I think level 11 must be glitching or something for me, because no matter what, the lift will NOT work at all for me. The puppy comes and sits on top of the lift.. but won't wait for it. I know what to do in the level, but it won't let me get to that part!


39 is evil.


I agree about level 11, it is glitched, there is no way to take the elevator down. The dog just sits on top of it no matter what you do x_x


Got level 11 figured out, the person previously posted a spoiler about this forgot one very important thing.

Drag the bone not to the kitchen but to the square just below the elevator. The elevator will work after that.


AHHHH! I GOT 39! Fifty-five moves!


Are you sure?????

As with the last few dozen "L" puzzles, treat your single pieces as fluid that fits any specific need until the very end. In this case, the goal is stay out of the way.

Sideways L is our elevator shaft, obviously. You wanna inch 'em towards it on the very bottom row.
In the meantime, pesky upright L needs to get out of the way of the shaft.

While Sideways L hangs out down yonder, Pesky L (left) can make enough room for Right L to move up...

to the upper left corner.

Surprise, surprise, the upright L's can go side by side.

Last hint!

Seriously, figure it out yourself.

Come on!

From there, the upright L's stack on each other.
Sideways L hugs the elevator and you can figure where everything goes from there.

Still need more help? Have I got a treat for you. Enable your gif animation...

Fast Forward Solution

Some Steps *Backwards*

That's right. I suffered for this one. You get to do it too. ;)


General Hints for All Levels
Cut for length.

  • The walls might move.

  • The blocks might rotate.

  • The blocks might only move back and forth. (See what's on that row, then.)

  • The blocks might only move up and down. (See what's on that column, then.)

  • The boxy things are elevators. They need shafts and landings. The block *with the elevator* does not move.

  • The pipes supply power/control to the security gates.

  • The cat... I haven't quite figured out, but pay attention to which hallways it tries to go towards. Yes, there might be cat-herding in your future.

  • The dog can go on the staircases. It may not go up/down if there's no cover, though.

  • Any block with a pet in it will freeze.

  • Elevators are always frozen. Rotating blocks are always frozen. Security gates and their controls are always frozen.

  • And most importantly, YOU CAN THROW OUT THE BONE MORE THAN ONCE. If there's a place to stop, see if that works. So no, it is not impossible or illogical.

Advanced Hints

  • Try to figure out your final goal. Beware, some levels try to trick you into thinking it's one solution when it's actually another.

  • Squeezing through a tight space? Figure out the order of the blocks in the desired form (like a snake, trace it out e.g. hallway, angled ceiling, staircase). You may have to change your gameplan, but more often than not if they're ordered when they squeeze through, you won't have to go back and fix them.

  • Got a lot of the same block? Count the desired number of blocks between elements, and do the same snake/trace as above.

  • Learn how to lead the pup to staircase-inch downward with only one staircase and one hallway.

  • Elevator shafts can be extended, within limits. The block with the elevator is the one that freezes, so unless it's already frozen, you can usually move previously stationary blocks if the elevator is on a different floor.

  • L's are a pain, but keep your eye on the goal and move the smallest pieces as much as possible to push the bigger blocks in the desired direction. The small, flexible blocks are fluid, able to make new shapes and fill in spaces.

  • Identify the main objective and only work on that. For example, if a block is the *only* one that can serve a certain purpose, then that goal is probably the key to the puzzle.

  • Go in order. First security gate first.

  • Always try the easiest way out.

Last but not least, "pause" opens a sub-menu to bring you back to all the levels. That one took me a while.


how do you make the cat move?



So far as I've seen the cat only moves to the left. So place pieces that make him move left.


help me im stuck on 14 the cat keeps geting in the way!


Not true about the cat, Anna.

I can't quite describe the algorithm. It might be time based... or just a novel block. Or both.

It likes windows?

It will sit there and not go to the right, then you move and re-move a block into the exact same place and it's suddenly the place to be.

...rather like a real cat.


I didn't notice that about the window. Never tried to place it on the other side. Only on level 24 at the moment.


Yay! I beat the game. Really cute, and just challenging enough to make my brain ache, but not so hard I would give up.


well whats the set-up for the level anyway...the window doesnt work coz i cant get it onto the window block :P


The cat tries to get as near to the dog as possible. The dog usually starts left of the cat, so that's why the cat only appears to move left. But it'll move right if the dog is to the right of it and if it can move right.

It's also smart on how doors work and can wait in front of one door to prevent the dog from going through either door.

In programming terms, it's similar to how the dog can figure out if it can reach the kitchen or not. If the cat can reach the dog, or if it can find a place that brings it closer to the dog, it will go there.

Here's a tip for walking PAST the cat:

The cat only stops moving when it's in the center of the room. If the dog and cat meet more towards the edges of a room, the dog can walk past the cat. But beware, the cat will then block your path to go back to where the dog was, and it can also start following the dog after they pass each other.


how do u pass level 37


How do Nitrome do such great games AND music?
It's a really catchy cute game.

(this comment comes from a dog lover!)


Gahh. Great game and all, but I'm finding it really difficult. I'm stuck on 17 (the one with all the wires), and at the rate I'm going, it looks unlikely I'll ever finish it. Oh well :(

Oh, and surely there must now be enough info on all the levels for someone to be able to put together a full comprehensive walkthrough...


Honestly I'm dreading the full walkthrough. Work through it! Take a break and try again! The puzzles are really good and lots of the brain-stretching goes away when you read through a walkthrough.

Or at least I hope the walkthrough is stepped instead of the whole solution. Or a hint-through. This is an awesome game for expanding your logic and creativity, and I'd hate to see it reduced to an easy points-machine.


Level 30 is mocking me!
Please help!


30 hints

Important skillset... walking the dog down the stairs. Get him to the niche on the right (horizontal hallway). Move your stairs... arrange some things. Then throw the bone all the way to the left. (In the final moves, remember to slide the staircase blocks in the correct order.)

37 hint

Goal 1: Majority of the small blocks in the upper right-hand corner. Good check? The horizontal and vertical hallways are maxed out in that direction.


17 hints (sorry, missed it) (this is brute-force, there might be a better solution)

Step 1a: Count how many straight pipes should end up between the elbows.
Step 1b: Count how many you have to take away. Those end up on the sides, unused.... and therefore between unpaired elbows. Minus a few in the holes, if you wish.

Step 2: Switch the elbows by putting one in the hole and sliding the main drag until you have the desired number of pipes on either side, AND the elbows "pass" each other in the correct direction. Yes, this is doing two things at once. *Don't* take the long way.

Step 3: Check your work. How many pipes are between the correct elbows? How many are outside the loops? If it's not right, put elbows in the holes and keep sliding.
Then voila.


I found out how the cat moves: it just goes to the space nearest to your dog (that it can access). I found it out in level 28 when the bottom cat stood directly under or above the dog, or when there was a door on her floor and the dog's floor (different floors of course...), she halted in front of the door.

By the way, here's a tip for walkthroughs of every single level:

YouTube!!!!! (They're not always that clear, but still remain a big help if you're stuck)


It freezes in the loading screen too much for me and refreshing the page only works sometimes, randomly.
How frustrating, I really would've enjoyed the game if it'd let me play.


What happens if the dog meets the cat?


I'm having to reopen the game every two levels because it just hangs up on loading. Using Vista and FF.


Can anyone help me on level 23?
I'm really stuck and the walkthrough doesn't explain it well!



can you tell me how do you pass lvl 15??


You are all WAY ahead of me, I can't get past level 3! (Nitrome makes really hard games.)


On level 10, you do not need to use the staircase squares.


The only problem I can find is that it takes a while to load from room to room.


What happens if the dog meets the cat?

The cat hisses at the dog, and stands there. Not much. Both rooms that the cat and dog are in are stuck.


Can anyone tell me how to pass level 12? Please. I am so stuck. Or a walkthrough for the whole game will be helpful.

one confused person September 20, 2008 6:41 PM

I always thought nitrome was pronounced nitrome, with the i sounding like it does in igloo. But then again, I always mess up pronunciations if I read them before I hear them, like I used to think heifer sounded like heffer... ?!?!?! it's going to be hard getting used to saying it the right way. Oh well.


38? Anyone? I can "see" the solution but I can't make it happen and don't see how it's possible to happen. Which makes me think there's an alternate solution I'm missing.




Okay, about this cat.

It follows around the dog. It tries to go where the dog is, if there is a path. It will go as far as it can towards the dog, so it can go left and right.

For help on all levels, go here:


Decided I'm only answering questions on 25+.

Tonight's lucky number is level 38!

Are you sure? You know what it's supposed to look like, right? Well, here goes...

Move upper L to upper-right. Freeeeeee the single blocks.

Move lower L to very bottom. Freeeeeee the single blocks.

Move the shaft to gap between the upper L and sleepy puppy. Freeeeeeee-- you get the drift.

Move the lower L so it's sitting on top of left elevator.

Now here's the tricky part.

  • Get a single block to sit on top of the right elevator.

  • Okay, upper L back to upper-right.

  • Slide the shaft into that gap between lower L and right elevator.

  • Slide lower L up.

  • Your two free blocks should be down there, right? Slide them into a horizontal placement over the left elevator.

  • Slide shaft down. You end up with this:

Let the lower L and the upper L meet at the top! What a love story.

...but you're doing all that to put the free blocks on the left side of the shaft. Yep, just switch places.

Return the L's to their previous places. Arrange the free blocks so they're in the right order for what's to come. And then...

The upper L and the lower L meet again! This time on the left side. Start *placing* the single blocks and then wooooomph the shaft slides in.

After their tryst, upper L and lower L slide into their respective homes, with lower L doing double duty (so keep that hallway clear). Voila!


Ack error. I hope someone can change this, please?
"left side of the shaft. Yep, just switch places." Should be *right* side. Sorry!


Ack error. I hope someone can change this, please?
"left side of the shaft. Yep, just switch places." Should be *right* side. Sorry!


how do u get the cat to go to a different tile? im thinking that theres a reason for the cat to change tiles but why and how do i get the cat to do it?!?!?!?!?! HELP HELP HELP!!!


Love the game but i'm stuck on level 18. I can't get past the cat...what am I supposed to do?


Hei Nitrome just wana say :

I really like you , i really do but the games i liked so far are :

Knuckleheads , Mutiny and Dirk Valentine

Please make more games like these !

With Love


I need help on 16..


Can anyone please tell me how to pass level 11? Im stuck.



Phew! Finished it!

This is one of the more difficult Nitrome games.

In fact, I had help on a couple of levels. I used

Truveo. Someone called hypnobe has released video walkthroughs for all the levels, but I tried not to look at them too much, because it is cheating.

This is one of those games where you need to get the 'hang' of it before you try harder levels.


On level 2, the wallpaper in the elevator is the arrow for all four ways, but it won't move anywhere. I can't beat the level without it. What do I do?


Never mind, I figured out the elevators!
Whoever put the walkthrough video on You Tube, THANK YOU!!!


Meh...I'm not going to do a text walkthrough. The video walkthroughs are much better.


I would like to say, though, that the world needs more sliding room puzzles.


For level 19

the doors move, no need to move the big pieces anywhere


I'm on level 29, the before last! The wall paper is always right, if you get the impression it isn't, it means that the room is attached to a piece of brick wall. If anyone has finished level 29 tell me .


For some reason I can't move the puzzle pieces (aka rooms).


Level 29

Move the 'lil dawgie to the immediate left of the caged room then connect the wires.


What's wrong with level 39?


Also stuck on 18. Does the cat use the lifts, by any chance? If it will just go down the lift, I've got it.


Have you ever known any cat to do what you wanted it to do?


Good point XD. I am embarrassed to admit that I used that Youtube thing someone mentioned. I used it on one other level (20, I think), and that was it. I'm up to level 39 :D


Please help! I'm stuck on level 2! I really, really need help! I sound stupid, because I can't get past L2 but, I can't. :(


To JIGuest:

LSN posted a walkthrough for levels 1 - 10 on the first page of the comments. Please check there.


I don't like JIG's 50x50 icon for this game. The resizing makes it look ugly.


This game is charming. I like the goofy Cat.

Becky, get back to work.
Quit slackin.

painfulbrain September 27, 2008 6:17 PM

I just did level 39 in 42 moves !!!


Please give me help. Level 14 is evil to me. (I need help with level 14 :-))


You could

isolate the cat


use the elevator to move over the cat.

You should be able to complete this level without using the

stairs at all.


What about Toxic 2?


What about 27? Does anyone else here not find 27 difficult?

And by the way, what are html tags?


@ Visitor

Coming very soon, is what is said.

@ *lulu*

Don't know about 27.. don't wanna go look. =D

HTML tags are used to bold, link, etc. Some examples are used where it says some notes about comments. I even used the bold HTML tags with the names above.



the 39 should be the last one, the 40 is much more easier than 39. the 39 was made by the devil :(


I am stuck on level 38!!! I cant get past it i am so mad!!! I cant get the vertical shaft all the way to the right!

Bluesayer October 4, 2008 10:58 PM

Thank you so much Selune
I was stuck on level 11 for a month or so.


I'm stuck on level 30.

I would really like some help. :)


My seven year old son and I had no problems all the way through until level 39. Can someone just confirm that it is actually possible? I am about to chew off my fingers with frustration!


Yup. Absolutely possible.


My own review:

I have recently discovered this beauty, and have to say that it is incredibly addictive. It still retains Nitrome's wonderful style of graphic, while throwing in some challenging puzzels to ensure you that your'll keep playing for hours.

The first thing is the tutorial, which is good for newbies to this genre. But, this game allows you to discover more things. I positively love it when something new hits me. There's all kinds of features, some of which were genius, but they all add to the puzzles.

The quality of the game is good, and the amount of levels we get is stunning. Hours of gameplay lie in this game, which will please some people.

A notable feature of this game would be the different blocks of the house. Some move, some don't, but they all have a purpose. Some move normally (up, down, left, right) while some only move up or down/left to right! Most don't even move, which means you have to maneuver the blocks around the ones that stand still.

Overall, I think that this game is a masterpeice. Every feature fits in with the others, which gives better puzzles. A common rule with gamers is:
More and better puzzles = addictive.
And In The Doghouse is certainly addictive. I know some friends who can't keep off the game.

In The Doghuse is a must-play game. I would recommend this to everyone. Play it, NOW.


Yes, Melly, possible..

I haven't played in forever. And so I played again today. And wadda you know? I beat the game! Can check that off the list... *hums*


Hey, I beat it! I hardly ever beat games! (that means it's a really good one)

Also, if anyone is STILL confused about the cat:

The cat follows the dog and tries to block your path. So if there are 2 floors, the dog is on one and the cat is below, and you put the bone several squares over from the dog, the cat will follow underneath.

Does that make sense? I'm not great at writing walkthrough-type stuff.


Anything for level 20?


I can't believe theese people have a SNES, an Atari, a gameboy, a DS, a computer, XBOX 360 and a gamecube but they don't have a Wii!


I am stuck on level 24. Help!

jasonz777z October 24, 2008 11:48 AM

I think that the cat actually tries to get close to the dog as possible (weird). Dunno if I'm right.


I got level 11 in 29 moves:

First, move the bone to the room just under the elevator and let the dog sit there. Then move the movable brick walls to the free spots under where the dog is sitting and to the left of it. Now move the vertical rooms to the remaining empty bottom spots. Now move the horizontal rooms up to the top row where the vertical rooms had been. Now rotate the rotatable room until it opens down and to the right. Now move the bone to the kitchen and the doggie will follow!


Yes, I'm stuck on level #21. I've looked through the comments a few times and haven't seen any help. I've also tried a different a few different ways but the dog seems not want to go pass the elevator once it gets there? Anyone knows any suggestion! Please. :/


I can't figure Level 23 out. The rotating block keeps getting in the way when I want to move the steps and the halls! I have tried following the one hint that was posted, but still stuck. :/



Make sure that after you move down a flight of stairs, you then move as far to the left as possible. Also, any blocks that you will not need can get shoved out of the way at the top a.s.a.p.


Oh gosh i took 59 tries to finish level one!!!!! nitrome is such a cool progamme

Wildthingy November 12, 2008 4:43 PM

I'm really stuck on 23 and the spoilers are so confusing. I need a walkthrough!


the cat moves by

trying to get as close to the dog as possible

themanmann November 16, 2008 6:49 PM

it's actually just called doghouse not in the doghouse :P


It is not that hard, but i am stuck on level 9 and i can not find any cheats!!!



I can't get past level 15!!!!! I can't see how it's possible!


hiral - Level 24 was hard for me too. I'm not gonna do a walkthrough (cause I don't remember how I did it) but here are what and where the last three pieces are/should be. Hope this helps put you on the right track.

The dog should go from the one piece of hallway down the stairs and directly into the kitchen


Can anyone help me with lv.5


Is it me, or is Level 9 obnoxiously easy?


I got stuck on level 40! But I had lots of fun getting here!

It's a great game! :)

Anonymous January 28, 2009 2:42 AM

can any1 help me on level 40 every time i think i have got it i havent it i just wanna tho the computer i give up HELP plz lol thanks


Level 18 just won't work for me! I'm even watching the youtube video and doing everything exactly as shown, but while in the video

the dog and cat will pass each other

that is not happening in my game, though EVERYTHING ELSE is the same. Also, how are we to know that's what we're meant to do anyway? I didn't know, until I looked at the video, that

it was even POSSIBLE for the dog and cat to pass each other

and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out another option. I liked Rooms because while many of the puzzles were difficult, none of them involved leaps in logic. That doesn't seem to be the case here.



I have found that the most straight-forward path often works. In this case, form a path right along the top to the elevator then a path straight down. Its usually a good idea to box in that pesky cat a.s.a.p. so it doesn't turn up where you don't want it to.


I'm stuck on level 8. Can anyone help me?!

funlerz June 6, 2009 2:38 PM

everyone talking about how the cat moves, im pretty sure the cat moves towards the dog, cause whenever it can, the cat will travel through the halls to get to my dog.

Mungralee Bibi Fazeelah June 27, 2009 6:53 AM

I don't know how to play level 15. Any help please?