sweetness December 4, 2008 5:00 PM

thank you pam so much i was going crazy, thank you thank you again.

[You're welcome! -Pam]


how do you get rain?


To Kay:

Rain comes on its own randomly. You can also summon rain with this potion -



I cannot find any other mysteries on this island. I've even started demolishing buildings. I have the ark waiting to sail. I guess the ones I don't figure out here I'll find on another island. I just have to wait till I get a tribesman to be able to sort out the iron ore one.


For those having problem with the Red Rock....use a Tribal legend that is maxed out on Science and Construction.

Melissa930 December 4, 2008 9:22 PM

Thanks for the info. The potion you listed is the one I used. Not sure what's going on, but I'll try again I suppose.


does anyone know how long you have to wait between giving the villagers potions? thanks!


To Daisy:

If you'd like to give me the number of your island, I'll look it up and see if I can find the third mysterious object.


Sorry Bobby, I don't know the exact amount of time. I think it's probably a couple of hours.


Has anyone else opened a crate, been showered with blue dust, and become a tribal legend? What's that about?

ronesponja December 4, 2008 11:51 PM

One question.

How do I get a golden relic and ironwood?


To Cubby:

I've had someone showered with mist a few times and it caused him/her to be maxed out on a skill. If the person was already Legendary in a skill, adding that second one would make him/her a Tribal Legend. That's the best I can come up with. :)


i was just wondering how the observatory works?? been observing it this past few hours but i cant see any changes, if a star or moon dust fell down the sky...


I am having a problem figuring out how to acquire technology points, can someone help. thanks


I just reached a new population high of 68. You can get higher than 50 but you have to be quick to do so.

Use the twin potion on all females of child bearing age first. Then put them all as far away from the houses as possible. Start paring them up with a mate and if you are quick enough you can pare up several before the first couple reaches a house to 'call the stork' and the counter reaches 50.


How do you solve the bush mystery? I put the fertlizer on it but I don`t know what to do next!!!!! (sorry for spelling) :>


I have noticed that even when I pause my game, the tribe continue to age. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone have any idea how I can sort it out? The game is on my computer at work so am not goiung to be able to play all weekend but don't want to come back on Monday to find them all dead of old age


how do you get rain to be on the options of water to use for the potions?

vepeterdi December 5, 2008 1:37 PM

I'm having problems finding the last 3 reagents. Can anyone tell me how to get them? Please!


aryanna, go to the potion screen while it's raining to get the rain water


To Ronesponja:

To find Golden Relics -

They appear on the beach at the beginning of a storm.

To find Ironwood -

You need to solve the Old Glowing Stump mysterious object.

To Anne:

About the Observatory -

You need to have your sound turned on. It makes a sound like a fog horn whenever Stardust or Moondust falls.

To Mickey

You acquire science points by building the science lab and doing research.

To Kit:

Check the walkthrough at the top of this page to find out how to solve the Unhealthy Bush.

To Jess M:

I'm checking on that for you.

To Aryanna:

You can only make potions with rain while it's actually raining.

To Vepeterdi:

Which ones are you missing?


To Jess M:

I checked on what happens when the game is paused. It's not a known bug, so chances are that you aren't getting the game to really pause. Be sure you click "save" after pausing the game. Let me know if you continue to have problems.


I wanted to know what the recipe is for the twin potion.


To Wanda:

There is a link all of the potion recipes at the top of this page.

Pandragon December 5, 2008 4:46 PM

I am having trouble with building huts.
The tutorial says I click after finding the perfect place to lay the foundation BUT
even after I moved my mouse around and found a good place where the building is not red, it won't lay the foundation down!
It says that the hut needs 10 wood and 10 rocks... plus labour points. What are labour points and how can I build?


To Jgamer:

What exactly happens when you find a spot for the hut that's not red and you click? Does it give you some kind of message or does the foundation simply not appear?

Labor points are the amount of labor that your people have to put into building an object. Numbers float up from their heads while they are working. Those are the labor points that are being expended on that project.


I can't remember what I mixed together but apparently it was so foul that it put most of my tribe to sleep! At first I freaked out but after they've gone into a hut to sleep they're awake again. Just thought I'd let people know in case it happened to them. At first I thought they where going to be stuck like that! LOL

SwizzlesMum December 5, 2008 7:15 PM


There have been a lot of questions about gathering Guano. What no one seems to have asked is where my problem is. I have gathered Guano, Why can I not use it? The Sience Lab screen says i havent gathered any?


i tried to go to different island and i got an error message and it shuts down the game. i played on the first island and completed everything. but can travel without it shutting down. help


I'm having trouble figuring out the flower tree mystery. I have completed the flower patterns, but the mystery hasn't been solved.


To SwizzlesMum:

Try gathering some more guano and maybe close the game and re-open it to reset everything. I haven't heard of anyone not being able to use guano that's been gathered.

To evil:

That's a known bug in the game. You need restart the game and ensure that any saplings you've planted have grown into trees before trying to travel to a new island again (stardust will make them full size instantly). We'll post an update when the new version is released that fixes the bug.


Help! Lodestone won't come in crates.
Also I can't get a legendary scientist.


How do I get the cheat sheet for potions again? I got it before, but today I just get a google sign up
thanks. luv the game


To Helen:

Lodestone will eventually show up in crates. It's not very common, but that's the only way to get it.

A Legendary Scientist takes time. Try checking only Science on the details screen so he/she won't work on anything else.



Try the potions sheet again. It should be working now. Sorry for the problem.


"I'm having trouble with my food storage. I think someone else mentioned the same problem but I didn't see any response to it. My tribe was going along just fine until I built the food storage. The day I built it, I woke up the next morning to find that 22 of my 26 tribe members had died of starvation! They had 600 food when I left them the night before and 600 food when I checked on them in the morning. Same for wood. The next day I started watching them closely and found they kept trying to eat from the food storage and couldn't do it. They walk over to it and then walk away empty handed and it starts telling me how hungry they are and they must eat soon. So I drag them over to the food pile and then they eat. I tried tearing down my food storage and building a new one in a completely open space. They still keep walking over to it and walking away without eating. Has anyone else had this problem?"

(sorry I don't know how to properly quote someone else here)

I had the same problem with a food hut I built early on, away from the hustle and bustle of the factories. They just wouldn't collect any more food!
Then my daughter reminded me that they need fire to cook. I built a quick fire near the hut, and voila! - problem solved!
Thanks for all the help everyone!


I have been trying to get to a new island.
Have the ark, its all built..but I cant get anyone on it. When I place someone on the ark, or try to..it says "resting", Treading water", "Fishing". How do I get them to get on the ark?? and do I have to place them one by one, or will they all follow?

Also...can I come back to original island after I build another ark??
Many thank in advance!


ronesponja December 6, 2008 10:31 AM

how do i get berries?


Hi everyone,

I am trying to find golden relics, but what do they look like?? I waited until a storm came and looked along the beach but as unable to find anything. Could someone help please??



I saw in an earlier post that the golden redlics wash up on shore after a rainstorm (is this after it rains or only after an actual storm?). And is there any other way (like say a potion) to get them instead? i have yet to see one and i've been playing (with the screen up for hours on end, for days).


JWgirly & BigRed73 - the golden relics are small and yellow, you might even mistake them for a shell.


My guess is you have seen one, but you just didn't know what it was.


i had a suggestion... since so many people (myself included) are always asking about where to get this or that resource maybe you could make a spoilers section for resources (ie the berries, lodestones, golden relics, etc) that are not obvious in the game. I find it hard to file back through all the messages to see if someone had already asked the question but feel awkward knowing it might be the third-fifth time someone asked the exact same thing.

(This is just a suggestion. It really has no need to be posted because it was just a thought with the moderators.just thought i might save someone a lot of reposting of the same information and i wasn't sure how to just directly contact you, hence the comment message)

[Edit: It's a very good suggestion, thank you! I believe Pam is working on an FAQ to post very soon, and I'm pretty sure she will include your suggestion. Cheers! -Jay]

SammIsOneCoolChic December 6, 2008 1:26 PM

Hi, I was wondering if there is anyway to get science points faster, I've been using moondust and stardust but it's taking forever.

Also I was wondering how you make the ark? Do you have to build something or something? idk.. PLEASE HELP!


Been playing for several days now. I am on my third island and still have not found any



To Sandy:

You only have to place one person on the ark for all of them to go. Make sure the ark is lighted when you hover the person above it, then drop him/her.

To Ronesponja:

You get berries after solving the Unhealthy Bush.


Best way to earn lots of science points is to drop lots of people on the science lab.

To leave the island, you have to first build a shipyard and then an ark.

To Glomer:

Lodestone comes in crates and barrels. It's very random and not common. It will take awhile.


All except one of my villagers are too old to bear children. Do I have to start over or is there a way to get out of this?


Re IRONWOOD. I was having problems too with the stump. Got it pulled up but potion was wrong. So I made the 'magical rain' (fish+sea+stardust) then put my strong guy there to tend it! voila!!! IRONWOOD!

Anonymous December 6, 2008 6:58 PM

So if i put my people on the ark and sail away do i lose everything i accomplished on the island. (ie if i type the number in and go back it's just a blank island again)?


i opened a crate and it sprinkled yellow dust all over and all it said was he feels diffeent . Anybody know more about it?


I am curious if anyone else is having the problem I am.

I've accomplished everything I can on my first island. I've built everything, I have gotten all the trophies you can on the first island (though I'm not sure how many people I have), and I have 28 moondust. After finally deciding to use the ark, I chose my new home and then the game crashed. I tried several different islands to see if it was just that one but each time it would crash.

Is this a bug? Has anyone else had my same problem? Help!


Pam thanks for all your hard work here this guide helped me quite a bit.


Does anyone know how to find the headstones they seem to be hiding behind buildings but I can't find them without demolishing buildings.

On a side note I am leaving this anonymously because it wouldn't let me log in to the account I just created.


Panistapsa December 6, 2008 10:52 PM

Melli: I had a tribe member die because I built the fire with the buildings too close together and they couldn't cook their food. Died right behind the food hut.

So make sure the buildings aren't too close together.


To Hamasara:

When your older ones get to be elderly with gray hair, you can use a youth potion on them -

Mushrooms+Fountain+Golden Relic

They will be young enough to have children again.

To JIGuest:
If you sail away from an island and then go back later, all of your buildings will still be there. Also, you take all of your new technology with you when you sail away.

To emily:

That person has gained Legendary level at one of the skills.

To Tweak

You have encountered one of the known bugs of the game. To fix it, you need to make sure all of the samplings on your original island have grown to full size before you sail away. We'll let everyone know when a new version is available for download to fix the bug. Also, you can get your population number on the map screen.

To BabyBandit:

The tombstones appear wherever the person was when they died. You just have to search for them. You may not find all of them if they are behind a building.


I completed this island and built a ship, but when i try to sale to another island, the game shuts down en when i reopen it, i'm back on my old island. What am i doing wrong ? am i stuck on this island forever ?


trying to gain construction points and I have no more room on my island to build anything.


Just wondering with the trophys, how do you complete the one with 100 trees on an island, do you have to find an island with 100 trees or is there a potion you can use to make some?

to get a lot of moondust and star dust build the icons, if you set one up to be built and then click demolish it will still work you get about 30 all in one hit spread all around the island so be quick to get them.


Is there a way to unhide Tombstones? I managed to click on one that was hiding in some trees, but then I clicked the wrong button and lost it.

Ronin6988 December 7, 2008 2:36 PM

This is an interesting glitch and a very useful way to get unlimited stardust and moondust (as far as i know).

I'd suggest you only do this if you have already finished the game once and are trying to see how fast you can complete.

This only wotks if you have level 3 building so you have access to the Celestial and Lunar Towers (CT and LT)
Step 1: Build base for CT or LT
Step 2: Demolish right away
Step 3: Wait 5 seconds
Step 4: Giggle a little as you collect dust

The CT gives a shower of Stardust
The LT gives a shower of Moondust

Multiple building/demo's will give multiple showers (2 or more CT's or building 1+ of each)

So far I have over 200 of each. There might be a cap at 999 but I'm not taking it that far... yet...


Are there any uses for Science points once you have reached level three on all four research topics? And if so what are they? I was thinking of having less people research if it isn't needed.


To Sylvia:

Please see my answer to Tweak directly above your post.

To Mickey:

If you are out of room, you'll have to demolish something to build something new. Also, waiting until trees and/or rocks have been cleared away may give you more room.

To Tez:

You can plant trees from the building screen after you get level 2 Construction.

To Pandra:

I don't think you can recover tombstones once you've hidden them. It does say "permanent" when you click in the window.

To Gina Pea

I haven't found a use for science points once all technology is purchased. I only put people on the science lab to give them something to do when I have more people than projects.


My Tribe - FAQ

If you have a question about My Tribe, please check here first as many of the same questions are asked over and over again. If you don't find your answer here in the FAQ, please post the question for us in the forum and we'll try to answer.

Question #1
Where do I find Golden Relics?

Golden Relics are washed ashore by storms and can be found along the beach at the start of a storm. Either wait until a storm comes, or summon one using these potions:

To summon rain - Fish+Sea+Stardust

To summon thunderstorm - Fish+Rain+Moondust

Here is a screenshot of a Golden Relic so you'll know what to look for -

Question #2
How do I get Ironwood?

Ironwood comes from the Ever Tree, which is a result of solving the Old Glowing Stump Mysterious Object. Once you solve it, you'll have ironwood for the rest of the game, even when you move to other islands. The ironwood stays with you.

Question #3
How do I make potions with rain?

You first need level 2 Technology. Then it must be raining in order to use rain water in potions. Rain comes on its own randomly or you can summon it with the potion Fish+Sea+Stardust.

Question #4
What does it mean when I open a crate or barrel and get showered with colored dust?

When this happens, the person who opened the crate/barrel gains Legendary status in a skill. The different colors of dust indicate different skills.

Question #5
How does the observatory work?

You need to have sound turned on for this one. Any time Stardust or Moondust falls anywhere on the island, it will sound like a fog horn.

Question #6
How do I find guano?

Guano is sea gull droppings. You find it randomly around the island, like mushrooms. It looks like a cluster of small white dots. Here's a screenshot:


Question #7
How do I get Lodestone?

The only way to get Lodestone is from crates and/or barrels. It comes randomly... sometimes often and sometimes rarely. It will eventually come. Lodestone cannot be found anywhere else.

Question #8
Why does my game crash every time I try to sail to a new island?

This is a known bug in the game. Restart the game and make sure that all tree saplings have grown to full size before sailing. You can use Stardust on a sapling to make it full size instantly. We will post when the new version that fixes this bug is released.

Question #9
How do I get berries?

Berries come after solving the Unhealthy Bush mysterious object.

Question #10
How do I sail to another island?

You must first achieve level 3 Technology. Then you build a shipyard and then build an ark. Drop one person on the ark for all living tribespeople to sail to a new island.

Question #11
Do I lose everything when I sail to a new island?

No. You retain all of your technology and all of the benefits from solving the mysterious objects. You only have to solve a mysterious object once.

Question #12
Why can't I find the rest of the mysterious objects on my island?

Each island only has three of the eight mysterious objects. You must sail to other islands to get the rest of them. The benefits of solving each of the objects stays with you when you go to new islands.

Question #13
How can I keep my tribe from starving? Why won't they catch fish?

As your tribe progresses, the fishing seems to slow down. You need to prepare a second food source, which is farming. It comes when you purchase level 3 agriculture. Build as many farms as you need to keep your tribe fed. Also remember that Stardust and Moondust can put food on the foodpile and can also make crops immediately ready for harvest.

Question #14
How do I get fountain water for my potions?

You must solve the fountain mysterious object in order to have fountain water for potions. If the fountain isn't on your current island, you'll have to wait until you sail to an island that does have it.

Question #15
What hairstyles do the various potions create?

Question #16
How do I make my tribespeople live longer?

The people in your tribe will only live into their 60s and 70s on their own. Most don't reach 70. In order for them to live longer, you have to give them the youth potion when they become elderly (have gray hair). You can only make youth potion after solving the Fountain Mysterious Object. Check the walkthrough section at the top of the page for help with the Fountain. You can give them youth potion again when their hair turns gray again. If you give it to them earlier than that, it won't have any effect.

Question #17
Why won't my people have babies when I drop them?

This is something that tends to happen when you get further into the game. Sometimes it just doesn't "take" when you try to have a baby. Just keep dropping them and they'll have a baby eventually.

Question #18
Why do I have mystery babies that I didn't make?

This is also something that shows up further in the game. Babies appear on their own without dropping the parents. It's not a bug. It just happens.


thanks for your help


How do you create a farm anyway?


To Yayness:

To build a farm, you need level 2 agriculture. Build the farm from the building screen where you found the farms and flowers to build.


Anybody else notice that some of the men start to bald as they age?


Starving tribe?!
I was checking on my daughter's tribe and saw that they were all starving. She has plenty of food but they won't take any when I drop them on it. She says she opened a crate that had rotten food and made the one villager ill. Could this have spread and now none of them will eat? She doesn't have a lot of science points, so I was unable to use the full tummy potion. Any clues on what I can do to help her?


How do i get Rain water for potions?

NanaBrice December 8, 2008 1:42 PM

I am having problems with fishing. This is a group I have moved from another island. They have the skill selected to fish, they get in the water, the comments say they are fishing, they even gain skill points, but they do not catch fish. They are in deep water and there are fish jumping all around. The storage is not full. They are not starving because they are surviving on veggies. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug? Any ideas on what I might have missed? Thanks in advance for what I might have missed.
Also, thanks for all the helps everyone gives. Saves a lot of frustration!


To Anonymous:

Please check the FAQ at the top of this page.

stargazer64 December 8, 2008 2:31 PM

I have planted all thef lowers needed in the correct sequence for the flower tree and it has not given me a new flower colour or completed the mystery what else do I need to do
Also I have put a legendary scientist on the fountain and I am able to use the fountain water in potions but it is not registering as completed is there something else I should do or are these problems jsut yet anotehr glinch in the game


To Maris:

Bald is apparently one of the hairstyles for men. :)

To MamaB:

Make sure there is wood for the fire. Without a fire, they can't cook their food and will starve.

To: NanaBrice:

This happens to me, too. They seem to fish less when there are vegetables available. Just keep dropping them into the ocean and they will get the hang of it. It's also possible that the ocean is being over-fished. They'll probably start fishing better once they move to a new island.


To Stargazer 64:

Please check the walkthrough at the top of the page.


I was just playing with my tribe, left the game for about 10 minutes, came back and everyone had died of old age! When I left, I had infants, children, young adults, adults, the whole spectrum! Now the entire tribe is dead in their 70s! What sped up time that much?


I am on island number 447620966 I was wondering, I have solved the unhealthy bush, stone with the star carved into it, and the stone with the moon carved into it. I have no idea what else to do... I am gaining science skills my construction and arts are not maxed out yet but I was woundering if I have any more mysteries

Anonymous December 8, 2008 4:19 PM

One of the trophies is for having a triber live till 969....any ideas on how to actually acheive this?
I haven't been able to get one to live beyond 92.

Thanks in advance



Just keep giving them the youth potion and keep them healthy. One will eventually make it.


To Amber:

There are only three mysteries per island. You have to travel to other islands to find the others.


Okay, my tribe finally got all of the trophies (with the exception of the age one) so I thought while I waited I'd reset them and get them all again. The problem is, I can't 'reget' the mysteries. Any idea how to do this?

Also, I have another tribe that has max science (level 3 on everything) but didn't get the trophy for it. Same question, different tribe. How do I get the game to recognize it?

thanks in advance!


To nanabrice:

I've moved several islands now and this happens almost everytime. I'm not sure why, but eventually they DO end up catching fish, just not a lot.

You can also:

Build more farms while your waiting so your people don't starve


use stardust/moondust on your food tarp to give them food while your playing


Hey, I haven't seen this question anywhere yet on anything about My Tribe. I cannot play for more then five minutes without a star dropping. Not only does the star drop in the same place, but the second it hits the ground My Tribe exits out without exception. I don't know what to do, and while i have spent 3 days quickly logging into the game, and managing my tribe before it logs me out, it's no fun, and I am at wits end.


(unlike Bunny, i didnt create a account because I'm to lazy lol)



Turns out its not just the star. I tried to start a new tribe, same thing happened for no apparant reason. Started another one, same thing happened, twice. Just thought you should know before you look into it


To Gabe:

This is the answer the developers gave for the problem.

Game crashing after a few minutes of play - Turn your sound up so that it's not QUITE at zero. It will crash in version 1.0 if volume is at zero.

Heather Campbell December 8, 2008 6:36 PM

Hey Pam, just to let you know, your potions list, when you updated it, for some reason you got rid of the potion to make new trees....i forget the potion and desperately need it!! thanks!


Thanks alot!

It works, too bad i deleted my tribe lol, oh well!

Hey, in your spoiler for stardust, you say it doesn' affect huts, however, if you are demolishing anything, it works.

(I only tried it for living quarters, you'll have to see if it works for other buildings)


another way tribe can starve to death...

I found that if a food storage hut is built too closely to other buildings tribes people can starve to death because they can't get to the door properly, and for some silly reason even if you have more than one food storage hut, they all seem to want to eat from the one they can't quite get access to. I came back to the game to find headstones all around that food storage hut


To Heather Campbell:

There's not a potion for trees. You have to "build" them from the building screen after purchasing level 2 construction.


Hey mates I'm not sure if you have this one, but lodestone plus fountain plus gold relic = Scared a lot. Grey hair, grey clothes. I currently think it is purely cosmetic.

NanaBrice December 8, 2008 9:22 PM

Thanks for the replies and the reassurance.


The Star and MoonStones do affect huts, you can use them in shorten the length of time to make them. Moonstones give more then Star... I used a star and it built my hut 30-40 percent, but one moon built it 100. Other buildings affect, it only gives you a bit... like it may take 4-5 stars to increase a boat by 1%...

Also it give you increase of science skills, 400 points for Star and 2000 for Moon.


Under Crates and Barrels, add something about science points. I got a barrel that gave me 100 science points, and i noticed you guys didnt have that on there.


Golf-On-Deck December 8, 2008 10:54 PM

I tried the glitch on the LT AND CT but nothing happen. Am I doing something wrong. I waited for a long time still no Stardust or Moondust


I need a trophy for Miracle Worker.....does anyone know what that is? Thank you


To Golf-on-Deck:

What glitch are you talking about?

To Carolyn:

The Miracle Worker trophy should be -

For solving the red rock mysterious object.


I too have the glitch that the game does not actually pause when you set it on "pause". I came back to a lot of dead villagers thinking that they were in stasis.


mmmmm Thank you, but I have solved the red rock & the Mysterious Miracle Worker trophy didn't show up, is there something else I need to do?


I found a recipe that is not in the list.

sea, stardust, vegetable = fun with fungi (makes mushrooms)

[Edit: It's there. -Pam]

golf-on-deck December 8, 2008 11:55 PM


This only works if you have level 3 building so you have access to the Celestial and Lunar Towers (CT and LT)
Step 1: Build base for CT or LT
Step 2: Demolish right away
Step 3: Wait 5 seconds
Step 4: Giggle a little as you collect dust

The CT gives a shower of Stardust
The LT gives a shower of Moondust

Multiple building/demo's will give multiple showers (2 or more CT's or building 1+ of each)

[Edit: You also get the shower of Stardust or Moondust if you complete the towers, which is what I did. :) -Pam]


I found my problem.....after I solved the red rock I didn't carry a tribe person to the rock again, thought I did, but guess not lol Thanks for your quick answer


Strange,when I tried to build a hut,one of my tribesman appeared and started working.There wasn't any1 nearby.