Can anyone tell me how to get the trophy for over 100 trees on an island.

How can I plant more trees? I know you can make a treestump in to a whole tree again with stardust, but how can I make new trees?

[Edit: You plant new trees from the build screen where the huts and storage huts are. Be sure that all saplings are fully gown before you try to sail again. If they are not, the game will crash. Stardust makes saplings fully grown instantly.


hi again, i come to ask another question :D

i had built my Celestial Tower. it had done, and the stardust shower had happened. the question is: is it just one time that we have the stardust shower? thanks for helping~


Does anyone know how to collect rainwater I would realy appreciate any help thank you

Verenis Figueroa December 15, 2008 12:45 PM

My game crashes when I try and delete fowers I have placed.
How will we know when the game is updated?


Hey, I found a bug that was really helpful. Let's say you want to go to another island, so you need the shipyard and then the ark. Well, if you place the shipyard on the ground and destroy it immediately, you will have in Build Mode directly the ark (so there's no need the build the shipyard anymore). Hope it works for you guys as well. Cheers!!


To Heidy:

You get the shower every time you build a Celestial or Moon tower. :)

To Angie:

You cannot collect rainwater. You need to do the potions that require it while it's raining.

To Verenis Figueroa:

That is not a known bug in the game. However, we will announce it here when the new version has been released.


How do you collect rain water? And is there any way to get more golden relics to show up?

These questions are answered in the FAQ at the top of the page. -Pam


Thanks Pam for all your help, not just on this issue - s'pose was just hopeful the GC had made a return lol. Oh well!


I found a new barrel that produced a green mist and made my person "feel different". She had maxed out on wood cutting!

Also, someone asked how to kill off a bunch of your people...I did it accidently. I made the go to sleep potion when I didn't have enough houses built. About 15 died of exhaustion within half an hour! Another time I got involved in other things and left the game for 2 days on "fast" and I had only 2 children left and everyone over 70 years old was dead. Even the ones I had given youth potion to.


Helllo again. I was not on for a couple days and now all people are over 50 and wont have a child!! Am I stuck? Or when i finish the boat is there other people on other islands? Could someone please help me? Thanks.

Michaela M. December 15, 2008 6:47 PM

How do you get different clothing??? I have my arts upgraded to level 3. I have about 4 options for tops and bottoms. Are you able to get more clothes than that? Just doesn't seem like much of an option. Anyone know???


To Alicia:

If you are able to make the youth potion,

Mushrooms+Fountain+Golden Relic

they will be able to have babies again. You won't encounter other people when you sail to another island.

To Michaela:

I'm afraid that's all the clothing choices we get in this game.


To Ronelle:

I haven't heard that the sleep potion will make them die. Mine just gradually woke up one at a time and went back about their business. Nobody died.

About the youth potion -

They need another dose every time their hair gets gray again. It doesn't last forever.


Is there any way to complete the towers fast? I still don't have any lodestone or I'd use the potion. Please help.


To Helen:

Using Moondust on the towers helps, but it will take a lot. Here's a quick way to get the towers build -

Exit the game for awhile. When you come back, they will have a lot of progress or may even be finished. Building seems to go much faster when the game is closed.


Hey, not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but when I follow the potion, decribed by funnyman in the walkthru, for the "create rock", nothing happens.

I have tried on grass, tried on sand, tried on another rock, tried on a large patch of grass??? Still nothing.

Is this potion listed correctly? Has anyone else created a rock using this same method? Or am I just doing something incorrectly?


There actually is something which can raise the max population number, i did it by one by getting twins :)

Autumn Howard December 16, 2008 12:43 PM

I have figured out how to get more than 50 people on your island.

I treat all of my eligible females with the twin potion first. Then, you wait until most of your houses are empty, or build enough to make sure you can accommodate all of your couples at one time. Then, go through and quickly pair up every couple you can. I just did this again, and I now have a population of 57. I could have had more, but I started when my population was around 40. If you do this when your population is 48 or 49, you could definitely hit 60 tribes people or more.

I would have taken a screen shot to prove it, but I don't know how! lol


To Just Left:

The potion to create rock is correct. I've used it several times. You need to use it on green grass and make sure there is nothing close by.


Could someone please tell me how to move tombstones into a graveyard? Also, do you leave your tombstones on an island when you sail to a new island? Thanks for your help.

Vicky Blue December 16, 2008 2:57 PM

Is there an end to the game or do you just go on from island to island forever???


on the 3rd row down in the science lab there are some substances I have never figured out how to get them. Can anyone help


To Linda:

The tombstones appear wherever the person was when he/she died. To move them, just click and drag to the new location. They will remain on the island when you sail away.

To Vicky Blue:

You sail to islands forever or until something happens to your tribe.

To Rosie:

Those are items that come after solving mysterious objects. Except for lodestone, which comes in crates and barrels.


Celestial and Lunar Tower

I found a glitch when building the towers

I started to build both towers and then decided against it because I was planning on moving to a new Island. At 0% I demolished them. When finished demolishing I got the trophy for completeing both towers and both dust showers. Weird.

[Edit: This has already been mentioned several times. I think it's safe to say that it works. -Pam]


I have about a gozillion science points and am maxed out on techs. Is there anything you can use these for until I get the last trophy?
I only need the age one.


To Elmotat:

If you've already bought all the technology, there's nothing else to use science points for. When I got to that point, I didn't even bother putting anyone on the science lab. I still need it built so I can do potions, but that's about it.


I discovered something unexpected while building one of the wonders

I started to build the Lunar wonder monument. I changed my mind and set it for demolish. When the demolition finished the game reacted as if I had completed construction. It gave me a storm of Moon Dust.


I'm kinda new at this game, but I really like it. Please tell me how to move to a different island and if you have that info please tell me exactly how to do it.


Does anyone know what is gained by raising a tribe member's mental strength?


To Ben:

Please check question #10 in the FAQ at the top of this page for information on moving to another island.

To Shauna:

I thought maybe increasing mental strength might make them accumulate science points quicker, but I haven't been able to prove it.


2 questions:

1. Where can you find out how many people are in your tribe?

2. Has anyone come up with any numbers to keep your food, wood, and rocks up? Like for every 5 people, have one of each. Anyone know because I keep maxing on all but one and dropping to almost 0. Any help?


I've read through all five pages of comments here, and have not encounterd any kind of discussion regarding mental and physical strength, so thought I'd add some additional hints.

All 50 members of my tribe are at 100/100 on physical and mental strength. This is fairly easy to accomplish, and offers real benefits to progressing through the game.

I'm marking all subsequent text with the spoiler tag...

First, the benefits of which I am certain. The higher a character's physical strength, the faster he/she completes a physical task (all tasks but Science and Art, I believe). A tribe member with 100 strength attacks rocks like a jackhammer, and wood like a chainsaw. Tribe members with high Mental strength learn skills MUCH more quickly than, well, morons. (I had 60-year-old tribe members with 10 mental strength who never mastered a skill, and 25-year-old members with 100 mental strength who maxed out. No other differences between them than mental strength). Presumably, mental strength has a direct impact on how quickly science points are accumulated. I maxed out science points in my first day.

I've no idea how either physical or mental strength impacts the art skill. Also... I don't care.

I quickly noticed - as must have many of you - that the children of parents with high physical or mental strength tended to be born with similarly high attributes. I stopped making kids until I had both a male and female with maxed strength and mental. Here's what I have discovered (and what I have not seen anyone else offer as a hint/tip): mating two 100/100 parents produces a child with 100/100. Every time. Guaranteed.

An island full of 100/100 prodigies is ridiculously easy to manage. Tribe members learn skills efficiently. They harvest resources with lightning speed. Fish and vegetables leap onto the food pile. Huts are constructed almost instantly. All construction is completed in record time (though I still leave the game in order to complete the largest building projects).

Tips on getting started:

1. For your starting island, select one with the stardust mystery thingie. You'll want lots of stardust, and this will help (other good choices for starting island mysteries are Ironwood, Trilobyte rock (the one that grants a ton of science points, and the moondust one. I'm being vague here; go read the walkthrough at the beginning of this forum to learn more about mysteries. It helped me! :D )

2. Select a male and female adult with the highest total of both physical and mental strength. You'll focus your efforts on these two until they both achieve 100/100.

3. Always keep an eye out for stardust. Collect all you can.

4. Whenever a chest or barrel appears, drop either of your two chosen tribe members on the item. Very often, a random skill (agriculture, construction, science, etc.) will be increased.

(Sub-spoiler: I don't know if this is always true, but I experienced very few detrimental effects--none painful--from a barrel or crate at the beginning of the game. I received many boons: increases in skills, lodestones, extra rock or wood or food, etc. Especially frequent were the increases to skills (harvesting, agriculture, science, etc).

5. Once a character has received enough boons from crates and barrels and useage to boost two skills to maximum, begin to apply stardust to that character. Stardust randomly increases skills and strengths. Enough stardust applied to a tribe member will eventually raise that member's skills and strengths to maximum (another poster earlier suggested that 50 stars is required to maximize the average starting character. I have not tracked my stardust usage...).

6. As soon as one male and one female tribe member are both at 100/100, use the Twin Potion (don't ask, read the walkthrough) on the female, and the happy couple will proceed to a hut. You do have a hut, right? :)

7. Now you have two infants with 100 scores in both physical and mental strength. Good start, but now their mom is reluctant to mate again (for two years, seems to be the case. And is hard to argue). So, immediately begin using the above techniques on your "next best" female. In this game, a single male will mate with as many females as possible (whatever comment I insert here will be edited by the moderator, so I'll simply say "no comment"). So: max out as many females as you can, and mate them with your lone maxed-out male. You're on the way.

8. Build an observatory as soon as you can. It is of significant assistance in gathering stardust (and moondust).

9. It is possible to raise your tribe members' skills and strengths with potions. For the most part, you'll need to achieve level 3 in science for this option. In my case, I used crates/barrels and stardust to raise my tribe members' strengths and skills, as I had not yet achieved level 3 in science. Potion recipes available in the walkthrough...

Enough with the numbered bullet points...

You'll probably find that if you wait for all the above to happen, you'll not be able to produce children until your adults are in their forties. (Don't hold me to this, but all my females refused to have children as soon as they hit 45.) So, it is a good idea to have your 100/100 male reproduce with all of your available adult females for one generation. At the beginning of the game, you will need tribe members of any capacity, simply to keep production flowing. But always let your "best" male sire the children.

Let me re-emphasize that two 100/100 parents ALWAYS produce 100/100 progeny. But, parents with less than 100/100 can produce children with far lower strengths. For example, I had parents at 94/14 and 76/36 produce a child at 66/10. Presumably - though I've not tested this -- two 99/99 parents could procuce children with far lesser strengths....

Enought of that. If you have enjoyed my contribution so far, here's a few random things I've discovered that have not yet been noted in this forum (some noted in my post above are herewith restated for simplicity):

1. Barrels and crates tend at the begginning of the game to produce many more beneficial results than malign (WAY more good than bad). Use them every chance you get! (And also, as has been mentioned many times by other posters, the only way to acquire Lodestone).

2. Science is good. Focus on it early. Build a science station as soon as possible. Put all your tribe members to work in science, in addition to their other chores. If you have acquired moondust, this is the best place to use it at the beginning of the game (many posters have detailed previously on how many science points per level can be acquired by using stardust and moondust on your science station. But - use stardust on your tribe members; moondust on your science station).

3. Art is stupid. Don't waste time on this skill at the beginning of the game. It can be useful to help identify particular tribe members, but so can naming them. Naming your tribe members is free; wasting time and resources to identify them by their attire is not (hey, once you're maxed out everywhere else, it's fun to play with outfits. But not at all critical to success).

4. When inhabiting a new island (after leaving the first), immediately build one hut per five tribe members. Ten huts for a full tribe. At once, the moment a hut is completed, grab any tribe member and drop him/her on the hut. Continue this while the huts are completed (not a bad idea to use stardust on them at this point. But, don't waste moondust). I found that on landing on a new island, all tribe members' "sleep clock' was reset to zero. Meaning, all fifty would work hard until all fifty wanted to sleep at the same time. Requiring fifty huts. Which really slowed down the initial landing (almost the whole tribe either sleeping in the available huts or simply standing in place "exhausted"). This approach seems to force the newly-landed tribe into a smooth sleep/wake cycle.

5. Again: crates and barrels are our friends. The "bad" things that can come from crates and barrels are few; the benefits many. Also note that they are easy to find. On all eleven islands I have inhabited, crates and barrels ALWAYS appear along the south and south-west shores. Just call up the map every four or five minutes, and you'll likely find a new arrival on your south/south-western shore.

6. The best use for lodestone very hard to obtain) at the beginning of the game (is to make more stardust or moondust. See the walkthrough for potion recipes to accomplish this.

7. If you are having difficulty locating stardust and/or moondust--even with a functioning observatory--here's a trick: Plant trees (or rocks, or buildings) everywhere except in a narrow perimeter surrounding your materials storage area. (Be cautious to leave room for your tribe to walk around buildings.) Stardust and moondust only land in "unoccupied" space. So, if you fill up the grassy terrain with trees and rocks and buildings, you'll essentially "force" stardust and moondust to fall in a small area that you can quickly locate. Try it. It works. Plus: you know you want your 100-tree planting trophy. :) Do note that this trick does not work with flowers.

8. Finally, it has been noted many times by prior posters in forum, but it bears repeating: much of this game is best accomplished by simply leaving the game. Accumulating science points, large-scale construction, and improving tribe-member skills occur much more rapidly while the game is "dormant" than while actively playing. Take a break. Play another game. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Do some laundry. Explore personal hygiene. Eat. :D The game seems to proceed at a pace of about five-to-one while logged out at the fast simulation speed setting. (Now that some of my tribe members are in their 200's, and I've visited close to a dozen islands, I leave the game at the Slow simulation speed when I exit. Otherwise: dead tribe members.)

Any potions and/or mysteries referred to in the above post (article? thesis?) can be referenced in the walkthrough. Don't be asking me how to collect lodestone, or solve the stardust mystery, or obtain mushrooms, or seabird guano, or any other guano. There is a wealth of information on the very first page of this forum/thread/post/thingie. Read it! :)

If you got this far, thanks for reading! And have fun!

golf-on-deck December 19, 2008 8:06 AM

I have tried the towers thing but nothing happens. let me know what i must do. i build a tower and then demolish it , no a shower of anything help!!!!!

Sweetjanel December 19, 2008 7:19 PM

Can anyone please help me. I have great success with my Tribe and then we go to move to another Island right... Wrong. Every time we get on the Ark, Select the Island and move.... Blank and the game closes after I click on Continue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me. I bought my game on iWin and that seems to be the only problem so far. I don't know what to do. I don't want to uninstall the game because I paid for it and the Hard copy hasn't made it to me yet. HELP!!!


Ok my other 2 questions have not been answered yet, but I have 2 more

1. Is there an island that somebody really likes, one that is big, with lots of room, and has a lot dusts falling?

2. When you get the tree that never gets used up, does that tree go with you from island to island or do you have to go to an island with the tree?

If the answer to 1 is yes, then please suggest an island with that too please.


To Olivia:

1. Click on the map button in the lower left corner and you will be able to see your population and other statistics on the left side of the map.

2. Regarding the food, rock, and wood per person.

It's not just related to the number of people. All of the building projects use certain amounts of rock and wood. It can deplete your stockpile quickly. It's important to always select trees and rocks and click "harvest." Otherwise, your people will run out of things to harvest and your stockpile will disappear. When wood disppears, they are at risk for starvation because they can't cook any food.

3. Someone recommended island 127077427 as being large and shaped nicely for the various buildings. However, the Stardust and Moondust pretty much fall the same on every island.

4. Once you have obtained the Ever Tree, the benefits will go with you to every island. You won't have the actual tree anymore, but the results of it stay with you for the rest of the game.

To golf-on-deck:

The thing about demolishing the towers has been described as a glitch. The best way to get your shower of Stardust or Moondust is to complete the tower.

To Sweetjanet:

The answer to your question is in the FAQ at the top of this page. Look at question #8.


To JIGuest:

Thanks for all the excellent information. We've put your post in a permanent place with the walkthrough at the top of the page. :)


I built an ark workshop but halfway through i demolished it. Upon demolishing the ark, i can construct the ship now! Why is that so? A glitch?


To Titus:

It's a "glitch" similar to the one where you demolish towers and still get the showers of Stardust and Moondust.


Thank You Pam. I will sort of re ask my question then. How much farmers/fishers should you have per person to keep them fed? I cannot really keep that one balenced. I keep running out of food.


To Olivia:

I don't really have a specific answer for how many farmers and fishermen you need. You can always click those preferences on lots of people and they will do the task as it's needed. However, I've discovered some other things that may help.

If you fish a lot, the number of fish will decrease. No matter how many fishing people you have, they won't be able to catch very many fish. In this case, make more farms. Like even 5 or 6 farms. It will help a lot in keeping everyone fed. There are potions that will make crops come in immediately. You can also put Stardust or Moondust on the crops and they will come instantly. Also use Stardust and Moondust directly on your food pile.

I hope this helps. :)


I don't know if anyone has already posted this but here it is anyway.

If you have forgotten to go to your game for a while you can change the "settings" to pause before you enter your game and it will be like you were never gone. Don't forget to do it BEFORE you click play on the menu.

Also if you need to change something on one of your people and they are sleeping in a hut and you don't want to wait for them to wake up, you click to demolish the hut and they will come right out.


Hello,when my tribe complete the ark (and the help voice tell you that now you can move to another island) the ark diappear and i found nothing on the beach,every time i try.....why?


To Snow:

I've never heard of the ark disappearing after it's built. Did you exit and restart the game to see if it will reset?


What is the age a person stops calling the stork?


To Wednesday:

They stop calling the stork at age 45 as best I can tell.


I know you all say find lodestones in barrels but, I've been playing for about a week. All science is maxed and all building/items are done except the ark. I've collected as many barrels and crates as I can and still no lodestone. What's going on?

whiterabbit December 21, 2008 12:27 PM

hello. I wonder how much time the iron tree take to growing up, because I made everything describe in the spoilers and I have just a little iron tree. but it doesn't appear in my science lab.
can you help me please?

Isola Girl December 21, 2008 2:17 PM

On my island (Splash Island) I have the fossil, the fountain and the unhealthy bush. I've looked everywhere and can't find how to solve the fountain or the fossil. Can anyone tell me?

[Look at the top of the comments section in the Walkthrough. All the mysterious objects are listed inside the spoiler tag, with instructions on how to solve them. -Pam]


To Whiterabbit:

Check the walkthrough above for the Glowing Stump. Once that is solved, the Ever Tree appears and you have iron wood. I don't think it has to grow.


I know there must be a simple answer since I have solved all other 7 mysteries, but I just can't figure out the flower tree. I have read the spoilers, but I cannot get it. Does anyone have a solved picture I can look at? I am desperate. I have tried all kinds of ways, but I am not getting it.


To Karen:

Here is a screenshot of the completed Flower Tree.


K is there a way to make gurano (sp?) (bird poop)??? I cannot get a seagul to poop on my island for the life of me. Please help


For the ore to work, you have to have someone with 100 physical strength. Place them on the ore and you create iron tools. I got mine up to 100 by constantly putting a star on that person.


You can not make the seabirds poop


To Olivia:

You just have to watch for the guano. It appears and disappears very much like the mushrooms do. Sometimes when you see a seagull flying over the island, you can find some guano along the flight path.


To make seabirds poop:

Click on a bird that is facing your island (sitting on the water) and follow it when it flys over the land and sometimes it will poop

When a scientist has more skill do they get science points faster?


Someone earlier mentioned an island they liked, so I thought I'd do the same, because it took FOREVER to find an island that has the 3 most useful mysteries, to my mind:

Island no. 3153977085 has:
- the fountain

for making the youth potion

- the star rock

for increased stardust fall

- the moon rock

for increased moondust fall

Plus it has a nice layout, with two islands connected by a little bridge of land.

Hope you guys enjoy!


HELP!! All of my tribespeople have stopped in place, even the kids and babies. The music is still playing, the stars and moons are still falling, the people are even looking around. I can pick them up and move them to gather the stars, moons, mushrooms, guano and crates/barrels. I can also drop them on a task and they'll perform for maybe three to five seconds then stop again. What happened and what can I do to fix it? I'm afraid if I save and quit, they'll all die while I'm away.


I am curious if anyone made a list of different combos of island mysteries and which islands have what combos? Obviously you'd only need to find one of each type of island, and this would take quite some time, but I am wanting an island with the moon dust mystery, the fountain mystery, and the ever tree mystery. If anyone knows which number that is I would appreciate it.


I am on the island with the iron orr and bush.
My people are dieing from sleeping all the time. I have lost about one half of my tribe. What can I do to wake these people up?


For those of you with sleeping people or people who won't do anything (probably sleeping) you need huts! Build some huts and use some stardust to finish them fast. You need at least a half dozen for a larger tribe, I think I have a ratio of 2-3 huts for every 10 people.

As for lodestone... well I have 2 tribes going. One tribe has over 100 lodestone, it keeps showing up. The other has been going almost as long and it only just got lodestone today.

And I thought I had the one with the three mysteries someone is looking for but it turns out the island has the moon thing, the fountains, and the red stone thing. Sorry!

Oh and has anyone else happened to see the seamonster while scanning for islands? I thought it was kinda cute.

Pretty Kitty December 22, 2008 6:18 PM

So everyone says just place the right color flowers in the right spots and the flowering tree will be complete. Everytime I try to place a flower, I et a red rose looking thing! What is up?


Hey, does anyone know of an island no. with the glowing stump, the bush, and the flowering tree? I've been clicking "next" on the island page for a while, but no luck.



Has anyone experienced a glitch where you can't build a hut? I have enough rocks and wood but whenever I try to build a hut and I disappears. Then my entire tribe dies from exhaustion.

I've seen other people with this problem but can't seem to find the solution. Please help!


Hey all,
I dont know if this has already been asked but I have solved all 9 mysteries, but when I travel to a new island with the glowing stump and try to lift it to get the tree to grow again on a different island there is no stump. I look at the map and it shows the glowing stump, but nothing is there except a bunch of flowers. Is this a glitch and is there a way I can fix it? I finally found the perfect island to settle my tribe on, but I want to have just that one tree, since it lasts forever. Please help!


Pretty Kitty

You have to place a person on them to make them grow, it take just a second. They have to "harvest" them. Hope it helps


To Bex and Gypsy:

They may be sleeping on their feet. Do what Amanda says and make sure you have enough huts for them to sleep.

To Miaka and Addy:

There are literally billions of islands and only eight different mysterious objects. It shouldn't take long for you to find the islands that have the objects that you're missing. It will show you which objects are on the particular islands when you are searching for the next island to inhabit.

To Olivia:

Once you have solved a mysterious object, the benefits of it stay with you for the rest of the game, no matter if the object is physically on the new islands or not. You don't need to have the actual Ever Tree on the island to have iron wood. Once you have solved the glowing stump, the tree will not appear on any new islands, even though the stump can be seen on the map view.

To elavndrc:

Make sure that you are putting the huts in clear spaces and that the image of the hut isn't red when you try to place it.


Miaka: There is an island called Farseer Atoll and the number for that is 3017824497. It has the moon dust, fountain, and ever tree on it. The island tself is nice and seem to be good size to me.


When i go to a new island do i need to make a new ship each time?


and on the map screen on the left what does islands inhabited mean?


When I build a hut I am only clicking when the hut is green and not red. It still disappears for no known reason.

Am I the only person having this problem?

[Edit: You may want to download the game again from the website where you originally purchased. It's possible that you got a game with a bug in it. -Pam]


I have been playing My tribe for over 3 weeks now and I gained almost all of the trophies. I still am waiting for the final trophie: have one of you tribespeople live for more then 969 years. My oldest person is now 185 years old. I wonder if anyone has accomplished all the trophies yet. If so, how? Because I'm having some trouble keeping the game on high or normal speed when I leave the game, they keep aging too fast which could cause them to die if they don't get their poison in time.


I forgot to ask. Has anyone had any incidence of twins WITHOUT the potion?


I opened a crate and my person was engulfed in green mist. She became a

tribal legend

and I was wondering what those people can do.


Hi All,
Not sure if your aware but twins do not seem to be garenteed max in both strengths if both parents have max/max.
The last set of twins I made, had max mental but only reached 88 physical.

Has anyone else noticed this?


to the question about if twins come with out the potion, yes they do. I have never made the twin potion and have had twins like 7 or 8 times. It is compleatly random, though the woman that had the twins, had them 3 times in a row, so i don't know if is is "genetics" but you dont need the potion


I also have something about the crates and barrels rewards.

(I don't know if anyone has posted this already.)

You can also get

sparkly stuff that adds to your stardust(normally I get 10 stardust)

in the crates and barrels.


To Ashleigh:

Yes, you have to build a new ark each time you sail to a new island. I haven't been able to figure out what "inhabited islands means." I wonder if we might encounter other tribes somewhere. :)

To Barbara:

Try putting your game on Slow when you leave it. I have found I can check on my tribe once or twice a day on slow speed and get the youth potion to the elderlies on time.

To Sarah:

A Tribal Legend is just someone who has maximum on two skills. The mist gave your person a new skill at max and he/she already had max on a different skill.


For the population, it IS possible to have more than 50. An example:

1) When population is currently 46 and that you don't have babies that's age is 0(older than 0 you can have babies).

2) Use the potion for twins on 3 or 4 females and let them mate. DO NOT wait for one to finish mating though, just continuously find a partner for them (as you know, they walk pretty slow).

3) It is also useful to pick up the female and release her onto the male when they are slightly further away from the huts so that they won't produce babies too fast.

4) Sit back and watch your tribe hit more than 50. :D


just wondering if any one knows how long you have to wait between postions when your giving it to the same person?!?!


Hi, All.
I just wanted to share a tip for collecting Moondust and Stardust.

They rarely fall in crowded places.

So if you plan ahead where you build huts and other structures and where you plant trees, you can create a secluded area where you can be certain 90% of your Stardust and Moondust will fall.

This will make finding them a lot faster, and helps especially with the showers caused by the completion of the Lunar and Celestial Towers.


I am trying to get my people to build an ark but they are just standing around. I set their priorities to Construction. When i click on them it says "Daydreaming" or "Resting." How do I get them motivated? Btw, I enjoy your site!

Island Boss December 25, 2008 2:19 PM

my islanders have quit fishing. They bring back fish but throw them in the fire any suggestions?

[Edit: Putting food on the fire is normal. The tribe needs cooked food to survive. -Jay]


I have discovered that in some crates you'll find a weird green mist, as it appears it makes your villager legendary in a skill.
i thought you would want to know this cause its to cool ;-)


Was just wondering where you can get lodestone on a regular basis? I found some in a crate once, but this is the only place I have come across it... Is this the only place to get it?


To Sarah249:

I haven't timed it exactly, but I think you probably have to wait an hour or two between potions. I don't normally play that long at a time. Whenever I close the game and go back to it, everyone can have potions again.

To Ryan Hunt:

Make sure that you have plenty of trees and rocks selected for harvest. If you don't have them selected, the people won't do anything with them. That's usually the case on my islands when they are just standing around.

To Island Boss:

It also happens that the ocean gets over fished and there simply aren't very many fish available. This is when you have to make sure they have farms as an alternate food source.

To Acheela:

Crates and barrels are the only place to find Lodestone. It seems to appear randomly, sometimes frequent and sometimes rarely. Just be sure to check for crates and barrels. They come very frequently.


How can I get some of my people to die?



They will die on their own in their 60s and 70s. Why do you want some of them to die? If you're having a problem, there may be alternative solutions.

buckylarue December 26, 2008 4:18 PM

Hi. I wound up with 52 tribe members, and am keeping my seniors young using the potion. However, when I try to move to a new island now, the program crashes out to the desktop. Is this due to having more than 50 tribe members, or something else?


To Buckylarue:

Your answer is in the FAQ at the top of the page. Look at question #8.


I have 50 people and I have two people that I want to have babies. How can I get them to have babies?


To Chris:

You're at the max population at 50. Nobody can have babies until the population goes down as people die.


How to get the berries on the unhealthy bush? Do they just appear or do you have to do something extra to make them appear. I have a nice green bush but no berries after a couple of days.


To Sharon:

Check your potions lab. Berries should show up as an available ingredient after you solve the Unhealthy Bush. You won't see actual berries on the bush, but you should have them for potions now.


I sat down to check on my tribe this evening and our saved games are gone. We had two saved games that we had been working on for a few days and neither are there now. What did we do wrong?


To Vicky:

If you clicked "save game", you probably didn't anything wrong. It may be some kind of glitch. I would suggest restarting your computer and check the game again. Let me know if the games are still missing and I'll see if I can check on it further.


does anyone know a potion or a quicker way to remove or blow up rocks?

Shedsister December 27, 2008 5:14 AM

To "build" new trees, I've found if you click on the build icon, tree - then hold the cursor down it will sprinkle trees wherever it has room to plant them. Much faster than planting one by one. :o)


"The maximum population is 50. Nothing will increase that number."

It's not true, I have a population of 52.

[Edit: Yes, it's possible to force the population over the max of 50 by using potions and timing the births. However, for the purposes of discussion in this forum, we'll use the normal maximun population of 50 to help figure out various other problems. -Pam]