay out of your way while putting down buildings. Build your huts hit them with moondust and poof it is built and they will walk to them as you build them to sleep better. This way if you want to destroy one before you hit it with moon dust you don't have to waste time for it to get torn down or waste stardust on it to wipe it away.

I had 58 pop once. Yeah i was fast lol. segregated them when they were all milling about the food fire pit and the huts were a long way away and i think i only had 10 huts.
They don't always have gray hair when they hit 65 so you have to look for the 65yr olds looking on the detail pages (doesn't take long even if you have max pop) and hit them with the youth potions.

I have noticed there are 2 potions for science and 2 for construction. That other new one (ironwood sea water and moondust) doesn't do any thing for them as far as I can tell either; all my people have 100 physical and mental str but not maxed out on skills and it didn't effect his skills so I don't have a clue.

[Edit: The bit about starting a tower and demolishing to still get the shower of dust won't necessarily work. That was a known bug in the game that was corrected in the most recent version. -Pam]

wildernand March 3, 2009 2:13 PM

I guess I don't have the updated version then Pam. how would I get it to update without buying it over again?


Another use for Moondust:

Moondust can create a lot of flowers, more than the stardust can. When I first tried Moondust on the flowers, I must've just missed the flower and I thought it didn't do anything. ^_^;

Also, I have completed the list of potions. I found a lot of bad potions (mostly ones that blew up, but a few with other effects) and a few others. I also figured out which hair styles are given with a potion. I'm willing to share, but not sure on how. I did it in Word, in a table, and I'd rather not retype into a long post to put up here...

[Edit: Send it to the "contact" email address—a link to which can be found at the bottom of this page—and we'll post it for everyone. Thanks! -Jay]


I tried the ct / lt build and demolish thing. I waited, and waited, no stars or moons?! I have sailed to loads of islands, built everything. Got a tribesman to 268 years old then lost him. Solved all the mysteries. Been using most of the potions you list for a while. Still that one didn't work. Is there an upgrade coming for My Tribe? Something to enhance it, add more features, do more stuff?? I'd love to know! It is very addictive tho!


To Wildernand:

To get the most current version, just go back to the site where you originally purchased the game and download it again. Your progress should be saved. However, you'll lose the ability to get showers of moondust and stardust when you demolish a tower. I'm not aware of any real benefit to having the current version, so make sure that's what you want to do.

To Rae:

You're not getting the showers of moondust and stardust when you demolish a tower because that was a bug that has been corrected in the most current version of the game. I'm not aware of a My Tribe update at the moment.

To JIGuest:

I think the upgraded huts are only for appearance. I don't see that they do anything other than have a different roof.


So.. I understand basically everything about this game except how to GET the physical and mental health up (other than a star on them and randomly getting the either of the two). Is there any sure way that you can encourage growth of mental and physical? Thanks!


If you don't have the updated version, I figured out a way to get double (or triple) moondust/stardust when you demolish the tower. Just set up like 2 or 3 foundations and then just demolish them so instead of getting the usual amount (approx.25) you get like 50 (depending on how many towers you put).


You could use the potions
rocks+rain+goldenrelic for physical or
wood+rain+goldenrelic for mental


I have figured out why two people will not make a baby. Go into their details page and make sure that all of their 'priorities' are not selected. This allows them to focus on making a baby! I found out by people wouldn't stand still long enough to take the twin potion. It's worked for me everytime!


Is there any way to make/grow rocks bigger than 320?


When I made a couple proceed to a hut they went in and there was no baby! I kept trying with several other couples and still no babies! I kept trying and only one baby showed up.


So, I'm back with a question... I moved to Island 70, Leatherback Isle and my people can't catch fish.. I have like 30 legendary fishers (and know what I'm doing). Is this place notorious for not getting fish or..... what? Right now, I have 0 fish and people are constantly fishing. Thanks !


To Kavi:

I think 320 is the largest rock you can create with a potion.

To Erika:

It's not your island. After awhile, the ocean just becomes over-fished. You need to build farms to supplement the food supply.


Erika, if you want to get fish for your potions, use the stardust or moondust on the food pile. So long as you aren't maxed out on food, it'll give you what it can. If you have a food storage building, then your food pile might appear full, but if your count is lower than what you can hold, you'll get fish.

Stardust makes 50 fishes.
Moondust makes 100 fishes.


I just wanted to let everyone know that if you do decide to experiment with potions not given, do not use the potion: berries+sea water+golden relic as it will make your WHOLE tribe fall asleep standing. And there is nothing that will wake them up until they are done. I found out the hard way.


Ok I have done what was said to move onto a next island however

Gaining tech 3

did not give me what I require so Im confused on this. AND for those possibly confused about babies, I got a male member and a female member high as they can go in my female does not always produce 100/100 children however my male, dont matter who I mate him with they seem to have always produced 100/100 babies. I did see a comment on that just wanted to add that the male end of the gene pool is working for me lol.


I'm trying to get the ironwood mystery figured out (old glowing stump) and in the walkthrough it says to water it add fish, sea water and stardust but when I do it it says it had no affect (but was consumed)... Am I missing something!?

ps- I have already (obviously) turned the stump over and it's now a little sapling thing.
OH! And this would be a little more fun if you could travel more.
ie: go to previous islands you have inhabited and when you do move to a new one, you shouldn't lose your ship..!

Thanks guys for allll your knowledge!


I have solved the Iron Wood mystery but it doesn't appear on other islands once you land, even though it shows from the map. Anyone else have this problem?


To Xinity:

To travel to other islands -

You need level 3 Construction. Build a shipyard, then build an ark.

To Renee:

You don't use the potion on the stump. Use it on the grass to make it rain. Then follow the rest of the instructions in the walkthrough at the top of this page.

To Bawa:

Even though you don't see the actual Ever Tree on other islands, you still have all of the benefits of it.


I think I might have a new angle on how to get an over population.

First, I tried with 30-44 year olds who have had at least one set of twins each (my population took a sharp dive at one point, so I had to rebuild it first). I only got two sets of twins (one extra), and everyone else didn't want to call the stork.

Then, just recently, I tried with a bunch of 21 year olds who have not had a child. They had no problem with calling the stork. (I only got up to 54 population because I hadn't planned it out. I bet I could have gotten it higher.)

Could it be that the islanders have their own limit on how many children they can have? I mean, if you really wanted to, you could have one woman have 26 children by getting her pregnant every two years sense she's 18 and using the twin potion.

Has anyone else noticed this?

P.S. I sent you guys the potion list a few days ago. Did you get it?

[Edit: Yes, we got it. I'll merge it with our existing list. Thanks! -Pam]


I know this sounds awkward... but I was just logging on for a second to see how my tribe was going and this guy came out of a hut and had a beard.

What's up with that?

[Edit: Some men grow beards when they reach adulthood. -Pam]


Just to let you know that in Lodestone island I tried over 20 crates/barrels and didn't get lodestone.


You know how sometimes someone might die behind a building? Or one of your tribespeople ducks behind a building and you want to get to them to do something but can't reach them?

Well, I figured out a way that doesn't involve demoing your building.

Click on the building and, while holding the button down, move the cruser away to the left or right. If anything or one was behind that building, it'll move with your "hand" instead of the whole scene moving. I've found missing tombstones, babies and tribespeople that way.



Thanks to everyone for all the great info.

Question: Has anyone found an island with Star Rock, Moon Rock and Fossil?
How about one with Fountain, Big Red Rock and Glowing Stump?

Has anyone found great uses for the Berry Bush or Flower Tree?

Thanks again.


When I solve Ever tree mystery can I check the box for harvesting it, or should it stay unchecked? Because it's said that it can never run out of wood.

And what I don't understand is how to complete the flower pattern?

Can someone explain it? Thanx :)

Anonymous March 14, 2009 4:41 PM

Okay, I think I figured out where the miracle babies are coming from. I lost a bunch of tribe members after I left them running too long and decided to make more. I already had one miracle baby when I got there. I paired up two tribespeople and got the message that she'd love to have more babies someday but she just had one. They must be breeding while I'm away from the game. A glitch perhaps?


I have noticed a few things:

The level 3 huts:

If a tribesman is sleeping in a level one or two hut, you can change their priority under the details screen and this will force them out of their hut. In the level 3 hut, this trick doesn't seem to work.

Babies and population:

often times I will be calling the stork with multiple couples at the same time. It seems that having all these people creating babies and some having twins forces my island to support more then 50 people. If your sending out multiple couples be sure to monitor them, it seems that depending on your hut types and how many are occupied, pairing up a second couple may cancel the first couple from calling the stork.

Error with storage and stardust:

im not sure if this was already corrected but star dust creates +20 food, wood or stone when used on a pile. Earlier someone stated it created 50.

Miracle Baby:

After leaving my tribe for a bit, I came back to find that someone had decided to call the stork on their own. There was one random tot wandering around the island. Strange how my tribesman cant figure out something as basic as chopping wood and catching fish in order to stay alive while im gone but deep down they still have the instinct to ensure the tribe lives on. Unfortunately, having one infant boy and a slew of 40 year old women left my tribe pretty much helpless.

Thanks for all your great information! Happy gaming everyone!


Talk about miracle baby. I have 50 people on the island and today when I woke up, I found a little girl. I don't know how that happened because I read here the max number of the people is 50. Now I have 51.
By the way, I solved the flower pattern :)


I have been playing this game for a few weeks now, I have ALL the mysteries solved, and every trophy except the one for 200 moondust (I only have to get about 10 more) and the one for having a tribe member maxed out on all skills. I have several memebers who have all their skills maxed out though! Did I not get this trophy because I "cheated" with stardust and potions ?? Does the person have to earn the skills on their own before you get that trophy or is my game messed up?


Hey guys, I'm back... Hah. Anyway, I've been doing GREAT and I'm one trophy away from all victory (old person one) buuuut I seem to have a glitch now. :/ This is a little confusing so just bear with me haha.
Every time I try to unplant a plant (the 2nd time) it automatically goes to the sailing to your tribe! Screen (like when you start up) but it's not doing that. I'm actually still "in play" you can hear the fire and people chopping wood, etc., and i have to blindly move my mouse around and hit the save and exit then reboot. So the confusing part is WHEN it happens..
Click build flowers
click erase (attempt 1) and that erases no problem.
Click erase (attept 2a) on another, failure
Click on a flower and plant it then click erase (attempt 2b) failure.

It seems even if I don't immediately erase a flower (doing things in between the 1st and 2nd erasing) it still fails the 2nd time.

I figured a glitch came up and I was going to re download it but wanted to see if this sounded familiar..

Thanks for helping :)


To Erika:

What you describe is a known bug. Click the spoiler to read what the developer of the game has to say about it.

"Yes, that's a bug, and unfortunately we have not been able to track it down as it only happens on some machines (not on our test machines!).

However, there is a workaround. Apparently when it says "sailing to your tribe", you can still move your mouse around and click the "menu" button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can then click "Save and Exit" and go back to the main menu. You can then click "Play" again to go back to the game and continue to play.

Also, if this happens to you a lot, you can erase flowers using the 'erase all' button, rather than by erasing them individually."



Did you max out their mental and physical strength? You need to do that to get the trophy.

If you've already done that, then I have no idea. I used stardust to get the trophy and there was no trouble, so I can't see that being the problem. Unless it's a giltch/bug. The game is full of them...


I wanted to expand on my comment yesterday about having more then 50 people on your island.

After experimenting today, I think I have figured out how you can really expand on your population.

First off, make sure you have plenty of level one or two huts built (if a level 3 hut is occupied, you cant force the inhabitant out)

I assign all the women of birthing age to one task like research or arts and all the men of the right age to the opposite task. (my arts and science station are usually right next to each other).

One at a time... but VERY quickly... I have them all call the stork (keep checking back to the previous person to make sure you haven't canceled anyone out.) If you place your huts far enough away from the stations, you will also have plenty of time to apply the twins potion.

As long as your couples are walking towards the hut to "call the stork" before baby number 50 is born, they will still have their babies. As soon as baby number 50 is born, you will be alerted to having max population and cant tell anyone else to call the stork.

Also, about using moon dust on larger buildings [construction]:

UNCONFIRMED: When I am building a larger structure like the art of towers and I use moondust I usually only advance 1 to 4 percent. However, when using the moondust after saving, quitting and coming back to it a bit later the construction increases about 20%. This only works for the first bit of moondust and the tribe has to have made some progress on their own while I was away. If I save and quit and go right back to the game, this wont work. But for anyone not bothering with dust and larger structures (I dont because I feel like its a waste) It might be worth it now and then.

Im keeping a record of Island names, numbers and mysteries. Hopefully I can submit something for you guys to add soon. :)

Im deeply depressed that I have the updated version of this game:( I would have peed my pants if 30 random bits of dust fell from the sky for no reason:) I guess i'll just have to keep earning it the hard way.

Thanks for everything! <3


A note about twin potion. Once it's been used it doesn't matter how long you wait before that tribesperson calls the stork. The potion will still work even if you leave the tribe running for a couple days. (as long as the woman doesn't become too old for kids)

Christina March 18, 2009 4:59 PM

How many items can the mats fit? And how many items can the storages fit? I'm wondering because it says that I can not collect any more wood or rock, but I have two storages for each, and I have a total of 1100...
Also, how many SHOULD I have? Should I build more? I only have 25 people right now, but will i need more storage for food and rock and wood?



To Christina:

About supply storage -

The mats will hold 100 units each. A storage shed will hold another 500 units each. This will give you available storage of 600, which should be plenty as long as you keep your tribe busy replenishing what is used. Also, be aware that the larger buildings use a lot of supplies and you can run out of wood and rock. It's not a big deal with rock, but if you run out of wood, your tribe will starve because they can't cook their food. The answer is to make sure you have enough trees selected to harvest.

Anonymous March 19, 2009 11:40 PM

Thanks so much on your help of my previous question, now I was also wondering something else.

When you give somebody the youth potion, you have to wait until they are 65 for it to work, but what about the second time you give it to them? Do you have to wait for them to "feel like" they are 65?

[Edit: Yes. You have to wait until they have gray hair again. -Pam]


I was wondering, I read on here a handful of times that using moondust and stardust on large building structures is just a waste because it doesnt do much, but-
once you have all the small things built and all the science points and stuff, what else is there to use the moon and stardust for? I mean, besides keeping a few for potion use, what do you need it for?
Just wondering, because I don't want to use a bunch of it and find out I need a lot for the mysterious objects that I havent gotten. I have the fountain, rock with star cut out and the fossil and I've solved them all.


To Joe:

About Stardust and Moondust -

I have found that the best time to have a decent supply of Stardust and Moondust is when I move to a new island. I can use it to stock up on food and supplies, as well as getting the initial buildings built. Like huts, storage, science lab and such.

You'll need four Moondusts to complete the mysterious object that is like the star rock that you've already completed, except it's a moon cut out.

I don't usually use them on large buildings because I like for my people to get the experience points that come with large buildings. Lots of wood cutting, rock harvesting, and construction. The quickest way to finish a large building is to close the game for awhile. When you open it the next time, the building will be much farther along or even completed!

I hope this is helpful! :)

Anonymous March 20, 2009 2:17 AM

Okay, I see, I didn't think about that! I will make sure to save some for when I go to a new island.

Also, I was wondering, how can I figure out what my island number is?
I want to be able to go back to it at a later time.

Thank you for all your help

Anonymous March 21, 2009 1:35 AM

Help. I have been reading the helpful hints and this wonderful walkthrough. However, I am stuck on my tribe member at 100/100 that's aging but her hair won't turn gray. Someone please help, Is there a potion for gray hair?


To JIGuest #1:

To find out your island number, click on the map button in the lower left corner of your screen. The island number will be at the bottom center.

To JIGuest #2:

About gray hair -

I had that same thing happen. I couldn't find a way to turn the hair gray, but I could still give the youth potion because he was at least 65.

Anonymous March 21, 2009 10:00 AM

Has anybody reached the age of 969 years with one of your tribespeople? Is there any way to go faster with it? See, even in island years it is gonna take an awful long time.



If you're interested in giving one of your tribespeople grey hair, there are a couple of ways to do this.

One way is to have them open up a crate with mumified remains. This will scare the tribesperson so bad that his or her hair will turn grey. The problem with this is that you never know which crate or barrel will be the right one.

Another way is from a potoin I found. Lodestone, Fountain and Relic will fill the selected tribesperson's mind with such horrifying thoughts that it'll change his or her hair to grey.

There's a big downside to all of this, though. Once you get grey hair by these two means, you will never, ever get rid of it. Ever. Even with the youth potion. The only time you can change grey hair is when they get it naturally.

L'Chaim! March 21, 2009 7:51 PM

First of all - this site is a lifesaver. I'm rather addicted to MT and I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. I have a question. How long does it take before a person from the tribe will let you use the same potion on them again? I did the strength potion for one of the tribeswomen and it's been a long while. I need her strength all the way up so that she can get the growing stump but every time I try the R-RW-GR potion it says she's still dizzy from the last one or whatever. How can I do this? Also, I didn't have the game on pause while I was away and I didn't get the chance to play it for several days. Now I only have two women (65 and 25) and an old man (65), but the man says it's time for the younger generation to have the babies. How will this work with him being the only male? Am I just going to have to start a new tribe? That would suck, considering I've come rather far. The 25 year old is almost completely maxed out on all abilities (rock gathering, fishing, etc) and still only at 60% physical strength. I'm hoping to be able to pull up the stump before he dies and it screws up, but I don't know how long that will take as long as she won't drink any more strength potion. Please help! Thanks :) Again, uber-kudos for the walkthrough!


To L'Chaim:

I haven't been able to get an exact time between potions. My best guess is perhaps a couple of hours. Some other things to try -

If you have the ability to make the youth potion, give it to your male and he will be able to have children again.

Until you can give more strength potion, try using stardust on the person, if you have enough of it. Stardust will add to all of the different skills, but it will also increase strength... sometimes.

Maryanna Price March 21, 2009 10:25 PM

Is there any reason why my villages sometimes won't have babies? I understand that sometimes it's been too soon or the tribe is maxed out. However, there are times when, even though there are open huts and supplies are plentiful, they just won't call the stork. Do they just not want to? What's goin' on?


Thank you, I hadn't thought about that. It worked to give me the option of them having a baby, but I think that Maryanna and I are having the same problem. It asks me if I want them to have a baby and when I say yes it goes away and they just keep on doing what they were doing. Grr. This game hates me.


On the trees I have also noticed that if you have a lot of saplings

try using moon dust on a central tree and it will make several in the surrounding area fully grown


Weeelll, crap. I looked up why they sometimes won't have babies. They said it happens if they're related. I don't know if that's the case or not, but it would make sense. The only thing I don't get is that I don't think the two older people in my tribe are related but it won't work for them either. If they end up not having any babies and I lose my game, will it start over all of my trophies? That would drive me nuts!


To Maryanna and L'Chaim:

There's not any particular reason why they sometimes won't call the stork. It's not because they are related. The game doesn't recognize genetics like that. It just doesn't always "take" for some reason. I have found that if I'm persistent, they will finally have a baby.

And yes, you'll have to start over with your trophies if you have to start a new game. :(


I figured out how to collect more stardust and moondust today.

Play with the babies. If you grab and adult and place it on the baby it will play with them. Do it 6-8 times and you will get stardust and even moondust sometimes. I just did it for about 5 minutes with different babies and adults and got 6 stars and 2 moondusts!

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

Anastasia March 22, 2009 4:38 PM

I'm really agitated! I'm on one of the islands that has the flowers that you are suppose to plant in rings around it to solve it. I can plant all my flowers but one. When I try, the mound of dirt will stay there for a few seconds and then disappear or it will stay there but when you put a person on it, it disappears. The last flower that I need to plant is the yellow one on the outermost ring on the lefthand side.


To Anastasia

I had that trouble also, i started feeling stupid after i figured out you could easily use stardust.


I'm not sure if I am the first to figure this out and i apologize if this has already been posted, there are a lot of comments.

But I figured out a way to summon as many star dusts and moon dusts as you wish. If you are impatient with the game and the speed of construction, especially with large items, then this will help a lot. It might just be a glitch in my game. But I shut it down several times and this trick still works every time. So perhaps they did this on purpose. Now, I've maxed out all my sciences and built everything possible, as well as moved to a new island, so I'm not sure if this will work when you are just starting out.

What I did was, I built either the celestial tower (to summon star dusts) or lunar tower (to summon moon dusts,) whichever you want, laid out the foundation of the building but demolished it right away, while it was still at 0%. I have already completed these buildings on my previous island, so I don't know if that affects this in anyway. Shortly after I demolish the building, about 30 star dusts or moon dusts fall, just like they did when I first completed the buildings but you can do this as many times as you want and 30 fall every time. There doesn't seem to be a limit.

You can then use these star dusts and moon dusts for anything you please and it speeds the process of construction enormously. For instance, you can finish your ark or buildings in just a few minutes by summoning star dusts and moon dusts several times and using them. Anyways, hopes this helps the impatient people out there, like me :). It really helps move the game along when you've already done most of the things. And I'm sorry if this has already been discovered and posted.

Anastasia March 23, 2009 1:45 PM

I have came across the potion for making trees, but I didn't write it down and now I can't remember it (go figure right?!)has anyone else came across this/


To Anastasia:

I don't believe there's a potion for creating trees. You have to plant new trees using the Build button.


Hi again, as a reply to some of the comments on forcing people out of level 3 huts, it is possible without changing their priorities or demolishing the building.

You simply drag one of the other villagers to the hut in which you want the person inside to vacate. The person inside comes out, often times grumpy. Almost always the other person, the one you dragged over to the hut will go inside to sleep, replacing the one who was inside before. Sometimes they don't and just stand there. But either way the person who was sleeping before will no longer be in hut.

Anonymous March 24, 2009 8:11 PM

i dont know whats going on but when i checked on my tribe i saw a baby boy. the last babys i created were twin girls. i dont remember getting a boy. now my population is 51. where did the baby come from?


To JIGuest:

Sometimes they just have a baby on their own! :)


Here are some potion combos.

More Mushrooms

Sea Water (click on grass)

Improve Adult Construction

Rain Water
Ironwood (click on person of desired)

More Rock(s)

Stardust (click on grass area desired)


Stardust (click on grass)

Restore Youth

Fountain Water
Golden Relic (click on desired person)

Summon Stardust (1)

Stardust (on clicked area)

Help in Building

Lodestone (on clicked building)

Improve Adult Art Skills

Berries (on clicked person)


Moondust (on clicked grass)

Increase Adult Mental Strength

Golden Relic
Wood (on clicked person)

Gentle (Magical) Rain

Stardust (on clicked grass)

I hope these help!! They sure helped me!! :)

[Edit: All of these potions and more are already on the potions list in the walkthrough section located at the top of this page. -Pam]

Mikeymoomoo March 26, 2009 4:45 PM

I keep on making rain... but no goldon relics appear! why? thanks!

[Edit: You need to make a storm. -Pam]